and we talk about that a lot as side notes


You know, Gravity Falls really has a way of taking their comic relief and using them to rip out my heart. And Soos is no exception.

Do you remember how sad Mabel was in this episode?

Do you remember know angry Dipper was?

Well, here’s the thing:

They’ve only known Stan for ten weeks.

(Give or take. The timeline’s a bit flexible.)


Soos has known Stan for ten years.

Ever since he was twelve years old. (As a side note, I always thought that Soos was a lot older but he’s only a year older than I am. Go figure.) Anyway, Soos has known Stan since he was twelve-years-old. And in that time, he has essentially seen Stan as a father-figure (seeing as how his own father abandoned him). This was always hinted at throughout the entire show but this last episode confirms it when Soos proudly stands in front of the vending machine and says, “Alright Soos, remember the plan. Protect the machine, earn Stan’s trust, legally get adopted by Stan, change name to Stan Junior.”

So, clearly, Soos’ relationship with Stan was a lot bigger than the kids’.

And what happens?

It’s revealed that the man that he’s known, trusted, and loved for ten years is not what he seems.

And what does Soos do?

He tackles Stan in order to protect the kids.

And this is just so amazing to me - Soos essentially lost everything and his immediate reaction was to still protect the kids.

(As a side note, we saw major foreshadowing to this in the final scene of Blendin’s Game when Soos used his all-powerful wish to help heal/clean up the kids. This was just a darker, more painful, version of that scene.)

Can we talk about how Nagisa is sitting right behind Rei now?!

Because in season 1 he sat this far away.

So meaning once school started up again they made sure to get seats next to each other. And the fact that Nagisa chose a seat behind him instead of on the side makes me so happy because that means Nagisa probably teases Rei a lot.

Just imagine him passing notes and poking him ahhh.

anonymous asked:

This is a late question, but when Jared made that post on Facebook about that rude bartender. How do we know that Jensen was actually there with Jared? I know in the FB post Jared said things like "we" and "us", but how do we know that Jared wasn't talking about another friend and not Jensen?


It seems like a lot of people didn’t see the picture that a fan posted? The picture below was at that bar on the same night Jared made the Facebook post outing that bartender for bad service.

In conclusion yes Jensen Ackles was present at the bar that night, with Jared Padalecki. Did anyone really think otherwise?

(Side Note: Look at their faces, they seem so unhappy…)


- K


Okay so this is the final part to the marriage trilogy, I have gotten requests for boyfriend!bts as well as husband!bts and since there isn’t much difference, i’m going to be combining the two so as usual to start us off is our amazing prince, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka his voice is just phenomenal 100/2

