and we should take note

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: katsuki yuuri is an inspiration when it comes to love and we should all take notes. he goes from being a nervous wreck in front of viktor to straight up seducing him on the ice as the most beautiful katsudon. he steps it up a notch by straight up confessing his feelings through a season's worth of skating programs. the once shy yuuri then holds hands with viktor and asks says 'don't ever take your eyes off me' to win first place in the short program. after their misunderstanding yuuri ends his free program with viktor's quadruple flip understood between the two of them that moves viktor to surprise him with a kiss on national television.
Know your Character: Handwriting

Everyone knows that everybody had different handwriting. As a writer, we should be observant of every aspect of daily life and take note of little things to make your writing come alive. Handwriting can be just the key.

How do they write? Do they write in sloppy cursive, neat cursive, half cursive half not? Can one ‘s’ be in cursive, and, in the same word later, be in print?

How hard do they write? Personally, I have to use a .9 mechanical pencil because I put my body in my writing. I can’t use cheap pens because I can get them to ink everywhere. Is this also a problem?

How often to they hand write? They only write on birthday cards, they never write, they write occasionally, or they write only for school.

What does their signature look like? My signature is legible- a fancy way of my normal handwriting. However, one of my roommate’s signature looks like a massive hairball.  Even more, my mom’s signature looks like perfect cursive.

Do they cross their letters? Do they put a line through their 0′s, 7′s, or z’s? Why did they start that?

Do they have any other unique quirks? My z’s look like hybrid between a crossed and cursive z. Do they cross their t’s too high? Do their 2′s somehow look like 5′s?

listen up:

yes, i’m all about natural studying, studying without filters, messy tables and scribbled notes. but on the other hand, don’t invalidate people who put effort into their pictures. don’t put down people who like making pretty notes. don’t make them feel guilty for ‘spending too much time on the aesthetic’ or for putting in that extra effort to take a nice picture of their notes.

studying can be done in different ways, and we should appreciate all of them. messy tables. beautiful bullet journals. all kinds of handwritings. a sea of blue ink or a multicolor rainbow of a page. whatever floats your boat.

Too Many  Projects, Too Many Character - Let's Get Them Organized!

Now it’s one thing to have a lot of characters on on particular project, but if you’re working on say… 2, 3, 4 projects? This gets a lot more complicated. If you can manage to keep your plots straight, that’s good, but what’s tougher - characters! If you’ve been stuck in the heads of 2 or 3 characters in one project, it’s going to be seriously difficult to jump right into the next. So, what do we do about this? We compartmentalize! (It’s easier to do this on paper.) Whether or not you like to plan your novels, you should take some notes for this. We’re making a character cheat sheet: 

  • List out each project. Each and every one of them. If it involves characters with real, live personalities, then you list it. If it involve narrators with the same sense of humor, list it. 
  • List out each character and which project they belong to. Anyone and everyone of any importance. Write out their full names. Flip through your work if you have to. You want these details right. 
  • Name each character’s role in the story they are in. Down to even the minor characters. If they have a role. They need to be listed. If a character does not have a roll, do they have a purpose in the story? They must. It’s nearly a rule. 
  • Jot down notes on what the character is like. You want to get a sense of personality, quirks, general important things to know. This can be a bullet list, a series of words, anything. It’s for you. Just so long as you read that and can say, oh yeah! That’s how they are supposed to act! 
  • Note similar characters. Characters with similar roles in different stories or similar personalities in different stories. Make an additional note of how each is separate from the ‘similar’ character. What is it about them that makes them slightly different. You don’t want two of the same characters running around and if you’re writing multiple projects at once, this is a risk you run. Noting them will keep you alert to this and wary of writing them as the same person. 
The TV OTP Chat Room: Post-Malec Kiss
  • Malec: *enters with flashing lights from paparazzi*
  • Olicity: Congrats, you're canon!
  • Stydia: That was some kiss though. It was amazing.
  • Destiel: So you kissed in your first season... we're on season 11, and we still haven't kissed...
  • Lucaya: skjsdjkfsjhfdskmlslkjhsfhjkf
  • Shamy: We're in our 30s and we only recently had our first kiss...
  • Malec: lmao we trended worldwide last night
  • Other OTPS:
  • Malec: y'all should take notes from our fabulousness
  • Other OTPS:
  • Malec: And Dean just admit you love Cas and kiss him already, goddamnit!
  • Destiel:
  • Malec: our love saved our show! bye losers!!!!!
We Should Take Some Time Off

AUTHORS NOTE: So I know I haven’t really written in a while due to the issues with my attention span and other mental issue things, but I decided to do this short fluff because why not lol. Point is, I hope it’s alright :)

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Me and my friends joke about my predilection for older men a lot but the more I think about it, the more I feel like it’s at least partly the media’s fault. In every “high school” show, we are presented with 25+ year old actors and told they’re 15/16/17. Aside from the issue of self-esteem, from a pubescent age we are presented with a grown ass adult and told that is what we should be attracted to.

Let’s look at some TV “teenagers”:

Sebastian “Thirst trap of my heart” Stan as Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl at 23

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Crystal Reed as Allison Argent on Teen Wolf: Aged 26

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Cory Monteith (RIP) on Glee at 27 years old

Bianca Lawson on Pretty Little Liars AT 31 YEARS OLD (Granted she’s immortal but still)

This is what I’m showed my crushes should look like. So is it any surprise that the message stuck?

Is it any surprise that when given

Tom Holland, aged 19, exactly my age, I just think he looks like a fetus and I’m beyond not into it?


..the idea was that we would unfold a woman to an audience that saw her in one way. And we do make all kinds of judgments about people. We make pre-judgments and we see them in one capacity, and we think we know them. So this has been a kind of unfolding of a woman.
—  Mary McDonnell,  on Sharon’s Raydor’s character transition from The Closer to Major Crimes (x)

Maybe there’s truth to what Miley said about Nicki being an angry black woman. It’s a stereotype for a reason. Women of color are constantly being erased by history. Women of color are constantly belittled. This double discrimination (first for being a woman, then for being black) calls for ANGER. 

Maybe there’s a reason why Kanye seems so angry and selfcentered, when people are constantly saying NO to you, you get angry. When there’s a sea of people telling you you suck, you turn to yourself for inspiration. We could all take a note from him. We should all fervently believe in ourselves and shut naysayers up. Maybe he’s disrespectful because as a black man in the public eye, people have had no respect for him, at all.