and we talk about that a lot as side notes

I might have mentioned this before, but when I was a little girl, my mother was a chemical engineer who worked for a major manufacturing company, and she worked on a line of very popular menstrual products. So, I mean, menstrual products were a very casual thing when I was a kid. I think I already told the story about me thinking pads were just particularly soft stickers and putting them all over things when I was a toddler, but also I mean we just always had boxes of them around, and my mom would do things like cut pads open and show me how the polymer foam inside worked.

(Side note, this is also how I know that a lot of those jars of “instant snow” you can get this time of year are the same kind of stuff that’s inside pads/diapers/etc. You’re welcome.)

So I have to admit, it was kind of weird for me when I got older and realized that you basically are not allowed to talk about menstrual products in polite company. (Look at that! “Menstrual products” is such a stiff way to put it.) Like forget discussing your period in frank terms, you can’t even talk about the random products you use to deal with it. Can you imagine if it was considered so inappropriate to talk about toilet paper or baby diapers? Bodies are gross, messes happen, but periods are treated differently.

I mean, just watch a pad commercial? They’re not even allowed to use the color red in case it grosses people out. They pour some blue water on a pad, like that’s helpful at all in knowing whether a pad will actually work. And that’s if they even show a pad at all! Usually it’s just like flowers and horseback riding or working out and doing martial arts if it’s a more feminist ad. They’re not allowed to actually talk about the product or how it works, they just use vague-ass language to remind us that their product exists. Like we can forget with our uteruses throwing a giant fit once a month.

So I have to have like this secret network of menstrual product reviews amongst my uterus-having friends, like “oh this pad works a dream but the wings are weird” or “I could probably empty my aorta into this pad and it would be fine” or “I don’t like pads, I only use tampons and this brand has an applicator that should be outlawed by the Hague”. Because once in high school I pulled a pad out of my purse to clean up a soda spill (BECAUSE THEY’RE FUCKING ABSORBENT, THAT’S THEIR JOB) and all the boys looked at me like frightened rabbits.

And I mean, it’s kind of funny to watch the blood drain out of their faces just like it is draining out of my vagina, but it’s also pretty upsetting. Because people who have periods are being taught that their particular brand of excretion (and one that, lbr, is strongly associated with women and misogyny) is grosser than any other kind that comes out of the human body. Their monthly cycle makes them “unclean” in a way that vomiting or urinating doesn’t. It’s so horrible that no one even talks about it. And because no one talks about it, we have problems like people being heavily taxed for tampons, and legislators not knowing how periods work (but still being happy to make decisions about what medications are okay to use to regulate them), and homeless shelters rarely getting menstrual products in donations of other toiletries. People don’t talk about periods or menstrual products, so people don’t know about them.

Even going beyond the widespread political ramifications of this willful ignorance, it makes a normal part of life pretty scary for preteens (or teens) getting their first period. It makes it so they don’t know what isn’t normal. It makes it so people don’t know to go to the doctor for symptoms that are warning signs of severe illnesses, and some doctors don’t even know how to deal with them. It makes it so people suffer needlessly. Even if they aren’t in horrible pain, like a lot of people are, it makes it so they may not know what kind of product is right for them, whether it be a cup, pad, tampon, menstrual underwear, whatever. They may not even know there ARE options. They may not know what kind of painkiller works best for them, or what to try next.

And the fact that there’s this huge blank spot in the way we talk about sexual/reproductive health that even rampant capitalism can’t seem to fully overcome is mind-blowing to me?? Like is a bit of blood really that scary? Really? In a world where action and horror and art house movies with fountains of gore are a dime a dozen? Periods aren’t pleasant, I’m the first person to admit that, but they’re a lot less pleasant when you can’t even ask for help to make them better – at least not in a loud voice. It’s like this bizarre open secret we can only talk about in whispers among women (side note, this makes it even rougher for trans folks to get help) like it’s some kind of arcane secret or curse hanging out inside our uteruses, and if it’s openly acknowledged, it’ll devour humanity.

Anyway, I still keep pads in my purse, and I still use them to clean up the messes that a paper towel won’t touch, no matter who’s watching. I still keep a large stack of them in my bathroom next to the extra roll of toilet paper and the hand towels. I will happily teach little boys and little girls about them, because everyone should know how a basic human function works and is taken care of. Even if you don’t have a uterus, I will be shocked if you never find someone else who has one that you love, whether it’s a partner, family member, or friend. And you should be able to help them, and to give them a place where they can talk about their own body without worrying about being “gross” or “unclean”.

