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Powerpuff Girls Reboot in a nutshell
  • Blossom: OCD! OCD! OCD!
  • Mayor: Ms. Bellum, could you come in here please?
  • Ms. Bellum: Sorry Mayor but I don't exist anymore because I'm too sexy.
  • Pony Who Wants To Be A Unicorn: I'm a thinly-veiled and poorly written metaphor for trans people!
  • Princess: I'm the only likable character in this reboot, which is NOT a good thing!
  • Animators: Lazy mistake! Lazy mistake!
  • Writers: Terrible dialogue! Terrible plotlines!
  • Showrunners: LOL It's for kids and everyone knows kids are so stupid that they'll take anything we throw at them! We can make it as stupid as possible and the only people who care will be retarded manchildren who still watch cartoons! We'll be as awesome as Teen Titans Go!
  • Viewers: This reboot sucks.
Fic Rec List (Part One)

Alrighty, here’s that rec list I’ve been asked about! It’s all Shizaya/Izuo, and it is a work in progress (it will likely never be finished), so I’m going to be releasing it in blocks. 

This is Part One, and each part will have ten to twenty fics in it. I’m going try and put one of these out each week, and when I’m done, I’ll put them all in one huge list.

So, without further ado, here it is. Pls feel free to send me asks with more rec’s, because it’s very possible that I will forget someone. 

Oh, and this is just a list of authors/fics that are my favourites. So um, take that into account? BUT they aren’t in any order. They are put onto the list/s as I remember them, so it’s pretty random. c:

Misoko by lilolecasserole [@watashinojinrui]

Status: On going

Summary:The use of honorifics- No, the use of names entirely was completely unsolicited. Kyouko and Shirou Orihara were Izaya’s parents, for goodness’ sake, could he not say Mom and Dad? It broke their hearts, seeing their son hold so much hatred for them, especially with how they never intended it to be this way. They never intended to leave him.

“Oh, nikkō…” Kyouko reached out to touch his face, eyes behind her glasses becoming glassy with tears. He merely took a step backwards, correcting her.

“It’s really for my own comfort that you refer to me as Izaya-kun.”

Thoughts: This was actually gifted to me, so I might be biased, but it’s so well written that I can’t not put it on here! It’s hard to find fics that deal with Izaya’s relationship with his parents, and the fact that he’s with Shizuo as well…? SlaY ME.

There are only two chapters so far, but it’s so well written! I really can’t wait for more ; ;

Loud Neighbours by My_tatteredwings_offreedom

Status: Complete (one shot)

Summary: Izaya’s irritated with Shizuo and his boyfriend next door. They’re obnoxiously in love, until suddenly, they aren’t, and the silence that follows leaves Izaya uncomfortable.

Thoughts: This is the sweetest and saddest thing, even though it has (what I consider to be) a happy ending. It’s short (around 2.3k), and even though I want more, I’m really glad there isn’t more. Everything about this is perfect, and everyone should read it.

Distance by Chaosprincess

Status: Complete

Summary: Izaya takes a huge step towards bettering his mental and emotional health. Ikebukuro and its inhabitants don’t take it too well.

Thoughts: I… really didn’t think that I’d like this. I thought it’d be really cheesy and (honestly) awful, but it was so, so good! Oh my God, I loved it. I’m so glad that it was complete, because I think that waiting for updates might have killed me. It’s fluffy, it’s slowburn, and it’s so cute. kjksdgjhskjdgh

Mezhdu Dvukh Ogney (Between Two Fires) by Delphicy

Status: On going

Summary: Simon’s ill-fated decision to play match-maker forces Shizuo and Izaya to become reluctant allies. Their goal? To demonstrate what a horrible idea it is to force them into a relationship. Or: how KFC nearly sparked the apocalypse. Now with 70% more arson!

This is an English fanfic about a Japanese series that is riddled with Russian proverbs and Celtic mythology. It’s like riding It’s A Small World, only instead of animatronics you have violent manchildren and an entire city’s unhealthy fixation with their sexual relationship.

