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The Electronic Configuration of Hate and Love

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (enemies to hinting at romance?)

Characters: Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Maya Hart

Prompt from riarklespirfire: Funny story actually… I kinda lost the prompt, lolz, but it was along the lines of ’We hate each other but now we’re project partners so I guess we’ll just have to not kill each other’, AU (obviously)

Author’s Note: So, I am still taking Riarkle/GMW prompts for short stories if you like this one… I honestly did not plan for this to get so long and crazy, I just loved writing this version of Riley and Farkle. It just got to the point where I had to end it somewhere, so I did. However, if you really want, I am thinking a part 2 might be in the future. Let me know if anyone would want/read that…

“Well, it appears the sun has risen once again on our blessed Abigail Adams, my young chemists. Good morning and welcome back from your last Spring Break!”

Riley Matthews felt the familiar sharp stab of a bony elbow her side and turned to her best friend with an exaggerated look, eyebrows raised in questioning.

Maya Hart, beautiful, blonde, and bold, quirked one of her own dainty eyebrows and muttered, “Is he for real?”

Dropping her expression to an endearing smile, Riley rolled her eyes and pointed to the front with her pencil, “Pay attention.”

“-Last project of your high school chemistry careers.” Mr. Hudson was introducing, to be met with a round of cheers from the chunk of Senior class residing at their desks.

Waving, the elder man silenced the crowd, “Please, hold your applause until the end. Now, this last project obviously has to be something to stick in your minds and motivate you all to pursue chemistry in college!”

“Neeever gonna happen,” Maya mumbled for only Riley, resting her chin on her palm and leaning forward.

The brunette bit back a smile and shook her head.

Mr. Hudson continued, “So, I’m gonna let you blow something up.”

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meet the parent

thanks to @eleanorfriar for the recommendation!!!!!!!

Riley tapped her foot up and down nervously while she bit her nails. She was meeting Lucas’ parents today, as his girlfriend. She had only really met Lucas’ mum one time when she came to pick up Lucas and although she seemed lovely that was when her and Lucas were just friends. Now that they were more than friends she didn’t know if Lucas’ mum would even like her. Considering that her own mum and dad were extremely over-protective when it came to dating and friends, because they had attachment issues and they didn’t want to leave their little girl, but still she didn’t know how Lucas’ mum would take it.

Riley felt a tap on her shoulder and flipped around straining her neck slightly. Maya looked down at her nervous friend and plopped down next to her on the couch. She slinged her arm over Riley’s neck and pulled the nervous girl into her chest.

‘Riley it’ll be fine, I mean I’ve met Lucas mum and she’s lovely. Plus you only have to meet his mum considering his parents are divorced and his dad’s in Corpus Christi for 5 months.’ Maya reassured and Riley nodded her head slightly. They sat in that same position for about 5 minutes before they heard a knock on the door. Maya stood up and kissed Maya on the cheek before standing up and walking back towards Riley’s room. Riley sat for a minute and took a deep breathe before standing up and opening the door. On the other side was her handsome boyfriend with a singular rose in his hand. He gave her a wide smile and kissed her, he then handed her the rose and strolled into her apartment.

'Thankyou for doing this princess, how you feeling?’ He asked while Riley took out a vase from the cupboard and placed the rose on the kitchen table. Riley shrugged her shoulders and grabbed her purse from the couch and moved towards the door. Before she could make it out a force grabbed her shoulder and gently moved her back. She looked up at Lucas’ concerned eyes and sighed.

'Hey what’s wrong?’ Lucas asked trying to get her to look in his eyes.

'I don’t know, what if she doesn’t like me. I mean I am…..quirky. Sometimes I’m too much for people.’ She uttered still not looking into his eyes. Lucas sighed and put his finger under her chin raising her eyes to meet his and kissed her again.

'Riley she will love you because you’re important to me, plus how can someone not like you. You’re sweet, kind, humble, funny and so much more. She will love you, I promise.’ Lucas ranted and Riley nodded her head and snaked her hand around his waist. Lucas smiled and slung his hand over her shoulder like Maya had done minutes before. He kissed her forehead and guided her out of her apartment. He waved behind him to Cory, Maya and Topanga who he knew were hiding behind the wall that leads to the hallway.


Lucas stopped in front of a red door and opened it. Riley looked around at the front garden, It was filled with rose bushes that were pushed againest the bricks. She smiled at the pleasing apartment building and wondered why she’d never been to Lucas house during the day when she could really appreciate. Lucas coughed to get Riley’s attention and Riley giggled before joining him inside. Riley bounced up the stairs behind Lucas, she was humming a song to ease her nerves and barely noticed when Lucas stopped on the second floor. Riley took a deep breathe and closed her eyes as Lucas knocked and unlocked his apartment. The smell of muffins hit her instantly and she smiled lightly before prying her eyes open. Right in front of her was Lucas’ mum hugging her son and Riley smiled to herself at the cute moment. Lucas stepped back and turned toward Riley with a bright smile.

'Mum this is Riley and Riley this is my mum Lily.’ Lucas introduced, Riley gave Lily a small smile and was quickly met with a warm embrace.

'Oh it’s so nice to see you and finally have you here when I’m home. Come on in you two I baked muffins.’ She prattled realising Riley and practically wondered into the kitchen. Riley smiled at the petite lady, she looked a lot like Lucas with her slightly blonde hair and tanned skin. She barely looked a day over 30 considering she had an amazing body and glowing skin. A loud bang crashed through the apartment and Riley was met with a medium sized dalmation puppy. Excited she ran over to the dog and started petting it and scratching behind it’s ear.

'Lucas you never mentioned you had a dog.’ She perked and continued to play with the dog.

'Oh we only rescued him two days ago honey, my stupid ex-husband wouldn’t allow me to have a dog, what a brat.’ Lily muttered and Lucas rolled his eyes stuffing a muffin into his throat.

'I wanted to surprise you. His name is Buddy.’ Lucas spoke through the muffin that he was chowing down. Riley stood up and went over to the kitchen counter and grabbed a chocolate muffin. The muffin oozed into her mouth and Riley swore she fell in love.

'Wow Mrs Friar these muffins are amazing.’ Riley groaned still eating the gorgeously made muffin.

'Oh Riley please call my Lily and thankyou dear, Do you like Butter chicken?’ She asked stirring a pot on the oven.

'I love it.’ Riley beamed and Lily smiled at the bright girl.

'Well good that’s what is for dinner. You two can head to Lucas’ room if you want, Door open!’ Lily joked and Riley giggled dragging Lucas into his room. Lucas picked Riley up and put her on his shoulder before throwing her down on her bed.

'Hah That wasn’t even a good move.’ Riley teased and Lucas placed his hands on his hips.

'Oh that’s not good enough? huh. What about this?’ He teased again and moved his hands to her sides tickling her. Riley tried to push him away but it was too late, she couldn’t stop laughing.

'Lucas, stop, stop.’ She yelled breathlessly but Lucas kept going. Somewhere in the midst of tickling Riley’s top had lifted up so you could see most of her stomach.

'Lucas do you want chip-’ Lily stopped as she saw the scene before her.

