and we see how well that went

You win some, you lose some.

So we went out today. Things were so good until they went down the shitter. 

We met up and grabbed breakfast. We ate in the car and talked and sat cross-legged and laughed. I told him that I couldn’t sleep because I was anxious and excited to see him today. He told me that he felt the exact same way. He said that it was weird having me in his car. I laughed and asked why. 
“Well, I’ve never had you in my car before. Actually, I’ve never had a student in my car before.”
We drove back to his house to grab a frisbee. We went to the park and took a walk. We stopped by the dog park and watched the dogs play. He couldn’t stop laughing at how excited I got about the dogs. There was a flagpole – I asked him how big he thought the flag was. We ran and tried to draw out the shape of the flag in the grass. Both of us are really good at frisbee, so we played until we got tired and lied down in the sun to drink some water and talk. I got a lot of grass and burrs in my hair, so he combed through it with his fingers to get it out. He told me that he can’t stop thinking about “my” scent and that he’s acutely aware of how beautiful I smell. We talked about what we would do for the rest of the day

We moved to a shady picnic table and lied down on either seat and looked at the sky. I told him to be silent so that we could listen to all the sounds that we’re too busy to hear because we’re either thinking too hard or talking too loud. My mother called and asked where I was. I lied to her and said I was at a friend’s house. Then that friend of mine texted me.

I’m coming over. It read.

My heart stopped. My face sank. Shit, shit, shit, shit. 

No. I sent desperately. Tears pushed at the back of my eyes. J could sense my shift and asked what was wrong. I told him to just wait. 

She knows about my feelings for J and doesn’t approve. If she showed up at my house looking for me, my parents would absolutely know that I was lying. I’d be fucked from all directions. I had to think. And fast. 

I’m still trying to sleep. I’ll call you in a bit and you can come then.
I need to write my research paper – my internet is down.
I’ll call you, okay?

I explained the situation to J. He immediately got up, and we started walking back to his car. “It’s okay” he kept repeating. I couldn’t think straight. He didn’t say anything and slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. I wrapped my arm around his torso, and we walked like that. He rubbed his index finger gently back and forth across my waist. I wanted to melt and cry all at the same time. He was so warm.

“This is nice” He whispered.
“It is” I smiled weakly up at him.
“It’s okay.”
“Today was supposed to be perfect.”
“It’s okay.”

We got in the car and started driving back to his house. “It’s okay.” He said again. “Not it’s not.” I mumbled. 
“I know. I’m so much more upset than I’m saying, but I’m going to keep saying that it’s okay. I don’t think we’re going to get the chance to do anything like this again.”
“Life is such a bitch.”
“Life is a bitch. In so many ways.” His voice got sad. “In so many ways”
“Ha” I laughed bitterly “I can think of 6 off the top of my head”

We got to my car. We got out and hugged for the longest time. He rested his cheek on top of my head and rubbed my back. I held him so tightly and dragged my fingertips across his. We pulled apart and looked at one another. We parted.

He had to run an errand down near where I live, so I just drove behind him towards the highway. I got a text. 

My wifi is working.

I waved frantically at him out my window. We hit a red light and he got out of his car and ran over to mine.

“Her wifi is working!” I yelled. I couldn’t have been more happy. “Get back in your fucking car!” I laughed.

Another text: Just kidding.

We ended up pulling to the side of the road, and I decided that I would just go home. We drove next to one another almost the whole way and made stupid faces at each other the whole way. The day got cut so, so short, but the beginning half was so perfect. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so happy. Fuck…here come the water works. 

It was beautiful while it lasted. I wanted to hold his hand in the car but I was afraid.

So I was looking at many posts and people aren’t happy that Stefan and Caroline were disrespecting Forwood. But can’t people see that their humanity is off for shouting out loud. They don’t care AT ALL. we should know by now that Caroline of all people will never think of hurting Matt and Tyler, even though she was hurt deep down because it didn’t went well for her and Tyler, she still considers him a friend. As for Stefan, when Tyler and Caroline broke up, he was there to see how badly Caroline was hurt, so obviously he is going to take side of Caroline, he is going to be biased if he has to chose between Tyler and Caroline. And now he was just stating what he thought about him Forwood broke up.
I was always a fan of Forwood, but Stefan calling him jerk made my day somehow. Hell even I am biased.

