and we will seduce you

“And I want you to seduce me,” she said. “Everywhere we go.”

“Seduce you?” He echoed.

“Yes,” she nodded.

He looked like he was trying not to laugh. It was a new expression on him, one that she hadn’t seen before. She decided that she liked it. “How would you like to be seduced?” He asked.

She couldn’t help the blush that spread across her face and ears, but she held her head high and tried to sound confident.

“Oh, I’m not picky,” she shrugged, “I just want you to use your imagination. Whatever’s in your head.”

He looked at her.

“You’re in my head.”

An awareness struck her of just how much he meant what he said. She felt the evidence of how profoundly they had changed each other – how they had carved themselves into the fabric of their beings, how they had become irreplaceable in each other’s lives. She saw it through their bond, and through his words, and through his eyes.

He told her that he loved her with that look.

Chapter 53, A Collision of Stars by dustoftheancients

I commissioned this gorgeous image after reading chapter 53 of one of the best fanfics out there. I envisioned a future where Rey and Kylo are hopefully trying to seduce each other after the conclusion of the story. ;) Thank to @dustoftheancients for creating such a wonderfully developed and suspenseful work that I wish I would have stumbled upon sooner. And this piece would not have been possible without @panda-capuccino and her inspiring artistry.


Dating Dallas Winston would include…

- Sleeping over at Buck’s

- The gang thinking you are just another Sylvia at first

- Earning Dallas’s trust and respect

- Only calling him Dallas when you are angry

“Dallas Winston!”

“Oh come on, what did I do this time doll?”

- Becoming friends with the gang after they see that you are legit

- Dallas getting jealous at the smallest things

- You getting jealous when Dallas starts flirting with other girls

- Getting angry when Dallas is dismissive of your feelings

- Getting upset when he gets arrested

- Skirt lifting

“So I was thinking that after the movie we can- DALLAS!”


“Stop flipping my skirt up you perv!”

“Oh please doll, you know I love the view.”

- Hickies just everywhere, places people would see them and places only the two of you could see

- Visiting Dallas while he is in the cooler

“What did you do this time Dal?”

“Don’t worry about it doll, I’ll be out before ya know it.”

- Getting mad at Dally and flirting with Socs to get back at him

- Him reluctantly giving hugs whenever you ask

- Waking up to see your hips covered in small bruises

“Really Dally? You just have to leave your mark don’t you.”

“You’ve got to admit, you look real nice with ‘em.”

“Oh shut it. You know what this means right.”


“You aren’t gettin’ nothin’ until these heal.”

“What! No that’s not fair!”

“Deal with it.”

- Trying to get Dallas to take you out

- Dallas trying to mess with you under the table

- Having to stop wearing skirts in public

- Coming to the conclusion that you will never be able to stop him from looking for trouble

- Dallas constantly trying to seduce you

“Come on doll, we could go back into my room and have some real fun.”

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

“It looks like you’re sticking your hand up my skirt.”

- Sex in Buck’ car

- Sex anywhere and everywhere

- Safe sex because neither of you want to deal with a kid

- Dallas making midnight trips to buy condoms

- Contemplating whether or not he was just using you for sex

“Why should I follow you upstairs? So you can have a good fuck before sending me on my way again?”

“What are ya talkin’ about?”

“Stop lying to me Dallas. This means nothing to you, but why must you hurt me?”

“You’re acting crazy doll. Come upstairs, we don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to.”


“Yeah, come on broad, you know I won’t kick you to the streets after you give me what I want. I’m not that much of a dick.”

- Dally beating everyone who looks at you in a weird or suggestive way

- Patching him up after rumbles even when he’s being stubborn and insisting he’s fine

- Forcing him to dance with you to a slow song that you picked from the Jukebox at The Dingo


“It’ll be fun.”

“Not in front of everybody. I gotta look tuff.”

“I don’t care. Dance with me.”

- Stealing his jacket when he takes it off and making him run after you to get it back

- Play fights that actually gets you hurt because he doesn’t know how to go easy

- Being the only one in the relationship who says the words “I love you”

“I love you.”

“I know ya do doll.”

*sigh* “Seriously?”


- Dally showing he loves you but never admits it.

- Poison And Wine by The Civil War lyrics’ “I don’t love you but I always will.” being the anthem of your relationship because he swears he doesn’t love you but he always will love you

- Begging Dally to say I love you and him walking out because he can’t because he is scared

- Getting upset when he leaves you and getting your clothes packed to leave but him coming back and kissing you

- Taking what you can get because you believe he will never say it

- Finally taking that he will never say it or ask you to marry him

“I ain’t that kinda man, doll.”

“You aren’t that kinda man or are you too scared?”

- Dally grabbing your arm when you try to leave after sex

- After awhile you start catching Dally staring at you during the weirdest times

- Late night forced cuddles

- Dallas surprisingly being a great boyfriend, once you earn his trust

Ended up being rather long and I am not even sorry

-C and J

Predictable (Damian x reader)

Requested: Yes
Prompts: 12. “We were never just friends.”
14. “Are you trying to seduce me?”
Word Count: 618

A/N: This is a cute Damian fluff piece! @alfred-the-cat-writes I hope you like it! It’s a part of my prompt list requests, but it’s cute and I thought you’d like it!

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  • Deadpool: I sometimes fantasize about having a love/hate relationship with Wolverine.
  • Peter: Don't you already have that?
  • Deadpool: There's no sex so it doesn't count
  • Clint: I feel like Wolverine would be too annoyed by you to have sex with you.
  • Nightcrawler: See, the thing is, you've gotta be able to tone back the obnoxiousness just enough that you trap him and then you start being obnoxious again, but this time, he's in love with you and you can do whatever you want.
  • Nightcrawler: Also, he's got a foreign language kink #confirmed
  • Deadpool: I think I can do that. I can be less obnoxious and suave
  • Inner Voice 1: Oh, god, but that's sooo boring. How about we just slap him again?
  • Inner Voice 2: Patience. Seducing someone requires patience. You can't just slap him.
  • Deadpool: Maybe I can slap him while yelling in Spanish. I took Spanish once in high school. I think I can manage.
  • Logan: You slap me, you're losing the hand.
  • Deadpool: Low risk, low reward. I like those odds.
The Firefighter (Part 3)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: Dean and reader get a little intimate…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,000ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: A little wrap up of firefighter Dean…

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Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 1.  [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

 Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE  


Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

           But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

A/N: I want to honestly thank everyone who has liked, commented, and messaged me about my stories! It melts my heart that you all take the time out of your busy lives to read my work and even more so to like, reblog, and comment on it. <3 I’m utterly grateful. Masquerade especially got great reviews (which I honestly didn’t expect) so without further ado, here is the next saga. Hope you all continue to enjoy this craziness!! Hehe 

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut 

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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           I’ve only ever dated the “bad boys”.

           The boys who were rebellious, unpredictable, and never did what I expected them to do. It was thrilling and adventurous, and they were the only ones who could handle my rough personality.

           But it never lasted long nor did they all end well. Yet, I never stopped looking, hoping that maybe I’d find someone who would want to stay with me for a long time and who in turn, I would want to stay with too.

           When people say finding your other half is a miracle, they weren’t joking. The stars never aligned for me. Either way, one of us wasn’t seeing a future in the other and just wanted to have some fun and move on with our lives.  

           I eventually ended up not wanting to be in long term relationship. I hopped from guy to guy, never getting too attached, but always making them beg for me to stay. I enjoyed being the one who cared less and walking away unscathed that it slowly became difficult for me to even imagine being vulnerable in a long relationship.

           Bottom line is, my intensive history of dating the wrong guys had morphed me into becoming the wrong girl.

           Not that it fazed me anymore. I’ve had more fun that way. But I guess, every so often, I would wonder what exactly was so great about being committed…and while I knew the answer deep down, I didn’t want to delve into it, out of fear that becoming aware of my loneliness would tear out my soul.

           I’d like to keep that locked up and tied down with a nice little bow.

           "Earth to Y/N. Helllooooo ~ I know I’m good looking, but you don’t have to openly stare.“

           A familiar shade of red slipped into your view and interrupted your inner monologue. Your dazed expression quickly changed to a glare as your eyes focused on the figure that was sitting on your desk nonchalantly.

           "Chims, how many times do I have to tell you not to sit on my desk?” you exhaled and tried to nudge him off your things.

           "I’m attracting the customers.“ he grinned.

           You glanced at your watch, "Why aren’t you with your customer? You still have 10 minutes left in the hour.”

           "She finished.“ he winked as he bit into an apple smugly.

           You rolled your eyes. "So you just left her there?”

           "She wanted to cuddle but that’s not my thing.“ Jimin shrugged. "So I got one of the noob gentlemen personas to do it. He’s had the hotts for that client anyway. Biggest jugs I’ve ever seen… and you know I’ve seen a lot.”

           "Yes, I’m aware of both facts unfortunately.“ You sighed. "They’re at my eye level when she walks in and asks me a question.”

           Jimin snorted. “Somebody’s jealous ~”

           "Big boobs aren’t everything.“

           "Oh?” Jimin smirked. “What is everything then? Wanna show me?”

           "You’re an ass. Get off my desk.“ You shooed him away but he simply floated beside you.

           "Stand up.”

           "What? Why?“ You furrowed your brows.

           "I wanna see if you at least have an ass.” Jimin chuckled. “I’ve been wondering why people are lining up to sleep with you but never staying.”

           You grabbed Jimin’s collar and roughly pulled him to you.

           "Let’s get one thing straight, Park Jimin.“ you whispered. ”I’m the one that doesn’t stay.“

           He was so taken aback by your forwardness that you were able to easily grab the apple from his grip. You smirked at him as you took a large bite. His lips curled up and he crossed his arms.

           "And tell me,” he swiped his apple back. “why haven’t WE slept with each other?”

           You snorted, “Because you are a certified fuck boy in every literal and figurative meaning of the word. I have standards you know.”

           Jimin clutched his chest playfully, “I’m hurt.”

           You rolled your eyes. “If we had slept with each other, we definitely would not have been friends for this long.”

           Jimin chucked you the apple and you took another bite.

           "Plus who in the hell is going to listen to your daily conquests?“ You chimed.

           "Or listen to your ‘bad boy’ stories.” Jimin grinned.

           "Exactly.“ You finished the rest of the apple and hit one of the buttons on your desk as soon as the hour changed, causing all of the buzzers to go off in the respective rooms.

