and we make the best explosions

I spend a lot of time missing you
but even more thinking about
what I could have done to make you stay.

Most days, I feel like more poison than girl,
more fury than fire, more sex than touch,
making out on your best friend’s couch
the second he went upstairs,
making out because it was the only thing
we could bear to do with our mouths.

Everyone tells me it isn’t my fault,
that leaving me on the cold hard pavement
was cowardly, and I can’t say I disagree,
but in the end, you didn’t destroy me.
We destroyed each other.

We’d flash our supernova hearts
disguised as teeth,
finding comfort in the explosion
because it didn’t make us bleed.
We did a lot of things I’m not proud of.

But we loved much harder
than I could have ever imagined
loving anybody ever, and I think
“fuck you” is just another way of saying
I wish we could have survived this.

—  This is just a fancy way of saying I miss you and I wish you were here and I wish you had stayed and I shouldn’t be thinking these things anymore but I am anyway

IMAGINE: “…So, we got to the alleyway right, Y/N was gettin’ all scared, so we started making out, so it could get out of Y/N’s head. When I say it was mind blowing, I mean pshhhuuu,” Dinger made an explosion motion, “Mind blowing, had a good looking body too.“ Dinger leaned back onto Bobby with his tongue stuck out playfully. "God, sometimes I wish your Mom would’ve ran over your big head too.” Bobby rolled his eyes at his best friend as they talked about you and Dinger’s relationship. -Jae xx

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the reason why Deku's mom's quirk is so weak is probably because she didn't train it like when Bakugou first got his quirk all he could makes was tiny explosions but then after using it more he could make better ones

well. the thing is, from what we know, she never wanted to be a hero

and only heroes are legally allowed to use their quirks to their full potential, particularly in public locations

sure, people can train their quirks at home and all that, but the ones who actively train to make ‘em stronger are generally people who want to be heroes (or villains. you know. basically people who want to be strong), and the best way to do that is to get into hero programs. (other ways would probably just be….living on the street and doing whatever you need to to survive. not the best way, but it’d force someone to work their quirk to it’s full potential)

so besides using it to get things off of shelves, in Inko’s eyes, there really wouldn’t be much of a point for her to train her quirk to it’s full potential since she’s basically just a housewife taking care of her son while her husband is overseas doing work.

she probably could’ve made it a lot stronger if she trained, but there just wasn’t much of a point

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hello! do you know of any non-au fics where steve and bucky aren't the only LGBT main characters? maybe nat + someone? thanks

Sure thing!

Clubhouse by toffeecape 

Explosions are the best revenge, but you’ll get more mileage out of living well: a day in the life of Bucky Barnes.

compromise by heyfightme

She kisses her, strongly and slowly, in a way that is all lips until Sharon says, “Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable.” Nat murmurs, “We’re not in public,” and licks at the seam of Sharon’s smiling mouth.

Her heart is racing, she can feel the taut muscles of Sharon’s stomach under her hands, Sharon’s hair smells like a tropical drink, and Natasha Romanov is in love.

In which Nat tries to deal with a few different forms of love, and thinks she finally understands Steve Rogers. A Captain America perspective shift.

have you ever thought just maybe by Desdemon 

“JARVIS,” Tony called thoughtfully.

“Yes, sir?”

“Those young people are in love,” he said.

punchbuggy no returns by lazulisong

Sam feels really cheated by history now.


If we want freedom, we must make difficult choices. I chose to leave my family, I chose to learn to fly, and then I chose to use that ability to help others in need. It’s all rooted in something I can’t explain, a need to be up there. Because even when there are explosions all around me, and things are at their worst, I feel like I’m at my best.

But when you watch the battle droids klutzing around in TCW, it’s really kind of sad.

No, I mean sincerely sad. 

Because here are creatures who, at some level, become sentient. My tablet is not sentient. My car is not sentient. Artoo Detoo is. And in the Star Wars universe, even some of those little mouse droids display fear and personality. 

