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What we can do, we must do: we must use what we are given, and we must use it the best we can, however much or little help we have for the task. What you have been given is a hard thing–a very hard thing… But my darling, what if there were no one who could do the difficult things?
—  Robin McKinley
Project Army

I just wanted to remind everyone that there is a project for BTS that we are trying to do because I feel like some Armys have forgotten about it or the word has just never gotten to them. We are really lacking on videos right now, we did not receive as many as we hoped we would have by now.

In case you are not aware of what Project Army is, well, it’s a project that some of us Armys plan to deliver to BigHit and hopefully, BTS will see. However, this will not happen if we do not receive enough videos from the fans. This project is simple, it’s just to show BTS how much we truly love them, no matter what. Anyone who participates may send a video about either one of the boys and/or all of the boys. It doesn’t really matter, anything will be a big help! We also suggest that you guys include the simple things you love about the boys. You can send in pictures, and pictures of any fan art that was made by you, cheering on the boys (In a video format) and they will all be added to the video.

Our main goal here is to just let the boys know that we’re supporting them 24/7 no matter what. We will all try our very best to get the video to the boys and their company, we will absolutely not give up until the message is delivered to them. For now, we need as many people involved in this. Please spread the word, and also, if you are interested in being apart of this project, PLEASE, please please, feel free to contact me or any of the other girls involved. Our Twitters are: @exoterritorykai // @BooksAreMyVirtue// @d_naystyles// @4dvisruingingme// @kayceepadillo// @yoongi__af If you have any questions regarding this, ask. There is also an email for this project. If you plan on being a part of it, please send your videos and/or pictures to the following email: .. IMPORTANT: When you send any video to that email, be sure to include your Twitter handle! If you do not have a Twitter, that is okay. You can still send in stuff. And if you are doing a video, you may do one for each boy (separate videos) but they can only be ONE MINUTE long, no longer than that. And if you are sending more than one video, please try your best to send them all in one email, it’ll help a lot with the organization. There is also a Facebook page! Go ‘like’ and support it! Again, please message any of us if you have any questions, and spread the word!! Deadline: August 31st, 2015 Re-blog to spread the word. We love you guys! ARMY & BTS fighting!


Hey guys, it’s Louis here!

We’ve seen the incredible impact we can have if we work together. Now the guys and I are back on Prizeo to bring attention to and raise funds for a charity very close to my heart, Believe in Magic.

So you know by now that if you help me support Believe in Magic, you can enter to win a trip to meet me and the guys - please read more on the right side of this page about their work to help spread magic to the lives of seriously and terminally ill children.

We can help! Donate and you can enter to win a trip to London for you, a friend and a guardian to meet me and the guys backstage and come to our concert at the O2 on September 26th. We’ll fly you in from anywhere in the world!

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Not a single day goes by where someone doesn’t ask about you. Their curiosity truly does kill, but I still tell them you’re doing fine, great actually. That you’re focusing on yourself for once, and you’re working harder than ever. But it’s when they walk away, that a breathless, numbing feeling inhabits my body. Because now I’m left with the remembrance of you. Like a burn not yet healed. And I can’t help but think about the last time we spoke. When you wore your favorite black sweatshirt and smelled like roses after it rains. And to be honest, I thought I was doing fine without you, but then someone mentions you or the sky reminds me of your eyes and everything goes to shit again. But despite feeling like the words I never said could coil up my throat and choke me, I will still continue to tell people about you, about us. And how our story still has empty pages that aren’t yet written. Because as of now, my only excuse to say your name is when someone brings you up. And each time, I can breath a little more.
—  I’m getting better

