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Dear Markiplier,

  To be honest I’ve purposefully kept myself out of all the drama and goofs that’s been happening over the last couple days. And most of the time i just sit and watch these kind of upheavals without really interfering one way or another. The community has every right to have it’s fun and all that, but i think we ALL know this has gone a bit too far at this point.

  I respected you so much for the way you addressed it (pic at the bottom if you haven’t read it yet guys) and how you stood up to say that this was going too far. BUT YOU’RE RIGHT BACK AT IT. I understand this whole “game” maybe turned out a bit crazier than you intended and i understand that you are trying to create an atmosphere here in your community, but you said (and i quote),

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I just read this in an article and I am appalled, what is your opinion here? "Rowling is creeped out by your attraction to Draco, calling it "unhealthy fantasy." She felt tasked to tell them "rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice, and that, no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends." also that Draco was originally named Draco Spungen. wtf?? I love Draco I don't get why Joanne hates him so much he had tons of potential

Yeah when that article was first released, we had a lot to say about it. RZZMG did a fantastic rebuttal on why Draco is a good guy and why we like him. (Unfortunately I cannot find the post.) But JKR blames Draco’s appeal on Tom Felton, and yes he has a lot to do with it, but Draco’s character is so fascinating.

He was born into a family of bigots, raised to believe he is the best, everyone else is beneath him. Everyone around him treated him like that, even at Hogwarts. Obviously growing up having someone treat you like a king is gonna make your ego grow.

But in the 6th book, something happens. He always wanted to be like his father, and now he is, but its not what he thought it was gonna be. His bubble was burst! He is shown to be having a hard time adjusting to his new life and is shown to be hating it, being disillusioned by it. And in the end, he is done. He and his family just left. And that’s the last we hear of him (other than the epilogue).

Now lets look at Snape. In the beginning, we all believed he was evil. By the middle of the series, we have it our head he is not a good guy, he called Lily a horrible name and ruined their friendship. He was the bad guy. We hated him. He was Slytherin, he was weird, he hung out with the bad boys. Snape es no bueno! BUT in book 7, we get his entire backstory. We see his family life, we see his life with Lily before Hogwarts, we see the bullying by the Marauders, we see him change sides to save Lily and her son, we see him cry………..and we fall in love with this bad boy Snape. We forgive him for everything he did!

Why is it that JKR wants us to forgive Snape and like him and not Draco? Are they not similar, are they not both products of their environment? If she can make one a hero, why can’t she do that for the other. 

And what I don’t get, is she made the Marauder’s into legends, they are placed on a pedestal. We are expected to be in awe of them………but correct me if I’m wrong, weren’t their personalities similar to Draco’s? Didn’t James and company bully Snape just as Draco bullied the Trio? Didn’t James and Co walk around Hogwarts like they owned it just as Draco did? Sirius and Draco are from the same family, raise the same way, and acted exactly the same! The only difference is Sirius liked muggles, and was a Gryffindor. But the bullying and ego remained the same. Yet we need to bow down to Sirius and shun Draco. It just doesn’t make sense really.

Which is where fanfiction comes in! Authors and readers can see Draco’s potential to be a great character, and use that to make Draco a “hero” and give his character the justice it deserves.

- Lisa

Second time (Soonyoung)


om g the reqs are open. I WAITED FOR LIKE A YEAR. you guys are like the best writers for seventeen and i’ve been reading your blog since it opened. 😭 anyway, hoshi comes across as really shy to me, so second time having sex with hoshi? in which, after your first, he couldn’t stop thinking about it but he doesn’t know how to approach you for the second time so you take the matter to your own hands? THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS, TAKE CARE! 😘

» I KNOW IT TOOK SO LONG BUT FINALLY THEY WERE OPEN 💕 we’re not the best but thank you so much for reading our blog for so long ;; 💕

» Smut.

» Soonyoung hasn’t been able to stop thinking about your first time having sex, but he doesn’t know how to approach you for the second. You take matters to your own hands.

Frankly, Soonyoung hadn’t thought it possible for a first time to get so awfully stuck in his mind, but he had been wrong. Ever since you two had had sex for the first time, he had hardly been able to erase it from his mind.

You had looked gorgeous, everything had felt so insanely good and his imagination hardly helped him think about anything else afterwards. He could still hear your voice in his ears, feel your touch on his skin, imagine the feeling of being inside of you…

And yet he couldn’t find it in himself to initiate the second time, as much as he wanted it.

Soonyoung wanted you, a lot, but he was surprised to find himself getting shy about it. Then again, as he thought about it, the first time had happened more or less in the heat of the moment, too, with him asking you if you wanted to do it while you made out, hands already roaming on each other’s bodies.

