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Every Harry Potter fanfiction I’ve read and loved


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Those Three Little Words

He’s said them before. Of course he has.  To his dad, his mom, his brother even.

But he’s never said them to Derek.

Not yet.

He knew it would come up eventually.  But not like this, not at a kegster, not because of some stupid bet he had agreed to.


“I’m waiting Dexey” Nursey laughs. “Just gotta say those three little words, and I’ll never bring this up again.”

Dex nods.  He can do this.

“I…I was wrong.” he manages to say.

“Hey, that wasn’t so hard, was it babe?” Nursey says, before kissing him softly.

“No.” Dex whispers. And it wasn’t.  For Nursey, he can admit when he was wrong.  For Nursey, he’ll do anything.

“Thank you for taking me out today,” you thanked your friend for the tenth time that day.

“It’s nothing!” She insisted, holding up her hands innocently.  “Honestly, you’d think I saved your life.”

In a way, she almost had. Your girlfriend was becoming more than clingy lately, nearly suffocating you with her affection and possessiveness. Fareeha was barely allowing you to leave the house, kept her arm around you anywhere you went, and you had even found a bug in your shared bedroom (though you were smart enough to leave it alone). You had to get out.

“It just means a lot to me,” you joked, walking up the designated trail. You had decided to go on a nature hike, hoping the distance from the house and any people would prevent Fareeha from trying to locate you. Now, you were just reaching the crest of the small mountain, a small overlook with a fence where naturists could bird-watch. You sat on the first bench you saw, pulling your bottled water out of your backpack and taking a huge gulp.

“You must not get out much,” she joked, plopping down on the bench right next to you. You nodded from the accuracy, taking another gulp of cold water. Her face got a little more serious, like she was ready to have a talk. “How come?”

You sighed, closing the bottle’s cap and putting it down. You knew it would come up eventually, why you’d been avoiding your friends. You stood and approached the fence, overlooking the small ravine that ran through the forest, where the river flowed just below, filling the air with the sound of gentle rushing water. It was beautiful. You had forgotten how beautiful outside could look.

“It’s a long story,” you finally answered, turning back to face her. “My girlfriend, me and her sort of…I’m stay-at-home.” You didn’t know how to explain it without worrying her. As you expected, her brows furrowed in concern and she moved to stand closer to you.

“Is everything alright?” she asked, which you knew it wasn’t. You also knew what she was really asking with that question. What she meant was: “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s not a problem, Fareeha’s just overprotective. That’s all.” You could tell she wasn’t buying your explanation, her eyes seeming to stare right through you. After what seemed like hours of uncomfortable silence, she moved forward and pulled you into a hug.

“I saw the pictures of you two on Facebook,” she whispered into your ear, holding you close. “She looks strong. Really strong. You promise me you’re okay?” You blanched at the implication of her words, realizing that it wasn’t far off from the truth.

“I’m fine, I promise,” you whispered back, savoring the touch of another human. You both held the hug for another second, before she finally pulled back. You smiled at each other fondly.

“I’m glad I invited you out,” she admitted, pulling back to put her hands in her pockets. “You definitely needed—“

Her words were interrupted by a blinding explosion that flashed at both of your feet, sending you flying backwards. The old fence gave with little resistance to your flying body, and you went careening over the cliff edge right alongside your friend, plummeting 70 feet to the water.

Just when you comprehended what had happened, realized that oh god, you were going to die, your body abruptly stopped mid-air, instead falling into what felt like metal while your friend continued her descent, ending with a sickening thud against the water.

You could feel your heart trembling with fear before you even looked up. You didn’t need to look to know exactly what—or who—had caught you.

From this angle, you could peer underneath her visor, catch the absolutely furious look that consumed her entire face. Her eyes, usually stern but loving, were filled with nothing but rage.

