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Hey Tadashi! I got your flowers you sent me, I told you didn't need to do anything for Valentine's Day, I don't need anything special. I say that but you really went out of your way to make it not so cliché and get my favorite flower, how did you find sunflowers at this time of year? Anyway I'll see you after practice? We'll go get take out and cuddle at home? I got a new video game we should play together! Gotta go, I have a lot of animation to work on. I love you so much! Bye!

[Yamaguchi] W-well it wasn’t too hard to find them.And I just wanted to, that’s all! So don’t worry about it. I’m really glad to hear you liked them. I was kind of worried you’d think it was a weird Valentine’s day present? *laughs* But yes, I’ll definitely see you after practice! That actually sounds really nice. I feel like we haven’t had too much time just the two of us what with school and all. Ah, I hope your work goes well and I’ll be seeing you soon! I love you so much.


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I think we all know who's going to be the one to tell her family.

well let’s see. 

Ruby was the last to see her alive. Technically. But idk how much she had to go on.

So the last good memory of Pyrrha goes to Jaune. 

Cause Jaune knows what she did. The sacrifice she made. The way she essentially saved him. He’ll be able to tell the story of how she went down a hero. 

Because I see Pyrr as a hero. Because just like how Jaune seemed to know she would prob be going down. (he saw how powerful Cinder was) But I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to think that Pyrrha was thinking she was going to take Cinder down with her, at best. (or at least the way she was fighting) 

And so yeah, if anyone other then Jaune tells her family I would be greatly disappointed. 

I did the thing.

The setup might not exactly be pretty because you can only wrap a 12-foot lashing strap so much before you have excess. I will probably need to adjust them periodically. I’m also spoiled on bags three times this weight that take a hell of a lot more effort to move and ‘thud’ instead of ‘pop’ when you hit them. The bag is loud enough that you might not want to practice in the wee hours of the morning but not so loud that it’ll get noise complaints.

You know, I don’t know. There were a lot of cast members on Glee, so we’ll have to see how many land on their feet, but everyone seems to be doing really well. Matt Morrison’s doing Broadway, and I saw Darren Criss in “Hedwig” on Broadway. I think [“Glee”] was a boot camp for a lot of those kids in terms of learning how to act and to be present and do it in short notice. Then with 18-hour days, they went through the ringer, so anything else will be a piece of cake.
—  Jane Lynch about the glee cast landing on their feet after Glee (Source)
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Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to anonymously write a fic for someone, and get something for it in exchange? Well this is what you’ve been waiting for: the phanfic exchange! Our sign ups are now officially open, you can now participate in this project ^^

Before you sign up:

Please please please look at our timeline to see if you can comply with all the deadlines, we’d like it if no one dropped out (it’s okay if you do, of course, but we’d rather everything went according to plan)

How do I sign up?

It’s simple! You just fill in this form and we’ll handle the rest for you, apart from writing the fic of course!

The sign ups will most likely close when there are 100 applications, and until we close it, you can still sign up! Good luck ^^

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Miraculous hc/prompt that if Hawkmoth is gabriel-and if he's as demanding which is kind of assumed since we haven't seen a lot of him, i wonder if a designer of his is going to ever get akumitized? What if he does it bc while this akuma victim is trying to get revenge on gabriel he can still fight the miraculous. but then hawkmoth realizes the victim is actually going to get revenge by hurting adrien, cue ladybug having to swoop in and gabriel having to watch his son almost get hurt bc of him.

……What? You mean, what if one of the designers working under Gabriel got akumatized, and went for Adrien instead of Gabriel, to get revenge? 

Well, I think it would be pretty interesting, actually. We could see how Hawkmoth deals with Adrien being directly attacked by an akuma, which could tell us vital information as to whether he’s Gabriel or not. Plus, it would be a great episode to show just how dependant Adrien is on his powers to defend himself against an akuma, that would be cool. 


»Ryan! What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?! We are in the middle of a mission!«
»Well. I see no one…«

Again. @angelshawke mentioned to me a random make out session during a heist and it’s not really make out and you can think for yourself where this is going. And again I went absolute mental with the light… I don’t even know. It went really midsummer pre-noon-ish… Hope you enjoy it anyway. And it’s not really smut but for me it’s the direction and I started to enjoy it. So there will be more like this or that way.

???: Hello? Good morning!
???: Mr. Tweak, hello! Yes, it’s the Stoleys. Yes, Richard. Mm-hmm.


