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*clears throat* I’m glad you asked, my friend. I can’t guarantee a brief and concise answer for your questions so just bear with this lengthy post.

Favourite parts of Levihan, you say?

hah, don’t even get me started. 

The hair-grabbing scene, the poop jokes, their nicknames for each other, Hange being unintimidated by Levi, Levi easily approving her pleas to experiment Eren instead of putting him in a cleaning duty, Levi forcing Hange to bathe, Hange allowing him to do so, them guarding each other’s back as they fought alongside each other, them finishing each other’s sentences, Hange literally translating Levi, them understanding each other, them trusting each other, them being concerned for each other, Levi being worried asf for Hange when they finally got to see the ocean… anddd I believe that opposites attract.

But wait, that’s just an intro.

Let me elaborate.

Let’s start with the most iconic hair-grab scene that has strained my eyes in the past years that I have been shipping these two weirdos.

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