and we have the same personality

Dating Malfoy
  • Harry: Of course I'm not *dating* him. We just have sex sometimes.
  • Ron: Harry, you've been coming back late every night this month.
  • Harry: Okay, we have sex often.
  • Ron: So... only sex?
  • Harry: I mean we talk too— he's surprisingly funny you know. And we study together. And play a bit of quidditch. He even invited me to stay with him over the holidays so we can play together at the Manor!
  • Ron: But you're not...?
  • Harry: Dating? No way.
  • Ron:
  • Harry:
  • Ron:

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So...Caryl touches! Was trying to think of all the touches between them and whether it was Carol that instigates most of them or whether Daryl is more touchy than we first think? (I do!) My personal faves are his thumb rub in Consumed and the chin touch in Same Boat (the less talked about Caryl hug I think but actually one of the most important) I know you'll have a big old list of these mod that I'm sure you would love to share! 😉

You know what hon I started thinking about this earlier but was unable to write about it then and I have a suprising answer that just might blow some peoples minds. And blow a big hole in the arguement about Carol being an ‘agressor’ or ‘sexually harassing’ Daryl  as well.

So what I’m gonna do is go over the major touches between them and a give a point to whoever initiates the physical contact. Then total it up for you all and tell you what that means and might mean.

You guys ready.. ok lets go

Chupacabra Season 2

So point here for first contact goes to Carol. And this is the moment where Daryl flinches. A conditioned response to unexpected physical contact. Especially that close to his face or head/neck area. So point 1 goes to Carol.

Pretty Much Dead Already Season 2

Daryl instinctively reaches out and hauls Carol down, protecting her from daughter’s reanimated corpse. Even going as far as pulling her away so she wouldn’t see Rick shoot her. Its the first time we see Daryl do anything like this. Daryl gets this point.

so we have it at one apiece. Here’s where it gets interesting folks.

(putting behind a cut cause it might be long ha)

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Anyone who tries to tell you Australia doesn’t have institutionalised racism that leads to the disadvantage, suffering and death of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is blind…….you see people here being like “Oh police brutality never happens here like it does in America”, ignoring the dozens of reports of abuse of Indigenous minors in juvenile prisons, like they’ve never heard how Nice Tolerant Australians talk about Indigenous people, like they haven’t a seen how cops profile and harrass Indigenous people on the street, like they’ve never worked in a retail job where every Indigenous person through the door is profiled and followed around by staff.

Australia has a smaller population than America so we technically have less incidents of police brutality and profiling as a whole, but it’s most likely about the same levels of abuse adjusted for population.

Winter Idol // m.y 1

Member: Min Yoongi

Chapter One

Genre: a bit of everything

Summary: working with one of your best friends of years shouldn’t come with so much hatred. With your career sky rocketing along side his everything should run smoothly until jealousy and rumors take place.

Originally posted by tearsavi


I’ve always been one to read stories about how one person loves the other a little too much and how they can’t be together…. And some come together at the end while the others don’t. We have always been the friends who really enjoyed fall and winter times. I call it winter meanwhile he calls it fall. He always finds humor in correcting me when I say they’re the same thing but he wants to be all scientific with it. We are truly on odd pair.

I met Yoongi back in 2013 again he says it was 2012, technically it was, late December was when I met him, along side Namjoon. At the time I didn’t know who they were or what they did, just a normal Friday night at the underground tunnels shooting shows. That’s what I do. I also didn’t know what kind of things they were about to get me into, and how my life alongside theirs would change for the better in the years to come. Fast forward to today. 2017 was the best year for BTS.

“Y/N? Are you on board or are we taking up too much of your time?” I look up and Lay is looking at me with humor laced in his voice.

“We go through the same stuff every tour ya know but yes I am don’t worry.” I send him a smile and he rolls his eyes as the guys all laugh at my statement.

