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so mtv are completely rebooting scream and giving it a new cast for season 3 and i am SO UPSET because i absolutely love that show and part of the reason is because of the cast, i lowkey don’t even wanna watch it anymore because i don’t see the point

So I’m sinking even more into a major Critical Role addiction.

If any of you watch it, please come and freak out with me so I can fangirl over the gloriousness of Vox Machina.

If you don’t and love high fantasy, a cast with decent LGBT representation and well-written female characters, and shows with an awesome ensemble cast, you NEED to watch this show.

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  • Laura: I would say that the moment I knew you were the one, Travis, was when you snorted sake because I dared you to.
  • Laura: And it was . . . the best part . . .well, I'll tell the whole story.
  • Laura: So we were out on a date. And I dared him to do it. And it was cold, unfiltered sake, right?
  • Travis: *covers his face*
  • Laura: And he did it. He was like, "I'll do it. I'll do it. I hAVe to be a mAN."
  • Travis: *nods*
  • Laura: So he snorted it, and he was like, "Oh, that's weird. It was like . . . It's actually kind of refreshing."
  • Travis: I don't remember that being my reaction at all.
  • Laura: No, that is what you did. You went, "That wasn't so bad, that wasn't so bad." And I went, "Oh my god, I expected it to sting really bad."
  • Travis: Oh, I remember.
  • Laura: And he goes, "No no no. It didn't sting. It's actually, it's kind of funny. You should try it." And I did. And it STUNG SOOO BAAAD!
  • Laura: And he totally like held the reaction down just so I would do it too.
  • Travis: I was like, this sucks so much. If I could just lie to myself for thirty seconds, I'll get her to do it.
  • Travis: Then she was like AHIDSHIETEKHSIGDHIE!!!! And I was like, "IT SUCKS, DOESN'T IT?"
  • Travis: Best secret agent job I ever pulled.

When you meet your fave and he is every bit as nice and adorable as you thought he would be and you’re both really un-photogenic (and sleepy)  at midnight but it’s okay because you had a nice talk and good things happened for you and everything is great and nothing else matters.


the extent of Chalo’s show jumping career

  • Mingyu: Isn't this great? It's just like when we were younger. Remember that time- (starts rambling incoherently).
  • [Inside Wonwoo's mind]
  • Wonwoo One: Painting sure is fun.
  • Impulsive Wonwoo: You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.
  • Wonwoo One: That doesn't sound fun at all, Wonwoo.
  • Impulsive Wonwoo: Well, how would you know?! All you do is read, Wonwoo!
  • Wonwoo Two: I think Wonwoo is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, Wonwoo.
  • Impulsive Wonwoo: Oh shit! Wonwoo, Mingyu stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something, stupid!
  • Wonwoo, aloud: I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Mingyu: Aw, thank you!
  • Impulsive Wonwoo: Nailed it.
  • Gamzee's Mind: Painting sure is fun.
  • Another Gamzee: You know what else is fun?
  • Different Gamzee: Killing your best friend.
  • Other Gamzee: That doesn't sound fun at all Gamzee.
  • Different Gamzee: Well how would you know? All you do is swim Gamzee!
  • Another Gamzee: I think Gamzee's right. We should branch out on our hobbies, Gamzee.
  • Other Gamzee: Gamzee, Tavros stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something stupid.
  • Gamzee: I wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • Tavros: Aww, thank you!
  • Gamzee: Nailed it.
  • namjoon: isn't this great? it's just like when we were trainees. remember that time...(starts rambling)
  • [meanwhile in yoongis head]
  • yoongi one: painting sure is fun.
  • yoongi two: you know what else is fun? killing your best friend.
  • yoongi one: that doesn't sound fun at all, yoongi.
  • yoongi two: well, how would you know?! all you do is sleep, yoongi!
  • yoongi three: i think yoongi is right, we should branch out in our hobbies, yoongi.
  • yoongi two: oh shit! namjoon stopped talking. he wants you to respond. say something, stupid!
  • yoongi, out loud: i wasn't thinking about killing you.
  • namjoon: aw, thank you!
  • yoongi two: nailed it.

I see a lot of people getting excited about “all the sketches” Harry will be in. The majority of musical guests on SNL appear in ZERO sketches. Given Harry’s relationship with Jimmy and some members of the cast, he will probably be in one. To the best of my knowledge, it is unprecedented for a musical guest to be in more than one sketch (though he could participate in the opening monologue as well). That’s not to say it’s impossible; anything is possible! It’s just extremely unlikely. 

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If you want, could you do 39 or 44 for royai? Thanks ^^ <3

Of course I want! And I’ll do you better and try to do both! <3 <3 Thank YOU

39: “ I wish we could stay like this forever. ”
44: “ I’m going to keep you safe. ”

Their legs were intertwined underneath the soft, light sheets. The sounds of their calm breathing filled the room just like the rays of sunshine from the dying day. His arms were around her as they lied on their sides, taking in each other’s warmth. Her eyes pensively looked forward and his breath tickled her neck.

