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Hey, I know tempers and stuff get a little short because of the holidays, dealing with family, and school/finals. But take a moment to breathe. Go punch/work it out at the gym or go for a walk and clear your head. Things get really intense during the holiday season and sometimes you may not realize words that should come out gently, are barraging out of your head like arrows. Take some time to deal with stress so you don’t redirect it toward people whom you actually want to be here for you. Also, it’ll help you feel better, less pent up/aggressive/restless.


Isak: Since I’m going to be with you all of fall break let’s have a kickoff tonight and watch straight outta compton 6 pm at the cinema?

Jonas: easy

Eva: What exactly is straight outta compton?

Isak: meme of every white girl before watching straight outta compton

Eva: Ohhhhh

Eva: Alright then, I’m in. It’s not like I have anything else to do other than being bullied by you.

Jonas: I promise I won’t bully you babe

Jonas: Or maybe yes…. no…. ye…. n…

Eva: hmm

Isak: aiit, Jonas, I’ll cycle down to you so we can play CoD before the movie?

Jonas: Yesss

Eva: But Jonas. We had a deal. You were going to help me with my computer

Jonas: Yeah, fuck, that’s right. Sorry, Isak, we’ll meet up at the cinema. My woman needs me

Isak: But who needs me?

Isak: Hello?

Sometimes you need to leave tomorrow’s troubles to tomorrow. If you spend all of your time stressing about things that you cannot do anything about yet, then you’ll only put yourself in an even worse position when the time comes to act.
Step back every once and a while, focus on the moment and the myriad of tiny joys of life.

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I really don’t want to let any of you down and I feel like if we quit the haters will just win so we are staying! We want to help all of you with your dreams and goals and provide hope to all of you. All original posts with the endless hating comments will be deleted but will be put again so that the safety and love will return. Never be afraid of who you are!

The thing is, this isn’t just about Colin Farrell. This is about the fact that Rowling built up an incredibly intriguing character and then said he wasn’t coming back. Not just that, but also that we won’t get any answers to the multitude of questions following the big reveal.

Clearly Grindelwald must have selected Percival Graves long before he actually pounced - no one else had Credence’s trust. How long had Graves been selected? Did Graves put up a fight when Grindelwald came for him? What situation would’ve lead to that? At any rate, Credence certainly seems to remember a different Graves than we saw; a kinder, more generous one. (“You said you would help me, I thought you were my friend,” his utter rage and hurt when he thinks Graves betrayed him).

Even if by some chance Grindelwald didn’t use Polyjuice Potion, what did he do to the real Graves? Is he dead? Is he holed up somewhere? If Graves wasn’t being used for Polyjuice, surely he’d be used for information on Credence’s family situation, even Credence himself? (None that he would give up without torture, I assume).

Of course, me being ever hopeful, it seems sketchy that Rowling wouldn’t answer these questions if he truly weren’t coming back. It wouldn’t be that hard to confirm he’s dead. But that hasn’t been the case. (A girl can dream.)

TL;DR: the fact that we may not be getting answers to ANY of these questions about Graves is just as infuriating as the idea that such a crucial and genuinely interesting character might never come back at all.

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anonymous asked:

This blog has made me just really appreciate and love my boyfriend so much. Around the time we got together he said he'll treat me like a queen and I had the mentality "hell yeah you better." But then I saw this blog and saw guys don't get any positive words, if I'm his queen then he's my king. All our relationship I've showered him with unending love and positivity. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Aww this is so sweet and we’re glad our blog helped you see that! That is a very sweet way to put it, we should treat our boyfriends, with the respect and love we want, so if we’re their queens, then why wouldn’t they be our kings ?

You’re very welcome! Thanks for your ask!

anonymous asked:

Gimbo I'm sad and tired bc finals. Can you tell me a funny story to make me feel better?

Gimbo once had a funny night with Santa. @smilesriles never let Santa forget what happened. She witnessed the whole thing. Gimbo asked her to write the story out for you since she tells it better. We hope it helps make your Holidays brighter and finals easier to get through.