Currently we are at the BigHit offices working on ways to improve and plan the next tour for BTS the public’s reactions have risen so much and the fan base has risen so much. I question myself how I got so lucky to be in this position but if it weren’t for yoongi believing in my talent I wouldn’t have been here. I’m in charge of all art forms for BigHit Entertainment that’s including video, media, press, concert visuals, and most importantly photography. I’ve always had a passion for it and I think that’s what made me and yoongi so attached, loving the same things. I moved to Korea not really by choice, well I lie kind of my choice and I’m glad I did or else I would’ve never met the people I know today.

“Yo y/n are you coming back to the dorms with us or what.” Everyone is packing up and I look towards hoseok with his beaming smile. I don’t even get a chance to answer because Lay clears his throat quite loudly.

“Sorry but me and y/n have something to do tonight you guys go ahead.” I fake a small smile and that gets them to leave without any questions. Hoseok comes to hug goodbye as the rest wave walking out the door.

“y/n we’ve been through this already.” Lay sighs.

“Lay I really am not doing anything wrong, you act like I’m walking down the aisle with them.” I roll my eyes as I look at their manager.

“And I believe you but the media has increased their eyes on the boys and you know the fans have increased we just don’t want any dating rumors surfacing.”

“Dating rumors? You have got to be kidding me.”

“No I am not. You have always been seen with them hugging and laughing and holding hands and-“

“Oh my god! Once! Holding hands once! And that was because I tripped so yoongi had to help me up at the airport where they were getting mobbed might I add.” I can’t believe he was saying this shit honestly.

“Listen y/n I’m not saying stop hanging out with them okay. I’m just saying please be careful if anything happens I wouldn’t forgive myself. The guys have worked so hard in everything and you have as well. I don’t want a little mistake to ruin it all. Okay?” Lay places his hands on my shoulders and I nod my head. “I’m gonna grab my stuff you don’t have to wait okay?”

Walking to your place isn’t far from the building. You pass multiple little shops and restaurants making a quick stop inside one of them. Living in a foreign country by yourself is lonely. The only friends you have are the guys and of course some other idols, but they’re super busy it being comeback season for most of them. Getting home was the best feeling because you can just lay there and enjoy some snacks. It was October. The weather in Korea was quickly changing dropping degrees and you couldn’t be happier. Walking inside the kitchen you put the kettle onto the stove to boil some water for tea. Walking to the living room you switched on the t.v and turned a candle on as well. The doorbell rang and you didn’t really know what to expect since you didn’t agree to meet with anyone. You walked to the door and see him with two bags of food and his hair tucked inside his beanie. You open the door and his eyes meet yours startled.

“Yoongi? What are you doing here?” He looks so beautiful his face is covered in a mask and you can see his eyes only. His eyes are your favorite, by the way they close together you know he’s smiling.

“I brought food and I wanted to come see you.” You see he’s switching his stance from one foot to the other.

“That’s sweet bub” bub? Wtf y/n “come on in it’s freezing out in these halls.”

Yoongi makes his way into your apartment removing his shoes by the entrance, as you do the same. You take a bag of the food from him and make your way into the kitchen where the kettle started to ring. As you remove it you see yoongi shrug off his coat and place it onto the hanger, he makes his way into the kitchen taking the face mask off and taking his beanie off.

“Oh my god…. You’re blue!!!” You gasp as you see the bright shade of blue on his head. It suits him so good. It brings out his pale smooth skin and brightens his smile way more.

“Oh um y-yeah… stylist Mina noona said that they wanted to dye it before the comeback photos and videos.” He starred down at his hands which were being preoccupied with his beanie as he fidgeted around with it.

Walking towards him to be in front of him, your eyes are wide. You couldn’t believe that they would change their hair color without letting you know, now all that’s running through your head is not only how cute he actually looks but changing the damn concept again. You bring your hand to the top of his and run your fingers through it.

“I like it. It suits you.” Yoongi meets your eyes and you give him a smile before grabbing some mugs for the tea.

