and we see how well that went


Step 3 and Step 4

Marvel picked one of the thumbnail designs they really liked and we played around with it a bit.  This step was about introducing more superhero-y elements.  What footwear, what arm treatments?  I loved keeping the gloves, but then what kind?  They had already picked a headpiece design they liked so how that went with the new outfit mattered as well. 

In the last step they had sent back notes and we had honed in on the first design in Step 3 and then it was all about the smaller details.  They wanted an upside down W on her somewhere.  They also wanted to see how her costume looked with two of the coat options they really liked (one of which was a capelet).  I really pushed to keep her boots black like her pants because I loved the starkness and graphicness against the red of her coat/cape.  They finally settled on the capelet which I think is a fun combination of heroics and fashion :P.

Step 1 and 2 here.  I’ll try to do some turns of the final design soon as well!


I’m going to cut this, since it’s going to be pretty long. You’ve been warned!

Basically, I’m going recall as much as I can about my two week trip to point out all of the positive things that happened, or how something negative turned to a positive light!

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How did your 1st day go?

Hi, my first day was really good actually. We had assembly and time sorting out timetables and planners etc. Then I went to double chemistry, and then I had maths after lunch. It was really great seeing everyone after such a long summer but it was straight in working as soon as we got into class. I have 2 free lessons tomorrow though, which I’m very much looking forward to! and I got a lot of teachers I was hoping for as well. I hope everyone else who went back to school today had a great first day back :)

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.

I did the thing.

The setup might not exactly be pretty because you can only wrap a 12-foot lashing strap so much before you have excess. I will probably need to adjust them periodically. I’m also spoiled on bags three times this weight that take a hell of a lot more effort to move and ‘thud’ instead of ‘pop’ when you hit them. The bag is loud enough that you might not want to practice in the wee hours of the morning but not so loud that it’ll get noise complaints.

No, they asked me how I feel about the competitors on Tough Enough, and I told them the truth. I don’t feel there’s a lot of potential there – I watched bits and pieces, I went down there and met the competitors, and I didn’t feel like there’s a lot of heart down there; I didn’t feel like there’s a lot of passion for what we do. And maybe that’s just me be being biased, coming from where I come from, but I like to see people who really want to do this because they love what we do, not people who just want to be famous, or be on TV or be on a reality show or work for a major company like WWE. I want to be surrounded by people who have the same passion for this that I do, and if they don’t have that, if they’re just around to take a check and call it a day, then they’re stealing money from my pockets and from the pockets of the fans. And I’m not into that. I want people who have passion, and love what we do and love this company; if you’re not into that, then I’d love for you to find somewhere else to work – go hang out on America’s Got Talent. You can have your 15 minutes of fame on that show, but don’t waste your time working with my company.
—  Seth Rollins

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I don't think it's a coincidence they met Louis, but don't think the girls knew how staged the night would be tbh. I've read a post saying that a promoter tweeted one of them and told them where to find Liam and Louis. They went there, met Louis and he did his job, allowed them to have a photoshoot, because he or 1DHQ wanted us to see where he was and what he was doing. The girl on Twitter probably lied about 90% of the night, we know how these things work.

The fact that he was supposedly the one who said they should take pics combined with one of the girls being the one to leak the very staged FOUR vines and no pics of Liam who was there as well makes this all transparent as usual. These pics are boring though. If they want to get attention, then post vines of Lilo’s clubbing moves. That’s what I want to see.

Journalist lives for a week as Prince George -- clothing and all

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/PA Wire via Getty Images

There’s no denying the allure of the royal family. Ever since the Royal Wedding, interest in the British monarchy has exploded, with royal fever reaching far and wide, well beyond places that even have a connection to the monarchy. It’s contagious. 

While we’re not exactly sure what it is about these tony Brits that creates headlines on nearly a daily basis, the simple fact remains, we can’t seem to get enough of their daily antics – even the mundane. 

ALSO SEE: Fashionable royals you should know besides Duchess of Cambridge

Hoping to make sense of this phenomena, American journalist  Max Knoblauch  decided to dress as young Prince George for a week to see if his appeal was more than just snazzy dressing.

Here’s how it went down:











For five days, Knoblauch wandered around New York City in his own iterations of baby outfits. His conclusion: clothes aren’t the only thing that make the man.

“My week as a royal baby taught me many things,” he writes. “New Yorkers do not care what you wear. It’s surprisingly easy to dress like a baby by shopping at Macy’s. You should not let your coworkers’ words hurt you. Crocs aren’t so bad. Most importantly, though: stunt journalism like this is vitally important.”

