and wesley right now

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Wesley is pretty cool, I have to agree with you. I also kinda like Melvin Potter,I actually dont know why. I also really liked the way Fisk was portayed, as he wasn't a two dimensional bad guy, but just a person X Romanoff

Wesley is the highlight of my life right now. Melvin is so adorable! When he talks about Betsy my heart melts, he’s so sweet. I hope we see him as Gladiator in like one of the final episodes because that would be awesome.

Same about Fisk! Vincent D'onofrio has one of the nicest voices I’ve ever heard. I loved the portrayal too, I kind of felt bad for him and if Daredevil didn’t exist in that universe I would love to see what he would of done with Hell’s Kitchen.

Here’s a completely unrelated question for you: What do you find easier to watch, Paranormal things or Violence?

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Can we talk about the goddess that is Rutina Wesley?!?

Well sure anon, she’s beautiful and incredibly talented anon. Right now she and the entire cast of Queen Sugar is coming for me and my feelings so I’m all about talking about her and Nova, as well as everyone else too.

Did you just watch the episode? If so I know you feel me!

But here take all this lovely in

Happening right now: Mark Greif & Wesley Morris standing up for the Kardashians. “It’s possible to watch them hour after hour and feel calm.” (at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe)

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