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master/missy/cyberman theory

The Master made the Cybermen as a present for the Doctor. 

Because he knows how sad the Doctor gets when his little human pets die, so the Master found a way to make them live forever.

…For an insane murdering psychopath, that’s almost sweet.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 15/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 14

There’s no weight to her, Steve thought to himself, sitting alone in a darkened nursery with a bundled Maggie in his hands.  There were no excuses anymore, with no tubes to disturb now, and nothing for him to worry about making worse; nothing would ever be worse than this.  He wouldn’t have been able to make the decision that Tony had made for him, even being her own father who should have been there to protect her and should have been the one to do it.  He had failed her from the start, and in the end it was no different.  He hadn’t even held her until now, and she had never known that he had always been at her side.  Tony had been more of a father to her than he was, and the idea broke him beyond the point where he had thought to be his limit.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered to her, bringing her up to his chest.  She smelled of a fresh, warm blanket and baby powder, making the experience so much more painful to him.  But it was what he deserved, he fully believed, to have his mind play the cruel joke of thinking that she was still alive in his hands, when in reality, he had lost the chance to have that moment forever.  He had lost that chance all because he was too scared; he who could take on the most dangerous threat without the bat of an eye, was scared of something so tiny and so beautiful and it made him sick to his stomach.  It made him ashamed of himself, and he didn’t know how he would bring himself to face you after this.

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Essays in Existentialism: FtWD IV

In the dark, there is nothing to see on the water. The sky melds into the ocean and the stars jump from the heavens to the sea, skinny dipping with reckless abandon and no reverence at all for the inevitable eyes upon them. The glow of the lights, the small amount of lantern glow, of solar-powered flashlights, of candles whimpering in the breeze, they all create a dome, create a universe that is impossible to truly gaze out from honestly. They shroud the inhabitants with light and they mask the dark, just a stopgap between the inevitable and stronger night.

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Joining a fandom:

Stage 1: Introduction to the show

Stage 2: Introduction to the fandom

External image

Stage 3: The beginnings of emotional attachment.

External image

Stage 4: Falling in love with the show, but knowing its still fictional

Stage 5: Full on emotional breakdowns. AKA “the feels”

Stage 6: Development of sociopathic tendencies.

Stage 7: Total obsession.

External image

Stage 8: Denial.

External image

Stage 9: Obsessive social networking.

Stage 10: Welcome to the fandom.

And we are proud of it.

Things I learned on tumblr
  1. Supernatural has a gif for everything
  2. Sherlockians are on hiatus again
  3. Whovians are completly mad
  4. Everyone wants to know what happened in Budapest
  5. Teen Wolf Fandom is depressed
  6. Fannibals are freaking out
  7. Game of Thrones Fandom loves the new season
  8. Dean Winchester is the princess of tumblr
  9. There are people who claim they are for equality but also some who are mean, eventhough they don’t want to be like the people on facebook
  10. We’re insane. Welcome to tumblr

adorable-artman  asked:

Man i saw smth about a comic called the glass scientists and youve got me really interested

its a webcomic that puts an interesting twist on The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, a novella based in victorian england about a scientist that goes just a bit too far (morally speaking. you probably know this already though) 

the artist is a professional storyboarder (i think she worked on gravity falls and is now a director on star versus the forces of evil), so its super polished and lovely, and the characters are just brilliant! ive fallen in love with all of them its insane 

the fandom is so so welcoming and fun as well so thats a Huge plus

if youre interested, i would totally reccomend giving it a read here

What I love about tumblr
  • Science side: "The knots in planetary nebula NGC 5189 each measure roughly the size of our solar system."
  • Religious side: *speaking calmly* Let us say grace to our Lord.
  • We heart it/Just Girly things, etc: oh, look at how beautiful that cup of coffee is, and the sound of the rain on the roof, and the raindrops rolling down the window...

Okay, time to actually comment on this crazy wonderful reveal of the 13th Doctor being a woman. When I was a kid watching Doctor Who I really wanted to be on the show. I thought, oh it’d be nice to be a companion or maybe a villain, but I never, NEVER considered being the Doctor. I wanted to of course, but thought no, he’s played by a guy. Then there was the brief mention of the Corsair changing gender and I had a little bit of hope. When we got the magical insane Missy I actually had so much hope for a female Doctor. Now she’s here, or will be this Christmas and I’m over the mood. Representation is so important. As a feminist and a fan, this is HUGE. The show has been around for over 50 years and is a worldwide phenomenon. Missy made history and now the Doctor is following suit. I am so excited to welcome Jodie Whittaker to the DW family and as much as I will miss Capaldi, I know we’re in good hands. Lucky number 13, I can’t wait to watch you!



