and we wonder why no one takes us seriously

For years, James Corden has been a beloved part of British pop culture. By the time he started his career in America, James had written and co-starred in his own hugely popular TV series. In fact, James’ first ever version of  'Carpool Karaoke’ took place in London in 2011 with my dear friend, the late George Michael.
When he began hosting The Late Late Show in 2015, most Americans still had no idea who he was. But it wasn’t long before he skyrocketed to fame in the U.S., too. It took just over a year for James’ show to be nominated for four Emmy Awards. He then went on to host the Tony Awards and the Grammy Awards. He has also Carpool Karaoke’d with Adele, Lady Gaga, myself and more.

James is one of the most hardworking and talented people you will ever meet. But that alone doesn’t explain his extraordinary success. Anyone—friends and fans alike—can tell you that James doesn’t take himself, or others, too seriously. And that’s why he’s able to make us laugh, cry and sing—sometimes all at once.

His authenticity has allowed him to shape pop culture in an incredible way. We can expect to see more of James in the coming years—and that’s a wonderful thing for television, comedy and humanity.
—  Elton John on James Corden for Time Magazine’s Most Influential People, 2017 (x)
The waitress scene-

When the promo came out, I think I expected Dean’s “super het masculine performance” to come from a place of Dean feeling intimidated by Wally, or something. But the episode turned that idea on its head. 

Instead, I think Dean looked at Wally and realized this hunter was scared and needed some confidence, and picked good old-fashioned macho talk as a way to try and help him calm down. So yes, Dean is performing traditional masculinity; but the idea that his motivation is to make Wally feel better is a nice nuance to his character this late in the series.

Whether Dean is also reacting via performance to his own insecurities about a latent desire to date Cas himself is another issue worth exploring. Because I do think Dean took things to an extreme with the waitress, since he asked her to go out with Cas without ever having any actual input from Cas one way or another. Why is that?

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The Boys trying to decide on a new segment for the radio (Radio Jack June 9)

Kai (reading mail): “Hey everyone, nice to meet you! This is a suggestion for a new segment – how about ‘Intro Quiz?’ (I guess a game where you have to guess the song just from the intro) Of course it doesn’t have to be – (giggle) – songs by the GazettE –”

(everyone gigglin)

Reita: (crackin up) It’s so loud

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: Omg omg


Reita: Grgrgrgr

Aoi: Hey what was that sound?

(*He’s making a joke bc they’re doing a new segment where fans send in a recording of a sound and they have to guess what it is)

(Everyone dies laughing)

Reita: So it begins!


Aoi: That was funny~

Kai: So anyway (giggling) they’re suggesting an Intro Quiz game. Another one, “congratulations on starting Radio Jack! It’s been so dull with Rajigaze finished and no lives, but those days are finally over. I thought of a segment for the show: Fangirl Poems. The hikikomogomo –” what? Do you understand that – tf does ‘hikikomogomo’ mean?

Reita: Um I use that word pretty much every day

(Everyone laughing)

Kai: Shut up. 

(Okay I had to look this up but it means like “highs and lows, joy and grief,” I guess being a fangirl is an emotional roller coaster lol)

Kai: “We can send in poems in 5-7-5 format about our lives.” Another one, “I was thinking that scary stories would be good. Paranormal stories, or stories about scary people – any kind of scary story. And then you guys could assess how scary it was.” Orrrrr, “Weird Food Combinations. People send in food combinations that seem weird but are actually good, and then you guys actually try them –” Does that mean we have to eat them here? (laughs) 

Uruha: Seriously??

Kai: Well there are lots of ideas, like taking calls from listeners…all kinds of things, anyway, we’ll continue to read your ideas. But of the ones I read now were there any you thought might work? 

Ruki: I thought the poem one was interesting.

Uruha: Yeahh

Kai: The Fangirl Poems? 

Reita: Make one right now.

Kai: (laughing) Pls

Uruha: He’s not even a fangirl lol

Ruki: Why r u looking at me

Kai: So should we use this? Let’s keep it as an idea to maybe use later. Fangirl Poems. 

Reita: I’m just wondering how we can use that on the radio – like, we read it, and then what? 

(Kai laughs)

Reita: Like, “oh cooool…”

Uruha: You rate them!

Ruki: Yeh let’s have them send some.

Kai: Yeah let’s do it! And what else…Intro Quiz?

Ruki: With the GazettE’s songs right? 