He wanted to let things go on their own accord, he really did, but a part of him was, less than a week after your first time, dying to do it all over again, and so he tried to find ways to approach you about it.

You’d feel his hand on your thigh every now and then, especially when you two kissed, and there were a few occasions where he started a sentence with a shy, quiet “Y/N, I’ve been thinking…” yet as soon as your eyes had met, he had continued the sentence with something completely different than he had meant to.

He just didn’t know how to approach you about it, fully.

It was starting to get frustrating on your end, too, and so the next time, a bit over a week after your first time, that you felt his hand on your thigh (you had been trying to watch a movie, but it didn’t manage to keep you too focused on it), you immediately closed any distance between your lips before he had been able to say anything.

When you pulled back, Soonyoung stared at you in surprise, and you nearly groaned. “Come on, Soonyoung, you’re not the only one who wants it.”

“What?” he asked dumbfoundedly, and you quirked your eyebrow a little as you moved his hand higher up on your thigh.

“Please, I know you’ve been thinking about it,” you sighed quietly and got closer to him on the couch you were sitting on, your breathing a bit heavier as you leaned closer to Soonyoung’s neck, suddenly incredibly aware of how close he was. “And I’ve been thinking about it a lot too, and I… want you too.”

Oh,” Soonyoung mumbled, his heart picking up its speed as he caught on to what you had in mind. Licking his lips, he squeezed your thigh, which had the corners of your mouth tugging upwards. “Well in that case…”

With that, he lifted your face so that he could kiss you square on the lips, sweet and passionate at the same time, and you soon got your arms around his neck, too, pulling him closer as well as you could.

The kisses grew passionate rather fast as both of you allowed yourselves to think back to the first time you had had sex - how good it had felt, how exciting it had been… and it was soon that you were both just as excited as you had been then, and more.

Your breathing got heavier steadily as your tongue danced with Soonyoung’s, your hand moving on his upper body while his began moving up your side until he could cup your breast through your shirt and bra, and you leaned into the touch eagerly, at which he grinned and deepened your kisses a little.

Soon he pulled back and looked into your eyes as though asking for confirmation, and when you gave him a nod, your eyes a bit hooded with the arousal growing inside of you, you lay down on the couch and he moved on top of you, bringing his lips to your neck.

“Soonyoung,” you breathed, gasping quietly when you felt his knee between your legs, his thigh pressing into you lightly, and got one hand in his hair and the other on his shoulder. He pressed one open-mouthed kiss after another on your sensitive skin while one of his hands massaged your right breast and the other sneaked down to the button of your jeans that he managed to pop open.

“You’re so beautiful,” Soonyoung mumbled against your neck and kissed his way to your lips, only to stay there for a while, holding your breast in his hand and squeezing it lightly every now and then while teasing your tongue with his, a grin plastered on his face when you whimpered quietly, trying to muffle it. “You don’t need to be that quiet, you know.”

“I know, I just,” you sighed when he pressed his thigh a little between your legs, the crotch part of your jeans giving your wetness some almost painfully delicious friction, “it’s still a bit embarrassing.”

He grinned at you as he pulled back and caressed your sides and hips, looking into your eyes warmly. “You don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s just me.”

Snorting, you shook your head and placed your hands on his chest, feeling up his chest through it. “It’s not just you. You’re the reason I was so nervous last time, and… maybe a little now, too.”

“No need to be,” he grinned and leaned down to press a kiss by your ear, “I love you, and I’ll be so good to you.”

“I love you, too,” you sighed and licked your lips, all too aware of the hard-on pressing into your thigh, and swallowed hard. “I think you should go grab a condom before I refuse to let you go.”

Soonyoung chuckled and gave you one more quick kiss on the lips before momentarily disappearing to his room, and by the time he was back, you had gotten out of your jeans, having come to the conclusion that they were a pain to get rid of, anyway.

“Wow,” he mumbled at the sight, his eyes eating up your legs, and you rolled your eyes good-humoredly when he sped up his steps.

You sat up on the couch and waited for him to get back, and once he was seated in front of you, having placed the condom on the empty coffee table by the couch, you got his shirt off of him and pulled him in for a passionate kiss while allowing your hands roam on his chest for a moment before starting to slide his sweatpants down a little; he helped by lifting his hips.

“Is it okay if I…” your voice trailed off, but Soonyoung caught up to what you meant from the way your eyes were aimed at his crotch, if nothing else.

Please do,” he said, a smile audible in his voice, and you grinned while sliding your hand into his boxers, your lips latched onto his as you exchanged passionate kisses, some more and some less sloppy. It may have been your second time having sex, but it was nowhere near your second time making out, as you had done plenty of that before. Only, nowadays you wouldn’t be left frustrated nor would you just dry hump - instead, you’d finally get exactly what you needed: him.