The full video of his adventures can be seen here

Would you take style tips from Prince George or any other members of the Royal family? Let us know by tweeting @YahooStyleCA.

Okay remember how i had friends over the other night? Well one of my friends brought over this other girl i had only hung out with one other time, and we all went in the pool and like i said we all change around each other and see each other naked, its not a big deal. Well the girl went in the bathroom to change, whatever, not a big deal, she isnt comfortable changing around people, so i thought.

today i hear from my friend that after everyone left the girl made a comment to her that she didnt mind changing in front of everyone else, she just didnt want to change in front of me, because “ amanda isnt straight so i didnt want her to stare are me”.

Bitch, first of all, dont give yourself that much credit, you are not the kind of girl i go for.

Second, my dog didnt even like you, so ur ass was off my radar.

Third, bitch.

Fourth, even if i was attracted to you, i wouldnt stare at you while you are changing like ur a fucking slab of meat.

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Where does the thing that Taemin hates the other members of SHINee come from? I don't get it. 😂 And like your header as well?

Oh goodness.. how do I explain sataen.. 

Basically, Taemin is sataen. Like.. he’s not actually satan, but when he changed from being the sweet innocent maknae

To sataen, dracula oppa, dark lord of shinee.

we quite obviously needed a new name for him.

He went from this sweet pancake

to sexy taeman

Now, he still has his cute moments~

But we definitely don’t see him as the innocent maknae we did before.

Also, there is something to be said about the Taemin hating shinee thing. He doesn’t actually, but I like to think that he likes keeping his personal life to himself. There was this interview where Key called him out on it. Apparently, Taemin said to shinee, “I’m staying at my parents tonight,” and when Key later asked Taemin’s parents about it, they thought Taemin was staying with shinee.. so no one knows what this man is up to, and he likes to keep it that way


The Duchess of Cambridge August 2015 Photo Challenge:

31/31: My Favourite Photo(s) of Catherine

Well, August is now over. Not really sure where the month went, but I had a blast taking part in queencharlottes​ photo challenge! I want to thank her for coming up with it! It was definitely a challenge!

Now, for this particular post I thought long and hard about what to do. Did I just want to choose random photos of the Duchess that I’ve liked over the years? But, then I kept seeing her facial expressions and we all know how amazing the girl is at making weird faces. So, I figured because I love her reactions to things why not make an entire post dedicated to her spectator faces at Wimbledon? So, enter some of my favourite photos of Catherine.

So, we have many different activities planned during our freshmen orientation at JMU- like, crazy amounts.  But tonight, I went to see a comedian with my friends.  It was hilarious.  Mostly.

I got there a bit late, so I’m not sure who was opening, but he was funny as well.  Of course there were a few inappropriate jokes that I was a little uncomfortable with, but he blew through them really quickly.

I became really interested when he started talking about how he was gay and about the homophobia he’d experienced throughout his life.  The whole audience cheered when he brought up the legalization of same-sex marriage, and then he moved onto another important topic to him: in the U.S., gay men can’t donate blood.

He then tried to make jokes on the subject by saying: “Canada basically has the same law: gay men can’t donate blood if they’ve had sex within the last five years.”

At this point I became a tad nervous, because I could see where this was headed.  It got so much worse.  “Now, I’m not saying I’m against that, I just don’t support that kind of lifestyle,” etc. etc.

I’ll happily take blood from a gay guy, but I’ll be damned before I take loser blood.”

The whole auditorium roared, I shrank back in my seat, and eventually he transitioned to another subject.  While the rest of the show was fine, I just can’t shake that line.  

It’s just so stupid, you know?  Why is it funny to make fun of other people’s choices?  People who refrain from having sex are so looked down upon in modern society, especially in college.  I felt like he had offended my sexuality, but it really makes fun of anyone who doesn’t have sex for whatever reason.  That needs to change.

Fertility Appointment today

I would say all in all it went pretty well. We got there like 30 minutes early becasue I am a freak and gave us way too much time to get there. It was all good until the lady at the front desk forgot to tell the doctor we were there, so we ended up not getting seen for 30 minutes after our appointment. The Doctor is amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and explained everthing really well. She has had fertility issues so she said everything we are doin, she has done herself so she knows first hand what we are going through. I went in there with a list of questions and a goal to have a plan set for treatments. 

