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Heyoooooo I feel so WEIRD about people getting so up in arms about the extra stripes on the LGBT flag, because as far as I'm aware it's just a Philadelphia thing? Like, one city did a thing to note "hey, we should take note of this issue" and everyone's treating it like the overall LGBT flag is no more and everyone has to change. ?????

To be honest, it is probably because of racism, which is rampant this community at times, especially like these times.

At the same time, I have strong reservations about it. And people have fixed mindsets too so that is probably why any change for some folks is a no-no.

-Mod Angel

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So if Zen is suppose to be the love for mc why is seven canon end? O.o

VERY GOOD QUESTION. I can’t believe I’ve never explicitly addressed this.

Also before you guys start reading this, I’d just like to say that this is probably the most I’ve thought and worked for a post, so it would be so nice if you guys could voice out your own opinions and tell me your take on this.

Firstly, I’d like to debunk something that to this day, a lot of people still believe. This is regarding the 707 Reset Theory.

Most people believe that Seven is actually the true ending based on the main game because out of all of the RFA members, he breaks the fourth wall the most. This leads us to believe that he is aware that it is a game. From here, the theory branches out to say that Seven actually loves you in every route and has to suffer through watching you fall in love with all of these other characters before you finally get to him.

The theory caused the creation of many beautiful fanart and excellent mini-fics and headcanons about our darling 707, and because of this, we all slowly stopped seeing it as just a theory. After all, it is very convincing. Even I believed it for a long time.

Some people raised the theory that the other characters also loved MC in every route, another convincing one being that Jumin is also aware of the reset, but ultimately the 707 Reset Theory remained the most popular because his route is the suggested last route, and his good ending allowed us to access the Secret Endings. But at the end of the day, just like all the other theories regarding MysMe, this is not canon. Cheritz has never confirmed it.

This means that the 707 Reset Theory is just a popular theory.

Moving on to the DLCs. The Christmas DLC, in my opinion, was pretty light-hearted. There isn’t anything particularly eye-catching that could bring rise to a theory.

Then, we get the Valentine’s Day DLC. They’re After Endings of the main routes. Nothing much can be said about this DLC either, but some people did start to get suspicious about Seven’s character in his After Ending. Irrelevant to the points I’m currently trying to make, so we’ll save that for another post.

Finally, we have the April Fools DLC, which totally caught us off guard because we thought it would be another light-hearted DLC. Instead, we’re given the Epiphany ending, where it is confirmed that among all the RFA members, only Zen is real, and he is trapped in another dimension where he can never get to you. He then confesses his love for you. Because this is a DLC where you don’t get to choose you’re own route, it becomes canon that no matter what, Zen is in love with you.

This one ups the 707 Reset Theory because 1) Zen does the ultimate fourth wall break and 2) he outrightly confesses his love for you through the screen. No hinting, no beating around the bush, just straight up “I love you”. And we have to take note that he doesn’t say this to the MC. He says this to you.

He genuinely loves YOU, in the form of MC or the player.

I’ve tried to come up with my own conclusions based on this fact, and here’s what I have.

It’s very obvious that the MC in each route has a different personality. For example, the MC in Zen’s route is slightly different from the MC in Jaehee’s route. Each RFA member falls for an MC with a particular personality. However, by addressing YOU, Zen is ultimately saying that he loves you as the player, and not as a character in the game.

MC is a bunch of different people in different routes. She loves different people in different routes. She’s just a puppet. Zen even says in the Epiphany ending that he knows all your answers are pre-determined. It’s clear he didn’t fall for the character in the game. He fell for the girl playing the game.

So you know what? Maybe Seven is the true end for MC, a game character. But you, the player, you’re the true end for Zen. Does this make sense?

This isn’t the end of what I’m trying to say. Let me continue with the April Fools DLC.

This DLC also allowed Cheritz fans, those who’ve played Nameless, Dandelion, and Mystic Messenger, to make connections between these three games. From here, we realise that the 707 Reset Theory isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right either.

Yes, Seven is aware that it is a game. That is why he breaks the fourth wall. But it’s not necessarily because he’s the canon end. It’s because he is a wizard. He represents the game maker. We are given evidence of this multiple times in chatrooms when he talks about being a wizard. This wouldn’t make sense if you don’t know the background of the other Cheritz games. It all links up.