Kai: No, it doesn’t have to be!

Aoi: Yes it does

Kai: It does?

Ruki: But if it’s the GazettE ofc we’re gonna get it 

Kai: Yeah true…

Aoi: We’ll think about it.

Kai: (laughing) Well anyway, for now we’ve decided on the Fangirl Poems.

Reita: And we’re still taking ideas so

Ruki: Well that other one was interesting too, the uhh, the food one.

Kai: Ahhh yeah, where we have to eat –

Aoi: Let’s do that now. Let’s do that right now. 

(Kai laughing)

Ruki: Well it should be something that gets us hyped up. 

Kai: Ahh, you’re right…

Ruki: Like, when people message us with their problems, or that Dark Side stuff, they’re kinda downers. 

Reita: OKAY! OKAY!

Kai: ???

Reita: I wrote a poem!!!

Kai: Okay

Reita: Okay here it is –

Aoi: Wait hold up, my stomach

(everyone dies laughing)


(Kai is especially dying) 

Ruki: Okay go

Reita: “After headbanging and buying goods, I can’t move my neck.”

(*In Japanese saying u cant move ur neck is like an idiom for being broke so his Gemini ass is making a pun)

Everyone: Ahhhhh!!!!

Reita: Get it? Cause their neck hurts, and they spent all their money. 

Everyone: Ahh I see

Reita: How was it???

Everyone: Ur good 

(They’re all talking over each other now but Ruki suggests that they give something to the people whose poems are good and then someone suggests stickers)

Kai: Stickers?? Well anyway, we’ll make you something.

Reita: You can just download a picture of the sticker and make it yourself

(Everyone laughing) 

jaegeeeeer  asked:

75 & 97 please! 😊🌼

A/N: this is what us extreme couponers call a two for one deal uwu

also sorry i went off the grid last night i took a depression nap but im feeling kinda better now yall no worries today will be a day full of wRIting and all those goodies

also reader is not quite yet on the relationship status with 2D in this story, sorry bbs uwu

“And to this day… People say when you visit the house she was murdered in, if you listen carefully you can hear a cracking sound… Legends say it’s supposed to be the sound of her rolling her broken neck!”

You yelp when the lights suddenly turn back on and Noodle laughs at your reaction, you look over to 2D who remained indifferent throughout the entire story. The three of you had the house to yourselves that night, as Russel went out to get groceries and Murdoc… Well, you all just hoped he was doing something legal. 

“How was that one?” Noodle asks with a grin, taking a seat in front of you, blowing out the candle.

“Well… it was…” you begin quietly, looking around.

“Not scary,” 2D says, the personification of absolute boredom, his arms are crossed over his chest as he leans back in his seat.

“Seriously?” You look at him, wondering if all those zombie films he watched had any affect on him.

“I have an idea,” Noodle says, standing up, “Why don’t we take a trip to that abandoned insane asylum nearby?”

“I don’t know…” you say wearily, “What if the police stop us or something?” 

“People go there all the time, it’s fine!” Noodle says and the three of you get ready to head out.

It’s particularly cold that autumn evening, and you mentally curse the weather for making you shake more than you were already as Noodle parks the car on a curb a few feet away from the asylum. When you step out of the car, your knees shake with every step you take. 

“Well, here it is,” Noodle says, looking around, her hands on her hips. 

You look around too, noticing the broken caution tape and the overall deterioration of the building, giving you an unsettling feeling in your chest, “W-what happened?” you asked.

“A couple years ago, the place went down because of a fire caused by one of the patients,” Noodle explained, “No one really knows what exactly happened or why, but the asylum was known for a lot of… Um, difficulties? So they decided just to abandon it after the fire. No one has touched the building since then.”

You swallow loudly, your throat running dry and 2D scoffs, “Why not just renovate the building or something?”

You eye him skeptically, wondering how he could worry about something like that in a time like this.


You turn around and Noodle is on her phone. “What? Again?” She sighs before hanging up, “Murdoc needs someone to bail him out again.”

“I’ll go-”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go,” Noodle cuts 2D off, turning to walk to the car.

“Do you want us to wait out here… or?” You ask mainly out of fear.

“You guys go ahead and go in, tell me all about it when I get back!” She shouts before slamming the car door and drives off, leaving you and 2D alone, in the dark, outside an abandoned insane asylum.