She wants us to do some testing and we should be able to get it all done in the next cycle. I have to get an HSG done, some bloodwork for gluclose and insulin to see how I am reacting to the metformin, she increased my Metformin to 3x/day and said that would be ideal as long as I can handle it, husband has to get another sperm analysis becasue the one from 2013 didnt have a very clear idea of what the mobility was. 

If everything comes back ok, then we are going to start Clomid CD5-9 with ultrasounds prior to starting. She said if I wanted to do mid cycle ultrasounds to confirm ovulation that is up to me, but its not necessary to start off with. We are going to try 3 cycles of clomid, adjusting the dosage if needed. 

If we havent had any luck after three cycles then we will try three cycles of injectables (I think she said Gonal-F). Which is scary to me, but I am ready to be agressive with my treatments. All or nothing.

After 6 cycles I would need to take a break (And I am sure my bank account will as well). But she said that she rarely needs more then 6 cycles, has a very high success rate, and is very optomistic that we will be pregnant within the next 6 months. 

So yay. I love her and I love the office and I was very happy walking away.

Any ladies have an HSG done, I’d like some info on what I can expect.

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What's your opinion on Juuzou's character development in Tokyo Ghoul:re and the whole thing in general in the sequel? Do you think their relationship is just as strong? How would their relationship change for the good/bad?

Wait….by the whole thing in general, do you mean Juuzou’s relationship to Shinohara? I’ve written at length about Juuzou’s character development (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) already, and in those metas theres a lot about how Shinohara’s influence has shaped Juuzou’s current self. 

But as far as relationship, from what we know, Juuzou doesn’t go to see Shinohara in the hospital at this point. Hanbee theorizes that it’s because of his guilt over Shinohara’s injuries, however, in TG, Juuzou never went to see Shinohara in the hospital. The only time we ever seen him there was when he was in the hospital as well for his own injuries. 

I think that it could be a few different things. 

1) Juuzou wants to believe that Shinohara will come back the way he always did before, eventually.

2) Juuzou does feel guilty (Hanbee’s theory).

3) Or, Juuzou is doing his best to carry out his promise to Shinohara:

I had forgotten about this until I did that meta yesterday, but Juuzou promises Shinohara that he will work hard enough to cover both of their shares. Perhaps that is why Juuzou is now so advanced, so highly decorated, why his squad is so impressive, why he agrees to teach Mutsuki and protect him, despite the fact that he plainly stated that he dislikes looking after others. 

So maybe, he’s waiting to see Shinohara again until he feels like he’s really worked both of their shares. Or maybe, that work will never be done, and that’s why he doesn’t visit. 

We, like Hanbee, can’t understand the depth nor breadth of Juuzou’s feelings for Shinohara, because Juuzou is not the type of person who talks about feelings, unless they are superficial ones. However, his actions would suggest that he still takes his bond and his debt to Shinohara very seriously. 

They don’t have a “relationship,” per se, in :RE because Shinohara isn’t really…there. (internal screaming) BUT, I think it’s pretty easy to argue that the bond and the affection that they shared lives on inside of Juuzou….even if the realization of that bond’s existence came too late. 


So this is one of the fairly newer guys in CMC, so I figured it was going to be time one day. So after awhile I discover that he knows about me and was wanting to get to know me ;P. So with that i let him do just that I told him where he could find me and sure enough there he was, we talked of coarse at first being he doesn’t well didn’t know much about me. Then when al was more at ease and seeing I could, I asked if he was ready to fuck, and his smile went to an even bigger smile. So we stripped, and he wasted no time, he didn’t want head first; no he went straight after my pussy and boy did he know how to hit that buzzer on the inside. He was slamming his dick straight at it. Ladies if I were you call this man because he knows just where you need to get hit with the dick. I cleaned his cock off a bit, went for a ride ;P then sucked him off the way only the 1st lady knows how. Then and only then did he bust and boy let me tell you, messy and yet of so fun. Had a blast hahaha. ;P

Somewhere In Neverland | 08

Oh gosh I’ve been gone for like what, 38238 years? Well, I’m back now! I actually didn’t even reread the last few chapters before reading this I just sort of went for it lol, but I’m gonna read the whole thing over again and then try to move forward with this fic nicely. I’m thinking it’s gonna be about 20 ish chapters, but we’ll see how things turn out! Hope you like this chapter!