Taking elements from the 707 Reset Theory and the newest Zen theory, there is a huge, HUGE chance that Zen is the canon end. Again, this is not confirmed by Cheritz, so it remains a theory just like the 707 Reset Theory, but as of now, it is the best-supported theory and quite frankly, it’s the one I believe.

Very long-winded because I wanted to cover a lot of things in this answer, but to summarise, Seven isn’t the canon end. None of them are the confirmed canon end. However, the most possible canon end currently is Zen. This could change in the future if Cheritz decides to release more MysMe DLCs, though I doubt they will any time soon (not huge DLCs at least) because they’re currently working on The Lynn Project.

Speaking of which, this is also something I think we should all take note of. The Lynn Project, which is the current game Cheritz is working on, was actually started way earlier, I think in 2015. However, Cheritz put it on hold because they decided to create and finish Mystic Messenger first. There’s got to be a reason for this. I’m sure The Lynn Project will answer even more of our questions. After all, all of Cheritz’s games link up, which I really applaud them for. What amazing storytelling.

So yeah, there you have it. Nothing is set in stone. Unless explicitly said by Cheritz or stated in the game, all the theories we have so far are just speculation and we’re all just trying to contribute more and more evidence to the theories we support to make sense of the game.

I’ve read a lot of Mystic Messenger theories, and I’d have to say that the best one I’ve encountered is this theory, which links all three games together and supports the “Zen loves you in every route” theory. It explains a lot and is very well-evidenced.

I hope I’ve answered your question sufficiently. I kind of went all over the place but it’s the only way I can really explain this :)

Dear Connor Murphy (Connor Murphy x reader imagine)

A/N: Hello! Thank you all for reading and for the amazing support! I was going to start on requests, but this idea jumped into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. This is darker than my first two so let me know what you think! I will admit that I cried a little writing this, so be warned.

Requested: nope
Words: 1367
Warnings: One or two swear words. Suicide! If this subject is triggering for you please skip this! I’ll have some fluff tomorrow!

Dear Connor Murphy,

I don’t want to be writing this to you. I never wanted to write this, but you’ve given me no choice.
When we met I thought I knew who I was, and then you arrived like a freaking tornado and changed everything. We had all just come back from winter break, and we’d never really talked, but we’d been in the same math class since freshman year. We only started talking because I loved highlighting notes in class and the teacher took away my highlighters. You commented to me how that was bullshit and let me borrow a few of your own. It’s funny how something so simple could change our lives.
We started talking after that, mostly on preferred methods of organizing our school notes. You hated a messy binder, and we loved talking about how we should run a class on how to take perfect notes. Somehow we found stupid jokes about highlighters and binders hilarious, and when it was just us we lived in our own world.
The outside world found our friendship weird. The freak and the girl next door, sounds cliché right? Not for us, and if it was we didn’t give a shit. With you I didn’t have to hide how messed up life could be, and with me, you could just be a boy, not the crazy kid at school. When we had our anti-Valentine’s Day movie marathon and you kissed me the pieces seemed to fall into place.

Nobody was surprised when we started holding hands and I showed up to school in your hoodies. Even though nobody was surprised there were still glares, snide remarks, and mean comments. Ignoring them was hard, but together we managed because we were a team. Our nights were spent entangled in each other’s arms laughing and sharing secrets while splattering kisses upon each other. Saying it was perfect would be a lie, nothing is perfect, but we were damn close. No matter what was happening we were constants for each other. After fights with your parents you climbed into my window, and after fights with mine I would call you and you would rush over to hold me. Our relationships with other people could be falling apart, but at least we still had each other, even when we fought.
You would get mad when you were insecure, and I would get upset when I felt alone. Sometimes you would scream, or sometimes you would go silent. I would hold you no matter the emotion and you did the same for me. While in holding each other calm settled over us and all the big emotions we felt seemed distant. The only thing we could feel was security.