'Oh I guess I’ll come back.’ She finished and Lucas got up off Riley his face beat red. Riley grabbed Lucas’ pillow and pushed it over her face.

'Mum it’s not what it looks like-’ He started but Lily just put her hand up.

'I know Lucas. I trust you.’ She beamed before walking away.

'Oh my god.’ Riley cried from under the pillow, Lucas pulled the pillow off Riley’s face and looked down at her.

'Riley she knows we aren’t like that it’s fine.’ Lucas reassured and Riley shook her head.

'I know I just.’

'Riley it’s fine. Look I’m going to put on Zootopia.’ He ushered and turned on his tv. He jumped onto the bed and pulled Riley into his chest. Instantly Riley felt a lot more soothed and her eyes started shutting.


'Riley, Lucas dinners ready.’ Lily Friar called down the hall, Riley’s eyes shot open and she saw that they were almost an hour into Zootopia.

'Have a nice nap.’ Lucas asked and Riley slapped his chest,


'Well why didn’t you wake me.’ Riley asked.

'Because you looked so cute.’ Lucas joked and Riley stuck her tongue out and moved down the hall to the kitchen. She gave Buddy a quick pat before moving to help Lily set up the table.

'Oh thankyou dear, Lucas never helps he’s too lazy.’ She teased and Lucas facepalmed before grabbing a bowl and making everyone plates.

'So why the tickle fest.’ Lily provoked once they were all seated. Riley looked down with a red face and continued to eat her food.

'Riley said My moves sucked.’ Lucas sombered.

'Well it’s true son.’ Lily taunted and Riley laughed.

'Anyway Riley dear how is school going.’ Lily asked and Riley welcomed the change of subject.

'Yeah really good, I’m not really sure what I want to do yet so I’m just enjoying right now.’ Riley spoke honestly.

'And that bullying Lucas told me about that’s stopped.’ She continued, Lucas was shaking his head rapidly at her but she just shrugged.

'Yeah it’s gotten better.’ Riley whispered .

'Well Riley you’re a wonderful girl, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’ Lily chorused.

'Thankyou, Lily.’ Riley smiled, Lucas’ heart warmed seeing his two favourite people bond together.


'It was so lovely to meet you Riley. You’re welcome here any time.’ Lily said hugging Riley, Riley returned the embrace and nodded her head.

'I will Lily, see you soon.’ She waved and followed behind Lucas.

'So not as bad as you thought.’ Lucas teased.

'Definetly not.’ She replied kissing him.

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There was a party at Chase’s. Downstairs, the music was thumping, but the three of them had decided to go up to his room, which he was more than okay with. They had been playing truth or dare and he was pretty drunk at this point. At least, enough to get pretty risky wit his dares and truths. “Fine, Riley. I dare you to kiss one of us.” He said with a smirk.

Riley kept sipping on her drink as she heard Chase’s dare. In all honesty, Riley was the kind of girl that didn’t really party. However, when she did, it was go big or go home. Today, she was going big. “Pft, well it’s not going to be you so good luck.” She said to chase before looking at the other. “Ready?” She said with a smirk on her face.

Not-So-Friendly Advice

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Summary: Maya and Lucas get voted best couple in the school yearbook, causing a rift between Maya and Riley.  While Riley refuses to talk to Maya, Maya decides to get some friendly advice from Josh, which ultimately turns not-so-friendly….in a good way ;)

Notes: Felt inspired when I heard about an upcoming episode where Maya and Lucas actually DO get voted best couple.  This is what happened.  Hope you like it.  I apologize for any errors.  I own nothing GMW related.  Enjoy!  Comments are welcome! :)


“Come on, Riley! Talk to me!”  Maya urged as she followed Riley through the front door of her family’s apartment, repeating the same words she had said at school, on the subway, and outside Riley’s apartment building.  "Say something…anything.“

Yearbooks came out today, and the girls had been really excited about.  That is, until they caught a glimpse of the superlatives page. The eighth grade class had voted Maya and Lucas as "Best Couple” and neither one of them took it well.  Maya was surprised for half a second, then became livid, while Riley was shocked into silence.  She hadn’t said a word to Maya since, which is why they were having the current one-sided conversation.

“Riley, please!” Maya begged.

“I just… I need some time.”  Riley said finally, turning to face her friend before spinning on her heel and heading to her bedroom.

Maya ran a hand through her long hair in frustration, then froze as she noticed Josh and Auggie sitting on the couch, playing some kind of card game.

“Auggie,” Josh said after a quiet moment. “why don’t you go and see if your sister is all right?”

“Fine.” Auggie huffed, walking away.  "Women! So needy!“

Josh smirked and shook his head as he watched his five year old nephew leave the room.  Once Auggie was gone, he stood up from the couch and turned towards Maya who just stood there nervously.

"Wanna talk about it?”  He offered.

“Yes, with Riley…”  She let out a breath.  "but I suppose her Uncle Boing will have to do.“  Maya shrugged, before walking over and taking a seat on the couch next to Josh.

"So what happened?” Josh queried.

“Do you remember Lucas, our friend that came over for game night a few weeks ago?”

“You mean Mr. Howdy?”  Josh asked, recalling the night in question.

“That would be the one.”  Maya nodded before continuing.  "The thing is, Riley likes him a lot, but he and I kind of got voted “Best Couple” at school and now she won’t speak to me.“

"Wait, you two are a couple?”  Josh questioned, feeling a pang of jealousy.

“Me and howdy?” Hecks no!“  Maya assured.

"Well…do you like him?”  Josh probed further so he could give Maya proper advice, or at least that is what he told himself.

“Of course not,” Maya told him, allowing Josh to let out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding.  "but even if I did, It wouldn’t matter because I could never act on it.  I could never do that to Riley.  She’s too important to me.“

” I know.“ Josh half-smiled at Maya’s words.  She really was a great friend.  That was just one of the many things he admired about her.  ”…and so does Riley.  She just needs some time to process everything, that’s all.“

"But there’s nothing to process!”  Maya said exasperatedly.  "Lucas and I are just friends.“

"Yes, but we can’t all be as bold and fearless as you.”  He commented, knocking his knee into hers.  Josh couldn’t tell, but the motion had sent the butterflies in Maya’s stomach into hyper-drive.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”  She quirked a brow.

“That, unlike you, some people get scared.”  Josh explained, and when Maya just looked even more confused, he went on.  "What I mean is, that for some people, like Riley, just the idea of something happening can be scary, especially when they have never considered the idea before.“ He finished, his blue eyes boring into hers.

"Okaaay…I can understand that.”  She nodded in confirmation, though she could sense something more in his words, a certain heaviness that implied he was talking about so much more than his niece. This heaviness made her heart race. “But… I think that some people only scare so easily because they think too much.  So, maybe some people need to just stop thinking and start doing…”  She trailed off.

Josh stared at Maya intently as he listened to her speak.  As the last few words left her mouth, Josh’s gaze flicked from her sapphire blue eyes to her soft pink lips.  He suddenly felt caught in a trance and began to lean forward, wanting nothing more than to know what she tasted like.