           You pressed your earpiece. "Jin, your next client is already waiting for you in the room. Looks like another one of her dates went badly so come with the full break up kit.”

           "On it.“

           "You know if you hadn’t befriended me and Hobi in college, you also wouldn’t have found this job.” Jimin stretched.

           You laughed, “You two would also have been in trouble if I didn’t save your asses half the time in college.”

           "Hey, for that one time, the girl said she was SINGLE. Who knew she was dating that beast of a quarterback?“

           "EVERYONE in the university knew they were dating. You and Hobi just ignored the fact so you could try her out.”

           "And we owe you our lives by seducing him enough to not care about her cheating.“ Jimin bowed.

           You tossed your hair over your shoulder, "What can I say? I have a gift.”

           "Well take that gift of yours and find a boyfriend.“ he snorted.

           "Chims, stop lecturing me and get your ass to the dark room. I think your client is there and is prepping herself. You’re 3 minutes late.” You checked your watch.

           "It’s okay. Makes it go in easier if she’s already soaked.“ Jimin winked, and you smacked him.

           "Save the dirty talk for someone else, Red.”

           "Yes ma'am.“ Jimin fixed his mask, grinning widely, and soon disappeared behind the veil.

           You took out your phone and exhaled, "Boyfriend, huh?”

           "Good job everyone!“ You beamed as the masks were making their way out of Club Masquerade.

           "Thanks for your hard work Y/N!” They bowed to you before they walked out the door, bundled up.

           Being the receptionist also meant being in charge of the place. You were always the first one there to open up and the last one to leave to check that everything was locked. You made sure everything ran smoothly during the day and you were in charge of the assignments and scheduling. Most of the hosts went to you for everything – requests, shift exchanges, days off, questions, suggestions, etc. You were the only one with access to each room and had the last say on almost everything. You were also the only female employee on the premises so you were the object of most of the workers’ rampaging desires, but you never gave any of them the time of day. So, on the pedestal you stood for everyone.

           Except for one person.

           "Ready to go?“ Jimin threw his arm around you, earning him unnoticed glares from the departing hosts.

           "I need to lock up, Chims. You know that.” You elbowed his ribs lightly and moved away from his arm.

           "I’ll wait right here then.“ Jimin plopped down in your chair and spun around childishly.

           During your most adventurous and experimental days, you had befriended Hoseok and Jimin. At the time, you had had an older boyfriend whom had hit on you at one of the first frat parties of the semester, and you jumped at the chance to date an older, more experienced man. Eventually, he introduced you to the troublesome pair, who he had gone to high school with.

           Later on in your relationship, the two ended up catching him cheating on you just as you had arrived to your boyfriend’s house party. As revenge, you snuck into his house after the party and gave his roommate a blowjob, while your ex was sleeping in the same room. You made his roommate beg and pant so loud that your ex woke up and had to witness the entire thing, much to his horror. The next day your ex begged for you back and his roommate was so blown away by you that he asked you to be his instead. You simply smirked and walked away from the two of them bickering. Such a bold act made you look incredibly awesome to Hoseok and Jimin. So naturally, you all gravitated to each other with your similarly high libidos.

           Hoseok eventually calmed down, but you continued to date your bad boys while Jimin continued to sleeping with any girl that would let him. And so here you two are in the present time, still single and still sleeping around aimlessly.

           "Geez, why is it freezing?” You hissed as you and Jimin walked down the sidewalk.

           "Here.“ Jimin handed you his gloves. "I’m always warm.”

           You stared at his gloves skeptically.

           "What?“ he chuckled. "I swear I have never used these gloves to jack myself off or anyone else for that matter.”

           "I’m trusting you Park Jimin.“ You grabbed it and hurriedly slipped it over your fingers, welcoming the warmth.

           "I DO have a life outside of having sex.” Jimin laughed. “We’re not in college anymore.”

           "Although just a few months ago you and Hoseok were acting like college students at your workplace.“ You rolled your eyes.

           "It was a completely mature competition.”

           "That you lost.“ You snickered.

           "I didn’t lose. I kindly stepped out of the race for my friend.”

           You stared at him, amused. “Whatever makes you feel better about losing.”

           "I didn’t lose!“ he argued as you hurried forward, seeing the diner within sight.

           You rushed in and scanned the place. Immediately, you spotted Hoseok waving at you from a corner booth and rushed to him happily.

           "Hobi! Silver! I missed you!” You hugged your dear friends.

           Since you were a close friend of her boyfriend and loved to rat out all his dirty secrets, you and Silver quickly developed a close relationship. You didn’t have many female friends, considering one of the two guys would end up sleeping with them or their boyfriends ended up wanting to sleep with you, so you really valued the few that you had.

           "Now if Jimin gets a legit girlfriend, I’ll have another friend girl.“ You grinned as Jimin sat down beside you.

           Hoseok snorted. "Him? Get a legit girlfriend? I hope I live to see the day.”

           "Yeah, Y/N.“ Jimin laughed. "Let’s face it. I am not a relationship sort of man.”

           "Never say never, Jimin. You might end up eating your words.“ You lectured and he rolled his eyes.

           "I don’t think any girl can entertain me enough to make me want 'forever’ with them. No offense Silver.”

           Silver laughed and shook her head. “None taken.”

           "Yeah, you just solidified that she made the right choice.“ You teased.

           Hoseok smiled at his girlfriend warmly as they intertwined fingers. You and Jimin groaned and opened your menus to block out the romantic scene.

           "No lovey dovey stuff during dinner please.”

           "Oh grow up you two.“ Hoseok chuckled.

           "Can we get a kids menu over here?” You yelled.

           "Who will it be for?“ the waiter hurried over.

           "Him.” You pointed to Jimin.

           Jimin pinched your leg but affably smiled at the waiter as he accepted the menu. As soon as he left, Jimin turned to glare at you.

           "You’re an ass.“

           You stuck your tongue out defiantly. Hoseok sighed and shook his head.

           "Oh Y/N. Have you tried the app that I told you about?” Silver questioned as their orders slowly trickled in.

           "App? What app?“ Jimin asked mid-chew.

           You pushed his chin up to close his mouth, disgustedly, then turned your attention back to Silver.

           "I think I’m going to make a profile tonight. It won’t hurt to try.”

           "Ooo right. She told me about it. It looks promising.“ Hoseok commented.

           "Yeah a lot of my friends found their current boyfriends and fiancés through that app!”

           "An online dating app?“ Jimin blinked.

           "Yeah,” Silver smiled excitedly. “Kind of like Club Masquerade but online!”

           You blushed at the description.

           "So you make the profile and when you upload a picture, they put a mask filter over part of your face. It promotes finding your partner based on personality, interests, and similar philosophies without the distraction or allure of appearances.“ Silver grinned. "I think it’s perfect for you, Y/N!”

           "Is it?“

           "Yeah, I mean you’re drop dead gorgeous so you probably consistently attract guys who just want you for your body –”

           Jimin and Hoseok snorted at the truth of the statement. You kicked Hobi’s shin and pinched Jimin’s thigh in retaliation. They winced but Silver continued her babbling.

           "– this time, I really want you to look for a nice guy who meets what you want in a partner.“ Silver grabbed your hand warmly. "I promise you that the sex is ten times better when it’s with someone you emotionally connect with.”

           "Hey!“ Jimin cried out, offended.

           "No offense, Red.” Silver smirked, getting back at him for his comment earlier.  

           You laughed. “Maybe I do need to try dating a good guy for once.”

           "It’s what I’ve been telling you for YEARS.“ Hoseok shook his head. "No one ever listens to me.”

           "I listen to you, Hobi.“ Silver patted his leg, but shook her head at you and Jimin contrastingly mouthing. "No I don’t.”

           You and Jimin giggled as Hoseok rolled his eyes.

           "Why am I stuck with you three?“

           "You love us.” Jimin grinned.

           "I appreciate you walking me home, but I have an odd feeling you’re going to stay.“ You grumbled as Jimin whistled beside you happily.

           Neither of you said anything until you got to your doorstep. You knew what he was plotting and he was trying to be nonchalant about it. As soon as you turned the key, Jimin pushed the door open and ran in. You sighed, already foreseeing his intrusion.

           "You could just ask, you know.”

           "And you would always say no.“ Jimin was already lounging on the couch.

           "Yeah, because I’m not your keeper. You have your own apartment!”

           "I don’t like being alone!“ Jimin looked at you while he lay upside down cutely.

           You rolled your eyes as you tried to tidy up a bit out of courtesy.

           "At least bring me some food offering next time.”

           "Will do.“ Jimin grinned as he rolled off the couch, no longer needing to pin himself to your furniture in fear of you kicking him out.

           "Where are you going?” You eyed.

           "Oh I left clothes in the back of your closet.“ he chuckled.

           You groaned, "Are you serious?”

           "I’m always prepared.“ he smirked as he skipped to your room.

           "I hate you!” You bellowed.

           "No you don’t~“

           "Wait. Hold on!” You gasped as you ran to your room, but it was too late.

           Jimin was holding up your discarded bra as you stepped foot into your bedroom.

           "Seems like you grew a bit?“

           "Put the lingerie down, Jimin.” You commanded slowly as if he was holding it hostage.

           "I like the style. Looks like a dominatrix.“ he smirked as he tossed it around in his hands.

           "Stop looking at it!” You rushed forward and swiped it out of his grasp, embarrassed. “Go change!”

           "I was going to.“ Jimin threw off his shirt without warning, and you quickly shut your eyes and hurried out of the room, hugging your bra for dear life.

           You chucked it inside your laundry basket and changed into the pajamas you had luckily hung in your bathroom earlier that day. Then you walked to your living room with a big sigh. Jimin was already sitting at the end of your couch with a book of yours that he had started reading last time he had been over.

           "You know, for someone who sleeps with a lot of men, you sure got shy when I took off my shirt.” he teased.

           "I want to see the people I sleep with naked. You aren’t one of them.“ You emphasized as you took a seat on your couch too, propping your foot onto his lap.

           Jimin watched you swipe through your phone for a bit before returning to his book.

           "Yah.” You nudged him with your foot. “One of the other Aggressors is asking to borrow your harness for tomorrow just in case the new shipment doesn’t come in on time. Do you have it?”

           Jimin hummed, “I think it should be in my room at the club. I haven’t taken it out recently.”