Before we knew it summer had rolled around and we spent each and every day together. We knew senior year would be hard so we treasured every moment together. I would wake up to you and fall asleep with my head on your chest, legs overlapping, and bare bodies together. Our most private moments switched between those where we divulged hidden pain and ones where we held our naked bodies close.
You told me about the pain you felt, how lonely you would get, how sometimes everything seemed useless. I never shied away from talking about it, and you even said it was getting better, that the thoughts weren’t there as often and life had more meaning. You had never lied to me before that.

When you didn’t show up the first day of senior year a part of me knew. I decided to go to your house after school, denying what I knew deep down. I pulled up to your house and saw ambulances and your parents standing on the porch with blank faces. I don’t even remember getting out of the car, but I remember the feeling of shattering inside me. Your mom and I sat on the couch together, for who knows how long while police asked her questions and I held her hand. Your dad just stared out the window, while your sister stared into space while at the dining room table. I’m supposed to stand in front of people and tell stories about you, but all I can do is feel anger.

You left me. Maybe that sounds selfish, but I get to be since you killed yourself. It doesn’t even feel real to acknowledge that. I keep expecting you to show up in my bedroom and tell me this was just one mean prank, and I would yell, but you would hold me and everything would be okay. Instead, I hold your hoodies as I try to fall asleep, but I can’t sleep. I just rethink everything I did, and everything I didn’t do.
Now I’m just always tired because when I close my eyes I see you and everything that could have been and would have been, and that hurts too much. With my eyes closed I catch glimpses of the sideways smile you would give me when we were driving, I catch glimpses of your favorite jeans that have a hole in the cuffs. I catch glimpses of you in my bed. I catch glimpses of what would have been our first apartment, the tux you would’ve worn to prom. I see you and me carrying groceries and fighting over wedding invitations and baby names. But then I see you dying alone, and your eyes lifeless. I see you being announced dead in your room which you won’t ever walk in again, so I get to be angry. I get to be angry because you left me and took our future away with it. We were going to be that annoying couple that everybody looks up to. We were going to move Oregon after school, eventually buy a house, and have kids that would have your eyes and laugh. It all would have been so beautiful.

I’m angry so I don’t have to be sad because if I were sad I wouldn’t ever stop. The sad keeps creeping in though. I want more time with you. I want more time to memorize the way you wrap your arms around me and the way you kissed me. I want more time to remember the exact sound of your heart beating and the way you said my name. I’m trying to hold onto how you smelled and the way you laughed. I wish I could’ve frozen every moment with you so I could have memorized every detail. I want to go back and count the colors in your eyes and the freckles on your back. It all went by so fast, I wish I could have slowed everything down and relived every moment with you and savor every breath you took. I’m so angry and sad and lonely all at once with you gone. Maybe it was naïve to think that I could love you back to happiness, but I tried; I tried so hard. Now you’re gone and I can’t wish you back, no matter how much I try. I can’t give you my heartbeat so you can live, no matter how much I want and I can’t join you no matter how much I want to. All I can do is try to live, but when you left I died with you. So I’m angry Connor, and I’m sad, but I’ll try to stay upright. I promise you that I won’t move on even if that’s what you want. You were my future; you still are my future even if you’re gone. Before I knew you my future seemed average, go to school, find a man who treats me okay and turn into the person I never wanted to be. Now I refuse to be that, to turn into that. I’ll try my hardest to live a life that I want, one where I break the expectations ahead of me, just like you taught me. So even though you won’t walk next to me, you’ll live in me. Every breath I take and step I make will be because of you, and together our future will be as bright as your smile.



Man! Jake and Amy are what dreams are made of! Is such cute, funny, healthy couple who support each other and have major respect for each other and is so well developed winch you don’t see much in television these days! It really inspires me to accept nothing but healthy relationships in my life. Thank you Brooklyn Nine-Nine for showing that you can make a great couple without all the petty drama and for giving us such an amazing lead character like Jake Peralta who is funny, pure, respectfull and so down to earth, the only white male on tv we all agree on. Other shows should take note

I really loved writing this and I hope you like it!