Your phone buzzes causing you to jump, you pull it out of your pocket and read a text from Noodle: You’re welcome !  noodle u lil shit dont text and drive

You look at 2D, he’s staring up at the building, probably more concerned on the quality of it rather than what’s inside. His eyes meet yours, “Are you going in?” He asks.

“Uh…” You say, eyeing the place cautiously.

“If you’re scared,we can-”

“I’m not scared!” You answer defensively, even though you are, “I’m fine, okay?” You turn around and march towards the building but stop when you don’t hear any footsteps behind you. You turn around sheepishly, all signs of confidence disappearing from you, “W-why don’t you go in first?”

The two of you walk down a hallway, 2D in front, shining the flashlight from his phone as a guide. You struggle to keep up with his large steps, not wanting to be left in the dark in a place like this. He shines the flashlight around the empty rooms, looking for nothing in particular. You jump when you hear a sudden squeak and the two of you stop in your footsteps.

“… Rats?” 2D wonders out loud, turning around to face you.

“A-Are you scared?” You ask, hoping he is so the two of you can leave this place immediately.

“Of rats? No, not really…”

You huffed, wondering if anyone could be that dense or if he was just doing this on purpose. Nonetheless, you follow him further down the hallway, thinking of possible things that could scare him. The two of you end up finding an elevator, and experimentally, he pushes one of the buttons. Much to your surprise and dismay, it works and the door opens with an unsettling creak in front of you.

“Aren’t you a little nervous?” You ask as the two of you step in.

He pushes the second floor button and the door closes, “Not really… I’ve been in an elevator before, you know.”

You deadpan, “That’s not what I meant.”

The elevator stops and the door opens again, he walks out and you hurry behind him. Suddenly the two of you hear a phone ring in the room nearest to you. He begins walking towards the source of the ringing but you grab onto his arm and stop him, “What are you doing?” 

“The phone’s ringin-”

“In an abandoned insane asylum,” you remind him, but he stares at you, unbothered. You let go of his arm and follow him to the phone. “Hello?” He says and waits, but there’s no response. He hands the phone to you and you hesitantly bring it up to your ear, “… Hello?”


You scream and drop the phone, 2D picks it up again and listens to the receiver, you stare at him expectantly but he places the phone back onto the set and says nonchalantly, “Wrong number.”

“Are you some kind of alien?”


“Don’t you think that’s a little strange? How the phone rang on the floor that we’re on and not to mention in an abandoned insane asylum!” You shout, frustrated that he hasn’t shown any signs of fear at all.

“… Do you want to lea-”

“I’m fine! Let’s go!” You grab his arm and drag him further down the hallway, determined to find something that will scare him. You pass by more paranormal occurrences growing more frustrated with every one of his passive reactions. From weird aberrations to unsettling laughter, you can’t seem to find anything that sparks any sort of fearful reaction. 

“If nothing is going to scare you, then let’s just go,” you say defeated, and you start marching towards the exit but stop when you hear a voice behind the two of you.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

You turn around to see a patient covered in what appeared to be burns standing close behind you. You stumble backwards and your eyes flutter. You hear what you think was your name before you hit the ground, completely unconscious.

You wake up to the sound of voices. You look around and conclude that you’re laying in what seems to be a hospital room, a very dirty one at that almost similar to the one… You sit up suddenly and look to your side and see 2D conversing with a group of strangers. He turns to look at you and notices that you’re awake. He gets up and walks over to you, “You alright?” He asks worriedly.

You look behind him at the strangers staring at you expectantly. 2D follows your eyes and explains, “Oh, these guys are from the drama club at their high school. They come here every weekend to scare people who stop by and practice using their special effects make up and acting, you know? Pretty neat, huh?”

You smile sheepishly, “Yeah… Pretty neat…”

“Man, you were so scared,” one of them says, laughing, “Hope you’re okay though.”

“I’m fine,” you say as you get up from the bed, your wobbling legs proving otherwise. 2D catches you, slinging one of your arms over his shoulder. He says bye to the students, promising them a few signed albums before the two of you head out, him supporting you as best as he could. He calls Noodle, but she doesn’t pick up so the two of you decide to walk back instead.

“You know…” he begins, “If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to the extreme and faint,” he teases, smiling. You shove him playfully and laugh with him. You look up at him and tell him, “I can walk by myself now.”

He’s not convinced, “You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

He lets you go and the two of you walk in silence for a while before you ask him, “Were… were you scared at all?”