His musk was the smell of burning matches, but he hated when she said that out loud. Riza fell deeper into his embrace and there it was: the smell of fire and burning wood. Their hands tangled with each other in front of her.  His calloused hands on top of hers, slowly caressing them.  There was nothing sexual about his embrace or how they lied in silence. it was a purely intimate moment. And that was their entire relationship, really. A mutual understanding in silence.

Hawkeye hardly showed her fear, indecision, or hesitance in the face of an enemy, but he knew all her demons and secrets. Even the secret of the demon haunting her now in the shadows. It was a clever plan: go through a tunnel with no light whatsoever and emerge into a room where it wouldn’t be able to find them. The problem was getting her through the tunnel. Her heart raced as the darkness enveloped her and as she touched her way down the path. All of the desert memories, all of the wars, the deaths in her life, and near-death experiences could never be tantamount to the fear that was instilled into her that one night she met the first Homunculus. Another enemy that her aim couldn’t reach; another enemy her gun couldn’t protect them from.

She shut her eyes at the resurfaced thought and her tension must’ve been picked up by him because his arms coiled tighter around her.

Call it a moment of weakness in the face of an impossible adversary, but she slipped and she whispered, “I wish we could stay like this forever.”

He hummed in response as if she had robbed him from slipping into slumber. She smiled into his arm, imagining the goofy face he must’ve had at that moment. “Every enemy has a weakness.  They can be defeated.”

Riza was unable combat the prickling doubt at the back of her head – the what ifs: what if she couldn’t shield him? What if the homunculi won? She wasn’t like this. This wasn’t her. She didn’t have doubts like this-

“I’m going to keep you safe.” He whispered into her ear.

She held her breath, as if she was surprised that at this point he could read her so accurately. “That’s my line.” She offered light-heartedly.

“Yeah, well. Sometimes, you need to be kept safe from yourself.”

send me a prompt! pretty pls

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Hey Mye, you remember about that ask about which Megalovania fit Ink the best? Well, about Tokyovania... SharaX said that it wasn't made for Ink in the first place. Just thought I would notify you of this. She explained it all in her most recent Tumblr post and it's rather an upsetting story, just throwing that out there.

Yes, I was offline for a few days but I’ve been told about the story. I wasn’t able to read the post in its integrity yet. However, I’d like to confirm her doubts; I wasn’t aware that it was not made for Inktale, because when it was linked to me, it was in a Sans AU theme compilation I believe, and I’m pretty sure these compilations aren’t using the most accurate songs to link with AUs. :( I do understand the struggle of seeing your work taken and reused away from your grasp. I know how easy it is to not be aware of how important credit is too at an age when you’re not the most reasonable, because I’ve been there. I will try to take time to contact her once I read the whole post.

Either way, her work Tokyovania still remains an amazing track and I don’t feel disappointed or deceived at all that it wasn’t made for Ink. I’m just glad the remix exists as itself! <3


I am so excited!!! This little book (well, 264 pages) has been about 9 months in the making, and it’s finally done. Good grief.

Basically, many of my friends at my undergrad university did Creative Writing with me, and for our final project we had to write a 6k word short story and 2k critical commentary - which, by the way, as someone who has done a Master’s since and written a 20k thesis, was just as hard as writing a standard dissertation. As a surprise to everyone, I sneakily got copies of everyone’s short stories by pretending I just wanted to read them and compare them to mine, and I made them all into an anthology, which I gave to everyone at graduation. It was a really fun project to work on, even though it took ages to proof read the entire thing and design the cover and cry over Word formatting. We called ourselves the Come Along Collective because ‘come along’ was kind of a catchphrase of ours and ‘collective’ sounded professional and artistic. Sue us, we had degrees in this shit.

In June last year, about 3 years after we graduated, we met up (a pretty big deal, seeing as one of us now lives in the US!) and decided to do another anthology. Without the immediate option of including our conveniently timed university dissertation equivalents, we agreed that it would be really fun if we all wrote a short story of between 4-15k words - this is actually why I wrote Here, the World Entire, which appears in this anthology in a slightly shorter form! Since I made that first anthology back in 2013 our friendship group has changed a little, and so one contributor to the first anthology isn’t in this one and we have a new contributor, but that’s OK; it kind of charts the progression of everyone’s experiences since university.

So, over the past 9 months or so, we all wrote a story each, and everyone put their all into their stories, despite being 23-25 now and not having the luxury of time that we used to have, and honestly, the stories are amazing. There’s not a single one in there that I wouldn’t read in a literary magazine. One person didn’t do Creative Writing and was really worried about their story not matching up to the others, but it absolutely does. I did a little cry when I read it because it was so good and the writer didn’t think it was (I think they are now aware that they are actually super talented and should definitely write more). That was one of the reasons I’m so happy to have this physical copy as proof that it’s done, and people who thought they couldn’t do it did do it, and they did it fabulously, because every single person wrote something phenomenal.