So, here you have these droids that clearly think and judge. We’re watching the Onderon arc. They make the judgment call to let the disguised rebels into the city–which, by the way, is a decision to be merciful and break protocol. They argue with each other about the best way to do things, they have conversations, they debate. (Even little things like, “Looks like some kind of explosive.” “How can you tell?” strike me as significant.) They anticipate their fate and show regret at the thought of their own deaths. 

And yet they’re incredibly dumb. And despite showing personality, they constantly lap back into groupthink (”Roger roger.”) They’re sentients, but sentients with pretty limited abilities. And then they blow up and we laugh. But it’s Don Quixote funny. It’s sad.  

After watching the prequels, I was mostly concerned with the ethics behind building people to fight robots. But here, even the robots are problematic. 

Fight Song

You were sitting across from your best friend, Kian. You were telling him about how you were so tired of not feeling like you were important or you were heard.

“I’m just over it. I’m going to change it now. I might only have one match but I can make an explosion. And all those things I didn’t say wrecking balls inside my brain I will scream them loud tonight. Can you hear my voice this time?” You yell.

“Okay we are in public, so no need to yell.” Kian says with a laugh.

“This is my fight song. Take back my life song. Prove I’m alright song. My power’s turned on starting right now I’ll be strong. I’ll play my fight song and I don’t really care if nobody else believes because I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me” You say.

“You are one of the strongest people I know. I believe in you.”

March 13th, 2017

Night drives with the windows down,
the clean mountain air gushing in
like our lungs fill the entire car,
more breath, more oxygen, 
for my firing synapses,
my racing mind, 
my jagged thoughts

One street at a time,
erasing hopelessness
with dashes of hopeful youth
some spark of rememberance,
nostalgia for sun-soaked summers,
in the middle of winter,
basking in you

Pink-tinged desert
or purple flowers in bloom
we bring the scenery to life 
with our own narratives
living by our own tune
full moons are our specialty
maybe the wild in us comes out to play

the night is full of possibilities
streaking across the sky
the dreams they dream
are about you and I 
on our best days making way
for that secluded spot
and on our worst
breathing in tandem, apart

We are living the dream
co-creators of a theme
which never dies
so long as we reach for the fragile moments
sandwiched between the way we tease
the living daylights out of each other;
so long as we share oxygen
and synaptic explosions
in prolonged moments
of sacred silence

The original Japanese release art for Masaya’s 1992 Super Famicom release, Assault Suits Valken. This was ported to the West as Cybernator and given completely different (and in my opinion, decidedly inferior) art, since the orientation of game boxes in Europe and the States is horizontal and not vertical. And while the art for Cybernator may be a little more accurate to the gameplay, it loses what makes Valken’s art so interesting–the sense of impending action. Here we have a large mech surrounded by numerous maintenance personnel to give it that sense of scale. But the mech itself isn’t doing anything. All the action is in the distance: an explosion on the horizon sending up dirt and debris, a lone machine gunner hoping that he can defend the perimeter while a desperate effort is made to get this mech up and running. Some of the best game covers are those where the artists were not pressured to rely upon flashy action to get the customer’s attention. Like those, this cover gets to tell a story other than “butt-kicking engine of destruction.”

Meanwhile, in Mirkwood...
  • Thranduil: So Bard, I hear today is Brand's coronation day.
  • Bard: Yeah, we should totally check it out later. Disguise ourselves as women or something.
  • Thranduil: *quirks eyebrow* You know, years ago, I'd have never thought you'd agree to any of this.
  • Bard: Are you kidding? Faking my death was the best thing ever! That huge explosion, the screaming, the tears in your eyes...
  • Thranduil: *smiles* I know, I'm such a good actor.
  • Bard: *kisses Thrandy's hand* Thanks for doing that blood sacrifice to make me immortal, babe.
  • Thranduil: You know I'd never let you die, my love.

I had a dream that a bunch of SU spoilers leaked and I was desperately trying to avoid them but people kept not tagging properly so I saw a few:

Rayquaza (the pokemon) joined the cast and we all think they must be a new Gem, but further spoilers suggest they’re something else entirely (people were disappointed in whatever it turned out to be)

Some information comes out that makes a lot of people decide Pearl isn’t an alien. Dream me was avoiding spoilers best I could so I didn’t see what it was, but it caused an explosion of debate on my dash about what qualifies as an alien.

