and we jammed out to taylor all the time

The first time I ever saw Tay live (1989 WT Dublin) my mam came with me. She sent me a message while I was out with my friend, exactly a week before the concert saying “I’m going to see Tay Tay”

We had the best night ever (obviously). Since then we jam out to Tay together all the time and if I’m ever having a bad day she will always qoute one of Tay’s songs or mention how she’s dealt with so many things, it always makes me feel better.

Yesterday I was talking about the Reputation WT with her and she just stopped me mid sentence and said “I’m going with you right? I can’t miss Taylor!” I told her of course she’s coming with me…once she wears a costume.

So @taylorswift my mam now loves you almost as much as I do and if you see a mother and daughter going absolutely wild in matching costumes at one of your shows, that’s me with my fabulous mam Jessie.

We love you so much Taylor!!

Chloe xox

Needle And A Thread

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: you’re a celebrity and friends with shawn. After a series of unfortunate events, you find yourself locked on Shawn’s balcony alone. With him, a guitar, a fire, and your feelings

Today was the day that Shawn was throwing his incredibly popular celebrity parties. Shawn would invite almost every single celebrity to his extremely exquisite, luxury penthouse in L.A. We would laugh, sing, dance, and hang out like normal friends would.

I walked through the door and I immediately felt the bass of the incredibly loud music thumping in my ears. Tons of recognizable people dance around me. I was then greeted by one of my best friends, Hailee Steinfield.

“Y/N! It’s been so long, I missed you!” Hailee beamed, engulfing me in a hug

“Haiz! You look great!” I giggled. “So who’s here?” I asked

“Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber, Bella Thorne, Gregg Sulkin, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, DNCE, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne-“

“Okay Hailee. I get it. There are lots of people here” I chuckled

“Well you were the one who asked!“ Hailee laughed

“Whatever. Anyway, what’s new with you?” I asked

“Nothing really, we just started filming ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ a few weeks ago, so that’s fun”

“Aww, that’s so cool. I just started recording my 3rd album”

"That’s awesome! But I wanna talk about something else” Hailee smirked while wiggling her eyebrows

“Okay… What do you wanna talk about?” I questioned

“Let’s talk about Shawn” Hailee beamed

I immideately blushed, “Haiz, you already know that I have the biggest crush on him. What else do you need to know” I nervously giggled  

“I just wanted to make sure that you still like him because you guys are definitely my OTP”

“Do you wanna go dance” I suggested trying to change the subject as ‘Same Old Love’ by Selena Gomez started playing

“Sure” Hailee agreed while dragging me to the dance floor

Hailee and I danced like no one was watching, even though everyone was. I guess you could say that we were on everybody’s Snapchat stories that night. As we were dancing, I noticed that a certain black haired girl came to dance with us. I noticed who it was and immediately squealed.

“Selena! I’ve missed you so much! How have you been?” I asked going in for a hug

Selena giggled, “I’ve been great girl! How are you and Shawn?”

My smile immediately dropped. Why did she ask about Shawn and I? “Um… Shawn and I aren’t a thing?” I replied

“Oh,” Selena looked confused, “It’s just that Hailee told me-“ Selena was cut off

“-Nothing! I told her nothing” Hailee yelled from behind me

“Well you obviously told her something” I answered

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Selena’s just…..drunk!” Hailee hesitated

“What- I am not drunk!” Selena retaliated

“Oh! I think I just heard Taylor calling your name! Bye Sel!” Hailee waved whilst pushing Selena towards the direction of Taylor. That was odd. After that weird encounter the night seemed to calm down a bit. Everyone was just sitting in the kitchen and living room talking and laughing. It was fun, we all felt like we were kids again. None of us saw each other as, just regular people.

“Hey! Do you guys think it’s time for the fire pit jam sessions!!!” We heard Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony yell. Tons of people started yelling, expressing their agreement. Fire pit jam sessions is what Shawn would do at all of his parties. We would all go out to the balcony and sit around and sing songs together. Shawn’s balcony was beautiful. It was surrounded by couches that were attached to the edges and in the middle was a beautiful fire pit that could be used for any occasion. The view from the balcony was breathtaking. The city lights resembled stars in the midnight sky and it felt like you were looking at space through a telescope. 

I noticed Shawn taking his guitar outside as everyone else went to go throw out their drinks. My friends and I don’t drink so we were heading straight for the balcony. Right when I opened up the door to the  balcony I felt a hand push me into the balcony and lock the door behind me. I fell to the ground and was extremely confused. I turned to look at the glass door and noticed Hailee, Selena, Dinah, Normani, Lauren, Ally, and Zendaya all smiling and waving at me. I started banging on the door telling them to open up. I was immediately stopped when I heard a voice from behind me.

