and we have so many meetups ;;;

thank u so much for one k !!!!! omigoodness !!

tumblr truly has a lovely community full of wonderful people and i could not have expected so many of them to like my blog this fast, but i sure am glad ! i have made so many pals here from phandom events like secret santa n meetups as well as the lovely @phleurnet (even tho we r all furries) and the Super Cool @cooldnp net, and other friends too. also the @peachykeenphannies and @thecaltphanniesnet !! thank u all for talking to me ab everything from dnp to school to art to books, and supporting me n my blog. this blog has grown so much in the past few months ?? i remember last september when i had, what, forty followers when i was quaintlylester ??? im??? i remember when one of my all time fav blogs followed me in january and i almost cried, in shock of being noticed ! thank u for being such an exquisite bunch and although the phandom can be problematic it’s so amazing and on fire (sorri) in the end. here is a list of my beautiful mutuals and sorry for my blabbering !

few notes beforehand:

  • i follow through @crocusbees
  • it’s mostly dnp/partially dnp blogs so sorry if u are a dif type of blog n we are mutuals :’( i still love u a lot :’(
  • if u have a dnp sideblog i put that instead of main
  • if i tagged u n u don’t follow me feel free to whack me with a baguette
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  • sorry this is so long i wanted to include as many honeybuns as possible !


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Ease - Part 1

Genre: angst/fluff

Pairing: reader/taehyung

Length: 1.4k

Summary: You and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

A/N: This is my first fic so go easy on me! This parts sorta just an intro. It’s set in Korea but I’ve written the reader as being  from another (English speaking) country so I hope you can go along with that :)

Originally posted by jeonbase

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“Do you think we will stay friends at university?”

You heard Taehyung chuckle at your words. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Everything will be different in a month. New city, new people, new friends. I just… don’t want you forgetting about me, that’s all.”

Your view of the clear blue sky was suddenly obscured by a black-haired boy with a cheeky grin as he hovered over your head, a twinkle in his eye. “Y/N, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t forget about you if I tried,” Taehyung said, his smile growing wider. “We have a framed photo of you in our house, and there’s only so many times I can accidentally smash it.”

“Yah!” you exclaimed, pushing your friend’s chest so he fell back into the long grass you were both lying on, making him laugh at your reaction.

It was a few weeks until you both left for Seoul, or as Taehyung put it, a few weeks until he could finally dye his hair without his parents freaking out. You two had already discussed arrangements on meetups and film nights, but there was still that nagging worry in your chest that you were going to lose the closest friend you had.

Staring back up at the cloudless sky, you heard Taehyung giggling to himself before you felt his hand grab yours amongst the stalky grass.

“You’re my best friend, Y/N,” he said solemnly, “and I’d be a fool to ruin that.”

You let yourself be comforted by his words. Although you weren’t completely reassured, just feeling his warm hands wrapped around your fingers put you more at ease.

After so many tense days of waiting, the big move to university finally arrived. With only a few bags of your belongings, you were packed and on your way to Seoul. Sitting on the bus, with your head lulling against the window, you peered out onto the streets to admire your new home. As the bus drew ever closer to the place you would be staying, more and more butterflies made a nest in your stomach. Just the simple thought of meeting your housemates made your hands tremble slightly, which is why you had them jammed between your legs.  Your mind kept drifting back to when you moved to Korea, and how scared you were then about meeting your class for the first time.

Spotting your assigned classroom, you ran to the door whilst checking your watch. One minute to spare. Once inside, you looked around at all the students already seated at their desks, chatting to their friends or making one last text before the class started.

You shifted your weight from leg to leg, hoping to cover the shaking in your knees. Come on Y/N, get a grip. Just find a desk and sit down. Your eyes frantically searched for an empty chair, but there didn’t seem to be any available. A blush grew on your cheeks as you realised how many people began to stare at the new international student, standing gormlessly in the doorway of the classroom.

Just as you were considering turning around and leaving to save yourself from more embarrassment, the teacher at the front of the room cleared his throat. “Park Jimin, if you would like to sit on the chair instead of the desk, maybe there would be enough room for everybody.”

