and we talk about that a lot as side notes

Someone just brought it to my attention that maybe Cole was talking about being whipped over another girl.
I’m going to address this for the people doubting SH right now.
Firstly, it’s no secret that I’m part of team “Sprousehart is 100% something more than friends”. I refuse to label them as boyfriend and girlfriend yet because I don’t know the exact status of their relationship, but I’m certain they’re either together, casually dating, lovers, or taking it slow, while trying to figure out what they mean to each other. But there is no denying that the way these two crazy kids behave around each other is a lot lot more than just friendship.

Here’s the real point I want to make: when a boy says “I’m whipped” it means he is in love so deep that he is willing to do anything for his partner. Side note: People usually talk about being whipped if there is dating involved. Now, with Cole’s comment, we are to assume that there is currently a special lady who has a very strong hold on his heart - someone he does a lot for.
At Paleyfest, Lili admitted that when she asked Cole to take her to Antelope Valley, and photograph her, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was all like, “Yeah, let’s do it”. Cole deleted the daddy poll because Lili didn’t win, and we all know he wanted her to. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did vote for her a lot.) Lili has been taking up photography lately - who do you think is teaching her? Who do you think got her the camera? Honestly, it’s right there in front of us all in plain sight. Cole has admitted on numerous occasions that his worst habit is interrupting people, which he’s proven to be true many times. But at Wondercon he let Lili speak in all their interviews without interfering; he let her shine on her own, and he only chimed in when he noticed she was getting tongue tied or needed him to finish her sentences. There’s a lot more proof I can provide, but this post will be never ending if I do. So for now I’ll leave you with all these sweet moments to ponder over. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, Cole’s behaviour towards Lili screams WHIPPED!

If Cole was, hypothetically speaking, referring to another girl when he said he’s whipped then I feel sorry for her, whoever she is, because the way he looks at Lili, talks about Lili and acts around Lili is exactly how someone in love behaves. He looks at her like she is magic. He doesn’t seem to know the meaning of personal space when standing near her. He can’t help but smile every time their eyes meet (she does this, too). He makes countless sex comments about her & around her, and even when she’s not around, “I was excited … it was great.”
I’m sorry, but whoever this other (clearly non-existent) mystery girl is, she must be sitting at home right now fuming because her “bae” seems to spend most of his time boasting about Lili and how great she is to do love scenes with. ;) Also, if there was another girl in his life, I doubt she’d be happy with him going out for breakfast with Lili, and then spending the entire day together, and then finishing the night with a romantic dinner for two. For those of you who don’t know, yes, Cole and Lili spent the whole day from morning till night last week, then they just “mysteriously” fell off the face of the earth for the entire weekend. Jeez, I wonder why? 🤔
Also, I don’t see Cole posting heart eyes emojis on any other females’ photos. I also don’t see his very over protective brother, Dylan, following any of his female model friends everyone seems to worry about.
Their obvious body language, and lack of personal space, their constant heart eyes to each other, their flirty banter, their ridiculous chemistry, their continuous smiles every time they look at each other, their flustered faces whenever they know people are on to them is just way too real and intense to ignore.

How anyone can think Cole meant another girl is beyond me. The guy is hopelessly in love with Lili. And if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, I can assure you she would have dismissed him a long time ago, and not be spending nights at his house, and going out on dates with him for an entire day.
Whatever is going on between them is mutual. ❤️

boyfriend! sehun

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  • the whole relationship is basically him acting like he doesn’t care when he actually cares way too much
  • it could be something as simple as going out to eat,
  • “sehun what do you want to eat”
  • “i don’t care you pick”
  • “ok how bout pizza-”
  • “mmmmm, no i kinda want thai food”

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Huge Genyatta Fic List

Thanks to Tumblr user @blackmage2317 , a long list of Genyatta fanfics has been organized. Hundreds of fanfics for you guys to chose from! I want to give a big thanks to blackmage2317 and their dedication for finding and putting together all these fics. I feel it’ll be a big help for people searching for fics to read.


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let’s talk some snk focus and complaining

I’m seeing a lot of negativity and I have to say that, I think even valid feelings/opinions are being expressed and transmitted in a very wrong way that’s easy to be interpreted as simply being bitter and “uncomfortable because it’s not about me” attitude

as someone who’s a main cast stan and who have warmed up considerably to the characters on the warriors side, who now enjoys them enough to even want to make content for them, let me explain the feelings of those who are impatient for the walldians in a way that’s more understandable and easy to sympathize with than just  what looks like “bitterness”

1- first thing is, I wouldn’t have found a worst time to shift the perspective than the one Isayama chose, even I tried to!
and by worst I mean the degree of how unresolved everything was left
think about it, everything we learned after the serumbowl, all the damage that was done during the serumbowl to the characters and their relationships was left unresolved, so many threads hanging, so many insights on their feelings that we’re lacking, it’s easy to get anxious over all that, and it’s not like the story switched focus to go back and deal with this right where it left it, we have to deal with a big time skip too! which bring me to the next point

2- the 4 years time skip!
all the more reasons why people are anxious, it’s not a month, it’s not two, it’s 4 whole years! the biggest time skip we’ve had in the entire manga!
it’s naturally stressing, it was the first month and it still is 5 months later, so many things could happen in those years! and the note we left them on is anything but reassuring

3- it’s the final arc!
yeah we’re all in this together, only that doesn’t make it any better to any side, there’s always this feeling inside that “it’s now or never”, you either get what you hope for now or you’ll never get it like… ever!
tell me that’s not stressing! I have no idea why Isayama talks about deciding the end as a way of reassuring the fans because for a lot of people there’s nothing reassuring knowing the story is ending and that there’s no more second chances at focus to any of the characters

and then there’s the obvious, the hell of the monthly releases!
it’s not a new issue but it’s has always acted as a magnifying glass every time the pace slowed down a little, the content of 3 episodes in the anime can drag for more than half a year in manga form!

