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Hi pickypikachu! I got kind of a silly reshade problem, and would really appreciate advice from someone that knows what they're doing, if you have the time and patience. I installed reshade for my game pretty recently, only to come to the conclusion that I'd rather play without it, so I went and googled how to uninstall it, but everywhere I look, people provide different answers. So now what I'm wondering is, would you mind telling me how to safely remove it? Thank you so much in advance!

Easiest way is to “repair” your game via the Origin launcher, this will insure it’s a clean uninstall. 

Right click on the game cover in your library and this menu will pop up. 

After (or before, doesn’t matter) you repair, go to your bin folder and delete any presets you have and the reshade folder. 

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The reader is bilingual and Kara finds it really hot when she speaks in another language. Bonus points if the reader talks dirty in that language and it leads to some steamy make out sessions.

I don’t speak any other language, and Spanish is the only one I kind of know so I went with that. Sorry if it’s super botched, this is from Google translate.

“Y/N?” Kara asked you. You were in bed with her, about ready to go to sleep for the night.

“Yeah?” You responded, tiredly.

“Can I ask you something, and you promise not to laugh.”

You opened your eyes, suddenly more awake. “Yeah, ask me anything.”

“Could…Could you talk to me?”

“You want to talk?” You asked, confused. “Sure, what do you wanna talk ab-”

“No, I didn’t mean that. Could you speak to me… in Spanish?”

“You want me to…why?”

“I just… I like it.” Kara told you and she began to blush.

You were confused before you got the hint. You smirked and quirked an eyebrow. “¿Es eso así, Señorita Danvers?”

Kara smiled before shifting closer to you. “Yeah, like that.”

“No tienes ni idea de lo que estoy diciendo, ¿verdad?”

You shifted closer to Kara, as her blush got redder.

“Podría decirte lo que quiero hacer, y no tendrías ni idea.” You whispered.

“Te voy a besar ya sabes.” You did what you said you would, and leaned in to kiss her. You were kind of surprised when she immediately deepened the kiss. You broke away, and continued to tease her.

“Alguien se está divirtiendo.” You smirked. “Nos vamos a divertir mucho esta noche.”

“Just keep kissing me.” Kara said as she pulled you back to her.

This was gonna be a long night.

Translations in order:

¿Es eso así, Señorita Danvers? = Is that so Miss Danvers?
No tienes ni idea de lo que estoy diciendo, ¿verdad? = You have no idea what I’m saying, do you?
Podría decirte lo que quiero hacer, y no tendrías ni idea. = I can tell you what I’m going to do and you’d have no clue.
Te voy a besar ya sabes. = I’m going to kiss you now
Alguien se está divirtiendo = Someone’s having fun
Nos vamos a divertir mucho esta noche = We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight

oh my god

i just went onto google earth and there’s this random place in the middle of the pacific ocean

where someone just. added a bunch of pictures from Lost???? and somehow they haven’t been reported yet?????????

who did this


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

So here’s a thing I tweeted about awhile ago, but I wanted to do a full write up. It’s an interesting botanical thing I figured out about beans!

Here’s four kinds of beans. Last year, I grew three of them!

The Aztec Cave Bean keeps appearing under various guises in seed catalogs. The story goes that this bean was found in a sealed clay jar in a cave during an archaeological dig in the Seventies. Carbon dated to 1500 years ago!

Thing is…nobody knows anything about this hypothetical dig. Who ran it? Where was it? There is no info. Dig on a forum and you’ll get, “Uh…maybe Berkeley?” And then I went digging around in Google Books and found a reference to this legend from the 1800s (and the author was skeptical then, too!)*

Also, the Aztec Empire flourished from the 13th to 16th century, which by my math was at most 800 years ago, so if this WAS true, it’d be a Nahuatl Cave Bean. But never mind that. Let’s just say I am Very Skeptical.

The ones I got were a lovely maroon mottled bean. It looked like they’d grow into Holstein cows or tiny paint horses. Artist representation above!

I also grew the Tarahumara Red, a rare bean variety from the high desert, grown by the Tarahumara people. It’s one of those varieties that I don’t know why they’re rare–they’re tough as nails. It produces a small maroon bean with a black ring around the hilum. (That’s the white mark on the bean, or the “eye.”) The Aztec cave bean ALSO has a black ring around the hilum, or at least the ones I got did.

