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Shadows // Yoongi

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/FlashlightsPart 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Character: Yoongi x reader

Word count: 7,714 words (well since this is no longer a drabble)

Genre: Angst

a/n: I have re-written this part so many times because I originally had two different ideas for the ending - one got people (my proofreaders) screaming at me, while the other had so many plot holes in it which made me unhappy with it. I finally wrote this version down after taking a nap this morning and got a much clear head. Sorry if it’s too sappy and sorry if I made some mistakes in it - I’ll probably come back to edit this later (let’s just hope I won’t change my mind once I do that and erase the whole thing to make an entirely different ending cause I did that once lol). Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think. I’m sorry for the long wait.

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In some ways, the laws of physics are comforting, because you can see them and be reassured that the Universe seems to run based on a series of mathematical equations which are, at least in principle, fundamentally comprehensible to the intellect.

But then you remember that mathematics aren’t always well-behaved, and are wholly indifferent to human perceptions of normalcy or comfort, and that these equations can give rise to (seemingly actual physical) places like black holes. And you imagine that you can go near a black hole’s apparent horizon and, even if you escape, a hundred billion years could go by in the rest of the universe within minutes of your time, but that, from the mathematical perspective, it’s all just the same as what makes a ball fall onto the ground.

Final Thoughts

So here we have this beautiful well-thought out episode created by these two geniuses and everyone is complaining about how a freakin /fan based ship/ isn’t canon?? Like- is that all you care about when it comes to a tv series? Weather these two characters will get together and share their whole lives together that you completely miss the whole context of the show??

The Final Problem [the whole show for shit’s sake] was /filled/ with character development. We watched in the beginning as Sherlock started off as this aloof character who showed very little emotions to the end where Sherlock was breaking down just so he could save the people closest to him. We saw him finally opening up and finally allowing himself to not be so closed off. To me, that is the most satisfying thing I could ever want with a character.

YES, I know a majority of you are upset due to the lack of LGBTQ+ representations in media. So am I. But you’re completely ignoring the fact that love isn’t always openly expressive. It can be shown through words without saying the “I love you"s , it can be shown through gestures without the "long hugs.” And that is something I love the most about John and Sherlock’s relationship. They love each other without even having to show it and you know what the best part is? They’re not together. It shows that love isn’t always a romantic relationship, but this strong bond that you have with someone. I rarely get to see love in film shown this way because it’s always portrayed as a, “boyfriend and girlfriend” thing or “boyfriend and boyfriend”, “girlfriend and girlfriend.”

I do think that Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat made the right idea not to put John and Sherlock into a romantic relationship. To me it would have been forced just so that they could please the fan base. Also it would be really out of character to throw in a kissing scene or a handholding scene??
In the long run, I hope everyone will get their representation that they deserve and I will truly miss this mastermind that is BBC’s Sherlock.


Member Profiles: Hong “Joshua” Jisoo. - An ongoing series if my lazy ass cooperates.

Note: the “Most Remarkable Era” is based on my own personal opinion only.

Image cred.: 1 2 3

Joshua’s info. taken from @pledis17.

heathens [1]

a/n: kind of a drabble series i’m doing for jungkook’s birthday :) so don’t worry about the word counts. also loosely based on the twenty one pilots song “heathens”


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The Ghost (Part 1)

Steve x Reader (eventually)

Based on this prompt here:

Requested by: Well, @hardboiledegg21 issued the challenge, and I accepted it. :P

Word Count: ~980 (short for an introduction :P)

Warnings: Swearing (foul-mouthed reader), Violence, Blood, at least for this first part (warnings may change as the story continues… possible future warnings of depression and smut. More than likely fluff)

A/N: Sooo, I decided to put this in parts, because I just have so many awesome ideas to go for this, and so many devious things planned. I don’t usually plan parts, and this will be my second time doing so, so I hope you enjoy???? I’m sorry it’s so short!!! I wanted a solid introduction for the character :P


   You wandered the streets of New York silently, stalking your prey. To say you were one of the bad guys… a villain? Oh, they could be right. You usually targeted people you had a grudge against. You were a nobody, and the list you had was quite long. All your life, you had been kicked around by everyone you knew, and it turned you into a cold person. You didn’t kill your victims… you had something far better in store for them.