“Erm… Only once…” he admits and you could’ve sworn you saw the faintest hit of pink on his cheeks.

“Really? When?”

“… When you fainted…” he says quietly.

“O-oh,” you say, flustered as well. Your small moment together is cut short when you hear a series of honks from behind you. Noodle pulls up next to you and rolls down the window with Murdoc now in the passenger seat, “Sorry!” Noodle calls out leaning towards the open window. Murdoc honks to the horn again, “Hurry up and get in. It’s been a day.”

“Agreed,” you both say before heading in the back. The car ride back is spent with Murdoc complaining how he had every right to demand an otter at the pet store and how his altercation with the law forces once they were contacted was just an overreaction on their part. Noodle shakes her head in silent disagreement. When she pulls up to the house, she offers you a ride back to yours but 2D interjects, “Um… I’ll walk Y/N home.”

“You sure?” Noodle says pointing towards the direction of your home,“It’s pretty far away-”

“No no, it’s okay,” he cuts her off quickly. She gets the hint and the two of you exit the back and start walking towards your house. You blush deeply when your fingers brush against his lightly. You talk about nothing in particular and soon enough you’re both standing at your door.

“So… Uh… W-when are you free again?” He asks suddenly. 

You think for a bit, “Next weekend?”

“Alright… We’ll try to do something that’s not too scary,” he teases.

“Hey,” you say playfully and pout dramatically.

“… Cute.”


“Uh-Nothing. See you next weekend!” He says quickly before heading off. You watched him disappear, unaware of rosy tint that covered his cheeks.

lmao oops i spent all afternoon on this, fighting with my wifi. also totes mcgoats inspired by that episode from full metal panic fumoffu if you’re into that kinda stuff i totally recommend its one of my favorites.

also murdocs deal with the otter is literally me i want an otter so bad i just had to write about it im so sorry

also again 2D not giving a shit about scary stuff is the funniest thing to me idk it makes sense cause all he does it watch scary movies hes probably immune to the spooks

I’m so tired of the toxic “straight/cis people can’t get offended” mindset that tumblr so asininely perceives as some unspoken rule of law here. Now, look, I’m an asexual trans male, and it’s tragic that I have to specify that as a prerequisite to speak on this topic in the first place, but the lgb.tq+ community has been oppressed. That’s not something I’m gonna argue. Believe me, I’ve lived it. I’m living it. But what do distasteful jokes about straight/cis people as a whole do to further our cause? It does nothing but offend them and make them think lesser of us. It does nothing but create this acerbic atmosphere between our groups, which is the opposite of what the the lgb.tq+ movement was meant to accomplish in the first place.

Look, it’s easy to feel like the victim. I get it. But you guys sit here and wonder why no one takes us seriously, and it’s because we don’t take anyone else seriously.

It’s time to think about the next generation. Not just about us. Stop acting like victims and start acting like advocates.

Souda: Oh, Tanaka! Hey, did you know that you can get two tickets to- wow! That bread looks good!

Tanaka: This bread is for my friends.

Souda: The hamsters?

Tanaka: You can’t judge me!

Souda: Anyway, Tanaka, here. You should try to win tickets.

Tanaka: A cruise filled with happy couples? That’s the perfect place for me to wallow in my miserable existence even more than usual!

Souda: Seriously, get help.

Tanaka: I call on the power of the Four Devas! Help me win these tickets to make me hate my life even more!

Monomi: We have a winner!

Souda: Dang it! He used his powers to cheat! Why didn’t I think of that?

Souda: Come on, Tanaka! You have two tickets! Who better to take along than me?

Tanaka: No! No, no, a million times no!

Souda: Who you gonna take?

Tanaka: No one! That’s the point! I will be lonely and desperate, and it will be wonderful!

Souda: But what if Monokuma sets a trap on the boat?

Tanaka: Then I guess I’ll be a devil and take Miss Sonia! It makes me evil and happy at the same time!

Sonia: Hey, Kuzuryuu, what’s going-

Tanaka: Miss Sonia! Come! Join the dark side!

Kuzuryuu: This is better than my soaps.

Souda: Don’t come crying to me when you crash into an iceberg!

Tanaka: I hope we do! The icy waters of death will be my sanctuary!

The Dream of a Rolling Bookshelf Ladder


Many a book lover remembers watching Beauty and the Beast and wondering at the library that the Beast gifts Belle with. 