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  • He would make so many snacks for you both
  • Probably uses his flames for the popcorn
  • He makes you build a blanket fort with him before you watch any films
  • There’s a cardboard sign on the outside that says ‘No Yukio Allowed’
  • He can’t get into the room anyway because of all the blankets
  • So many pillows scattered around everywhere
  • Just to make sure that you’re comfortable enough 
  • 687656543 pictures of the fort because he’s proud 

Horror Movie - Despite the fact that this adorable bean is the son of Satan and he has witnessed many things, Rin would be absolutely terrified whilst watching scary films. He’d occasionally nuzzle into your neck when he suspects something bad is going to happen. ‘I’m not scared Y/N but could come closer to me?’ Though at the end of the movie he’d say that he only did that because he was worried that you were scared.

Chick Flick - Whenever he’s alone he secretly watches them anyway but he doesn’t tell you that and pretends he doesn’t know anything about the movie you put on. His favorite is ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. He’d laugh all the way through the movie and would shyly ask you questions like ‘do you wish we met like that?’ or ‘should I take notes?’.

Disney Movie - He hasn’t watched many of these before and he doesn’t really enjoy them but if you wanted to watch it he would. He’d awkwardly compare you to the princesses in the films and would tell you how he’s definitely the best prince.

Marvel Movie - He would be really happy to watch any Marvel film with you. His favorite is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ because of how funny he thinks it is. He accidentally breaks the fort during one of the fighting scenes because he was really hyped up because of it. 

Sad Movie - Make sure you prepare at least 100 boxes of tissues because he’s definitely going to cry way more than you will. He would cuddle up real close to you and hold onto you real tight whenever he feels like hes going to cry adorable little sniffles. 


(Well this has been sitting in my drafts for a while……)

Know your Character: Handwriting

Everyone knows that everybody had different handwriting. As a writer, we should be observant of every aspect of daily life and take note of little things to make your writing come alive. Handwriting can be just the key.

How do they write? Do they write in sloppy cursive, neat cursive, half cursive half not? Can one ‘s’ be in cursive, and, in the same word later, be in print?

How hard do they write? Personally, I have to use a .9 mechanical pencil because I put my body in my writing. I can’t use cheap pens because I can get them to ink everywhere. Is this also a problem?

How often to they hand write? They only write on birthday cards, they never write, they write occasionally, or they write only for school.

What does their signature look like? My signature is legible- a fancy way of my normal handwriting. However, one of my roommate’s signature looks like a massive hairball.  Even more, my mom’s signature looks like perfect cursive.

Do they cross their letters? Do they put a line through their 0′s, 7′s, or z’s? Why did they start that?

Do they have any other unique quirks? My z’s look like hybrid between a crossed and cursive z. Do they cross their t’s too high? Do their 2′s somehow look like 5′s?

listen up:

yes, i’m all about natural studying, studying without filters, messy tables and scribbled notes. but on the other hand, don’t invalidate people who put effort into their pictures. don’t put down people who like making pretty notes. don’t make them feel guilty for ‘spending too much time on the aesthetic’ or for putting in that extra effort to take a nice picture of their notes.

studying can be done in different ways, and we should appreciate all of them. messy tables. beautiful bullet journals. all kinds of handwritings. a sea of blue ink or a multicolor rainbow of a page. whatever floats your boat.

Skam is actually the most realistic and the most relatable show I have ever seen. It becomes a part of your daily life because it is based on real time format. The characters update their social media account and text each other during the week. Almost every day, a new clip gets aired. It feels like the characters are in your life for real. A bond between you and the characters emerges. They become someone you know, like an acquaintance, like a friend.

Each season focuses on a different character. You still see most of the characters, while the story mostly revolves around the main character. In a way, it lets you see things and people from different characters’ point of view. So, you feel different for each character each season because you see their different sides from both their own point of view and from other characters’ point of view. You get inside of their heads. You feel happy when they are happy. You feel sad when they are sad. You feel angry when they are angry. You blame others when they blame others. You assume the others should have paid more attention when they assume the others should have paid more attention. It is because when you see things from a certain character’s point of view, you become them. Their story becomes your story. Their feelings become your feelings. Therefore, the characters, who annoy them, start to annoy you. The characters, who make them feel good, start to make you feel good. 

Sometimes, it makes you smile. Sometimes, it makes you hurt. Most of the time, it makes you think. The characters usually end up doing the expected and barely end up doing the unexpected. So, there is always a twist that makes you mad because it happened. But when you question why it happened, it all becomes crystal clear. You understand their reason. You understand their motive. 