A boy, supposedly Park Jimin, had spread himself across two desks, and with a red face, he got up and slid behind the desk closer to the blackboard, creating room for you. Smiling gratefully at the teacher, you edged your way to the back of the classroom, plonking down on the chair with relief.

Just as your cheeks had cooled down and the teacher had begun the lesson, a scrunched-up piece of paper landed in front of you, flying in from the left. Looking at your neighbour, you found yourself staring at a pair of dancing eyes, belonging to a cute boy with a boxy grin. He wiggled his eyebrows, implying you to open the piece of paper. Intrigued, you opened it up and slowly deciphered his scruffy handwriting.

‘I’m Kim Taehyung and you got my friend, Park Jimin, told off. He was annoying me, so thanks. Owe you one. What’s your name?’

Smiling gently, you turned over the paper and wrote your name, hoping your Hangul handwriting was better than Taehyung’s. After returning it the paper to him, you got it thrown back at you with a new line of text underneath yours.

‘Hello Y/N. Want to eat with us at lunch?’

Ever since that first day several years ago, you and Taehyung had become glued at the hip. You shared the same sense of humour and you were both interested in the same things, and it made the move to South Korea a whole lot easier. Taehyung always helped you out when you needed it, whether it was improving your grammar or showing you the best food places in town, so you knew you could rely on him. Your parents were relieved that you had found a friend so quickly, and Taehyung’s parents had become like your own.

Even sitting on the bus on the way to your new city, you could imagine Taehyung sitting next to you blabbing on about a new video game he was obsessed with or how difficult he found the maths homework. His personality was infectious, bringing you warmth and comfort even when you felt your lowest. Perhaps that was why you had starting falling for him, and began to see him in a different light.

“Y/N! She’s coming this way! How do I look?”

Without removing your head from your locker, you reply, “You look great Tae. Who’s ‘she’ again?”

“You didn’t even look!” Taehyung whined. “It’s Yeji! The girl who I’ve been talking about for the last three months? Have you been listening to me?”

You turned and looked at Taehyung, your heart sinking a little when you heard the name ‘Yeji’. You knew you were jealous; only jealousy could describe the panging sensation you got whenever Taehyung stared lustfully at another girl, or when he would comment how pretty Yeji was. She was pretty, so you assumed that that was where the jealousy was originating from. It had to be, surely?

Yeji walked past with her friends, chatting about exams and how much work they were doing. Taehyung looked straight at her, his dark brown eyes following her every move, but not once did Yeji look his way.

When she was a safe distance away, Taehyung let out a wail and dropped his head onto your shoulder, pretending to have a sob. “She doesn’t even know I exist!” he cried, tufts of his soft hair tickling your neck.

As you patted his head and breathed in his honey scent, you tried to ignore how your heart rate had increased and palms had become clammy. Just jealousy, you told yourself. Just jealousy.

“How about grabbing some pizza on the way home? I’ll let you choose the film,” you offered.

Taehyung stood up straight at your words, his eyes shining once more. “This is why we’re friends,” he grinned, linking his arm through yours before pulling you down the corridor.

That’s all you two would ever be: friends. When that realisation stung your heart, you knew deep down that Taehyung meant more to you than you’d ever imagined.

Shaking your head, you pushed those feelings aside. I’ll tell him, you told yourself. I’ll tell him next time I see him. But for now: housemates.

When you came to realise you liked Taehyung more than a friend, all you’d ever done was push those feelings aside. You didn’t want to ruin what you already had, and what you had was a friendship most people only dream of. He’d tell you his darkest secrets, and you’d share your greatest ambitions, but you also made him laugh with your stories of your home country, and he would always crack a joke to lighten the mood.

Climbing out of the bus, you wished for the thousandth time that Taehyung was standing next to you. He was probably excited to meet his housemates, and probably friends with them all already by now.

Taking a deep breath, you rang the doorbell to your share house.


To celebrate OmgcpLondon’s 1st Birthday, we’re having a big meetup on:

Saturday 20th May,

2pm- 5pm,

Southbank Centre, London

We’d love to see as many people there as possible so everyone is welcome, whether this is your first meetup or tenth!

