and we only spent a day on modeling and one day on texturing

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Everyone lives, and rebelcaptain get pregnant and have baby, basically a happy family au :)

You know what, anon? I like your style!

  • It was expected, actually. I mean, at first they were paying close attention to her cycle, taking her temperature, all those kind of preventive stuff. But Jyn wasn’t regular to begin with, and they slipped. A LOT.
  • They never knew what was the exact time when Jyn got pregnant. Maybe that one after blowing up the second Death Star? Maybe the after war celebration? Maybe that fierce, raw, glad-to-be-alive sex they had after the dust settled down? They will never know, And they don’t really care. 
  • “Cassian, the odds that you and Jyn Erso had sexual intercourse…”  “SHUT THE FUCK UP, KAYTOO!
  • They were in a rebel base at Naboo, technically to help with the reconstruction, but they spent most of their time together. It was a period of healing and licking each other’s wounds, when Chirrut suddenly spouted “do you have baby names already?” during breakfast, puzzling both Jyn and Cassian. “What do you…”  “You better go to the medical facility for a blood test. Trust me”
  • It was the first time since the Rogue One’s first mission she saw Cassian crying. He was batshit scared. Afraid of failing, of being a lousy parent, of dying and not being there for Jyn and their kid when they most needed him. But she hugged him and spoke soft words about how they were safe and sound, and how being worried about her and their child was the biggest proof he would be a great father. 
  • “We helped building a new, safer, better world for children, Cas. Thanks to you, our baby won’t grow up afraid and alone like we did”
  • He wipes the tears off his face and smiles. “Thanks to us, my little star”
  • Jyn throws up and cries a lot during the first weeks. Cassian makes Kaytoo search in all the files he could access about how to make things easier for her, and suddenly he becomes an expert on foot massages, making candies, baking cookies and taking care of small tasks for her, like washing and brushing her hair or rubbing her back under the warm shower. 
  • Their friends start placing bets on wether they will have a boy or a girl, and that pisses them both off a lot. One day, during dinner, Cassian yells “and what if my kid is a niño or a niña, they will kick your sorry asses anyway, cabrones!
  • Goddamned pregnancy cravings. 
  • Thanks the Force they have Bodhi. The guy is a saint. Not only he puts up with all that shit, he also goes after all the weird stuff Jyn wants to eat. 
  • As her belly gets bigger, everyone is assigned to help. Baze will gladly escort his little sister and his “nibling” (since they don’t know yet if she’s expecting a boy or a girl) everywhere. Chirrut makes yoga with Jyn, according to him it will ease the pregnancy discomfort and help her body to get ready to childbirth. Kaytoo spews data about pregnancy and birthing without being asked, and when a horrified Jyn tells him to shut his fucking circuits because she’s already scared enough without statistics about children born with their umbilical cords around their necks, he gets really offended, after all, he’s trying to help!
  • After all, the big day comes. She was working with Baze, fixing an outdated blaster model, when her water broke. Hell ensued.
  • Baze’s face had *screaming internally* written all over it the whole time, but at least he tried to remain cool
  • Chirrut started running around, trying to grab Jyn’s stuff and failing miserably, because “WHY THE HELL ALL THE BAGS IN THIS PLACE FEEL THE SAME YOU SHOULD AT LEAST ADD SOME TEXTURE TO YOURS, JYN”
  • “Kaytoo, do something!”  “I have no programming about childbirth, Baze. Perhaps you should have asked Cassian to reprogram a medical droid, the odds of…”  “SHUT THE HELL UP”
  • Cassian just outright FAINTS
  • Surprisingly, Bodhi remains calm as a cucumber
  • “The third backpack left to right on the shelf, Chirrut. Baze, go grab a cup of water for her. Jyn, do you need help to climb on the Rogue?”  “I can walk, Bo. Take me out of here before my kid notices this mess and decides they won’t get out today”
  • Bodhi takes her to the medical facility, and after two hours of labour, Jyn gives birth to Hope Andor Erso
  • Hope has Jyn’s small mouth with soft pink lips, her upwards-pointing nose and almond shaped eyes. However, her eye colour is a deep, dark brown, like Cassian’s. 
  • Hope never got to meet her grandparents form either side of the family, obviously. But she had (literally) an army of aunts and uncles among the rebels, so she never felt alone, not really. Both her parents were extremely happy with that: it meant that little Hope would never be hardened by war and loneliness like them.
  • Cassian is the strict parent. Sometimes he has to stop both his daughter and his wife from doing stupid things
  • Sometimes he has to stop his daughter, his wife and his friends
  • The best part of being the strict parent, however, is that there’s no one to stop him
  • Like that time when he and Hope decided to discover how a hutt’s skin felt like 
  • Ok, that probably wasn’t his best idea, but at least they had fun and came back home in one piece
  • But not everything is perfect. Hope inherited Jyn’s talent to backtalking, learned the fine art of sarcasm with Kaytoo and trained both martial arts and supreme recklessness with uncle Chirrut. 
  • In her 5th birthday Bodhi took her for a ride on the Rogue One and let her handle the controls
  • In her 9th Baze taught her how to disassemble and assemble a blaster
  • Chirrut says she’s been blessed by the Force, and reccomends meditation to calm her fiery spirit. She’s really good at it, but meditating does nothing on calming her rebeliousness imagine Korra in the beggining of book one yeah that’s lil Hope trying to connect with the Force. It shouldn’t be a surprise, given that under that “peaceful monk” façade Chirrut is probably the most awfully devil-may-care person in the galaxy
  • Bodhi always makes her groan with terrible dad jokes
  • And he pretends to be heartbroken, like, “you used to laugh at this when you were younger!”
  • And she’s like “Uncle Bo, I was SEVEN the last time I laughed at this stupid pun”
  • And then one day she brings someone special for sunday dinner and the rebel base (that ended up becoming the Rogue headquarters) is basically turned upside down. Jyn and Bodhi tried to cook, ended up lighting the stove on fire, Baze put the fire out destroying half of the kitchen in the process. Kay is still complaining that if anyone actually heard the droid they wouldn’t let Jyn come closer than a kilometer from the stove, but no one ever hears the droid and I don’t know why I still put up with you guys. Cassian is complaining like an old cranky jedi and Chirrut went out to grab some pizza
  • After introductions are made, Bodhi’s face lights up like a candle and Hope braces herself. Here it comes. The worst joke in the existence of mankind.
  • “So, you guys are dating for how long?”
  • “For five months, Uncle Bo. We met when I wen to Jakku in that mission”
  • “Oooh, that sand-and-sun-and-death scavenger planet?”
  • “Yeah”
  • “So, I guess you could say she is…”
  • “No.”
  • “…your…”
  • “Don’t you dare”
  • “…Rey of sunshine”
On the topic of On-Disc DLC and development budgets