for all of this, I think people are getting a little bit impatient and anxious but the way it’s been expressed could easily be seen as childish bitterness over other people getting focus and enjoying content of their favs, which I doubt is the real case

we can disagree with Isayama and be upset over his choices respectfully if there are valid reasons, but for that we need to drop the childish behavior and the “if I’m not enjoying no one should” attitude, Isayama is not writing his story to cater to anyone after all

on the other hand, people who are simply expressing missing their favs and feeling impatient and worried, should be allowed to! there are valid reasons for that as I stated above, you can’t just ask people to leave when they have been invested for years in characters who haven’t gotten a closure yet.

in short, be respectful kids!

Unique Origins Dialogue I Wish We Had:

Brosca & Aeducan: What the fuck are dreams and why is there a dragon screaming at me in my sleep.

Brosca & Aeducan: What do you mean those are stars? What do you mean they sometimes fall??? What about those cloud things? Oh my god why is there water/snow/hail falling on us, what is this misery??? (Also like, I feel like dwarves wouldn’t have experienced being really cold before this? Given the whole, magma filled cave thing.)

Aeducan: I was almost queen/king and I have opinions about heritage and ruling and here’s what I think you should do, Alistair.

Cousland: My family is the second highest ranked in the land other than Loghain and Anora and are heavily involved in the politics of Ferelden and I also have opinions on heritage and ruling and here’s what I think you should do, Alistair.

Cousland: Hey various Arls and Banns, you know my family, who are very respected and I’m now the apparent heir of, let’s talk about that fuck Howe and how we should deal with this civil war.

Mahariel: Humans are very, very weird, and racist, and I find your rituals and politics baffling and offensive.

Tabris: How about we stage a revolution and just get rid of royalty entirely? Side note, how many humans do I get to gut for selling my friends and family members before anyone can stop me.

Amell & Surana: Aaahhhh!!! I haven’t been outside the Tower since I was a child and now you want me to be in charge of things??? My blisters have blisters and everyone we talk to is afraid of me for Andraste’s sake!

Feel free to add more! I definitely will be.

First Impressions (Part 2)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on)

Word Count:

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis

Sebastian Stan Tag: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @buenostardissherlock

Chris Evans Tag (Normally wouldn’t, but he’s featured a lot): @nedthegay @camigt1999  @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange

First Impressions Tag: @goodnightwife


A week had passed since you met Sebastian, Chris, and Bee. Bee was an absolute delight and you and her were becoming best friends quickly as you texted each day about the trials of being actresses. You sent funny snaps back and forth about being in hair and makeup, staying up late to learn lines, the typical actress life.

You were now at an interview for Jimmy Kimmel live. One, for promoting the movie you just started directing, second, to announce that you had been chosen for the newest Marvel movie. Just as you emerged from the dressing room to await for your announcement, you ran into Sebastian.