As a bookish kid, I loved Belle for her passion for reading, but it wasn’t the library that got seared into my brain. It was the sweep of the rolling bookshelf ladder.

Maybe those two scenes got mixed together in my head, because now I associate having a ladder like that with incredible literary abundance. Obviously, once you can majestically glide over your book collection, that’s when you know you’ve made it.

Having my own bookshelf ladder doesn’t make much sense. I still have cheap shelves that wouldn’t be able to support one, and besides, all my books are within reaching distance. But there have been multiple customers that have come into the bookstore I work at, looked up at the books going all the way to the (raised) ceiling, and sighed, “This is almost perfect. You just need one of those ladders, you know? From Beauty and the Beast?” Obviously I wasn’t the only one to take it to heart. I had to agree, so much so that I started to seriously wonder about it. Why don’t we have rolling ladders? It would certainly save on the time of pulling out ladders and hanging them up again all the time.

That’s when I realized the tragic impossibility of the thing. If it was even possible to install them, they couldn’t be for customer use, for self-evident insurance reasons. And imagine how sad it would be to walk into a bookstore that is staged to recreate that scene, except that there’s a little chain across the ladder saying “For staff use only”. Worse, even if it is possible to glide along a bookcase as elegantly as it looks in animation, you couldn’t do that in a crowded bookstore–TBS (To Be Shelved) stacks would be scattered everywhere, customers would be in danger. So the reality of having those ladders would be deeply disappointing for a customer. Employees would unchain the ladder, carefully slide it over a couple feet and then climb up, making sure to chain it again after they’re done.

And so, the dream continues unfulfilled. To anyone that’s actually been able to use a rolling bookshelf ladder: Did it make you feel as if you ascended to book heaven? It is as majestic as the movies make it look?

To See From Another’s Eyes

From this request: Can you do a fic about Cas back when he was a grouchy soldier angel based on Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath?

Here’s the song



Angels were servants of the Lord.

They were supposed to do whatever it was He asked of them.

They were not supposed to question His ways.

But one day, Cas found himself experiencing a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong. Something was off.

Something was different.

He found himself on a thing called a subway. The underground vessel was speeding around in the dark. The patrons were scattered about the car, some sitting, some standing.

They all looked miserable.

‘How can this be?’ Cas thought. ‘Can they not see the wonders that God has given them? Do they not see the miracles all around them?’

The train pulled to a stop and Cas walked out amidst the flood of travelers. He climbed the stairs and stood on the pavement outside, in the cool afternoon air.

The people here were no happier than those on the train.

Cas wandered around for a moment. He spotted a young woman at a café, staring out aimlessly as she slowly stirred her coffee. She felt Cas’ eyes on her—she glanced up. Her mouth twitched to a friendly smile but her eyes remained heavy and dead.

Cas looked around. He looked at the man in the business suit at the table next to the girl. He was even more unhappy. Cas carefully probed his mind and found that his soul was upset because he’d recently lost his job. He was afraid to tell his wife.

Was… was this a common occurrence here? Is that why the people were so miserable?

Cas carefully approached the young woman, her eyes having dipped back down to her cup. “Excuse me, miss.”

The woman looked up. “Yes?”

“I… I have a strange question.”

“Do you need directions?”

“No. Nothing like that. I was wondering if you could tell me why everyone seems so sad. Yourself included.”

The woman squinted at Cas. She gestured to the empty seat across from her. Cas gingerly sat on the chair.

“Are you not sad?”

“I have no reason to be.”


“Our Father has provided us with so much. We have no reason to be sad.”

“Oh. So you’re one of those.”

“What do you mean?”

“You rely so heavily on the ‘greatness’ of the Lord and the things that the Bible tells you that you don’t bother to question. You don’t dare take a step back and say ‘is this really good?’.”

Castiel paused. This was exactly what he did. That’s what he was told to do.

Is there another way to be?

“What is your name?”


“Y/N, this is going to sound odd, but I have a request.”

You cocked your eyebrow at him. “Yes?”

Castiel leaned forward. “This may be hard to believe, but I am an angel of the Lord.”

You didn’t flinch.

“I… I would like you to let me see things the way you see them.”

“And how does that happen?”

Cas reached his hands out toward you. You looked at them for a moment before placing your hands in his.

Cas closed his eyes and let himself melt into you.

And he saw.