           "Wow ~ I’m impressed.“ You cooed as you messaged the host back.  

           "I have other toys at home.” he smirked.

           "Do you also have angry women knocking at your door for playing around with them? Is that why you don’t like being home?“ You snorted.

           "No one can get angry at me.” Jimin smiled innocently. “I’m always honest with them.”

           "Saying 'I just want a little fun’ with your fingers already inside them is so not playing fair.“ You argued.

           "I never said I played fair.” he chuckled as he turned the page.

           "True.“ You hummed as you finally opened up the dating app Silver had recommended.

           You began filling out your profile and answering questions so intently that you didn’t notice you bouncing your leg out of anxiety until you felt Jimin grab hold of your ankle. Glancing over, you saw him looking at you questioningly.

           "My bad.” You smiled guiltily.

           "Filling out the app?“


           "Don’t forget to write that you’re kinky as hell and curse like a sailor. You’ll get lots of guys messaging you.“

           You glared at Jimin. "I’m writing down my other interests, Chims. I have those too.”

           "Oh yeah.“ he clapped. "What happened to that beard guy you had over? Was that a no go?”

           You groaned. “He was already married. Don’t remind me.”

           Jimin cracked up. “Oh my gosh. You seduced a married man??”

           "The ring fell out of his pocket before we got to the bedroom.“ You chuckled. "And I kicked him out.”

           "Aww sorry, bubs.“ Jimin patted your leg sympathetically.

           "What about you? You brought that girl home. The one with the tattoos? I never heard back from you after you said you were going to 'score with the lady with the dragon tattoo’.” You mentioned and used air quotes.

           "Oh right. She was hott. But normal. I thought she’d be a little more challenging. You know with her badass tattoos and all.“

           You shook your head. "I don’t know why you were blessed with that angelic face and a demonic personality.”

           Jimin beamed and scrunched his face. “I am heaven and hell in one body.”

           "More hell if you ask me.“ You scoffed.

           After a few minutes of silence, Jimin tilted his head over.

           "What questions does the app ask you?”

           "They’re asking what I’m looking for in long term partner.“

           "What ARE you looking for?” Jimin blinked. “I don’t think I’ve heard you talk about it.”

           You smiled gently. You were still a girl after all. What you were looking for wasn’t all that different from everyone else.

           But you stated simply, “Someone who accepts me for me and wants me for more than my body, I guess.”

           Jimin snorted, “Good luck with that.”

           You dug your heel into his thigh in annoyance, causing him to wince. “Asshole.”

           "I’m just saying, if there was such a person, they would’ve showed up by now you know?“ he retorted as he rubbed his thigh.

           You pursed your lips, knowing that Jimin was probably right. But still, you prayed and hoped that maybe, just maybe, you had yet to meet the right person for you. Closing your eyes, you pressed 'Finished’.

           Your profile was officially launched.

           Now you simply had to wait until a match was found for you, so you plopped onto your bed, exhausted, and hoped to wake up to good news.  

           But none came when your alarm rang early the next day.

           You groaned and floated to your living room where Jimin was bundled in blankets.

           "This devil really looks so innocent when he’s not awake.” You chuckled before shaking him. “Yah. You have work.”

           He turned, refusing to wake up, but you persistently shook him.

           "Hoseok is going to kill me if you’re late.“

           "No he won’t.” Jimin mumbled.

           "Jimin. I have work too and I don’t trust you in my house alone!“ You hissed.

           His lips curled up and before you could register what his smile meant, you were pulled down on top of him.

           "5 more minutes, Y/N.” he hugged you tightly as you flailed.

           "Jimin!“ You scolded.

           "My morning wood needs a deterrent.” he smirked and you slid your knee up between his legs threateningly.

           Jimin’s heart began racing as you lay seductively on top of him. While you meant it as a threat to his precious jewels, he was slightly in awe.

           "Well this is kind of hott.“ he chuckled.

           You kneed him and he winced immediately at the pain, releasing you from his hold.

           "Keep it in your pants, Chim-Chims.” You made your way to the kitchen. “What do you want for breakfast?”

           "Mmm kimchi fried rice?“ He croaked.

           You checked the rice cooker while Jimin waddled around to grab water. He ruffled his hair, trying to wake himself up.

           "Alright. I can make it.” You nodded. “Go shower first.”

           "You sure you don’t want to save time and shower together?“ Jimin teased.

           "Oh please.” You snorted. “How many times have you used that line on women?”

           "Usually works.“ he grinned. "But nothing ever works on you.”

           "Sorry to say, but I’m quite immune to your shenanigans.“ You grabbed a pan to start cooking and gestured. "You know where the towels are.”

           "Yes ma'am ~“

           "3 coffees please.” Jimin smirked as it was finally his turn to order from you at the counter.

           You tried to hold back your glare as you typed in his order and swiped his card. Every morning without fail, he would come to your workplace to grab coffee before heading to his office. You wouldn’t have minded, except he never failed to tease you about the cute young guy you were training who clearly was infatuated with you.

           "How’s the jailbait?“ he whispered as he eyed the young boy, gawking at you from the coffee machine.

           "Shut up and wait for your coffee like everyone else.” You commented and gestured to the people waiting on the side.

           "Make sure he doesn’t spit in mine. He hates my guts.“

           "I hate your guts too.” You stated through a fake grin to welcome the next customer.

           "I liked waking up to your face this morning.“ Jimin winked and immediately the young barista dropped the coffee he was holding.

           "Oh COME ON KID!” one of the impatient customers yelled.

           You glared at Jimin who was quite amused about the mess he created.

           "I’ll be right out with your coffee.“ You told your current customer and hurried to skillfully make the orders while the boy cleaned up his accident.

           "Stay out of trouble, Park Jimin.” You shook your head as you handed him his cup holder, holding the three coffees he always ordered for himself, Hoseok, and Silver.

           "I’m never trouble.“ he grinned.

           You rolled your eyes and returned to the cash register once he disappeared.

           Jimin smiled as he took a sip of his coffee, spotting your neat handwriting on the side of his cup. He cracked up as he read, "You’re an ass.”

           You tightened your scarf around your neck as you made your way to Club Masquerade to open up. However, you slowed down when you spotted a tall man standing in front of the once vacant building two doors down from the club. He was grinning brightly and animatedly speaking to strangers. He held flyers, but he wasn’t giving them out to anyone. You continued walking forward but you were suddenly stopped with a flyer in front of your face.

           "Miss, would you be interested in auditioning for our new place?“ the man you had just been observing was beaming at you excitedly.

           You blinked at him, a bit in awe.

           "What’s this new place?”

           He chuckled, “I’m glad you asked. We’re opening up a Neo-Burlesque Bar & Lounge here!”


           "Yeah! You perform songs and dances that entertain the audience while they’re eating and drinking and lounging! I’m only giving really pretty people these audition flyers.” He grinned and you were surprised to hear only a genuine compliment with no underlying intentions from him. “If you can sing and dance, please think about trying out! I think you’ll be a great addition!”

           You blushed. “What kind of dances…?”

           "Sexy ones.“ he giggled.

           "So like a strip club?”

           "Oh no.“ he shook his head. "More of like seductive dances. I promise you’ll keep your clothes on.”

           You laughed, “Well that’s good to know.”

           "You can definitely check out some performances to get a better idea.“ The man slid next to you and pointed out the website on the flyer cutely. "Right there!”

           You smiled; his positivity was a bit infectious.

           "Thank you.“

           "Not at all. I hope I’ll see you at our training!” the man beamed.

           "Oh.“ You commented. "I actually work as a receptionist over there until 9 or later at times…would that interfere…”

           "Not at all.“ the man waved his hand. "We open at that time and performances won’t start until 10pm so you can jump in right after your work there. Luckily, it’s close by so you won’t be late hehe.”

           You smiled and held up the flyer. “Thanks for this.”

           "Have a great day!“ the man smiled brightly and you felt refreshed by the encounter as you walked into Club Masquerade.

           You pressed the flyer down and slid it underneath your planner before heading to change out of your barista uniform into more inappropriate clothing.

           Jimin whistled as he entered the Club, still dressed in his work suit. You stepped out from behind the veil curiously, wondering what he was whistling about.

           "Look at those legs.” he grinned. “I love your skirt days.”

           You rolled your eyes as you held up the new harness that had just come in. “Come here so I can size this properly.”

           He bit his lip playfully and strutted towards you, but you were unfazed by his antics by now.

           "Take your suit top off so it’ll be more accurate.“

           "As you wish.” He smirked as he slid his blazer off to reveal a tight plain white tee that hugged his fit body. You strapped him in easily and fixed up the buckles to make sure it was tight enough that it accentuated his muscles but not constricting enough that it restricted his movements. You patted his torso and back down to make sure it was good.

           "Okay, act like you do with your client. Test it out.“ You ordered, keeping an eye on the harness.

           Jimin’s eyes flickered down to you in front of him and slowly, you felt your back pressed against the wall. He titled your chin up with one hand and stared down at you hungrily.

           "Hmmm…” you stared at him then glanced down. “Take your shirt off.”

           "Wh-what?“ He was flustered.

           "It’ll need to be tighter when you’re shirtless, so off with it.” You ordered nonchalantly as you unstrapped the harness.

           Jimin simply chuckled as he lifted his shirt off, “And last night you ran away from me when I was changing. Now you want to see it. What exactly are you?”

           "This is work, Chims.“ You pulled the harness onto his bare skin. Suddenly, his body was pressed against yours with his face inches away. Your hands were touching his chest. He was warm compared to your usually chilly hands.

           "And what exactly do you take me for?” he whispered.

           You blinked, a bit surprised. Jimin smirked and stepped back.

           "I’ll tighten this on my own, though it seems good as it is right now. Thanks.“ he ruffled your hair and grabbed his clothes, disappearing into his room.

           You shook your head and went back to opening the new toys that had arrived.

[A/N: For reference of Chims in a harness see this]

           Once the hosts were on schedule with their clients, you sat at your desk and scrolled through your phone. Curiously, you opened the app and frowned as it didn’t have any matches for you yet. Had you done it properly? Why was it taking so long? You sighed and remembered the flyer and the bright man that you had met earlier.

           I’m only giving really pretty people these audition flyers.