Maya realized what was happening, and her heartbeat doubled its already rapid pace, as she leaned to meet him halfway.  This was it. This was their moment.  She was finally going kiss Josh.

Their lips were only inches apart, when a boyish voice filled their ears.

“Maya!  Riley wants to see you now!”  Auggie called, running back into the living room.

Their heads snapped back, and they quickly pulled away from each other.  Feigning normalcy, Josh rubbed the back of his neck with a hand, and Maya push some of her blonde curls behind her ear.  To a five year old, everything seemed fine, but anyone else would see their movements for the nervous gestures that they were and know something was up.

“Okay.  I’m coming.”  Maya responded, then stood up from the couch and headed in the direction of Riley’s room. She was almost out of the room when she stopped and turned back to look at a blushing Josh and smiled.

“Josh?”  She called over her shoulder.

“Yeah?”  He queried, trying to calm his heartbeat down. Josh wasn’t sure what had come over him a few seconds ago, but he knew that he was feeling really annoyed right now. Whether his annoyance was because he almost let something happen between them or because Auggie interrupted that something, well, Josh wasn’t quite sure.

“Thanks.”  Maya replied with a single nod of her head, then left him staring after her.


Maya entered Riley’s room and found her friend sitting in her usual spot in front of the bay window.

“Hey.”  Maya said softly.

“Hey.”  Riley repeated back.

After exchanging pleasantries, Maya took a seat next to Riley and let out a breath.

“So, you still mad at me?”  She asked, ready to put this fight behind them and get back to being best friends.

“I was never mad at you, Maya.”  Riley promised.  "I was just…surprised.“

"About what?” Maya wondered aloud.

“You know that I like Lucas a lot, like a lot a lot.”  Riley stated.

“Yeah…” Maya waited for her to continue.

“But I never once considered the possibility that you might like him too, not until today, not until I saw that picture in the yearbook.”  Riley explained, referring to the photo placed under the “Best Couple” title, the one of Maya and Lucas standing close and looking at each other all smiley.  They looked like they really liked each other, but what you couldn’t tell was that it was actually taken during one of the times Maya was making fun of Lucas. She had just called him one of his many nicknames and got all in his face to do the “HAR!” sound effect, causing them both to chuckle, which is when somebody had snapped the photo.

“But I don’t like him, Riley.  We’re just friends, and that’s mostly by association.”  Maya assured her, adding the last bit as a joke, well…mostly.

“But you could,” Riley stated matter-of-factly. “and he could like you too, and I… I just wasn’t sure how to handle that before.”

“And now?” Maya pressed, genuinely curious.

“And now I realize that you’re my best friend, and that at the end of the day, your happiness matters more to me than anything else.”

“Back-atcha, peaches.”  Maya smiled, putting a hand on Riley’s shoulder.

“So…” Riley continued.  "If you did like Lucas, and he liked you back, I want you to know that you would have my blessing.“

"Really?” Maya asked, a little astounded by her friend’s confession.

“Really.” Riley nodded.  "I would never want to stop you from finding your true love…whether it’s Lucas or not.“ She smiled, putting her arm through Maya’s.

At that moment, a light bulb went off in Maya’s head, and a cheeky smile spread across her face.

"So…” Maya started innocently. “what you are saying is that if I found someone that I really liked who liked me back then you would be happy for me?”

“Yep.” Riley nodded assuredly.

“And you wouldn’t stop me from being with him?”

“Nope.” Riley gave another peppy nod, not realizing where this conversation was headed.

“Good.” Maya stated.

“Good.” Riley repeated.

“Because I like Josh, and I’m pretty sure he likes me.”

“What?!” Riley gasped.

“And I want to be his girlfriend.”

“What?!” Riley said again, just as flabbergasted as the first time.

“Thanks for being okay with it!” She hugged her tightly.  "Hey!  I wonder if he is still here?“  Maya added before running towards the door.

"Maya!” Riley yelled, but she was already gone. “Maya?”

Riley just stared at the open door for a moment completely bewildered.  She did not see that one coming.  She mean what she said before about Maya’s happiness, but could Josh really be the one for her?  Riley didn’t know, but she had a feeling that Maya was going to do her best to find out.

“Oh, boy.” Riley said aloud to the empty room. “What did I just get myself into?”

Charlotte Riley: At the peak of her powers | The Independent

For the last half hour or so, Charlotte Riley has given a very good impression of someone who will happily talk about anything. How she failed to get into drama school first time, finding her inner clown (more on this later), fishy canapés at film premieres, what Tom Cruise is really like on set (“Really leads from the top and makes you feel very welcome”, apparently) and the fact that she hasn’t yet got round to finishing the book on which her next big role is based.

There is one thing, though, that turns the actress’s warm Middlesbrough chatter off like a tap. She has been in a relationship with Tom Hardy – perhaps best known as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises – since he played Heathcliff to her Cathy on ITV in 2009. Two days before our interview, it is reported that they have married “in secret”, or at least without issuing a press release to the world’s media. The ceremony was possibly in the south of France, possibly as long as two months ago. Today, there is no wedding band next to her engagement ring. Is Hardy her husband? “Ahh. Well. Ahh. I don’t really want to talk about that side of things,” she says, taking a frantic swig from an empty mug of peppermint tea. OK, but it must be weird to have your marital status the subject of so much speculation? “We’re really quite lucky because when we’re out and about, just getting on with life, people are super-polite. He doesn’t get recognised a huge amount and I certainly don’t, so it doesn’t affect us hugely.”

It doesn’t even faze them when they work together – which they have done quite a lot. Having met on Wuthering Heights, they were reunited soon after on the set of The Take. Now they are co-stars once more in the new series of Peaky Blinders. Neither one knew that the other had been cast in the show when they took the roles – “I got the job and I rang Tom up to tell him and he said, ‘That’s really weird. Steve [Knight, the director] has just asked me…” – and they do not share any scenes. In fact, the only reason they saw one another at all on set was down to their beloved dog, Woody, now the third member of the household to land a part in the show. “We call him a ‘Bitser’ – he’s bits of this and that – a labrador, but he’s got this big, bushy tail.” One day, when it was Riley’s turn to dog-sit on set, Woody got up and padded down the street behind Hardy as he filmed a scene. “The director said, ‘Would he do that for every scene?’ So he got himself a part, just by being super-obedient.”

Riley joins the BBC gangster drama one series in. She plays May Carlton, an aristocratic First World War widow who trains race horses. This brings her into contact with the gang boss, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who is looking to expand his portfolio, and they strike up an unlikely rapport. “In her he finds a kind of equal – she’s financially independent, she doesn’t need a partner. It’s quite interesting to watch the power struggle,” says Riley, who is dressed today in white brogues and tweed cap, in a subconscious nod to the show’s style.

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Welcome Back, Riley │ Part 6

Riley disappears the day after her high school graduation, five years ago. She didn’t keep in contact with anyone, but her family. What happens when she comes back to New York for a week? What happens when she comes face to face with the friends she left behind? When she left, she never made plans to look back at the life she left. She left it behind for a reason, but sometimes the past has a hard time staying there.

  part 1 │part 2 part 3 │part 4 │part 5

Trigger warning: Talks about what happened with Riley’s pregnancy.

