and we need to seize it

* Seize that meddling canine!

This was originally supposed to be some sort of seasonal bonus art, but we decided it looked more like the cover of some zany manga.

  • Tumblr: We need better female characters!
  • Tina: *covertly tries to do her former job while doing her current demoted job*
  • Tina: *makes sure that the laws, strict as they are, are enforced*
  • Tina: *straight up walks to the people who demoted her, even if they look down on her, to inform them the law has been breached, and gets rejected*
  • Tina: *seizes the opportunity to get back to the job she liked*
  • Tina: *brings Newt and Jacob to their home, and is shown to be a loving sister to Queenie*
  • Tina: *helps out Newt bring back his creatures, even says it out loud* *which freaks out Newt*
  • Tina: *realizes her mistake and shows remorse that she landed Newt and Jacob in this situation*
  • Tina: *freaks out and shows fear when she and Newt are going to be unjustly executed*
  • Tina: *is shown to be the one who helped out Credence Barebone and that's why she hangs around Second Salemer meetings*
  • Tina: .*is determined to right the mistakes she committed against Newt and helps him out in her capacity to do so*
  • Tina: *goes out to fight Graves and is capable of doing so*
  • Tina: *is the one who calms the Obscurus*
  • Tina: *is genuinely pleased to have met Newt Scamander and looks forward to meeting him again*
  • Tumblr: NO NOT YOU
  • leftists: we demand a higher minimum wage so that some of the burden of poverty can be lifted from the shoulders of the working class
  • libertarian capitalist nerd: lol look forward to machines replacing your jobs then
  • leftists: rad bro, we just wanted a higher minimum wage but we ended up with machines replacing menial jobs and fully-automated socialism that can reduce the work week and actively meet human needs
  • libertarian capitalist nerd: hey wh--
  • leftists: *start seizing the means of production*
  • libertarian capitalist nerd: hey wait stop no
  • leftists: *continue seizing the means of production*
  • libertarian capitalist nerd: what have i done
  • Professor: *mentions Joseph Pulitzer and the newspaper companies*
  • My mind: Newsies Newsies Newsies. *starts singing World will know*
  • Professor: moving on to something else...
  • Me: wait, can we talk about Pulitzer more?
  • Professor: no.

If you want to know what Drumph really means when he says he wants to identify and “round up” certain groups “humanely,” just remember that the last time Nazis ruled a country, they told everyone they were just rounding up the Jews to “relocate them” to areas that needed repopulating.

And if you think it can’t happen here, it HAS happened here. Not death camps like the WWII Nazis ran, but concentration camps, nonetheless. And ironically, this was while we were fighting Nazis in Europe. If you don’t want to take my word for it and don’t want to research it yourself, ask someone like George Takei, who can tell you first-hand about how the US government seized the property of Japanese Americans, and stuck them in concentration camps.

“What would you do about jobs if you were president, Daividh?”
Seize the means of production.

“What would you do about systemic injustice if you were president, Daividh?”
Seize the means of production.

“What would you do about global warming if you were president, Daividh?”
Seize the means of production.

“What would you do about world peace if you were president, Daividh?”
Seize the means of production.

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but that answer must be on the table if we’re ever going to start getting serious about politics and democracy. The capitalist class hierarchically controls the means of production, the economic wheels that allow society to reproduce itself on a daily basis, and in turn the political system is subservient to the demands of that capitalist class. It’s that simple.

You want livelihood for everyone? Democratize the economy and the workplaces, and produce for human need rather than capitalist profit.

You want to cut down inequality and power imbalance?
Democratize the economy and the workplaces, and produce for human need rather than capitalist profit.

You want to find sustainable solutions to the approaching environmental catastrophes?
Democratize the economy and the workplaces, and produce for human need rather than capitalist profit.

You want to put a stop to “nation-building” and imperialism?
Democratize the economy and the workplaces, and produce for human need rather than capitalist profit.

Of course it does get more complicated than that, but that’s the basic premise of the anti-capitalist movement – rebuild the way the economy functions so that we can rebuild the way the society functions – and as long as economic democracy is off the table, it should be a clear indication that someone upstairs doesn’t want you to know about something. Socialism goes against the ruling class’s interests, which is why they turn socialism into either a totalitarian McCarthyite boogeyman or a defanged Scandinavian welfare capitalist state.