Peridot’s color fades over time in Earth’s sun, so she became a pale, almost white-green, to mixed reactions from my dash.

Jasper x Lapis Lazuli x Rose Quartz is implied to be a canon ship, much to the confusion to dream me. I was about to break down and watch the spoilers because I had to understand why this was a canon ship, but my alarm went off and I woke up.

as much as I say I hate reigen I do like him … y'all that face he made when the explosion happened while mob was fighting claw’s suzuki broke me gotdam heart. and how he’s trying hard to be a good role model to mob, how he understands so well the fact that mob looks up to him and that he has an influence over mob that he can use to help mob and make mob happy.. and the best is how reigen used to smoke cigarettes but after mob came to his office we don’t see him smoking again ……. he’s good

Storm Witch PSA #1

There is no metaphysical replacement for common sense!
We all love that adrenaline rush as a storm brews overhead. We are storm witches, after all. However, make no mistake, storms are DANGEROUS. A lightning bolt can contain one billion (with a “b”) volts of electricity. Your first priority in any hazardous weather encounter should be safety.
My own too-close encounter came as I was photographing a storm front outdoors (no thunder heard yet) when lightning struck the equivalent of a city block away (to my best judgement). Reeling from the too-close-for-comfort explosion I quickly sprinted for cover.
Lesson learned: even common weather can be deadly.

We won best TV Chemistry, congratulations to all Destiel shippers out there for making it happen, you all are amazing!  


Dean flinched, his ears ringing as the unmistakable sound of an explosion echoed through the bunker’s dungeon. An explosion that was one hundred percent Dean’s fault, there was no point in sugarcoating it.

So yeah, maybe he should’ve listened when Cas told him that it was absolutely necessary to not add the eye of a snake before the potion turned a deep shade of purple. And perhaps Dean had been a little too eager to finish aforementioned potion; the sooner they were done, the sooner they could finally get rid of that nasty witch that they’d been chasing for weeks now. Nonetheless, he shouldn’t have ignored Cas’ comment.

Speaking of Cas; the smoke was starting to clear, and Dean was forced to face a very angry angel. He shivered, knowing Castiel well enough to immediately recognize his ‘I will smite you’ look.

They were both covered in black goo, some of it sticking to Cas’ nose and cheeks. Castiel’s hair looked like a bird’s nest, even more so than usual, and Dean assumed that he wasn’t looking much better himself.

“I’m… I’m sorry?” Dean sheepishly offered while Cas continued to glare daggers at him.

“I would hope so.” Castiel replied briskly, his expression more exasperated than angry now. “We wasted two hours, all thanks to your impatience.”

Dean pensively chewed his bottom lip as blue eyes narrowed accusatively at him; he didn’t like it when his boyfriend was pissed at him, and he was desperate to lighten the mood.

“Are we sure that it was my impatience?” Dean asked, feigning innocence as he looked up at Cas from under his lashes, hoping that it would have the desired effect. “I like to think that it was our awesome chemistry that blew up the place, you gotta admit that things are kinda magical whenever we’re together, right baby? I mean, sparks were literally flying when I first met you.”

Castiel sighed, but his face relaxed a little, his eyes turning lighter. “Honestly, Dean? You are going to play that card?”

“Is it working?” Dean shot back cheekily, already sensing that Cas’ foul mood was shifting into something more pleasant.

There was a defeated groan from Castiel as he ran a hand through the mess that was his hair. “You, Dean Winchester, are insufferable.”

Dean said nothing, simply smirked, then reached out to wipe some of the black substance off of Cas’ cheek with his thumb. Cas leaned into Dean’s touch and closed his eyes, no hesitation. That was a great opportunity that Dean wouldn’t want to miss, and as he gently stroked Cas’ cheek, he also brushed a lingering kiss to his angel’s lips.

When he pulled back, blue eyes flew open, and Cas was smiling. Mission accomplished.

Dean grinned back at him. “So… Are you still mad at me?”

Castiel rolled his eyes as he pulled Dean into his arms, then kissed the tip of Dean’s nose. “Yes, Dean. I’m furious.”