Thoughts: -loud screaming-

Aletheia by SuzuyaChan

Status: Complete

Summary: After Izaya gets Shizuo hit by a train he visits him in hospital only to find out that the blond doesn’t know who he is, the informant tries to abuse Shizuo at his most vulnerable, but for some unknown reason - he just can’t.

“I suppose,” Shizuo continued, his tentative tone bringing Izaya’s focus back to him. “We must have been friends.”

Thoughts: I… really don’t like amnesia things. I sort of see it as played out and lazy? But this, oh my God. This made me change my mind completely? It’s so well done, and it’s just… shit. Even if you hate memory loss fics, read this. It will change your mind.

It Just Happened by ZephyrusZ [@zephyrsus]

Status: On hold/Incomplete

Summary: “I don’t know. It just happened.”

Those words were the honest truth.

Izaya pretends to be afraid of Shizuo, unprepared for the consequences. Shizaya

Thoughts: This is so well done?! It’s absolutely everything you could want in a Shizaya fic. Zephyrus uses a whole range of characters, and it’s so?!?!?! ?!?!?! I can’t even describe it. It’s a must read for people who like realism, because it’s just amazing.

What I Need by kowai_no_ouji

Status: On going

Summary: When a girl confesses her feelings for Shizuo, he’s forced to come to terms with what he wants, and what he needs. What is he supposed to do when what he wants and what he needs both happen to be Izaya Orihara? Highschool AU. NC-17.

Thoughts: The only thing wrong with this fic is that there isn’t more of it. I might actually pass out if I see it updated. It’s so good, and pretty cute as well.

A Cigarette’s Lifespan by guuzenkamo

Status: On going

Summary: Izaya’s plans go a little awry when he attempts to frame Shizuo for murder.

Thoughts: This is probably the best thing I’ve read in a long time. There is nothing about this fic that is bad. It’s ic, it’s sweet, it’s sad, and it makes you hold your breath. This is seriously just… holy shit.

Blades and Cigarettes by SuggestiveScribe

Status: Complete (one shot)

Summary: “Well come along then,” Izaya said, prancing up the stairs. “I don’t have all day.”

Shizuo followed him, and he still didn’t understand why.

Thoughts: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) goOD SHIT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) GO( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)OD SHI( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)T

A Cheap Imitation by Spoontasti

Status: On going (recently uPDATED, DID ANYONE ELSE READ THAT?!)

Summary: “Attached to your neck is a collar that will inject a poison into your jugular vein two days from now. Forcibly removing the device will also trigger the poison. Somewhere on this island is the antidote.”

His hands reached up to his neck and he felt the cool metal of the collar. 

“Live or die. Make your choice.”

The video cut off.

Thoughts: Before you ignore this, know that this is aMAZING. This is possibly the only fic that I will drop everything for when it updates. I will literally stop what I am doing, go somewhere quiet, and read it as slowly as possible (because no matter how long the chapters are, they are never long enough to quench my thirst). This fic will hook you in and make you want more updates (which are actually quite frequent). 11/10 pls read.

To Hell and Back by thejillyfish

Status: On going

Summary: It starts with post cards. Izaya has disappeared and gone up on some obscure form of vacation. However, when Shizuo tracks him down to enact a spontaneous whim of revenge, they each have a change in plans. They ultimately end up traveling together.

What they encounter on their journey are people and places that teach them that Ikebukuro isn’t the only Hell on Earth. Their experience becomes one about Humanity, whether it be lost or found.

Thoughts: This doesn’t read like a fanfic, it reads like a novel. It should be a novel. It’s funny, sweet, dangerous, and exciting. It’s just ??????? It sucks you in, and you’ll end up reading all of it in one sitting. 

Language Barriers by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: On going/on hold

Summary: In which Shizuo discovers that the Russian language is more attractive than it seems.

