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The Official Seattlish Fall Fashion Guide

Greetings, Readers. 

With an estimated 50 new residents moving to the city every day, we’re aware that for lots of folks, the impending autumnal weather patterns may be a bit alarming. Even those of us who have lived here for decades still get caught off-guard by the frenetic nature of, well, nature during the coming months.

As we wring out these last few sunny days (JK, we usually have pretty OK weather throughout most of October), it’s time to look forward to the early evenings and puddley commutes. 

So whether you’re fresh off the plane from somewhere that only gets like 10 inches or rain each year or you’re PNW through-and-through, here’s our fall lookbook (which is not gender-specific but we are women so it’s pretty femme) to help guide you through the season with style and practicality. 

Get a fucking raincoat. 

This isn’t a dopey dad joke about Seattle weather—we’re very serious. 

While waterproof, pockety, attractive rain gear is readily available for men and the menswear-inclined, it’s harder to find a cute, femme solution to damp weather. Fortunately, it’s not impossible! We’ve found a pretty wide range, from straightforward slickers to fall-to-winter parkas to some shit with unicorns on it in case that’s what you’re into. Everything has hoods. Everything (even the CAPE) has pockets. 

These should be the bare minimum qualifications for fall outerwear, AND YET.

Go black tie and dry.

When it comes time to look fancy but the weather outside is grimmer than our national political landscape, cover yourself in head to toe ankle to wrist black. We recommend a turtleneck sweater dress because it basically like you’re wearing a blanket except it’s perfectly socially acceptable clothes. 

Spray your boots with proofer because water kills suede faster than developers killed the inclusionary clause. Throw a cool brooch on there and a thing for your head and boom—you’re black tie and dry. Note to the haters (and Executive Constantine), yeah it’s real fur. Not sorry.

Gear up for glad-handing

It’s election season, which means you’re probably doing the whole day —> night thing every night of the week. Between fundraisers, happy hours, debate watch parties, and trying to have a social life that doesn’t involve The Campaign (whichever that may be on a given night), you’ll need a few basics that are office-friendly but can be translated to the bars with ease. 

Staple button-downs work for people of all genders, as do clever oxfords or boots which will keep your feet dry and comfy. A slim-fitting black pant can go with basically anything and no one will notice if you wear it every day. Slip a tee or tank under your office shirt and you’ll be golden when you’re suddenly chatting up some cute field organizer in a dark bar and feeling a little, um, flushed. 

Commit to Peak Coziness

Eventually, though, you’re going to have a day off for errands (like getting your nails done, purchasing tools for home repairs, or whatever else needs to be handled in your life), brunch, and we hope, our beloved Seahawks. For this, you’re going to need a few essentials, including a cute bootie or other together-but-slip-on shoe, a waterproofed backpack, jogger sweats or leggings, and this fall’s best loungin’ around garment: the Sweatshirt Dress. 

Admit that you’re Really Fucking Seattle

For when it’s rainy out but you’re so fucking from here it’s not even phasing you. Some people complain about the rain but not you because you’re practically a sword fern. 

You’re addicted to coffee (but not Starbucks—ever. Except sometimes. I mean there’s one right down the street…) and wouldn’t dream of using an umbrella (except sometimes, because they really do work). 

Sure, you moved here six years ago but you remember what Seattle was REALLY like, back before all these new people showed up and with their solo wheels and drove up the rents. Stay cozy in your Paddington Bear coat and your Hudson Bay scarf and sigh into your drip coffee thinking about Cafe Septieme.  


A waterproof Chelsea boot is honestly the most necessary piece of footwear a Seattleite can own. Period. Full stop.

Tips For Dogs

-Be confused more. We’re smarter than you, and when you tilt your head like you do sometimes, it reminds us of how brilliant we are, and we need that sometimes.

-Every once in a while, poop to mark your territory. Why box yourself in? You have so much more potential than you realize. 

-You should pay for something. Anything. Even if it’s not related to you. Buy us dinner every now and then. Freeloader.

-Personally, many of us are fine with you licking our faces. It’s the licking yourself first that really goads our pumpkins. 

-Anal glands? Evolve those away. They’re disgusting. Oh, that takes centuries? Please! We made English bulldogs from wolves. Don’t tell me y’all aren’t a panting petri dish. You know what, this note is more scientists. 

-If you don’t tell us how skateboards make you feel, we can’t help you. All the yelling is just stunting your emotional growth. 

