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Jeon, have you been skipping out on meals lately? It's nice you're treating your sunbaenims to your share of food (and clothes..) lately, but if you keep this up you'll get sick!

JK:  Don’t get the wrong idea, Unnie. I-It’s not like I did those things for you. I did it because I had free time, that’s all!

JK: *says that while having snacks for Jin in arms*

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it’s such a numbing experience writing about the killings of shia Muslims because I find myself trying to extract sympathy from Muslims who have none. I make it a point to mention those murdered were civilians, that the majority were children, and that all were from besieged towns. And then I catch myself like ‘am I really begging people to feel pained by this news?? Shouldn’t this already break their hearts?? Shouldn’t this be enough to make them weep?’

It’s very clear that the deaths of shia Muslims means very little, if anything at all, to the Ummah. Unless the deaths can be used to further Muslims in the west, they do not matter.

I am appalled at how little the recent attack on shia civilians has touched the popular bloggers on this website who are so vocal about crimes in Syria–their silence is significant. Their lack of desire to talk about this is significant.

romeo: griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast 


People keep saying that Episode 19 we have Emo!Barry. Not to me..Emo!Barry was the guy sitting on Cisco’s couch, refusing to do anything other than watch musicals. This Future!Barry is a broken man, still full of grief and pain, seven years later. He has not let her go or forgiven himself for being unable to save her. It’s evident that not only is there no Flash without Iris West, there is no Barry Allen without her as well.

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otayuri headcanon dump

-Yuri thinks that Otabek is without fault until Otabek unironically wears crocs and buys those little shoe-badges. 

-Otabek sometimes teases Yuri about the time when they first met and likes to playfully guilt-trip Yuri. “Well I wouldn’t know, I’m just an asshole, right?”

-Otabek lets himself get dragged out in the middle of a thunderstorm just so Yuri can live out his fantasy of dancing in the rain. 

-All versions of Yuri are beautiful to Otabek. But when Yuri smiles, Otabek and the angels from on high all weep a little.