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Doctor Laszlo Kreizler’s Institute of Inner Struggles [1/?]

Welcome to Laszlo Kreizler’s Institute of Inner Struggles. Please leave your hopes and dreams at the door and follow me*.

*I’ve just been informed there should be a DOCTOR there somewhere

New things that can be add too GTA FAHC

Michael blazing it with ray “secretly” now leads too odd questions with the medic.

Jack the I’ll taze you guy or women (depending on which you like)

Michael the gets tazed like a fucking champion. (Possible electric shock asylum back story for mogar in their somewhere.)

We don’t talk about my life guy/ you didn’t know i had a wife/ everyone thinks hes fucking lying and it just some poor women in his basement. When in reality, she probably this w
Sweet animal doctor, who fucking insane more so than ryan. But she doesn’t want too meet his friends but she will invite them over to taco Tuesdays.

And finally jerematt, mmm. This stream. Could have not gone any better im so glad i stayed up for it.

Jeremy welcome to the fucking family of AH dude.

Fate - Meet mom - AU series

Pairing: Dean x reader

  • Read part 1 - ‘The start’ HERE 
  • Read part 2 - ‘We meet again’ HERE
  • Read part 3 - ‘Best wingwoman ever!’ HERE

Theme song: Hey Jude - The Beatles

Word count: 1,817

The morning after Dean woke up and found himself on the couch; Y/N was asleep next to him, on his left, with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her. 

When he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was her and this made him smile. Some of her hair were covering her face so he moved them gently behind her ear, trying not wake her up, I wish I could wake up like this every day, he thought. Of course, his neck was going to hurt all day for having slept in this position but it was a good price to pay. 

The night before at the bar, Charlie had suddenly had an idea: a Lord of the Ring marathon. Even when drunk she was a nerd. The surprising thing was, though, that her three friends had found it a good idea; probably it was the alcohol talking, but still. So they had moved the rest of the night in the living room of the Winchesters’ apartment and started the marathon. Turns out it didn’t last that long; not for Y/N and Dean anyway. She had fallen asleep not even 15 minutes after the start and Dean had been next, like five minutes later. Who knows how long Charlie and Sam had lasted. There was surely no trace of them in the room. There was someone, though, leaning with the back on the wall of the room, at the right of the couch, with a cup of coffee in hand, smiling at the sweet moment between the two of them. Dean hadn’t noticed at first but, as soon as he was a little more awake, it was pretty difficult to miss. The house smelled different already, like it did every time his mom was there and was cooking for him and his brother; he turned to his right and there she was, with that sweet smile that Dean adored.

“Hey sweetie, good morning,” Mary whispered, trying not to wake up the girl.

“Morning mom,” he whispered back, smiling at her,. “When did you get here?”

“Just ten minutes ago… Sammy let me in and then left for a run.”

“Man, that guy is a freak…” Dean stated, shaking his head, still keeping his voice low.

His mom just smiled at him. His two sons were always bickering but, at the same time, they couldn’t stay away from each other for too long, “Is this Y/N?” She asked.

Dean couldn’t explain why, but, if it was his mom the one asking something about Y/N, he didn’t feel like shutting her out; he felt like he could tell her anything; this doesn’t mean that he did, but it was definitely a nice feeling. That’s the power of a mom I guess, along with the one of finding lost items in the matter of a second. “Yeah, this is her,” he answered, nodding, with a little smile.

“Why don’t you wake her up, while I make us some breakfast?” 

“Yeah, sounds good.” 

“You think she’ll like some pancakes?”

He nodded, rubbing his eyes.

“All right, they’ll be ready in a few minutes,” she told him gently and moved towards the kitchen.

Dean turned back to look at Y/N. He almost didn’t want to wake her, he thought she looked adorable like this, but, at the same time, he was already missing the conversations with her. “Hey, Y/N,” he said, shaking her a little. She had told him she was a heavy sleeper and apparently she wasn’t lying; he called her two more times and, finally, her brain got the message that it was time to wake up. 

She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was his face; his perfect face with his perfect green eyes and his perfect smile. Keep it together Y/N! You two are just friends… You care for him like a friend and that’s all, she was repeating to herself, Damn green eyes!

“Finally… It takes an hour to wake you up!” He stated, pretending to be tired from the effort.

“Shut up…it’s not my fault” She replied, shoving him away playfully. Then she noticed where they were, “Did we seriously fall asleep here?” 

Dean nodded, “Yeah, I blame those little hobbits…”

“God, this is like committing a mortal sin for Charlie… I’m never gonna hear the end of it,” she said, letting out a sigh. “Where is she, anyway?” She continued, looking around. The armchair her friend was sitting on the night before was empty now.