-If dreaming is from our subconscious, and you guys dream, does that mean you have a subconscious? If so, does us ripping you away from your parents result in a crippling codependency? Is the love you give us sincere but, even worse, unhealthy? Please respond.

-Learn to read.
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Hi everyone! Our kickstarter is going to end in less than 24 hours (It’s that time already?!)

To be honest, we didn’t expect to actually reach our final stretchgoal, so a big thank you to everyone who has pledged as well as those who helped us promote our game. Our kickstarter wouldn’t be successful without all your support so again, thank you so much!

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Any extra pound/dollar added to our campaign would really mean a lot, so if you guys can help us spread the word, we would be in your debt!

When the kickstarter ends, we will release an HD wallpaper to show our undying gratitude.

zriller  asked:

The best 'friends with benefits' fics you have, please? Your blog is absolutely amazing.. YOU are absolutely amazing! A shoutout to all 4 of you, because we all would be lost without your helping hands. Thank you so much, I love you!

sure thing!


these thoughts i keep, i want to share with you

i didn’t mean to fall in love tonight

Only for a moment

love so thick it swallowed me whole

You Only Ever Touch Me In The Dark

Make waves in a low tide

i’ll be good in bed (but i’ll be bad to you) (girl!zayn)

Half A Heart

Little Did You Know

Come meet me in the sky, I’ll be waiting for you

Having fun (Just) With you

and thank you for your lovely words it means a lot to us<3

My fox picture today is miss Hunter! She is the shyest fox at the park and it took me 2 years to build a relationship with her. We’ve come a long way and I’ve started to get to know how absolutely sweet she is!

I’m posting a fox picture every day to encourage people to donate to Wolf Park’s Walk for Wolves Fundraiser! My pack (team) is raising money specifically to build a new fox enclosure and we need all the help we can get! Even if it’s just $5, you can donate here: My pack is Grey Haven!

. Between the Lines . 132

When the first blow came, Lucy wasn’t ready, but Natsu was. He blocked Jellal’s magic with a Fire Dragon’s Roar, and Lucy yanked her whip free while she had the chance, summoning the first Spirit her fingers touched.

Gemini sprang into existence with a cheerful cry of “Piri!”

“Hello, Miss Lucy!” Gemi sang.

“Hello,” echoed Mini.

Lucy smiled kindly at her Spirits, fond of them, and ordered, “Transform into the first person that you think might help Natsu. We’re trying to beat down Jellal, but we’re trying to not kill this time. Okay?”

“Of course!” Gemini cried, and then hugged one another. Lucy blinked a few times when they took on the appearance of none other than herself. They beamed at her with gleaming dark eyes. “If we combine magic,” the Spirit told her, “We can share our magic to use Urano Metria, Miss Lucy! It will preserve your own strength for later in the exams!”

“…that is a brilliant idea,” Lucy agreed, flashing them a grin. Not that she knew how to share magic, but she felt that Gemini would guide her through the action.

Natsu’s fire flickered all over the place, and Jellal ducked his head, feeling the singing heat that came with it. It was hot enough to hurt, but not hot enough to leave a burn; even if they’d fought as enemies once, Jellal was now nakama, and something told the heavenly body mage that Natsu had accepted the idea for a while now.

He grinned to himself as Natsu bellowed more fire at him, and both acknowledged the fact that Lucy was attempting something with a quick glance to…two blondes? Jellal was momentarily confused, but then focused and used his magic with a quick movement, golden light spilling from his fingers to attack Natsu at his bidding.

Keep reading

Lovely autumn colors for all your northern hemispherian faces thanks toSoesha Piercing in The Hague, Netherlands! These are Amber Purple plugs (12ga to 1").

Check out the awesome selection of colors sizes and textures here:

Want to buy our glass?
Try our worldwide store locator: or write us a quick message here on facebook and we’ll help you get it. For wholesale registration simply email us to with your studio’s info.

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direktorsonkrennic  asked:

"It was an annoying meeting, but luckly I am home finnally." He looked at her with a smile while removing his uniform. "I am sorry if I am late. Tomorrow I am free, Marr will be in charge: he said that I need to relax a bit, I am too stressed," he sighed. "And he is good in convincing me even if he never uses his powers on me."

    “And now you’re 
at my mercy. I’ll make sure you’re thanking Marr.”

  She smiles, setting the datapad down.  Slipping the robe off and tossing it onto
the chair, she walks over to him.  Mortala would make sure to thank Marr as well.
How very kind of him to let Krennic have some time to rest.  Leaning into the director
she presses a kiss to his cheek.  