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Sanders Sides Starters pt. 1
  • ❛  believe it or not I was quite the nerd in school.  ❜
  • ❛  greeting wonderful citizens! and you nerds.  ❜
  • ❛  the important thing to keep in mind is that nobody is perfect. everyone comes with their own flaws.  ❜
  • ❛  are we bringing up your flaws now ? because if so get ready to take a lot of notes.  ❜
  • ❛  you procrastinate a lot, you can be a bit selfish with your food and your other belongings, you’re definitely not the most adventurous person –  ❜
  • ❛  nope! nope we are not talking about fears. I’m well aware of those.  ❜
  • ❛  wow. that was a surprisingly deep and poignant question.  ❜
  • ❛  where do babies come from ? I know it’s got something to do with storks.  ❜
  • ❛  do you know how often you say you can’t cook ? lot’s of times. do you know how often you try to learn how to cook ? zero times !  ❜
  • ❛  your face is scary !  ❜
  • ❛  which we all know is referred to as adultery !  ❜
  • ❛  you’re a real pizza work.  ❜
  • ❛  ta ta ! I wish you the best of luck in your adultery !  ❜
  • ❛  oh I’m sorry was I not wanted at this exact second ?  ❜
  • ❛  what are you doing different ? what are you doing wrong ? what are you forgetting to do ?  ❜
  • ❛  sorry kid but this is what I do.  ❜
  • ❛  he’s severely lacking in the knowledge department.  ❜
  • ❛  I hear what you’re saying and I do care about that, but here’s the thing: I don’t really care about that.  ❜
  • ❛  oh good ! my anxiety ! right on time.  ❜
  • ❛  all these thought and emotions in complete turmoil ? how could I not show up to this party ?  ❜
  • ❛  get over it. you’re the least popular character and you know it.  ❜
  • ❛  curse you for making me laugh !  ❜
  • ❛  uhg. I do not like you.  ❜
  • ❛  give it up. resolutions are nothing more than empty promises to yourself.  ❜
  • ❛  you sicken me. you can’t always rely on a catchy tune to solve your problems !  ❜
  • ❛  you besmirch the name of disney ? this time you have gone too far !  ❜
  • ❛  really ? this is where you draw the line ?  ❜
  • ❛  he was a very busy prince ! he had a lot on his mind !  ❜
  • ❛  it’s totally fine to believe a random stranger when they tell you to jump out the window when they’ve already broken into your house.  ❜
  • ❛  don’t sign a contract without having your mer-lawyer look over all the fine print and stipulations.  ❜
  • ❛  I just wanna support you in everything you do !  ❜
  • ❛  clickbait works (name) !  ❜
  • ❛  I kept disney channel stars from starving !  ❜
  • ❛  I almost died on a disney channel set !  ❜
  • ❛  talk about the food !  ❜
  • ❛  dad jokes, they work every time.  ❜
  • ❛  can you like, stop, for once in your life ?  ❜
  • ❛  I know your limits, that’s all I was saying.  ❜
  • ❛  what issue ? you’re totally fine.  ❜
  • ❛  he literally has dreams that are delusional and highly unrealistic.  ❜
  • ❛  I’m not your son.  ❜
  • ❛  bigger house means more dogs !  ❜
  • ❛  I learned so much today !  ❜
  • ❛  roses are red, violets are blue … sunflowers are yellow, tulips come in all sorts of colors, so do roses – I really like flowers – daffodils are also yellow.  ❜
  • ❛  I know big words too ! … saaaxaphone –  ❜
  • ❛  I’ve got an idea ! don’t. don’t even try.  ❜
  • ❛  that’s not how people work.  ❜
  • ❛  I would like to speak from the heart, but hearts don’t have mouths.  ❜
  • ( laughing ) ❛  well, I’m hopelessly crushed.  ❜
  • ❛  not talk about me ?  ❜
  • ❛  you find out what might be making their life difficult …  and you kill it.  ❜
  • ❛  weddings are nothing but outdated, expensive pageantry.  ❜
  • ❛  plus the diamond industry is incredibly unethical.  ❜
  • ❛  stop. you’re upsetting him.  ❜
  • ❛  I am feeling all types of bad.  ❜
  • ❛  I wasn’t trying to help.  ❜
  • ❛  what are you laughing at Hot Topic ?  ❜
  • ❛  you’re implying that you love us !  ❜
  • ❛  I gotta go bury that dragon witch body.  ❜
  • ❛  home maintenance is not a joke.  ❜
  • ❛  I’m a textbook procrastinator.  ❜
  • ❛  didn’t take you for the dress up type.  ❜
  • ❛  did you actually look in a mirror when you put that on ?  ❜
  • ❛  it can’t be a bad video if you never make one.  ❜
  • ❛  when in doubt, remember that everything we do is all pointless anyways.  ❜
  • ❛  bleak, but I appreciate you trying to contribute.  ❜
  • ❛  elementary my dear … daddy.  ❜
  • ❛  who gave him a knife !?  ❜
  • ❛  (name) and I are playing dress up, (name) is making us question our existence and I found a dollar !  ❜
  • ❛  ha ! I like that nickname and I’m gonna use it now.  ❜
  • ❛  how could you do it ? I trusted you.  ❜
  • ( sighs ) ❛  feelings, the bane of my existence.  ❜
  • ❛  is it because I have a dollar and you don’t ?  ❜
  • ❛  I am the cause of this, but I’m also the solution – to a problem I have caused and will inevitably resolve.  ❜
  • ❛  am I in a paradoxical loop where I endlessly generate a problem and try to solve it like a snake devouring its own tail in order to satiate its hunger !?  ❜
  • ❛  that was dark even for me.  ❜
  • ❛  shush and make a face of agreement like everyone else.  ❜
  • ❛  don’t screw it up !  ❜
  • ❛  you … never want me to stick around …  ❜
  • ❛  MOTHER F–  ❜
  • ❛  get me out of here please. I need to leave.  ❜
  • ❛  bippity boppity boo-yah !  ❜
  • ❛  that’s one of those outbursts that we internalize.  ❜
  • ❛  I know you intended to hurt my feelings, but I AM JUST SO DARN PROUD OF YOU THAT YOU MADE A DAD JOKE !  ❜
  • ❛  I also still maintain my MySpace page. it’ll bounce back.  ❜
  • ❛  I usually go and sit on a surface that isn’t meant to be sat on because when tomorrow comes I will be faced with even more challenges and I am too overwhelmed to be worrying about what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ a chair.  ❜
  • ❛  I basically just listen to The Campfire Song Song from Spongebob on repeat.  ❜
  • ❛  well that was thoroughly and utterly disappointing.  ❜
  • ❛  you know what ? I am done ! I am done here. I am done with all of you.  ❜
  • ❛  he misused the word infinitesimal last week !  ❜
  • ❛  don’t patronize me.  ❜

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is dirk a canon horse furry?

You probably weren’t expecting an essay length answer to this question. So like let there be no doubt at all from this point onwards this is exactly the kind of content you can legitimately expect from this blog. This is who I am. I’m sorry.

Also, you’re welcome. 

Yes, Dirk is a furry. And his relationship to furries shows us a lot about his parallels and similarities to one Rose Lalonde. Who is also a furry.

Let’s get into this. 

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Influence of the Portuguese Language on Japanese (Part 2)

In the last post, I talked mostly about phonological changes between the loaning of words between Portuguese and Japanese. But a lot more than phonological change happened to the words when these two languages came into contact with each other. 

Another change I’d like to discuss is semantic change (!!) when the meanings of words change. In this case, when the meaning of a word in Portuguese changes when it becomes adopted into Japanese. 

Here’s a list of some of the words that underwent semantic change and what kind of semantic change they underwent: 

Widening is a process where a word’s meaning becomes more broad. For example, ‘tempero’ in Portuguese is a certain type of seasoning for food, but it becomes widened in Japanese to mean a type of food (that’s prepared a certain way). 

Narrowing is the opposite. Where a certain broader category becomes more specific. Like ‘confeito’ in Portuguese, which in general means sweets or candy, but in Japanese, ‘konpeito’ is a certain type of candy and is not used to mean candy in general.

