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It’s Official: 'Umbrella Academy' Live-Action TV Series Set at Netflix

The 10-episode drama will launch in 2018 and is based on Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba’s beloved comic of the same name.

Two years after it was put in development, Netflix has scooped up the Umbrella Academy TV series.

The streaming giant has handed out a 10-episode straight-to-series order for the adaptation of Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Gabriel Ba’s beloved graphic novel. The drama will launch on the streaming service in 2018. (Check out the poster for the series, above.)

Based on the Eisner Award-winning comics, the live-action Umbrella Academy follows the estranged members of a dysfunctional family of superheroes (aka the Umbrella Academy): The Monocle, Spaceboy, The Kraken, The Rumor, The Séance, Number Five, The Horror and The White Violin. Together, they work to solve their father’s mysterious death while coming apart at the seams because of their divergent personalities and abilities. The series was praised for its alternate and twisted take on the superhero genre.

Steve Blackman (Fargo, Netflix’s Altered Carbon) serves as showrunner and exec produces alongside Bluegrass Television, Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg from Dark Horse Entertainment. Way will co-exec produce. The pilot script was adapted from the comic book series by Jeremy Slater (The Exorcist).

“I am thrilled that The Umbrella Academy has found a home at Netflix. I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Ba and myself had when creating the comic, and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live action show,” Way said.

For Netflix, The Umbrella Academy joins a deep roster of Marvel dramas, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and its upcoming mini The Defenders.

“What drew us to The Umbrella Academy is that it’s wholly unique, visual and stylized,” said Cindy Holland, vp originals at Netflix. “These aren’t the usual superheroes, and this series will embrace the singular tone of the graphic novels — dark yet humorous, supernatural yet grounded in reality. We’re excited to see this world and introduce these unforgettable heroes to Netflix members around the globe.”
Universal Cable Productions, which announced it was developing the project for TV as part of an overall deal with publisher Dark Horse Comics, is producing the series.

“It’s a thrill to be producing this wonderful show for Netflix,” said Jeff Wachtel, chief content officer at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment and UCP president. “It’s been a passion project for the UCP development crew and we can’t wait to bring it to life.”

Comic book series continue to remain in high demand as broadcast, cable and streaming platforms look for proven IP in a bid to cut through a crowded scripted landscape with 450-plus originals. Marvel also has The Runaways at Hulu, New Warriors at Freeform, FX’s Legion as well as the upcoming The Gifted at Fox and Inhumansat ABC joining Agents of SHIELD; DC has The CW’s Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightningand Fox’s Gotham as well as Syfy’s Krypton. On the cable side, AMC has found massive success with The Walking Dead, based on the Image Comics title from Robert Kirkman.  

The Umbrella Academy is the first Universal Cable Productions series to land at Netflix, which more recently has been focused on owning its originals.

Like if you think good fanfictions are real art and just as valuable as published books

I’m tryna prove a point to my dad because he’s genuinely curious and didn’t really understand the concept of fanfiction.

Also feel free to leave a few arguments for that, I’m out of ideas of how I could prove to him that fanfictions can be just as thought through and well written as published books.

Thanks! <3

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So I'm looking for something that can allow my party to plan elaborate heists/assaults/rescues, a la oceans eleven, or the great escape, without having to plan the place they're going up against for 3 years. I've done it with FAE and Pathfinder, and they liked it well enough, but there's gotta be something better for this. Do you know anything to help?

In terms of matching both mechanics and flavour to the purpose at hand, your best bet would probably be the Leverage RPG. It’s based on the television series of the same name, so if you’ve seen it, you know pretty much what you’re getting into. The game operates on the basis of abstract “assets” rather than precisely statted out obstacles, and there are basic mechanics for spending player currency in order to have a flashback scene and retroactively explain how of course you planned for exactly this eventuality, so it takes a fair amount of weight off of both the players and the GM in terms of setup.

If you’re interested in an example of a game that takes the same approach much, much further, you could also have a look at Blades in the Dark which carries the planning-via-flashback conceit to its logical-yet-faintly-absurd conclusion by allowing nearly everything to be declared retroactively.

For example, when you’re gearing up for a heist, you don’t pick out equipment at all; you just declare how heavy your load is, and based on that decision, you’re allocated a number of boxes you can check off to declare “hey, I just happen to be carrying the exact thing we need for that”. Even the basic action resolution mechanics explicitly don’t distinguish between actions taken in the present and actions taken in the past, so - for example - when encountering a guard in the middle of a job, you can declare that you’re making a diplomacy roll for your attempt to bribe him last week, even though the guard’s existence in the game wasn’t established until that exact moment.