Smiling into the kisses a little, you began stroking him, although your steadiness wavered a little when you felt his hand slowly slide down your stomach and into your panties, and soon he had two of his fingers moving between your lips, stopping by your clit to massage it lightly, which had your hips bucking into his hand. When you moaned into the kiss, clearly wanting more, Soonyoung grunted quietly, loving the way your hand was moving on his cock.

“In,” you muttered against his lips, almost annoyingly wet at that point and in desperate need of him, and were not disappointed in the least when he inserted a finger into you, dragging your panties down a little for easier access.

“So wet,” Soonyoung said in a mere whisper, as if he didn’t necessarily mean for you to hear what he was saying, his voice low as he broke away from the kiss so that he could kiss your neck, his finger moving fairly easily inside of you. His cheeks were burning, and he was surprised he could actually say the words he did next. “You really need me, don’t you…”

Nearly whining as he slid in another finger slowly, letting you adjust, you palmed the head of his cock, spreading his pre-cum around the tip before continuing steady strokes again. “So badly…”

He swallowed hard, but fingered you for a while more, scissoring hs digits a little while moving his lips back to yours to catch all your noises as well as calm you down a little. You were much like putty in his hands.

Luckily it didn’t take too long for both of you to get too impatient, and soon you were back on your back on the couch, your shirt already discarded, getting out of your panties while Soonyoung took the condom from the coffee table and put it on himself. You licked your lips at the sight of him, taking in every curve of his body as well as the muscles that peeked every now and then.

And, well, considering how horny you were, you weren’t too surprised that your eyes lingered much longer on his length that stood hard and enticing against his lower abdomen.

“So this is what it feels like to be stared at,” Soonyoung hummed, his cheeks tinted a bit pink, and you chuckled, slightly embarrassed at being caught.

“Sorry,” you smiled at him and looked up at him excitedly, opening both your legs and arms invitingly. “Come here, Soon.”

“I’ll be there sooner than you think,” he snorted and leaned down, grinding against you a few times, his condom-covered cock rubbing between your wet lower lips so deliciously that it made you moan. Soonyoung hissed at how amazing you sounded and felt, and pressed a kiss by your ear. “Can I?”

“You don’t even need to ask,” you said almost hastily, wet beyond belief, and shut your eyes as he aligned himself with your entrance and pushed in slowly. Your lips parted into a silent cry, but as more and more of him was inside of you, an audible moan left your lips, and then another, and another. They were short and quiet, but Soonyoung took it all in eagerly, his lips moving along your neck and chest and one of his hands resting on your hip while the other was massaging your breast under your bra, flicking your nipple lightly.

Much like the first time, he let you adjust to his size in all peace and took time helping you relax instead, all the while you caressed his hair and shoulders.

“No wonder I’ve been thinking about this all week,” Soonyoung mumbled into your skin, obviously satisfied with the heat enveloping his cock, and you chuckled softly.

“I know,” you smiled, sighing contently when he shifted a little, which made him move inside of you. “God, you feel so good…”

Swallowing hard at the way you were hugging his cock as well as your sultry voice, Soonyoung spoke quietly. “Are you okay? Is… is it okay if I move now?”

“More than okay,” you breathed and cupped Soonyoung’s cheeks so that you could pull him into a kiss as he began rocking his hips slowly, pulling back before taking his time to push back in, sighing against your lips as he did so. Your legs were wrapped around his waist, and feeling them tighten a little made him grin.

“I told you I’d be good to you,” he whispered against your lips, and you were only able to smile before he began thrusting the slightest bit faster and harder - the change was enough to be felt, but not so drastic that you would’ve gotten uncomfortable in the least.

If being only your second time together, you didn’t know each other the best sexually, but you were both eager to learn new things. Soonyoung loved finding new sensitive spots from you,  and you loved learning things such as that he tended to be fairly playful in bed, too, both verbally and physically. The mere thought about how teasing he could get if he wanted to made you whimper.

Your second time together was much like your first, but better, naturally. You were both less lost and more confident, if only a little, as well as more comfortable in general. You dared to make noise (which Soonyoung loved), to touch him everywhere you wanted to and ask for things you didn’t necessarily dare or want to the first time, and Soonyoung knew a bit more about how to make you feel good as well as where you liked to be touched, and where you probably didn’t enjoy being touched that much.

Not much later, he was pushing into you at a steady pace, his skin meeting yours with every move of his hips, and you were holding onto him tightly with one hand and whimpering into his shoulder as you massaged your clit desperately. You were close to your orgasm, and Soonyoung picking up his speed only got you closer, especially with his cock hitting new places inside of you - all the right ones.