Either way, the message is clear:
Fear the ideas that could lead to human liberation from unaccountable tyranny.

Is Quigley Quagmire a liar?

Every self-respecting Snicket fan has entertained the theory of a deceiving, villainous Quigley Quagmire at least once. In honor of this cherished tradition, the Snicket Sleuth is now proud to present a variation on this idea.

The character is suspicious and mysterious; however, it’s not that easy an accusation to prove. Quigley has numerous occasions to betray the Baudelaire orphans throughout the story and doesn’t seize them. And, although the stories he tells them about his life after the Quagmire fire are full of holes, his allegations are largely confirmed by other characters (Kit Snicket, Captain Widdershins, etc).

More reasonably, we can therefore assume that Quigley is not a liar per se. He could, however, be guilty of retaining important information from people who need it the most. He may have a variety of motives, but he seems to do it mostly out of shame. Quigley’s past actions may indeed have (unwillingly) caused Jacques Snicket’s death. Let’s start our trial after the cut.

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i cannot believe there is fandom drama surrounding another girl being on stranger things like…….damn y'all they’re supposed to be 13 years old i honestly doubt she’s gonna come in and be like i’m here 2 steal ur man sweaty ;)

Title: Sokovia Accords (fem! Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Reader is Sam Wilson’s best friend from the field and insists that her medical talents will be needed on the other side of the world, in Steve’s trek to find Bucky Barnes.

Word Count 1700

A/N: CACW SPOILERY CONTENT. Not much but DEF SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I changed it up so it’s not a total spoiler overload. I loved writing this. It’s been a while since I’ve written some Steve. Enjoy!

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  • Skye: You were right. She's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Agent Rebecca Stevens, Level 6. Stationed at the Triskelion.
  • Coulson: That's probably where I saw her.
  • Skye: Not recently you didn't; according to this, she died five years ago from cancer. How is that possible?
  • Coulson: We won't know until we perform an autopsy.
  • Skye: Don't you need a body for that?
  • [Answer cut to Agents Mack and Fitz hauling a bodybag onto an autopsy table back at the lab]
  • Skye: How'd you two manage to acquire a body?
  • Fitz: "Corpsey Diem" -- seize the dead.
  • Mack: Huh. Like I told my man here, you want something in life, you gotta grab it and walk out like you own it.

guys Never Be is the most underrated song ever like lets take a minute shall we?

  • its a song about living in the moment and not looking back or having any regrets about it
  • the chorus
  • “We’ll never be as young as we are now” you need to live right now because every second you wait you are losing the chance to do whatever the hell you want, and fuck this line trips me out because damn you will never be as young as you are right this second
  • “Don’t let the colors fade to grey” live in color - try new things LIVE, dont get stuck in this system, have the time of your life while you can - be who you want to be and dont let it slip away
  • be as fucking spontaneous as you wanna be 
  • lukes vocals
  • This song is
  • amazing

im sorry if people had said these things before i was just listening to this song and needed to express my undying love for this under appreciated song

this is just what I take away from this song


Later, when they had made their back to the surface and her anger had cooled, the princess took the girl aside and sat her down. “Elia, this must end,” she told her. “We are not in Dorne now. You are not with your sisters, and this is not a game. I want your word that you will play the maidservant until we are safely back at Sunspear. I want you meek and mild and obedient. You need to hold your tongue. I’ll hear no more talk of Lady Lance or jousting, no mention of your father or your sisters. The men that I must treat with are sellswords. Today they serve this man who calls himself Jon Connington, but come the morrow they could just as easily serve the Lannisters. All it takes to win a sellsword’s heart is gold, and Casterly Rock does not lack for that. If the wrong man should learn who you are, you could be seized and held for ransom–“

“No,” Elia broke in. You’re the one they’ll want to ransom. You’re the heir to Dorne, I’m just a bastard girl. Your father would give a chest of gold for you. My father’s dead.”

“Dead, but not forgotten,” said Arianne, who had spent half her life wishing Prince Oberyn had been her father. “You are a Sand Snake, and Prince Doran would pay any price to keep you and your sisters safe from harm.” That made the child smile at least. “Do I have your sworn word? Or must I send you back?”

“I swear.” Elia did not sound happy.

“On your father’s bones.”