Thoughts: If you don’t enjoy in character portrayals, Izaya speaking Russian, or riDICULOUSLY CUTE stories, then don’t read this because you will hate it. Everything about this fic is super cute, and it’s so well done? Honestly, it will give you the dokis.

The Talk by nakadoo [@nakadoo]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: From the kinkmeme:I’m not sure if i’m the only one but I get a paternal vibe from Kine, and, to a lesser extent, Shiki with Izaya. I’d love to read a story where word gets out that Izaya and shizuo (or Naimie or Kadota, whoever you want) are shacking up and, naturally, cue a stern talking to from his murder dad(s).

Thoughts: This! Is! The! Best! Paternal Shiki and Kine, Shizuo and Izaya at Raijin, Namie as Izaya’s childhood friend-! hNNN

Edge by  LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: Shinra sighs. It’s not a good thing when he does and also runs a hand (his fingers are trembling) through his hair. He looks worn out like someone kicked his puppy and set it on fire. Maybe not quite that. But the similarities are striking.

Thoughts: I really can’t… explain this? I wouldn’t do it any justice. 

It’s complicated, beautiful, and tragic. It hurts you but heals you. Everything means something, but it all means nothing. This is one of the fics that I will rec forever, because it is so masterfully written. Honestly, everyone should read it, because it’s incredibly just… holy shit there are no words to describe it.

Hito Rabu! by PendulumDeath [@pendulumdeath]

Status: On going/on hold

Summary: Lingering hands are a dangerous thing…

Thoughts: PD is the master at smut? I mean? This? Fic? Is? JND,MFV. This fic might actually ruin you for other fics, because it is perfect? The smut is perfect?!

Informant Samba by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: Series

Summary: Izaya likes to play games, watching the results with morbid fascination like a child with a magnifying glass held up to an anthill.Tsukumoya Shinichi and Heiwajima Shizuo have never met or even spoken, but they do have one thing in common - an overwhelming desire to beat Izaya at his own game.

Thoughts: Aerial rimjobs.

This is War by MiyukiWynter

Status: Complete

Summary: He knew he wasn’t insane. He couldn’t be. He knew the voice by name, even though the name had never been spoken to him. He simply knew the name without ever asking. And after doing some research, he was able to match the name he knew to a known supernatural entity. Saika. Eventual Shizaya.

Thoughts: I really didn’t know if I’d like this, but I loved it? Like, I don’t think that even cuts it. I actually downloaded it before it was finished so that I could read it on a train, and holy shit, it was good! I was on a six hour train ride and I actually forgot that I was on a train. The imagery in the fic is fantastic, and it’s canon divergence as well? Which I love? I’m? It’s such a good just?!?! How did you even think of this, it’s brilliant?

Love me by madicham [@littlepsychedelicdream

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: A robot having feelings? Izaya did not even consider that. Whether or not he was wrong would not have changed the outcome.

Warning: Major character death.

Thoughts: This will haunt me forever. It’s so, so wonderfully written, and is? I can’t even describe it. It is Psyche/Izaya, and heavily implied Shizaya, and????? Prepare your heart, because it will hurt you in the best sort of way ; ;

Come in Shinjuku by lemoninagin [@lemoninasin]

Status: One shot/complete

Summary: When Shizuo fights, he always fights dirty.

Thoughts: ?????????? ???? ?? you’re a writing genius but holy damn.

Kiss Me by LegendofMajora [@majorarabu]

Status: On going

Summary: For every type of kiss to every stage of a new relationship, Shizuo and Izaya may as well try them out.

Thoughts: THIS IS CUTE. No matter how terrible your day is, this will make you feel so amazing. It’s adorable, well characterised, and just?!?!?! slkkjghsgh

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anonymous asked:

the reason i'm uncomfortable with bronies isn't because they enjoy a show for little girls. i love a bunch of little kids movies and such and that's fine. but if they sexualise it or demand that something changes for THEIR benefit,then i do not approve. bronies can enjoy mlp. they can be open about it. but the show should not be changed just for it to be more marketable to them. they shouldn't sexualise it. it wasn't made for them, and they should accept that. i accept it for the things i enjoy.