There will be games, food, laughter, general nerding out about this comic and celebratory pie!

We will post more details closer to the day, but if you have any questions please just message myself @hazelwickpepperweb or @itsybittle in the meantime :)


Apparently people still dont know we exist for UK based fans so please REBLOG this so we can spread the word!

anonymous asked:

Do you view your subscribers as friends? or as fans? or both? I definitely have internet friends, but I've never had people follow my content, and I'm just curious what it is like.

i def try to stray from the word ‘fans’, and was put off by Thrive Market’s use of the phrasing, “Qcknd’s Fans!” for their coupon code. But if it helps you guys save money, like, atleast that’s cool. (it wasn’t an affiliate code, just something nice they did for my video, so like that was cool of them, no diss i’m just saying, ‘fans’ feels weird)
And a lot of people who subscribe to my channel have become my friend! and I do try and keep in contact with everyone from the Qcknd meetup from last year. 
but like i mentioned the other day, some of my subscribers aren’t fans at all, they’re just weird haters? Or swimfans i guess you could say.

So I don’t know. I don’t want to overanalyze, or make any finite statements, but I think what we have here is a little different than other channels. I think the channel offers a lot of advice, or experence based information, and that brings a lot of people together who seek information like that, and in that, often try to give back in a similar regard. 
There’s SO many times where I see a questioned on my channel answered by someone who got to it before me, and honestly, it’s ALL love. Comment threads of support for one another, people wishing each other happy birthday, or complementing one another. 

I think this is all behavior of a ‘community’ and not necessarily a fandom, and honestly, that’s really fucking cool, so idk. 
So i like to think of it like that, a community I belong in, and share with others. 

(Post Nap)Stretch~

Ketchup is going to NorCal Corgi Con next Sunday! I hope we can meet some new corgi and hooman friends in the area! At the Mountain View meetup today someone was saying 500+ corgis are going this year! It’s hard to believe there are so many of us. :) 

Ketchup had a blast at last year’s corgi con, and is very excited to go again. For anyone planning to go make sure you bring plenty of water for you and the pup. Arrive early as parking spots are hard to find. Also poo bags, you can never have too many of those. 

orphan black s5 finale meetup watch party thingy maybe???

hello friends so @delphines and i were chatting and the idea of having a lil meetup/watch party for the season 5 finale came up since it’s the last ever episode and we wanna cry as a group. it’d be super sweet and a rly nice way to say goodbye to the show!! obviously this is open to everyone worldwide but it’d probably be somewhere in the UK!!

if people are interested give this post a like/reblog and make sure to spread the word so as many ppl who would be interested know this may happen!!!

Crème de la Crème: 29


“That ass is looking fat!” Tish screamed as we walked out of the gym. I shook my head and rolled my eyes at her irritating ass. “Why are you so damn loud and stop!” I exclaimed as she slapped my ass hard. 

“What you been doing? You getting some dick?” She asked with a smirk. I rolled my eyes playfully at her. “Girl, now you know I’ve been working out like crazy.” 

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been working out like crazy, trying to get my body right for the annual work trip that was coming up soon. Ashton hadn’t officially told us exactly who was actually going on the trip but I had already started packing and working on my summer body so no one couldn’t tell me I wasn’t going. 

I couldn’t wait, though. I really needed a damn vacation, if only Ashton ass wasn’t going. We still haven’t talked very much since he threatened to write me up for telling his precious Adrienne off. 

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Meetup Intro Post

Hello everyone!

I don’t do selfies, but I want to say hi for the meetup!  I’ve been really into Kingsman since I first saw it over the summer back in 2015, and I can’t wait for more material!

My blog is Kingsman (and Hartwin) heavy but still multi-fandom.  Right now there will probably be quite a bit of Wonder Woman, since I loved it, and Star Trek Discovery, since I’m really excited for it.

You can find my fic over on AO3.  I mainly write Hartwin, but I also like multiple pairs and OT3s (and OT4s) involving Harry, especially Harroxy and Merhartwin- as well as Roxelle, Percilot, and a few others.  I also recently made this list of the fics I’m working on at the moment.  I’m a slow writer and easily distracted by shiny things (which is why there are so many) so feel free to poke me about anything you’d especially like to see before the sequel comes out.  