 “I don’t like people touching what’s mine,” she hissed, a barely-concealed threat. You nodded weakly. She didn’t. That was right. She began to ascend slowly above the cliff edge, dropping with a thud and carrying you towards the “exit” half of the trail. She had until you both got out of the forest to administer punishment, and the fact that there wasn’t a living soul for miles was definitely in her mind…

Submission from @eosrealis who wrote something for my plantpowers!Burr!au :D this is how they think Alex would figure out that Aaron has powers (and it’s super well written!!)

“Alexander, no”

“Alexander, yes”

Aaron sighed. “When has that ever worked?” he nursed his coffee, avoiding eye contact with the sign-up sheet held in front of him. It was something of a challenge too, since Aaron’s overeager friend was practically shoving it into his face.

“I’ve gotten you to sign plenty of things.” Alexander’s eyes narrowed slightly, his mouth twisting into a self satisfied smile.

“Yes, but not this. You know I don’t-”

“You don’t do protests, yes, I know. But you would only have to stand in a crowd! Come on, what are you losing? You’d be supporting a good cause!”

Aaron knew that Alexander couldn’t possibly know what he stood to lose, but irritation flared through him anyways. Aaron tamped it down before it could show, he was good at that.

“I’m still not doing it.”

“Don’t you care about rights for powered people?”

Aaron carefully did not react. “Of course.”

“Then defend them!”

Aaron sighed again. “Hamilton, please stop.”

A raised eyebrow. “On to last names already? You’re slipping, Burr.” His surname was spoken with a teasing lilt, and of course only Alexander could get under Aaron’s skin just by addressing him by name.

Aaron huffed lightly, trying to disengage rather than get pulled into an argument. But of course Alexander could never just leave it at that. “Come on Aaron, how about this: I’ll leave you alone but you have to help my fundraiser at the end of the month.”

And there it was. The worst part about having Alexander as a friend was that he had a lot of experience in arguing with people to get what he wanted. Aaron considered himself a decent debater, but against Alexander he didn’t stand a chance.

But still. “No way.”

“You only have to help donate. Make some stuff for the crafts and bakes sale. You don’t even have to show up.” Aaron could practically feel the fishing line trying to reel him in.

He gave a token struggle. “If I give you a money donation right now, will you leave me alone?”

Alexander scowled, his face pinching in offense. “You can’t be so impersonal! Half of the point of a fundraiser is making an event that people can go to! It’s reaching out to the community! Which gives us more room to open dialogue about powered people and the shit they’re stuck with!”

The words struck him. Suddenly, Aaron felt drained. Just thinking about powered rights made him tired and sour. He especially didn’t want to hear about it from normal people. “Fine, fine, whatever.”

Of course, rather than the outcome Aaron was looking for, Alexander froze for a moment before pinning Aaron with his laser focus. “Do you- are you actually invested?”

Shit. “What are you talking about?” It came out harsher than Aaron wanted.

“You never give up this quickly, don’t tell me I finally found the topic you have thoughts on.”

Double shit. “Drop it, Alexander. Besides, no one’s going to care about powered rights on a small scale like this. There’s so few of them that everyone just forgets until a powered person’s in the news, and good luck getting someone to show up at a college fundraiser.”

Aaron bit fiercely into his cheek, that was far wordier than intended. What was he thinking, word vomiting on Alexander of all people? And of course he was grinning again. “You do, holy shit! Aaron Burr has an Opinion!”

Anxiety twisted its way up Aaron’s chest, a network of brambles- or it could be, if he didn’t get himself under control. No, don’t think like that, he tried to berate himself. Aaron did not fidget, even if the energy in his veins surged with his agitation. Alexander always was the best at pulling his emotions out, and for the hundredth time Aaron wondered why he hadn’t cut ties yet. The teasing smile on Alexander slipped off, his eyes slipping into something more concerned than amused.