“Most people don’t know, but Santa celebrates New Years because Santa loves fireworks! Gimbo was on watch duty to check and make sure everyone was safe. Gimbo did a fine job but Santa’s friend came over and he is very crazy. They drank a lot of eggnog and things went crazy! They wanted to make a pizza for Gimbo because Gimbo was hungry and can’t cook very well. So they made one but left it in for three hours and it came out burnt and hard as a candy cane. Santa’s friend broke the toilet seat and then he put his cigarette out on the pizza. After, he fell down the stairs because the eggnog was very eggy. He passed out. Santa decided it was too hot and took off his suit. He grabbed the pizza, ran to the front door and started yelling. Gimbo wasn’t fast enough and couldn’t stop santa from screaming “TO THE MOON GIMBO” as he threw the pizza in the direction of the stars. Gimbo ran out to get the pizza and ran back inside. He put Santa to sleep. The next morning Mrs. Claus woke up and asked Gimbo if he knew who left he dent and mushroom on her new car. Gimbo felt bad for lying but his number one job is protecting Santa. It was a funny night!”

Hi everyone. We’re sorry for being so inactive, we’re going through a rough patch, and there’s only two of us on the team now. Mascot and carer cloud. We’re gonna do our best, we might recruit some mods, we’re not sure yet, we just need a bit of help handling the blogs. Other than that, we hope all of you had a great day, had some good lunch, are getting ready for dinner, took your meds, and stay happy and healthy. We love you. We’ll be more active soon💖💖

About me

Tell your followers 11 random facts about yourself and tag 11 people. Tag backs are allowed but if you do get tagged again you must not repeat any of the facts you mentioned in the previous round. The facts can be absolutely anything, whatever comes to mind first.

I was tagged by @indie-isco <3<33

1. I kill for pizza.

2. I hate uggs so much, if I see anyone wearing them I have to resist the urge to yell.

3. My biological father is satan himself :’))

4. On the 25th of May this year me and a friend were in a car accident and it was the highlight of my year it was hilarious. It wasn’t a bad or serious accident we just kinda drove into a ditch, we’re getting the date tattooed. lmaaoo help 

5. I love you all you make my days better.

6. When I was 2 years old I fell down a flight of stairs and I still have a scar on my upper lip.

7. I named my new kitten Hugo (after Hugo Lloris) and turns out the father of the person I hate the most is also called Hugo rip.

8. I want my ashes to be scattered around the Bernabeu.

9. Even though I love football, handball is the true love of my life and I’ve played for over 12 years.

10. Whoever talks shit about Iker Casillas will catch these hands ✋🏼👊🏼👊🏼

11. If I ever meet Donald Trump he will die ❤️ 

I tag @balesmanbun @incredibale @hala-zidane @gareth-walker @rogue1988 @marcelitovieira @asensihohoho @cheesetiano @tonismadrid @freekicking and @sergegnbry

He’ll need no introduction to you, but Secretary Langley made one on his behalf in 1900… William Henry Holmes!

Yesterday we completely wrapped up our original #ManyHatsofHolmes goals (“Random Records of a Lifetime Volumes 1-3”), as well as 1 stretch goal: Volume 5. We are blown away by your efforts and enthusiasm and we thank you very much!

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Watching the garden suffer was hard for this clan, it was their main source of food and Winter was slowly taking all of their food away. 

Jordan: By the gods, it’s freezing!
Aaki: The gods won’t help you in the Winter, Jordan. We don’t know how long this Winter will last.
Alkina: Soft rocks, just let the women handle the work.


Hi everybody :D first of all thank you all for your support to our “Castiel Appreciation” Community means a lot, I have noticed that it is extremely rare to find any non-shippy castiel fic, and those I find are very well written but they’re so underappreciated so I decided to post here all My Fic recommendations :), if you have your own recs or maybe you’re an author you can submit your work to us :D we’ll be happy to help you spread the word ♥

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