  • Proposal here
  • Wedding here
  • Okay but Jin is honestly such an ideal husband
  • Like Jin’s already ideal enough with the cooking and “mothering” of bts but then add in that he’s incredibly sweet and is just an actual ray of sunshine
  • He wakes you up with breakfast in bed on the weekends when neither of you two are working
  • He always always always includes a lil flower on the flower and a cup of juice and maybe some coffee if you drink it
  • Side note can we talk about how adorable cooking with Jin would be
  • Jin’s seems like a natural cook, I can see him as someone who has a lot of lil recipes or add ons the previous recipes
  • He seems like the type to eyeball everything like he just tells you to add in like a tablespoon of something so you look for the measuring tool except there aren’t any
  • He literally just comes over, dumps out a bit into his hand and then is like voila this is about a tablespoon maybe a bit more but that’s okay
  • If you couldn’t cook he be so so okay with teaching you
  • He would stand behind you and wrap his arms around you to guide
  • He would rest his chin on your head or your shoulder and probably just smile bc he gets to spend time close to his love
  • If you can cook though he’d be just as ecstatic
  • He honestly wouldn’t mind if you switched the roles and you were the one hanging onto him and guiding him
  • Date nights are common
  • It may not be a weekly thing rn (he’s a bit too busy to do it every week and you have you own things to do as well such as school or your own job)  
  • It’s more of a random thing like just one night he gets up and is like I want some sushi come on my love
  • ALSO he doesn’t use too many pet names but the ones he does use are adorable
  • He likes calling you his love the most though bc it’s v v true
  • He also likes the cute sounding names like darling, angel etc
  • He’s just a giggly ball of fluff really but especially around you
  • He never truly stops getting all flustered whenever you say I love you and he kinda just does that cute lil laugh of his and is like whoa what really
  • “Yes Jin, you’re my husband we’ve literally been dating forever of course I love you”
  • Tbh it just sets him off more whenever you called him husband bc honestly he was still getting used to boyfriend and then fiancé and now husband !!!
  • He’s just giggling and hugging you so so tightly against his chest bc wow wow you’re mine I love this
  • He just loves you so so s o much
  • He makes sure you have everything you want and would love to spoil you in lil ways
  • Like he’s not gonna shower you in jewelry bc to Jin there’s more to spoiling than the big things
  • Like whenever he sees your favorite chocolate in the store, he picks up a few and brings them home
  • Random teddy bears to keep you company if you’re home without home
  • Tons and tons of kisses
  • No matter how busy or tired you two are, he makes sure there’s a good morning kiss, a goodnight kiss and a hello and goodbye kiss at the very least
  • Okay but his kisses would be so so soft bc his lips just look really soft
  • He’d love forehead kisses
  • While he is a tall man your height didn’t matter, shorter, taller just about the same, he’s still giving you forehead kisses
  • It’s a lil way of being like hey how are you I love you
  • His favorite moments are when you two are just chilling in your bed and it’s like your hair is messy and his is going off in every direction, you’re both in pajamas but he loves it
  • He loves being able to see you so relaxed with him even though it’s literally been years but honestly I think Jin would still be awing over it when he’s in his fifties
  • The pillow talk is adorable
  • He l o v es hearing you talk and hearing what you think about things like hey love what’s your opinion on sharks?? just curious
  • He would kinda just lay next to you and have his head propped up his hand so he can look at you and his hand is just trailing up and down your arm as you talk
  • You have his full attention in those moments and they very quickly become your favorite as well bc it’s just you two
  • His cuddles are so so warm and tight and he’s the type to love it when you have his head on his chest bc then he has so many options
  • He can rub your back, he can play with your hair, he hold your hand he can do all of the above!!!
  • Okay but just imagine this real quick
  • You wake up and see Jin’s sleeping face not too far from yours and he’s definitely got his arm around you somehow whether it’s under your head or around your waist, over your shoulders just anything to make sure you’re safe
  • His hair’s even worse now and there’s just a random piece that sticks straight out but he still looks so good??
  • Like you know how Jin does that thing where he looks like a model just by standing there that’d happen a lot
  • He wouldn’t mind if you were to trace his features like you could run your fingers along his lips, down his nose, under his eyes and he’d let you if your touch was gentle
  • Even if you did wake up, he’d just smile up at you and let you continue but this time he’s doing it back
  • Husband!Jin is just a sweet sweet man who loves you beyond words and is just so happy to have you in his life and never wants to let you go and doesn’t plan to tbh

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Graham Nardone: Neighborhood follow up post on The Sims 3 forums.

“Hi everyone, I’m glad you’re enjoying the interview and the new details!

I wanted to take a minute to further clarify something that it appears is still causing some debate.

The Sims 4 doesn’t have "districts”. We have a world (Willow Creek), and within that world is five distinct neighborhoods that all have a different feel to them… think of Los Angeles for example, the neighborhood of Bel Air is uniquely different than Hollywood, but they’re both part of LA. Within each of those neighborhoods are up to five lots, which can be a residential or a community venue. Via the use of Manage Worlds (which replaces Edit Town), you can freely change any of the lots in any neighborhood to be either residential or community.

(Semi-confusing side note…) We do in fact actually have a sixth neighborhood in Willow Creek, we just don’t refer to it as a “neighborhood” when we’re talking about the game because it has a single large lot in it. You’re free to visit or modify it as you would any other neighborhood, but it was built specifically to be a gorgeous park for Sims to enjoy in the great outdoors.

The unique difference in The Sims 4 is that there is a lot of game play in what we’re calling the public spaces of these neighborhoods. Public spaces are the areas that are not part of a lot, and now in The Sims 4 we can place all of our interactive objects out into these public spaces. When Sims are on their lot, they will still consider autonomously using objects that are out in these public spaces - they are no longer confined to their artificial intelligence only thinking about what is on their currently active lot. Consequently, more Sims will want to be out in these public spaces; it makes the neighborhoods come alive with interesting Sims to watch or go out and interact with. It’s a fantastic change that helps our Sims feel more intelligent and lessens the impact of a lot edge as an artificial boundary.

The end result of all of this is that we can pack way more game play into these public spaces than you would have seen in the worlds of The Sims 3. They have lots of interactive elements, they’re beautifully decorated and landscaped, and they’re always lively with your neighbors and other various Sims going about their daily lives. It gives us the added benefit of not always needing a lot to fill a particular Sim’s desire… for example, some of the neighborhoods have typical park objects, children’s playground equipment, and bathrooms out in these public spaces for all Sims to enjoy. We do still use community venue lots for certain things (like the Gym for example), because Build Mode tools have to be used on a lot.