There is this deaf homeless man that hangs around my neighborhood. He was outside of the store when my nieces and I went. I couldn’t give him any money. So my two nieces and I head inside and my eldest niece, Madison,  says, “I feel really bad about not giving him anything.” and I agreed with her because he’s such a lovely man. My family struggles a lot,  but we always give him at least one dollar if not more. 

Well, when we came out of the store I gave him my last dollar and my niece just looked over at me and said, “You did the right thing, Aunt Cole.” She had the biggest smile on her face too. I know it’s not much, but it made me feel really good inside because the man looked so happy.  Plus, I like that my nieces first instinct is to help people. I am glad they are becoming such compassionate young women. 

Anonymous said: Hahaha have you seen those images of Niall between the two couples? His face is either like ‘aww’ or like 'seriously’ it makes me laugh every time!

I guess you mean this, nonnie:)

Ok. It’s time to talk about serious things. Niall. Our sweet Nialler. Have you ever thought about HOW important he is for the other four lads?

He’s known as “the captain of two ships”. I must say this name is well deserved.

Right from the start this irish charm gave us the hints:)

He’s like:

Yeah, Niall. We definitely see.

I totally love how he went on dates with boys:) Had an amazing time, eh boys? 

So important! Nialler’s never intruding. He always leaves space for the boys.

And boys love this crazy lil shipper:)

When his friends are okay he’s like:

He gives blessings:)

And trying to show our boys the right way.

Can you spot the couples? Thanks, Niall.

He’s smiling like a proud father.

He absolutely #teamZiam and #teamLarry.

Don’t forget about his role as “the King of selfies”!

We can’t thank him enough for these pics:)

Niall always gives us the right direction.

Look how happy he is with his “babies". Aww!

I really think we should give him an award for his hard work. Something like this:

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.
How the sebaek kiss went down
  • Producer:Have you all ever read Fanfiction?
  • Chanyeol/Sehun/Baekhyun:No
  • D.O:*smirks*
  • Producer:Well, for some reason EXO-L get a kick out of you all making out with each other, and we're gonna put it in the show so who wants to do it?
  • Baekhyun:I'll do it with Chanyeolssi
  • Producer:Chanyeol is the main character and has to mantain his hard, cool guy image so that would be counterintuitive. You can do it with Kyungsoo or Sehun
  • Chanyeol:*raises hand* I vote for Baekhyun
  • Producer:Thank you, Chanyeol...
  • Baekhyun:*high-fives Chaneyol*
  • Chanyeol:*continues smiling*
  • Producer:Now that we've established indeed Baekhyun will be doing it...
  • Chanyeol:*high-fives Baekhyun again*
  • Producer:Sehun or Kyungsoo?
  • Sehun:I'll do it
  • D.O:*smirks*
  • Producer:Okay great, Sehun go lay on the couch and you two go so we can start the scene.
  • Baekhyun:*asks producer* Am I allowed to jump on top of him?
  • Sehun:yes
  • Producer:No, Baekhyun do not jump on top of him, just calmly mount him.
  • Baekhyun:*salutes producer* aye aye captain *mounts Sehun and begins eating face*
  • Producer:No, Baekhyun you don't actually have to kiss him
  • Sehun:it's okay
  • Baekhyun:*continues eating face*
  • Producer:*rolls eyes* okay lets start filming...

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I need advise! I'm gay and I do drag. My family does not know I do drag. Well me and my friends while in drag went into a bar because we looked good as hell. Well we started drinking & I notice my step dad was at the bar drinking too so I went over there to see if he notice me. He didn't, he started flirting with me! & I flirted back and he took me to a hotel and made out then he went up my leg and started rubbing my dick and said "I don't mind" &we fucked. How do I tell my mom he cheated on her

             at night,  the  dead-star  dragon  sometimes  sneaks
             through the cracks and crawls  up into his brain and
             chews at the inside of his skull. the dragon whispers
             of what anakin has lost.    
                                     and what he will lose.  
                                                     .  .  . even STARS burn out.

Dear Diary,

It seems as if McGonagall has added James and Sirius to her bad list, which means Peter and I are automatically on it as well. Perhaps I should explain how I’ve come to this conclusion.

We were sitting in class this morning when she yelled at James and Sirius for doing Merlin knows what. Peter and I went to see what it was they were doing, only to be snapped at as well (“James and Sirius have perfected their way into detention already. You two don’t need to join them.”)