LIKE SERIOUSLY, just talk about periods! You never know when the person next to you might have a great tip for getting blood out of – well, everything.

hamilton staging notes

so as some of you may know, i went to see hamilton on the 27th. here’s some staging notes i compiled. they jump around a lot, but whatever–

btw, if you want to ask me about a specific number, just message me or send me an ask!!

• during helpless, peggy does the most adorable shoulder wiggly dance holding the letters
• the lams physicality is real tbh. during my shot, when laurens starts with “we’ll never be truly free”, laurens and ham are side hugging p much
• at the end of stay alive reprise, when phillip dies, both alexander and eliza are leaning over phillip’s body and eliza lets out a scream that turns into a sob and alexander reaches out to take her hand and she pulls away
• during my shot until his part, burr is sitting in the back reading
• the transition from my shot to story of tonight is the “woah oh oh oh"s slowly fading out and the four guys are laughing
• no matter what you do, do not sit centre of the front row. why? BECAUSE JONATHAN GROFF SPITS A L O T.
• at the end of non stop when everyone’s like "why do you write like history has its eyes on you” angelica is holding ham’s left hand and eliza is holding his right and then he starts on his first “i am not throwing away my shot” he rips his hand out of angelicas and on the second one he tears away from eliza… and then during take a break they’re in the same hand holding position and when ham says “i have to get my plan to congress, i can’t stop until i get my plan through congress” he slowly backs away from them
• what’d i miss is literally just daveed interacting with the audience and sticking his tongue out a lot
• ok the intro to the show (at least the one that i saw) is groff over the speaker saying stuff about ‘this is a message from your king, no photography/cellphones’ etc and he ends with “enjoy MY show”
• during helpless, laf goes to dance w angelica and ham p much Shoves him out of the way
• in helpless, peggy dances & chats with hercules and laf and then talks in the cute little corner w laurens and honestly im p sure jasmine and anthony just did that one day during rehearsal while having a moment and tommy kail was like “cool keep that”
• in the election of 1800, during the part where the ensemble talks abt the ppl running starting with “i don’t like adams” “well, he’s gonna lose, that’s just defeatist” the ppl talking are in a line talking from right to left (but it isn’t like a straight up line like it looks v casual) and as they talk burr is moving down the line trying to get the people’s view on him, and when the ppl say “he seems approachable” “like you could grab a beer with him!” burr does this freaking adorable fist pump thing
• at the end of a winter’s ball, when they say the whole “hey hey hey hey” im p sure it’s just ham, laurens, and burr, and they’re walking to the side of the stage and saying that to the women in the first two rows
• in non-stop when angelica is telling ham about how she’s going to london, when she gets to “my alexander, don’t forget to write” the spinny thing on the stage starts moving and she rotates away from hamilton and it’s this outstretched hand thing as they reach for each other and as she finishes eliza rotates towards him going in the same direction with “look at where we are”
• during meet me inside, while talking with gwash, ham is standing completely still, hands behind his back, until around “i don’t have your name, i don’t have your title” and then when he says “call me son one more time” he’s right in washington’s face and it’s v tense and u can see on ham’s face that he knows he done mucked up but he’s still holding his ground
• in cabinet battle 1 chris jackson talks to the audience and when he says “we’ll reconvene after a brief recess” his face is just like “HOLY SHIT NO” and out of the corner of his mouth like he’s trying to make sure the audience doesn’t notice he’s like “hamilton, a word”
• tbh gwash during the “we rendezvous with rochambeau, consolidate his gifts” is so much more angry than i expected
• say no to this is less sexy and scandalous than ppl described it as but it was still insanely amazing and the lighting dimmed and the ensemble popped out from all different parts of the stage to say “NO!”
• during blow us all away there’s a “play” going on starring two ensemble members in huge ballroom costumey stuff and phillip is standing in the audience yelling at george eacker who’s on the balcony in his “box”
• in one last time during the first chorus just before the “no, sir, why?!” ham freaking chugs down two drinks he’s legit like “i cannot deal with this while sober”
• during the reynolds pamphlet just before angelica’s part, phillip stands centre downstage and jefferson, madison, and burr are all dancing around him and mocking him my poor son
• when groff sings “why so blue” the stage lighting goes from red to blue
• in its quiet uptown, when they sing “she takes his hand” she reaches out and holds his hand and ham’s face is so heartbreaking and literally ten seconds later she reaches over when her other hand and layers it on top and they don’t even look at each other because that’s enough im not crying you’re crying
• at the end of guns and ships, gwash passes the letter to get alexander back to an ensemble member and they pass it along while dancing and it’s so beautiful and and then it reaches ham and i can’t describe it it’s so artsy and beautiful
• angelica has the most beautiful umbrella during take a break
• general note: watch anthony ramos during the “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” part of my shot okay just do it because he’s supposed to be frozen but he’ll probably be trying not to laugh