There was one person in the group who wasn’t able to write anything because they had a lot going on in their life, and so the rest of us prepared a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE, complete with a secret Facebook group chat (which was literally titled THE ONE THAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP SECRET) in which we collaborated and wrote a story for her instead so that she would still have a story in the anthology. One person wrote a section, then handed it to the next person, and so on. It turned out to be an absolutely hilarious story involving Emily Blunt as an evil sorceress, Jez and Mark from Peep Show as couriers, and our old landlord as an arch villain. It’s pretty rad, not going to lie. That person still gets their name on the cover because the story wouldn’t have been written without them; we basically tried our best to put that person’s personality into a narrative, and that’s why it’s so weird. They are weird, is what I’m saying.

This whole thing was a massive labour of love for all of us. I was literally proof reading it on lunch breaks, and taking graphic design assignments at work so that I could practice for when I made the cover (which I think looks snazzy, if endearingly off-kilter). Everyone was hugely supportive of one another, giving each other prompts and feedback whenever anyone got stuck, and it was such a fantastic experience to make it from start to finish. I’m so, so proud of the end product, and I’m excited to see what our next one will look like!

I have also prepared a super secret special surprise of my own for everyone within this anthology, which I won’t disclose here just in case any of them happen upon this post. It’s rad, though. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

This isn’t available for commercial purchase or anything like that, but it’s a personal project that’s been taking up a lot of my time lately (in a good way!) and it’ll be kind of sad not to have this to work towards. Still, onto the next thing!

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Are there any ghosts you still have trouble talking to/ connecting with??

(Don’t let anybody know lol)

On a more serious note, I am more mature about how I treat everybody now. I can recognize when I’m having a really emotional reaction and get re-centered… 

I mean, they were banned from coming over a couple of years ago, but after they realized I was serious about this whole interspecies relationship deal they haven’t done much to break the rules - so I won’t do anything even though personally, I’m not a fan.

But it’s really a case-by-case thing. It’s why FAIR helps so much. That way I have a set of predetermined rules and agreements that keep things pretty professional.

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Im crying everyone agrees with him saying that 1989 didn't deserve it. They're calling her white mediocrity. Its sickening, cuz 1989, as great as it is, isn't her best album but its her most popular/successful album. Maybe if everyone wasn't bust slut shaming her in 2013 red would've gotten the recognition it deserved. Taylor may not have the best voice but she is talented in so many other aspects it angers me when people say she is a mediocre artist

1989 is absolutely her best album IMO - it’s more musically sound, from a theory standpoint, extremely well composed, was a massive risk, and tbh changed pop music forever by bringing back the idea of creating full pop albums as opposed to hit singles with filler songs between them. Important to distinguish between “her best” and “your favorite.” She’s not medicore and most everyone in the industry knows it; those drags are coming from stan twitter. 



Look at where we stand
Bitter hearts and empty hands
I don’t wanna walk alone anymore
It’s cold on the floor, used to be warm

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hey friend this might be completely unnecessary but it was bugging me so i just kind of want to put it out for you if you want it. so i've seen you get so much awful backlash about using they/them pronouns and people telling you that youre too young to know who you are and i want you to know that it's bullshit. im a firm believer that the only person who really knows you is you. i realized that i wasn't cis when i was 13 and even though i didn't start presenting as anything other than femme(1/1)

hvwkfrost said:(2/2) until i was 15 that didn’t make my identity any less valid. i’m almost 20 now and well along in my transition and if you decide to take that path i hope you make it here too. in the mean time don’t rush and go with your gut. do what makes you happy and comfortable until you’re the best version of yourself. take care!

ahh thank u so much for this!! it’s really nice to hear these kinds of things from what’s been happening recently, thank u!! u take care as well!


In honor of week 3 being last week, and tonight being most memorable year! This dance was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.. but all their dances are basically perfect tbh

Lets just recap a bit in case anyone forgot..

Holding hands all cute before the package
Her memorable year being so cute but then the dance low key seemed about them:)
Meryl and Maks looking gorgeous
Meryl’s dress and hair
THE SONG CHOICE (forever love it)
Lindsay Sterling being amazing 
The opening of the dance was already perfect
Carrie Ann crying at one of many dances of theirs
Bruno- “Irresistibly romantic…It was like watching a love story developing in front of your eyes…*praises her technique on wk 3 & Maks choreo*
CAI- *talks about crying bc it was so beautiful* “The choreography between you, the chemistry between you, the partnership… it took my breath away, it gave me goosebumps… you are phenomenal”
Len- *talks about how he loved it but gave them a 9 but it’s all good* “I tell ya, Meryl & Maks, MnM, sweet and delicious, well done”
Maks twirling Meryl

Scores- 10, 9, 10, 10
Still the best couple (and champs) to have graced the dance floor in dwts history in my opinion…