“No idea,” Dean shrugged. “Hey, my mom just got here. Do you wanna meet her?” He asked expectantly.

“Yeah, absolutely!” 

“She’s in the kitchen. I’ll introduce you.” 

When they got into the kitchen Mary was setting some plates on the table. She heard them and turned around, “Hi, I’m Mary, it’s so nice meeting you,” she greeted her, smiling and giving her a little hug. “Dean told me about you.”

The man in question felt shy all of a sudden and looked down. When had he ever felt shy in his life!? Man, I’m in trouble, he thought, a little scared. Apparently, Sam was right. He was definitely falling for her.

Y/N didn’t seem to notice his strange behavior. She smiled back at Mary, “I hope he only said nice things or I can’t promise he’ll survive the day.” 

Mary chuckled. She liked her already, especially because she had noticed her son’s behavior around her and she was glad. She wanted for her sons the same that she had with her husband and she thought that Y/N was perfect for Dean because it was definitely not easy for him to let people in his life; he would sleep around and never commit and even his friends weren’t that many. Somehow, though, he had let Y/N in and this made her special already in Mary’s eyes, “Why don’t you guys sit down, breakfast is almost ready.” 

Pretty soon they were at the table eating. “These pancakes are amazing!” Y/N exclaimed.

“Thank you,” Mary replied smiling. Then she remembered something and addressing Dean she continued, “Oh, I almost forgot honey, I made a pie for you yesterday. I put it in the fridge.”

Dean’s eyes lit up, “Mom, you’re the best!” He stood up immediately and moved towards the fridge, “Do you want some, Y/N?” 

“No, thanks,” she answered. “How long has he had this thing for pie, anyway?” She then inquired of Mary, smiling.

Mary laughed again, “I think since he started to eat solid foods. If I remember correctly the second words he said was ‘pie’. ”

It was Y/N turn to laugh, “I can definitely believe that.”

Dean had stopped in his tracks and was standing there, by the fridge, looking at the two women he cared about the most. They were laughing about him and his obsession with pie but he didn’t really care about it. Their laughs were the things he cared about. So in trouble… he sighed. He wasn’t good with relationships and the last thing he wanted to do was to ruin what he had with Y/N. So he was convincing himself that the only way not to do so was to be just friends. Too bad this task was getting more difficult every day.

Luckily, his mom stopped momentarily his tangle of thoughts. “Dean, your father and I were thinking to go to the beach house tomorrow, spend a day there. You and Sam could come too, bring Y/N, Jessica, and Charlie… We would love the company!” 

“Yeah, we could do that…” He replied nodding. “Y/N, what you say?” He asked, taking his slice of pie and sitting back at the table, hoping that she would agree.

She had some bad thoughts lingering in her mind and maybe the best thing was to distract herself and spend the next day in company, “Yeah, why not?” 

Mary was almost as thrilled as Dean. She didn’t spend much time with her sons since they didn’t live very close so a day together at the beach house was going to be great; just like old times. “It’s settled then!” She said happily.

“Mmm, this is the best pie ever!” Dean exclaimed, after tasting it. Mary smiled at him and she wasn’t the only one. Y/N was having a déjà vu at seeing him happily eating his pie. It remembered her of the first day they had eaten breakfast together and of how contagious his happiness was. God, I’m falling for him… She thought and it was scary for sure, especially if she would think about her past. But, at the same time, it felt good to finally admit it to herself. It was like every time she saw him happy her own heart grew ten sizes.

Mary probably noticed the way Y/N was looking at her son but she didn’t say anything, she just smiled.

Y/N was still in her thoughts when she heard Charlie’s voice, “Holy awesome! This breakfast looks great!” Charlie was back apparently and Sam was with her.

“Have a seat… you’re still in time,” Mary said kindly.

“Did you go running with Sam?” Dean asked her incredulous.

“Dude, I’m not insane yet,” she answered, sitting down, her eyes on the pancakes already.

“Thanks, Charlie!” Sam said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome,” she smirked. “Hey Y/N, at what time did you have to see the doctor today?”

Dean grew concern by the second, “What do you need the doctor for?”

“Just a checkup, I do that once in a while,” she replied and he calmed down significantly.,She wasn’t lying, well not entirely. “The appointment is at ten anyway…”

Charlie looked a little concerned. “You sure?” She inquired of her, knowing already what was about to happen.

Y/N frowned, confused, “Yeah, of course I’m sure, why?”

Her friend winced a little, “Because it’s half past ten already.” 

Y/N closed her eyes and sighed tiredly, “Man, this isn’t possible… Every time!” And with that she stood up and started to apologize, “I’m really sorry, I have to go… Breakfast was great, thanks, Mary.” 