There are lots of lovely people in this fandom- too many to name- and I feel like I’m the “polite acquaintance” around here because I’m not very social by nature.  But if we’ve ever interacted at all I totally love you, and if we haven’t yet don’t be shy (says one of the shyest people on the planet).   

Anyway, that’s my introduction.  Now I have to go and finish editing the fic I promised myself I would post today!

Hey y’all, I’ve overcome my writer’s block which lasted more than a year. I actually started writing poems (or something like them), and just feel like posting one of them :) Let me know what you think of it and maybe I will post one from time to time. Depends ^^ Dedicated to a former friend of mine.

The End

 Ten years we have been friends
So many experiences we made, bringing us closer
Heavy Metal, Whisky, being an adult
And we thought, we had grown together
And therefore we’d be inseparable forever 

Together, we finished school
Together, we suffered from many hangovers
Together, we had amazing meetups
Together, we were happy
Together, we were at the most magical nights and concerts 

Green Day, Die Toten Hosen, Sabaton, Van Canto…
And, as finishing point, Iron Maiden 

What a magic night that was,
Seeing people in action
Whose friendship has lasted for forty years
And we thought we’d be the same,
Side by side, singing “Blood Brothers” for the rest of our lives
But it was you who made that gender exclusive
And from then on, it was all going down 

When I look at you,
I don’t feel anything
But sadness and emptiness
When you look at me, I see your alienation
And although we are together physically,
I’m feeling alone
Our years have faded to nothing 

All the words we exchanged,
How we’d be friends for eternity
How nothing would come between us
Are worthless now
Because only one of us took them serious

You say you don’t see it
You say you feel I’m in disguise
You say our friendship wasn’t about emotions anyway 

I am happier than ever, regardless
I am feeling like myself finally
I was ready to make our friendship deeper 

Now, it’s reached its final destination
Now, I can only hope that
One day, you will see, how good
I am feeling now, and that one day,
We can be friends together again

A Little Too Late Part 25

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 25

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: angst and a little fluff

A/N: I used a Lucifer gif because this is MAINLY a Lucifer part! Now with Lucifer involved, are things gonna get more complicated for the reader? Will Lucifer do anything just to get close to the reader? ;) Are his intentions real? We’ll find out soon enough <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!

You can find the masterlist for this series HERE!

Gabriel sat you down in a chair taking a seat in between Cas and Balthazar.  This felt like a lecture; you weren’t a fan of lectures either.  You rolled your eyes at the three angels as their eyes locked onto you.

“Oh come on, just tell me,” you whined.  “Or do I have to ask Lucifer?”

Their expressions became tense at the mention of Lucifer’s name.  It seemed that Lucifer was a weak spot for the angels.  You were going to make note of that for future use.  Gabriel ran a hand through his hair before he spoke, “I will make this short and sweet [Y/N].  There will be a great sacrifice made to save your life.  I’m not talking about a human or animal sacrifice either.  I mean someone is going to take a bullet for you.  Or something to that extent.”

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RTX 2017 Announcement?????

Hello my dear readers! I’ve got good news–I, the author, will be at RTX this summer! Unfortunately my co-writer cannot make it, but I will still be there.

So since this is the time of year where a bunch of the community comes together, I wanted to see if maybe I could meet some of you! I’ll probably have goodies of some kind, like stickers or little prints or something (haven’t quite decided yet).

I’m going to give people a way to find me anyway, but I wanted to gauge interest for a meetup. If there’s enough of you, we can choose a time and place! (Once the RTX schedule comes out anyway)

So if you’re going to RTX and have any interest in finding me, then let me know on this post! You can like it or comment on it or whatever. (It’ll also let me know how many stickers or whatever to print, once I figure that out!)