Today is the whole reason I came to New York for the week, my parent’s vow renewal. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know for sure I’m going to see everyone today. It scares me. I’ve spent so many years hiding, and now they all know exactly where I’m going to be tonight because they’ll be there too.

My mom barged in my room at six in the morning basically dragging me out of my bed. She made breakfast while I took a shower, when I finally got out and went down stairs breakfast was waiting for me on the kitchen table.

“Why does Auggie still get to sleep?” I say yawning.

“Because he’s more help sleeping. He’ll just get in the way.”

“Well isn’t he lucky. What about dad?”

“I thought I’d be nice and let him sleep a little longer.”

“Well what do you need me to do? I’m here to help” I say before biting into a piece of toast.

My mom smiles, “Nothing. I just wanted you to come with me to the salon, get pampered. I made calls yesterday while I was at work, so I wouldn’t have to stress about it today. I know everything doesn’t start to much later today, but you leave tomorrow and I wanted to spend as much time as I can with you as possible.”

“Aw mom!” I rush over to her and hug her. “That’s why I’m the only one up?”

“I just wanted you to myself for a little bit. Now finish up and get dressed, so we can get started with our morning.”

My mom and I leave the apartment a little after nine and make our way to the salon. The time alone with my mom is something much needed for the both of us. I never realized how much I missed doing little things like this with my mom. The only difference now is, now I don’t have to share her with Maya.

When we finally get the salon, I watch as my mom makes her way to the counter to check into her appointment. I told her today was just about her, and that I didn’t need any treatment today. She does so much for everyone every day, one day can be just about her.

They take my mom to a chair, since there was no one in the chair next to her I take it. I watch as my mom tells the hairdresser exactly what she wants, and she’s very adamant on what she wants no matter what is suggested to her.

“Are you nervous out at for today mom?”

She lets out a small sigh, “I’d be lying if I said no. It’s like I get to marry your father all over again. I’m lucky to have a love that your dad and I share. Not everyone is lucky.”

“I wonder if I’ll ever have that.” I see my mom give me a look. “What?”


“Your face tells me otherwise. What is it?”

She hesitates at first, “It nothing. You’ll find it. I know you will.” I tilt my head to the side. I want to let it go. I really do, but I think everyone knows by now that I have a hard time letting anything go. “You aren’t going to let it go are you?” I shake my head. “I don’t want to ruin the day by getting into a disagreement with you.” As soon as she said that I knew what she was going to say.

“Mom, you can’t ruin that day. I promise, so please tell me.”

“I think you’ve already found that once in a lifetime love.”

“With Lucas?” I say looking straight ahead. “Why?”

“For one you have not dated anyone since you left. Maybe you have, but it never turned into anything serious because you never mentioned anyone or introduced anyone to us when we visit you.” I take a deep breath. I don’t know if I want to hear this. “Riley, the way I catch him staring at you when you weren’t looking as if you were his whole world and vice versa. When you would talk about him, your eyes would shine. Seriously you’d be able to light a dark room with them. At first I was little skeptical at first, I thought it was puppy love, but the more I watched you guys together I knew it was so much more. Why do you think your dad was always on edge around Lucas? He thought this was the boy that he was going to lose his only daughter to. I don’t think I ever seen you more comfortable with yourself than when you were with him. You really lov-“ She gets interrupted by her phone ringing. I let out the breath I didn’t even realize I was holding.

I couldn’t hear anymore. I knew she was going to say I loved Lucas, but the truth is I still do. I never stopped. It took everything in me not to come back to him. I knew he was my once in a lifetime kind of love.

My mom pulls me out of my thoughts, “That was the hall reception they want me to go down there to make sure everything is set up to my liking.”

“What if I go down there for you? That way you and dad see it together. I know what it needs to look like in order to meet your expectations.”

She laughs, “Are you sure?”

“Of course mom. I’m here to help.” I gesture to your hair that’s hair done. “Plus you still have your hair and everything else. I can take care it.”

“You’re the best.”

I let out a light laugh, “I’ll head over there right now and meet you at home, okay?”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I say placing a kiss on my mom’s cheek.

I walk out of the salon, hoping it will be easy to catch a taxi. After about ten minutes of trying, I give up. Before I can comprehend what I have to do, I find myself moving in the direction of the subway. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if memories are going to rush to me and if I do, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it together.

When I enter the subway cart, I immediately want to run out. I try to, but I’m too late. I try to keep my focus on the task at hand. Get the hall reception, my mom needs me to do this for her. I should have just waited for a taxi. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle this. It’s not that I want to cry, I just feel overwhelmed. I never knew one location could have such an effect on me. I need to get off of here as soon as possible. At least my stop is the next one.

“Riley?” I turn my head in the direction the voice came from and I see the brown eyes genius smiling at me.

“Hey Smackle.” I smile back. “What are you doing on the subway? I don’t remember you ever riding it in high school.”

“I found it’s more of a convenient form of transportation.”

“We all try to tell you that in high school.” She brings her hand to her face to brush hair that had fall out of place. “Smackle, what’s that?” I say pointing to the very noticeable diamond on her finger.

“Farkle proposed.” I see a smile that I’ve never seen from Smackle. She is glowing with happiness.

“I’m so happy for you guys!” I say pulling her into a hug. I feel her tense up for a second, but soon she relaxes. “When did this happen? I just seen you guys and there was not a ring on that finger.”

“The day that you came over, we went out to dinner that night. It was rather romantic.”

“You and Farkle were made more each other.” I can’t help but feel a little envious. She gets to one day marry the one person she loves. “Now, you and Maya can plan for your weddings together.” The subway starts to slow down.

“We all thought you and Lucas would be the first ones walking down the aisle.” She says looking over at me.

I turn my head to avoid her gaze. “I thought the same things.” I clear my throat and stand up as soon as the subway stops. “I’ll see you later.”

I hurry out of there as fast as I can. I know that Smackle didn’t mean to, she sometimes doesn’t know exactly what she says, but I wish sometimes she would just keep her mouth close. Now, I have images of the future Lucas and I have could have had bouncing around in my head.

By the time I get to the reception hall, I’m too distracted with the pictures of what the future could have been. I just want to get in and get out of here. When I walk into the room where the reception is going to be held, I take in the beauty of it all. I love the red and cream color scheme. It feels romantic.

“Hello, can I help you?” A red head asks as soon as she recognizes my presents.

“Hi. I’m Riley Matthews, Topanga Matthews’ daughter.” I say holding my hand for a hand shake that the red head accepts.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Daisy.” She has a welcoming presence.

“It’s beautiful for in here. My mom is going to love this.”

The red head lets out a breath, “Oh good! That mother of yours is unlike anyone else we have dealt with. She has called everyday making sure nothing will go wrong.”

“Sounds like my mother, but really she will love it. It’s breathtaking.”

As soon as I leave the building, I call my mom to let her know there is nothing to worry about because she is going to love it. She asks me if I want to go out to a quick brunch, but I tell her I have a headache and was just going to go home to take a little nap. I felt a little guilty, but I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if she wanted to finish the conversation from earlier.