So I had both these beans and I grew them and at first, all was well. Aztecs produced and produced, Tarahumara were less productive but they kept going and going and going and they grew in crappy buckets I forgot to water.

Then an odd thing happened. The Aztec cave beans…vanished. Suddenly I was harvesting nothing but solid maroon beans with black hilums.

Okay, sez I! The Aztec beans melted in the high summer heat and humidity. This was the first year I grew them, I had no idea what to expect, and some things just melt in our heat. These are obviously the Tarahumara Reds (I had planted a couple extra about midway through the season when another set of beans had choked and died.)

And then one day I harvest some beans, shell them, and out come the Mystery Beans. Maroon bean. Single white splash right where the sprout would emerge.

I stared at them for awhile.

I finally decided they had to be an Aztec cave bean that just got weird. Okay. These things happen.

I harvested a few weeks later and got dozens more.

Had I somehow made a cross-breed between my Tarahumara and my Aztecs? Beans can cross-pollinate, but they usually don’t. Even when they’re grown on the same trellis, they rarely cross, unlike peppers or squash, who will joyfully sex up the world. Beans are suspicious of other beans. Peppers would cross with pine trees if they could reach that high.

And then, in late fall, the very last round of beans, suddenly I have Aztec cave beans again. Little Holstein cow beans. AND Tarahumara Reds.

What the hell just happened?

I was baffled. I threw them all in jars and eyed them suspiciously. Had I found two beans that were star-crossed lovers and crossed easily? Were these sports? (Some beans are sold with the specific note “Throws an occasional all-black bean” and so forth.)

And then, browsing seed catalogs in December, trying to keep my spirits up, I happened on a bean collector who has been growing beans since, literally, the year I was born. His site was an obsessive catalog of hundreds of varieties. And one of them was the Jacob’s Cattle Bean.

Jacob’s Cattle Beans are an old, old variety. They range from maroon to medium tan, and they are speckled and spotted and splotched with white. It looks like an acid washed kidney bean. It was grown by the Passamaquoddy Indians of Maine, according to legend. Unlike the Aztec, they’re more…flecked, I guess? Appaloosa horses instead of paints.

What they don’t tell you, what I learned from our bean collector’s site, was that many, many spotted beans descend from Jacob’s Cattle types, and that if you grow Jacob’s Cattle in high summer temperatures, it becomes solid colored.

Now, I can’t know for sure, but I will bet you a dollar that my “Aztec Cave Bean” is a reasonably modern descendant of the Jacob’s Cattle Bean, and the high heat in North Carolina turned them solid red. Then, as the temps cooled, they got the first white splotch, and then finally reverted to their normal coloration.

“Okay,” you say, “but why do I care?”

I have no idea, honestly. It’s neat? It screwed up my counts because I kept thinking that the hot-weather Aztecs were actually Tarahumara Red, so I now have no idea what my total counts were and need to regrow both.

But anyhow, I thought it was cool that I finally got to the bottom of my mystery beans.

*There actually ARE a couple of vegetable varieties found from ancient dig sites–a very impressive squash was found on the Menominee Reservation in Wisconsin. They named it the Gete-okosomin, and you can get seeds now, which I’ll try once I’ve got the Gem Squash reliable.

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What are white peaches? (if you don't mind me askin)

These are white peaches! They’re my favorite fruit! Their flesh is white instead of yellow and they’re sweeter and crisper in my opinion! I really dislike mushy peaches, and yellow peaches are only really sweet when they’ve gone soft so white peaches are my shit haha. I can eat like 3 or 4 of these in one sitting and not be sick of them lol.

I recently went to a Google Resume Workshop that was primarily aimed towards software engineering students, but I think a lot of these tips could be useful for any resume! I decided I’d make this little post to share some of what I learned and hopefully help some of you get that job you’ve been wanting!

- ̗̀ Header  ̖́-

  • Full name at the top, generally bolded or slightly larger
  • Beneath your name you want to put all of your contact info
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • LinkedIn link
    • Github link
    • Any other relevant link or contact info

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So my friend saw my retweet about Ravus and Luna’s concept art… then she mentions Ravus looks like Stella. She meant THIS image.

