and weep a little


“To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes.But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world…”

From the 21st Chapter of the Little Prince.

the white album explained (part 1)
  • back in the ussr: the beatles are the red beach boys (they forgot their sunblock)
  • dear prudence: "hey prudence farrow you haven't eaten in days stop meditating won't you come out to pla--wait omg stay there i had an idea" -john lennon
  • glass onion: can everyone shut up paul isn't dead (yes he is)
  • obla di obla da: life goes on, brah (still the red beach boys)
  • wild honey pie: george's wife wanted to end the beatles
  • bungalow bill: john tries to get yoko and the other beatles to hang out with each other
  • while my guitar gently weeps: george likes eric clapton
  • happiness is a warm gun: the beatles take a break from the hippy shit and preach violence
  • martha my dear: paul likes his dog
  • im so tired: oh john can't sleep at night, but just the same, i never weep at night, i call your name
  • blackbird: paul is a little late to the civil rights movement but that's what dying can do to a guy
  • piggies: reverse animal farm (regular farm)
  • rocky raccoon: he was a fool onto himself
  • don't pass me by: ringo,,,,good job
  • why don't we do it in the road:
  • i will: he will
  • julia: john writes a song about his mom à la paul style

anonymous asked:

(Tumblr is stupid, don't worry) OMG, yes. And Oiks at first was 'They're friends in normal life, what can go wrong? They'll talk and become superhero friends and will be epic badasses who kick asses togehter and save people together' and then he will be so confused when they won't even want to talk about it and so tired and frustrated with them, haha. Btw, some angst came to my mind - you wrote Oiks will probably feel so stressed and all. 1/5

So what if one day Makki, Iwa and Mattsun go on one of their missions (idk how to call that) and one building almost collapses? One of them gets hurt trying to save people inside (maybe Iwa, he’s strong, so he can holds falling walls or fragments of the ceiling or something???) and when he goes to school the next day he says he was unfortunately in this building at that time (he don’t like to lie and well, there were a lot of people so it wouldn’t be weird. 2/5 

Besides it’s pretty big wound, it needed stitches, so it would be kinda hard to come up with believable lie). He’s a bit bitter, but it’s understandable - it was accident that was impossible to foresee. But the true reason why he’s so bitter is because they were arguing over who should help these people and these assholes was incredibly stupid again. Someone could die! 3/5 

But the thing is - Makki and Mattsun are kinda terrified and mostly mad, because ‘if these two idiots didn’t argue with me, just went to this building, it wouldn’t happen. Iwaizumi wouldn’t be hurt. These stupid motherfuckers’. And then imagine - Oiks is talking with one of them, just the two of them, and Oiks just can’t stand that his friend is blaming the other two. Because it wasn’t their fault, if you really want someone to blame you should think about your behaviour too! 4/5             

Because you all fight with each other instead of cooperating. And then Mattsun/Makki/Iwa (blinded by their own pride and anger) is like ’…I told you about them. How annoying and stupid and irresponsible they are. Why do you defend them?’ Oiks doesn’t know how to answer that. 5/5    

holy shit–

oikawa’s not sure if he should call them all out on their bullshit, or if he should just come clean and tell them about the others’ secret (which he knows he shouldn’t do, because again he’s terrified of losing their trust and friendship).

so instead he resorts to calling each of them out about all three of them arguing over shit, and he’s just so sick of his friends not getting along as heroes because they have to eventually work together or else something like this will happen again. and he’s terrified. when he found out about iwa getting injured he almost burst into tears.

and the others are just like “….”, they’re not sure what to say to that. and oikawa will straight up yell “you have to make a truce!!” because he doesn’t want to lose his best friends over something so petty like them fighting. they can’t keep doing this forever.

this is all putting oikawa on edge, because one day he just knows he’s going to snap and tell them that someone is going to die and it’ll be nobody’s fault but theirs.