I’m able to get a taxi to stop, but instead of taking me home, I have them take me to Topanga’s. Something was telling me I needed to be here at this moment. I wanted to ignore is, but I just can’t seem to.

With each step I take down the steps, I can feel the pace in my heart beat quicken. I have this feeling for a reason, so when I reach the bottom step and find myself standing there looking in for the second time this week.

There I see the five of them sitting down in the same spots that we did in high school with my spot being empty. The café is empty besides them and the employee behind the counter lost on their phone. Everything is yelling for me to turn around and walk away, but I don’t listen. When I walk inside, the first person to see me is Zay. He locks eyes with me, but before he can talk I put my finger to lips hoping he stays quiet. It’s Zay though, he can’t help himself.

“Hello Sunshine.” He glides to me squeezes me into a hug. I look over and Maya and Lucas have gotten up with Farkle and Smackle still sitting. They all have the same look of confusion written all over their faces. “What are ya’ll staring at? Me and cotton candy face talked we don’t have any problems.”

“Since when?” Maya says almost immediately.

“Why does it matter?” I snap.

“You won’t talk to me, but you’ll talk to my fiancé.”

“He never did anything to me for me to not want to talk to him.”

“When did you guys talk?” Lucas chimes in.

Zay looks between Maya and Lucas, “Okay don’t get mad you guys, but I went to see her yesterday.”

“So you guys just talked everything out and now you guys are all chummy?” Maya says sarcastically. “You guys weren’t the closes when you left, but now he’s the one you’re closest with.”

Farkle stands up, “They’re a lot closer than what you think.”

“Beloved let’s not do that again. Remember Texas? This isn’t your secret to tell.” Smackle grabs his arm and pulls him back down.

“We don’t lie-“

I stop Farkle, “We aren’t those people anymore. People lie and if you haven’t realized we aren’t all friends here.”

“What secret?” Lucas ask and I can tell he is trying to keep it together.

Zay and I look at each other. I can tell he wants to tell them and at this point I don’t care if he tells them or not. “If you want to tell them, I don’t care. I’m not going to stop you.”

Zay returns his focus to Maya and Lucas. “When Riley left I got a letter from her, but it didn’t exactly stop there. We were writing letter back and forth for a while.”

“So you knew where she been?!” Lucas shouts stomping his way to Zay. I can see the rage building in his eyes.

I step in the middle and put my hand up stopping him. My hand comes into contact with his chest and I feel electricity shoot through my body. He looks down at me and I know he feels it too. “H-h-he didn’t know where I was. He gave the letters to my parents, and they would send them to me.” I stammer at first.

“I asked you over and over again if you heard anything from Riley. We both did.” Maya says gesturing to herself and Lucas. “You said no. You watched the both of us cry worrying out her. Wondering if she was safe or not. When you knew all along how she was. You could have eased our minds, but you didn’t. I especially needed it after I got that phone call from her a few weeks after she left!” Maya slams her hand over her mouth. She wasn’t supposed to ever mention that call.

“At the time, I wanted you to suffer. I wanted you guys to both hurt for the pain you caused me, but for the pain you caused Riley. For God sake you guys made her leave the state and go into hiding all because you had an idiotic idea!” Zay snaps.

“Wait!” Lucas says a little too loud. “You called Maya, but you couldn’t call me?!” I don’t say anything. I can’t answer that question I don’t want.

The room goes quiet for a second. No one says anything. Farkle and Smackle are sitting there in their usually spots looking really uncomfortable. Lucas had taken a couple of steps back from me and is standing with his hands clenched into fists. Maya is staring at Zay, and I can see the tears building in her eyes.

“Why did you call Maya?” Lucas’ tone sends a shiver down my spine. I still don’t say anything.

Maya blinks a couple of times to try and push the tears back and locks eyes with me. “She called me to tell me had gotten her little problem taken care of.” I give her a look. Please don’t say it. Maya looks at everyone and I know she’s going to say it, so I beat her to it.

“When I left, I was pregnant.” I keeps my head down because I know all eyes on me. I can feel it. “I thought about it for a couple of weeks.” I take a deep breath. “I need a clean break from everything here, I had an abortion.” The room goes completely silent. I don’t think anyone expected me to say that. “I thought I was able to trust you with one last secret. I guess I was wrong.” I say as me and Maya lock eyes. I need to get out of here.

I rush out the door and up a couple of steps.

“I was going to be a dad?” I turn around and I see Lucas with tear forming in his eyes. “And you were going to be a mom?”

“I was a mom Lucas.”

He looks confused. “But you said you had an abortion?”

“I know what I said. I didn’t have an abortion.” I can feel the tears building in my eyes seconds of way from falling.

“Where is he or she then?”

The tears are falling now. I didn’t want to talk about this. Not now, not ever. “She.” I take a deep breath. “S-s-she’s gone.” He takes a step to me, but right now I just want to be alone. I dash up the stairs leaving him behind.

I run all the way back to the apartment. I need to pull it together. Today is about my parents, I can’t ruin today for them and I won’t. I wipe my tear stained face clean before I reached to open the door. I spent the last years pretending I was happy, what’s one more day.


based on this post. 

paring: riley x lucas 

After a long day at baseball practice, I was finally happy to get home and relax. You wouldn’t believe how long New York transportation can take on a Friday afternoon. I jogged upstairs and kicked off my shoes, throwing myself back into my blankets and taking a breath of relief. Baseball can be mind-numbingly insane sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade baseball for anything - I loved the sport.

Knock, knock. I hear at my bedroom window and briefly think it’s Zay - maybe coming to complain about practice, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was Riley. I arch an eyebrow and sit up, making my way over to the window and opening the seal, letting her climb in and sit on my bed.

“Strange to see you here, this late at night,” I chuckle, but it’s then that I notice her eyes are puffy and her face is blotchy - she’d been crying. I quickly sit beside her and rest my hand on her knee. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

“My parents got in a fight,” she sighs, and I watch as she runs her fingers through her hair in frustration. I knit my eyebrows in confused and she scoffs. “Right, who would have thought America’s Sweethearts Cory and Topanga could get into a fight but… they did.” She sniffs and I involuntarily wrap an arm around her shoulders as she leans into my embrace. “I just don’t want to go home and Maya’s in Soho this weekend, I’m sorry - I can leave,” she takes a breath, sitting up.

“No, it’s cool. It’s fine,” I muster, trying my best not to be nervous around her. She gives me a small smile. “You can stay, take all the time you need. Do you want something to sleep in?” There’s a moment of silence between us. “Unless you don’t want to stay the night and you were only looking to stay here a few hours. I just figured that since it was late that I - “

“Lucas,” she laughs. “I’ll take something to wear, sure.” I finally let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding before standing up and going to my closet, grabbing a pair of pj bottoms and a t-shirt for her. “They might be a little big, but I hope they’ll do.”

“Yeah, absolutely,” she laughs, taking my offering hand. “Thank you, I really appreciate this.”