“Are you okay?” A voice chuckled. It was Shawn. Oh my god it was Shawn. I didn’t turn around because I knew that I would be even more embarrassed than I already was.

“Yeah I’m fine” I spoke in a shaky breath. I glared at my friends through the glass as they were all watching the ordeal in curiosity.

“You can come sit down if you want, I don’t bite” Shawn laughed. Gosh. Shawn’s laugh was the most beautiful thing ever. I slowly turned around and began walking towards Shawn. He was getting his acoustic guitar ready for the jam session.

“Why are you walking so slow? You act like I’m gonna try to murder you” Shawn joked. I noticed my slow pace and then began to walk at a normal pace. I sat down on the couch on the right side of Shawn. He looked around and then looked back at me.

“Where is everyone?” He asked

“Probably putting their drinks away?” I answered. I had no idea what was going on and I had no idea why my friends had done this. Shawn nodded his head. After a while of him tuning his guitar, he started to play a really nice tune.

“Wow. That sounds beautiful Shawn” I commented, absolutely breathless.

“Really? It’s something from my new album” He blushed

“I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but I haven’t found anyone to teach me yet” I smiled

“I can teach you” Shawn replied nonchalantly

“Really?” I asked in shock

“Of course, you’re one of my best friends” Shawn smiled

“Do you think you can teach me something right now?” I inquired

“What do you wanna learn?” He asked whilst raising his eyebrow

“I wanna learn the bridge to Stitches” I answered

“Alright” Shawn agreed.

I moved to sit next to Shawn and he placed the guitar on my lap as he started to teach me.

“Here?” I asked placing my fingers on a whole different spot on the frets. Shawn and I have been playing this game for a while now. He would tell me where the notes were and I would place my fingers in a totally different spot. It was quite entertaining

“No Y/N, you know where you’re supposed to place your hands. How do I even put up with you anymore?” Shawn giggled. Oh my goodness. I’ve never heard Shawn giggle before and it was beyond the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

“Okay. Enough of that. I think you’ve got it down let’s try to put it together and sing along.” Shawn suggested

I started to move my hands across the frets, playing the melody. Shawn and I then started to sing together

“Needle and a thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Needle and a thread

Gonna wind up dead

Needle and a thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Needle and a thread

Gonna wind up dead

Needle and the thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Needle and a thread

Gonna wind up dead

Needle and the thread

Gotta get you out of my head

Get you out of my head”

“Wow Y/N! That was great, you’re a really fast learner” Shawn was clearly impressed with me. I started blushing

“Only because you’re an even better guitar teacher” I giggled. Shawn pulled me into a hug. Shawn smelt so nice, and he was so cute. I’m surprised that I haven’t started crying just thinking about his beauty. Oh my god, why am I so weird? Shawn and I pulled away but before he could let go of me I noticed something on his face.

“Oh my god Shawn, you have glitter on your cheek” I laughed.

“Can you please get it off of my face?” Shawn laughed back.

I straddled his lap and picked the glitter off of his face and then turned to look him in the eyes. I suddenly realized how close we were. His arms were still around my waist and our faces were only centimetres apart. Before I knew it, our lips were touching and my arms were around his neck. Shawn’s lips were as soft as cotton candy and they tasted like strawberries dipped in chocolate. I was absolutely melting in his arms. Shawn and I pulled away and stared at each other in silence.

“I’m so sorry” Shawn spoke, breaking the silence.

“Sorry for what?” My mind was racing. Did he not like me? Did I just ruin our friendship?

“I’m sorry for not telling you that I liked you” Shawn smiled

“Oh my gosh. That’s great I thought you were going to reject me. I like you too Shawn” I sighed in relief.

“But I really do like you. You’re incredibly smart, lyrically gifted, and you have a magnificent personality. You truly are a magnificent human being, inside and out, flaws and all.” Shawn admitted. I was in a complete daze. Everything that Shawn had just said was absolutely marvellous.

“Wow, that was so beautiful and poetic” I giggled. I was blushing so hard right now.

“Shawn, you are the most handsome man that I have ever laid my eyes on. You are an incredibly sweet gentleman and your smile lights up my whole world. Your giggle is pretty cute too” I beamed

“That was so sweet Y/N. I’m guessing we’re dating now?” Shawn raised his eyebrow

“If you want to” I answered

“Well, I was actually just about to ask you out on a date to that Italian restaurant that you always wanted to go to, and yes we are a thing now” Shawn replied

“Great. I’m glad to call you my boyfriend and I would love to go on that date with you” I smiled

“Good. I’m also glad to call you my girlfriend.