The responses I see most often with regard to my [many] [posts] [on] [game] [budgets] are ones like these:

So let me try to explain this as best I can. It doesn’t matter if the DLC is downloaded from the internet or locked away on the disc. The budget that was spent to develop that DLC content came from a different source than the budget used to develop the main game. It doesn’t matter how the data gets from the publisher to you. It was never removed from the original game, because it was never part of the original game’s budget. The base game was paid for with the base game budget. The DLC was paid for with the DLC budget. No matter how you get it onto your gaming machine, DLC is always developed with its own separate budget, and therefore expected to earn its own separate revenue. 

In the case of Street Fighter x Tekken, the development of those disc-locked characters were always budgeted with DLC revenue in mind from the very beginning. There may have been some negotiation over which characters were going to be included with the base game and which were to be DLC, but the overall funding for the development of the characters came from more than one budget. Capcom expected a certain amount of revenue from paid character DLC in addition to the base game, and funded their development teams with that additional revenue in mind. There would never have been a situation where players would have received more than they did for the price of the base game. If they had unlocked all of the characters on disc for free, it is very likely that Street Fighter x Tekken would have lost significant amounts of money, because then their development costs would have been significantly higher than their revenue estimates.

It’s important to note that, when gamers buy a game, they are not entitled to all of the content the developers create from start to finish. They are entitled to all of the content finished within that project’s budget - and that is exactly what they get, whether the year is 2015 or 1995. Other projects (including all forms of DLC) are separately budgeted and have their own separate expected revenue. It would be naive to assume that the player is entitled to all content that was developed all the way up until the release date.

The funny thing is that “disc locked content” has always been around. In the old days, it would just be large chunks of unfinished content included in the game files. You can see examples of this with unfinished content like Hot Coffee from GTA3, or the alternate extended ending content from KOTOR 2. There is often unused textures, animations, models, voiceovers, and other assets hidden in the game files of practically any game released in the past 20 years. These are all unfinished features or content that were eventually cut for some reason or other. The reason that the unfinished data is included in the game files is because actively removing unused/unfinished content is almost always more dangerous than simply leaving it in and locking it off. You never know what other parts of the game might depend on this file’s existence, or what assumptions might be made about that data - removing it might make systems break, might make the game crash, might jeopardize the stability that is an absolutely crucial requirement of all shipped games. Since stability is paramount to shipping a game, developers will almost always err on the side of leaving that benign data in the game assets rather than risk breaking the game in unforeseen ways. 

This orphaned content of the past is the same stuff that comprises a lot of DLC today - content that was cut for development time, content that was cut because it was too resource-intensive to finish, content that was cut for scheduling reasons, and so on. The only real difference is that today we can actually get additional budget to go back and finish that content through the funding that DLC provides so that players get a chance to actually see it and play with it.  Today, we can better leverage the work already done on that unfinished content because it allows us to be more efficient about spending our DLC budget. 

P.S. I had written about DLC for two days in a row and I was hoping to move on… but the responses I got kept pulling me back in. This will probably be my last post on this topic for a while.