Now, when you’re traveling between a world, a neighborhood, or a lot, you will incur a short load. There is only one lot that’s “active” at any single time, meaning if you want to use another lot you will travel there. This allows us to have 20 Sims actively running their full simulation at any time in the neighborhood - that area includes both the public space and your active/loaded lot. When you travel between lots in the same neighborhood, everything that was occurring in those public spaces persists… after the load all of the same Sims will still be where they were, doing what they were doing before you started loading. It’s all feels quite natural when moving around the neighborhood rather than being a disruptive experience.

Counting the number of lots in a single world is a rather arbitrary number in The Sims 4 though, as you can freely travel, move, work, visit, etc, any world, neighborhood, or lot while still retaining the information about who your Sim is, their belongings, their relationships, their family, etc.

I hope that helps everyone better understand how the game functions!

windweaver wrote:

catloverplayer wrote:It worries me that sims you download join your household. He said you can kick them out but I’m wondering if this means we don’t have a library anymore so we can transfer our sims to any future worlds.

Hi Cat;

When he said that about downloading the sim and it went into your household that you were playing, I immediately thought about whether or not we could download while in the management section of the game? Like that way you can get what you want and put them where you want and not have to deal with having the new sim in your household if that’s not what you want. I hope that’s how it will work.

This is an excellent point - thanks for mentioning it as I forgot to bring that up during the interview; I was specifically thinking about what you can do in Live Mode. Yes, you can access the Gallery while in Manage Worlds mode and bring in Sims/Households there so that you can directly add them to a new home, merge them with an existing household, or even add them as a townie who doesn’t live in the world.

There is also a personal “My Library” where you can store Sims, homes, and individual rooms to be accessed while offline, or simply to keep them to yourself if you don’t want to upload them to the Gallery.“ –Graham Nardone

See also:  Graham Nardone Update #2: Loading screens between every lot. Public areas aren’t considered lots.

Honeywell’s Sims 4 NewsInterviews 2014 | E3 2014

Lets Talk About Raphael Hamato

On a lighter note, can we just boast about this big dork?

I mean, we gotta admit he has matured a lot, since season 2.

In season 3 we get to see a side to him that we never thought we’d see. I cannot tell you how much i have fallen in love with this guy. 

I really think Leo’s defeat and recovery had a huge effect on the hot head.

I mean i really hope we get to see more of this side of him. Not that i dont like the hot head sarcastic side :)

if anyone wanna put their own input opinions, things i left out, feel free!

I just needed to boast about how great Raphie boy is!


Vic and Merrin talk Sea Devil and why they love to embrace it.

As a side note, having talked to them about this a lot, what I find most interesting is that it hasn’t ever occurred to them not to support it.  They just heard about it and were like, hell yea!  There was no doubt or hesitation, just love and acceptance right from the start.  They are this beautiful rare exception to what we get far too often in femslash ships, and they don’t even fully grasp the wonderful impact their actions have, because they just embrace it all without a second thought.

I’m the one that talked about my excitement for the light girls movie. When looking through the notes, I saw a lot of people sighing, eye rolling, or even comparing it to when white people claim they have struggles, too. To make myself clear, I’m not saying that light girls don’t have privilege, because we do. I’m just saying that light girls are often excluded from the black community, and it would be nice for those that think light girls just cruise through life to see another side of the story.

hooblas  asked:

Is it just me, or is 'netflix and chill' as a euphemism sex kind of like pretending ace people don't exist? I mean I know some people have no idea but wow

Euphemisms like this aren’t meant to exclude asexuals. They come about because American culture hates talking about sex. And lots of our slang and phrases are made specifically to get around talking directly about it. That’s why there’s so many euphemisms and double entendres to begin with!

And there’s no universal understanding of euphemisms either. That’s why they’re such a problem. While they’re not meant to exclude asexuals or pretend that they don’t exist, it’s just that we are usually less aware of them because asexuals generally have less of an interest in sex. We don’t normally have the need for euphemisms, so we’re aware of them later.

Side note: I hate the netflix and chilll euphemism. I hate how deceptive it is. Sure slang and euphemisms can be fun ways to flirt, but there’s usually still an understanding between the people of what the actual meaning it. “Neflix and chill” just doesn’t work that way. It’s suggesting a perfectly innocuous activity when in actuality the person wants sex. In verbal communication there’s generally a way to put inflection that there’s a double meaning on it. But in text communication that’s much more difficult. This is a long side note but basically I want people to be more upfront in talking about sex. It shouldn’t be such a taboo subject. This is not to say that if people are not comfortable talking about it they have to listen to it. It’s okay to be upfront that you don’t want to talk about something or you want to switch topics as well.