“S-Soonyoung,” you whined as you came around him, your hips bucking up hard, and it wasn’t much later that Soonyoung was letting out a mix of a sigh and a groan as he released into the condom, his hips thrusting into you almost frantically, which made you shiver as your orgasm rocked through you, too.

“Damn, Y/N,” he panted, still inside of you, and pressed a kiss to your neck, both of his hands gentle on your sides. You caught your breath, too, slowly coming down from your sated bliss.

As Soonyoung pulled out of you and simply rested on top of you, you chuckled softly while running your fingers through his dark hair. “Soonyoung…” He hummed in question, and the vibrations of it tickled your neck, which made you smile. “In the future, there’s no need to hesitate. I’m going to want it just as much as you do.”

He lifted his face, his eyes disappearing as he smiled widely. “So the next time we make out and I get turned on, I can try my luck?”

“Oh, definitely,” you snorted and looked into his eyes adoringly. “And I might try mine, too.”

“Go ahead,” Soonyoung grinned and pressed a sweet, long kiss to your lips.

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I love you guys. Usually when I read a cliffhanger in a manga I try to find the raws to get a sense of the progress because who knows when the next release is, but with you guys I just patiently wait a few weeks and it makes the reveal so much better. Seriously, the quality, consistency, and speed that you guys work at is amazing. I seriously love you all. We don’t deserve you.

Thank you for the love!!

I’ve honestly been getting irritated at the rude fans as a whole lately. I’m tired of hearing people ask for the next chapter right after we’ve just released the current one. Or hearing that they won’t read our releases anymore just because they were unhappy with a certain scene in a manga. 

Truly, fans who appreciate will make us want to continue doing this more than those who degrade us. Fans like you are the reason why our quality, consistency and speed are what we give. 

After my mangago rant, I realized that those who really love US, will come find us. They won’t notice the watermarks from the aggregator sites, and they will only notice the hard work we put into it. 

Those little hearts and likes on each one of our posts are like a great big “thank you" to us. So when we see less likes and less love, we get a little insecure since we are human beings. So make sure to give any group you love and follow a great big thank you. It’s what keeps them going. A simple heart, a s simple word. Love is a far greater feeling than frustration or hate. 

So, as a request, I challenge all of our readers, all 5800 of our followers to send out a simple, “Thank you,” to ever single Scanlation group you follow. 

Thank you to all the fans, and thank you to ever single one of the Scanlation groups out there that take their time to release a chapter. 

What’s happening with @peterincorporated (Jane)

The ever so lovely Jane, @peterincorporated, has been feeling really down lately and went to a therapist today. She sent me this messages and wanted me to let everyone know, “I’m being hospitalized. I don’t know how long. I won’t be able to have my phone.” 

She’ll be gone for a while but she’s gonna try to get herself better. And that’s what is important. She knows how much we love her and I’m constantly reminding her how much I love her. 

I’m not sure what else to say other than she’s gonna be gone for a while but she’s gonna try and get herself better and I can’t be prouder of her. I really hope that she gets better and feels so much better soon. Thank you for reading this. 

anonymous asked:

Are there specific fics that you can recommend by other writers on here, I literally read your stuff in like a week, you’re amazing btw!

I’m so useless with this question because I genuinely spend so much time writing and not enough reading, so there are a lot of better people you could, and should, go to with this question hahahha.
But, since we’re here, I’m gunna direct you to some things I’ve read, and things that are on my to read list.

Lock Yourself Out / Porcelain Skin & Fragile Heart - @icanseeyourholo
Silver Girl / Fan Fiction - @roselirry
Fresh Eyes - @americanowrites
Six Months (not a full fic but you have to read) - @nocontrolforlouis
Meet Me In The Hallway - @aggresivelyfriendly
Dark / Knockout - @han-rawr
Flowers in the Window - @harrysaliengirlfriend
Fallen Stars - @stylesmyth
The Golden Hour - @standingfacingwest
The Rolo Series - @rachelstyles
The Primrose Thrills - @1dxrated

That’s all I have in me right now, love. I’m also gunna direct you to @seriouslyspoiled who makes killer fic lists and will be much more helpful than me!

since I haven’t seen anybody else do this here’s my analysis on marks “WHATs GOING IN” livestream

prepare for a LOT of reading

so I was freaking out over the whole “cult” thing and I decided to go back to where mark first started acting weird (this livestream). The first thing that felt odd to me was how mark was complaining about being out of shape and how he doesn’t workout (which at the time the video was made we know that’s a lie but maybe I’m looking into it too much) he keeps talking about this “deep dark secret” he wants everyone to know about and how he wanted to warn the people who were coming to the theatre. things are still normal at this point except for the things that mark says which is just him trying to be creepy and mysterious.