We sat on the couch until two in the morning. We had schedules that morning at seven, but we always had to leave at around five in the morning giving us about two hours of sleep. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer so I grabbed some blankets and crashed on the couch once yoongi left my apartment. Winter was here and the busy schedules were on their way and I couldn’t be happier.

back at it again at krispy kreme

did you know head banging causes neural damage and mental cell death? me neither. let’s jam

women are gonna change the world and they’ve also changed pop music i love women so much

once i was at a party on the night of a full moon and someone’s child asked me if she could touch the moon. here’s a playlist

I dunno about you but these songs always make me feel like I’m at the beach and I haven’t got a single worry in the world

have you ever made the same mistake twice?? me either but here are songs by people who have

welcome to 2017 we aren’t ashamed to like things anymore here are a bunch of top of your lungs pop jams for your next girl’s night

this is just eclectic instrumentals to study by. personally I haven’t studied since 2015 so it might be completely inaccurate but i tried

you’re a sad gay kid in an indie movie and you’re right in the middle of your character arc so things are awful but you’re dancing around in your room while vaguely 80s sounding music plays

it’s the late 60s or maybe the early 70s and for some reason you’re alone and you’re sad about this. you’re an alto and you’re probably gay

sad music for when you want to kiss somebody so badly it hurts a little bit but you can’t or you don’t or they’re kissing somebody else

Matt Age Discourse

So I’ve been seeing a lot of theories flying around since season four has been released about Matt’s age, and I’m here to present my case.

Firstly, it literally does not make sense to send anyone but a fully fledged adult on a space mission, much less an elite space mission to the furthest accessible edges of the solar system. In real life, astronauts are much, much older. The youngest person ever to go to space was Gherman Titov, a cosmonaut sent to space at 25 years old.
The youngest person ever sent to space by the United States (where our Garrison is based), was Sally Ride, who was not sent to space until she was 32 years old.

I have often seen Matt’s photo of him in a Garrison Student Uniform cited as evidence for him being younger. But we have no idea when this photo was taken, and we do know that he attended the Garrison as a student, as did Shiro. Additionally, the creators have stated that he and Shiro went to the Garrison together, heavily implying that they are of similar, if not the same age.

It was stated in season four that Matt has been gone for six years since he left for the Garrison and his Mission until when the show starts chronologically. 
So when does one get into the Garrison? At the very youngest, likely at age 14, as that was when Pidge got in. However, it’s very likely she lied about her age to get in, especially considering she was in the same class as Lance and Hunk, who were both 16. So likely the age of entry to the Garrison is 16.
Some simple math leads us to Matt being at least 20 when the show begins, but more likely 22. This means that at the time of season 4, he is likely either 21-23. 

In conclusion! While I understand the hesitation to continue to support Shatt (which is very understandable), antis, please do not start supporting Matt x Paladin ships, as it is extremely likely that he is still much older than them (despite the writers putting in that gross scene where Matt flirts at Allura).

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i'm an infp and i've been liking the same person for years and although he's not really my crush nor do I think of him everyday bc I think we have past that phase but I still sorta have feelings for him?? especially when he saw my IG story or randomly appearing on my twitter replied column. is there any infps out there who still struggle to get over someone for years bc that person has been in their life for years although in a quite distant way but u still talk occasionally? How to get rid it?

i relate to this: my best friend kind of ditched me in middle school and whenever i see her now i feel super uncomfortable and awkward, and it’s like “ahh!!! we were together all the time for like 4 years and now we don’t even talk!!! how did this happen??”

- @missmarieeeee

It’s not odd for concept art not to look just like the final product.

Demo was conceptualized as some white ginger dude

and pyro looked like an old man.

Engie almost had some kinda mechanical exosuit thing.

Isn’t that awesome? Personally, this is the engie cosmetic I’d love to see in game. But I can do without it. And I don’t hear anyone crying because pyro isn’t an old man or because demo isn’t a ginger. Because those are changes we really don’t need.

We don’t need them revamped. I like demo the way he is, and I have the same stance on Overwatch’s Mercy.

