and wear a mask

watch got7 fool us into thinking that this is gonna be a deep and powerful message about their friendship and bond as a group but when they drop the video and the necklaces all connect it turns into a cheesy Power Rangers parody and they’re wearing tacky suits and when they take off their masks they all have their stop stop it era hair


The last game.

He had no time for such thoughts. He never had for all those years, why now? 
Maybe because he could hear their voices, feel their eyes on him, almost understand what they were hoping for. He felt burning from the inside.

“Did you really had to wait for retirement to grow up? You fail me McKinnon.“

He had to win. Those boys, so young… all they could think of was that they were playing against him, wearing an angry and intimidating mask, in the hope to scare him. But they didn’t know about the fire that was flaring up in him.
Oh, they had no idea.

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Wait Makoto... What do you mean?

….Masaru-kun. This is serious, I need you to tell me the truth. Takao-kun and the others…Did you give them the same masks as the ones the others kids in Towa City were wearing?

Eh…We…Y-Yeah, Monaca-chan told us it would make them stop being scared and helped them destroy Demons…

Wait…Those masks…They are the ones you were talking about the other day, right? The ones that are brainwashing the kids and making them do horrible things and which can explode at any moment…And all those masked children are also in danger because of the adults in Towa City, right?

Yes, I’m sorry, we still haven’t found a solution to those problems…

*turns to face Masaru* You…You’re telling me that you and your friends were the ones who made my siblings wear those masks? And that they are still in danger right now while you are safely here with us?



@blueberryhope The masks cover their entire face–I haven’t done research on masks, the designs are all from just my head. But yeah, they’re symbolic of the person. Like, with Ahiru, the mask she wears most often is yellow with jewels and feathers on one side–kinda like a duck? And her second mask is swan-ish, white, simple, with feathers on the bottom kinda like Tutu’s hair.
Holy crap, that’s a really good idea for kingdom two.

(If you drew something for this, I would probably explode in joy.)

[ image: Roman Sionis, the Black Mask, standing around in his general wear. he has a chest holster strapped on over his white shirt, his sleeves rolled up halfway up his arms and a purple tie with a black tip loose around his neck. his slacks are grey-purple and his shoes are brown. his eyes peer through the mask sealed to his face, the mask’s quirked eyebrows and his lidded eyes making him look bored. ]

A History Of Nocturne City

Nocturne City:

Originally founded by English explorers as Nookturne in 1632, Nocturne City has a rich history. After settlement, there were many problems. There were several conflicts with Native Americans before they were driven out of the area, a bizarre outbreak of a very strange variety of bubonic plague in the 1740s (during which many citizens died and doctors supposedly killed their “reanimated" patients while wearing plague masks, this “eradication effort” was led by Dr. Thomas Greyson, ancestor of William Greyson.), several shipwrecks off the coast, several spontaneous combustions and a number of mysterious deaths, for which witchcraft was blamed, leading to trial and execution of over 45 suspected witches in 1642 alone. Witch hunts like this occurred throughout the city’s history, up until the early 1950s. Even today, the word witch has a power to it, an insult you use only sparingly, out of fear you may be correct.

A few years after its settlement, Nocturne City became the second-largest port in the Southern colonies, rivaled only by Charleston. During the American Revolution, Nocturne City contributed men and guns to the patriots, but also provided clandestine room and board to British troops, profiting from both sides. A brief battle was waged, of which there was no conclusive winner. Both sides retreated into the swamp to continue their fight, never to be heard from again. During the War of 1812, the port was raided by British ships, but was quickly rebuilt. After a pair of frigates built in Nocturne shipyards captured a British Man-O-War with relatively little damage to themselves, ships built in the city gained a reputation for sturdiness. A slave auction house was built in 1851(burned down 2 years later by abolitionists), and the city became a major port on the slave trade routes. During the Civil War, many of Nocturnes young men went off to fight for the Confederacy, nearly 1/3 of the males in the city. The Confederate Navy used the city as a port, and the shipyards made many successful blockade runners, while primitive torpedo boats were designed and tested, but were destroyed in 1862 to prevent them from falling into the hands of Union troops.  Northern forces burned down the port in 1862, but the fire spread to the rest of the city. Many died, and the majority of the city was burned to ashes, despite efforts by the townspeople to put out the fire. The rebuilding took several years, and, in the 1920s, the city is finally becoming a major city again, despite the 1918-1919 Flu Pandemic taking many lives. Many skyscrapers and new structures were erected instead of rebuilding the old, in a feverish quest to surpass the Northern metropolises. 

As of the 21st Century, Nocturne City has risen from the ashes. Art Deco buildings line the streets, and the city has a definite air of the past to it. The architecture is distinctly retro, as even new buildings are often built in the same style. The cars from Southern Motors are fast, sleek and beautiful, but they do not look modern. Oldies play alongside new hits on the radio. The city is home to sultry jazz singers, private detectives, cults, secret societies, and monstrosities, such as Black Mask Armitage. It’s an Art Deco and Streamline Moderne beauty, with some dark undercurrents. “The War of Northern Aggression” is still a topic the people are testy about, and Yankees aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms. 