I am sick of this whole ‘white people are bad’ attitude on tumblr. I get why people do it, I mean I know that black people get treated like that everyday and sometimes they just want others to feel even a fraction of the things that they go through daily. 
I get that it’s a sensitive subject, but I don’t think the whole ‘white people are literally the devil’ thing is going to help anything. I mean, it does not take away any of the bad things that have happened to black people, and maybe at first it can be affective at making people think but eventually you feel shit about it. I mean I’ve always treated black people the same as white people personally, if not in fact maybe treating them a bit better and giving the benefit of the doubt because whilst I don’t understand what they’ve gone through I can get the apprehension around people who aren’t the same as you because you don’t know how they’re going to treat you. 
This whole ‘white people are stupid’, ‘white people are wrong’, ‘fuck white people’, ‘white girls are so dumb’ attitude is just wrong. I also feel like it’s a bit hypocritical because I mean, some of the people who are saying this have had all of this said about them, they know how shit it feels to hear this stuff but then they go and say it themselves just targeted at a demographic like suddenly it makes it alright? Because I don’t think it does. 
It’s not equality, it’s not social justice and it’s not going to make anything better for you, not really. 
So can we stop? Please? Because I feel like this is already getting out of hand. 

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anonymous asked:

But do you really believe God is this loving and accepting? I have felt so distant since I found I'm bi-romantic... It's really hard to pray, I have been feeling so dry inside, like, God isn't hearing me anymore, and He is really disappointed with me because of what I can feel for people... I don't know what to do anymore. Have you ever felt this wrong? :(

I do believe that God is loving and accepting. God loves us all. We are His children and His creations. He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to earth to die for us so that we could live with Him for eternity. God’s love is the greatest love we can experience.

When you pray do you give God moments of silence to speak to you? I’ve noticed that’s helpful. We have to remember that prayer is more than a one way conversation. If we want God to answer us, we sometimes need to be quiet to listen for Him.

Have you been reading your Bible or any other spiritual books? There are a lot of books out there designed to help those in your position. Any Christian book store will have a section dedicated to feeling distant from God. 

Are you seeking God through any other medium (podcasts, music, etc.)? I watch/listen to Andy Stanley’s podcast (not as much as I should, but I’m still trying…). God is always there. We just need to actively seek Him sometimes. We are told in Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.” If you search for God, He will reveal himself to you.

I can tell you that God hears you. He knows what you’re feeling. Sometimes He feels distant, but I can assure you that He is always there. He loves you. You’re not wrong for what you feel.

I’ll be praying for your spiritual journey, anon. I’m sorry you are feeling this way. Don’t give up hope.

Hey you
yeah you,
the tall drink of water with curly hair and a winning smile
with a worn cotton shirt, just a little big on your frame
and jeans that might have tar stains
you with the glasses perched on your button nose
you are beautiful

I love the way your face crinkles when you smile
I think its wonderful when you get so happy that you blush and hide your face
or when you make coffee with so much sugar it could sweeten the world
I take mine black because your sweetness is enough for me

I love it when you gently bite the tip of my nose
or when you look into my eyes and suddenly I feel like the center of the world
Its magical to sit next to you and snuggle in, we dont have to talk
we just have to exist
and that is enough

I love that you love pitch perfect
that you watch it when you are sad because it makes you puffy
that you trust me enough to let me in
even when others have hurt you so bad

I enjoy our silly times where we make squeaks instead of words
and when you get overwhelmed  or fidgety and nibble on my fingers

I feel a spark of joy
when you wear long sleeves in the summer
just so you can make sweater mittens
when you curl up all small and close
and I feel big for a change

For a long time I was scared
worried, because the last time I was loved, I was manipulated
love had become twisted, and I love you a set of words used for control
rather than passion or joy there was deceit and pain
and when I fell for you I was scared I was going down that path again
no matter how much I knew that was wrong
my heart still freshly bleed from its last encounter
and I was so scared to let you in

But slowly you pieced me back together
as I tried to mend the wounds still fresh on you
and I found out that love was not manipulation
it was trust and companionship
I finally felt it for how it was supposed to be
so the first time that I told you I loved you
It felt like a wall came crashing down inside of me
and i was finally more free than ever

so now, I take another step
I have kept a phrase out of my mouth because it was soiled
the last one I said it to took its meaning and twisted it
but I think that I am ready now
after a year away from the one that tore me down
I am ready to drop that weight
and let the gravity of my feelings flow freely