Another thing I noticed was that even though he was livestreaming on his phone he was still talking to us as if we were physically there  (saying things like “stay low” to the camera) 
things start to get weird after he enters the Door he was trying to warn everyone about saying he’s gonna “brave it” because the people who are coming to the theatre “don’t know what they’re in for” at around the same time he starts talking about not making it out (foreshadowing?) 

he then talks about a “dark entity” as  he enters the corridors (back at the time I thought by dark entity he meant dark but with everything that’s happened I don’t think so, more on that in a bit) as he enters the corridor and hides behind a wall he says that there’s something on the other side and asks us to look first (again he’s treating us like we’re physically there) when he peeks us around the wall to look we see this:

(I couldn’t find anything suspicious in it but I might be wrong or not looking hard enough) after that mark peeks out himself and then starts running claiming that it “saw” him by this point in the video mark has taken like 15 steps into this corridor shouldn’t be hard to go back right? WRONG he starts to run back but he doesn’t get out of the corridor and when he gets lost he says:”I ran somewhere and I don’t know where, I thought I was going back the way I came but I wasn’t, I went down another corridor and I don’t know what I saw. So if only there was some kind of landmark maybe we’ll be able to get out of here alive” which sounds a lot like something the entity from the manor (or perhaps another one?) might do, changing the layout of a place in order to confuse whoever was there alone In the DARK.

After that mark keeps walking in the corridors seemingly lost and he says “I don’t know where I am anymore” he talks about the giant machines and dirty windows and the old broken tools in the room and how he has “no sense of where he is anymore” (again more hints to an entity playing with him) and then we reach the EMERGENCY EXIT sign:

which he does in fact call it a trap (I don’t really have much to say about this bit it just seemed strange to me why he wouldn’t trust something that could probably lead somewhere safe, paranoia is a thing that happens before people go insane, just sayin) after that he finds a door near the exit with a lock on it and he acts really suspicious about it, the video end with him saying he saw something coming out from the EXIT and running away.

I probably missed some things and there are things that I didn’t talk about like why he was so persistant for this livestream to happen in the paramout theatre in denver (at the beggining he does mention something about the place specifically) feel free to add on to this or msg me about it if you want. anyways this was my analysis of “WHATs GOING IN” I hope it’s useful

@darkwarf @markired I hope these are useful for theorizing :)

I just hit 700 followers and just like every milestone I get I’m gonna make a long post thanking all the amazing friends I have made and tag them because honestly we all want to be seen… jk, I want every one of them to know how important they are. So I will do a read mor if this comes by your dash and you’re not interested in me gushing over how awesome my friends are just thank you for being here and supporting me it has been an awesome ride so far!

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Diary of Scarlett Enchanted – DO NOT READ

But there is a sadness, a pain that lingers still- Jasper, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be… we were supposed to be together- the three of us… 

Where have you gone? When are you coming home? There is so much more waiting for you- more than you could even know…

Come home, Jasper. Please- come back to me. 


The Hemlock Forest

???: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaasper, you can run- but you know I will find you! It’s my job, and this is my forest. 


This is long, my thought on PR, Feel free to scroll on by, I just needed to get it out

Hello Tumblr world.  As much as if I don’t want to, I have to address the press for ACS. (I think it is impossible for me to remain silent). Don’t want to read, please scroll on. 

First though, I want to say I’m so proud of d. What he did on ACS was riveting. He changed between the extreme varying facets of Andrew beautifully and showed me why I admire and respect him for his talent.  He deserves every accolade and I hope and imagine they will keep coming.   

We all must remember his talent is the only thing he owes us and the only thing we can expect.  And I will continue to praise him, as he deserves, regardless of what unfolds.  

But ofc, we are here in CCland and possess an insight many do not. We know about the PR.  And we all have different expectations as to what can and will happen. Again, important to remember, the only people d needs to answer to are himself and his partner. While we can express our opinions, they are just that- opinions.  D needs to act in the manner that is best for him, C, and their respective career.  

But ofc, you know me, I have to comment.  Anyone who reads my blog is well aware.  I firmly believe d made a deal.  And I still, despite everything, believe that is a fact.  And still hope it is in place, though admittedly feel less clarity than before.  

I also believe d genuinely thought things would look different right now.  For the record, I have maintained he would not be out at this point.  I have also repeated that she would likely remain the plus one until the bitter end though I’d hoped, for his emotional well-being, we would get either a phasing out or staged break up as a Band-Aid. 

But I did not expect the straight, no homo excessive push we have gotten. It is way over the top, absolute overkill, and services no one.  Not the show which appears disingenuous and hypocritical. And not the actor who either looks like an insecure ass or a liar depending on the narrative you believe.

