and well you are a big part of my life rn

Life fucking sucks rn

I just got my heart broken. Literally and this shit hurts like hell. All I’ve been doing is crying and you know what the worst part is? I didn’t do anything wrong, yet I am the one who’s hurting. I have to be strong and look him in his face every single day like ain’t shit bothering me, but it is. And even though I know for certain he’s a fuck boy, it’s extremely hard for me to believe that he didn’t care about me. What the fuck kinda shit is this?

And people say, oh well you guys weren’t together long so it should be easy to move past it. Dead wrong. Absolutely fucking wrong. For a person like me, who finds it extremely hard to open up to people I’ve just met and share parts of me that are rarely open to people that know me well, this was a very big deal for me.

But it’s over now, I’ve learned my lesson and there’s nothing I can do now but move forward.