I’m still taking ideas. If y’all have any suggestions, I’ll happily take em. Nocturne is meant to be a bend of Southern Gothic, Lovecraftian fiction, and film noir. Towering Art Deco buildings, old buildings that survived the fires, the swamps that nobody dares venter into. I might make some outlying communities, which are more isolated and evil, for a more Southern Gothic feel, just haven’t developed them yet. If Nocturne is my Arkham, the nearby towns will be my Dunwich and Innsmouth, so to speak. Suggestions for anything, anyone?

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Greyson strikes me as the type of boi that chews on everything. Pens, pencils, paper, straws, fingernails, etc. He has an active mouf. So he wears his mask, to keep from nomming all the yucky stuff in the Wasteland. uwu

god yeah hes a biter. he chews on anything and everything if he doesnt catch himself. he used to bite his fingers so much theyd always be bleeding and raw, so now he wears gloves and a mask. but he’ll still put his fingers near his mouth because he wants to bite real bad, but he wont lift the visor unless hes having a meal. he finds his oral fixation really hard to deal with sometimes, but hes figuring out ways to get around it.

This week has honestly been horrible and today is the worst day. I have hardly been sleeping, having repeating nightmares and being kept up by noise. I am really reaching my limit, and I’m so sick and tired of everything. I’ve been skipping classes, my NPD is really bad… a lot of internalizing narc rage, and I feel like I’m being mistreated by almost everyone around me. I have no energy. I’m either angry or painfully bored with life.

I have to give a stupid presentation in physics today, and I feel so unprepared. I really just hope somehow it goes well and fuels my ego. I just want it to be over with.

My life is currently a mess behind the mask I wear.

“Typical Orlesian, alwa-”

“Fuck you.”

“Excuse me?”

“If only I could excuse you from my sight right now. Is it not an Orlesian wine you are drinking right now? And the shoes on your feet, made by an Orlesian, no? Yet there you sit, judging me, looking and acting like some Ferelden dog, and not even a mighty Mabari hound, but some pitiful mutt that was not wanted by its mother.”

“How dare y-”

An echo was heard, that of a palm striking a face.

“How dare YOU. Every day I deal with some common peasant making fun of my accent, the clothes that I wear, how I have my hair, why I wear a mask and the make up upon my face. How exhausting must it be to spend your day thinking of things that have nothing to do with you? I am proud of my culture, if that displeases you then you can endure a lot more than a slap.”

- Clément being done. 

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so you're telling me greyson saw a big green mountain of flesh and didn't try to eat it??? strong is lucky he wears the mask i guess. also would he eat a behemoth yes or no, because that would be awesome.

i never said greyson didnt ever want to eat strong but he has other super mutants to eat that arent his friend as well as having a preference for human

and hed be interested in trying a behemoth, but isnt too keen on taking one down himself

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This is kinda inspired by the emoji meme ask you did for Kensei. You said that his turn off was talking about his hollow. So, how would the Visored react if their s/o asked to have sex with them while wearing the mask?

Oh man this is such an interesting idea and question! Thank you anon, I loved working on it! <3 ~Admin S

Muguruma Kensei
Surprised, he’d blurt out a sharp ‘why?’. There might be a bit of miscommunication but in the end he’d tell you it’s too risky for him. There’s always the worry in the back of his head that his Hollow will take control (even when he uses his Hollow powers in battle) and he doesn’t want to think about what it would do to you if it took over.

Yadomaru Lisa
Lisa’s the kinkiest of the vizard - we all know this - so she’s down for it immediately but she probably puts a lot of safety precautions in place. Just in case. And also she’s all about building up to it, this will include having her tied down whilst she’s wearing her mask - though she’s probably still going to top from the bottom ;)

Otoribashi Rose
Rose’s feelings aside, his mask is probably a little awkward for this as it’s not as flat as the others - though maybe that’s what you like about his mask? At any rate, he’d probably be willing to try it once but I don’t think he’d be super into it. If you are though, that might be enough for him to enjoy doing it again.

Aikawa Love
Love is game for it if you are, though he might ask someone with a bit more knowledge about the hollow thing as to if there are any more risks he might not think of but yeah he’s happy to go along with it!

Hirako Shinji
You like it that much her? It’s a little difficult for Shinji cos there were a lot of complicated feelings tied up in the incident (he should’ve kept a better watch on Aizen, is it all his fault) but he came through those a long time ago or at least shoved them really far down inside, that he’s happy enough to go along with your request - and probably manage to be a complete dork about it too

Kuna Mashiro
Well her mask is pretty cool and it does make her like a hero… Ok then! Mashiro would probably go along with it, she’s got easy control over her mask and can wear it for ages so no problem! If you want to try it, then she’ll try it.

Ushoda Hachigen
He doesn’t really see the appeal and probably asks a few questions to understand where the request has come from. Depending on the answer he might gently suggest you try something else together instead, like is it the being completely overpowered? The danger? Well there are other (safer) things you guys could do instead that he’d be a lot more comfortable with.

Sarugaki Hiyori
Nope not happening. She probably calls you some things like pervert, weirdo, without thinking about if that might upset you. She just would get pretty flustered about it and probably needs to come apologise to you later if you got upset at the insults or the blunt refusal.

never forget when stephen king got tired of directors adapting and changing his books and decided that he would write and direct himself an adaptation of his own short story so that no one would mess with his artistic vision, and then said artistic vision involved a truck wearing a green goblin mask