P.P.S.  If it makes you feel any better, most publishers these days are actually trying to minimize the amount of disc-locked paid DLC content they ship because they realize how much the players loathe it and because digital distribution has become significantly cheaper over the past few years. 

P.P.P.S. I’m not [Daniel Floyd]. I just noticed that he’s tweeted a couple of my posts and saw a couple of the responses to it. If he’s reading this - Hi there. I enjoy your work.

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As a gay man I am a lot more offended by how obsessional DAI fangirls are with Dorian's sexuality than I am by bi!Dorian mods. I know saying it on anon doesn't carry much weight, but we all know what happens when a gay man dares voice disagreement with Dorian's fangirls, in a loving and peaceful fandom like this one.


I personally don’t like the bi Dorian mod and hate the hetero Dorian mod. I even posted on our forum why I think it is unfair to make mods like this.  But that is my personal opinion.  I didin’t do one, won’t download it and won’t use it. I have a male quizzy “parked” in skyhold which i will romance Cass or Dorian or Josie whenever I’m able to romance someone other than Solas (that egg ruined my life /rollseyes). But my belief that modders should not be harassed is a lot more important to me than my personal gaming choices. 

I had a bad experience in ME3, I was one of the idiots who romanced Thane on ME2 and dared to dream that he would not be dead in the first act like he was on ME3. When I tried to mod ME3 to change this (yes I was part of the Thane Mod team since day 1) I got harassed horribly by 90% of the fandom and even by Bioware’s Evil Chris. To all this people Thane was supposed to die to give some “angst” and tears to their game and who cares if I felt different ? I was an idiot. What part of terminal illness didn’t I get ? Genophage was impossible to reverse and got reversed on act 1 ?  Cool! Thane cured ? Oh you idiot, you want puppies and rainbows! He has to stay dead because I like the gravitas of having a friend dead on my game. You can’t play your game on your house with Thane alive, it will “ruin the game”. Sucks to be you. No you are not allowed to play a game as you want in your house because of.. reasons.. “artistic integrity” .. will remove the representation of chronically ill people (not kidding, we got that thrown on our face too). 

Guess what ? Thane mod got made. I could not help much at the end, my son got sick. But I got the moddrs in touch with the guy who made the mod tools for ME3, Warranty Voider. And he helped. And Thane lives in countless games on private PC games. Fuck the haters

When my son took a turn for the worse, Voider asked me if he could do something to cheer me up. It was November 18 a day or so after Dragon Age Inquisition got launched. I asked him to help me do a tool to mod Dragon age. Two days later he came up with DAI tools. I made the Bioware group for modding, contacted everyone I knew who wanted to help mod it. a week later Ehamloptiran wondered into our forum and used Voider’s work to jumpstart on DAI modding. We had our first mod less than  month after DAI was launched on December. On an engine that was known as impossible to mod.

So know this. DAI modding only exists because of Voider, Eham, Dawn, Zhentar, Dan, Adela, me, Ottemis and other passionate modders who spend thousands of hours and years modding games. Frostbite isn’t an easy thing to mod. Without the tools Voider, Eham and now Dawn and Zhentar do, there would be no DAI modding

They said frostbite, the engine for DAI is impossible to mod.  Frostbite 3 isn’t impossible to mod  but I can tell you this, it is damn near impossible. Without the mod maker and mod manager NO ONE would be able to do it. Dawn spent 2 months studying the tools to be able to maintain it. Dawn is not a modder, she is our new Eham. Pour hate in her way and NO ONE will be able to do any new mods. We need the mod tools. She is one of the few people who understand Bioware and Eham’s fiendishly hard code and formats. Voider is coming up with a tool too but he can only work on it a few hours per week. Stop this hate and let us concentrate on what we do best: bits, bytes, 3D models, textures.. We will get mods you will love. But there will be mods you hate. Is part of the price of living in a free society

Also know this: There have been homophobic people all along, begging Eham to stop working on helping people make new jammies or new eyebrows or bi Cullen, Bi Cass, etc and make their view of what its important first. 

WE had group of very homophobic Russian modders who pestered and harassed us for months to stop doing “gay mods” and do their preferred tools. We had to ban over a dozen ips and many people on our modders forums. You would never have bi Cass or bi Blackwal, or any mod like that, if Eham and Voider had listened to them. Your hate isn’t unique. It’s just the latest..

There have always been people trying to control what gets done. Thank heavens Eham and now Dawn never listened to the really homophobic people who have been begging, cajoling and harassing them to stop working to make all users happy and just do what they want and tell people who want any other kind of mod to GTFO. Guess what ? They got nowhere. Haters never do. No matter what flavor is the hate.

Ok, I need to rant, so sorry about that. Anyway, Syndicate has just been announced and I’m already aboard the hype train :D But what I wanted to talk about was Unity. And I suppose this applies more broadly to the whole series as well. 

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