“Anytime, Riley. Anything you need, I’m always here.” She nods and then stands up to go to my bathroom. She shuts the door behind her and I try to busy myself with other things in my room. I decide to maybe go over my English paper for Lit class. I take a seat at my desk and pull up the document, getting distracted by the slightly adjacent door. Don’t look you moron. But something captivates me as I look at the way the light shines off her smooth skin, and the curve of her back in so simple as she slips my t-shirt on over her head and it effortlessly flows.

I blink once before going back to my paper, attempting to hide my curiosity as she steps out of the bathroom. “Thanks again, Luke,” she smiles down at me and I look up to meet her gaze. “I can take the floor.”

“That’s crazy, Riles. I’ll take the floor, you take the bed,” I chuckle, glancing at the clock and noticing it was already nine.

“How about we compromise?” she asks, playing with the hem of the shirt I gave her. I arch an eyebrow and smile. “We share the bed? Does… does that sound good?”

“Fine by me,” I smile, grabbing a pair of sweats from my closet and going to change into them. When I finish, I grab a tank from my top drawer and slip it on, feeling Riley’s gaze on my back. “If you want to make out with me, just say so,” I tease, turning over my shoulder. I frown. She’s biting into her bottom lip and tears are brimming her eyes. I sigh and go to sit beside her, she slumming down to cuddle my torso, feeling her tears wet my shirt.

“I’m sorry - I just don’t want them having this fight to break our family apart.”

“It was that bad?” I ask. She shrugs, beginning to trace patterns on my chest.

“She threw a lamp at his head.”

“Oh wow. Where was Auggie during all of this?”

“In Philadelphia, with Josh for the weekend.”

“I’m sorry, Riles,” I soothe, rubbing her shoulder. She stops tracing patterns on my chest and pulls my hand up to her face, tracing new patterns on my hand. Then, she laces our fingers together and I can feel my heart stop.

“Your hands are big,” she giggled and God, I could listen to that every day until my last breath.

“Yours are tiny!” I challenge, as she flips our joined hands back and forth, finally resting them together on my chest.

“Thank you for being such a good guy, Lucas.”

“You’re welcome, Riley,” I respond, kissing the top of her head. She looks up at me and I meet her soft eyes, she’s just staring. “What do I have something in my teeth?”

“No,” she laughs. “No, it’s just….” she takes a deep breath. “Promise me that you’ll always be here.” It’s such a bold request, but I don’t begin to hesitate with my response.

“I promise.”

Entry Three

Route 1! Adventure ahead of us, nothing but blue skies and promise! There were so many wild Pokémon just running around in the grass, Riley and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves! I was so ready to catch one. Especially a Pidgey! They’re small now, but when they become Pidgeot, look out! I was just about to make my move when I realized…..

We had no Pokéballs…

So our trip to Viridian City didn’t include any new teammates, but hey! Riley got a ton of experience, so I guess that counts for something. Just had to make a quick stop at the Pokémart and we’d be in new-Teammate-City! 

We tried to stop at the Viridian Gym for our first match, but everyone says that it was closed! Nobody really went in or out, and all the lights were out. Guess we’ll have to try again on our way back through later. 

Our next stop SHOULD have been the Viridian Forest, but Riley begged and pleaded that we go down Route 22 instead. Not sure why, everyone knows that it leads to the Indigo League, but I guess they had some kind of good reason. 

And they totally did! I gotta trust my new little buddy more. There was a patch of grass and a sweet little Nidoran there! My first catch ever! 

Welcome to the team, Lucille! 

Catch ya later!

- Scout 

A Sense of Dysphoria

Summary: Dysphoria is the feeling often felt in the aftermath of a distressing situation and one is often left feeling jumpy and anxious. Riley Matthews feels ‘a sense of dysphoria’ in the midst of the problems that life throws at her. Which guiding hand will have her best interest at heart? (lots of angst and a very sad Riley)

Word Count: 1981

Riley Matthews was the girl who believed in others more than she believed in herself.  She was the girl who put her friends happiness before her own.  She was the girl who sacrificed her own relationships for the sake of her friends.  She was the girl who finally stopped having hope for the world.  Riley Matthews was the girl who broke.

“Hey guys,” Riley greeted with a fake smile plastered on her face as she entered Topanga’s.  Over time, her genuine smiles had blended in with the imitations of them and now no one could tell the difference.  

A string of greetings erupted around her friends and Riley seated herself next to Lucas like always.  It seemed custom to sit next to him, with Maya on his other side, of course.  They had to have his equal attention.  It wouldn’t be a triangle without the girls constantly fighting for Lucas’s attention, right?

“Hi,” Riley smiled at Lucas.  And as she looked into his green eyes, for a second, a mere second, her plastic smile relaxed into a real, true one.  

“Hey,” Lucas greeted back, his eyes boring into hers.  Riley half-anticipated Maya to add her own ‘hey’ but she didn’t.  

Maya nudged Lucas.  “Look at me, Huckleberry.”

Lucas reluctantly removed his eyes from Riley’s gaze and settled on Maya’s fiery face.

“I’m lookin’ at ya,” Lucas said.  Maya nudged him again, harder.  Lucas grew annoyed and nudged her back.

“Oh, look, Ranger Rick has enough courage to elbow me back,” Maya feigned surprise.  Lucas set his jaw and unclenched it.

Maya jabbed him in the side with her elbow again and Lucas hip bumped her on the couch they were seated on.  Maya hip bumped him back, hard enough to cause Lucas to shove Riley off of the couch and she crashed onto the floor.

“Riley!” Lucas exclaimed.  Riley had tears in her eyes but she tried to blink them back.  Something inside of her had silently snapped.  Why should I freak out over something so silly? that nagging voice in the back of her head whispered.  The same one that told her to hold herself up and never show anyone a tear.  The same one that told her she shouldn’t cry from a bully.  But the truth was, nothing about this situation was silly at all and Riley was breaking inside.

“Riley, are you okay?” Lucas asked, helping her up.

Riley nodded despite the tears pooling in her eyes.  “I’m fine, Lucas,” she said with her head looking down at the ground.  “I’m always fine.”  A tension filled silence flooded the room around her.

Riley’s phone buzzed in her back pocket and she was grateful for the distraction.

“I’ve got to go.  My parents want me home tonight for something important,” Riley told her friends.  She thought perhaps it was her midterm that had come in.  All of her grades were a 97% or higher and she had tried really hard to keep them that way.  Especially after her bad grade on her Spanish quiz.  

Riley left the bakery in a hurry, rushing home to avoid any possible conflicts with her friends.  Although she wanted to get away from them, she hoped someone would chase after her.  No one did.  No one ever did.  She opened the apartment door and turned on the light when she walked in.  Suddenly, several people jumped out from behind furniture and yelled, “Surprise!”

A sense of shock washed over Riley.  Her parents did this for her?  She honestly didn’t think they cared about her that much anymore.  

Topanga came to her and put her arm around her daughter’s soldier.  “Wrong person!” she called out to everyone.  They all groaned in unison.

Riley tried to hide her disappointment from her parents despite her being so tired of hiding her emotions.

“Who’s the party for?” Riley asked her mother quietly.

Soon the door opened behind them and Maya walked through.  “Surprise!” they all called.

“What’s this for?” Maya asked, surprised.