Originally posted by noonakiller-hanbin

          After you got to step out and get some air with Bobby, you returned to the room and you were greeted by all smiles from the boys. They said nothing that referred to why you stepped out, or what happened; they just all welcomed you back and made you feel okay by not even saying anything, just like they did with Donghyuk.

           You sat next to Jinhwan and he threw his arm over your shoulders. “I say we all order food now and make Hanbin pay for everything,” he suggested.

           Hanbin’s eyes widened and he shook his head. “What? Why me?”

           “Beause we’re your guests. It’s called being courteous.”  

           Hanbin just stared at Jinhwan blankly, not believing that he was about to pay for seven people, including himself. Junhoe, on the other hand, interpreted this differently and chuckled as he stared at Jinhwan. “You have to explain to Hanbin what the word ‘courteous’ means. I don’t think it’s in his vocabulary.”

           “Yah, you shut up!” Hanbin stood on his feet and pulled his phone out of his pocket, ready to call up the local pizza place. He waltzed over to Junhoe for a brief moment as the phone rang and faked a punch, which didn’t even make Junhoe flinch. Hanbin rolled his eyes and walked away when he failed, telling the guy on the other hand his order because he already knew what everyone wanted.

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I still think whaaat when I see people gushing over catfish and the bottlemen because they’re from north wales and one of them was my high school crush for years and we used to talk on msn all the time and we went on a ‘date’ once where we went for a cute walk together, think I was about 15. It’s so cool how well they’re doing, proof that amazing things can happen when you put your heart and soul into something.


Drink water to lose water (weight).

First thing you lose on a low carb / ketogenic diet, is water weight. Because to store glycogen the liver basically needs 2 parts water for every part of glycogen, you can see how that weight piled up and how, once glycogen is depleted (usually within 2/3 days from starting limiting carbs under 20g daily) it all goes and it looks like keto will make us skinny in no time.

Well almost. Thing is, along with that water release went our electrolytes (aka Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium) which from now on, would be better being supplemented cause they will let water hydrate us, delivering it to our muscles, rather than just having it go through us now that we don’t have it readily available as it was with glycogen.

This translates in having to drink a hell of a lot more than anyone’s used, but even if you were good at it, in the special condition that is ketosis, water is basically never enough. 

This diet is a natural diuretic and you need to drink a lot of water (I drink 4 litres a day ) and keep your electrolytes up so you feel your best.

Especially during fat fast / egg fasts, drinking will be essential to convey mass out of your body: it is true the fat we exhale as Co2 breathing, but it is also true that doesn’t take ketosis into account (this great Ted Talk explains it very well), which is the only exception where, using store fat for energy, everything that was store with it, hormones, toxins, once freed need to be flushed out. How? Water.

I find myself losing the most weight on a day to day basis when I can manage to drink in excess of 4 litres, and that does not include caffeinated drinks (hence why I switched my soft drinks from diet pepsi to diet 7up). Yes, that is 4kg of water and yet it comes out and makes me slimmer. Yay.

There are a few apps that help you track your water intake and give you reminders, so you might want to get one if you’re a track-freak like me (on Android I have tried Water Your Body and Aqualert and I prefer the latter, it also integrates with Google Fit which I very much like and the day it integrates with MyFitnessPal will be a joyous day for me).

On an extra note, I found what helped me drinking like a camel in an oasis was getting myself a SodaStream last christmas. If you’re into sparkling water being able to transform tap water into carbonated water can definitely change your attitude towards drinking. Also their bottles are study as hell and at 1L pretty portable, which allowed me to make sure I always had my supply even if I didn’t feel like just having to buy an overpriced bottle of water in a newsagents because at that point I was out and thirsty. Because at Sodastream they are clever little things they also make sugar free water flavourings, which basically means making lemonade, orangeade, dr pepper and even dandelion and burdock (i kid you not, they have it) keto-legal and by the gallon basically. I am pointing it out now as they have a sale this weekend (Saturday through Monday included) where their Play Sparkling Water makers are 50% off getting you a Sodastream for around 30£ (I paid mine about 60£ last year!). They also get you a free gas canister and bottle on top of the ones in the bundle, until stock lasts. Flavours are reduced as well for the bank holiday sale, so if you were thinking of getting one, this seems definitely a good time to do so.

PS: I am not endorsed by Sodastream in any way, the affiliate links refer to their products which I bought myself (I wasn’t given them for free) and have been using for months now. Should you buy them via these links I get a small percentage at no extra cost for you, which helps me maintain this blog.