“We’ll see you tomorrow then?” Mary reminded her.

“Yeah, absolutely,” she nodded. “Bye guys.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Dean said, standing up and walking with her. Once at the front door, he opened it for her and gave her a quick kiss on the temple, “I’ll come to pick you up at seven tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay, byeee,” she said, already running.

Dean smiled as he looked at her running away, just like she had done the first time they had had breakfast together, “Bye, Y/N.”

It was his turn to have a little déjà vu…

Read part 5 - Let’s go to the beach HERE

Distance *Part 1*

Pairing: Tate Langdon X Reader

Word Count: 596

Originally posted by tavuktuyunealarjisiolancivciv

You were a homeless kid when you were alive and even to this day you don’t really know how you died you just know that you were stuck in a house, you constantly saw people come and go but you yourself could leave. You eventually met Tate and the other permanent guests at the house, you grew close to some of them you love chatting with Chad, he seemed cold to most people and even to you at first but you never really gave up on people and eventually he gave in and started talking to you. Everything seemed great you were great friends with Tate there was rarely a moment when the two of you weren’t together, that was until Violet moved in, his attention when elsewhere and you were stuck with the impending feeling that you were being forgotten. You noted that he would often flash you a smile when he saw but that was a close to him as you were getting. “Where’s your boyfriend?” Chad asked as he walked up to you in the basement of the house.

“God knows.” You answered.
“Hmm trouble in paradise?” Chad questioned.
“Mm.” You hummed.
“Welcome to the club,” Chad smiled.
“Well maybe you should swing my way and we mend each other’s broken hearts.” You suggested it was clear that you were joking and it was evident that Chad had caught onto it though he still pulled a disgusted face “look I would offer to get a sex change but the only doctor around here is insane and I don’t want to take my chances.”
“You’ve got a point there.” Chad nodded. “So what are you going to do about paradise?” he asked.
“I dunno.” You shrugged.
“What do you mean you don’t know!? My paradise just isn’t going to work out but yours could!” Chad explained.
“I don’t think so.” You answered.
“Why is that?” he asked.
“Because we both know that she isn’t leaving.” You answered.
“Fine, but if he does come back then you’ve got to make him work for it,” Chad ordered.
“Trust me if he comes back he is going to have to work for it.” You answered.

Weeks later 2 babies were born in the house and the family had died there. Violet had told Tate that she never wanted to see him again and that left him with only one person, you. You were down in the basement doing whatever you could to keep your mind occupied since it was once again quiet. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” a soft voice said.
“No you haven’t” You answered without looking up, you hardly spoke to anyone now, you spoke to Chad all the time and occasionally his boyfriend but that was it.
“How do you know you never even looked up.” the voice said.
“Excellent observation, now can you please just leave me alone?” You asked.
“Look honestly to moment that your family moved in I knew you weren’t leaving but I never bothered to get in touch with any of you and now that you have no choice but to stay it’s reinforced my decision so just leave” You ordered as you finally looked up to lay eyes on Violet’s mother, Vivian. The shocked look on her face alerted you to the fact that she was not expecting what she had gotten, she turned and walked away from you and you continued trying to occupy your mind. “Hey, you can’t talk to my mum like that!” Violet yelled.
“You are asking for trouble…” You glared.

*Part 2*

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-Tame Impala

-Mindless Self Indulgence or any of the band members



-Just anime in general

-Anything to do with Adelaide Clemens, Lily Rabe, Emily Browning or Emilie Autumn

-The Beatles

-Psychedelic shit



-Long distance relationships

-Green Day or any of the band members

-Series of Unfortunate Events

-No Doubt/Gwen Stefani

-Mortuary science (I’m currently in school for that)


and I’ll check out your blog(: I’m serious, unlike some people lul. I always follow back <3

casually scrolling through tumblr seeing posts and their replies like

‘Omg people in the Sherlock fandom are insane’

'People who are into night vale need to be put in mental hospitals’

'Like what even is the DW fandom its so stupid and unnecessary"

“You ok supernatural fandom???”

and I’m in all the fandoms mentioned and sitting here like

I accept my insanity


So I have this image in my head… It has been stuck there like glue..

I see Slore Town as something from Sin City.. This black and white image of a city where the slores rules..

Welcome to Slore Town - Once you’re a slore you’ll never be the same

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Alone {Open}

Nico wandered around the hospital shirtless, his latest attempt landing him back in a ward for the insane. He hated it here, with all the doctors around him, it made him feel sick. Finding a windowsill at the end of the hallway he stood there watching the rain fall outside, all he wanted was for someone to stop asking him how he felt. All he wanted is for someone to be there with him.