    “Now, how are we
going to help you relax?”  

Everyone should read what @lovingsomeoneproject said to me:

“ My friend and I have begun an organisation called the “Loving Someone Project”. This project is to encourage equality across modern music and common culture. The song “Loving Someone” is seen as an anthem for the LGBTQ+ Community and encourages not only freedom in sexuality, but freedom in race and gender. It’s about compassion and safety. It’s about humanity. The project aims to achieve the track “Loving Someone” its deserved recognition, whilst also spreading the message of the song further than The 1975’s fanbase.”

Being myself part of the lgbt+ community i’m really touched by this project. It’s amazing that people are kind enough to do this sort of thing! We should help them because it’s really really important.

thank you a lot for what you’re doing xx

Hello Friends,

Out of so many brilliant submissions to our 4th annual Where Are You Poet Contest, we have narrowed it down to 10 finalists. Now we need your help! We want to hear from you who you would like to see more from, whose book you just can’t live without.

The “voting” process is very simple: we have posted one poem from each of our finalists on our facebook and tumblr page, and we ask you to like, share and reblog the poem (or poems) you love most!

The posts will be taken down and voting will end on October 1st. Our winners will be announced on October 10th. We are so excited to share the work of these important poets with you!

-Where Are You Press

anonymous asked:

You: nah I'm positive my bf doesn't have PTSD :) Ppl on this hell site: WHAT IS WR ONG WITHYOU WE'RE TRYING TO HELP YOU'RE SO RUDE

it’s seriously exhausting and I’m so glad the commenters have finally left me alone. disagree with someone once and you’re suddenly an anti-sjw

Please help out if you can 💖

My friend of 6 years needs help paying for the college of his dreams. He has gotten 48k in scholarships, saved up 1,000$ by working all summer, and has gotten accepted for a loan. He just needs 5,000$ left. Please if any of you can donate at least a dollar it would be highly appreciated! If like at least less than half of my followers donated a dollar we could easily help him out! We appreciate all the help.

I love you all!!


“This is Todd, my husband,” Tami said as they walked upstairs and spotted a plump man with glasses and messy hair. “Todd, this is Kyle, I met him today in the park. He’s got amnesia and needs therapy, I’ll talk to you later about his case in details.”

Kyle became anxious, because he was already astonished by how Tami easily believed him, and thought Todd would have some suspicions about his state. He was feeling totally fine, nothing bothered him physically. His clothes, his overall look - everything about him was so flawless that the Randalls could just assume he’s throwing dust in their eyes for some reason and tell to get out of their center. They had every right, he thought. He didn’t look like a tormented person, the problem was in his mind. Yet Todd came closer, examined him, then smiled supportively and shook his hand.

“Alright, I see. We’ll do everything possible to help you regain memory,” he said. “It’s a high-tech era, I think we’ll find the solution. Now you should have a rest, me and Tami are going to introduce you to our daughters and they’ll show you your room.”

Weekly Reminder

Hi everyone!

This is your weekly reminder that we have been around since 2012 and there are pretty good odds that we’ve answered your question (or a variation of it) at some point in that time.

Before you send in your question, please check the following places to see if we’ve covered your situation:

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Currently we do not respond to questions about dermatillomania (skin picking), especially not if they are incredibly detailed, due to personal difficulties dealing with the topic. If you look in the tag (right here) you will find some information and links to other blogs that deal with the subject.

This list will be added to as necessary.

Thanks for understanding, everyone!

anonymous asked:

tbh sometimes i wish this blog wasn't as well known bc i've submitted a lot of things and only three have been posted (two were ask responses tho). i know it's not the mods' faults or anything but i just feel kinda invisible yknow. (i really do love this blog though, keep up the good work guys <3)

Unless you get specific, we can’t be of much help? They might be in the queue? Idk! All the same, we appreciate the kind words! <3

Mod Party Cat!

stellarskys  asked:

((It's okay mun! You don't have to apologize, we're all here for you! Anything we can do to help you feel better?))

((Ooc: Thank you, Sky. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel better rn. It just takes time. I’m still not at 100% but I’m trying. I just really missed my skeleboys. Feel free to ask questions.))

anonymous asked:

To the owners of the blog: Thank you for doing this. For creating this space, for being willing to share your thoughts and words with the world. It has helped me and I'm sure it has helped so many others. Thank you. ❤️

We’re both so glad! The fact that we can help you in any way is why we run this blog and why it’s been going doe as long as has been.