Some characters grow on you and you start to like them. Some characters frustrate you and you start to hate them. It can be a character you used to love, you still love, you feel neutral towards, you used to hate, and you never liked. Shortly, it can be any character. Then, something happens. A reveal. A reveal that features a tiny bit of struggle of a certain character which makes you pity the character you started to hate. Therefore, you start to see why that character behaves the way they did. It shows you that you should not judge people by their cover just like a book so quickly. It shows you that you should not jump into conclusion without knowing the full story. It shows you should let some people in. You should let and make your friends listen to you while you listen to them because just listening to them is not enough. You should share your own emotions and thoughts regarding your personal life with a close friend so you will not feel like they screwed you over, when they do something they are fully unaware of your feelings. It also shows you how much you can feel hurt if you stay silent and keep your emotions bottled up. It shows there will always be people who will hurt you both intentionally and unintentionally. Like biased people, who are not your friend, will hurt you intentionally by making assumptions about you and people, who are your friend, will hurt you unintentionally by being clueless about how you feel about a certain situation and certain people. It shows the more you distance yourself from others in order not to get hurt, the more you get hurt because you feel isolated and you feel like everyone else moved on and got occupied with having fun and living their own life and everyone else turned their back on you. 

Skam is like a life lesson. Maybe, we all should start to take some notes and learn from it. Instead of judging characters, disliking characters and liking characters, upgrading and degrading characters, and pitting them against each other, we should focus on what a certain storyline could mean and how a certain storyline could guide us. We just should decrypt and listen to the messages it aims to convey. 

From Con to Con (Part Three)

Part One

Part Two

A/N: Still amazed by all the love you guys are giving me! I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming and you actually like my story. Hope you enjoy this third part!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: angst, cheating boyfriends, language, drinking

Word Count: 3,296

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Bathing-suit themed armor aside, it is a true testament to Wonder Woman's greatness that I highly enjoyed her movie, not because of her boobplate (tm), but in spite of it. I can only hope someone, somewhere, will say, "I found this tumblr called Bikini Armor Battle Damage and it says a lot about how impractical women's armor tends to be. Maybe we should take note of that and do redesigns?"

It’s impractical, yes, but it’s the design everyone recognizes, so that probably also had a lot to do with using it. (I did like the addition of pants in – was it New 52? I think it was – but they could’ve done the colors to look more like the old costume in my opinion)

20 Thoughts I Had While Watching "The New Edition Story"

1. The black kid from Stranger Things is shooting his shot. We should all take notes.
2. Why does young Bobby Brown look so much like actual Bobby Brown?
3. Somewhere in the early 2000’s, a young Chris Brown said to himself that his gift to the world would be to continue the destructive legacy of Bobby Brown.
4. I wonder what the budget for wave caps was for this film…
5. The casting director for this movie basically walked into the studio where they film empire and yelled “WHO’S BUSY?!”
6. There’s definitely a school in America for black shady music managers that was founded by the first manager of new edition and is currently being led L.A. Reid.
7. Does anything else come on BET besides Being Mary Jane?
8. There are some severe plot holes in this montage of the early years, (the first of many montages I’m assuming) but I’ll accept it for the culture.
9. You know, Faizon Love is so underappreciated….
10. I think we all could have done without the outfits with the tassles…
11. I’m inclined to believe that Bobby Brown was born scheming.
13. Candy Girl is to black people as the Friends theme song is to white people. I’m sure of it.
14. Have we really relegated Yvette Nicole Brown to playing “mom #3” in this movie?
15. $500 and a BMX machine? The 80s were weird man…
16. So child labor laws were nonexistent during the Candy Girl tour, huh?
17. How many more acting roles are we gonna give La La Anthony before we just say “Alright, enough girl”.
18. I feel like there’s a think piece on record companies taking advantage of black inner city youth just waiting to stem from this movie…
19. If Bobby Brown is the Justin Timberlake of New Edition, does that make Ralph the JC?
20. Wait…this is a mini series?

