and we live around too many hills


@redkammy and I decided that we wanted to do little drabbles for october.  But fluffy stuff :D.  Also I may be craving some Honeymustard shipping XD. 

1. Meeting

This had not been the best idea.  Red sighed, standing in a crowded line that was almost to the coffee shops front door.  He stared at his wrist watch, debating if the coffee was even worth the wait at this point.  Too much longer and he’d miss the start of the meteor shower.

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12.11.15 & 12.17-18.15

I’ve been lucky enough to spend some of my winter break coming up to the Pepperwood Preserve assisting graduate students in macrofungi diversity research. This week I spent an overnight trip with my lab mates and our professor. We spent the night identifying around 20 plus species and ended the night huddle around the fireplace sharing stories. Just fantastic.

Our cabin balcony had this sweet view of the hills and I woke up early enough to spend a good hour with a book and some tea to enjoy the incoming mist surrounding the hills. Not many people have ever been up here but it’s just a gem and is too gorgeous. The day after we visited another couple of sites and got poured on by the heavy rain while collecting. I loved it!!!

I would totally be fine living in an environment like this. I can’t wait to go back this week for another day trip.