Then I went like….. “Wait a minute…” *aggressively went to Google* and OH MY GOD… I wasn’t disappointed…

So maybe i can tell that they did not ACTUALLY remove Stella, but replaced her as Ravus instead. I remember way back then that we wished Stella would be kept in the game as Luna’s sister or evil sister something like that.

I think SE did something like that…. we can see it HERE and with the common weapon Ravus and Stella uses…


// I had no clue what an otaku was so I had to google it and just kinda went off the first few results, I guess it’s a person who’s addicted to anime and manga¿ Hopefully i’m right lmao

Also my absolutely /lovely/ mother is most likely going to take away my phone for the next few days because i’m not doing well in school :’) But I have a queue going so i’ll still basically be posting my usual once a day!


- He’s never really been too into anime before, he prefers live action stuff.

- But he’ll watch some with you in his spare time, his personal favorite is Owari no Seraph and he could totally cosplay as Ferid Bathory if he wanted to.

- ( am I the only one who thinks they look alike¿ )

- But MC. You can’t stay home and watch anime all day. Go outside.

- He will /drag/ you outside to go on a walk with him you can’t live your life like this what are you doing

- Come see the real world stop crying over fictional characters

- He thinks it’s unhealthy and will try to get you to s t o p this lifestyle it’s not healthy MC

- He’ll quit drinking if you quit anime, that’s his negotiation. Take it or leave it ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ


- Eh he doesn’t like the stuff, never really picked it up.

- If you get him to watch some he’ll enjoy Tokyo Ghoul.

- But the way you binge on anime is too much he’s concerned.

- I mean whatever makes you happy but you’ll hurt your eyes staring at a screen all day.

- And crying, stop crying you’ll damage something in there with all of that.

- He’s okay with you being lowkey obsessed as long as you still spend time with him and you’re healthy he’s fine, even if it is a little odd. But then again everyone ragged on him about his cat addiction too so he doesn’t want to bother you too much about it.


- He loves anime, watches some whenever he has free time from school or games.

- Haikyuu is his favorite! He took up volleyball for a little bit because of it, but he dropped it eventually due to not having any time.

- The way you watch anime kinda makes him jealous, you have so much time for it!

- But when he finds you crying in the dark after binge watching an anime that has 11 seasons straight through the week he knows it’s time for an intervention.

- MC.
- This needs to end.
- You can’t do this to yourself anymore.

- He’ll work with you to not fully stop your addiction but still limit it :’)



- He has so many favorites but he likes Ouran host club a lot.

- kiss kiss fall in love ~

- He’s down with your lifestyle, it’s pretty unhealthy but he’s the embodiment of unhealthy that’s probably why he likes it so much.

- He WILL binge watch with you until the sun comes up

- But if you ever get sick from staying up so late or a headache from staring at a screen he’ll limit you

- Will even threaten to shut off the router to get you to stop pushing yourself so hard you don’t need to become sick from insomnia because of cute fictional boys what’s wrong with you (눈_눈)


- He likes to watch anime in his free time sometimes, usually he’ll just put an episode on while he’s cooking or editing pictures.

- His favorite is Yuri on ice, I headcanon he’s amazing at ice skating so he’s excited there’s a show dedicated to it!!

- He is not down with how you sit and watch it all day long without doing anything productive or eating meals that’s no way to live life to the fullest MC!

- Tries to push you to go outside more and to not get so dependent on your shows, it’s not healthy. All good things in moderation.


- He’s okay with anime, he’s not like Seven but he’ll watch some in his spare time.

- Personal favorite is Corpse Party, it’s creepy yet still has a nice plot.

- But when you binge watch shows he gets so !! lonely!! You’re so invested in the screen and don’t even pay attention to him.

- He shuts off the router without even telling you, he knows it works when he hears you scream “ NO ” from the other room.

- Even though you’re upset at him he’s still getting attention so he’s happy.

- He will go as far as hacking into your computer and blocking the sites you watch your shows on to stop this addiction, he’s petty like that.
☆⌒(≧▽ ° )