The reason I didn’t recommend Blades first is that tonally, it’s extremely, extremely wrong for Ocean’s Eleven. “Gritty” doesn’t begin to describe it - the default premise is that you’re a gang of cutthroat petty thugs in a haunted city of perpetual night whose rulers may or may not all be possessed by demons. So, y’know, it’s missing a certain joie de vivre. I’m not saying it couldn’t be made to work, but you’d have your work cut out for you!

A lot of people nowadays don’t remember that in the 80′s and early 90′s, literally EVERYTHING had a cartoon series.

There were cartoon series for various toy lines (we all remember My Little Pony, G.I. Joe, Strawberry Shortcake, etc), but it didn’t stop at toys that it was easy to base a cartoon on…

Then there were cartoons based on video games…

Cartoons based on popular bands/artists…

Cartoons based on celebrities…

Cartoons based on movies/series that were absolutely NOT appropriate for kids…

A cartoon based on a kind of candy…




SMROOKIES; an otome game 

After three years of hard work, sleepless nights and routine breakdowns, you’ve finally been accepted into a digital media program. It seems like you’re finally closer to achieving your dream, it’s probably going to be smooth sailing from here on, right? Wrong! Upon arriving to school for first day orientation, it was suddenly revealed that your school program went through a sudden revision and now you’ll be working with the students from SM Academy of Stars in a joint program to complete assignments, pass classes and prove yourself an able producer. But no worries! The top students of SM are ambitious, hard-working and handsome, your future projects with them will be a success for sure, but how will you be able to convince them to partner with you for assignments instead of your rival classmates?  

Continuously improve your skills, balance your social and love life as well as complete assignments on time for the next 4 years to ensure that your future is bright!  Keep your chin up, you’re one step closer to becoming an award-winning producer you’ve always dreamed to be…that is, if you graduate.  

Yesterday, NBC touted a list of 12 series that have more than doubled their demo rating in L+35, combining linear and non-linear sources. Among those, This Is Us is up +180%. Other shows that have seen major increases include The Blacklist, Timeless and the Chicago series P.D., Med and Fire.

I asked her about the future of sci-fi drama Timeless and she said, “We love Timeless. It’s a great performer. I thought it could benefit from an earlier timeslot but we have Blindspot earlier so there’s just going to be some decisions based on the pilots — and there’s not that many pilots.” Creators of both Timeless and thriller Blindspot as well as The Blacklist will be in NBC offices next week to talk about next year.

—  source

Hey, so you know that playlist I said I was going to do? Well, it’s done! Here it is, the Who Killed Markiplier? playlist based on Damien’s character arc! It goes through what I think are his five stages in the series, the carelessness at the party, the betrayal of being possessed by his best friend and having his consciousness/soul transferred to Mark’s dead body, the vengeance that he seeks against Mark for stealing his body when he’d done nothing wrong, the acceptance of sharing the body of us (district attorney) with Selene (and maybe bits of Mark’s soul but he doesn’t know about that), and the evil of pushing us out of the body and into the mirror, and going forth as Darkiplier. 

EDIT: embedding the spotify didin’t work so here’s the link

Also tagging @browniefox because they asked, plus @darkiplier-support-group and @mayor-damien-protection-squad because I thought maybe they’d like to see it?



A Hero Returned (A Demigods AU)

Peggy Carter, daughter of Athena, has been fighting for so long, she’s forgotten what peace feels like. The war encompasses everything, blurring the lines between the world of the mortals and the world of the gods. Everything that was once hidden, obscured by the Mist, has been brought forth by the Red Skull, a demigod who seeks to harness the power of the gods by any means necessary.

The loss of Steve Rogers–son of Poseidon and her former partner–was a blow to all who fought against the Red Skull, Peggy most of all. During a battle, he had commandeered the Red Skull’s plane, which was headed for New York, meant to take out Camp Half Blood (with half of the city as collateral damage). Sons of Poseidon are not meant to fly, and he crashed it in the ice, sacrificing himself to protect his home. 

When he is found four years later, very frozen but somehow still alive, Peggy’s whole world is turned on its head. His return fulfills a prophecy that she had never believed to be true, a prophecy that has the potential to change the whole course of the war. She and Steve embark on a quest with a ragtag group of demigods and mortals to take down the Red Skull once and for all. Their journey is full of danger and intrigue–and unresolved tension between the two quest leaders thick enough to be sliced to ribbons by a Celestial Bronze dagger. 

But who has time to rehash the entire history of a partnership while fighting the fearsome Hydra? Well, Steve and Peggy, apparently.

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Just when I thought you couldn't get any more perfect I find out you like ace attorney!! I'm obsessed with it, was seriously considering making an au based on it and yoi but I don't have the artistic talent for that

I do indeed!!! o3o
It is a good game series, happy you like it as well XD
Hahaha XD

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I'm new to your blog so I don't know if you know about this (I checked your tags before deciding to ask). Have you heard of the Xanth series of fantasy books based on puns?