He saw the misery, the horror, the sadness.

He saw and he understood.

He opened his eyes. “That…”

“What did you see?”

Cas shook his head. “How do people live like that? Why… why is the Lord not helping them?”

“Oh, God,” you said. “Did I break one of God’s angels?”

Cas looked up. “No,” he said, shaking his head slightly. “No, I’m fine. I just… this is very new for me.”

He looked down at your hands, still in his. They were small, soft, warm.

He looked up at you again. Your eyes were on his—small, soft, and warm.

Angels were servants of the Lord.

They were supposed to do whatever it was He asked of them.

They were not supposed to question His ways.

And they were not supposed to fall for a human.

Harper’s Bazaar China - Jensen Ackles [Translation I]

Jensen Ackles, a man who has brought his sexy charm off the screen and into reality;

humble, reserved;

capable of handling the toughest situations with his unique composed ease;

just like his role in Supernatural – Dean Winchester.

As an uncommonly long-lasting TV series in Hollywood, Supernatural is about to step into its tenth season this fall. Eleven years, one show and one character – Jensen Ackles has focused all his energy on playing Dean Winchester, the most charming demon hunter in American television history. He has won and been nominated for many awards, so numerous that it is far too easy to forget the tumultuous journey it is to walk a path so long that it’s measured in years. It is akin to being in battle – to face all kinds of temptations, doubts and uncertainty. It is hence essential to overcome not only external temptations, but also the internal struggles. Onscreen and off-screen, Jensen Ackles garners as much respect/reverence as he does, because he has accomplished the extraordinary.

— Perserverance—

Effortless grace and ease in strenuous times

At our first meeting, Jensen Ackles approaches us wearing a simple denim shirt, a pair of casual cream-coloured pants, and a smile on his face, greeting the staff like old friends. Chatting easily about the refreshing jog he had in the morning and the exciting match the night before, there is no mistaking the Californian sunniness in his demeanour. Ten minutes was all it took for him to prepare for the photoshoot – and for the artists to bring out the perfection in this demon hunter. There was no way around it – Jensen Ackles is a born beauty, astounding as it is that such a phrase can fit so perfectly on a man.

Some pursue success with zeal and fervour, even aggression, with unrelenting vigilance and unwavering ambition – like cheetahs stalking prey, holding their breath for that one coveted opportunity. Some achieve success simply because the opportunity was, often quite unexpectedly, offered to them. Jensen Ackles fits in neither category – he certainly doesn’t possess the dogged determination and ambition of the former, but neither is he simply waiting for success to call. To Jensen, his key to success is a self-possessed ease, a wisdom that allows him to tread through the most strenuous times with effortless grace. [Not translated here: brief discography of Jensen Ackles.]

Jensen has lived an extraordinary life, but the remarkable thing about this man is that he wears this glory lightly – it’s a kind of superpower as well, that lies not in beating the crap out of bad guys but living all the ups and downs in his life with such extraordinary ease.

When asked about the reason why he was selected in Supernatural eleven years ago, Jensen gave us the simplest answer instead of a story full of twists and turns we had expected to be thrown at. “I worked with the director before, he knew what kind of character and performance he wanted, and found me suitable. And I trusted him enough to know that I’d have a pleasant journey if we work together again, so I just went for the audition – twice – then I was chosen.” What he didn’t tell us there was that the role he first auditioned for was the younger brother Sam, but later he was asked to do another audition for the older brother Dean as well. “This character has something that just made me want to give it a try. Then they told me: this role is yours.”

Jensen Ackles has been playing the charming hunter for almost 11 years. With his subtle and convincing acting, the audience sometimes couldn’t tell the character from the actor himself. He admitted to us that in the early shooting of the show, he did think himself holds a resemblance with Dean. “I didn’t know who he was at that time, so he’s the screen version of me.” Now that 11 years has passed, looking back, Jensen said that he now can feel a lot more differences between Dean and him. “It often surprises me that how much Dean has changed – the way he talks or the way his mind works – compared to both Dean back in the first season and me at this present moment. The relationship between us also shifted so much and it amazes me. I guess that’s why I love acting.”