MLP was made for little girls and their families, including grown men. 

As with anything that grows a huge following there are bound to be epople who sexualize it. (Homestuck, Young Justice, Danny Phantom, etc) The thing that people fail to realize, because they don’t want to realize, is that this is a very small offshoot of the brony community as a whole. They’re very vocal on the internet because that’s what they do. And when you go out looking for it, or looking for proof that all bronies are sexually repressed manchildren like Junkie121 up there, then you’re going to find it. 

Are there “cloppers”? Yes. No one is denying that.

Are they are rampant or vocal as the internet has made them out to be? Not in the least bit. I’m a girl, I consider myself a brony, and I’ve attended a number of cons. I have yet to run into anyone being inappropriate.

What do you find at Pony Cons, then?

  • Kids - In spite of popular tumblr opinion, we know who the target audience is. We respect the target audience and try to make their con experience the best that it can be for them. (see this adorable closing ceremonies skit that was done last minute for three special ‘foals’ who got invitations from the princess in their goodie bags at registration)
  • Adults - Men and Women enjoying MLP, trading their goodies, collecting badges, discussing fandom and cannon. Good hearted people who want a safe place to share their love of this show.
  • Artists - Our dealer halls are packed with artwork and hand made goods that showcase the best that the MLP fan community has to offer. Everything from art, both digital and traditional, to chainmail, badges, horns and tails, figures, necklaces, etc etc etc. The pony community has a glut of amazing artists and to lump them in with cloppers is beyond rude and demeaning. 
  • Staff - The staff of any convention will work their butts off and are usually running here and there to try and get things done so the congoer has as smooth an experience as possible. At pony cons, at least the ones that I have seen and staffed, staff takes time to answer questions, or find someone who can answer the question, even if they are already int he middle of something. We fight hard all weekend to make sure that we smile, to be warm and friendly to everyone and we take extra care with the little ones. 

I have seen Bronies be so excited to get something, then turn around and give it to a small child because it was the last of their very favorite pony. I have personally been rescued by bronies when the hotel I cancelled charged me anyway, leaving me stranded with no money in Seattle. In the midst of a panic attack they showed up with enough money to get me home and even to get a souvenir from the trip. (I got badges of Big Mac and Crackle). I have seen bronies help clear pathways for littles in crowded hallways though asklinemonkey will attest that at least where lines are involved the hallways stay pretty clear! 

The very first Everfree NW was met with one of the worst hiccups of the day that you could imagine. Registration went down. It went down hard. People waited in rooms to be able to register for hours! Normally you’d find a lot of angry people, upset kids, and general ungoodness. Not at Everfree. The bronies began to sing mlp songs to pass the time. Kids joined in, a supporter even loaded up his laptop to play mlp music videos on the overhead screen. There wasn’t any anger, there was an impromptu singalong thanks to the community, largely started by the guys to break the ice with others there. It was amazing, it was humbling and the staff could not have been more grateful for this community. 

And that’s just little things. That’s not the ton of charity work, or fund raisers they have done to raise money for sick kids. If you’d like more information on that, and to watch a documentary about Bronies then please click this link to my other very very long post about it.

We can no more control the deviants in our fandom than you can in yours. In life there will always be people who take things too far, who do unsavory things with the things you love and who feel the need to flaunt it on the internet. Any fandom has that. The porn out there of Family Guy, Winnie the Pooh or well….anything is proof of that. Frankly, as a community we don’t care what you do behind closed doors. That’s your own weirdness to deal with. We care what you do in public, and we are quick to shut down anyone behaving inappropriately around us.

I still stand by my comment though. You can’t scream and rail against the porn and how we have to “think of the little girls" and then turn around and tout Pinkemena fanfic (which is highly gory, usually involving killing of the other mane 6 is horrific ways and mutilating the bodies) or massively bloody art as awesome and great. They’re both messed up and if I catch you in the hypocrisy I will call you on it. Hard.