“Finally!” A voice yelled. I heard the balcony door unlock and everyone started to pour into the balcony.

“You’ve been pining after her for way too long dude” Nick Jonas commented. I got off of Shawn’s lap and sat down right beside him.

“That was the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my entire life” Lauren Jauregui commented

“And that was all thanks to Hailee” Zendaya added

“What do you mean?” I asked in curiosity

“Well I may or may not have been planning to lock you two on the balcony until you finally confessed your love for each other” Hailee giggled

“Thank you for that Haiz” I smiled

“Anything for my best friend” Hailee laughed sitting down next to me. Everyone started settling down and the jam session soon started.

Maybe I should go to parties more often.

A/N: Wow that was incredibly cheesy :/


Remember when Ed custom ordered a plate with all the red tour dates on it for Taylor for Christmas

Remember when Taylor made Ed a cross stitch of the two of them starting from the bottom now we here

Remember that video of them sitting on the kitchen floor singing Lego House man it was such a short clip but it was SO beautiful and we all wanted more damn

Remember when Taylor was making homemade jam for everyone and labeled Eds “im real happy for you and imma let you finish but this jam is the best jam of all time”

Remember “My favorite British thing is Ed Sheeran”

Remember how they wrote Everything Has Changed on a trampoline!!!!

Remember when Taylor came out to Eds MSG show wearing an “I ❤️ Ed” shirt

Remember when multiply came out and Taylor posted that epic picture of Ed with her cat

Remember how Taylor has a blown up Polaroid of Ed giving the middle finger on DISPLAY in her HOME

Remember all the times Ed defended Taylor in 2013 during the Taylor!hate shitstorm oh mannnn

Remember literally every performance of EHC on red tour but especially the ones where Ed would wear a hat or mess with a lyric to make her laugh there are REAL TEARS in my eyes

Remember how they got so drunk at a party that they were bear hugging and then the cops got called and they had to hide

Remember “Wherever you are, I love you Ed sheeran!” At the Brits

Remember when Ed and Taylor went paddle boarding with their families

Remember the Everything Has Changed music video?!!

Remember them staring into each other eyes and talking constantly at the 2014 Grammys!!!

Remember when they dueted !!!!!TENERIFE SEA!!!!

Remember Ed coming out dressed as one of the dancers to surprise Taylor on the last night of the red tour

Remember when they sang Lego House and I See Fire together and Ed flew out to Germany just to be a special guest for Taylor on the red tour wow

Remember when they played that friendship game and they had to write down the moment they knew they were friends and they both literally put writing a song aka the first time they hung out and Taylor was so surprised and happy Ed had known then too wow

Remember Taylor freaking OUT when Ed won his first two grammys!


…because it’s Ed birthday I thought it would be nice to give back to the community by reminding everyone of a few of the highlights of the epic friendship that is Sweeran. What moments. What a time to be alive witnessing it all.

anonymous asked:

Favorite Kaylor moment?

(lol this came out longer than i expected)

favourite documented kaylor moment: I go back and forth, I mean how can you not like ALL OF THEM?? they’re adorable. I guess rn it’s a toss up between them hugging on stage after each run through of vsfs last year just because they got to do this special thing together and it was karlie’s last time …

and when sam was performing at the amas and taylor was jamming out then hugged her randomly and it was so adorable even people mag mentioned it

favourite undocumented kaylor moment that we know about: the birthday cake thing. karlie’s too sweet.

taylorswift Hey taylor so I just wanted to introduce my sister to you! Her names Katlyn but we usually just call her Kate! I just wanted you to know that shes always taken me to your concerts and always has shared my love for you! She may not be as much as a fan as me but she still loves to have jam sessions with me and talks about you all the time! When she found out i was meeting you she was so jealous even though she was happy for me! I just wanted to do this special thing for her to let her know you know she exists! She always gets super happy too for me when you like my posts and if one of those posts happen to be of her i know she would just freak out! She’s obviously the one with the sun glasses on but i just hope you know how much our love for you is and how much she means to me! Love you tay and thank you for everything! Love Hayley


Taylor!! This time tomorrow Jordan ( @she-found-herself-taylor ) and I will be in the Georgia Dome(in the 130s section). We’re so excited and spent this afternoon jamming to all eras of T-Swizzle and making our sign. I LOVE the sign!! It was Jordan’s idea, and it turned out amazing. We went to the Charlotte concert together back in June, and we’re so ecstatic to see you again tomorrow. Like every five seconds we remember what’s happening, and we’re like “HOLY SHIT”. Maybe you could tell Mama Swift about us and we could finally get to thank you for all you’ve done for us in person. Can’t wait to see you, love! @taylorswift