“Well, we heard that you got an A on your science test, so we wanted to congratulate you,” Cory said, stepping beside his wife.

Maya sprinted over and hugged both of them.

“Thank you so much.  No one’s ever done anything like this for me before.”

Riley bit her lip.  Was it horrible that she felt a tad bit jealous over her best friend’s accomplishment?  Of course she was happy for Maya, but… was it bad that she felt like her mom and dad didn’t care about her accomplishments as much as her best friends?

“Riley, will you go grab the camera, we want to take a picture with Maya,” Topanga asked her daughter.

Riley nodded blankly and grabbed the camera off of the coffee table and set it up for a picture.

“Say cheese,” she said, her voice wavering.

Maya stood in the middle of Cory and Topanga and they all smiled.  They looked like a real family.  Riley snapped the picture and handed the picture to her mother.

“I’m just going to lie down,” Riley lied.  She felt abnormally restless and anxious, different than her usual sense of exhaustion and tiredness.  Riley walked back to her room and softly shut her door behind her and fished her phone from out of her pocket.  She searched through her contacts and called the only person she could turn to at this point.

“Smackle…,” Riley began, “can I talk to you?”

~Line Break~

“Thank you for letting me come over, Smackle,” Riley breathed as soon as she entered Smackle’s huge apartment.  It was as big as Farkle’s, if not bigger.  Her eyes roamed the massive space as Smackle replied.

“Your welcome, Riley.  Although I do not understand why you wanted to speak to me, I know that it must be for a good reason as you would not use my intellect for something foolish,” Smackle spoke.

“Actually, I don’t really need your ‘intellect’ right now, even though it is always welcome.  I just wanted someone to listen to me.  I know that seems kind of selfish but…” Riley said, but didn’t know how to continue.

“I appreciate your consideration for my part in this, even though I do lack experience in this area of expertise.  But why choose me amongst your better qualified options?” Smackle interrogated her.

“I somehow knew you would listen to me and what I had to say,” Riley smiled.

“Ok.  Now spill,” Smackle commanded, seating herself in a comfortable looking chair.  Riley herself sat on a long sofa that was facing Isadora.  She grasped for the correct word usage.  How exactly did she explain all of these feelings that she has accumulated over the months?  Where did she begin?

“Well, when the yearbooks came out at our school, the class…my classmates voted Lucas and Maya Best Couple and I was a little upset because I thought that if everyone else viewed them as best couple then that’s what they are, right?  I assumed that they had feelings for each other but I wasn’t too sure about it so I brushed it off.  Maya thought I liked him as a brother but she didn’t tell me.  I found out.  When we went to Texas, I confronted her about my thoughts.  I said that I loved him like a brother so she would have a chance with him and I told Lucas the same thing.  They never found out but Farkle did.  He revealed my feelings at New Years and now I’m stuck in a triangle with two of the people I care most about.  And the sad part of it all is I can’t even go to my parents for comfort because they are too busy taking care of Maya to notice me.” Riley was sobbing at this point and Smackle joined her on the couch.

Smackle awkwardly patted Riley’s back in comfort.  “Riley, I’m no expert on feelings but I’ve gotten much better at identifying them, thanks to you and Farkle.  As Sumesh Nair once said, “Many relationship problems are rooted in a communication break-down.  These can be as simple as not really hearing what the other person is saying, because we get caught up in our own fixed perspectives.”  I believe the reason your friends - Lucas, Maya, Farkle, Zay, and I - have not seen through your hoaxed smiles is because we have a fixed perspective of you.  We can only see happy Riley, whether she is smiling genuinely or not.  We weren’t listening closely to what you were saying because we assumed you were fine.  We never looked deeper into what you said or to what you did.  It isn’t your fault.  I’m sorry.”  Smackle hesitated but then hugged Riley and Riley’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Did you mean that Smackle?” Riley asked.

“The speech or the hug of affection?”


“Yes.  I meant both of them.”

Riley hugged Smackle.  “Thank you so much, Smackle.  All I ever want you to do is mean it.”

“All I ever want you to do is mean it too.”  

~Line Break~

Riley left Smackle’s place in a hurry, with a newfound sense of the world around her.  

It isn’t her fault.  

She was anxious to talk to her parents and to Maya and to her other friends.  Fidgety almost.  Because now she knew something she hadn’t known before.

It wasn’t her fault.  

Riley practically ran home, wanting to keep this moment of confidence that Smackle opened her eyes to.

It never was her fault.  

“Mom, Dad, I want to speak to you,” she had said as soon as she opened the apartment door.

“Riley, we’re kind of in the middle of Maya’s party,” Topanga chastised.  Immediately she felt a dent in her spirit.  Did they even notice that she was gone?  She tried to lift it up herself.  She was used to having to lift her spirit up herself lately anyway, because she couldn’t fall if there was no one to catch her, right?

“It’s important,” Riley said urgently.

“Is it about the Lucas situation, because I’ve think we know enough about it, sweetie.”

“No!” Riley exclaimed, her voice rising.  “For once, in this entire mess, I am wanting to talk about me!  Not Lucas, not Maya, me.” Riley’s voice cracked on the last note.

The party seemed to stop as all of the guests in her apartment turned to look at her.  She didn’t look at Maya.  She knew if she did that just might be the thing that made her crack in front of everyone.  

Cory and Topanga looked at Riley as she looked at them in a mixture of expectancy and urgency.  The two parents shared a glance.

“Riley, could we not do this now?” Cory said.

Riley clenched her jaw in anger.  Did they not understand how important this was to her?

“I think we should do this now.”

“Later, I promise,” Topanga said.

Riley brushed away a tear and went to her room.  Maybe for once Smackle was wrong.  Maybe it was her fault.

Riley glanced around her room.  What’s the point of being in her parent’s apartment with them if they didn’t even want her?

Riley called Smackle again.  “Can I sleep over at your place?” she asked tiredly.

Riley stuffed her backpack with her bare necessities and glanced back at her door.  No one came.  No one ever came.  She turned her back and climbed down the fire escape.  Perhaps Smackle would want her.  Hopefully she wouldn’t get tired of Riley like everyone else she knew.

Riley Matthews was the girl who believed in others more than she believed in herself. She was the girl who put her friends happiness before her own. She was the girl who sacrificed her own relationships for the sake of her friends. She was the girl who finally stopped having hope for the world. Riley Matthews was the girl who broke.

anonymous asked:

My not shipping Lucaya is less about me think they wouldn't be a good couple so much as I think they bring out the worst in each other in some ways and I think Maya needs someone who brings out the best in her that she can really count on even before they get together (like Josh). I don't really have anyone in mind for Lucas. Someone in between Riley and Maya would be good. So she brings out the new not the troublemaker Lucas, but isn't too similar that she is basically the new Lucas.

Well I always say, you ship what you ship. I’ve also stated I love hearing different opinions and interpretations. And it’s true, I’ll say it here again: if you have diverging views/takes on stuff I post, notice other things, you are welcome to my ask box to express your analysis. I love to discuss.