Let’s pretend for a minute we live in an alternate universe and d is straight. Well then why repeat the no homo?  Why constantly regurgitate one of the most offensive quotes attributed to him? If I hear one more times he’s a “white, cisgender, heterosexual male” I’m going to bang my head against a wall.  If true, simply, it is uninteresting. It just means that he is extremely privileged especially when you add wealth, talent, looks, intelligence, and success. He is part of the only group in society not discriminated against.  And the cherry on top. He sounds like an ass who is so uncomfortable in his own skin and with the roles he plays that he has a need to constantly reinforce that in reality he’s straight.

Who does this service? No one.

And don’t even get me started on the entire article constructed around him playing gay.  It was beyond offensive. 

Ofc, we know, he’s half Asian. A fact he has repeatedly stated, which automatically sends off alarm bells that all is not as sold. And more, we know he’s not straight. And therefore, we can see the lies.  We see the excessive need for a cover up.  And it turns people completely off who know the truth.

I maintain, the far superior strategy. Silence.  And that’s what it would be if he were that white, cis, hetero guy.  Sadly however, the strategy employed is disrespectful to him. And to the community he has repeatedly chosen to represent.

Now on to what d has said. Until yesterday, his interviews were flawless. Engaging.  Interesting. Insightful. Shined a light into his personality but not in an intrusive way. And perfectly marketed ACS.  

What changed btwn Elvis and Kelly?  

I admit.  We are part of the problem. We pointed out the conspicuous absence of the gf in the let it go story.  The video of him running away at the globes. How odd it was she wore a recycled dress to the premiere. The fear box CC references. The “storyland” quote and the intentional reference to c and the parallel to the AVPM denial.

 If you think are blogs aren’t watched.  Think again. They read it all. And I believe in part what happened post Elvis may be attributed to us. Make no mistake, D is ultimately the responsible party, we only reacted to his actions. But we do so loudly.  

But it’s also promo. Extreme promo.  She got 2, likely 3 mentions yesterday. First the gf comment. What’s important, it was s story about a piano bar.  Who’s opening such a bar?  And comparing it to Marie’s? That’s promo to her stans.  Then the Andy interview.  That was a complete PR set up with a script. Andy asked specifically about her. We were told he loves her and her fake ass resume was recited.  Then we gave TRL.  Lots of debate over the exact words. But let’s face it. That would be the target audience to reference her (why is d on TRL?? I digress but time to move way past that target audience).

My point. 2 things happening. Print which is out of D’s hands.  And his words.

My take.  His words. Promo for her mainly. But they do reinforce the straight narrative. And what’s being said in print.  

Which leads me to the print. Honestly those articles are so harmful.  I feel like fox and his team left him to be slaughtered.

Why? I don’t know. I repeat, it is harmful in the marketing of the show. If I read some of those articles, I wouldn’t watch. However, it perfectly plays into the blame game if that is where this is headed. Because most believe that every quote is directly attributed to the actor.

Sadly as a result. Our fandom spent much of yesterday on PR. And not focusing on ACS.  We turned it around. But it’s sad that it was the conversation. And it isolated fans.  While our group is small. We are critical. The day also was partially taken from him.  The conversation focused too much on her, both here and the other fandom. But more, because he had to spend a large part of his day (a day he should be promoting and speaking about his blood, sweat and tears for nearly a year), promoting a person who has done nothing but harm him, the day was effectively, in some ways, tarnished.  That must have hurt.  It should not have been required or expected.

I’m disappointed. Not for me. For d who deserves worlds better than the treatment he’s received. Once again the people in control are fucking with his life. They gave him the role of a life time but continue to try to tear him down. 

The silver lining. He’s a star.  He excelled. The critics agree.  We agree. And I’ll bet the GA agrees.  Doors are about to be blown open. The world is his oyster.

Further, he’s a genuine and wonderful man and this constantly shines through. He’s a fighter. And he will win.

 I hope we are still on track for the truth soon.  I think he needs that.  

But regardless, I’m going to continue to trust that he and C have a firm plan in place that is in their best interest whether it’s tomorrow, next month, next year, or in a decade.  


When I turned the corner to head towards the living room all I could hear was  First day of my life playing on the speakers of the living room, and when I had entered through the doorway I saw my parents dancing together in the kitchen, holding hands and looking so joyful.

It melted my heart to see my parents like this. With my dad gazing at my mom with so much love in his eyes as she belted out the words to their favourite song while they danced.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I've been searching around for some good literary recommendations and I figured, who better to ask than the Book Horse herself! I've been on a real conspiracy thriller kick lately. Do you read much of that? If so, got any good reads I might not have heard of? Feel free to suggest other genres too, though; I'm always looking to expand my horizons!

If you’re into changeling replacement conspiracies, which have gained in popularity over the past few years, you could try The Mayor’s Replacement, it’s gotten good reviews. Another popular one is The Night Shifter, but I didn’t find it entirely comfortable to read for personal reasons.

