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Think dire wolves are a hundred percent fictional? You know nothing, Jon Snow. George R.R. Martin may have an epic imagination, but he didn’t completely make up these Game of Thrones creatures. The powerful canines that we now call “dire wolves” (Canis dirus) did, in fact, patrol North America during Earth’s last ice age. And though they would have been dwarfed by their counterparts in Westeros, the prehistoric predators were still formidable enough to scare the crud out of any Lannister. 

10 Fierce Facts About Dire Wolves

Boys running Westeros

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If Jon Snow sits on the Iron Throne, this should be his “boy band” court:

Hand - Davos Seaworth

Master of Laws - Samwell Tarly

Master of Whispers - Bran Stark :)

Master of War - Sandor Clegane

Master of Coin - Tyrion Lannister (because I love him)

Master of Ships - Theon Greyjoy

Grand Maester - Qyburn (because he’s twisted in a Frankenstein sort of way, King’s Landing would be steampunk soon enough)

KingsGuard Commander - Jaqen H’ghar

Ladies running Westeros

If Daenerys sits on The Iron Throne, this should be her court:

- Hand: Shireen Baratheon

- Master of Laws: Lyanna Mormont

- Master of Whispers: Arya Stark

- Master of War: Meera Reed

- Master of Ships: Yara (Asha) Greyjoy

- Master of Coin: Sansa Stark

- Envoy Beyond the Wall: Osha

- Grand Maester: Samwell Tarly

- QueensGuard Commander: Brienne of Tarth

Yes, writers, please keep my favorite character miserable and alone. Because I know once you give them a love interest, or tease a reunion with their family, someone’s gonna die.

A lot has been said about how the show dramatically whitewashes Tyrion’s character, morally speaking, compared to how he is in the books. I’ve thought about it a lot myself. I think I saw it summed up best on one of the forums. After Ned was executed in Season 1, the showrunners set Tyrion up as the hero of the story, the “good guy” that viewers could root for. It’s a contrast to how morally gray he is in the books. A lot of people have debated whether this whitewashing of Tyrion is a good or bad thing.

I think I’ve finally made a decision. Yes, his portrayal in the show is a departure from his character in the books. He’s definitely more noble and good. However. It is revolutionary, it is groundbreaking, to see a disabled man, a man with dwarfism, portrayed as one of the heroes of a whole goddamn fantasy epic. I feel like Tyrion in the show, especially in his trial scene in Season 4, has also powerfully called viewers’ attention to ableism. His father and sister, especially his father, hated him because of his dwarfism and the fact that he was different. He called them out for it and that was too powerful to be ignored. 

The showrunners have made a ton of ill-advised and flat out bizarre decisions, but for the above reasons, I think portraying Tyrion as one of the heroic characters of Westeros is not one of them. 

anonymous asked:

If the Westeros would dissolve in the end, there wouldn't be seven kingdoms, but nine right?

Or maybe eight, if the crownlands got attached to the storm lands again, right? :p

Hi! Yes, that’s right :)

  • The kingdom of the North
  • The kingdom of the Isles
  • The kingdom of the Rock
  • The kingdom of the Rivers
  • The kingdom of Mountain and Vale
  • The kingdom of the Storm*
  • The kingdom of the Reach
  • Dorne

*(as you say most of the teritory of the Crownlands could merge again with the Stormlands and also with the Riverlands. The possibility of a new kingdom is there as well.) 

The Seven Kingdoms are called like this because before Aegon landed in Westeros, the Riverlans and the Iron Islands were one kingdom: the Kingdom of the Isles and the Rivers. But when Aegon came, House Tully and practically every other houses in the Riverlands turned against the cruel Harren the Black, and they became two different entities once again :) I guess they’ll remain like that! Unless other kingdom try to conquer them again (before the Ironborn did, they were also conquered by the Storm KIng) –but honestly, after a long civil war that has pretty much devastated Westeros, and a war against the Others plus anything else GRRM has in store (a plague, dragons, who knows), I don’t think people will start a war right away.

“So there’s going to be a tourney, eh.” Robert mumbled to himself, with a bottle of wine from the Reach in one hand, and wiping the residue of wine from his upper lip with his spare arm. He had been walking around aimlessly for some time now, and this usually ended with a trip to a brothel or Robert buying a new Warhammer. “I’d like to see the poor excuse Westeros calls knights try and disarm me”. Robert swiftly turned around to go in the other direction but to his surprise found someone in his path. “Oh, good morrow.”