I’m not angry. I’m quite pleased, actually. Sirius called me a worry-wart just the other day, and though it’s somewhat true, I still find fault in the accusation. I love watching James and Sirius come up with a new prank. I lay in bed and just watch them. Sometimes Peter will join in and throw in his idea, but most of the time he watches as well. But that doesn’t seem to matter because one way or another, the two of us always seem to get dragged into the plan. Whether it be their constant begging for “a brain” or “a look-out”, us four are always the ones making McGonagall want to rip her hair out.

It amuses Sirius a great deal. He’s gotten into the habit of calling her his lady, which makes James laugh each time. Peter finds it amusing as well, but not as much as James; I think they have an inside joke they’re not letting us in on. Sometimes I feel jealous at their friendship; they already seem to be best friends. We all are, supposedly, but it’s different with them. Peter doesn’t seem to mind, and I don’t think I should either. Maybe I shouldn’t care that they seem slightly closer than they are with us.

It’s such a childish feeling; the jealousy of a great friendship. It’s been twelve days, and we’ve all managed to become amazing friends. James’s mother has already invited us over for Christmas holidays, but I had to politely decline. Sirius is going, maybe even Peter, but I didn’t think leaving my parents would be a wise decision. Especially since I’m their only child. 

I love James for inviting me. He’s a lovely person. They’re all really fantastic people, actually, and I love them greatly. I’m very fortunate to have befriended them. Whatever I said that got them so fond of me, I’m glad I said it.

School isn’t hard, neither are the classes, but it’s easier when I have friends. Not that they study like I do, but they’re still extremely bright. We’re all top students.

My parents have yet to owl me, but I still won’t let myself worry about them. If it takes longer than two days, I’ll owl them first.  

That’s all for tonight, diary. Untill next time.

—  September 12, 1971

Japan Log #1

so uh.. i just got back from Japan.. and well eventful things happened!

Basically.. when we went to akihabara… i saw this building filled with cute costumes.. and well i thought it was a cosplay store… and then when me and my dad went inside.. WELL LETS JUST SAY … it was filled with … other things that ABSOLUTELY HAD NO RELATION TO COSPLAY..i was embarrassed and shocked and i wanted to cry cos … honestly.. I’ve never seen so many dildos and flesh lights in my life…

and i honestly didn’t ant to see how a penis looked like.. nor did i want to see a life size 8 year old mannequin with a … yeah… you guys know… but yes.. it was a shocking experience.

at the end of the event.. my bro asked me how was the store and pointed the plaque saying it waas an adult store in the first place.. and he never bothered to tell me before entering… well my dad left as soon ashe got in tho…. he was too weirded out i guess.

After 'Melinda' there's one thought that refuses to leave my mind

Melinda May who left the field because of what happened in Bahrain (and we now pretty well know how justified her actions are) returned back to the field for Coulson. The one thing she never thought she’d ever do again was go back into the field.

You can see that on their way to Bahrain, Phil wants to recruit her to help him the Avengers Initiative but wonders if she’s interested and she says that she’ll never leave the field. She loved her job, but she left because of how much Bahrain changed her. It’s enough to say how much she feared from going back in the field again.

But she did, she went back into the field to watch Coulson’s back, because he was the one who was there for her after Bahrain, she wanted to be there for him after he recovered from New York, because she knows how it feels to go through a trauma like that and come out of it changed.

She came back to watch Coulson’s back. To help him with his band of kids. She came back for Coulson to drive the bus, and then when Coulson went into trouble she went into the field, because for her watching his back and commiting to the cause is the same.

She went back into the field for Coulson and that is so important for me, I just … I admire what these 2 people have so much, it’s so rare to find a person in your life who matter this much to you. I think Melinda and Phil’s bond is one of the best things in the show.


Bletchley Park 


I’m not going to make writing descriptions a habit, but I think this set of photos deserve one. Having recently watched The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, we decided to make a trip to Bletchley Park as it’s only a forty-five minute drive. From watching the film and doing some research before hand I knew relatively well what happened during the war at Bletchley, but it wasn’t until going today and walking around the huts and doing the little interactive activities and seeing all the notepads and equipment that was used to crack the Enigma Code did I really start appreciate just how big an operation cracking the code was. The amount of work that went into cracking the code was phenomenal, around 9,000 personnel were working at Bletchley at it’s peak in 1945 and over 12,000 had been stationed there throughout the war. One of the activities we did, we had to work out the probability of rolling a six on one dice, then two sixes on two, three sixes on three  and then rolling an A on a twenty six sided dice with the alphabet on, then rolling two A’s on two twenty six sided die and finally rolling three. It quickly became apparent just how great the odds of cracking the code was. But somehow they did it and began decrypting the German messages being sent everyday. 