           You grinned at the memory and slid the flyer out of your planner. You decided to check out the videos of these performances curiously. As you played them, you were amazed at the theatrics and the allure of it. The girls moved their bodies smoothly, dressed in classy yet seductive clothing, and amazed everyone with their voices. You smiled, feeling your heart racing excitedly. You had been looking to take on a new job to help ease your finances, but apply for another boring desk or counter job seemed daunting to you. But this…this was the answer to your prayers. Long forgotten were your years of theater training, hidden under the realities of financial stability and security.

           But it had been so long since you had performed, you were worried whether you would be good enough to qualify. Would you make a fool of yourself? Would you be shoved away by younger girls?

           You slumped back into your chair. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Jimin sneaking up behind you. He grabbed the flyer from your grasp, and was already reading it before you registered what had happened.

           "Performing as a Burlesque girl?” he questioned.

           "Jimin! Did you finish her already?“ You growled as you turned on his room monitor.

           "I did. I’ve been holding it in since you seduced me this morning so I was a bit eager.” He commented and you blushed.

           "I didn’t seduce you.“ You huffed and grabbed the flyer from him.

           "Are you going to try out?”


           "That’s awesome!” He grinned happily. “Will I finally get to see you in action?”

           "You are NOT invited.“

           "Aww why not? I wanna see you shake your thang!” Jimin wiggled his hips playfully.

           "That is exactly why you’re not invited.“ You chuckled. "Never say that again.”

           "I wanna see you groove.“ Jimin started dancing teasingly as you laughed. "No but seriously, you should just try. I’m sure you’ll get hired.”

           You smiled warmly then something caught your eye on the screen.

           You glanced at the monitor, “Chims, your client might want a round two.”

           He followed your gaze and spotted his customer fingering herself. “Woops. Better help her with that.”

           "You think?“ You shook your head. "I told you not to leave your client so early all the time!”

           "Yah! What did I tell you about watching the monitor?“ he yelled as he hurried away.

           "What? It’s like free porn.” You teased.

           "I get shy when you watch!“ he bellowed.

           "I’m not watching!”

           "Turn it off!“ he peeked out from behind the veil, skeptically.

           "I’m turning it off!” You called out as you turned off the monitor obediently.

           "Don’t look!“

           You rolled your eyes. "I’m not looking!”

           He soon disappeared.

           Smiling, you stared at the flyer. You had made up your mind to do it.

           So the next day, you shyly waltzed into the Burlesque Bar & Lounge to participate in the training. There were a lot of girls waiting around for instruction, all gorgeous and fit. You felt a bit conscious for once.

           "Hey! It’s you!“ a familiar voice was heard beside you and you turned to find the man who had given you the flyer skipping to you happily. "You came!”

           "I did!“ You smiled wryly. "Though maybe I shouldn’t have.”

           "Hey, don’t say that.“ he nudged you. "You’re the only one I gave my flyer to during my shift, so I’m counting on you.”

           "No pressure, huh?“

           He giggled and patted your shoulder, "I believe in you.”  

           "Y/N.“ You extended your hand, feeling at ease around this man.

           "Taehyung.” the man flashed his infectious grin. “You can call me Tae or Tae-Tae.”

           You smiled, “Nice to meet you, Tae.”

           "I’ll be a waiter and bartender when this place opens so if you need me, I’ll be with the drinks and food.“ he mused.

           "I’ll look forward to the drinks and food then.”  

           "It’ll be on me when we’re both free.“ he chuckled before he was called into the back by his manager.

           You blinked. You weren’t quite sure if he had asked you on a date or not, but you had no time to dwell on it because the instructors had arrived on the stage to start the training.

           "How’d it go?” Tae caught you while you were packing up to leave.

           "I kind of wished you opened a couple of years ago when I was more energetic.“ You commented.

           Tae laughed as he helped you put on your coat and handed you your purse.

           "You don’t look worn out compared to the others though?” he tilted his head and you glanced over at some of the other girls, heaving. Your lips curled up.

           "Maybe cause I’m not in school anymore?“

           Tae laughed at your joke.

           "I guess you’re heading to your job two doors down?”


           "Okie. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N!” he scrunched his face playfully and waved before sprinting back to the bar.

           You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face as you made your way to Club Masquerade. But you were shocked as someone appeared beside you before you could open the door.

           "How’d it go?“

           You flinched. "Geezus Jimin. Can you please stop sneaking up on me? You’re going to give me a heart attack.”

           "You literally walked past me with that creepy grin on your face.“ He scrolled through his phone nonchalantly.

           You glanced at him, dressed in a casual black suit with a tight black shirt underneath this time. When his eyes darted up, you averted yours.

           "Did you just check me out?” he smirked.

           "Yeah, so?“ You shrugged. There was never any point in lying between you and Jimin anyway.

           "You have a suit kink?” he wiggled his eyebrows as he followed you inside.

           "I was just thinking that the outfit works for you.“ You stated.

           "I’ll wear it more often then.” he grinned.

           "Suit yourself.“ You stared at him, amused.

           "Punny.” he said flatly.

           "Oh come on. That was a good one!“

           "So why were you grinning like an idiot? Was there a cute guy there?” Jimin teased.

           "Yeah, actually.“ You laughed.

           "Oh? Oooo.” Jimin sat in front of your desk expectantly, waiting for more details.

           "No details yet, Chims. He was the one who gave me the flyer and he was…nice…“ You trailed off.

           Jimin playfully gasped. "But you never date nice guys!”

           "I didn’t say I’d date him.“

           "Oh come on. I know that grin. You’re attracted to him.”

           "I can think someone is attractive, but not want to date them.“

           "Seriously? Is that a thing?” Jimin raised an eyebrow.


           "Okay, give me an example.” He unwrapped a mint from your desk and popped it into his mouth.

           "Hoseok is attractive to me, but I wouldn’t date him.“ You stated.

           "He’s taken. Bad example.”

           "Jin is attractive, but I wouldn’t date him.“

           "Fine.” Jimin leaned forward, “So what about me?”

           You leaned back, creating space between your faces. “What about you?”

           "Do I fit that category?“ he stared at you curiously.

           You blinked and opened your mouth to answer, when the door creaked opened. Hurriedly, you lunged forward and covered Jimin’s face.

           "Sorry, we’re not open just yet.” You smiled. “But I’ll be right back to help you. Excuse me.”

           "Oh yes. Of course.“

           A shy voice emerged from the young woman in front of you. With a slight apologetic bow, you led Jimin behind the veil and slipped your hand from his eyes.

           "Sorry.” You chuckled.

           Jimin smiled and shook his head.

           "Get changed.“ You instructed then spun around to leave, but you felt Jimin’s fingers curl around your wrist. You turned your head to see him staring at you intently.


           "I want her.“ he grinned.

           You rolled your eyes and pulled your arm out of his grip. "It depends what she’s looking for.”

           "Everybody wants a little Red ~“ He licked his lips.

           You squeezed his cheeks as you growled. "I just want to beat that ego out of you.”

           He giggled cutely.

           "How’s that app going?“ Silver came to visit you during work.

           "I still haven’t gotten a match.”

           "It takes a few days to find the perfect one. Don’t lose hope.“

           You frowned, "I’ll try.”

           "Oh I tried that app too.“ Chims waltzed in, piggybacking his client.

           "What the hell, Chims?” You laughed, out of pure disbelief.

           "She wanted to be tired out.“ Jimin shrugged as he laid her down on the waiting bench.

           "What exactly do you want me to do with a passed out customer?”

           "She looks pleased.“ Jimin pointed out. "It’ll be good advertisement.”

           You shook your head.

           "I’ll go hail her a cab and make sure she gets home. Do you have her address, Y/N?“

           "Yeah, lemme get it for you.” You exhaled. “Sorry about this Silver.”

           She laughed and shook her head, “If I didn’t have Hoseok during my experimental era, I might’ve been the one on that bench.”

           You glanced at Jimin disapprovingly.


           "You need to be a gentleman after being an aggressor, Chims.”

           "I don’t see the point in being one with someone I don’t care for.“ Jimin stated.

           You sighed, "Just get to your next client, Chims.”

           You knew he had a point so you dropped it, plus you were a bit exhausted. Training and working two jobs was something you weren’t used to yet. You weren’t in the mood for arguing nonsensically. Jimin noticed you holding back and observed as you and Silver helped the girl get outside. Once you got back inside, you were surprised to see a coffee cup on your desk.

           You chuckled as you read, “See? I’m nice :) ” on the side. You took a sip, feeling the warm liquid jolting your system. It was exactly what you needed.


           Taehyung appeared behind you as you fumbled to zip your costume.

           It was the day of the audition and you were a nervous wreck.

           "A bit.” You breathed, still struggling.

           Soon, Tae’s hands covered yours.

           "Let me help.“ He whispered and you felt excited shivers up your spine.

           He zipped your dress the rest of the way and spun you around, smiling gently.

           "You’re going to be great, Y/N.”

           "Will I be good enough?“ You stared up at him worriedly.

           Tae nodded happily as he rubbed your arms comfortingly. "You’ll be more than good enough. You’ll be fantastic.”

           You smiled brightly. “Thanks.”

           "Break a leg. You know where I’ll be if you get nervous before the performance.“ he grinned.

           "By the food and drinks.” You laughed.

           He tapped your nose cutely. “Fighting!”

           You felt your heart flutter at his adorable actions and consideration. You shook your head to fight down the surfacing giddiness. You had an audition to get through. So deeply exhaling, you stretched your body to warm up.

           "Excuse me.“ Jimin grinned excitedly as he slid through the row to get a center seat in the audience.

           Luckily, the auditions were open to everyone, and so, he freed his afternoon schedule to come watch you, despite your protests. He didn’t mention it again after you refused, hoping that you would be surprised by his presence. Little did he know that the surprise was going to be on him.

           He gasped as you emerged on stage, in a tight, short, leather skirt and a leather corset crop top. You had strong make-up that accentuated your already gorgeous features. And you were wearing see-through stockings that had buckles that led up beneath your skirt, which made him wonder what it was attached to. He swallowed hard as you stared at the audience with lidded eyes, your fake lashes highlighting your seductive gaze.

           Your eyes flickered to the bar to find Tae grinning at you with his hands beneath his chin, giving you his full attention. You exhaled and nodded at the musicians to begin the music. Immediately, Jimin straightened up in his chair and Tae’s eyes widened in awe.

