and wearing black

  • dan: "i used to be an emo"
  • also dan: wears the same three pairs of black skinny jeans at all times, talks about how dark his soul is every chance he gets, plays loud music in a locked bathroom when he's upset, cries a lot
  • me: right...used to be...

SO I WAS INSPIRED BY SOME OTHER COOL PEOPLE TO POST SOME SELFIES OF ME FROM MY HORRIBLE EMO PHASE ! honestly I was more of a scenester xD but rlly… what’s the difference? Anyways first 3 pics are from 2010/2011 and the last pic was taken a few days ago. please enjoy the cringe. also yes I really did make a vampire edit of myself I really did that.


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
[photography by me]

i rlly like the idea of them just chilling in the afterlife or smth