   You had no need for powers. Such a thing was such a common occurrence nowadays with all these superheroes running around (you mostly ran into Spiderman at times like these, but you had your run ins with a few of the Avengers and had given them a run for their money).

Your knowledge of weaponry was vast, and your quick reflexes made you someone that was becoming quite a handful. Your attitude caused some issues, but that whole cliché of ‘not being loved enough as a child’ was certainly to blame here. You were absolutely hard-headed, and no one could talk you out of what you were doing.

   You snuck up on your prey, a man about your age. Oooooh, it was one of the ones you had developed a small crush on, and he threw it in your face, laughing all the way. Petty? Yes. But you were going to make sure he never forgot your face. He looked nervous, probably sensing your rage from behind him. You weren’t expecting him to have the balls to carry a gun, but there it was, and you were impressed. He whipped around, and saw your face, he instantly paled. And shot.

   Now, did you really think weaponry and reflexes would make you that intimidating, and so hard to defeat? Oh no. Even as the bullet entered your skull, everything went white for a moment, before it all came back to light with a searing pain in your face and your head.

   Forgot to mention you’re immortal, well… sort of. You still got sick and aged, so your immortality really only worked on physical injuries, much to your despite. You thought living forever would be interesting. All these people you’re hunting? Thought you died in a car crash years ago. (So usually their minds would snap thinking they were being hunted by a ghost, and you’d leave them where they lay, screams of horror making you smile wide. Oh revenge is so sweet. And we won’t even mention the healing process from that one… ouch.)

   This wasn’t any different. Your newest victim fell flat against the wall, screaming and begging for your forgiveness. No one gave you such a kindness, why would you give it back? You walked over and leaned down, whispering into his ear. “Oh my sweet, old friend. I will continue to haunt you, until my last breath.” you sweetly cooed at him, before standing straight and walking off. You had a wild smile on your face at your victory, and you quickly ran into another alley when you saw the cop cars rushing to the scene. You got back to your apartment, closing the door behind you and turning on the news. “The Ghost” they called you, only because that’s the only name your victims gave. They were so mentally snapped by that point, it’s all they could think about.

   Now to take care of that bullet. You sauntered over to your bathroom, and looked in the mirror. There was the hole in your head from where the bullet went in, and you sighed softly. “Great, this isn’t going to be easy to get out…” you mumbled, finding a pair of small pliers. Man, you knew this was going to hurt, but you had to get it out so the wound could actually heal (Yeah, another flaw. Awesome.) You went into the drawer on your vanity and pulled out a rag, twisting it up tight and biting down. Couldn’t risk biting your tongue again, that took way too long to heal last time.

   You always hated trying to do stuff like this. No matter how many times you had to dig into your body to pull some strange thing out that prevented that super healing, it made your stomach churn and the cringing was almost impossible to hold back. You had to do it, though.

   Sparing the more gruesome details of the extraction (the blood, the pain… you know.), something went terribly wrong. The pain of taking the bullet out was bad enough, but this new pain? It was like nothing you had ever felt before. It was searing, like your mind was on absolute fire. The rag dropped out of your mouth as you let out a scream. (Luckily your little apartment was in an abandoned building… no one could hear you.) You dropped to your knees, and everything went dark in your vision.

   Was this what dying was actually like? The pain… it was so unbearable… and then? Nothing.

   Your eyes fluttered open for what seemed like the first time, and you sat up and held your aching head. You couldn’t remember why it was aching, or why there was blood all over the floor. How did you get here…?

   Shit… what was your name again?


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New video for Until Dawn: Gasoline - Josh and Chris

Part one of an 8 video series based on this playlist! Full description is on youtube <3 Warning for spoilers and lots of flashing clips.

Suga; Dating Min Yoongi...

❝aha, here i am not close to being okay yet but i can’t help it okay- another series (IN WHICH I WILL COMPLETE THE ‘FOR YOU’ SERIES AS WELL, I PROMISE).
based on this lovely post by weaxedanger
/don’t ask why i always start with Yoongi
►2323 words | scenario, fluff, i hope you guys like this
© (photo credit)

Most of the time, when it comes down to dating Min Yoongi, there’s just too many things to take note of but when you do, it’s when you’re not paying attention to anything but him until you’re making a list that’s way too damned long to the point no one would read.