???: Why are we calling you at this hour? Well, you see…
???: Your son showed up on our doorstep last night, lips blue with cold. We don’t know how he got here, but we think someone found him and brought him to our house since it was closest.
???: What? Your son went looking for his cats in just a scarf and a poorly buttoned up shirt? Why did you let that happen?!
???: …. I see, he was in too much of a hurry for you to tell him to go back and get his coat. Kids these days…

???: Anyway, we warmed him up now with our blankets and hot water bottles, and Kevin and Esther are keeping him company and keeping him warm in Kevin’s room. Body heat works, even if they ARE cats.
???: His clothes and scarf are in the dryer, by the way; they’re soaking wet. You’ll need to bring some clothes and his coat.
???: … You’ll be here in a few minutes? Well, alright. Be careful; the snowdrifts have gotten rather large. Perhaps you should hitch a ride with the Tuckers; they visit the shop in the mornings before going home. We’re neighbors.
???: Alright, Mr. Tweak. We’ll be seeing you soon.


???: Tweek?
???: Tweek, honey?

TWEEK: M… mo… m…? Dad…?
MR. TWEAK: Yes, Tweek. It’s us.
MRS. TWEAK: Oh, we were so worried, sweetheart. Your friends were worried as well.
TWEEK: … Red… Thomas… are they…?
MR. TWEAK: They’ve gone home now, son. They send their regards.
MR. TWEAK: Your cats are home too.
TWEEK: C… Craig… Token… Cly…
MRS. TWEAK: Yes, sweetheart, they’re home now. Don’t worry your sweet little head about it.
MRS. TWEAK: Now hush, baby. Close your eyes and rest. You must be so tired.
TWEEK: Nnnh…
MR. TWEAK: Don’t worry, son. Just close your eyes and rest. You need it. We’re taking you home now.

MR. TWEAK: You’re finally coming home.

What would Phryne Fisher wear, in 1955.....


But these have potential…

OK so Phryne is so a creature of her time, created by Kerry Greenwood to be an ideal flapper. She has the hair, the profile, and the body to be on the cutting edge of fashion in the 1920′s. 

With hindsight we know where fashion is going, and while I can see Phryne as an eccentric old woman,  I have a hard time picturing her in  the overly  constrictive garments of the 40′s and 50′s. I think she would find a  body girdle unfortunate, and would find the styles constrictive to movement, How is she going to scale walls in a full skirt and tailored jacket? How is Jack going to handle the constant sight of Phrynes’ knees. 

I pondered this and went looking, here are some images I found that I could see Phryne wearing…

Then I pondered the trousers, we know she likes a well cut trouser. With an arse like hers who can blame her, besides it makes being a living action figure so much easier. She has so much trouser fun ahead of her…..


“What about you, (Y/N)? Who you have a crush on?” - Natasha asked you while she drinked from a bottle.

“Uhm, I don’t have a crush on nobody…”-you responded. Nat was your best friend, but you not went to tell her that your crush was the selfsame Thor Odinson.

“I’m a russian spy, (Y/N), you can’t lie me…and I see your blush. Oh, c’mon (Y/N), you can trust me.”

“Okay…well, you know, actually…uhm, actually my crush…is Thor.”

“Thor? the Thor we both know?”-she asked with a dirty smile.

“Of course is that Thor! How many Thor’s do you know, Romanoff?

“Only him, but I didn’t expect that your crush were him…”

“Okay, now you can start to laught…”

“I’m not going to laught…but I have to recognise that he’s really handsome…he’s a god…and oh my god his arms and his biceps“-she said with a dirty voice, imitating your own one.

“I don’t talk in that way! - you protested laughting- “please, Nat, promise me you won’t tell anybody about this.”

“I promise.”


“Of course, you’re my bestie.”

Gather around everyone and I’ll tell you all about how I had to wait a week to read Half Blood Prince because my father and stepmother chose a REALLY INCONVENIENT TIME to plan a family trip. 

So I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and my stepmother had a family member whose young children were having a birthday in Hamilton, so they decided that we’d go up there for a couple of days, and then spend the rest of a week in Auckland. That was fine with me, I’d never been to Auckland before and there’s some pretty cool things to do there. Unfortunately, however, we went the day before Half Blood Prince was due to come out. 

My family had preordered the book in a store in Wellington, and I was in Hamilton and if you don’t know how far away that is… well it’s a quite long drive. So we were going in and out of stores and I could SEE HUGE piles of Half Blood Prince in the store, saw someone reading it while they were supposed to be manning the Lotto register, and I was SO jealous. My family KNEW how important Harry Potter was to me, and they had BETRAYED ME. 

And then we went on to Auckland, and there were books everywhere, of course. I would pick them up and stroke the covers, but I managed to resist the urge to open it before I was dragged away. 

(Actually, I’m pretty impressed with how I managed to avoid spoilers because we went to public places on our trip and people were probably talking about it)

I came back home on the Friday after the book came out and we were dropped back off with our Mum. And I thought ‘the time has finally come, I can finally read this book’ but no. 

Mum hadn’t finished reading it yet even though she’d had a week, and I had to wait for her to finish it. 

So basically that family trip to Auckland has been tarnished in my memory forever because of that hell. 