“Localization” is my own creation because I didn’t see it fit in any other category :P I’m pretty much saying here that these garments in both Portuguese and Japanese culture are underwear, but for the Japanese, they become a specific underwear used for kimono. So it becomes localized to the culture. But I guess it can be a type of narrowing (maybe)? 

Metaphor is a process where you’re bridging two ideas. For example, ‘type of boat’ and ‘type of sushi.’ There’s a loose metaphorical connection with boats, fish, seafood, and in general the ocean. I’m not 100% sure where the connection comes in, but you can see it. 

Metonymy is when you’re extending the meaning of a word to include something that’s closely related to the original. I’ll give you a non-Portuguese-and-Japanese example: ‘cadera’ in Spanish currently means ‘waist’ but before, it used to mean ‘armchair.’ When you sit down, your butt (haha) touches the chair, and your butt and your waist are in close proximity, in which the name for armchair over time becomes…waist. It’s interesting because cadeira can still mean chair in Portuguese (but also waist, I think, right? Help me out guys). 

Pejoration is a process where a word comes to mean something more negative. Maybe you might be wondering how ‘sword’ comes to mean ‘an insulting word for a woman.’ Apparently, in card playing games, ‘espada’ is a technical term where the spades is the least valuable or desirable card. So ‘espada’ can either mean ‘sword’ or ‘spade’ in which, the least desirable card somehow comes to mean an insulting word for a woman in Japanese. Weird~

There’s a lot more types of semantic change that weren’t listed here. If you’re interested in learning more about semantic change, you can Google it, or I recommend the book on Historical Linguistics by Lyle Campbell :) It talks about a lot more than just semantic change and touches on phonological change, comparative method, etc. 

Side note: semantic changes can happen in loan words and in contact situations as well as within one language. There’s so many words we don’t realize have undergone semantic change. For example, think of the words awesome (used to mean ‘inspiring awe’ but now is used to mean ‘cool’ or ‘great’) or dumb (used to mean ‘silent or unable to speak’). 

Note: The data that this information comes from is not from me. My data comes from another researcher’s work and I’m using his work to discuss, in this case, semantic changes. 

INFJ: the satanic Ni-Ti loop & escaping its pentagram

i hate Ni-Ti loops. i’m also in one way too often. my fellow INFJs, here’s what happens when you loop and how to (theoretically) thaw the ice in your heart, you frigid bee-yotch you

Reminder that Ni, on its own, can be a remarkably cold function. It thrives on analysis and possibilities. Ni says to the INFJ, “Here is one idea! Here are the infinite ideas that branch off from this singular idea! And here is how they are all related!” Ni hands the INFJ the world, and its possibilities, on a silver platter.

In short, Ni grants the INFJ the ability to look at infinite possibilities. But remember: Ni is a perceiving function, not a judging function. When people say that Ni is always sure of its vision, that’s kind of an incorrect statement, because Ni doesn’t actually do the judging, nor does it produce the INFJ’s vision. Ni does, however, give the INFJ the ability to be sure of their vision, since it lets the INFJ see every possibility and the flaws in each; therefore, the decision of the judging function appears to the INFJ as absolutely correct.

Ni, on its own, is not sure of its vision. That’s a side effect of whatever judging function accompanies it. The judging function produces the vision, which Ni assures the INFJ is the right vision. But really. The judging function’s the one in charge.

In a healthy INFJ, that judging function is usually Fe – kind, friendly, gorgeous Fe. Fe usually is there to wrap Ni in a comfy warm blanket, which is why lots of people don’t immediately recognize Ni’s potential for coldness. When the INFJ relies on Fe to produce their vision, that vision is usually one that wants to help people, as is the nature of Fe. The INFJ looks out for others. They help their friends. They, I don’t know, save the world, save kittens from tree branches, become Jesus or whatever.

(side note: Fe can easily be toxic/unhealthily developed, as I also mentioned in the post I linked before, but that’s not what I’m talking about here)

But! In a loop! We don’t have Fe to produce the vision. We have Ti, the next judging function. Which can be detrimental to the INFJ due to several key differences between Ti and Fe:

  • First, Ti is introverted. There’s a reason that extroverted judging functions usually accompany introverted perceiving functions (and vice versa). The balance between introversion/extroversion is absolutely critical to any functioning member of society. In a Ni-Ti loop, the INFJ lives entirely in their own head, bypassing their immediate connection to the external world.
  • Next, the nature of Ti: internal blueprints, assessing new information based on an infrastructure of logic. Ti obviously works wonderfully when in harmony with other functions, but when it interacts with Ni alone, without Fe’s help, Ti uses logic to justify selfishness.

INFJs in a loop are withdrawn and shut people out. When I’ve looped in the past, I completely cut off a close friend who was nothing but wonderful to me, simply because I was busy & our friendship was a lot of work. Not your stereotypical INFJ saint, eh? And the worst part is that toxic Ti’s logic will fool you. It’s hard to get out of a loop because Ti makes the looping make 1000% logical sense. You’ll say to yourself, “Hey, ignoring this person isn’t awful of me, even though she’s going through a lot & needs my friendship. This is just what makes sense. I have to look out for myself.” Wrong! You’re just acting like an asshole. I promise you, I could have handled my shit and also have been a good friend. Ti was just a lot more convenient for me to use in that situation. That’s what I mean by selfishness.

So: You lost your Fe, and Ti’s making all of your decisions, and you don’t like it. You feel trapped in your mind, and often disconnected from your emotions. Likely you feel numb and detached. So what do you do?