It would include passion; this indescribable feeling when you’re with him and you would have no idea how to explain it. Could it be the way he smiles at you that his eyes curl up into crescents that light up your night brighter than the moon? Could it be the way he holds your hand to assure you that I’m here, you know that, right? Could it be the way he chastises words you can’t decipher when you get hurt, sick or when you’re in pain? Could it be the way he tries to make sure you’re always happy, could it be the way that he’s always trying to be there for you? Definitely—it’s simply because he loves you.

It would include questions; rhetorical ones—“Do you love me?”—“What kind of question is that?”—“The kind that you should answer,”—“Of course I do,”

Factual ones—“Okay, well, try to guess when my favorite time of the day is?”—“There are twenty-four hours in a day, Yoongi, how am I… fine, morning?”—“Jesus, no… the night.”—“Do I want to know why?”—“Because I get to hold you close and fall asleep.”

Closed ones—“Are you here yet?”—“No…”—“But… we agreed to meet here at—“—“Just kidding, turn around.”

Open ones—“How was your day today?”—“Well…not too bad, I got to get most of the things I have on my list done; Jin’s looking for you, by the way,”—“Nope, don’t change the topic, continue on with your day.”

It would include glances; quick ones where he peeks at you from the sofa with his laptop on his lap and earphones plugged in to focus but his mind is definitely elsewhere. The sultry in his eyes are hard to miss when they manage to burn into your skull. You’re taking some time away from the television screen to him, seeing how he tilts his chin back down to continue his work and you scoff from your end of the sofa, nudging him by the knee until he looks back up to take one side of his earplugs off, “Hm?”

“I saw you,”

“You’re seeing me—“


“You were just so pretty, alright?”

With a suppressed grin, you’re leaning over to frame his cheeks, “Aw, aren’t you being a Casanova today?”

It would include flowers, placed anywhere for your eyes to see. Sometimes it’s on the kitchen counter after the door closes that indicates he’s home and he calls out to you, saying he’ll take a bath before he’ll take his dinner. You’re humming back in response, setting it up and you’re busy until you hear the bathroom door close with a cough then you’re looking over your shoulder, then down to the end of the island where a red rose is located. Sometimes it’s on the doorstep for the days he’s unable to make it back home. The doorbell rings and you’re coming! You’re opening the door and smiling the moment the bouquet of various colored flowers are in your possession along with his handwriting—I’m sorry I won’t be here for a week but… I bet these’ll last until I get back. Sometimes it’s the moment your eyes open and shit… he’s gone out already but his presence lingers when you smell something familiar by the bedside table. Stretching out, popping some muscles and feeling the soft petals of the flower, you’re smiling at the note; see you tonight.

It would include whispering of anything and everything but mostly those few words that’ll make your heart feel nothing but this overflowing love you get from him. One in particular would be when he’s back from a long day of training, tired and beat that he doesn’t bother to put his things nicely. He greets you with a worn smile, a kiss on the cheek and then he’s off to the bathroom. Minutes after he returns, clean and feeling much more tired that he crawls into bed after you switch off the lights and set your things aside. He presses all of him to you, curls against your back and your arm reaches back to stroke the back of his head along with threading your fingers through his hair to calm him down as he breathes at the nape of your neck until the last thing you hear is a hushed I love you.

It would include dominance, mostly behind closed doors. It could be after a gathering with a bunch of people you’re not sure who managed to tick him off on about, it could be after a night in the club, it could be after a nice dinner but overall, it would be satisfying. He’d have you on the bed, spread out for him until he’s between your legs so nothing else comes between. He’d smirk with his lips right above yours and not let you lean up to kiss him and it’s harder to move when he holds you down both of your wrists above your head while his other pins your waist down. He’d shake his head when you try to kiss him, he’d relent in the end because of your soft please, Yoongi… but he’d continue to tease you to no end until you lose it but it’s all good in the end when he makes it up to you with sweet loving.

It would include sweetness, pure sweetness. He’ll throw random compliments without you noticing throughout the day, sometimes during the night, sometimes through texting and it’s the texts that really takes you off because you’re rereading them again and again when he’s away.

Mornings would be greeted with; good morning, sweetie. wishing you a great day and full of thoughts of me.

Afternoons would be passed on with; have you eaten yet? I miss you like hell… Namjoon said we’ll be coming back after Tokyo so… just a few more days, okay?