I think I have decided on my lineup order for otakuthon

So far, it’s Chris on thursday to go get the passes (then me and lina are gonna go and skate :D and also eat shit ton of food)

Then friday it’ll be Qilb, Saturday Chris again (I think many people will be yoi on that day…) and the amai on sunday

Now this may change, considering meetups haven’t been decided. So I’ll just see on e we get there

all the ML fics where there’s a meetup under the eiffel tower are clearly written by people who have never had to meet someone at the eiffel tower

it is the Worst Place in Paris to meet someone

it’s HUGE. there are SO MANY PEOPLE. you can get lost.

some of my friends DID get lost.


The last Otakon in Baltimore was absurdly hot and humid so full armor was probably not the best idea but whoops we did it anyway! Didn’t even bother going over to the inner harbor but we had a good time all the same. 

We had the very excellent opportunity to meet and hang out with so many impressive cosplayers at the Bioware meetup like @missbirb @the-crazzy-one @crimsonhawkecosplay and @safetytank and may have even peeped @dangerous-ladies waiting for the Fire Emblem meetup but we weren’t super sure :3c

We are very excited to make the move to DC next season !! :)


Hey everyone- Vix here! Thanks to all who came to the Owari no Seraph Meetup at Anime Midwest 2016! It was a little bit of a hassle for me to get the word out because of Midwest’s inability to establish locations for meetups until the last possible second, but we had a lovely turn-out of characters.

I may post the pictures here later, but for now, have some selfies and shenanigans and some group shots.

I was Guren on Friday and Mika on Saturday. :) 

there’s only seven days left until the end of Homestuck. Homestuck is ending. let that sink in for a moment. not just the words, or the thought, but the meaning of it. Homestuck, the comic that brought so many of us together. Homestuck, the literary work that has surpassed popularity achieved by hailed and respected authors. Homestuck, the largest fanbase on the Internet for the longest time. Homestuck, the comic that brought laughter in my heart and tears in my eyes. Homestuck, the comic that helped me pull myself out of a very dark time in my life to the person who I am now. Homestuck, the comic that everyone remembers fondly but with the fanbase they sometimes don’t. Homestuck, which taught me and so many others life skills that we might never have learned besides. Homestuck, a legend. for the last seven days, I want it all back. the good parts, the bad parts, all of it. restore it to its former glory, I want to see it one last time. the cosplays. the roleplays. the voice acting. the shipping. the theories. the headcanons. the music videos. lyricstuck. AU’s. mambostuck. you can’t fight the Homestuck. octopimp. buckets. Faygo. meetups. the inside jokes, from hussielips to horses to apple juice to “FUCKASS” and to Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.

not all of you love it now as you did then, but if anything, bring it back only for a moment. think to yourself about the best times. we only have seven days to say goodbye for good. goodbye to John Egbert, heir of breath with a fear of harlequins and a love for terrible movies. goodbye to Rose LaLonde, seer of light, with her loves of knitting, Lovecraft, and wizards. goodbye to Dave Strider, knight of time with a love of irony and the worst raps you’ve ever heard. goodbye to Jade Harley, witch of space and one of the most wholesome, lovable characters I have ever met, with her love of science and squiddles, but denies she is a furry. goodbye to everyone, whom I have loved and cherished for so long.

we only have seven days. make the most of it.

Merry Phrackmas 2017/How Murder Under the Mistletoe Really Ended

Mele Kalikimaka from Maui, loves!!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to this amazing fandom!! Wishing all of you a wonderful time with loved ones and much joy and happiness!!

Inspired by my very first Slack rewatch, here is a GIF, or shall we say a clip for the BTS of Murder Under the Mistletoe! :P Let’s all say, the alternative version of this episode had Phryne and Jack returning to the dimly lit parlor to replay their thwarted holiday kiss, nightcaps in hand!