I got a bit off topic, but I have a lot of feelings about this.


anonymous asked:

Can you explain what mind maps are please ?

hello, of course I can! mind maps are also frequently called ‘spider diagrams’ or ‘brainstorms’ {but we had to stop calling them this at my school}. Basically, you start with a subject, idea, question etc. in the middle of a piece of paper and then you follow that up with further ideas and comments by drawing a line out of that middle statement. I like to add in images and use lots of coloured pens and highlighters. Here are some picture examples {found on google images} that might make it a little clearer - 

Just a side note, ‘mind maps’ and ‘spider diagrams’ might be slightly different things based on their layouts but whenever you see me talk about them I just mean both if that makes sense :) xo

anonymous asked:

I just saw that janyk edit and i yelled so loud omg ... but on a serious note, I've been here for 1d since they started touring america and i don't ever remember anyone talking about that incident with AR. I'm p sure we would have noticed?

all the credit goes to @verily-i-say for that edit haha! but yeah, the story sounds dodgy. while they do seem to have visited a 1d concert in 2012 and watched from the side of the stage i think a lot of the long-time fans would remember something about another band being escorted backstage because of a frenzy.

hi! i’m roxy and i’m looking for my canonmates! 

i was really into witches, i liked spiritual stuff, and i was also in a relationship with jane after we won the game!
a lot of the events of my canon follow up with the comic (eg. crockertier jane, grimbark jade, winning the game, retcon )

i’d really love to find rose, jane, calliope, fefeta, jade, the rest of the kids! and also kanaya! i miss you all sm <3

anyone else i think i’d be fine talking to! pls hmu or like this post if you might be my canonmate, i’d love to talk about memories! :0

just a side note that i’m also vriska (but i’m 100% ok with doubles!)

So my sister has been watching Steven Universe for the first time, and she’s really slow because school and also because she likes to mull over every episode and theorize. It’s cute but frustrating for me.

Anyways. She’s somewhere in the late-middle of season 1. We were talking on the phone today. I’m telling her how Gem Harvest is gonna be 30 minutes long which means something big is going to happen, and that I think it’s going to involve a gem she doesn’t yet know. Somehow she guesses Jasper (side note: she googled all sorts of gems to see if they had characters in the show because she wanted to make a gemsona that didn’t already exist. So she knows a lot of the characters that are to eventually show up but she knows absolutely nothing about them). I tell her that Jasper is known as the Big Buff Cheeto Puff. She’s confused because jasper the actual gemstone isn’t orange. She also asks if Jasper is a fusion, which I respond with a tentative no. We move on.

We talk Pearl. She’s upset because the people reacting to the episodes (side note: she watches SU via reaction videos by choice becauseshe likes to think she’s not watching it alone. Breaks my heart.) don’t seem to like her. I tell her its because they arent omniscient about the show and that Pearl has one of the biggest fanbases on tumblr. She is happy now. She’s a huge sucker for Pearl. She mulled over the spacerocket episode for a week, upset over Pearl being upset about space.

We talk Garnet because Garnet is fantastic. She’s asking me why she has two gems, and that she uses both of them to open her temple door (she’s picking up on a lot more than I am, goodness). I don’t say a word. Somehow she still doesn’t suspect she’s a fusion.

We talk gems in general, because my sister is a 12 year old raised in a heternormative household who has yet to become an active Internet user and thus expose herself to a more real world view on gender and sexuality etc etc. So, in short, she’s pretty homophobic. A week ago she was expressing how she felt uncomfortable when Pearl and Garnet were demonstrating fusion dances and they did that thing with the wall, you know, that real lovely gayness scene? Anyways, today I explained to her that the gems technically have no gender and gender doesn’t exist for them because they dont reproduce like people (which brought up the topic of how the hell did Rose get pregnant???) etc etc. She tells me she understands shipping them because she watches My Little Pony and all the ponies are chicks but people still ship them. Her fav is Discord and Celestia. Anyways.

We talk Lapis, because she loves Lapis. We talk Peridot (who she hasnt seen like anything of except that one scene in season 1 where she pops in for a second). We talk the injectors and by extension get into detail about vitus reproduction. It was a great talk. I can’t wait to go home and watch episodes with her. It’s literally all I want in life at the moment.