and wearing jeans

Other good things about my LGBT+ Softball league:

The sheer amount of good luck kisses between partners oh my gosh it’s lovely

In general, everyone pretty much knows everyone and we just have a good time like, we talk to the opposing team while they’re on base and stuff it’s good

So many gay dirty jokes it’s hilarious

My dad helps out sometimes as our first base coach ( because my parents come to every game) and now my team is calling him ‘Grandpa’ and he’s gonna get a shirt

My mom likes to wear a dress and heels everyday (she just enjoys it) and it’s kinda like a 'good luck charm’ for us because when it’s cold, she wears jeans and we tend to lose lol. They also have taken to calling her 'Mom’ as well

Two women bring their daughter to the games, she always wears her 'game TuTu’ and they bring her out to high-five the opposite team after the games

A woman in her late 40’s has her mom still come to her games. She sits by my parents all bundled up and waves a tiny little rainbow flag whenever her daughter is up to bat I always die at this


“You ready?” Daryl asks, coming back into their bedroom.

“Just about,” Beth answers, giving her hair one more tousle before turning to look at him. “How do I look?” She asks.

Daryl doesn’t even really look at her before he steps in and putting his hands on her cheeks, he gives her a kiss. “You look amazin’,” he says and she smiles and blushes as she always does when he does and says something like that.

She gives herself one more look in the mirror. Skinny jeans, her black and white Converse sneakers, her black Lynyrd Skynyrd tee-shirt that she had bought at the last concert they had gone to; her hair is down and her lips are red with lipstick. Daryl is wearing blue jeans and his own black Lynyrd Skynyrd tee-shirt and she likes to think that they look like a pretty cool couple right now.

She has always enjoyed this band’s music, but since marrying Daryl, Beth has definitely found herself falling in love with it. It’s really the only band her husband tends to listen to so she hears it often enough and when the band goes on tour, Daryl gets them tickets to at least one of the shows; usually for the lawn and they bring a blanket and Beth is pretty sure there is no more perfect moment on earth than sitting in the dark between Daryl’s legs, leaning back against his chest, listening to “Simple Man” and “Free Bird”.

So I go to a catholic university, and last night at approximately 11:30 at night I was chilling with some of my friends in the student center after we had seen Beauty and the Beast and had a little liquor. As it happens, one of the priests spotted us and came over. These are some highlights of what happened: 

  • “Oh did you guys go to the freshman dance that was tonight?” *all of us are wearing jeans and sweatshirts*
  • “Wow, it sounds like you all know what you are doing after college! But you know, if that doesn’t work out you guys could always come back and be nuns! ;)”  “Actually I’m Jewish.”
  • “I figured out I wanted to be a priest my like, junior year of college. I came back and was on this religious kick and was fasting which was sort of an awful idea. My mom asked me to come down for dinner, and I refused. That was my first mistake.”
  • “Actually my mom didn’t go see me do my first vows-the test run for three years one not the ‘I’m a priest for the rest of my days’ one.” “Why not?” “Because she’s an atheist and thought I was being an idiot.”  
  • “My little brother’s a really great guy, 29 years old, a bachelor, well employed-do you want to see a picture?” “pulls out an iphone 7 and pulls up facebook*
  • *the friar swings his scarf* *hits himself in the face*
  •  “I keep telling him he needs to put the effort he puts in his career into love because a family is how one finds their purpose.” “Has he tried online dating?” “I don’t think he understands the concept of dating.” 
  • “You see I think that you can try to push your brother, but at the end of the day, love is something you have to want and go after. But I’m sure he appreciates what you are doing for him.” “HE DOESN’T, BUT THANK YOU THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL HIM”
  • “I actually run the class that is baptizing three students tomorrow night.” “I’m sorry man, but I have to be upfront I’m not a single bit interested.” 
  • “What is your take on this dilemma?” “I’m sorry sir, we’re millennials, all we do is suffer for other people’s sins.” 
  • “Feel free to come to mass at 7 PM tomorrow! It’ll be a great experience.” “I’ve been to two masses.” “Oh really? How was it?” “I accidentally ate one of the crackers…no one told me I couldn’t.” “…since you aren’t catholic I can’t technically hear your confession, but woah, sorry that no one told you.” “No, I mean, I wasn’t confessing I’ve just always wanted to tell a priest that.”  
OC Hour: Personality Swap II
  • Victoria: *wearing her uniform skirt too short and showing off cleavage* Oi Prez
  • Duke: *ignoring her*
  • Victoria: Preeeeeeeez
  • Duke: What is it?
  • Victoria: You ever thought about wearing jeans? I have this theory that your bum looks spectacular in jeans.
  • Duke: ...button up your shirt before I report you to the headmaster.
  • Victoria: Or you could skip the headmaster and punish me yourself~
  • Duke: *SIGH*
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name: jackie

a four letter word: java
a boy’s name: jack
an occupation: judge
something you can wear: jeans
a food: jajangmyun (is romanization cheating? - jam donuts are also a thing)
something you find in a bathroom: jewelry 
a place: jamsil station
a reason for being too late: jumped by wolves? idk
something you shout: JUST DO IT
a movie title: jumanji 
something you drink: juice
a type of car: jaguar

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He's not wearing skinny jeans. I feel this hasn't been discussed adequately.

he looks damn good in those soaking wet slacks that probably cost more than my entire life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Hamilton Headcanon: Outfit  #1 (sons of liberty)
  •  au: modern
  • A/N: this is the first head-canon I have ever written so please excuse my bad writing.