It was so wonderful to chat with you lovely ladies on Slack!! Thank you @thehonorablemrsmccarthy for the much needed encouragement to join (and for having dinner with me!! My first Phrack Pack meetup!! Hope to see a bunch of you in Vegas next year)!! Will try to tag as many as I can from the convo, but sorry if I missed ya (still trying to cross-reference all the usernames)!! @foxspirit1928, @michele02132, @whilenotwritingmyphd, @jeneenp, @221aubrina, @omgimsarahtoo, @firesign23. Also dedicated to this amazing Phrack Pack!! @lunalove-blr, @phrynesboudoir, @izzyandlouie, @ladyroxie, @missingmissfisher, @rithebard, @gaslightgallows, @sadlyoutofideas, @ladygrayluvs, @crazycatschickenlady, @zenobia-at-blithedale, @phrynephile, @citysouthnorth, @disneyoncerlover815, @kanste, @slimwhistler, @dpshimmyshimmy, @balticprincess, @hello-beaniebeanie, @politicalwhovianblog, and all of you darlings!!! Much love to you all!! <3 <3 <3


i can’t believe homestuck is finally over!!! holy shit!! gosh it feels so so so strange to be able to say that for real… homestuck is over… homestuck is over. homestuck has ended. there was a time where i had begun to think i’d never see the day, and yet some part of me had secretly hoped i’d never have to. but all things must come to an end eventually. even homestuck.

and what can i say other than what a literally fucking life changing journey this has been.

i first got on board with homestuck in late 2009, a few months or so after it had begun. a good internet friend of mine, holly, had been reading it for a while and was desperate for people to talk about it with, so she started pestering me about it. i finally threw caution to the wind and jumped in when she showed me pics of WV and can town like “look at this amazing shit you’re missing out on”. she was right. i did look at this amazing shit i was missing out on and thought, “holy shit, this is some amazing shit im missing out on”. by the time i caught up, act 2 had only just ended, with only a small handful of pages of act 3 available. WV: Ascend is still one of my personal favourite [S] pages to this day. not only was it virtually the last thing i got to see before catching up and having to start waiting for upd8s, but its also the first time HS really pulls back the curtain and gives you a real glimpse of the true scale of this story thats only just beginning to unfold. it really sets the tone and makes you feel like you’re getting into something truly epic.

and SHIT boy, it just started getting better and better from there!! i even ended up managing to drag my sister into it as well, because just talking to one friend online about it wasnt cutting it anymore!! this shit was so good, and i needed more ppl to yell at. and well, to be perfectly honest, i really didnt have very many friends back then, in real life OR online. but ive always been really close w/ me sis so of course i was gonna drag her along for the ride.

like a year and a half later, in april 2011, my sis and i were going to attend our first con together, brisbane supanova. homestuck was right in the thick of act 5.2 by this point, and we were both HELLS of into it, so we were wondering if we’d see any homestuck cosplays there. we kinda doubted it tho, homestuck still felt like this weirdly niche internet thing back then, and on top of that we lived in australia, where basically nothing cool ever happens. yet to our surprise we did end up seeing a few homestucks about. not many, but a few. enough to be REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT. there was even a john wearing the wise guy slime suit and they had a fear no anvil hammer!! and at one point we were even standing in line for food and we happened to see a really good Dave cosplay walk by, with a SORD and everything!! without a second thought, or even a first, we both ran straight out of the line to chase him down and get a photo. it wasnt until after the encounter that we realised… fuck… we lost our place in the queue lmao. it was worth it tho. totally worth it.

later on that very same day, i was waiting outside the bathrooms for my sis, and out of the ladies room came this adorable karkat cosplayer. i didnt talk to them, tho, and then my sis came out right after and i pointed like “look!! karkat!!” and she told me that yes, she already saw her in the bathroom, and even got a photo. lmao.

our first ever con was a lot of fun, the highlights definitely being the handful of homestucks we happened to see. i wasnt really even expecting to see one, let alone a handful… and apparently, neither were they!! after supanova weekend, i was checking out the MSPA forums (rip) and i stumbled upon a new thread somebody had made saying they were an aussie homestuck fan, brisbane local, and that they were surprised and excited to have seen a few homestucks at the supanova they just attended over the weekend, and wanted to know if there were anymore brisbane local homestucks lurking the MSPA board and if they wanted to organize some kinda fan meetup in the city sometime. enough excited responses started popping up and eventually the plans were settled.

i was definitely interested in going, tho i was really nervous about it. im a pretty shy person in general, and these were a bunch of complete strangers, not to mention that brisbane is like an hour train ride from where i live, and is also a city i was not familiar with. and i was gonna have to go all by myself, because sis was busy that weekend. i almost didnt go because it sounded so daunting, but i ultimately decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge because HOMESTUCK!!!