           Your hands traveled down your body as you sang effortlessly. You swayed your hips and kept lingering eye contact with the audience in front of you, intending to make them all fall for you. As was part of the choreography, you whipped and flipped your hair, and winked in time with the music. Your facial expressions displayed pleasure as you pushed your breasts together. Your hands roamed down various parts of your body as you sang about wishing that a man was touching you instead in your time of loneliness.

            Jimin could sense the entire audience was at the edge of their seats along with him. So when your performance ended, it was no surprise to him that there was complete silence. You glanced out worriedly about the lack of response, but hurriedly, obnoxious clapping was heard behind the bar. Your lips curled up as you found Tae cheered excitedly, flashing you a thumbs up. In no time, the rest of the audience gave you a standing ovation. You laughed out of pure joy as you bowed gratefully. Jimin was for once, at a loss for words, as he clapped along with everyone. He had seen many sides of you before, but this, this was the first time that you had him completely nailed to the floor.  

           Jimin waited for you afterwards, only half-heartedly paying attention to the rest of auditions. Originally, he had the intention of using the auditions to look for potential people to sleep with, but none of them impressed him as much as you did so that mission was forgotten. They were all gorgeous, but you had blown the competition away. He perked up as he spotted you emerging from backstage. Grinning widely, you waved and hurried forward. Jimin casually walked to you but then suddenly froze when you ran into someone else’s arms instead. He was thrown off.

           "SEE? You were FANTASTIC!” Taehyung bellowed as he hugged you tightly. “Oh my goodness! I knew you were going to be great but you still blew me away!”

           "Stop.“ You blushed shyly as you lightly smacked him.

           Jimin found himself, raising an eyebrow curiously at your actions.

           "No seriously. You’re in. Everyone in this audience will cause a ruckus if you’re not up there on Opening Night.”

           You laughed. “I hope so.”

           "You were beautiful.“ Tae smiled genuinely as he stared down at you.

           "Thanks.” You weren’t used to direct compliments, let alone, sweet ones. You were surprised to find that it made you as giddy as the subtle compliments your “bad boy” exes used to say, maybe even more. Suddenly, your eyes spotted a familiar figure behind Tae, and they widened.


           Jimin’s face of disgust hurriedly turned into his most charming smile. "I told you I’d come watch!”

           "Oh my gosh. I told you not to!“ You laughed rushing over to him as Jimin enveloped you in his arms.

           Taehyung and Jimin made eye contact. But Tae grinned at him brightly, throwing off Jimin’s attempt at a threatening glare.

           "Tae, this is my close college friend Jimin. We also work at the club together.” You introduced.

           "Jimin, this is the guy I was telling you about.“ You whispered excitedly.

           "Ahh flyer bartender waiter guy with the nice smile.” Jimin nodded and outstretched his hand. “Nice to finally meet you.”

           "Same to you, Jimin.“ Tae giggled. "You’re very good looking.”

           Jimin blinked, not expecting the compliment. “Th-thanks.”

           "You’re welcome.“ Tae grinned happily then he clapped. "Oh right, you have to go to work now, right?”

           You smiled and nodded.

           "I made you linner to go! Hold on.“

           "You what?”

           "Linner! It’s too late for lunch but too early for dinner. So, linner!“ Tae chuckled. "Be right back.”

           You grinned as you watched him disappear into the kitchen. But your smile faded when you caught an unamused Jimin glaring at you.


           "Heeheehee. Hohohoho.” Jimin mimicked your high pitched laughter. “Oh Tae~ stopppp.” He smacked you dramatically.

           You rolled your eyes.

           "I did NOT do that.“

           Jimin glanced down at your outfit unashamed. "Do you keep this?”

           You covered your chest, getting shivers from his staring. “Yes, why?”

           "It looks hott.“ He placed a hand on your hip and stepped forward with a mischievous glint in his eye. "Wanna try it out later?”

           You smacked his hand on your hip, irritatedly. “I didn’t wear this for your fantasies, Park Jimin. Although I’m flattered.”

           Jimin cracked up as he let go of you, “But no seriously. I would totally sleep with you if you came at me wearing this.”

           "How sweet.“ You commented flatly, then you immediately brightened up when Tae returned, holding two boxes.

           "I quickly made one for Jimin too. He’s been here since the beginning!” Tae handed them to you both.

           Jimin glanced at the man curiously, but didn’t have the heart to turn down his clearly genuine face and kind gesture. “Thanks, Taehyung.”

           "Really.“ You smiled. "I would’ve starved. Thanks so much.”

           "I’ll deliver if you ever need me to.“ Tae laughed. "I’m not too far.”

           You grinned. “Definitely not.”

           "Have a good rest of the day!“ Tae waved. "Nice meeting you, Jimin.”

           "You too.“ Jimin stated dryly.

           "Okay.” Jimin waltzed into your bathroom as you were brushing your teeth. “When the hell were you going to tell me you could DANCE like that?”

           He grabbed his own toothbrush and began brushing.

           "Jimin…“ you muffled. "You’ve been at this non-stop.”

           "I am just SHOOK, Y/N! I wish I recorded it so Hobi could see it too.“ Jimin pulled his toothbrush out. "Tell me honestly, did you ever work as a stripper?”

           "No.“ You rolled your eyes.

           "Pole dancer?”

           "No, Jimin.“

           "It blows my mind! Wow!” he exhaled as you grabbed your make up remover.

           "What blows my mind is that you’re mind blown.“ You scrubbed your make-up off as he finished up brushing his teeth. "I don’t understand what the big deal is.”

           "Okay, like seriously. I knew you were good at getting guys, but I never knew to what extent. I feel like I got a glimpse into it today.“

           "Oh my goodness.” You groaned. “You are so dramatic.”

           "Just let me vent, okay?“ Jimin shoved your face away as he bent down to wash his face.

           You rolled your eyes as you tiptoed behind him to see the mirror to make sure all your make-up was off. Jimin dried his face and spotted you struggling. He laughed and turned around.

           "Let me.”

           He grabbed the make-up remover towelette and gently removed the remnants of your thick eye make-up. “What was hysterical though was the hosts’ reactions to seeing you in that outfit. I literally saw everyone get hard as they passed you.”

           You groaned. “Seriously, can we not insert about that image in my head? I feel like I’ve already seen too much of everyone through the monitor.”

           "As a friend, I have to tell you these things. I’m looking out for you, Y/N. Close your eyes.“ Jimin swiped over your lids carefully.

           "I would be better off without that information.”

           "Use that weapon to your advantage, Y/N. If there’s a guy you need to sleep with, just put that on and guaranteed they’re yours.“

           You laughed. "You’re ridiculous.”

           "Don’t know what that Tae guy’s preference is though. He’s hard to read.“ He stepped back and checked your face. "You’re good.”

           You opened your eyes and pouted, “He’s just a genuinely caring guy.”

           "That’s how they all start off, Y/N.“ Jimin chucked the sheet into the trash. "These nice ones are the scariest. I’m telling you.”

           You exhaled and walked to your room as Jimin followed you.

           "Why are you over at my house again anyway?“

           "I just have a lot of feelings okay?” Jimin whined teasingly. “I need a friend.”

           You shoved a closed facemask pack onto his face. “Shut up.”

           He laughed as you both plopped down on separate couches, placing the mask on gently. You both closed your eyes, sinking into the coolness of the leather chairs and finally relaxing after the long day.

           "Y/N! Y/N!“

           You jumped up from your receptionist chair as Tae burst through the doors excitedly. The other hosts were on the defensive as he rushed towards you.

           "Tae, what happened?” You blinked.

           "You made it!“ He raised his hands up enthusiastically. "You’re in!”

           "Oh my gosh!“ You gasped and covered your mouth happily.

           "I told you you’d get in.” he giggled and lifted up a plastic bag. “Oh, and I also brought you some food and desserts to congratulate you.”

           You smiled gratefully.

           "Oh fancy seeing you here, Taehyung.“ Jimin waltzed in, pulling his mask up slightly to reveal himself.

           "Ooo.” Tae was in awe as he finally took notice of his surroundings.“Wow. This place is awesome!”

           "You want to try it out?“ Chims smirked, and you elbowed him.

           "Thanks a bunch, Tae. I really appreciate you coming here to tell me.” You grabbed Tae’s arm. “I’ll walk you out.”

           Jimin raised a hand to signal the other hosts to not attack. He knew they were defensive over you. None of your boys had ever stepped foot in here before, but this guy had done it within a week of meeting you. He had truly underestimated Taehyung.  

           "Thanks so much.“ You smiled as you stood in front of the entrance, looking up at Tae.

           "No worries. You can share the food with Jimin too. I made sure there was enough for you both just in case.” he grinned. “I’ll see you later then.”

           You nodded, “See you in a bit.”

           "Bye bye ~“

           You waved as you watched him walk away. Hurriedly, you stepped back in.

           "Drop the food!” You yelled, just in time to see the other hosts crowding around it. “Back to your posts and rooms. Shoo!”

           As you had figured, Jimin was at the center of the crowd, sitting idly on your chair holding the box, already chewing on something. He lifted his chopsticks, urging for you to take a piece of meat. You exhaled and obliged, since you had been starving.

           "Get back to your room, Chims. Your favorite client is going to be here soon.“ You tapped his leg to get him off your chair.

           "Not my favorite.” Jimin grinned as he stood up.

           "Sure sounds like it.“ You smirked and he got flustered.

           "I told you not to watch!”

           "I was listening.“ You cracked up. "You know I have to keep an eye out just in case something happens in the room, so I pop in every so often during the hour. I’m especially worried about your clients.”

           Jimin sighed.

           "Go, go.“ You waved your hands to scoot him away. "I’ll save some for you don’t worry.”

           Jimin groaned then leaned forward, stealing the meat you were about to eat, almost brushing your lips together. He smiled brightly as he stared at you and chewed, while you were frozen in shock at the proximity of your faces.

           Suddenly, your phone buzzed, snapping you both out of your staring contest. Jimin stepped back and chugged down a bit of your drink. He patted your head and made his way behind the veil. Meanwhile, you glanced down at your phone curiously. Your heart flipped over as you saw that it was notification from your dating app saying,

          “We have found the perfect match for you!”

Part 2 

stop staring at me, I might end up kissing you, but keep on seducing me and we’ll end up naked. but don’t you worry, I’ll bang you as if there’s no tomorrow. I’ll be gentle and kind underneath that blanket and i’ll cuddle you to show the presence of my love.

