and went swimming in it


Last night we went to the premiere of the first three episodes of the new Samurai Jack series.  THIS is the highest pinnacle of western animation.  It pushes the medium to the fullest and beyond, and does it will style, grace, and class.  Genndy and his crew aren’t one trick ponies, they’re the BEST artists in the business and have only gotten better.  This is what we should all strive for.  I can’t say enough good things about this so I hope you all tune in to watch these. And if you haven’t, please go watch the original series as well.  They should be regarded as classics and anyone who is interested in animation should watch them.


Detail from The Funeral of ShelleyLouis Édouard Fournier, 1889.

The painting depicts  Edward John Trelawney, Leigh Hunt and Lord Byron present at the cremation, when in reality, according to Trelawney, Leigh Hunt never got out of the carriage and Byron was so shocked by the circumstances and the high temperatures that he retreated and went swimming instead.


Nanu’s really poor timing to want to battle… And the MC’s really bad judgement of priorities.

I sketched this one a while ago but didn’t get around to line arting and shading until tonight. I was always excited to battle Nanu, even if it meant rescuing damsels and saving the world had to go on hold.

DA: 4C00-0012-3E90
Mayor @mayorchibi
Screenies do not do this town justice (specially since I am still getting the hang of editing). What I believe is the early morning setting relaxes you and it is so beautiful outside that you almost forget to go inside the houses! It has always been one of my favorites dream towns. I don’t think that many towns can get away with these paths but they go so well here in Crystal. There is so much to snack on and mayor Esther made sure to enjoy that and even went for a swim! I doubt you haven’t heard of this town but if you haven’t go dream of it now because you’re missing out! xx

@mac-noa asked for the foxes at the pool + andreil!

  • sometimes it gets really fucking hot during the summer in south carolina
  • nicky always wants to go to the pool to cool off
  • aaron doesn’t care
  • neil is not keen (doesn’t want to show off his scars and doesn’t see the point)
  • kevin is like why aren’t we playing exy rn
  • andrew just shuts that shit down
  • but one time the upperclassmen get on board with it and they go to the outdoor pool in town after practice

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the extinct species inside us keep asking for a name

the moon was stuck waning for a full year
before you found it in the bedroom.
like a dove with clipped wings. touched the hurt out,
listened to the tide start through my ribcage.

pulling the buttons out gently
said you could hear the mangroves sleeping
salt water finding open wounds
what the end felt like.

i asked to learn how you did it. the healing. the dusk at noon.
it couldn’t come in words — for important things there are none.
just a semaphore code we wrote together
in the dream we shared as children.

i was a sky that was just a reflection of the earth.
you were a lake where i went swimming in the summer.
too warm for physics, we slept naked on the shoreline.
this world exists for safe keeping

of the glass flowers inside us.
hiding behind the windshield from the deepness of night
short-lived shadows kissing after heat lightning:
this is the truth even if we forget.

“it’s coming soon.” you could tell by my heart rate.
as we falter on the cross
& get dumped at dolores,
i try to rebuild a modern life from scattered parts

these versions of us are known only to fossil record
i am small & lithe & nervous, protecting a dandelion
from the wind to leave in your notebook.
you’re laying in sawgrass, changing back & forth

between this form & the passerines
circling overhead. we wait for the sunburns
to sting enough to share blankets. for a second
stretched to a lifetime, it seemed like you might stay.

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.

mikaistrash  asked:

Hey! Could I request that you write something about MC going on a beach trip with RFA+Saeran and while they're there, MC gets her leg caught in some seaweed while swimming in the deep and RFA+Saeran have to save her?

hello there! tysm for this request, it was really fun to write lol. I hope you like it! (but if you wanted smth different please let me know) ♥

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • this is his chance to prove to you that he’s a manly man.
  • I mean, he took swimming lessons when he was like eight.
  • he went to a swimming club for maybe two or three weeks.
  • except he doesn’t because he’s so smol and tiny.
  • struggles to untangle the seaweed.
  • did something just hit his head? is that even possible??
  • when you’re finally safe and out of the water
  • you notice something red and sticky in his forehead
  • “is that blood? are you okay, yoosung?”
  • “oh my god hOW.”


  • what was that? his baby is in danger?
  • pleasE.
  • has no problem whatsoever saving his princess.
  • and looks stunning while doing it, takes off his shirt for dramatic effect and everything.
  • “I saw a man so beautiful I started crying???”
  • mutters a very confused boy witnessing the scene.
  • frees your leg quite easily and carries you bridal style out of the water.
  • “time for some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, babe.”
  • being in danger when this man is around has to be an actual blessing.


  • do not ever question this lady’s abilities.
  • no wonder the rest of RFA relies on her so much.
  • “oh no, MC, are you stuck?! let me help you, wait a sec.”
  • acts super fast, in the blink of an eye you’re free and safe.
  • wow.
  • she mentioned having a black belt in judo before
  • but she never said anything about hAVING MERMAID GENES??
  • “MC please be more careful next time, you could’ve drowned.”
  • we don’t deserve jaehee kang.