It would be the smartest choice, Aaron had known that fact from the very beginning. From the first conversation with Alexander and his friends, Aaron had never met anyone who could shatter his years of solid control in mere minutes. Which of course was why he avoided that whole group as a whole. Not that it stopped Alexander from approaching him all the damn time. The only person who put that kind of effort in talking to him, actually.

Alright, it wasn’t any kind of mystery. Aaron was just lonely. His chest pulsed again with unwanted feelings and Aaron squashed it before it could spread to the grass around them. He could almost feel the blades twitching under his influence, it wouldn’t take much.

Thankfully, Alexander seemed to realize that he’d pressed a little too far. He took a step back, dipping his head ever so slightly forward in the closest he ever gets to an apology.

“Sorry.” Or not, apparently? Aaron couldn’t keep the surprise from his face. “Really, man. I’ll back off, but you really should consider it, especially if it really matters to you.” Alexander paused, the corners of his lips lifting up ever so slightly. “I always knew you stood for something.”

Alexander turned abruptly and walked off, the usual bounce back in his step. Aaron didn’t move, staring after Alexander until he disappeared behind a crowd of students. Finally, he took a step, almost tripping over the grass twined around his ankles, much longer than it ought to be and already seeding.

Aaron cursed quietly, ripping the grass up forcefully. The small garden to his left had a small mass of green bulbs that weren’t there at the start of the conversation, mostly because it was almost winter and much too cold for new growth. Aaron gave the garden a long glare, knowing it would attract more attention if he tried to reverse the growth. It would be better to create distance.

Now if only Aaron could apply that wisdom to Hamilton, then everything would be safe again.


Alexander closed the door of his room behind him and leaned against it, his mind working a mile a minute. 

Aaron has powers.

He shut his eyes then opened them again to stare at the board he had hung on the wall above his bed. It was covered in articles about powered people, strings of yarn of different colors linking pictures and texts together. And at the middle of it stood a picture of his classmate, an annoyed look at being caught on camera.

Aaron has powers.

This thought pushed him to walk towards the board and roam his eyes on it again, as if he hadn’t countless times before. He had been right since the beginning.

Aaron is like me.

Ever since his birth, he had been able to feel the auras of the people around him, and that included powered people, whose auras revealed their powers. Of course, such a gift was best to be kept a secret, and even if it pained him to, he knew it would help in situations like this.

He had been drawn by the other’s powerful aura, a miriad of colors swirling around the boy’s frame, though kept close to this body as if he was constantly trying to contain or erase it. His aura was the most beautiful Alex had ever seen, and after listening to the younger man talk in class he knew he had to get close to him. But Burr kept everything close to himself and it had been a challenge to approach him and get his attention, and a seemingly impossible task to get him to talk about himself. But he had finally found a way.

Maybe getting him to work with him on his cause would grant Alex more time with the other powered student, and maybe then he could catch a glimpse of Aaron’s immense power.

Alexander set his hands on his hips and stared at Aaron’s face with determination.

One day, he would get him to show him his powers. And then, they would be unstoppable.

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OnTae, amnesia, omegaverse. ^u^

(warning for mpreg)

There is a list of important facts pinned to the refrigerator door by a pair of smiley-face magnets. Jinki knows that they are important facts because the list is headed by a huge title in bold, dark red font which reads IMPORTANT FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with about ten more exclamation marks than is strictly necessary.

The list goes something like this:

1. your name is Lee Jinki
2. you live here
3. your alpha lives here too, and his name is Lee Taemin, and he looks like this: [insert small picture of a pretty man with an awkward smile and floppy dark hair]
4. you were in a car accident two years ago, and that’s why you can’t remember anything
5. don’t take your meds unless Taemin is there with you
6. don’t panic; you’re okay and safe
7. a binder of more important information is in the kitchen drawer to the right of the dishwasher and left of the silverware
8. if you’re alone and you need to talk to someone, there is a list of people you can call in the front of that binder

And then there is the last item to the list, written in slightly different ink, as if it had been added at a later time:

9. you’re pregnant

Well then.