(Though I would love to see the mercy concept art guy become his own character. And I still sorta wish Engie had the mech suit as a cosmetic.)

Crabtree Falls 2006 58 – Blue Ridge Parkway near Little Switzerland, NC, July 2006

I need an infinite amount of grace
to have a chance with you–
any of you, all of  you.
And, experience suggests,
the same is true about you
with me,
and all of the rest of us.
Grace is the sacred ground of relationships.
All relationships fail (when they fail)
because of a lack of grace
on the part of both, or all,
people in the relationship.
The person we have
the most difficulty
being gracious with/to
is ourselves.
Grace begins at home.
If we cannot give ourselves
the benefit of the doubt,
we will never be able to fake it
for long with others.
The prime ingredient in relationships
is the ability of each person
to live completely transparent
with themselves.
We bullshit ourselves
with the greatest of ease.
We kid ourselves,
we don’t see ourselves,
we never notice ourselves,
and blame everyone else
for their lack of grace,
and their refusal to cut us any slack.
We cannot be intimate
if we will not be vulnerable.
We will not be vulnerable because
we know we cannot trust ourselves
to be gracious with/to ourselves.
We cannot be more gracious
to anyone else
than we are with ourselves.
Actually, we are generally
more gracious with everyone
than we are with ourselves,
It’s an affected grace,
a pretend grace,
to get them on our side
because we are desperate
to have someone on our side.
We certainly aren’t.
Except in an unconsciously
narcissistic kind of way.
Be conscious!
Be gracious!
Be an infinite source of grace
in the world!
It will make such a difference
in the lives of everyone,
especially your own!

Unpopular opinion:

If a straight person has an exception, a “girl crush”, an “every straight guy would bang Johnny Depp”, a cis same-sex best friend that they do stuff with whenever they’re drunk, that doesn’t mean that they have to identify as bisexual (same for gay people). Human brains and sexuality are weird sometimes - sexuality labels are more like categories, they aren’t saying that we all experience it exactly the same. If you find girls attractive, have always found girls attractive, and then one day you see a hot guy that you experience attraction towards, it could be any number of things - aesthetic appreciation being mistaken for sexual attraction, an exception to an otherwise steadfast rule, maybe he has some really effeminate traits that your subconscious picked up on. You don’t need to immediately get worried and begin questioning your entire life.

Another example of how a range of experiences is contained within one label is how for some people being monosexual means that they cannot be attracted to someone without the matching genitalia, while for others it’s not a deciding factor (ie the whole Riley Dennis fiasco). There’s a wide range of sex characteristics, unsexed features, personality traits, and so on that can lead to you having an attraction to someone - your sexuality is a factor influencing which ones you like and which ones you don’t. It’s very silly and rude to insist that a monosexual person who doesn’t like certain genitalia is “transphobic” and needs to change how they experience their sexuality to match how you experience your sexuality. It’s also silly and rude to act like not liking one kind of genitalia is crucial to being that sexuality, and that people who don’t experience their sexuality the same as you experience yours are invalid. Neither of those experiences are more straight/gay than the other (just like a 50:50 bisexual is not more bisexual than an 90:10 bisexual), and it doesn’t make anyone transphobic just because their sexuality leads them to find one type of genitalia attractive and not the other.

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You're all so brave to try and process and accept these concepts that have recently come to light. As we told Jess in chat, we are barely even able to imagine stabilization let alone any talk if integration (whether that be integration of memory or becoming one person). But I'm hopeful for you all that you have the ability to heal. Please be gentle with yourselves in this process.

Thank you ever so much darling

And the same to you - be gentle and kind to yourself - there are ups and downs on every journey and we will surely be there alongside you doing the same!