THE BAD SOLUTION: When you try to get out of a loop, your first instinct will be to rely on Se, as a way to get out of your head. This is not healthy. If you use Se as a crutch and do not healthily develop it, you will only make things worse. Se will make you overeat or undereat; it will make you sleep too much or too little; you will do dumb self-destructive things and drink too much and maybe even have sex you’ll regret later. Please practice Se responsibility. Like they say in vodka commercials.

THE REAL SOLUTION: Develop your Fe, god damn it. Do random acts of kindness and make up with that friend you’ve been ignoring. Go outside. Feel grass in between your toes and sun on your skin and be inspired to love. I promise you, sending one text to one person with the pure intention of brightening their day will help you out. Practice the good qualities of Fe: empathy, kindness, and understanding. I promise things will work out.


Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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Ross is becoming so cruel, what with comments like “not every man in Cornwall is besotted with you” and “look elsewhere for a pet”. I’m hating him as much as I did in season 2. (In season 2 he was a fool and an ass, but he wasn’t saying cruel things like that.) I don’t remember Ross being that way in the books. But I know why they’re doing it…to make everyone root for Demelza having a fling

Don’t hate Ross, anon. Just don’t. He doesn’t deserve it.

comments like “not every man in Cornwall is besotted with you”

I was irritated by this first time around, but when I watched it again, I took more note of his tone of voice. He actually doesn’t say it cruelly, he says it with a measure of fondness.

What he doesn’t do, however, is match Demelza’s teasing tone. She is clearly a) slightly flustered by Hugh’s attention, and b) trying to have a teasing conversation with him along the lines of the conversation they had in bed after Ross’s return from Roscoff (about French beauties and whether he partook of them). She’s trying to draw him into that flirty, teasing banter that they’ve shared before. When he dismisses her with ‘I didn’t notice’, she’s the one to say perhaps she imagined it - and Ross doesn’t hear the way she suddenly sounds subdued, and so doesn’t respond to it. He makes a fond comment about not every man in Cornwall being besotted with her, but the implication in that is that he is besotted with her.

What upsets Demelza is that he doesn’t register her intention of flirting, and I think, also, it’s that it comes in the wake of what happened that day: he didn’t want to dance with her and he was so eager to get away from the party (which was, after all, the wedding reception for their dearest friends). Ross dislikes the attention he’s getting as ‘hero of Quimper’, but though I think Demelza knows that, she’s also very proud of him and so can’t really understand why he dislikes it (there is a difference between knowing something and understanding it). And also, she enjoys these events. One could argue that she should accept what he wants and agree not to go to them, but one could also argue that Ross could stomach them and behave better towards her on the extremely rare occasions when he agrees to them in the first place! We are literally talking a handful of occasions across eight years of marriage, at this point. I don’t think she would be asking for the moon in wanting him to at least dance with her when appropriate - though I can also understand Ross feeling that he’s getting attention he doesn’t deserve because of one risky adventure he undertook to save a friend, in the process getting another friend killed. I can see both sides here.

The problem is that they’re just not communicating well enough about it - which is frustrating to watch, both because that’s the same problem they had all through s2, and because by this point in the books they’ve both got a heck of a lot better about actually talking to each other.

On a side note to this - Ross actually does like taking her places in the books. He doesn’t like the events, looks for all excuses not to accept invitations, but he finds pleasure in Demelza’s happiness, and likes that she’s grown more confident. We got a bit of that in the episode, with Pascoe prodding Ross to take Demelza to Tehidy because she enjoys it (hi, Pascoe, Demelza’s biggest cheerleader!) but they could have added in a brief word, say in the entrance hall at Tehidy, between Ross and Demelza to the effect that he’s pleased she’s happy. Not those words precisely, but something to that effect. But that’s by the by, and not really relevant to the point, heh.

“look elsewhere for a pet”

Okay, agreed, that was a particularly harsh comment. Ross ought to have a better understanding of Demelza than that. She doesn’t want a pet, a husband content to do her bidding and acquiesce to her opinion over everything, she wants a partner, she wants her husband to remember that she is intelligent and capable and full of common sense. She doesn’t want him to do what she wants, but she does want him to at least consult her and listen to her opinions. He knows these things about her, he has already accepted and acknowledged her great sense and capabilities - for example, making it clear to everyone that she’s in charge of Wheal Grace while he went to Quimper. So many of the problems they had in s2 came from Ross not respecting Demelza’s intelligence and not consulting her about things - again, it’s not about her wanting him to do things her way, it’s about wanting him to treat her as an equal. Think about that conversation in the barn about building a cache under the library, in s2 - she demands to know how he dares ask for her permission when he’ll go ahead and do it no matter what she says. She’s not angry because he doesn’t do what she wants, she’s angry at the pretence at consultation.

So yes, a harsh comment and completely uncalled for given how well he knows her. However! I have two things to say in his defence.

The first is that Ross, when he’s angry or upset, has a sharp, cold tongue. He does that again and again. To Demelza particularly, but to others also. When he’s hurting, he lashes out and is very capable of finding a weakness and poking at it. Sometimes it’s direct, sometimes less so, but it’s a character trait that is not new. Think about 1.03, when he comes back drunk after failing Jim Carter - ‘If you don’t take it off this minute you can pack your things and go back to your father!’.

Or 1.07: ‘Your ignorance. Your arrogance. Your utter disregard for truth and consequence?’ ‘All I’ve done is make two people happy!’ ‘Oh, Demelza, do not underestimate the scale of your achievement.’

Or even the more casual, less deliberate/more provoked 2.03: ‘Just be careful his uniform doesn’t dazzle you. It has that effect on some people.’ ‘Especially a common miner’s daughter who don’t know any better?’ ‘That’s for you to demonstrate.’ (more provoked in the sense that he doesn’t actually say the words, but he certainly uses them against her).