Evenings would be filled with; oh, c’mon! it wasn’t me! I shouldn’t leave my phone around like that anymore… I’m sorry…

Nights would be ended with; yes… I’ll be getting some rest but make sure you get yours too! i love you, good night

It would include showing off (in a good way). It doesn’t really matter where the two of you are because it’ll always end up with you finding some old paper or one of his past notebooks lying around in the house when you clean up that you get intrigued because he’s never published this before… Then he snorts when he finds you in this interesting position of standing with a dustpan between your legs and a feather duster clamped between your arms. He’d pace over, peek over your shoulder to see what has you so interested that you’d stop cleaning and he’ll take a look at you instead when you say, “I’ve never heard this in the albums before…” He’ll be all smiles, taking the lyrics from your fingers, “Shall I rap it for you?”

It would include sarcasm, lots and lots of it until you could dream of it at night. And it’s not to say he means it or anything; it just happens and you really understand it. Sometimes it directs to you when you ask if he’s tired and he pouts at you with no, I’m fully energized and ready to party that you scrunch your nose and toss him the towel, ushering him to go freshen up and he leaves with a chuckle. Sometimes it’s towards the other members when they ask something so, so stupid that he groans from your neck and leans away, looking at that particular member over your shoulder to say do you think with your ass or is it just me? Then that member would try to tick Yoongi off with replying it’s probably you but then he doesn’t care because hey, you’re here and that’s all that matters.

It would include counters, no, not the ones in the kitchen or bathroom. It happens mostly when you’re feeling affectionate, more than usual that when he’s working in his mini-like studio and you’re conveniently there to watch him work and he’s just really attractive when he’s focusing that you lightly kick his chair. He spins around and cocks an eyebrow at you, headphones muting all sound but he reads your lips I love you. He lets out a laugh and sounds I love me too that it makes you huff and go back to reading your book after mumbling visibly for him to read that you’ve said oh, shut up and well, after a line or two of your storybook, you swear you hear him saying I love you too, silly.

It would include baths, any kind of baths. Be it the kind filled with rose petals for the nights he feels romantic, surprising you the moment you open the bathroom door and you’re gaping at the sight of red complimenting the bathroom, reflected through the tiles and the candles he’s set up properly is enough for you to applaud. He grins and swoops you in from the back, whispering that he knows you like indulging yourself in these sometimes so… why not do it together? Be it the kind that’s warm and nothing but warmth as he soaks in the water opposite you and he watches as the bubbles and foam compliment your skin that he can’t help but reach over to poke your nose.

It would include pictures, lots of them. Once in a while it could be of him holding his phone up and pulling you close so you’d be in the frame more than him and that’s more than enough for him. It could also be of just you when you’re in front of him waiting for the food to come and damn, you look good in a black dress so snap. It’s possible that during a trip with the boys, he hands the camera to one of them, mostly Seokjin because he takes pretty pictures and he tells the both of you to get close and you do. Your arms are around him and you feel one of his around your shoulder to hold you near. It’s three, two, one and you feel his lips against your cheek and it doesn’t make your smile falter at all.

It would include procrastination, mostly when it’s time for bed and you’d be surprise to how long he endures before going to sleep. Knocking on the door when it’s at three am, he answers with a soft I’m still working but you open the door anyway to see him hunching over the table. He sees that unsatisfied look on your face and then you invite yourself in to sit on his lap when he leans back on his chair. You’re curling into his neck and mumbling softly at how he should sleep, how he should take care of his health and that you need him to sleep better and he rubs your lower back affectionately, begging for five more minutes and you tell him that if he’s not there in five minutes, you’re dragging him in yourself and he says gladly do it, princess.

It would include consultation during the darkest of days when nothing seems to go right and everything is crashing down. He could be at work, he could be at training, he could be working on a new song in the studio (the shared one in his company) but nevertheless when you call, cracked and torn with words of Yoongi… he’s rushing home at the speed of light. He’s breaking a few road rules, he’s possibly brushing off the speed limits and everything is forgotten when he sees you on the floor, phone slightly away from you but on the floor. He slams the door and rushes, he brings you into his arms and hushes you but he knows it’ll never work. He lets you cry until you’re spent, he tells you to let it all out at once and it’s better this way than keeping it all in and all he’s wondering is fuck, what has he been missing? It ends with you puffy and red eyed, a few kisses in between, a long session of heart-to-heart talk and a shared smile in the end because Yoongi is here.