Best of luck 💛


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everyone always says to follow your dreams ... but at the same time I have to make sure to go after money to be able to survive ... do you have any advice on how to do both? (btw, you seem like a really nice person and you are always so helpful, thank you for that <3)

Thank you, I try to be cause it’s fun!! It’s super sweet of you too! ^__^

Well, this one’s a bit tricky because it’s more about who you are as a person, and what most of the time, what degree/career we choose has a bit of a compromise somewhere or another. If everyone loved their job 100% and found it super easy to do, well, no one would really pay people all that much to do things. For example, jobs which require a lot of hard labour are physically straining on the body, so they get paid more or else no one would do it when they could get a comfier job in something like retail instead. There’s a trade off a lot of the time. 

There’s no denying that there’s a particular set of jobs which people would fancy doing if the average pay was better. Not talking about the people who hit it big and make it famous, or the better paid people in the industry e.g. artists, actors/actresses, photographers, designers, teachers, fashion designers, etc. 

University is about improving your chances of comfortable living. It in itself is a compromise; you’re giving away 5 years of your life and investing a lot of finances too depending on what country you’re living in, for a better income than you would get without a university most of the time, with the exception of the few entrepreneurs which are able to innovate so uniquely they build multi-million dollar corporations. They’re the exception though and not the rule, as many start ups would like to believe. 

You only live once, quite literally, so it depends on what’s important to you. Why are we living if we’re not meant to find contentedness and/or happiness? Following your dreams is a good thing. So is choosing something slightly less “ideal” (and is it really your “dream”? I discuss below) so that you can live a comfortable life. Some people are married to their career, and others simply find their career a means to an end. Other people find enjoyment in their career and/but have something more important to them, things like family, prestige, honour, comfort, material goods, etc. 

You can’t live without money, you also don’t need too much of it. If you don’t have money, you feel stressed constantly, relationships are strained as well. You can’t really provide for people and children who may depend on you, and not literally in a dependent-type relationship, but emotionally as well, your person is taken up by worries. If you’re too stressed, people important to you lose out as well. On the other hand, people who make around $75K are as happy as people who make millions a year. The more money you make, the more responsibility you have, so millionaires also have stress. There’s also the argument that if you have too much of a good thing you can’t really appreciate it as much. 

In any case, if you’re the type of person who becomes unhappy and unfulfilled if you can’t work your dream job, then go for it. Even if you don’t make it big, you’ll be the type of person who didn’t regret spending all that time and money investing in your career. 

If you’re the type who is happy enough doing something that you’re pretty good at and are comfortable with the added bonus of good pay, go for it. You’d be the type to not miss chasing a dream with its associated risks and opportunity costs. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly mind what job you do as long as you have money for the important things in your life, then go for it. You’d be the type to care more about providing for a family then being 100% satisfied at work for a simple example. 

Those aren’t even close to all the situations possible. A lot of times people might not really know themselves that well and for one reason or another decide to go for something that isn’t really going to make them happy. Most often in popular media it’s the person who chooses becoming some businessperson and then bam, one day they slam their resignation form on the bosses’ table and walk out and chase their dreams belatedly. Sometimes people choose to chase after their dream job from the outset, or you get the person who decides to choose a more traditionally stable job from the beginning. 

You know, people often think the latter is a compromise, but don’t you feel like that’s a particularly Westernised concept? Compromise in the context of a career I mean. Not that I know anything about social studies, but compromise is important in life, and the skill should be valued. If you don’t compromise, you can never be happy. You want a house and nice car but you also want to blow millions on designer handbags, have a stress free life, 20 hour work week, go out to Tetsuya’s or some other high end restaurant every week, and a perfect family with a few dogs too? Most people can’t have everything. And in between these two media stereotypes is everyone else. There are all these shades in between, because humans, people, have a multitude of reasons why they want to pursue one recourse and not another, and I don’t think making a choice between the two (i.e. money or dreams), or literally choosing a course that is something in between the two (because there are a lot of well paying jobs you can get that are pretty enjoyable :D) should warrant negative judgement from others. 