-I was already worried about Paulie but now we’ve mentioned that he’s going through Something again so I’m back into being Worried about Paulie
-please talk to me about Paulie more
-on a side note I hope of we don’t see him soon we get to see Adam bc I relate to Adam a lot so I love him
-“do you want me to be honest?”
-my roommate was listening while I watched and she DIED when Jill said that lmao
-high key I’m sorta shit at standing my ground I think so @ jill huge kudos on allowing yourself to keep being mad about something you’re allowed to be mad about
-that probably made sense
-“and I blame you” “I do too” “but not REALLY because while you did a shitty thing you’re a really nice guy who just doesn’t understand.”
-what a good set of lines im LIVING idk why I latched onto that but it was so good
-my roommate lost it at “douche canoe” so I feel obligated to include that as well
-shoutout to jills response to the “you deserve better” thing
-me @ Oliver ik you think being friends again will help fix this and maybe it will but I wanna know how yall are gonna be friends when, like jill said, yall were basically dating without the kissing and stuff before. You can’t really go BACK to being friends because you weren’t normal friends, you were friends who were really obviously into eachother dancing around that until someone got the nerve to do something. It’s going to be awkward, It’s gonna be weird to figure out. I hope it helps yall figure it out but I hope you’re ready for that to not be the same as it was. Especially since you did really hurt her.
-I also think it’s interesting that Oliver thinks he really screwed up with Orlando? Bc I defs feel like Orlandos feeling that way on HIS end. Orlando didn’t know any of the stuff Oliver did for the family while their dad was dying bc he was so focused on the fact that he stayed and Oliver didn’t. But now Orlando DOES know, and I can’t help but feel he’s feeling a little bit like an ass. Maybe not completely but a little bit yk? At the very least the guy was thrown for a loop there big time. Anyway off track I just think it’s interesting that Oliver still blames himself there. I mean I’m not surprised bc that’s just how Oliver works it FEELS like Oliver to think that but it definitely interesting.
-also I love tbs as always the acting was 👌👌 and the writing and I want to die I love this series


Okay so this is the final part to the marriage trilogy, I have gotten requests for boyfriend!bts as well as husband!bts and since there isn’t much difference, i’m going to be combining the two so as usual to start us off is our amazing prince, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka his voice is just phenomenal 100/2