However what I can’t begin to fathom was the idea that it all had to be kept secret. They couldn’t let the Germans know they had cracked it, then the Germans would just change it and they would just be back at square one. I took a picture of a poster that was stuck on a wall in one of the huts; it says: “If you’ve news of our munitions KEEP IT DARK Ships or planes or trips positions KEEP IT DARK Lives are lost through conversation Here’s a tip for the duration When you’ve private information KEEP IT DARK”. They literally couldn’t tell anyone. In an age where nothing anymore is or can be kept a secret, it makes me wonder how they ever managed it. 

One other photo I would like to pick out is the plaque dedicated to Alan Turing. I admire the man, I really do, he was absolutely amazing. But how is it that someone who was so clever deserved to live the life of secrecy and lies that he did? He couldn’t tell anyone about Enigma and was arrested for homosexuality and unfortunately committed suicide in 1954, 41 years old. How did he deserve that? In 2013, Turing received an apology and pardon from the queen, in my opinion 59 years too late. 

I would recommend a visit to Bletchley Park, it is certainly one of the most interesting trips I have been on in a long time (also the cafe does really nice tea&cake)

We finally went to the doctor to see what it was about, lo and behold…

“Uh. mom?”

“Yes honey?”

“Are multiples a common family thing?”

“Well, there was you and Juneberry…”

“No no, not twins.”

“How many, then?”




“Sorry, did you say quads? As in, FOUR BABIES?!”


Yesterday was really stressful what with the tension and all. Then the Someone called to tell me that he spoke to his ex gf about a matter involving a mutual friend of ours. He didn’t want me to hear from someone else that he’d spoken to her and get upset. Like I care. Anyway, last night the mutual friend texted me that I could have given him a heads up because he saw Himself in a bar and stepped on his dick. His words, not mine. Then he called to clarify, intoxicated, and went on a toot about how we are all (me, Someone, Himself, and Someone’s ex) his brothers and sisters (this is the terminology they use in ABATE) and I ‘uh huh’d” and “yes’d” my way through the conversation because, really? We’re all pushing or over 50 and I thought I’d graduated high school a long time ago.

See, the Someone has a history as a womanizer. I don’t think it’s well founded - he’s single and he dates. So what? Now he’s with me and he’s not dating, but people make remarks so he’s concerned about my getting the wrong impression. It’s nice that he’s taking my feelings into consideration, but I would expect anyone pushing 50 to have a history of some sort. It’s not like I just jumped up from a cabbage patch myself. It seems he asked his ex to not come to meetings anymore. He was a bit less polite than that, and our friend thought it was because of me which it’s not. It’s because she went bat shit on him and the daughter of some friends at a party in January. See what I mean? High school.

I’m way anxious today and hoping it goes away because I have things to do. At some point there will be a new normal, I just hope that point comes before I stroke out.

A little rant session, sorry in advance.

Today overall was a great day! but my mother in a matter of minutes ruined by being a twat. 

I worked all week (Saturday to Wednesday) and i haven’t seen much of the kids since Monday when they got home from their dads so i thought i would treat them and take them to see the movie “Home” (which was really good and i recommend everyone to go and see it!) anyways we went there had a good time and after the movies we went to second cup and got a frozen hot chocolate and i got my mom one as well cause i was just trying to be nice anyways got home i went right to the kitchen said “hi mom how are you”  she’s then said “hello” and that was it and i handed her, her drink and she said nothing not even thank you. So Grayson was telling her how great the movie was and she was so rude to him “ that must of been nice to have money and go to the movies.. i wish i could have seen that one”  so she made Grayson feel bad and it wasnt his fault and she was just overall being snobby about it. She makes all these douchey comments all the time and like i spend my OWN money that i worked hard for so i dont know why shes being a twat about it and when i got home from work she was still sleeping and we left at 1:15 pm to make the movie by 2pm and if she was up i would have invited her. So now im in a terrible mood..

ugh happy Wednesday lol 

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I love Harry wherever he's happy, but what upsets me about him being in LA is I actually think he's bothered more by fans there than in London. He always has groups of girls following him constantly when he's out there and I feel like that doesn't really happen in London/the UK (anymore, at least). The girls out there are obsessive and stalkerish, they don't give up even when he politely asks them to and I just wish he didn't have to deal with that.