So after the philosophical discourse, for some advice to balance between both, I think it’s important to understand that people’s dreams, or what people perceive to be their dreams rather, is usually formed by a pretty shallow understanding of what the job entails. When you work hard at something you become good at it. When you become good at something you enjoy doing it more. When you enjoy doing something, there is a good chance you will become passionate about it and it will become your dream. A lot of times, having an open mind and not rejecting from the start what you’re going to study means you’re going to find it interesting. 

Personally, that’s how I’ve somehow come to approach all my studies during high school which then led to an interest in science and eventually resulting in me choosing my current degree. To be honest, I kind of think it’s a difficult situation senior year students face. There are so many occupations out there, and how many do we actually know of, like literally understand what the day to day job entails? When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, there’s like a list of twenty jobs they list “I wanna be a doctor, lawyer, police officer, fire fighter, nurse, etc.” Gosh I even met a hairstylist-in-training my age who didn’t know what an optometrist was when I was in my first year. 

So you can totally balance both if you choose something remotely interesting and work hard at it. It’s very hard to hate something that you’re good at, particularly if it matches your personal values as well. For example, I really like helping people, so a health science was great for that. Optometry was kinda cool, but I was impartial to most health sciences, I felt like the optometrist career at the end suited me more because it was community-based. The more I studied optometry the more passionate I became about it. So I’m effectively making it my dream in that aspect, though I kind of like everything and anything so it doesn’t particularly feel like I’ve ever really had a “dream” just because 1. that word is raised on a pedestal and has the “best thing of my life” emotional baggage/connotations and 2. I would study almost anything if education was free (both literal fees and opportunity cost). 

Anyway, that was super fun to talk about! I don’t claim to know everything mind y’all, I just like discussing things so don’t witch hunt me :) I hope that helped you come to terms with whatever decisions that you decide to make, and helps you to understand the decisions that others make as well! 

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* Sleepover time! *:・゚✧*・゚✧

OWL help

The gender class is this sunday (finally) and I wanted to get some feedback an activity. We give the kids cards that have a specific gender variation, IE “person with a vulva who identifies as a boy”, “person w/ ambiguous sex characteristics who feels like a girl” and then we ask them questions about how their life would be different with that combination. The questions are:

would you dress differently?

would you have the same friends?

would your family and friend treat you differently?

would your school staff and community treat you differently?

would doctors and other officials treat you differently?

would society treat you differently?

would you like to do the same things you like to do now?

Are there any other questions I should add?

Why do we have to fall in love with a person who doesn’t feel the same way as we do?

Why do we have to cry at night thinking about the sense of lovin, letting go?

Game of Questions by I belong to the Zoo

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I'm annoyed that some csers are already shipping Wish Hook/Tiana and claiming that it's okay because he's not OUR Killian, and that our Killian is happy with Emma back in Storybrooke. Yet, they claim that the two of them are essentially the same person? How does that even work? It's completely contradictory. They think A&E can't destroy cs because they're not onscreen anymore, which is true, but there are ways to destroy the essence of a ship without needing it to be onscreen.

Okay, I’m going to take a deep breath because if you’re the same person that sent hate to my lovely M, we have a problem, because in no way shape or form, regardless how I feel about what’s going on, do I condone sending anon hate. That shit is just wrong.

If you’re not, I apologize.

Onto what you’ve said. I’m going to explain something. There’s such a thing as called multi-shipping, where people like a character and ship them with multiple people.

There are CSers out there that ship Killian with basically everyone on the show because, let’s be honest, the man oozes sex appeal, but that doesn’t mean that CS isn’t their OTP. 

Personally? I’m not a multi-shipper, but I don’t fault anyone that is because we aren’t here to tell people how they can or can not ship.

Now, putting aside the argument that’s happening between the fandom right now about whether WH is the real Killian or not, I haven’t actually seen anyone ship WH/Tiana, so perhaps you’re looking into things a little bit too much? (Because this is obviously about M’s post and she literally said:  Warning: This has nothing to do with CS so please don’t click if you’re still raw. So maybe you shouldn’t have looked? I didn’t.) 