  • Proposal here, wedding here, honeymoon here
  • Okay but Jin is honestly such an ideal husband
  • Like Jin’s already ideal enough with the cooking and “mothering” of bts but then add in that he’s incredibly sweet and is just an actual ray of sunshine
  • He wakes you up with breakfast in bed on the weekends when neither of you two are working
  • He always always always includes a lil flower on the flower and a cup of juice and maybe some coffee if you drink it
  • Side note can we talk about how adorable cooking with Jin would be
  • Jin’s seems like a natural cook, I can see him as someone who has a lot of lil recipes or add ons the previous recipes
  • He seems like the type to eyeball everything like he just tells you to add in like a tablespoon of something so you look for the measuring tool except there aren’t any
  • He literally just comes over, dumps out a bit into his hand and then is like voila this is about a tablespoon maybe a bit more but that’s okay
  • If you couldn’t cook he be so so okay with teaching you
  • He would stand behind you and wrap his arms around you to guide
  • He would rest his chin on your head or your shoulder and probably just smile bc he gets to spend time close to his love
  • If you can cook though he’d be just as ecstatic
  • He honestly wouldn’t mind if you switched the roles and you were the one hanging onto him and guiding him
  • Date nights are common
  • It may not be a weekly thing rn (he’s a bit too busy to do it every week and you have you own things to do as well such as school or your own job)  
  • It’s more of a random thing like just one night he gets up and is like I want some sushi come on my love
  • ALSO he doesn’t use too many pet names but the ones he does use are adorable
  • He likes calling you his love the most though bc it’s v v true
  • He also likes the cute sounding names like darling, angel etc
  • He’s just a giggly ball of fluff really but especially around you
  • He never truly stops getting all flustered whenever you say I love you and he kinda just does that cute lil laugh of his and is like whoa what really
  • “Yes Jin, you’re my husband we’ve literally been dating forever of course I love you”
  • Tbh it just sets him off more whenever you called him husband bc honestly he was still getting used to boyfriend and then fiancé and now husband !!!
  • He’s just giggling and hugging you so so tightly against his chest bc wow wow you’re mine I love this
  • He just loves you so so s o much
  • He makes sure you have everything you want and would love to spoil you in lil ways
  • Like he’s not gonna shower you in jewelry bc to Jin there’s more to spoiling than the big things
  • Like whenever he sees your favorite chocolate in the store, he picks up a few and brings them home
  • Random teddy bears to keep you company if you’re home without home
  • Tons and tons of kisses
  • No matter how busy or tired you two are, he makes sure there’s a good morning kiss, a goodnight kiss and a hello and goodbye kiss at the very least
  • Okay but his kisses would be so so soft bc his lips just look really soft
  • He’d love forehead kisses
  • While he is a tall man your height didn’t matter, shorter, taller just about the same, he’s still giving you forehead kisses
  • It’s a lil way of being like hey how are you I love you
  • His favorite moments are when you two are just chilling in your bed and it’s like your hair is messy and his is going off in every direction, you’re both in pajamas but he loves it
  • He loves being able to see you so relaxed with him even though it’s literally been years but honestly I think Jin would still be awing over it when he’s in his fifties
  • The pillow talk is adorable
  • He l o v es hearing you talk and hearing what you think about things like hey love what’s your opinion on sharks?? just curious
  • He would kinda just lay next to you and have his head propped up his hand so he can look at you and his hand is just trailing up and down your arm as you talk
  • You have his full attention in those moments and they very quickly become your favorite as well bc it’s just you two
  • His cuddles are so so warm and tight and he’s the type to love it when you have his head on his chest bc then he has so many options
  • He can rub your back, he can play with your hair, he hold your hand he can do all of the above!!!
  • Okay but just imagine this real quick
  • You wake up and see Jin’s sleeping face not too far from yours and he’s definitely got his arm around you somehow whether it’s under your head or around your waist, over your shoulders just anything to make sure you’re safe
  • His hair’s even worse now and there’s just a random piece that sticks straight out but he still looks so good??
  • Like you know how Jin does that thing where he looks like a model just by standing there that’d happen a lot
  • He wouldn’t mind if you were to trace his features like you could run your fingers along his lips, down his nose, under his eyes and he’d let you if your touch was gentle
  • Even if you did wake up, he’d just smile up at you and let you continue but this time he’s doing it back
  • Husband!Jin is just a sweet sweet man who loves you beyond words and is just so happy to have you in his life and never wants to let you go and doesn’t plan to tbh

Authors Note: Not my best work, but enjoy :)

“We should just… Not. Talk about how I was dumped again,” Tony groaned again as Steve gave him a playful little nudge in the side.

“Hey. C'mon. It’s not all bad. I haven’t dated anyone before,” Steve told him. He was small, had glasses and asthma, and his growth spurt wasn’t expected until at least the end of his senior year in high school.

They were both just freshman. Steve wasn’t sure what Tony was expecting from love at such a young age.

Tony groaned, though, and looked down at Steve.

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My best friend

So I’ve had this best friend for like 4 and a half years, we’ve had our ups and downs but I know hes always going to be there for me. I’m in college and hes still in highschool (two hours away) so our friendship now consists of texts, too many snapchats of his cat and the bags under my eyes, but also the best part - the hour long phone calls once or twice a week.

We always joke around about getting married in the furute and the house we will live in and all this stupid but kinda cute stuff. So today we were on the phone and talking about our future marriage and the really big bathtub that I want and he said just about the cutest thing Ive ever heard… (side note: I have always had a lot of problem with my weight, and due to a lot of stess and easy access to taco bell, I gained a lot of weight my senior year. This year I have been losing weight and have actually dropped two pant sizes these past couple of months so..) he says

“You know, I’m getting kind of nervous. I’m worried that if you keep losing all this weight and gaining confidence you will realize how hot you are and you wont want me anymore. I can see myself on this park bench, and I’ll have flowers in my hand and a ring in the other, it’ll start to rain but you won’t be there, you’ll be with someone else because you realized you were too good for me.”