“You’ve been at the same show for more than a decade now, haven’t you ever want to leave to go for some opportunities that were, say, particularly tempting?” I asked him closely, “Don’t you ever feel even the slightest struggle about whether take these chances or not?” “I don’t know if there are any ‘tempting opportunities’; what I do know is I have had a great deal of fun making this show and I enjoy my current job. So I never bother to learn if there’s any better chances out there. I’ve told my manager that, there’s no need to inform me of job opportunities I miss due to scheduling conflicts. All I need to know is what I’m supposed to do at this very moment, and be happy with it. That’s enough for me.”

If he had to give up one of his roles among father, husband and actor, Jensen Ackles would choose to keep up with the former two. Needless to say, he always aspires to be a good actor and certainly is indeed a good actor, but according to his philosophy regarding success, the highest praise to a man is being a good father and husband.

Jensen has a good father himself, who is also an actor. In fact, it was his father who led him on the road of acting. “Like father, like son. I acted in high school; a scout convinced me to go to L.A and I got a part in a show almost immediately; that’s when I fell in love with acting, you know, gradually. I’ve never consider it as some destiny. I just stumbled into a series of opportunities.”

Jensen’s father – the idol of his lifetime, has been there through Jensen’s life with his simplest philosophy of happiness. “Sometime I really stepped into the wrong path, but he’d never tell me to just quit it. He’d tell me it’s OK, tell me to go for it all the same.” This stress-free environment Jensen grew up with has infused in his blood the life philosophy of taking all the greatness with peacefulness.

Jensen also applies this philosophy into his job: “It’s a lot of work. I don’t think there’s any show out there just has two leading characters to support the whole series like ours do. Heroes has 20 leading characters so they only have to work 2 days a week, and spend the rest of the week on vacation. Jared and I work 16 hours a day in Vancouver. The house is just a sleeping box. We lie down on our beds for a couple of hours and we go back to work again. I spent most of my time on set and in my trailer. ”

When faced a topic as weighty as “success”, Jensen can give us his answer with an air of ease. It almost makes you wonder if it’s us take things too seriously, worrying about sophistication. We insist that happiness is all that matters, but few people actually live up to it. Perhaps, that’s why Jensen is successful.

Speaking of the near future, there’s one thing can bring the Supernatural fandom some relief: the tenth season has already started filming. In other words, the brothers will take on one more journey with us for another while. As for the real ending of the story, even our lead actor doesn’t have a clue. How far the show and the brothers will take on remains unknown. “I don’t want the show to reduce itself into a meaningless cliché; but it’s also hard to abandon a steady job and substantial pay-checks, especially in such a quicksilver business like entertainment industry.”


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Summer in the City - Guests

Hi There,

Today I want to publicly address and apologise for a tweet that went out from the Summer in the City account last week. The tweet in question was as follows: 

“We’re working hard to contact everyone you ask about, but can’t confirm people until they confirm that they are happy to come see their fans”

The tweet is terribly worded and may be seen as unfair on those unable to attend, so to start off I would like to publicly acknowledge the terrible wording of this tweet and apologise to anyone that it has upset. 

The tweet itself was not intended to be malicious, or suggest that anyone who isn’t at SitC hates their fans, as we understand people can’t always get to the event (the ocean between England and America has and always will be a pretty big obstacle for many of your favourite US content creators).

A YouTubers inability to attend Summer in the City (or any YouTube event for that matter!) does not necessarily come down to them not wanting to see their fans, as most YouTubers get ecstatic over any opportunity to meet the people who have supported them so actively. Often a YouTubers inability to attend will come down to factors that genuinely prevent them from attending, like personal commitments, other events and even costs. 

Summer in the City isn’t supported by a massive company and as a result we’ve never been able to actively offer travel support, or accommodation to those who come. Everyone that comes to the event does so of their own accord and out of their own pocket (just like all of you attending), so that they can enjoy the event and maybe even see some of their followers.

With this in mind, it isn’t necessarily the failing of a YouTuber, or us if they can not make it down to the event.  Please don’t take a YouTuber’s absence from SitC as a sign of us not liking that YouTuber, or as them not wanting to come and see their fans, as there will often other reasons behind this.

Once again I would like to apologise to anyone that it may have offended! It wasn’t our intention and we’re sincerely sorry. 

-Tom Burns
Organiser & Founder 
Summer in the City 

You may also be wondering why this post is originating from my own Tumblr account as opposed to the official Summer in the City one: Quite simply, it is so none of us are acknowledging a serious issue like this as an anonymous tumblr poster. I want you all to know that it’s something we feel bad about, are taking seriously and would like to publicly clarify.