As for general recommendations, that’s such a broad topic. If we are sticking to fiction however, a great series I’ve been reading recently is In Memoriam Librorum if you like adventure and ancient unicorns.

There’s a lot more I could recommend but honestly I wouldn’t know how to choose just a few, and I wouldn’t want to fill my newsletter with a giant list of books. Well, that’s not entirely true, I would enjoy doing so but I don’t think it’s the right medium for it.

Perhaps you have enough to get started reading, at least. Keep in mind you can always ask for more recommendations if you run out of material, or if you have more specific parameters. It’s always great to help ponies find books!

anonymous asked:

You dont have to if its to much work to do it, but i was wondering if you guys would mind adding a word count to the fic recs? I feel bad clicking in just to see its to long for right now and worry about the writers thinking its not good because it says so many people read it but didnt leave kudos

Hello Anon, thank you for your suggestion! We’re changing the formatting in our replies to include word count, and we’ll start including the rating as well, to make it even easier for everyone to curate their fandom experience :) 

It’s very kind of you to worry about the discrepancy between hits and kudos/comments on the stories our wonderful authors write.
As a personal note I’d like to say that I do hope authors aren’t putting too much stock in the hit count alone, though. Who knows how many times the same person has come back to your fic to reread it, adding hits every time, while only being able to kudos once, and not wanting to comment ‘extra kudos for a reread’ 50+ times (I know I’m definitely guilty of that).
There’s also the lifesaving function of the Mark for Later button, which will add a hit to your fic though the person adding you to their list might not get around to reading it for a while, and they’ll add another hit when they do (or more, if they’re reading it in multiple sessions), along with their kudos/comment. So while I absolutely understand that it can be pretty disheartening, don’t let the hit count get you down! And thank you for writing wonderful stories for us <3

anonymous asked:

Your writing is so creative, moving, and realistic that I find myself completely swept up into your stories. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of writing with those of us whose talents lie elsewhere! I so appreciate the time you spend to craft these stories that we get to read and I also appreciate the willingness you have to put your work on display for us and expose yourself in that way. I am so grateful for the joy that your stories have brought to me!

Holy cow, you guys!  I’m feeling the love.  I have been writing a new story line for Escape and it’s taken me three days to get the first part edited and feeling like it should.  I’m very grateful that you can see the time and effort that it takes me.  And I’m glad you enjoy them.  Thank you for your kind note, Anon.  xo

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I've read what Darren said on Andy's and omg it seems so much worse than it actually is lol first of all when Andy asks him if he is single, Darren literally stutter for THREE MINUTES before saying anything and keeps the "old ball and chain we've been together for a long time" script and then Andy says in a way that sounds very sarcastic and fake "wow you've been together for a long time" then that's when Darren says what people have been writin. Lol then Andy asks if she is in the industry and

- and that’s when my favorite part happens: Darren forgets about mia’s curriculum lmao he is like well sort of she is a producer, writter… and Rock and roller.. and only remembers that she is also a director (even though she directed a music video from his band) after Andy starts to talk again. You should listen it it’s funny


Thanks Anon, you compelled me to listen. Quite frankly, I was not planning on it, it all gets to be a bit much even for me. I just hate to hear him being forced to mention her.

But wow, he once again said with no enthusiasm at all that he was a ball and chain kind of guy. Just the way i would want the man of my life to speak about me.

I would love to know when asked if he is single, when he has the freedom to tell the truth, if he described himself as an old ball and chain kind of guy when referring to his real partner and author of Storyland. Something tells me there is way more enthusiasm and genuine warmth, love, and respect. 

All of which was lacking in this interview.  “we’ve been together a long time.” He can’t even quantify it, he just knows it is way longer than he ever wanted or imagined this fake ass relationship dragging on.

And her credentials. It is so obvious he had a list of what he was supposed to say.  Oh and a director he says at the end when Andy has moved on.  Clearly poor D is not too sure about what her fake resume is either and unfortunately he can’t say that he one real skill is professional camera spotter.

So agreed, as mentions go, it was not too bad. He mumbled i love her practicality under his breathe. Obviously was told that was a required component of the interview.  

You know what part of the interview really struck me though?  The part about Glee and how neutral he was. Doesn’t have a favorite episode. No favorite song. No one person that was his best friend. Something tells me I am right and he had his head handed to him for the Chris mention on Elvis.  

anonymous asked:

I know you probably can't tell us that much, but we're eager about your new project! Can at least tell us a little bit, maybe comparing it to the If We Were Villains experience? Is it darker? Is it harder?