I am ready to say:

hey you
I love you with all of my heart

I say that not as a moment of fleeting burning passion, a firework of light
but as a warmly glowing candle, burning steadily and strongly.
we are past our honeymoon phase, you know this
I see your flaws, and you see mine
but still you amaze me and bring me wonder and joy,
and that is why I can let you into my shell
and write you poems
and finally
for the first time in a long time
feel free again

Hey you

you’re special
I hope you never forget that

—  A poem for my odd, who has helped me through the darkest times, and still continues to be the most radiant being I know
Disney’s Descendants

Evie: This is your magic mirror?
Evil Queen: Yeah, it ain’t what it used to be. Then again neither are we. It will help you find things.
Evie: Like a prince?
Evil Queen: Like my waistline.
Evil Queen: Hello.

I demand that someone with better writing abilities than I, write OUAT character reactions to this movie. Especially Regina and Maleficent. 

(And Evie totally could be an Outlaw Queen baby.)

Look at it!!!!

Bom has crappy friends not just in bigbang and 2ne1 but people outside YG as well. I mean the girl clearly has plastic surgery addiction and rumored drug addiction yet none of her friends open up their mouths to say “Hey Park Bom maybe you need to get some help"  "Park Bom w’re really worried about you please get some help” Park Bom we’re saying this because we care about but we think it’s time you admit you have a problem" Seriously if you were really her friend then you would say something

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studyblrforsuccess asked:

Hi! I'm a new studyblr, so I don't really follow a lot of blogs. Could you please give me some recommendations on who to follow? Thank you so much :)

(posting publicly so people will see your blog, hope it’s okay!)

Welcome to the studyblr community!! I hope we can help you with your studies - go for that grade!

Here’s some promos of my personal faves #spon:

(That’s just the first few that come to mind!! i love so many omg //hugs you ALL)

I also recommend looking at study-well’s community list and map to find people doing similar courses to you! (it’s pretty amazing)

Hope this helps!!<3


Sock Dreams Journal - 150 Years of Wonderland!

In 1865, Macmillan & Co. published the first edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and 150 years later, Lewis Carroll’s classic book has become a beloved story around the world. Alice clearly is a favorite among sock-lovers as well, and we’ve got a lot of items that will help you bring a little Wonderland to your day.

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Baptism of fire

Part two

- Joyce Meyer

If we get stubborn ( unwilling to repent) when the Lord reveals a behaviour in us that needs to be modified then love gets stubborn. As we have seen, God is love and He is a jealous God. He doesn’t want anything in us to occupy the place that belongs to Him. and love God Himself, will be jealous enough and stubborn enough to stick with us until He gets His way. Love will show us things we don’t want to see in order to help us be what we need to be. God wants you! He wants full custody of your heart, not just visitation rights. People complain that they pray in Jesus name and nothing happens but considering the amount of time they spend with Him; it’s obvious they’re only dating Him. I didn’t get my husband’s name until I married him. Jesus wants a marriage relationship with His church so that we can use His name whenever we need to do so and see His power working mightily. Intimacy with God gives us everything we need, including power over evil that’s sets itself against us.

Psalm 91:1-2, 9-11 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty Whose power no foe can withstand. I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I confidently trust! Because you have made the Lord your refuge, and the Most High your dwelling place, There shall no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near your tent. For He will give His angels especial charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways of obedience and service.

Some people are like wild Stallions unwilling to let a saddle be put upon them in order to carry a rider; they haven’t learned that they own breakthrough to peace happens when they submit to God and obey Him promptly. They are like unbroken colts resistant to be bridle and put in their mouths pieces could be used by God to guide them to be a place of security and provision. Some people are not will to let God have the reins of they life because they want to control their own destiny. But they will never feel the security they long to have or the peace that passes all understanding until they give themselves over to the Holy Ghost. If you want that peace and security pray like this:

God, I can’t solve the crisis in my life; I can’t change my circumstances. So what you need to do in me and do what you need to do with my circumstances. I belong to you and I submit myself into your care. I want to be led by your glory and followed by your fire.

Fire devours all impurities and leaves all that remains on fire for God’s glory. A lot of the old Joyce Meyer has been burned up in the baptism of fire over the years. It has definitely not been easy, but it has definitely been worth it.