Everything We Learned From the Comey Hearing

This post will be updated continuously throughout Comey’s testimony today

The most anticipated day in recent political history - one that appeals not only to news junkies or political pundits, but basically anyone who loves televised drama - has finally arrived: former FBI Director James Comey has taken the stand before a Senate committee to testify about his meetings, interactions, and conversations with President Donald Trump. The Senate is seeking answers in hopes to further their investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, and those of us watching from home (or, sneakily, at work) are looking to get answers to the many, many questions that have been on our minds since Comey was fired back in May.

For those not in DC - where bars opened early to host viewing parties across the city, and the conversations are almost exclusively about the testimony in hand - we’re watching and taking notes on what it is exactly that we should be taking away from the hearing and what it is we need to know going forward for the future of the investigation and for the presidency writ large.

So, without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned today:

  • Russia definitely interfered in the election, but Comey doesn’t think it touched the actual votes. At this point we all agree that there’s no question that Russia did something last year, but Comey added today that he was “confident” Russia didn’t alter any voting data once ballots were cast by the American people.
  • When Comey was fired, Trump wasn’t under investigation. This is the point that the Trump team has been harping on and, quite honestly, the reason we’ve gotten to the point we’re at today. When asked explicitly if Trump was under investigation at the time that he was fired on May 9, Comey answered simply: “No.” We’re probably all ready to move on from this now.
  • Comey documented his meetings with Trump because he was afraid that Trump would lie about what went down. Comey had nine meetings with Trump, a number that seems extraordinarily high when put against the fact that he only spoke with Obama twice over the span of three years. But the most damning information came in the form of his reasoning for why he began documenting these meetings, starting from the very first meeting in Trump Tower: “I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of the meeting and it led me to document it.”
  • We finally found out what Trump whispered in Comey’s ear back in January.

    “I’m looking forward to working with you.”

  • It’s very likely that special prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice. When asked by Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr whether he was fired in order to hinder the Russia investigation - i.e., commit obstruction of justice - or to help protect Michael Flynn, Comey indicated that Flynn was already a known issue for the administration and that while he didn’t think it was the express intent, it was likely something that would be investigated. “I don’t think it is for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct,” Comey said. “I took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning, but that’s a conclusion I’m sure the special counsel will work toward: to try and understand what the intention was there and whether that’s an offense.”
  • Comey was just as perplexed by his firing as we were. Initially it was said that he was fired because of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, but Trump cast doubt on this rationale when he suggested that it was to “relieve pressure” on the whole Russia debacle. “The explanations, the shifting explanations, confused me and increasingly concerned me,” Comey said, before confirming that he now believes that Trump’s rationale probably was the root cause. “I take the president at his word that I was fired because of the Russia investigation.”
  • He doesn’t know if there are tapes of the Trump/Comey conversations, but he’d be a happy man if they exist.

    James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

    - Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 12, 2017

    “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey said with regard to the now-infamous tweet in which Trump appeared to threaten the former FBI director.

  • Comey leaked his own memos in order to get a special prosecutor in place. It feels like it’s straight out of a movie: Comey testified that he woke up in the middle of the night and it became immediately clear that he needed to make things happen and get someone in place to take charge of what was going down with Russia, Trump, and the FBI and that leaking the memos was the only way to do it. As to how he did it? “I asked a friend of mine to share the content of a memo with the reporter; I didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”
  • Did somebody say Kamala Harris 2020? Senator Kamala Harris of California cemented her role as the rising star of the Democratic party today by once again bringing the straight fire to her questioning of James Comey. A former prosecutor, she pulled no punches today, just as she did on Wednesday with the top intel chiefs, honing in on whether or not there’s enough space being put between AG Jeff Sessions and the Russia investigation and what the relationship between Trump associates and the Russians actually is.
  • There’s something fishy going on with Jeff Sessions. When asked about Jeff Sessions’s recusal from the Russia investigation, Comey said there were facts he couldn’t share in an open setting that would make his involvement in that investigation “problematic.” Continued questioning couldn’t get any additional facts out of him, but watch this space, there’s something here.
  • Michael Flynn is finally confirmed as being in deep trouble. White House officials have repeatedly pushed back on this fact, but Comey confirmed under oath that at the time that he was fired, Flynn was facing a criminal investigation. This raises huge questions about why Trump has continued to side with his former adviser and is sure to be something that we’ll be hearing a lot more about over the coming weeks.
  • Comey debunked a February 14th New York Times story about contacts between Trump associates and Russian intelligence twice. Sen. Tom Cotton asked “Would it be fair to characterize that story as almost entirely wrong?” to which Comey simply said “Yes.” There may be a bit more to come on this one, but it will be coming behind closed doors, unfortunately.