She meant it as a joke because if anyone knows her, they should know that she’s fucking hilarious and will do anything just for a laugh. 

So there’s that.

You bringing up them being able to destroy the essence of a ship without it needing to be on screen, I completely agree with, and it’s one of the main reasons why I’m so upset with this whole WH.

If he is in fact real like they want us to believe, then his TL is Emma, that’s it. No if, ands, or buts about it, because what they have proven with TL is that it doesn’t matter what realm, what curse, or what time the “person” is in because they are meant to be together. 

Emotions are still high because no one knows what’s going to happen and ever since those pictures were released a while ago, people have been thinking the worst of them. It’s even worse now because of what happened in episode 2.

My advice? 

Ignore, blacklist, and unfollow. 

It’s the only thing that’s going to keep you sane.

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If you're all different people then why do you go on hiatus at the same time?

Why do you care?

It’s literally a coincidence, and it doesn’t happen very often. Just because I am on tumblr almost every day doesn’t mean I feel like answering asks that can contain difficult and triggering content. The same goes for the other mods. This stuff can be emotionally exhausting.

But apparently the effort we make here is still not good enough for you.

(Also, if you did even a minor amount of investigating you would find we all have personal blogs)

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I don't know about a receipt but their SF trip last week sold me. I mean, that single big ass suitcase for a weekend getaway? There was no official shoot, and we only saw them roaming around the streets of SanFran, so it must have been a personal getaway trip. So, for that big ass suitcase to appear, I imagine their clothes are mixed up in there, which would only be convenient if they came from and coming home to the same place. Cole's duffel bag must have been inside it too at the start.

mm, maybe? I don’t know. I still would think it’s possible to share a suitcase with your SO even if you aren’t living together. hell, I’ve done it before. 

like I said, I always just thought it was a “damn, you guys are always together, might as well live together” but they still do have their separate homes. correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the production company provide homes and housing for cast members? 

I’m tired of Cas’s decisions being constantly the Wrong One. Let him be right about something for fucks sake. With this new spoiler that Cas will make a deal with Lucifer, people are already starting to protest cause they’re assuming it’s the Wrong Choice again. 

We have no context for this deal, just that it’s about Jack. This could mean so many different things. Personally, my first thought was that they would trade Jack for Mary. But it could also be, “Hey we can’t handle Asmodeous, You, and Jack, at the same time. So help us deal with Asmodeous and then you have to fuck off with Jack in the nether world” OR something along those lines. I also don’t think it’s fair to say that a Right Minded Cas, would make a deal with Lucifer without the boys’ consideration again after all of his efforts to clean up what happened the last time.  

Which goes to show something else. We don’t know where Cas’s reasoning for doing this comes from. I personally like the idea that he’s gonna do a redux of The Born Again Identity, and come back with little to no memories of what has occured, other than that he was dead and now he’s back to full power. KInd of similar also to season 8 where Cas came back from purgatory and had No Idea how he got back, until Naomi made herself known. 

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet! I have hope that the writers won’t have Cas make a mistake regarding how he handles Lucifer again. Or at least, not without good reason. 

dunkhazard  asked:

yo where can i order that shit people keep postin pics of. love ya guys <3

so this is probably a good time to address this

we posted abt the red+blu collections like literally 1nce one time ever and the next day like all of them were spoken for and we even had like one person get in before we could set it to sold out and so i had to try and strap together an extra one on top of what me and mikah made initially

we have never..printed or distributed physical things before?? and we also didnt rly think yall fucked with us like that and so we did not make…even, like, kind of, enough

we wanna make more its just hard to do unless 2 of us are in the same location together and we all dumb broke

anonymous asked:

lmao thanks i never got the hype over retton like. yeah you won. but like. you wouldn't have if the ussr didn't boycott so i just can't take it that seriously or see it as that great i don't care if that is rude, still true

Same and if she were a good person and a positive force in the sport then I’d probably let it slide but………here we are.