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It sort of bothers me that snk is doing a war arc

Like…ok it’s Eldians vs Marlians.

And it was set up, Isayama clearly was planning it, and yes, it’s still well written in terms of action.

But I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

The big secret of the basement…was a photograph.


So there’s a modern country outside of the walls.

That’s cool. And the secret to Eren’s Titan powers and the motivations of the sentient Titans?

Alright yes, that’s fine.

But this step into…well, civil war, I can’t help but feel it’s a misstep.

We don’t really have that overarching mystery anymore.

We know what’s going on and now we’re watching it conclude…but like, I really don’t find huge war arcs interesting.

Naruto overdid that massive war arc.

I really hope snk doesn’t go that way too, I mean, Eldians and Marlians fighting, alright, but if we don’t see Eren and friends trying to either solve things diplomatically or doing something other than just drawing up military plans I’ll be disappointed.

It still has potential to go somewhere great, I just am…a little leery on this one.

Snk’s political arc was probably the worst one.

Snk thrives when it’s focusing on individual characters and their personal struggles.

I worry this war arc is going to widen the lens too far out and we’ll be forced to endure Eldian military tactics for a couple of chapters.

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b) how Plec would trade integrity of the show for fan service. Look at the time and quality writing that went into SE compared to the mess of DE. Plec took the word epic and made it into an everyday word where it lost it's meaning. Epic in the tvd world doesn't carry the same weight as when others use it.

And I just got your part b. Yes, SE was written well and written meticulously and DE was just … bad fanfiction.


Title: Eeee…
Rating: PG af
Pairing: Jigyu / (if you squint hard enough, you’ll see Jeongcheol)
Genre: lame
Word Count: 1500
Summary: Jihoon works at a library and Mingyu likes to live life on edge.
a/n : I’M SO SORRY I TOOK 5 CENTURIES TO POST ANYTHING LIFE IS HECTIC AND THIS IS A MESS. Thank you bb @wenjunoui for beta-reading some of it (yes the stuff that is well written is proofread by Ellie did u rlly think i was that good?) I’m sorry this is bad I have a huge creative block and I want to bash my own head against the wall.
(also that title isn’t random)

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So, guys, I was having a hard time finding fanfictions to read so in case you’re searching for some great jedtavius fanfiction here are some of my personal favourites, by @slenderlock 

Here is an alternative telling of the third movie and I swear to god it made me all warm inside.

Here is a series of some smaller jedtavius that you can read anywhere, anytime and be completely happy about it. They’re shorter so it’s great if you want to read something but are in a rush?

Here is some AMAZING teacher’s AU that I love with all my heart, god bless. Lots of bad words, also cat puke

Here**** is a great story about a company’s CEO and what was possibly the best metro ride of his life. Well-written porn. Dig in.
(****nsfw because porn, yes)

Here is the best high school AU ever. Octavius watches american football for the same reason I got into rugby and everything is amazing.

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I've never really been a huge fan of Hamilton, but I don't call people who enjoy it "slave supporters" or "racist". I do believe it's wrong to act like Hamilton is a perfect baby that must be protected, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying the music. Did it deserve the rewards it got for well written music? Yes, absolutely. Should people be acting as if all the characters are precious cinnamon rolls? No. I don't think it's wrong to learn about people, even if they had slaves. (I'm black)

Lmao I’m the (I’m black) at the end

Are you the president of the United States too

batcii replied to your post “hey guys what are your fave drarry fics where ginny isn’t paired off…”

ive read one (1) drarry fic in my life and it’s hogwarts crammer, it’s unfinished but atm she has no love interest and is written Well. u read it??

yes! i think it was one of the first big drarry fics i read where she isn’t with blaise or neville or some male quidditch star and it made me realise, u know what i don’t have to settle for straight ginny. i keep reading ginny/luna into it