Our squad made up of myself (lexi) suzanne, tiffany, anna, danielle, and jake. We’re hard at work for Wednesday the 26th…aka the last of FIVE sold out shows at the staples center!! We’ll be in section 320, row 11, seats 13-18!! Thanks to you, I’ve grown a strong, lovely bond with these amazing people who I love so so much. Some of us will be seeing you for a fifth time, second, third, and a few even for the first time. However many times we’ve seen you live, being a fan for however many years, doesn’t change the fact that we all love you. We all feel so blessed to be able to look up to someone like you. From our taylor jam sessions in the car, to dealing with some of life’s toughest moments and being able to relate your lyrics back to our lives. We thank you for opportunities like this where we can all come together and jam to your songs while making posters, outfits, and getting ready for your shows. I can’t even describe how incredibly excited I am to see you!! It’s all I’ve been able to think and talk about to the point where my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now but WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY!!

You Disgust Me; A mix of songs for the person who screwed you over and how to go from sad to mad in two seconds flat ♡

{listen here}


1. You’re Not Sorry // Taylor Swift  ♡ 2. Landfill // Daughter  ♡ 3. Mr. Moon // Eisley  ♡ 4. Remembering Sunday // All Time Low  ♡ 5. Miss Missing You // Fall Out Boy  ♡ 6. I’m Your Puppet // Gregory and The Hawk  ♡ 7. Lies // Marina and The Diamonds  ♡ 8. Caraphernelia // Pierce The Veil  ♡ 9. Thanks To You // All Time Low  ♡ 10. Sorry… // Allstar Weekend ♡ 11. Since U Been Gone // A Day To Remember  ♡ 12. The Best Thing That Never Happened // We Are The In Crowd  ♡ 13. Sugar We’re Going Down // Fall Out Boy  ♡ 14. Dear John // Taylor Swift  ♡

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Hi friends!
So, to make a long story short: I’ve been working on a video with my sisters for the past few months/year. We spend a lot of time in the car driving to various destinations and most of the time, we like to have jam sessions during these trips. Taylor is our go-to music choice of course. With that being said, we decided to make a compilation video of us rocking out to New Romantics. It’s one of our collective favorite songs and something we, as sisters, enjoy singing/awkward dancing along to. It’s become sort of a tradition. ‘We’re all driving somewhere? Time to film the New Romantics video!’ That kind of thing. It’s wonderful. I love my sisters.

So…We’ll all be attending the October 27th concert in Miami and can’t wait to sing along to New Romantics when we finally get to see it live!!! DANCE PARTY TIME!!!
You might be able to tell I’m a Taylor Swift fan. I don’t hide it. In fact, I choose to embrace it and all its magical craziness.
We have been dedicated members of this fandom for what feels like a short amount of time but is actually, apparently, a while. First heard Taylor when I was 10, Hannah was 9 and Jordan was…. 4/had no idea what was going on but always got excited when Taylor came on the radio nonetheless! We’ve been to every tour- which is a feat within itself and something we all cherish to a great degree! I MEAN SEEING SHOULD’VE SAID NO LIVE WITH THE RAIN AND HEARING TELL ME WHY STANDING ON MY CHAIR TO SEE OVER THE CROWD BECAUSE I’M STILL SO SHORT NOW BUT SHORTER BACK THEN! Holding Hannah’s hand at the Speak Now tour, crying when Taylor appeared out of thin air to the opening chords of Sparks Fly…feeling the full-body rush of the live music and over-boiling excitement all around. It’s been such a wonderful, spontaneous, beautiful journey. Loving Taylor, having her in our lives. It’s brought us closer. It’s helped shape us and make us the kind of people we are in a way. (If that’s not too intense…?) People poke fun, ask why we’re such fiercely dedicated fans/willing to defend her…and the answer is because we love her and she’s an important part of our lives individually and as sisters. Because, as I’ve learned over the past eight years, being a Taylor Swift fan requires a next level version of dedication- so this is a months and months long effort finally completed in a quasi-music video! I’m so excited Hannah finished editing the video! It’s one of my all-time favorite things. taylorswift, we’d be so honored if you saw this video/happened to watch it. This is us on a daily basis. We love you. So freaking much. Like, do you even know? Maybe you do. See you next month. WE CAN’T WAIT. Like, countdown has been in process for a while now. Please enjoy this wonderful creation courtesy of my beautiful sister Hannah. SEE YOU OCTOBER 27th TAYLOR!! 💗

Also, go to dance move? HAIR FLIPS!! Also, sorry for my dry heels in the video. THE SONG REQUIRED FEET MOVES, YO! Also, missing Jordan in a few shots. She was at home during those few times!
Meeting Taylor at her house and sobbing on her floor

Hi okay so I’m really bad at this shit, but I’m gonna try and do this to the best of my ability!