Sirius Black Imagine: “Smoking - Part 2”

Heyyy! Could you do part 2 to smoking??? I really loved the ending but I decided I needed more 😜

Warnings: mentions of smoking, duh! It is better to read the first Part to understand this installment better. Click here (x) to read it.

Requested by @a-jem-found-in-a-papaya

A few weeks had passed since Sirius confessed his feelings for you. He had become your boyfriend, and the truth was that you felt happy with him. He had brightened up your life. The way he looked at you before kissing you always left you breathless. His jokes always made you laugh. He teased you and cuddled you whenever he had the chance. He was sometimes pigheaded and too reckless, but you loved him, you really did, even though you had never said the words out loud. That is why you had decided that, although he looked hot when he smoked, he should give up the habit. Hence, when he kissed you again, you made sure to snake your hands inside his pocket and take the pack of cigarettes away. You broke the kiss and showed him the pack in a mocking manner before waving your wand and vanishing it. Sirius’s eyes widened.

“What the hell?” he choked. “[Y/n]! Why did you have to do this? I need to smoke.”

“No, you don’t.” He looked infuriated, but you paid it no mind and continued, “You said you didn’t want me to smoke because you loved me. Well, I love you too, so I will not let you smoke either. Your health is important.”

His composure changed then. Instead of being angry at you, he grinned cheekily.

“You love me?”

“I do, you fool!”

His cheeky grin turned into a genuine smile, the kind he reserved just for you.

“I might give up the nasty habit, then,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss you.

His hot breath brushed your lips and made you tremble in anticipation, but you decided to tease him in the last moment.

“Not so fast, Sirius! You really have to promise.”

He smirked, pecked your nose affectionately and assured, “I promise. Can I kiss you now or do you have more conditions?”

You chuckled and tiptoed to kiss him softly, sighing when you felt his strong arms enfolding you. 

“I thought you found me sexy when I smoked… Are you sure you want me to give it up?” he ribbed.

“Sirius!” you exclaimed, smacking his shoulder.

“Okay, okay… I will do it… for you.”

You pecked his cheek in gratitude, an innocent gesture that somehow managed to fluster him more than full kisses on the lips.

“You don’t really need to smoke to seduce me, Sirius. We are dating already, and you are the most handsome guy in the school…”

“You aren’t bad-looking either…” he murmured just before claiming your lips.

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You take my breath away-Yoonseok (Smut)

Hoseok wakes up not in his own bed. It takes him a minute in his freshly awoken state, to realize where he is. Yoongi’s bed. They stumbled into the dorms together last night, both fairly tipsy from the few drinks they had after wrapping up in the studio. Hoseok had found himself a couple tracks closer to finishing his mixtape, and Yoongi wanted to celebrate by treating him to “a bottle” of soju, needless to say, one turned into two and they ended up giggling and dancing randomly the entire way home.

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Imagine Hvitserk taking a bet over you

Request: Hello doll! If your requests are open can I request a Hvitserk (or Ubbe you choose!) story where he is arguing with his brothers about which of them is best with women and they dare him to seduce the reader and bet he can’t do it. Reader likes him so accepts when he asks her out. Eventually they genuinely fall in live but then reader finds out somehow that it was a bet and is upset. He has to go after her and try to convince her of his love and win her back? Happy ending please :) Thanks!
Note: Will contain a lot of Hvitserk fluff, more don’t I have to say. ;-)
Words: 1747

Hvitserk P.O.V
Hvitserk stood against one of the wooden poles that supported the great hall. Just like his brothers he was looking to the people walking fort and back, trading, getting some sheeps throught the crowd, handling their own lives while the four sons of Ragnar where looking at it. Ubbe sat on the stairs, with a cup of ale, smiling like an idiot when Margrethe walked by. Talked about a slave they all had. But she saw Ivar lurking and she walked away without saying a thing. ‘It isn’t fair that we all have the same woman.’ Sigurd began from were he sat crouched down.
'Are you complaining brother?’ Ubbe asked him. Hvitserk chuckled and Sigurd trew him an sharp look.
'Not like you find somebody else brother.’ Ivar mocked on his turn. Ubbe looked over his shoulder towards Hvitserk, trowing him a promesing look by the discussion that Sigurd started … about woman.
'You shut up cripple, you can’t even get a woman on your own, we had to do it.’ Sigurd snapped. Ivar his eyes grew colder and Hvitserk was a little more alert. He hated it when Ivar became angry and certainly if Sigurd was the cause of it.
'You know what.’ Ivar began, his sudden angry in an instant away again. 'I bet Ubbe and Hvitserk can’t get a girl on their own.’
'We can.’ Ubbe and Hvitserk protested on the same time. Ivar started laughing, shaking his head in disbelief.
'You two always do it together, stealing our woman.’
'You need to be faster then brother.’ Ubbe joked. Hvitserk kicked his cup of ale against Ubbe his one and smiled. Ivar spitted on the ground, looking back to the people around the great hall. It was still for a moment, Hvitserk and Ubbe had the victory for this one. But Sigurd and Ivar … they sticked together on for once. Sigurd turned around to his two brothers.
'I bet you can’t seduce a woman we pick for you.’ Sigurd said to Hvitserk. Hvitserk drank his cup empty and gave it to his brother.
'Tell me, witch one.’ He reacted with a cocky grinn. Ivar chuckled and Sigurd started to look around.
'That girl.’ He pointed to you. Hvitserk followed his gaze to you, a seductive smile spreading over his lips.
'You make it way to easy for me brother.’
'I bet you can’t get her by tomorrow.’ Ivar started.
'I bet you can’t get her at all, she is a shy type.’ Sigurd smiled. Hvitserk turned around and looked back to you, the weight of buckets of water pulling your shoulders down.
'Brother can get her by tonight, and I bet even I can take her.’ Ubbe grinned. Hvitserk gave Ubbe a shoulderpet and walked away.
'See you brothers. Got a girl to catch.’ He winked.

Reader P.O.V
It was hard laybor, being a slave. You filled the buckets with water and walked back to the smith were you worked. The buckets were that heave you needed to put them down after a little walk. Your hand with red lines from their weight. 'Need a little hand?’
'Hmm.’ You turned around and frooze, looking to one of Ragnar sons. Why was he speaking to you? Why was he even looking, you were a nobody, just a slave. You know all about the sons of Ragnar but he probably would’t know a thing about you. 'No.’ You took the buckets and walked away fastly, embarrassed by the fact you could hold those buckets in one way.
'Let me help.’
'Oh, I got it. Thank you.’ You answered fastly. He stopped you by cutting of the way in front of you. The sudden stop smacked some water over the egde, soaked in your dress. You looked down while he appologized for it. It took you some time before you finally looked up to him, he smiled, a comforting one.
'Hvitserk.’ He introduced himself. Yes, you knew that, he was the second son of Ragnar. You watched those sons more than they would think.
'I knew that. I need to,’ you pointed to the way he was blocking, but he intterupted you.
'You are?’ He asked friendly.
'Y/n. I really need to go back to work, my owner,’ you swallowed your words trying not to thing of how mad he would be if you came to late with the buckets of water.
‘Can I help you y/n?’ You liked the way he spoke your name, it had a different touth, enjoyable. You looked down to the buckets, asking yourself if he would ever shut up if you just kept on handling things on your own. People where staring at the both of you, or more to him than you. You stood a little in the way of the other people passing.
‘Good.’ You sighned. He smiled the kind of smile that holded your eyes fixed on his lips for a moment. But as soon as he took the buckets you startled out of your gazing and walked aside him to the smith, noticing his strong arms, the ease in witch he carried the buckets for you. When you arrived on the smith he placed them down. ‘Thank you.’ You didn’t look at him, you just grabbed them before he could walk into that smith and ruin your boss his mood, he hated the sons of Ragnar.

Your life was a lonely one, you didn’t have somebody, hardly friends, no parents, only your boss and his son who worked in the smith. The only thing you owned was that little cabin in the woods. Your feet brought themselves forward while your thoughts drifted to the son of Ragnar helping you. In all those times you looked at them, Hvitserk was the one who jumped out. And he talked to you today, to a shy piteous girl like you, a nobody. You got so into you own tought that you just walked into him without even noticing. And before you could safe yourself from falling he holded you up by laying his hand on your waist. ‘You again.’ He smiled friendly. You totally frooze, feeling his hand on the small of your back, you being so close to him.
‘Sorry.’ You stammered, getting away from him as soon as you could.
‘I was looking for you.’ He announched, causing you to freeze a second time. Why? You slowly turned around to him again, looking to that handsome face and that bright seductive smile.
‘I should get home. Sorry for that,’ you pointed to the crash of earlier. But he grabbed your hand, pulled you as slowly back on your weak legs.
‘Y/n, don’t you see what I’m trying to do?’ He asked you on a soft tone. You gave him a short look before you looked down to his hand holding yours. What was he trying to do? Talk to you? Flirt with you? Accompany you? You never had this kind of attention before, not even in the slidest and now it came from Ragnar’s son. ‘Can I walk you home?’ He asked with a tilted head. You looked up to him, forced a insecure smile on your lips and nodded slowly. He smiled and gestured to the road in front of you, leaving your hand on his own again. You had to admit, you liked his touth, the way he spoke to you, his smile, bright eyes, the fact he called Hvitserk. ‘Do you life alone out here?’ he asked as soon as the trees swallowed the both of you into the forest. For you it didn’t present a thing, living in a forest, all by yourself, but his voice almost sounded concerned.
‘Lost my parents, this was their cabin.’
‘And you don’t have anybody else?’ He asked. You looked aside to him and shook you head. No, you had nobody. The fact that he was here on this moment was a little comforting. You didn’t felt tensed around him, only shy. ‘A shame that a girl like you lives here all by herself.’ He noticed when you arrived at the cabin. You stood still before the door and turned back around to him.
‘You get used to it.’ You shrugged, not looking to him, only to a fallen tree in the distant. ‘Thank you, for walking me home.’ You finally said, wanting to get in.
‘Y/n,’ He began. You sighned, closed your eyes and looked back up to him. ‘What is a beautifull girl doing here all by herself?’ He asked.
‘I don’t know. Like I said, I’m just to it.’
‘You shouldn’t.’ He protested, walking over to you. Your fingers tensed around the doorknot a little, axcious for what he was going to do. He stood still before you, laying his fingers under your chin, leading you head up so you maked contact with his eyes again. ‘A beautifull girl like you should live her life to the fullest.’ It was a kind of advise you gave yourself more often. But the fact you were that uncertain, shy, maked it hardly possible to do that.
‘I don’t know how.’ You shrugged. His finger stroke your cheek and you closed your eyes absorbing the gentle touth he gave you.
‘Let me show you. There is more in you than meets the eye.’
‘Why are you doing this Hvitserk?’ You asked him right back, uncertain. He brought his other hand up and cupped your face on both sides.
‘Because I noticed you a little longer than only today. And I hate it to see you so miserable, alone, uncertain.’ He whispered, bringing his face a little closer to yours. Your eyes scanned his whole face, his lips, the sencere concern in his expression. ‘Will you let me?’ He asked, pulling you just that little closer, almost causing your forehead to come in contact with his. You nodded slowly into his hands. He pulled you the last inches and placed his lips on yours in a rough kiss. This was your first kiss ever. You hand grabbed the fabrics of his clothes, surpriced by the feeling that he caused into your body. His kiss was gentle in a way and rough in another. The pressure his lips caused maked you even more weak in your knees. The first moment you did nothing, ajusting to the idea he was kissing you. But as soon as you opened your lips a little, kissed him uncertain back you know you fell for him.