  • “MC, what the—? what’s wrong?”
  • oh.
  • it looks like a scene from a soap opera he watched the other day?
  • and this is the part where he has to save you.
  • if only he weren’t so awkward and composed.
  • that doesn’t mean he’s a bad swimmer, though.
  • does his thing effortlessly and brings you back safe and sound.
  • and yes, he’s carrying you.
  • but he refuses to put you down until you let him say some cheesy lines and give you a passionate kiss.
  • how is it possible for this man to make everything both weird and adorable at the same time? he can’t be real.


  • my boy
  • my bean
  • he would literally die for you.
  • so this should be easy for him, right?
  • ok he’s not that fit but he did undergo physical training at some point.
  • fucking FIGHTS the seaweed.
  • and after making sure that you’re safe 
  • he comes out of the water screaming and covered in seaweed.
  • “they almost got us, MC! but I’m much stronger!! don’t worry I’ll rescue you from these bastards!”
  • boy, what are you doing.
  • “for real though MC don’t do that again, you need to be more careful I was super worried about you.”


  • uhm
  • okay, he hasn’t lost his sight 100% but this is still hard.
  • is taking pictures when it happens.
  • wait just a minute ago you were laughing and splashing water, is everything okay? why are you so quiet now?
  • starts calling your name: no answer.
  • it’s time to Panic
  • honestly asking for help is the wisest thing to do, acting like a hero would only put you in more danger.
  • thank you stranger that had no trouble rescuing you.
  • when you’re back, he holds you tight and apologizes for not being of much help
  • sweet baby boy please there’s no need to apologize.
  • now please let MC breathe.


  • “…has anybody thought of calling the damn lifeguard? no?”
  • “you’re all fucking useless and I hate you.”
  • but saeran, honey, the lifeguard is nowhere to be seen
  • wait what? fuck.
  • he won’t admit it, but things like this actually scare him a little?
  • still, he throws himself into the sea, tries to free your leg because he cares, and gets you out of the deep.
  • “here, put your arm around my shoulders.”
  • he’s quite proud of himself for being useful.
  • blushes and gets all flustered when you thank him aw sweetie.

In 1994, a woman’s body, naked and badly mauled by sharks, was found floating in the ocean by board riders about 200 yards off a beach at Point Loma, California. Her name was Michelle Von Emster, a 25 year old art store clerk who had been missing since the previous evening. After a brief investigation, it was officially ruled that she went for a naked midnight swim alone in the ocean and was attacked and killed by a large great white shark. In addition, after her death, she was further mauled by a number of other, smaller blue sharks. It was a tragedy and a horrific way to die, but not a case for further law enforcement involvement.

After this ruling was made, however, questions started to be raised about the shark attack verdict. Von Emster had ultimately died of drowning after haemorrhaging internally, not blood loss. She also had, amongst other injuries, a broken neck, bruises and contusions on her face and arms, broken and bruised ribs and her pelvis had been forcefully ripped apart. None of these injuries are consistent with shark attack. The water temperature was very cold for swimming (60°F/15.56°C). The medical examiner also noted that he had never examined a shark attack victim before. In fact, there were so many things wrong with the shark attack theory that most shark experts rejected the claim that she had been attacked while alive at all. In addition to the suspicious injuries listed above, Von Emster had sand in her mouth, throat, lungs and stomach. She was much more likely to have fallen (or was pushed) from a cliff onto the sand, broke her neck and was paralysed before being washed out to sea where she drowned and underwent post-mortem predation by sharks. [SOURCE + further reading]

You have never seen Dark pout before. So seeing him in front of you having, what some would call, a hissy fit was fairly jarring.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Dark,” you tried.

“I’m not saying it is,” he calmly countered. “I simply don’t see the point in it.”

This was just too much. You snickered and splashed a bit of water at him, to which he actually took a large step back. His arms remained crossed, but the way he leaned back told you everything you needed to know.

He thought it was a big deal.

“Dark, it’s just water.”

His frown almost made you want to give up, but instead you climbed out of the pool to try to reason with him more directly.

“Swimming is kind of a universally expected skill,” you said. “And you’re acting like it’s toxic. It’s just water, you drink it every day.”

“Only because I have to.”

You laughed, genuinely thrown for a loop by his statement. “You say the most interesting things sometimes. Look, I’ll step you through it. Just get your feet into the water.”

He hesitated, “Do you really want me to?”

“I’d appreciate it.”

Dark glowered at the water, trying to make holes into it with his eyes.

Slowly, carefully, he stuck one leg into the pool, ungracefully submerging it into the water before he even started with the other. The water let him fall slowly and with grace, allowing him the reaction time to keep his face up and dry.

“See?” you joined him. “Not so bad, right?”

“I don’t like this.”

“Just follow my lead. You want to push the water back, around you. Yeah! Just like that.”

“I really don’t like this…”