So yes, this is not the kind of comment that particularly surprises me coming from Ross when he’s hurting and angry and backed into some corner. Unlike most of his comments, it’s not actually particularly based in an understanding of her character, which is unusual, but even so.

And that’s the second thing I would say in his defence: he is hurting. He is angry. He has just had a letter from George Warleggan to say that his great-aunt has died. The last of the Trenwith Poldarks, one of the last connections to a different life, a woman who Ross loved and cared for and respected. And, knowing George, it was couched in the plainest, most unsympathetic terms. Ross doesn’t ever deal with loss well: we know that. Think of Jim Carter, of Julia, of Carnmore Copper Company. Think of his struggle to cope with the loss of more intangible things, such as his idealised love for Elizabeth, and the family bonds at Trenwith. This is not a good day for Ross. Then Demelza comes after him and tells him that George doesn’t mention anything about funeral arrangements. That’s another weight to carry, another bruise to a bruised man, particularly since Ross must know, as we do, that George would never ever allow Ross to actually take care of funeral arrangements himself (and, on that note, George you do NOT get to do that, how on EARTH did Elizabeth not tell him what it would look like in the county, to quietly and without ceremony bury Agatha Poldark?!?! And what about Verity?!?).

And then Demelza raises the issue of the MP nomination going to George, and she argues with him about it. I won’t go into all the whys of why she argues for it, why she wants him to be an MP, because it’s not relevant to the point - which is that this is not a good time for anyone to be prodding at Ross’s open wounds. And one of those open wounds is the news of Agatha’s death, but another is George’s continued inability to just act as if Ross and all those around Ross don’t exist - which is, after all, what he and Ross had agreed to. Ross knows how George treated Agatha. He knows that George likely hastened Agatha’s death. And setting aside his feelings about not wanting to be in a position of having to bow to another man’s judgement, hearing more bad news about George is really not going to produce any other result than it does: Ross grows more angry, more hurt, and lashes out in typical fashion.

As I said, setting aside her reasons for wanting him to be an MP and his reasons for not wanting to, it’s bad timing for Demelza to bring it up then. So don’t hate Ross for it, anon. He’s just…reacting the way he always does. Trying to inflict hurt on others because he’s hurting himself.

I don’t remember Ross being that way in the books. But I know why they’re doing it…to make everyone root for Demelza having a fling

No, in the books Ross is rarely cruel to her. He has mostly grown beyond sharpening his tongue on her, because she can’t cope with it, it destroys her, and he hates doing that to her. But also their relationship doesn’t develop this strain, at this point. The way they were in the early part of the episode? Friendly and loving and teasing, supporting each other? That’s where they are for the vast majority of The Four Swans.

And yes, unfortunately it seems likely that they’re building up to the reasons for Demelza’s infidelity. Her muttered comment of ‘perhaps I won’t have to look too far’ seems to suggest that - using his (in-character) sharp tongue as a reason for her to look elsewhere for some kindness. I don’t want to speculate too much, though. What comforts me is the fact that Hugh Armitage, so far, is absolutely book!accurate. Somehow it comes across so unmistakeably clearly on screen that he is not in love with her, he thinks he’s in love with her. He’s a Romantic, he’s idealistic, he fancies the hell out of her, but he cannot be in love with her because he does not know her. So Hugh’s flattery, his deceit (it is a kind of deceit, to be wooing the wife of a man who he calls friend, a man who saved his life), is absolutely not being watered down. I just hope that it’s not all made so horribly black and white as it seems to be. Demelza doesn’t have sex with Hugh because of Ross. Ross basically has nothing to do with it. It’s her wish to be two women, just for a day - to be Ross’s wife, loving him and happy with him, but also to be able to share her happiness with Hugh, who is young and innocent and who appeals to her physically.

Anyway. I’ve talked about all that before, and I won’t bore you with it again, because this answer has grown quite long enough :D just don’t hate Ross, anon. The only character who deserves your hate is Osborne Whitworth, who is a vile, disgusting creature.

John Sheppard and Don't Ask Don't Tell

Along with doing a rewatch of Stargate: Atlantis, I’ve begun reading fanfic in the fandom again.  It’s been a lot of fun to rediscover old favorites and find new stories.  Most of my reading has been Gen and, to the surprise of no one, McShep.

Within the McShep stories written there are, of course, the familiar enemies from canon: the Wraith, the Gennii, and the replicators.  But the one of the greatest and most often used foe in McShep fanon is Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT).  It’s the policy that will prevent Sheppard from telling McKay how he really feels.  It’s the policy that makes Sheppard resist making the relationship serious.  It’s the policy that means our two lovers must keep their forbidden love behind closed doors.  Among the fanfics that comment on or to any extent explore John Sheppard’s opinions of DADT, they strongly lean towards Sheppard veiwing it hostily.  

But I wonder if that’s an accurate reaction.

Prior to DADT, LGBT individuals were not allowed to serve in the US Military.  They could be investigated for “homosexual activity” and discharged, dishonorably.  DADT was debated heavily in congress; it was something that confused teenage me paid extra attention too (eventually I realized I was bisexual).  It was a type of compromise: basically if you stay in the closet, you’re allowed ot serve.  If you’re out, they’ll throw you out.  Moreover, the military was, officiall, no longer allowed to investigate your sexual behavior (unless they witnessed something themselves).  DADT was far from perfect, but while villified now, it actually represented an early step towards progress in 1993, when it passed.  (And yes, it was high time it was canned when it was in 2011.)