I have, but honestly an entire book based on puns…again, it seemed like I was joking but I feel like puns should be natural and a surprise. Terry Pratchett makes a lot of puns in his books but they always kind of arise from nowhere and the characters are very self-aware about them. I don’t think I’d do well with the Xanth series from what I’ve seen. 

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Since I see you're a Monogatari fan I have to ask you if there is anything in the entire franchise that is considered so bad that you might as well skip it. I'm on the first season at the moment (Bakemonogatari) and looking at all the stuff that's there I'll really have a lot to catch up on.

I always need a chart when talking about this series lol. Based on my enjoyment level I would skip Nise, Hana, and Tsuki. I’m not certain how much plot-wise you’d miss out on. 

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Hey no pressure to respond quickly because I know you have a lot of asks! Do you read manga on your phone? I have an Android and manga websites like mangafox give me pop-ups and I can't find good apps. I found one app but it doesn't have licensed manga. Do you have any recommendations of how to read manga on Android phones? Or any good unlicensed manga? My favourite genres are slice of life, comedy, and sometimes I'm really in the mood for fantasy too. Also I hate asshole male characters.Thanks!

Yes, I read manga both on my phone and laptop! It’s easier to have an app on the phone so I can read some series on-the-go.

I currently use the MangaZone app, but I also tried out the MangaRock and MangaBird app. And if you’re looking for webtoons, I use Spottoon and the Line Webtoons app~ I can’t say how well the apps work on Androids, since my family is practically Apple-based;;

Some series I could recommend to you with comedy, slice-of-life, and/or fantasy are:

And here’s the links for the apps:

  1. MangaZone
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  2. MangaRock
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  3. MangaBird
    1. iOS
  4. Spottoon
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  5. Line Webtoon
    1. iOS
    2. Android

New video for Until Dawn: Gasoline - Josh and Chris

Part one of an 8 video series based on this playlist! Full description is on youtube <3 Warning for spoilers and lots of flashing clips.

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Hey, how would the Mystic Messenger boys react to an MC who draws manga and has a series? The genre if up to you or you don't even have to mention it. Thank you and sorry if I broke a rule (it's not opening on mobile for me I'm sorry ;-; )

//cries// this was my only MM request ;;

Jumin: When he finds out that you have your own series, Jumin looks into investing in it. He’s wondering if he can somehow get his company to have a branch that revolved around manga, that way he could make yours the star of it all. He’ll do anything to help you get your name even bigger if you want.

Zen: Considering he couldn’t draw to save his life, Zen is absolutely amazed that you were well enough to have your own series with an already established fan base. He was never a fan of reading manga, but picks up a few pieces by you so he can get a better understanding of what you do.

707: Of course Seven already knew that you had your own series and — oh my goodness! — would you please sign his copy? He’s a bit of a dweeb when he finally brings up your series with you, wanting to pick your brain about where you’re going to take the series next. You’ll tell him, won’t you?

Yoosung: He knew he’d recognized your name from somewhere! A classmate of his had lent him a book to your series once, telling him that you were a rather great up and coming manga artist. Yoosung is rather flustered and flabbergasted when he finally meets you; now he knows another famous person!

V: Though he couldn’t quite appreciate your manga for all it’s worth, considering his deteriorating eyesight, V still manages to praise all of your works. Call it a guilty whim of his, but he’s always wanted to ask you to draw a scene from one of the many photographs he’s taken, just to see your take on it.

Saeran: Having not grown up reading manga, Saeran doesn’t really know how he should feel about knowing that you were the artist behind a rather famous one. It definitely made it harder for him to sneak you away, considering a lot of people would notice if you suddenly went missing.

how to make sure the blue jays win:
  • tell josh it’s the first inning, every inning
  • tell gogo the bases are loaded, everyone’s just wearing their invisibility cloaks
  • tell kp it’s april. it will always be april. be april.
  • tell jose every team they face is the texas rangers
  • tell stro height DOES measure heart
  • tell marco he’ll never be traded and he is safe and wanted. also it’s an elimination game
  • tell justin smoak he’s perfect, never change

“That’s all you have to say?” You stood, arms crossed over your chest. The sun was in your eyes making it hard for you to read his face. His hat shaded his eyes, protecting him from revealing any sort of emotion to you. “I don’t know what to tell you, I can say I’m sorry but I know that doesn’t make a difference for you,” Luke sighed, shrugging his shoulders. Scoffing you shook your head, “You are unbelievable.” “What? I can’t make you do anything. It’s up to you on what you decide,” Luke lifted his hat off his head to run his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, well, it would still be nice to see you fight for me just a little bit,” you frowned, throwing your hands up and walking across the parking lot. “I’m sorry!” he called out behind you, but he was right, those words didn’t mean much to you anymore…..

do you want me to continue?? lmk if you want this as my next series

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I'm playing around with the idea of a world were music is magic and can manipulate the world based on genre, meter, major/minor tonality, etc. I'm having troubles describing music in action, as a physical tangible thing rather than just sound, especially in duel sequences where two musicians are facing off. I have a basic idea of what I want done with it so I'm not asking for it to be done for me (I know that's a no-no) but any and all input is awesome and much appreciated. Thanks for your time!