{fic} What We Wanted

Word Count: 5.3k
Characters: Elain/Lucien
Summary: Lucien’s first Fire Night as High Lord of the Spring Court puts he and Elain’s fledgling relationship in an awkward position.

I think I’m technically a day late? but done for Elucien week! Based loosely on prompt 4, Betrayal/ Loyalty. Just some angsty Calanmai-based smut, unrelated to my other fics. here on Ao3

Elain doesn’t realize until the day before. She wonders if he was keeping it from her deliberately, so she wouldn’t worry, or if he just doesn’t know how to bring it up, but when she asks Alis what the frankly excessive amount of firewood being stockpiled is for, it’s a rude awakening.

Feyre had told her all about Calanmai, of course, long before Lucien ever became High Lord of the Spring Court, and before Elain had, with obvious ulterior motives, volunteered to move from the Night Court to help him with his new postwar duties. She’d been at the spring court for almost two months now. Admittedly, if anything, she made Lucien’s job harder by constantly stealing him away for picnics and rides through the forest, but he never seemed to mind—quite the opposite, if his enthusiasm kissing her is any indication. She hasn’t offered him food yet, although she has long since decided she someday will, so it feels certain, and comfortable, to learn how to fit with him. They’re enormously good at affection—she’s sure an hour doesn’t go by without him kissing her hand or her cheek or her temple, or without her curling up at his side or resting her head against his shoulder. Things like that are like breathing now, but Elain is not sure whether she’s frustrated or grateful that he consistently draws back from anything more sexual than tame fully-clothed groping. Certainly, Elain feels a little silly in the face of his three hundred odd years of experience, but she and Grayson hadn’t exactly been angels when she’d been human—she knows what she wants from Lucien. From her mate.

And she doesn’t mind waiting, until the realization of Fire Night sends the whole concept of sex with Lucien into a panicked tailspin.

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anonymous asked:

For you and Dean. These are two part questions, just to warm you. Dean: what is the best way to seduce you? How do you seduce Cas? Cas: what is the best way to seduce you? How do you seduce Dean?

We’re going to answer in a series of gifs. Best way to seduce Dean:

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How Dean seduces me:

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Best way to seduce me:

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How I seduce Dean:

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Show Me Love 7

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Somehow you didn’t picture having to face Dr. Barnes would end up quite like this.

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), Shit SMUT, public shenanigans, Authority kink I guess?, spanking

A/N: TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS??? And this one’s shitty smutty!  And long!

I’ll be the first to admit that this is shit, and I’m nooooooot too sure if I’m happy with this one or not, but please let me know what you think.

Missed something?  Find the beginning HERE

⬅️⬅️PART 6 ||| PART 8➡️➡️

Originally posted by sensualkisses

You weren’t sure if you’d ever get to sleep.

Saturday had gone by without incident, but it may have also been because you didn’t let yourself leave the apartment.  But now it was Sunday evening, and there you were.  

Wide Awake.


You glance at the tied up plastic grocery bag that you had folded Bucky’s clothes in.  How were you going to approach that?  “Hey, here’s the clothes I stole from you when I snuck out of your apartment after the best sex of my life.  Hope we can let things get back to normal, yeah?”

Yeah, you’re an idiot.

God!  How could you have just ran out of there?  The thought of Bucky’s face falling when he opened his eyes to find you gone kept replaying in your head all weekend.  Or perhaps he had reached out, fingers finding empty sheets instead of the curves he sought out.  What the hell is he gonna say when you get there?  Will he even be able to look you in the eye?  Will he pretend that you aren’t there?  Or will he look at you, really look at you.  Ask you why you left?

God, you hoped not.

Because then you would have to face it.

“Y/N, no,”  Nat says, standing in your doorway with arms crossed.  You simply cock an eyebrow at her.  “You are not wearing that.  He’ll know you’re sulking.  You can’t let him know.”

“But I don’t want to rub it in!”  You whined, glancing down at the sweats and hoodie you were wearing.  “I can’t get all dressed up and act like the last time he saw me wasn’t when I was butt-ass-naked in his bed!”

“Well, you can’t look like a hobo and do that either.  Happy medium, Y/N.  Happy medium.”  With that, she tosses you a pair of jeans and a casual, yet form fitting, v-neck.  “Wear the hoodie if you must, but put those goods on display.  You can still salvage this.”

“How?”  She simply shrugged as she turned to leave you to change.

“What man doesn’t love a chase?”

The classroom door had never looked so intimidating before.  You knew he wouldn’t be inside yet, he was always right on time, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to push inside.  

Natasha stood beside you, an almost unreadable look on her face.

“Hey,”  she nudged your side with a small smile.  “everything’s going to be alright.”

You smiled at her reassurance, but you weren’t so sure.

Numb legs stepped inside, finding their way to your desk where you sat and set down the two bag next to your feet.  Your book bag, and the bag that contained the clothes that smelled entirely too much like him.

Every time the door opens, you jump a little bit, only to relax when it isn’t him.

When it is him, however, your heart all but stops.

He’s back to his usual dress, button up shirt that pushed up to his elbows and slacks that hug him in all the right places.

Beside you, Natasha clicks her tongue disapprovingly.

“You’re insane.  How the hell could you have left that man in bed alone?”  The glare you cast in her direction effectively shut her up.

Bucky hasn’t looked up yet.  Instead, he simply walks to his desk, turns his back to the class and writes two words on the chalkboard.

As he finishes the first, the entire class groans.

In big, white letters are the words ‘pop quiz’.

And Bucky is uncharacteristically quiet.

“This is all your fault,”  Natasha states simply, voice calm even though she’s lobbing all of the responsibility at you.  “You could’ve stayed, and then instead of a pop quiz he’d probably give us all A’s for the fuck of it.”

But you don’t really hear anything she says, because as Dr. Barnes turns around, yours are the first eyes he meets.

Those blue eyes swirl as they find yours and immediately you find yourself having to squeeze your legs together.  His effect is instantaneous, and immediately you know you won’t be able to concentrate.

“This quiz covers everything we’ve talked about so far, so if you’ve paid attention, you’ll be fine.”  His accusing eyes meet yours. “Once you’re finished, you can just leave.

Somehow you knew that wasn’t about the quiz…

It feels like an eternity while you stare down at your quiz.

You finished ages ago, but you wanted to talk to him and there couldn’t be any witnesses for that.  Natasha seems to have caught onto your plan and stays right next to you as student after student finishes, and leaves.

Finally, you are the only three left in the room.

The two of you make your way down to his desk where you turn in your papers, then with a wink, Natasha turns and makes her way to the door.

Which she shuts behind her.

Both of your eyes follow the movement, the click of the lock that seeming to suck all of the air out of the room.

Then you’re alone.

The silence that ensues as the two of you just stare at each other is deafening.  Until Bucky apparently decides he can’t take it anymore.

Clearing his throat, he nods at the plastic grocery bag in your hand.

“What’ve you got there?”  At the reminder, you shuffle awkwardly.

“Oh, I…I kind of borrowed this, uh, the other morning.  I couldn’t figure the dress out by myself.”  You admit, realizing how stupid it sounded out loud.  By the way Bucky’s eyebrows twitch up and a small smirk breaks across his face, you know he does too.

“I would’ve helped.  Y’know, if you had stuck around or even just woken me up.”

“Yeah…about that…”

“Yes?”  He prompts when your voice seems to die in your throat.  “If you didn’t enjoy it, you can always just tell me.”

“God, no.  I enjoyed myself.  Multiple times.  Christ is that even a question?”  You rambled, trailing off at the way Bucky bit his lower lip bashfully.  

“Then what was it?”

“I…I panicked.  It just hit me that I fucked my teacher and I just had to get out of there. I’m sorry, I really should’ve said goodbye.”  He chuckles at that, dark eyes tracing the way your dark v-neck offers up just enough skin.

“Goodbye?  You’re so sure I would’ve let you leave without a proper send-off?”

“Dr. Barnes, please -”  A finger to your lips successfully shuts you up.

“Now, Y/N…didn’t we establish that the name’s Bucky?”  He teases, eyes flicking down to your lip and he leans toward you.  You suck in a breath in anticipation, only he doesn’t meet your lips.  No, instead his lips latch onto your throat.  “You didn’t seem to have a problem remembering it when you were writhing in my bed.”

A moan forces its way through your lips and your knees would’ve buckled had it not been for Bucky’s large hands finding your ass and holding you up.

“B-Bucky,”  You stammer, gasping when he squeezes your sensitive flesh through your jeans.  “This is wrong.”

“Didn’t seem to stop you the other night.”  He pointed out.  “In fact, if I remember correctly, it was you that seduced me.”

“I wasn’t thinking clearly…we can’t do this.”  You feel your mouth form the words, but your fingers lace in his long chestnut hair directing him to where you want his licks and nips.  “You’re my professor for god’s sake.  We can not do - this!”  The last half of your sentence comes out as a squeak when his perfect, white teeth catch your collar bone.