Alexander Hamilton:

  • The Hipster
  • He always has his hair in a man bun. The only exception is when he is asleep, then he will wear it loose.
  • He wears white T-shirts and owns about 20 of the same shirts.
  • Over the shirt he wears flannel (to get that hipster/lumberjack look)
  • He wears black, ripped, jeans even when it is scorching hot outside.
  • Do you know those brown casual sneakers? Those are the shoes he wears.
  • He has this one necklace he refuses to ever take off. It is a golden pendant on a black lace/string. The pendant is a bald eagle carrying a dagger; he had gotten it once from Eliza because the eagle reminds her of Alex’s bravery.
  • He wears glasses even though he doesn’t need them (he has contacts).

John Laurens:

  • The Nerd
  • He wears mostly sweaters.
  • His sweaters match the seasons.
  • For spring: bright eye bleeding colours (bright pink, orange, yellow etc.)
  • For summer: pastel colours (mostly green but he wouldn’t say no to lilac).
  • or autumn: nice warm colours resembling the leaves which have fallen from the trees (hazel, terracotta, mahogany, maroon)
  • For winter: generally dark and cold colours (cool grey, black, navy blue)
  • He also has some sweaters with the logos of his favourite shows and books.
  • His favourite sweater is the maroon one because it reminds him of the day that he met Alexander.
  • He wears plain jeans.
  • Has like one pair of red sneakers.

Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de la Fayette:

  • The stylish one
  • Wants to stay in touch with his French roots, so he wears a beret.
  • He wears striped long sleeved shirts.
  • He loves to wear scarfs.
  • Like damn, the boy is obsessed with them.
  • He probably spends more money on scarfs than that he spends on food.
  • He asks Mulligan to make him the perfect pair of pants.
  • Mulligan eventually (after Laf’s many demands) tailors him a pair of neatly fitting black pants.
  • He wears loafers.
  • Since he loves America so much, he usually has a pin of the American flag pinned on his chest.
  • t isn’t the American flag pin, he wears a ring with the American flag as stone.

Hercules Mulligan:

  • The nice guy
  • He likes to make his own clothing, but if he doesn’t have enough time he buys clothes from the store (which he is slightly embarrassed about, because he is expected to).
  • He wears white T-shirts.
  • He sometimes “borrows” them from Alexander.
  • Over the shirt he wears a no-sleeve dark grey vest.
  • He doesn’t really have a specific kind of pants. He just grabs the first matching one from the pile (y’all know what I mean right??).
  • He wears those shoes without laces you can just step in with a checkered pattern.
  • He ALWAYS wears a fedora that matches his vest.
  • His friends can’t remember the last time they have seen him without it.
  • He even wears it to fancy parties.
  • He wears watches because he is a punctual boy.

For the anon who asked for an OOTD pic, it’s nothing special really. This is a pretty hip LA design tee I got from Aero, but it’s very see-through which annoys me a bit as I’m not entirely comfortable with what’s under there yet. I decided not to wear my new skinny jeans; I’ll save those for a school day.

Don’t expect me to wear anything more feminine than a women’s t-shirt and women’s jeans at this point in time. I’m taking this slowly and gradually 🙂

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pomegranate and kiwi?

pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

uhhhhhh usually when my skin is good and i’m wearing my fav jeans and. usually when i’m with my best friend who always compliments me and validates my gender so . thanks lou ur the best

kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

shit bruh it’s easier 2 ask what Doesn’t fascinate me…….. um i’m gonna choose this weird thing that happens probably all over but. right next 2 my parent’s house is this huge race course and every night at about 5pm THOUSANDS of swallows all join together in something that’s called a murmuration and it’s Wild As Fuck like. it’s like a huge swathe of black ripples across the sky, all swooping together and moving around each other, and growing and growing and growing, it’s beautiful, but i have no idea why the fuck they do it???? i know that they roost right after but like. who leads the murmur???? how do they know what pattern to follow???? why do they even do it????? they do it for like. a full hour. and people come down to the racecourse to take pictures n shit it’s incredible i love it, especially when the sun is setting and the sky is all sweet pink and soft yellow……….. yeah i love that

ask me things from this list maybe !!

a week has passed.

- I used to go to bed every night thinking about how I didn’t pray and will probably go to hell if I died at that moment. I don’t do that anymore.
- I sometimes still say things like “alhamdulillah” and “astaghfirullah” out of habit, then laugh at myself afterwards.
- I don’t care about the “proper” hijab and I’m back to wearing skinny jeans because who fucking cares anymore? I used to feel frustrated whenever I wanted to go out because everything. is. haram. I couldn’t care less anymore… I remember my mom laughing at me because of how strict I was with myself.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I’ve been living in a bubble this whole time. Leaving islam was never an option to me. Growing up, I never dared to even think about it. Living in a country where openly leaving islam probably gets you jailed/killed, I know that I’ll never “come out” in public. But right now, I’m happy, because I finally know what I believe in.