Now look at it from John Sheppards point of view.  As he was born in 1970 and went to Stanford, the earliest he would have joined the Air Force would have been 1992.  (It is never elaborated on what degree John Sheppard obtained.  Stanford currently offers a PhD in mathematics, but not separate masters program.)  In short, since no draft date is given, it is possible that John Sheppard joined after DADT was passed.  In fact, if he wasn’t straight, it’s very possible he joined the military, in part, because DADT was passed.  Living when he did, John Sheppard would have seen DADT much like a did; a small step in the right direction.  A gentle nod towards progress.  It would have made a career he might have previously seen as impossible, possible.

That isn’t to say his feelings might not be mixed.  DADT in practice was followed in a very haphazard way.  Some people were investigated and rooted out despite the fact that DADT was supposed to protect for just that.  Others were pretty much out, at least to their unit and commander.  The unfair and uneven use of DADT may have been part of the reasons it was revoked in 2011, allowing LGB (though really not T) members into the military.  It appears that Sheppard often conflicted with superiors in the military, but had better relationships with his follow soldiers.  We can only speculate on who knew how much about his sexual orientation (including Sheppard himself) and how much of that he shared.  Obviously, however, anyone looking to kick him out could have easily pointed to his attraction to men as a method to do that, so it is likely that he was largely discrete.  One would also think, that exposure to other cultures in the Pegasus galaxy may have also opened his eyes, as it is likely that other cultures had different attitudes towards what we think of as homosexuality or bisexuality.  (Talking with anthropologist colleagues during lunch, many cultures don’t have these concepts, at least not defined as we do.)

In short, John Sheppard’s opinion of DADT was probably a lot more mixed then I’ve often read in fanfics.  He probably recognized it as a protection and some measure of progress.  He might even be willing to defend it.  But he’d also come to see how different societies and cultures have less or little concern about “homosexual behavior” and come to view DADT and the culture it sprang from more critically over time.

As a complete side note, can you imagine Rodney McKay’s reaction if he learned John dropped out of a Ph.D program at Stanford to become a pilot in the Air Force?  Oh boy.


yesterday we ran through the pouring rain and today we ran through gorgeous, thick fog. all we can talk about is how this feels 100% like when we were in seattle almost exactly 2 years ago. lots of rain, lots of fog, and the perfect weather for cozying up and lots of snuggles!

side note: yesterday i had a mile that clocked in at 10:15 and i wanted to cry because i have not seen numbers that low in FOREVER and it made me feel so fast. speed is such a perception. last year i would have been devastated to see that just because i was running consistently in the 8/9’s. this is so good for my mentality and i cannot emphasize that enough.

Side note, can we stop talking about the musical with this Heathers reboot. Just like the reboot, it’s based on the movie,
It’s not original source material or content. The musical also changed a lot, and it’s not gonna be the same as the tv show for that reason. Stop citing things from the musical in discussion, stop talking about how this reboot is gonna effect the musical. It’s like saying the new Star Wars movies are a bad variation from your favorite Star Wars fan fic.

Writers Creed Interview

…“I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.”…

This time at the writerscreed interviews we got the chance to talk to Diane (@rhapsodyinblue) and her charismatic nature and the similar urge to help the writers made it a totally worth it experience.

Wc: Rhapsodyinblue45, well how did you come up with that url.

D: I’m in love with the 1920s, an era of flappers, cigarettes, bootleg alcohol, and the Charleston. My picture on my blog is a woman with bobbed hair who looks like a flapper. A song from that era, featured in The Great Gatsby is “Rhapsody in Blue” by Gershwin.

Wc: Woah well that was a pretty calculative approach, even our url involved pretty intense thinking and discussion but it wasn’t that deep approach.

Wc: Moving on,so any nicknames or names you like to be called by?

D: Di or DD are a couple. I like being called Rhapsody here.My name is Diane though.😉

Wc: That’s a unique name.

D: DD initials of my name,Di after Lady Diana – though we look nothing alike.

Wc: Lady Diana, are we talking about the Princess of Wales here?

D: Yes!!

Wc: What got you into writing any events that lead you to weave magic with words?

D: I was very imaginative as a kid. I wrote stories for a pretend newspaper that my family was forced to read. In graduate school, I took a poetry workshop and loved it! I became addicted to poetry. I teach English and creative writing now, so I get to practice all the time. It’s my personal therapy, my creative outlet, my wonderful sanity now.I disappear within the words, feel their sounds on my skin. I love the imaginative world of poetry!

Wc: Wow that’s amazing, pretty awesome reasons, writing is all about creativity and therapy I guess, well for those who choose it.Well you’re astounding imagination is very well depicted in your writups.

Wc: If I may assume Kids or your students might love you as a teacher they do right?
You don’t seem strict, well if you are then just let this question pass by as you never read it, just kidding.

D: I hope it’s mutual. I adore listening and learning from them as well. We read and share our thoughts all the time. Hopefully, they find the writing space liberating, a place they can be entirely themselves and feel understood, respected.I can be, but that’s a different class. I am most strict with myself as I am still in school as a student too.💜, Grad school.Teaching is all I ever wanted to do, to help people develop into the selves they desire to be, to encourage them to live their richest lives.

Wc: Well that’s the best quality a teacher can have, that will, to develop mutual understanding and bonding and adding to it also providing them the independence to think, you could be the next most wanted teacher.
You sound like a pretty amazing teacher to me to be honest.
Oh a student in grad school too, you are turning out to be one of the most talented women I’ve come across.
Well that idea is pretty amazing and Noble, we all need more people like you
Talking to you might even lead to me questioning myself about “What the hell am I doing with my life ?” (Haha)

D: Thats very kind of you.I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.
I commend your team for what you have accomplished.Thank you for recognizing my voice when I was new here.