It would include never-ending love at any time, any time at all. Even when he’s in practice, he’d still take the effort to text you through it all and tell you that he’s fine—but he’ll be better when he’s in your arms at home. You could be across the world but he’d still leave his heart with you with pictures to fill your day. You could be across the living room and he’d still say you’re pretty when you’re in nothing but his shirt and messy hair and you tell him he’s cheesy but he tells you, you’re probably a person who likes cheese, then. It’s… now, when he looks at you like you’re everything he could ever ask for and you are. He notices you staring from a moment ago so he looks down on you as he tugs you closer to him until you have no choice but to look up to him.

No words are exchanged as the two of you look at each other, no words are needed as you look into his eyes and no words could possibly describe what he feels when he looks into yours but the words that are needed to explain this, the one that could possibly fill in the spaces and make things clear would be; love.


I put too much effort into this, the Tiznés made me do it
I swear I found this funny when I first thought of it, honest
(Based on this)
(Also I tried to keep consistent with the timeline and not give Magnolia her… well… Magnolia haha–)

(Another thing; some of the panels have captions, jsyk–)

So...let me get this straight...

Daring and Rosabella is/might be a thing?

So…what about Apple?

Well…I was thinking….if Dexpid (Cupid and Dexter) happens instead…

And based on how this series is going so far…

Maybe Apple can still have her happily ever after…

She just has to open her eyes and see that the person she was destine to be with was right in front of her all this time…

Her and this person was always met to rule the land by each other’s side…

Her and this person was met to be raiding queens all over the land…

You guys know who I’m talking about…right?


He’s really grown as a pitcher. Well, you’d hope so, if he’s been pitching in the tournament.”
“Looks like he needs to improve his control, but it’s hard to believe he’s just a first-year.
“Wow! Two strikeouts again this inning.
“He only gave up a run in the first inning. Six hits and four base on balls. He still walks a lot of batters, but he’s become more resilient.
“This game was really good practice, since he’s got the hang of his slider now.

You Have a Beautiful Family (Prequel)

Part 1 of Life as We Know It (AU Series)

Word count: 1300 +/-

Character/Pairing: Dean Winchester

Summary: The reader and Dean were set up on a date by mutual friends, and things don’t go so well.

A/N: This is mostly dialogue, mainly because the reader and Dean don’t have much to say. Yes, this is based on the movie with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Please tell me if the name insert works, and feedback is appreciated! And sorry if there are any mistakes. I’ll triple check again. @redlittlefox Expect heartbreak. @bovaria @velvetrosae @kaz2y5-imagines

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Your music blasted as you stepped out of the shower and headed to your closet. After quickly drying off and putting on your figure-hugging black dress, you paired it with red heels and matching earrings. You styled your hair, thankful it was working today, and did your makeup. Your date should be here any minute. He was supposed to show up at 7:30 p.m., not too early and not too late.

It was 7:20 p.m. Deciding to kill the time, you picked up a magazine and sat on the couch by the door. Time flew by, and it was now 7:40 p.m. The least your date could do was call and say he was running late, or that he wasn’t up to this. Either way, he’s late.

Past eight o'clock, there was a knock at your door. Huh, so he’s finally here. You stood quickly, pulling down your dress a bit and grabbing your clutch, and opened the door. There he stood.

“Hi,” you greeted. He didn’t seem too bad, except he smelled like car grease and looked like he just got out of work in a shop. Don’t be quick to judge. Maybe this dating thing could work after all.

“Hey, (Y/N),” He flashed a smile, and stuck out his hand.

“Dean, it’s nice to meet you,” you shook his hand awkwardly with a smile on your face as well.

“I hope I’m not too late?” He said, quirking a brow for you to confirm and looking down at his watch.

“Um, no,” you began, looking back at the clock. Almost an hour late. “But I just finished getting ready,” you lied.

“Oh, right, so…,” Dean nodding slowly at your answer. Awkward silence. “Should we go now?”

“Yeah, sure. Let’s get some dinner,” you replied, reaching behind you to close the door. I’m so damn hungry.

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