Brayan once again found his body moving before his thoughts could catch up. He yanked Elsa’s soft body towards his own and slammed his lips against hers. Elsa was quick to respond moving her lips with confidence against his. His hands roamed her back before quickly grasping her lower back, slowly inching his hand lower… 

Elsa’s breathy moan cleared Brayan’s lust misted mind. He pulled away slowly to see Elsa staring at him in confusion. 

Elsa: Why’d you stop?

Brayan: Well… we’re in public and, umm… I have yoga. 

Elsa: Oh… Okay…Can I… Can I wait until you’re done?

Brayan struggled internally with Elsa’s offer. Her intentions were clear. Part of his mind reminded him how back they would be for each other but his body reminded him how good they were together. He went with his gut. 

Brayan: Sure. I’ll see you after. 

remember when taylor performed all too well at the grammys and we were so excited about her doing the song cause so many people would finally see her real talent and how good of an artist she is and just when we thought that people went and made fun of her headbanging during the bridge

like okay so we’re studying Pride and Prejudice in my Women’s Lit class so I went to go see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (because how could I not) and it was actually so good?? Like the commercials did not do it justice it was as solid zombie movie as well as a pretty well done telling of Pride and  Prejudice. I mean don’t go see it if you’re not a fan of the original but if you are I would defs recommend it.  

(I made a small post about people’s habit of having Kaito encounter others, like detectives and/or a Snake up on the roof. Well, I finally got around to making a more picture evidenced post about how that compares to what Kaito does in canon to escape.)

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Really though, Karlie talks quite a bit about Taylor in the Elle interview and in details and I definitely think that`s with Taylor`s knowledge/approval. Just like last year at one point she was giving vague answers to Taylor-related questions and in interviews you could see how she thinks what to say and how not to mess up. These things are coordinated with Taylor/her team and for the first time in months we have something positive.

I agree with this. I think it’s interesting how much Kaylor we’ve actually gotten so far in 2016. This time around, in the Elle interview, Karlie went more in-depth with what she and Taylor do when they hang out. Well, not really in-depth, but how they’re so comfortable with each other and just call each other up a lot. This is very, very positive that they’re both starting to be more vocal about each other, even if it’s just a like on tumblr. This is all great!


160212 Hyukjae went to CBB
Hyukjae went to CBB, he arrived with his mom together, he said no photos, and he hid behind the cashier the whole time and only showed his eyes. When Hyuk heard there’s Chinese fans he greeted them in Chinese. Hyuk said long time no see in Chinese, Japanese and Korean to fans there and asked them how they were, keeping healhy? Hyuk also told fans they he had been staying well ♥ (c) (c)


Imagine: Dan getting ready for your Valentine’s dinner.

“Dan!! You ready yet!? Y/N and I have been waiting for years” Phil yelled from across the room. Dan was almost done fixing himself. I walked to the living room to see you in your dress. 

“Woah.. You look.. Different also beautiful as well” He said. Phil and I laughed.

“Thanks, You look really nice” I complimented.

“Well then shall we go to the dinner Mi'lady?” He said and held out his hand. I grabbed it.

“we may” i said and smiled then Phil took a picture of us. We looked at him and he was smiling like an idiot.

“What?! It was cute I had to. Now get your butts out of here and go have your dinner” Phil said and Dan and I went out.

“How come your walking perfectly fine? usually girls would be a bit wobbly with heels. Also not being sexist” Dan asked. I pulled up my dress and showed my feet. Converse shoes.

“You think that my looks have changed, my personality hasn’t and so thats why, Converse shoes!” I said. Dan laughed and we headed off to the Valentines dinner

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In regards to Merida's hair the animation team at Pixar had to write an entirely new algorithm so she didn't loose the spring in her curls when she moved. There's a traveling exhibition, The Science Behind Pixar that explains how it worked with models and fun buttons to push. It left Boston in January but I don't know where it went from here.

I didn’t know there was an exhibition. That’s really cool. We’ll have to see if it comes around our way (my luck, it was probably here and I never knew). 

The algorithm wasn’t just so her hair dynamics stayed, well, dynamic, it was also so that her hair didn’t go through itself or anything else. That is really, really tough. 

Here’s a shot from Frozen where Anna’s braid is going through her hand, and the braid is just a single piece, not actual individual strands (i’m not knocking Frozen here, because all the braid interactions through the whole thing, this is bound to happen):

IIRC, what they did for Merida was apply a simulation to each strand of her hair – thousands and thousands of strands. Applying dynamics so that not only did they move with her and each of those strands move independently and naturally, they also then avoid going through anything. Each and every one of those thousands of strands of digital hair. It took them two years to develop the hair system.

Add to that what must have been an insane render time for each strand. Really, it makes me weep. It’s such beautiful work. Just amazing. I love Pixar so hard.