Wc: It’s been our pleasure, So what do you like writing about?
I’ve been through your write-ups and what I found that you cover most of the genres, revolving around powerfull message or romance and women and their elegance.

D: I love including nature in my poems – the ocean, moon, seasons. I usually try to pose a question in my poems that I hope to resolve by the end. Half the time, I go on the journey too, bumping along, unsure of what I will find.Themes would include celebration of females, encouraging anyone who feels uncelebrated, writing about storms, cats, emotional pain.Trying to pose, I do write about love a good bit of varied kinds

Wc: So you’re like Christopher Nolan(Director of Inception) of poetry unlike him you actually care about the endings.

D: I am open to whatever ending unfolds as long as it is satisfying. That’s the term I use.★★joke😅

Wc: Why do you like writing, what do you find fascinating about it?

D: I discover myself in the words, what I think about things. I divine my own secrets, anticipate the outcome in fiction before it becomes a reality. A divining stick supposedly leads a person to water. Poetry leads me back to my soul.
Poetry is like a song.The song we want the world to hear if they would take the time to listen, the song we must silence ourselves, even to sing.

Wc: Well that was a rhapsodic answer indeed, pretty deep but inspiring too. There’s definitely a link between words and our soul.
Yeah we agree with you on that, poetry indeed is a song yearning for people's​ attention but sometimes it’s more impactful when you least expect it to be.

D: Yes!! Agreed.
I would be lost without creative writing. Where could we escape when reality feels too intense, when our heart hurts? Writing allows us a chance to turn safely inward and channel pain into art and even fantasy.I don’t know people’s reactions to my write ups. I think they feel my words and how emotional they are to me as a writer, but like teaching, I just put it out there, stand on stage, share these thoughts. How they perceive them, I don’t truly know.That’s the truth. Can we ever know the truth of other’s perceptions of us, our own interpretations do get in the way isn’t it.

Wc: Yeah they do.
Symptoms of a true artist indeed, we and you share the same vision of uplifting writers it feels great that we are not alone in this, it’s really amazing how you think about your students and want provide them a platform where they can express their thoughts freely. We’ve said that before and we’ll say again it’s feels amazing to have people like you among us.

Wc: So any bizarre stories linked with your talent of writing or anything unusual that happened because of it?

D: You expressed my sentiments beautifully. I write poetry to express and connect and to share this love and passion for words with others. We definitely agree.
I don’t know if it is a talent, more than intuition for me. It has led me to some great people and wonderful connections. I really enjoy collaborating with folks when minds meld on an idea.

Wc: Any suggestion you’d like to embark so we can reform writerscreed and fix some of the missing loopholes?

D: Your team does a great job. Opportunities for collaborations amongst poets would be fun, and I would be open to it. Continue with writing prompts for challenges to improve writers.

Wc: Duly noted.
Any fun facts, perhaps a side of you that is less known about or something else ?

D: I’m an avid runner, believe in healthy eating as opposed to taking medicine, enjoy camping, and I studied abroad in England in college.

Wc: Well you are a really an awesome person,
So thats all we have, thank you very much for your time, we really enjoyed talking to you and we were here to interview you and ended up getting insipred instead.
It’s was an absolute pleasure talking to you.

D: I enjoyed our conversation immensely.This was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your interviews with other writers as well.Thank you!!

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What ever happened to the writer of Hang the Fool? They just stopped posting ages ago and no one ever talks about them.

There was a lot of discourse and controversy surrounding the fic, so Sam chose to lay low indefinitely. Their blog is still up, I believe, but you won’t find them posting because they’d rather avoid any potential drama. I think no one brings her up because, regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, no one really wants to dredge up old discourse. 

(And we ask very nicely that folks not start discourse in the replies/notes of this post! I know it’s a very controversial fic and we’d rather not be the cause of folks arguing with one another.)

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About the Pidge age thing I think the video was deleted I'm not sure but there was definitely a video where someone asked the creators for her age and they said Pidge was 14 in season 1

I’m so sorry I took hijacked your ask to talk about some Pidge analysis, but you peaked my interest again! 

hmmm yeah, I’m not saying you can’t take that video into consideration if you want, but personally I’m really picky about sources (see here where I discuss the age thing a little more in depth). If the video is still here it may have a little more credibility, but if it’s gone then…its gone. There’s nothing wrong with hc-ing that shes 14, that’s the impression I was under for a while before I started looking at season 1 a little deeper. There’s nothing that disproves shes 14 so she could very well be such, but here is what we do know, or is logical from the show:

- Pidge was already in the garrison as a student and got kicked out for snooping for info about Kerberos. We saw this scene in the show and there is no indication she wasn’t a student at the time. Someone mentioned the fact that she’s wearing her civilian clothes and not a uniform, but students are allowed to do this, since we see Lance and Hunk walking around the school in civvies in the first episode. That she changed her appearance and name to get back in to keep searching is the most logical explanation. True, the fact that she was a student initially is not explicitly stated, but when I tried to watch s1 again with the mindset that she wasn’t a student in the first place, it’s really hard to support it, as most of the evidence points to the opposite. Feel free to discuss this more with me, I’m always up for analyzing stuff in the show, and I love talking to people about it, but I don’t like guessing or speculation and place a lot of weight on logic and the show itself. I mean, maybe she is 14 and the Garrison takes students at 13? It’s possible.

If anyone is interested, below is some more food for thought about Pidge and Matt!

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ROTBTD AU: Once Upon A Time
(Jackunzel as Captain Swan)

i am a pirate, you are a princess;
we could sail the seven seas

Happy, happy birthday Justine!! ♡