“So you don’t want this?”  He purrs, pulling you closer.  Your hips betray you, rocking forward against him.  “Then tell me to stop.”

The way he speaks feels like a command and a challenge all at once.  Those eyes bore into you and you know that if you tell him to, he’ll stop in a heart beat.  But…do you really want him to?

“C’mon, doll.  Tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”  He whispers in your eat, teeth nipping your lobe a bit.  “But that door’s locked, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see what you look like bent over my desk.”

Resistance snapping, your hands find his face and pull him in for a fiery kiss.  The groan that tumbles from his mouth into yours only spurs you on further.  The sound of the chair screeching away from the desk vaguely reaches your ears moments before you’re set down on the desk.

Lips and teeth collide and clack as the room warms up and your head is absolutely spinning.  You’re hyper-aware of the fact that this is a classroom, that you’re going to see this desk every other day and try not to blush but you’ll be damned if you let this stop.

Deft hands pop the button of your jeans open and warm fingers tickle at your stomach before sliding your zipper down.  You rock back against the desk, pulling away from the kiss as he slides your jeans down your legs.

“We’ve got to be quick, doll.”  He chuckles, unfastening and lowering his own pants himself.  “There’s another class in here in 30.”

But you don’t hear him.  Of course you don’t, how can you when that massive thing is staring you in the face.

“J-Jesus!”  He moans out as you lick at the sensitive head.  “Didn’t I just say we have to be quick?”  The innocent look you give him is pointless with his cock in your mouth.

“But, Dr. Barnes,” you whine, noting the way his look darkens at that. “I want to taste you.”  His eyes flutter as you take him into your mouth again, taking him in with ease.

“D-don’t call me that.”  But he doesn’t mean it.  So you push.

“Or what, Dr. Barnes?”

The answer to your question comes in the form of you being pulled to your feet and bent over at the waist.

“You’re pushing your luck, babygirl.”  A calloused hand caresses at your exposed ass, a warning for what’s to come if you keep pushing his buttons.  “It’s almost like you want to get punished.”  A wicked thought forms in your mind and you can’t help but grin.

“So why don’t you teach me a lesson,” you push yourself back into him, into his hands and look him straight in the eye.  “Professor.”

You cry out as the smack echoes through the hall, but don’t back down.

“Oh, Dr.”  Bucky’s jaw clenches at the sound of you moaning his title and he feels so dirty but so fucking good.  “I need you.”

“You sure?”  He asks, hand meeting your tender skin again.  You feel his cock twitch against your thigh when you moan loudly at the feeling.  “You sure you want this?  It’s wrong, after all.”

“God, yes I want it!  I want you.  Please, Dr. Barnes!”  With a final blow, you’re spun over onto your back.  Lust filled eyes meet yours and you feel a thrill run up and down your spine.  His shirt is askew, a few buttons popped open and hair all ruffled.  You’ve barely touched each other and he looks ruined.  Running your hands down the shirt and popping every button you pass open, you grab him by the collar and pull him to your lips.  “Please fuck me.”

Bucky’s growl sends a chill down your spine and his hand lands beside your head, holding himself up as the other lines himself up at your entrance.

Your head flies back soundlessly as he groans into your neck, his thick shaft filling you in the best possible way.  His left hand finds your hip, holding onto you as he rolls his hips experimentally.

The mewl you let loose gives him the go ahead along with the way you drag your fingers down his torso, and he starts a slow and agonizing pace.

“Bucky, God, go faster.” You beg, wrapping your leg around him and dragging your nails over his scalp.  He groans back, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling.  Licking your lips, your tug your fingers through his hair again, thrilling when he shivers against you.  “Bucky, baby…c’mon.”

“Dr. Barnes.”  He bites back, lips find the sweet spot on your neck as he rolls into you again, his thumb finding your clit as he moves.

“Oh, fuck, right there.”  You roll your hips against his, feeling the warmth inside you start to coil.  “Oh, god Dr. Barnes right there.”

Beside your head, his fist balls up as he continues his assault on your bundle of nerves, thrusts speeding up as you goad him on with your nails.  Your moans grow higher and higher until he’s forced to silence you with his own lips.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”

That whisper is all you need to fall over the edge, inner walls clutching at the man who’s making you feel so god damn good.  He rides you through your orgasm, thrusts becoming more sloppy as you pull him over the edge with you.  If you hadn’t just cum, the sound he made alone would’ve made you explode.

Digging the boxers you borrowed out of the bag, he cleans you up.  He gifts you with a sheepish smile and you’re left wondering how a man who just talked you out of your pants was so shy now.

It’s quiet as you right yourselves and he rights the desk.  Glancing over at him, you find yourself unable to read him and grab your bag to leave.  Perhaps that was it?  That was all he needed, a final romp to prove that you didn’t leave because you weren’t satisfied.  But then he’s grabbing your wrist and looking at you and you’re frozen.

A tender kiss is placed on your lips, one that sends your heart racing in a whole different way.  When you part, goofy grins are plastered on both of your faces.

“So, I know this is really out of order and all, but…would you like to join me for coffee?”

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Do you have a mobile master list?



Let out the beast (M)
A day full of surprises (M)
Make me look like a princess
Working together
Young love


A love to creep (M)
Detention: Part 1 (M) | Part 2
It’s getting rather cloudy 
Gone (M)
Friends with benefits (ft. J-Hope) (M)
Personal school guide: Part 1 | Part 2
Mr. Perfect (M)


Taking care of each other
Friends with benefits (ft. Suga) (M)
Just like a swan
Sleep well
Game night
Boyfriend material
Parting ways

Rap Monster: 

Boy you came in like a hurricane
Scarlett (M)
You’re a little sick
Full moon: Part 1 | Part 2


Not that tough anymore
Tough love
Teacher let me fall in love
Let’s begin, shall we?
Seduced (M)
Every night (M)
Fun times
Mood change (M)
Dance for you (M)
Masquerade (M)
Bloommate (M)
Feast (M)
Back to you
Who’s the Boss now? (M)


Birthday boy
Save a heart
Endless love
You like me too?


You’re mine (M)
Hush baby (M)
Secrecy and group projects
Late night case (M)
I need u
King and queen
Anonymous (M)
Counting down the days: Part 1
Play with me (M)
Bait (M)
Guest of mine: Part 1



‘If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.


‘For some reason, I’m attracted to you.’
‘Oh my God. You’re in love with her.’
‘Quick, hide behind the sofa!’
[8.Getting a pet | 14.Neck kisses | 27.Eating out]
[4.First morning together | 7.Moving in together]


[11.Making out | 14.Neck kisses | 22.Pure love making]


‘I left everything for this, I left it all…for you!’
“I’ve been checking you out.” 
“What have you done with my pills? I need them!” 
“Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!” 
[13.Lap dances | 16.Breath play | 21.Make-up sex] 
[1. Confessing | 26. Vehicle sex] 
[9.Playing video games | 21.Make-up sex] 
[1. Confessing | 5. Holding hands] 
“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”


[9.Playing video games | 1.Confessing | 2. First kiss]


‘Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!’
“Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.”
“Come over here and make me.”
“You need to wake up, because I can’t do this without you.”
“H-how long have you been standing there?”
“A boy needs his father.”
[1. Confessing | 2. First kiss]
[13.Lap dances | 14.Neck kisses]
[11.Making out]
“Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”


Jin | Suga | J-Hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook


Jin | Suga | J-Hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook


Oh, I didn’t mean to frighten you. Oh, I’m not frightened. Just surprised. Yes, of course - a girl brave enough to sketch in a graveyard. I’m not afraid of the dead, nor the living for that matter. That’s because you know nothing of death and less of life.


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Request: Hi! I wanted to request a Christmas prompt? Can you do a smutty Derek using numbers 17 15 and 13? Thank you so much!! I love you’re work btw!! 

#13: “Hmm, is that a mistletoe I see?”

#15: “Yeah, I know there’s a fire, but I heard that snuggling together can help preserve body heat…”

#17: “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.” 

Author’s Note: This is much more of a drabble than anything else for the sake of time, so there isn’t really detailed smut, just implied. I hope you like it, though! Let me know what you think, enjoy :)

Warnings: Language; fluff; implied smut


“Hmmm, is that mistletoe I see?” Derek asked playfully, his large hands enveloping my hips as came up behind me, his chest pressing to my back and his scruff tickling my cheek. 

“It’s fake, but yes,” I chuckled, referring to the small sprig adorning the window above the small sink as I finished rinsing the last couple of dishes off.

“Well, in that case…” I laughed as Derek reached around, finding my lips with his. I slowly turned myself in his arms, not breaking the kiss, and rested my hands on his firm shoulders as he licked at my bottom lip. Our tongues tangled and tasted, a tiny moan from my throat becoming swallowed. My head was swimming, body begging for oxygen that I did not want to give it.

“Mr. Hale,” I breathed, finally needing to break away so we could breathe again. “I do believe that you’re trying to seduce me.”

“You might be on to me, Mrs. Hale,” he replied playfully, nuzzling into my neck while I giggled. “Is it working?”

“Maybe,” I joked. “But I think you may need to step it up a notch.” A devilish grin crossing his face at my challenge, Derek leaned down and scooped me into his arms, earning a squeal. Carrying me through the small cabin, he laid me down on the couch, his body hovering over mine.

“Are you cold at all? I can think of a few ways to warm you up.” I let out an entertained hum at his efforts.

“Der, there’s a roaring fire right there,” I giggled.

“Yeah, I know there’s a fire, but I heard that snuggling together can help preserve body heat…” he said, placing small kisses all over my neck, hands trailing under the hem of my shirt and ever so slowly pushing it up. 

“You know, I was thinking,” I started, still trying to throw him off. Derek hummed in acknowledgement, but didn’t stop his ministrations, instead pulling my shirts off and trailing his lips over the newly exposed skin. “Even though it is our honeymoon, we’re still going to open our Christmas presents tomorrow, right?”

Derek paused to look up at me, slowly crawling back up my body and capturing my lips in a tender kiss. 

“Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.” The mood shifted, Derek reaching up with one hand to thread his fingers through mine, the cool metal of his new ring pressing into my skin.

“You’ve got me, Der,” I whispered, cupping his scruffy cheek with my free hand and looking at him with nothing but love in my eyes. “This Christmas, and every one after.”

Flashing that brilliant smile, he turned into my touch, pressing a kiss to my palm before leaning back down to do the same to my lips.