It’s intense in London too, I think. He went to court because they wouldn’t stop there. Now the paps are banned from pursuing him by car or motorcycle, placing him under surveillance and loitering or waiting within 50 meters of his house. And fans stalk him in London as well… But of course it happens in LA too, but if you think of it, we don’t see him much or get a lot of pics considering how long he stays there. It looks like he’s able to go under the radar if he wants to. He’s learned clever ways to dodge them I think. But the occasional pap photo is inevitable ofc. The LA peeps are also used to celebrities, I think most people are chill. But aside from what we think or assume when it comes to fans and paps and whatnot. His actions speak more. He goes to LA pretty much whenever he can these days, so he’s obviously okay with the situation over there. If he wanted to escape or hide on a secluded island, he could.

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Hey Amber! I have a few questions! ... When did you and Daniel decide to move in together and how did that change the dynamic of being able to see your friends/family? I know you two used to live about an hour a part.. and where any of your friends bitter about it? I'm currently trying to take the next step in my relationship and would love to know how you did it all so well. xo

We moved in together after 4 months. We hadn’t seen one another for an entire month because his room mate and I didn’t get along.. SO, I went to visit him one night, a fight happened between the two of them and he came home with me (to my parents). We stayed the night and both moved in with a room mate for a year.

It was hard to see everyone more than it was after we moved in together because before I would only spend weekends with him because it was my only time off.

Some friends were bitter, but eventually things get easier. Do what you feel is best, but expect things to change a lot. Living with someone is very different than just spending time with them.

Went to visit my friend who had her baby on Monday night

Before leaving:
Me: well we’ll see if this visit makes my clock start ticking
Patrick: well I guess we will

After the visit:
Patrick: so how was it?
Me: fucking terrifying. My clock battery is dead.

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Kagami's favorite movie is definitely Space Jam, but he loves the other Looney Toons movie's as well. Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Himuro, Alex and Kagami would have movie marathons, with giant popcorn bowls, being cute and silly.

Yes, yes I love this headcanon, I love the idea of Kagami learning how to speak english as a kid mostly from that kind of cartoons so he’s like, really attached to them and loves them to bits

Imagine one day he’s talking about them with Aomine and they get to talk about Space Jam and Aomine goes ehhh never seen it before and Kagami is??? actually personally offended by this thing, how is it even possible for him to have never seen it Himuro literally dragged him to see it back at his the moment Kagami mentioned he was interested in learning to play basketball

(it was a pretty adorable scene, little Tatsuya’s eyes started shining instantly and he went well then we have to watch Space Jam! and then proceeded to grab Taiga by a wrist and drag him in a hurry towards his home - Kagami still remembers that day like it was yesterday, it’s one of his favourite memories ever)

so like he can’t even begin to believe Aomine has never seen it, this is ridiculous they need to fix it asap what kind of basketball player are you even (of course Aomine yells at him to stop treating him like he’s an idiot for not having watched a damn cartoon, a guy who’d never watched any Miyazaki movie has no right to talk) (don’t mind me I’m so deep into the headcanon of Aomine liking Miyazaki, like think about him and Momoi as kids both sitting on one of their beds watching Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke or My Neighbor Totoro all huddled between pillows and sheets and Daiki always ending up crying and denying he is omfg - sorry got off topic as usual)

Anyway they end up watching SJ and Aomine loves it - of course he does who doesn’t love Space Jam - even if he keeps on talking during the whole thing and commenting over everything so much that at some point Kagami’s tempted to throw him out of his room and watch the movie by himself

he doesn’t only because that would defeat the original purpose, but he’s really, really tempted

(at some point Kagami looks at the nerdlucks and goes shit that’s pretty much you and the other gom and Aomine goes what the hell are you talking about but Kagami is just you’re the blue one of course and wait that’d make me Michael Jordan right) (Aomine is offended) (actually so offended that he violently elbows Kagami in the side, and Kagami elbows him right back and then they have to stop the movie and put it back a bit because they end up in an half-wrestle kind of fight like the absolute nerds they are)