So I love Teagan.  I love him a lot (I think anyone who has read my baby!Alistair fic will know this…) and if he were a rock star, I would ask him to sign my forehead.  I think he’s a very interesting side character, who manages to be a badass purely through implied action that we don’t get to see on-screen in the first game. First, he rallies Redcliffe’s people and manages to hold their defenses against nightly attacks by the undead while his brother’s in a coma; second, he goes into Redcliffe Castle with no backup to determine the state of his family, and even though he doesn’t succeed in much (except jazz hands) he does this without fear; third, leads an army of Redcliffe’s knights into battle against a bunch of darkspawn in Denerim.  

He’s also a very smooth operator when it comes to flirting, and everyone should take notes.

We get a cameo in DA2, and maybe his hair’s a bit… redder than it was in Origins, but overall, it’s a decent cameo, and it was nice to see him back in DA. 

But then… Trespasser. Oh, Trespasser.  Don’t get me started on the craziness of the politics. Suddenly, after literal planting of flags on the land belonging to sovereign nations not aligned with the Inquisition in any way, shape, or form¸ the countries of Thedas start to get a little irked with the Inquisition; the Inquisitor whines and cries about how it’s not fair, and the writers try to play both Ferelden and Orlais off as the bad guys.  For Ferelden’s part, that means Teagan gets to be hotheaded and unreasonable, yelling and screaming about random organizations just camping out on their land without a hall pass to the point where everyone hates him.

Aside from the fact that he has a dang point, the writers clearly meant for him to be irrational, which means they’re just shoving him into their camp of strawmen, which has grown exponentially since DA2.  In Trespasser, Teagan only exists to represent a Ferelden that is portrayed as somewhat thuggish and being unable to understand the necessity or importance of the Inquisition.  And even disbanding the Inquisition is executed like a slap to Ferelden’s and Orlais’s faces.

Thing is: this doesn’t make sense for Teagan’s character.  We’re talking about Teagan. This is a man who, in the face of the undead invading his brother’s town to the point of nearly annihilating everyone, calmly took command and held everyone together while he tried to send for reinforcements.  This is a man who walked willingly into a castle controlled by a demon in order to gain info about his family and provide a distraction for the Warden.  This is a man who served as a voice of reason throughout his screentime in Origins.  And now he’s just a yelling screaming ball of anger.  

The question here is: what the hell happened?

Don’t worry, I have you covered.  The rant above was my own addition, but everything coming afterwards was discussed with @celeritassagittae.  Here are the different possibilities that could explain why Teagan just sucks in Trespasser:

1.      His beard is the source of all his chill, and it was somehow removed or magically lost before the events of Trespasser, leaving Teagan a beardless, chill-less, angry Arl.

2.      He hasn’t eaten a Snicker’s bar in a really long time and, as we all know from the commercials, “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

3.      It’s not the real Teagan; it’s his social stunt double, hired by the same firm that brought us all the Alistair we see in the comics. (This one is celeritas’s; we both agree that these versions of Teagan and Alistair respectively are just a little too different to be the canon versions of themselves.)

4.      It’s not the real Teagan; it’s the Envy demon

5.      Teagan’s having a midlife crisis, and he can’t blow his money on a car or a yacht as they haven’t been invented yet (because magic makes people stupid and halts technological advancement, thank you, Harry Potter universe) so he bottles up all his insecurities, covers up his graying hair, and takes it all out on the invasive militaristic organization that’s been illegally camping out on the most sacred site in all of Thedas (eventually getting it blown up by an evil darkspawn magister, and then stealing all of Ferelden’s resources for its growing following.)

Yay, Teagan.

Princess Estelle & Prince Oscar.

Okay, so this might be my favorite royal portrait EVER!!! Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel always have the best family portraits. Seriously, Prince William and Kate Middleton should take notes.

If we were going to compare the two families take on official royal portraits, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel would win by a landslide.



Such cute pics and so natural


The Infernal Devices- first and last lines