“On my father’s bones.” ― Arianne II, The Winds of Winter.

anonymous asked:

Hey. Yoshi is so cute can you tell me something about her? I read that she had a bad life before she came to you 😓 but thank u for taking her 💖😄

I love talking about my bunnies 😄
Yoshi was seized from an animal hoarder who had many bunnies in one little cage. She was very thin and she have a tooth misalignment. That’s why I need to shred her food. On her first day she was so happy that she ran through our whole house. She couldn’t sit for a moment because she was too curious. That’s why we called her Yoshi. That’s japanese for ‘luck’. Yoshi is three years old and because she never saw anything except the cage, she wanted to discover everything. She climbs stairs and jumps on everything like our chair, our tables or our sofa. We are so happy because she is so lovely 🙈💖

Please forgive me if I made grammar mistakes but english is not my native language 👻

Thank u for asking ☺

Introducing Border Warfare (...and our first sprint)

Border Warfare is a real time, steampunk trench defence game, set in our own extended universe. Playing as an alt history First World War French/English Confederation on the brink of collapse, Defend against German Tribal Cultists Pushing past the Rhine river in search of glory in the name of their demagogue, Wuotan.

Build vast trench complexes and defend the border from large assaults of enemy forces in name of Empress and Empire. An intuitive Technology tree, and progression through the deep extended universe gives an immersive game experience. Manage defences from trenches to bunkers, build emplacements and equip your soldiers with a variety of weaponry from the Ulthari arsenal in your valiant attempt to stop the Wuotanian horde from seizing the Rhine.

This week, Bliss and Rubi worked on the first official sprint of the game development. Working on developing tech tree assets in detail, creating the tools needed to add new content to the game and also allow modders access to the game data files freely post launch. We here at MEOW Studios want to see people able to make the game their own even when we’re working on new titles.

Upgrades for weapons have been implemented. You can now upgrade a basic rifle to an upgraded rifle from the unit details screen. We worked out and added a lot of raw data for new weapons, which we displayed in graphs and, with a dynamic data editing tool for weaponry. We added basic AI functions back into the game from the InDev stage of the game where they had to be removed when we reworked a large quantity of the unit intelligence. We worked in the formulas for weapon damage on top of all of this.

With the week finished, we met back and discussed plans for the next week of development. Deciding to dedicate the week to AI and Campaign functions as well as first draft music, sound design and a short story for post launch release. Thank you for following the development of Border Warfare.

My hopes for critical role now is that we have a few adventures with Terry, sort out hotis and all that and then the time skip finally happens. I mean everyone has really good non VM business right now. Imagine Grog studying at the trialforge and becoming a monk, imagine Percy and Vex getting really close to Cassandra and leading Whitestone together. Keyleth and Vax fulfill each others quests to the Raven Queen and ashari (and maybe Vax seizes control of the clasp idk I feel like they need to deal with the clasp). And of course Pike is like ready to become the leader of a major new faith. So pleeeeeease give us that time skip and also finish keyleths quest and let her meet her mom holy shit I’m ready to meet badass hermit Kiki mom



You’re absolutely right. But can you blame us? As children we were brought up not to show fear or emotion. If we were about to cry we were told to “suck it up.” Our fathers, the man we idolized most, our superman was usually called in to discipline us and/or be the muscle whereas our mothers were the sensitive ones; talking things out, tending to our cuts or scrapes, basically the only hint of sensitivity in the household. As kids, watching our favorite superheroes n shit, the damsels in distress 9/10 were usually females. This was the case even if the hero was a heroine. The few times you saw men needing to be saved they were firemen attempting to salvage a burning building, or policemen attempting to seize the villain himself. Both in danger yet still managed to be in a position of power only needing to be rescued for showing courage & bravery. Superman wasn’t emotional, Clark Kent was. Superman didn’t cry, those tears came from the eyes of Clark Kent. I know for a fact you can’t name me one 10-year-old who would tell you they wanted to be Clark Kent. So at what point are we to find it okay to be vulnerable? At what point are we to decide that the unreal amount of testosterone that we were bred upon is no longer the way to live? So yes, my masculinity is built on a foundation made of papier-mâché, but it isn’t my fault that the society I grew up in made it that way. Forgive me for not being your Clark Kent, because all I know how to be is Superman.