And that was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

Owelia week: June 1 - June 7 2015

Guys!! Please, I need everyone’s attention for this.

So, me and the lovely thelittlegirl-lost have noticed that there are a lot of talented people in this fandom and we were talking for days about doing this thing ‘cause we think it’ll at least entertain ourselves while we wait for this hiatus to be over (I also want to thank storybrookelifestyle for inspiring me with the Outlaw Queen week).

So, here’s how it’s gonna work:

There’ll be 7 themes, one for each day of the week, and you can do anything you want (gifsets, fanfics, graphics, videos and fanarts) as long as it has something to do with the theme for that day. We’re giving you guys the informations 6 days before because we think it’s enough time for you to prepare.
Then, you post your art on that specific day (you don’t have to do it for every day, but let’s do as much as we can, right?) and tag it as owelia week and the day you’re posting it (Example: #owelia week #day 3). This part is very important ‘cause I need to find your posts so I can put the links in the “owelia week” tag I’ll be making on my sidebar, that way it’s easier for you to find. I’ll be linking your posts to my tag the day after you post it (Example: if your post is for Day 1, I’ll edit my tag on Day 2 with all of you guy’s works) 

That’s basically it. As I said on the title, it’ll be from Monday (June 1st) to Sunday (June 7th). Of course you don’t have to do anything, but I think this is a fun way to unite everyone from our fandom and express all of your talents. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re good or not, your participation means everything to us. So, please, let’s do this and do as many days as we can!

The themes by day:

The types:

  • Fanfiction
  • Gifs/gifsets
  • Graphics
  • Fanarts
  • Videos

If this thing works out, who knows, we’ll do another week for you guys! Me and thelittlegirl-lost also have another project for when this owelia week is over, but it’s a surprise, so you have to wait and see :)

 If you have any questions, please, ask me or Lucy!

I’m the one that talked about my excitement for the light girls movie. When looking through the notes, I saw a lot of people sighing, eye rolling, or even comparing it to when white people claim they have struggles, too. To make myself clear, I’m not saying that light girls don’t have privilege, because we do. I’m just saying that light girls are often excluded from the black community, and it would be nice for those that think light girls just cruise through life to see another side of the story.

hooblas  asked:

Is it just me, or is 'netflix and chill' as a euphemism sex kind of like pretending ace people don't exist? I mean I know some people have no idea but wow

Euphemisms like this aren’t meant to exclude asexuals. They come about because American culture hates talking about sex. And lots of our slang and phrases are made specifically to get around talking directly about it. That’s why there’s so many euphemisms and double entendres to begin with!

And there’s no universal understanding of euphemisms either. That’s why they’re such a problem. While they’re not meant to exclude asexuals or pretend that they don’t exist, it’s just that we are usually less aware of them because asexuals generally have less of an interest in sex. We don’t normally have the need for euphemisms, so we’re aware of them later.

Side note: I hate the netflix and chilll euphemism. I hate how deceptive it is. Sure slang and euphemisms can be fun ways to flirt, but there’s usually still an understanding between the people of what the actual meaning it. “Neflix and chill” just doesn’t work that way. It’s suggesting a perfectly innocuous activity when in actuality the person wants sex. In verbal communication there’s generally a way to put inflection that there’s a double meaning on it. But in text communication that’s much more difficult. This is a long side note but basically I want people to be more upfront in talking about sex. It shouldn’t be such a taboo subject. This is not to say that if people are not comfortable talking about it they have to listen to it. It’s okay to be upfront that you don’t want to talk about something or you want to switch topics as well.

I got a bit off topic, but I have a lot of feelings about this.


anonymous asked:

Can you explain what mind maps are please ?

hello, of course I can! mind maps are also frequently called ‘spider diagrams’ or ‘brainstorms’ {but we had to stop calling them this at my school}. Basically, you start with a subject, idea, question etc. in the middle of a piece of paper and then you follow that up with further ideas and comments by drawing a line out of that middle statement. I like to add in images and use lots of coloured pens and highlighters. Here are some picture examples {found on google images} that might make it a little clearer - 

Just a side note, ‘mind maps’ and ‘spider diagrams’ might be slightly different things based on their layouts but whenever you see me talk about them I just mean both if that makes sense :) xo