Well, music isn’t really our forte so I don’t know how much help we’ll be there.

All jokes aside, one of the best series I’ve seen using music as a form of magic is L.E. Modesitt Jr.’s Spellsong Cycle, starting with The Soprano Sorceress. It’s a fantasy setting that takes place in the land of Erde and follows the adventures of Anna Marshall, a fifty year old singer taken from our world on the day of her daughter’s funeral by means of an unlucky wish. Once in Erde, she becomes a sorceress of great power. Modesitt’s work can be a bit of a slog and these aren’t his best. You might not enjoy them as a reader, but his strength is his world building and as a writer of fantasy you shouldn’t skip him.

There’s a lot of good thinking in the novel. One of them is that it is difficult, if not impossible, for sorcerers to perform together as a duet because the chance of something going wrong is too high. Multiple voices together create more power but it relies on perfect synchronization that is nearly impossible to achieve with complex melodies. However, one warlord does manage to achieve this through hundreds of voices chanting together in an army.

The magic works through a combination of lyrics, visualization, and musical accompaniment usually through a single instrument. A truely skilled Sorcerer cannot just be a singer, they must also be a songwriter and composer. However, some get by memorizing songs and melodies from hearing them. Sorcerers and Sorceress are always singers, but to achieve greater power they need the support of other musicians often in the form of an orchestra. This forces the Sorceress to put a great deal of trust in the skill of her followers because a single mistake could be catastrophic for herself and the other musicians. The result is in setting is that most Sorcerers prefer to work alone without accompaniment. Because their magic takes a great deal of concentration, they also need to be protected in combat from attacking forces.

The sorcerer is also limited by what they know or what they can remember/make up on the spot. The use of magic takes a lot of energy, a Sorceress must eat constantly or they risk burning through their own body.

The setting also used two different kinds of magic: Darksong and Clearsong. The definitions are simplistic, but become complex in application. Darksong affects things that are alive or were once alive, growing plants in a garden for example would be Darksong. However, so would raising the dead and compulsion spells that enforce loyalty. Clearsong affects the non-living or what was never alive, this includes command of the elements, but also building infrastructure like roads or castles.

Both come with their flaws because of it’s easier, Darksong’s are greater. Darksong is easy to cast in the beginning, but over time it becomes more difficult causing double vision and violent headaches. It acts a little like an allergy, the more you do it, the more violent the reaction. Eventually, it will kill the sorcerer.

The Clearsong flaw is: matter cannot be created from thin air, it has to come from somewhere. If you’re going to create roads, you need stone and if that stone is not provided then the magic will find it for you. This means it could come from somewhere safe like a quarry or take it from the ground, shifting the landscape and causing a natural disaster or from a nearby village. It’s also pure destruction, if the sorcerer wants to resolve the situation without bloodshed, they need Darksong or they have to rely on others to do the fighting.

The series covers the effects of how this can affect the socio-political factors of the world. His work also does a good job of combining feminist themes with feudal worlds and handling different ways sexism can assert itself when dealing with a powerful woman.

It’s worth taking a look at for ideas, not just for magic but in how that magic affects the politics, the environment, and the balance of power.



I put too much effort into this, the Tiznés made me do it
I swear I found this funny when I first thought of it, honest
(Based on this)
(Also I tried to keep consistent with the timeline and not give Magnolia her… well… Magnolia haha–)

(Another thing; some of the panels have captions, jsyk–)

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I'm one of those hard-TKB-fan assholes who forgets Atem isn't the main villain of the series sometimes... oops.

I’m one of those people who will take my incomprehensibly-sided die with all the characters from a fandom drawn on each side and roll it alongside another die that has a variety of AUs scrawled on it ranging from “they’re a cat” to “well shit now this character’s a villain with a god complex” 

then somehow I manage to spit out an AU based on the results


I was just kinda thinking…since the Vocaloids do end up becoming regular superheroes, I wonder if they would have a sort of base?? Of course that would be Crypton Facilities but I can kinda see it being like in the cartoons and they have a special place to like…monitor the city for any sort of extravagant trouble or machine attacks and stuff as well as receive contact to go help. Maybe it could even be Gumi’s job.

…or maybe I’m being silly again