So my friends Kasey, Hannah and I all got chosen for this secret opportunity with Taylor. It was on a saturday evening and we met in this church parking lot so we could get bussed off to the secret location. IT WAS ICONIC. We all got in the buses and started freaking out once we took off I noticed we were going to a neighborhood hence Taylor’s FUCKING LA HOME!!! We got there and we all went to her backyard and ate dinner and got to know each other a little better, and then we went inside. I sat down on the floor and looked around, her house is beautiful! she has pictures everywhere and awards bc queen? Anyway, we waited and then Taylor popped out and we were all screaming and I SCREAMED I LOVE YOU BECKY and taylor laughed so hard and then I said you look beautiful in a crop top and noticed she was looking at me and I was like oh my god.. you’re looking at me.. and she laughed at me again #goals so then she proceeded to tell us that she was gonna play every song off 1989 for us and that we would have an intermission break half way through so we could eat cookies or use the bathroom. Taylor then started to play the songs and instant tears… and one of the songs she was explaining it and it was so SHADY so I was like “ oh no you didnt” and she was like “…yes I did” LMFAO

so after that it turned into intermission where taylor went to her kitchen to get us cookies.. She came out and gave them to us and THEY WERE FUCKING AMAZING… and then she walked over to me with a plate full of cookies and went “ OH MY GOD I KNOW YOU FROM TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM.. YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING DO YOU” and I was like “ NOPE NOT AT ALL” and she high fived me and told me that my “ I don’t care attitude” rubbed off on her and she doesn’t even care anymore either. AFTER THIS TAYLOR BROUGHT OLIVIA OUT AND I MADE HER LAUGH BC I SAID THAT OLIVIA IS SMALL AND DELICATE LIKE MY SELF ESTEEM AND TAYLOR WAS LIKE DUDE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, and Then we went and finished listening to the rest of the songs… one of the songs was making me sob my eyes out I never felt so sad and related to a song of hers before that moment.. not kidding at all. Pretty much any time taylor was talking I was whispering “goals” and I guess Taylor caught on to that because when we were done listening to the songs we had a shake it off dance party and Taylor went in my face and screamed GOALS and we were dancing together and I almost threw up everywhere I love life, anyway after the shake it off part we jammed to “backstreet freestyle” and it was fucking iconic we were all praising Taylor I felt like I was gonna throw up and die. So then Taylor told all of us we were gonna take some pictures, so I waited patiently.

My friend Hannah before got a “ kissing on the cheek” picture and I kept shouting GOALS and taylor goes “ OH MY GOD I CANT TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY I CANT STOP LAUGHING WHEN YOU SAY GOALS” I was trash and gay! Once it was my turn I shimmied on other to the t-swift(literally we danced) and she gave me a big hug and told me how hilarious I am and then I started telling her how much her music and her songs mean to me and how her music has really kept me faithful and hopeful about love and all kinds of possibilities in life, and then I told her about my boyfriend because we are in an LDR and I asked if taylor could give me some advice on that. Taylor told me that it isn’t fair for people to think long distance wont work out because you can be in the same place with someone and you’ll still have problems, but as long as you’re happy its worth staying together. She also told me that because of her career every single relationship she will ever have will ALWAYS be an LDR, I told her how my boyfriend bought us tickets to see her in Vegas for iheart and she told me how awesome that was and that she was glad I came to the show! we kept hugging and telling each other how much we loved each other and then she was like okay.. I really want a funny picture with you since you’re so funny on twitter and instagram.. she was literally begging me to do a funny pic so she grabbed my hair and looped it around her IT WAS SO FUCKING CRAZY CUZ I ACTUALLY WANTED TO DO THAT BEFORE BUT I WAS AFRAID OF ASKING HER LMFAO..and then I was like Okay taylor if we do a funny one we got to do a hugging one also! so we did(not sure how that turned out im a little afraid tbh) and she was like I wanna use #goals so you remember this and you remember how much I loved that you kept saying goals! I was like okay you better do that taylor, and she was like I promise! and then I left and gave her another huge hug and told her how much I loved her and she said “ I love you” and then told me she couldnt wait to see me again soon!

Then we all left and got a tote bag of merch(a couple shirts, calendar, and a keychain) and THEN ON THE CAR RIDE HOME TAYLOR FUCKING REBLOGGED MY PICTURE WITH HER AND ADDED THE CAPTION 

“Having long hair again was a thrill.” #GOALS