Another thing I’d like to make clear is this: I am not, in any way, shape, or form, trying to convince anyone to ship Lucas/Maya, or Riley/Farkle. Yes, those are the two pairings I *personally* can get behind, based on my understanding of the show, its characters, and that illusive, unquantifiable thing we like to call chemistry. Those are also the two pairings I believe the show is building toward (I’m more sure of Riarkle as an “endgame”, but Lucaya is 100% happening). The primary purpose of this blog, however, is to analyze the show. It’s to look at it in its entirety - gather the evidence and formulate impressions - in an attempt to gain a better, deeper appreciation for the show and its characters (and if it highlights and heightens the shipping experience for some readers or myself, bonus!). I missed the brilliance of this show on first watch, and I’m really enjoying discovering all its subtleties. Now that that’s out the way…

I would be curious to see what exactly you’re basing this statement on: “I think they bring out the worst in each other”. Because there is nothing in show canon that I have so far observed leading to that assessment of Lucas and Maya.

Maya offers Lucas acceptance - she sees him for who he is, and lets him know that’s okay (SOL). She also allows him to let loose, have some fun and not have to worry about checking off expectations (Rules). There’s a reason he cracks jokes, and is more playful with her: he’s free to be himself without judgement. When she sees that he’s ready to cross a line and beat up the bully in Flaws, she jumps on his back to stop him, and ground him. Indirectly, in Yearbook, when she momentarily loses herself in the game of being someone else, she forces him, the guy “who’s okay with everything” to step up and take a stance.

As for what Lucas does for Maya: she CAN count on him. She can count on him to stop her when she might go too far: Flaws, containment in C+T, no-need-for-but-there-and-ready containment in Rileytown. She can count on him to help her in protecting her friends, Riley and Farkle, who have likely been the butt of many jokes for a long time and she’s always been the “tough” chick there to have their back (Mr. Squirrels); now she’s got backup. She can count on him to know what she needs before she knows it: muffling Farkle’s words in Maya’s Mother. She can count on him to fight for her and her happiness even when she’s not ready to (Creativity). She can count on him to suggest, but not push, things she might try and that could help her grow (Forgiveness, and Belief), and to be there to comfort her if it doesn’t work out. She includes him with Riley in the people who help her dream.

And that’s a non-exhaustive, off the top of my head list of examples.

I think a lot of this is rooted in a very problematic conception of Lucas as a dual character: “troublemaker”/”Mr. Perfect”. Yes, he got expelled, and we do not know exactly what he did yet, but we know that it was all done with the intent of protecting his friends. There is no “new” Lucas or “troublemaker”/”Texas Lucas” in the literal sense. THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON. Lucas does not have Dissociative Identity Disorder; this is not Jekyll and Hyde. And his actions are actually never outright condemned in canon: he’s not boiling, flying off the handle, left and right, but he does need to work on controlling his impulse to resort to violence in the specific situations that provoke him (his friends in danger). He does manage to do that, maintain control, in SOL; even Cory stands by and just lets him handle it, because he’s got it. Moreover, using violence for the right reasons, when you are at a certain limit, is never categorically portrayed as wrong. MJ has covered righteous indignation and violence as an instrument multiple times in BMW, and it has NEVER been demonized. So, not only is this idea of Lucas “excising” a part of himself, a character trait, a potential flaw (that’s actually a double-edged sword because sometimes it’s a quality to have, to be able to come to the physical defense of your friends; we all have those), completely unhealthy from a psychological and character development point of view, it’s also not in line with the Jacobs-universe, the one Lucas inhabits.

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What do you think about this Michael Jacobs quote from the interview?: “If you look at the pilot’s story — not to go back and look for moments, like this is the moment, or that’s the moment — track the characters. How are they growing? Then you’ll clearly understand what we’re doing. There are some episodes [in Season 3] that will involve Shawn. If you track the character of Shawn, (part 1)

(Part 2) if you track the character of Maya, and their relationship together, and what Cory means to Shawn and what Riley means to Maya as friends, and the responsibility of friendship, you’ll understand perfectly what’s to come, and you’ll welcome it.” Does that change anything for you? Will you be going back to look at the pilot with this new viewpoint, or does it match up to what you think? I just found it interesting, and wanted to know your thoughts on it :)


I’m going to direct you to this post, regarding Maya and Shawn:

And I’ll add: Cory was Shawn’s “good kid” but Cory could never really fix things for Shawn. He could only help keep him just barely on Cory’s side of the line, really, keep him from *completely* spinning out. Cory kept Shawn from being a *total* disaster of a person, but he was never able to help Shawn really FIX his issues. In Master Plan (and in GMW as a whole), it’s clear that Shawn STILL believes he’s a person who people just leave, and that it’s his fault. (“What is it about us?” he asks Maya).

Riley is Maya’s “good kid.” And with the help of her parents, she’s been able to actually help Maya deal with/fix/accept things about herself and her life in a way Cory never could for Shawn. Maya was able to FORGIVE HERSELF for her father abandoning her.

I do believe that Riley (and the Matthews) have set Maya on a path which will prevent her from being “the Shawn” forever, prevent her from being damaged and broken well into adulthood. And I believe that SHAWN, through his relationship with Maya, will finally stop blaming himself and being so damn sad. Riley and the Matthews are helping save Maya from Shawn’s fate, and Maya is going to help Shawn change his fate. People change people. Secret of life. Maya’s an “us.”

In the pilot Maya says “you’re going to save me, aren’t you?” to Riley. And she is. Knowing Riley (and the Matthews) is going to SAVE MAYA from ending up like Shawn. And perhaps Maya will in turn save Shawn from himself at last.

(Maya has also changed Riley in important ways too, but that’s another post. ☺️)


»… They are not your property! You cannot own a human being. Sooner or later, someone pushes back …«  

Watch in HD! [1080p]

Warning: Spoilers!

I’m in love with these ladies!
These amazing women have completely stole my heart ^_^
I realised that I have to make such a video while watching “Mad Max” in the cinema for the first time. All I needed was only a nice suitable music and the movie itself in HD quality. So, the time has come ^_~
I truly love all of them, but I have to admit that The Dag and Capable are my most favorite ones. Though can’t say that I loved Dag that much from the very beginning, but after some time and especially after the second “Mad Max” comics, I’ve completely fallen for her.
And yep, Miss Giddy is my hero! This amazing brave woman gives me goosebumps. “They are not your property!” Mother of God!! She rocks! Much respect for you, Lady!

I hope that you’ll like the video, I really enjoyed making it ^_^

Sorry, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stop myself from making “Mad Max” videos in the near future. I just need more good and inspiring music. So if you have any suggestions welcome to my ask!^_~

SHOW/MOVIE: “Mad Max: Fury Road”
MUSIC: Little Mix - Salute (Instrumental)

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As a big Riley Stan, I want to thank you, really, for explaining this "concept" thing in a way that does not rub me the wrong way and that is not offensive. I think you're right that the problem is religious shipping. I feel everything that happens to Riley so deeply that I forget to think about the story and character growth.

You’re very welcome. 😊 I understand it’s hard when you really identify with one character. But truly, everything I want for Riley in the story, going forward, comes from my love for her character and from wanting her to grow and do well, no, do good.

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