I said a little about it here (and you’ll find a little more under the WIP tag and under the writing tab), but comparing it to Villains is difficult because they’re wildly different projects–as in, so different that my publisher for Villains wasn’t interested in the new one. It’s definitely going to be a more challenging read. It’s been kind of an enormous undertaking since its inception; I did six months of research before I even started writing and it took me another six months to write the first draft, whereas the first draft of Villains took about ninety days. The first draft also came in at 170,000 words, whereas the first draft of Villains was about 115,000. And it’s a road-trip novel, which is sort of the opposite of the campus novel in some ways–instead of an insular academic world and a close-knit group of friends, this is a story that sprawls across the country and involves at least a hundred different characters. Probably the most daunting thing: the story’s not totally linear. So yes, Villains was a much easier read by comparison; here you’re going to have to pay attention (and not everyone wants that from their pleasure reading). 

However, there are a few things which I think readers of Villains will find familiar–demented group dynamics, blurred lines between life and art, and a healthy dose of reckless hedonism. I don’t know that it’s darker than Villains, but I would say it’s uglier. It’s hard to explain, but despite its darkness Villains held itself to a kind of naïve tragic ideal–probably because I was so, so young when I wrote it–and this one doesn’t do that. This book gets nasty. That’s partly because this book had no rules. I turned off all my own filters, whether that meant crossing a line I didn’t cross in Villains or just doing something stylistically insane. So it’s kind of a wild ride, but I also think it’s a hell of a lot of fun. (I certainly had a hell of a lot of fun writing it, and my agent had a lot of fun reading it so it’s not just me.) Some people–even some people who loved Villains–will probably hate it, but I’m all right with that. Good art is never neutral. If someone doesn’t hate it, you’re doing it wrong.

TBYL excerpt

Tagging a few people who said it was okay to be tagged:  @lynnafred @if-only-we-could-read-it @charvaughn-writes @madmooninc @enasroterfaden @thespooniewrites

Why? Sorren wondered as the applause crescendoed and fell. Why do the hate me so much? Why do they hate the Governor? He may not be the best person, but… he’s my father.  He’s their ruler. How could they do this?

Anger boiled inside him, scalding his skin with the heat of it. How could they hate him? They didn’t even know him. Sorren wanted to rip them apart for their insolence. How dare they? How dare they?

 A growl caught in his throat, low and furious and barely human. Dark, primal rage seemed to possess him. His hands clenched into fists. I will ruin you, He thought to the audience’s retreating backs as they streamed out of the Arena. I will annihilate you. I don’t care how it makes me look, he thought, picking out people in the crowd. I will destroy you.

And then realization chilled him to his bones. This is how my father acts. This anger, this authority… it’s not mine. It’s his. No wonder they hate us. I hate me, too.  

Saints! He slammed his closed fist against an archway, pain and frustration ringing through him. His wrath switched tracks, self-loathing writhing inside of him like a snake. His fingers scraped against the stone. No wonder they hate me.

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Wow! Thank you so much for 1k followers! I didn’t think we’d get so much support, I mean, we just started like 6 months ago T^T 

Everyone from our group is really grateful <3 Thank you for following and reading our works :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think I could get your interpretation of Elio’s feelings and actions after he first sleeps with Oliver. I remember being so emotionally wrecked after reading that scene in the book and when I watched the movie tonight it hit me hard again. Thank you :)

Hello love :)

Oh I feel you so much on that! That scene literally wrecked me as well - in the book as well as in the movie! Because I think Timmy did a perfect job in visualizing Elios feelings through this mess.

I think Elio was extremely overwhelmed with his thoughts and feelings after their first night together. I also think his actions had a lot to do with internalized homophobia. 

“It was not him I hated—but the thing we’d done.”

He spent a night together with a man, for the very first time. And since all he could think about before was desiring Oliver, his skin, his touch, his everything - 

And then he got exactly that and then -

He got worried and confused, like everyone of us are or were during our sexual exploration and awakening. And what he felt was like a normal human thing, I guess? Specially if you’re about to discover your sexuality. After you spent a night together with someone you like - for the very first time and you get so insecure? You feel like maybe it was wrong? Maybe it wasn’t right? What did I do? What have we done?

Maybe it’s just me though. I don’t know, I just felt the exact same way he did before I really identified my own sexuality and just jumped into things because I felt the desire and lust to do themt. You always only start to think about it later. And you start to overthink and everything is just a mess before you start to figure it all out.

flyinpigs  asked:

Hi I saw your response to someone with a question about the Lams letters. I was wondering if you could tell me what “those five words” were? Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

I sure can!!! 

So we gotta put it in context for the full effect. The words are crossed out of this letter which just has so much going on in it omg. (I talk about the letter as a whole in this post if you’re interested!) 

The line directly preceding the crossed out words reads:  “mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I” The next five words are believed to read “never spared you any pictures.” 

……Hamilton is not talking about his nose here…… I’m gonna leave it at that ahaha!