the plan was to meet by the wheel of brisbane, which was. easy enough to find, even for someone stupid like me who didnt know the city. the main thing i was worried about was actually finding the people because i didnt know what any of them looked like. we were all strangers!! luckily some of them had homestuck shirts so once i spotted a conspicuous crowd of Nerds standing around with a couple of HS shirts i was like. welp. there they are. my people. i swallowed my nervousness and went over and said hi.

it was a good day. no, a GREAT day!! there were about 12 of us at the meetup, and after introductions, breaking the ice was pretty easy since we all had the common interest of homestuck to spend literally all day as a group discussing and laughing about as we wandered the city. we even took a photo together of us all laying all sprawled out on a set of steps into the botanic gardens like we were all pieces of shit who failed to heed our bros warning of stairs. they told us, dog.

at one point we attempted to cross the road at a stoplight but half the group got stuck on the other side of the road. “haha, we’re roadstuck” somebody said. i dont remember who it was, but that became The Big Meme of the day, and went on to become the name of the facebook group that was set up later that night for us to all keep in touch and arrange future meetups and hangouts. over the following months, we met up more and more, word started spreading, and little by little more local brisbane homestucks began to hear about us and our group began to grow and grow.

it was amazing. i was having the time of my life. in such a short amount of time i had gone from having almost no irl friends, to having almost more friends than i knew what to do with!!! homestuck had helped brighten my life in ways i never expected. heck, i even ended up finding my first ever girlfriend through roadstuck. remember that karkat cosplayer i mentioned we saw at our first supanova?? that was her!! of course we didnt realize that until quite a bit later. she didnt make it to the first couple meetups, and once she did we didnt recognize her as the karkat either. it wasnt until she one day mentioned she cosplayed karkat once and showed us a pic that we put it together!! how… serendipitous!! ((btw we arent together that way anymore, not for a long time now, for reasons that are really neither here nor there, but we are still BEST FRIENDS FOREVER to this day, which is even better if u ask me!!))

during the heyday of roadstuck, we used to have huge group chats on facebook basically all the time, every night. with so many of us in the group, these were a blast, and it was always active at almost all hours of the day. there were enough of us that there was always SOMEONE online. oh, i should mention!! one particularly fateful night in the roadstuck group chat is where my nickname seab first came about!! typos of our names became quite a meme in the group, and a number of my friends still go by these nicknames today!!

ohh, lets not forget one of the most iconic moments in homestuck history. one that happened in late 2011. the night that the end of act 5 was released, aka the day homestuck destroyed the internet. [S] Cascade!!! what a night that was!! ahh!! it was my birthday too!! my birthday is 10/25, one of the homestuck magic numbers. getting to finally sit down together with my sister, and watch this 13 minute epic, on my bithday, after months of anticipation, during the very height of our homestuck craze, screaming and giggling together as we flipped our shit over stuff like the screen starting to get bigger as jack was charging the red miles, and the kids going god tier, and then logging onto facebook to scream about it all night with the roadstuck crew… it was truly special, and remains one of my most treasured birthday memories to this day.

it was also around this time in late 2011 that i started to get into using tumblr!! i had already made a blog earlier in the year, but i only made a single pointless post and then abandoned it forever. but once a bunch of ppl in the roadstuck gang started getting way into it, i decided to get in on the fun too. i didnt really know much about what the point of tumblr was for a while but it was pretty fun using it as another social platform for fun times w/ the pals. it also ended up being a pretty good place to start sharing my silly homestuck videos i had been making occasionally in my spare time!!

speaking of, remember my [S] ancestors: whats going on video i made in march 2012?? lmao!! that really shot me into The Big Time and got me my first really huge influx of followers on here. some people started calling me a BNF (“big name fan”) for a little while!! can you believe that video has almost a MILLION views now?? i sure cant!! thats still so crazy to me!! one time, at another supanova, a friend introduced me to their friend as “the person who made the ancestors whats going on video” and their friend was really ecstatic like OMG NO WAY. that was a surreal experience, having someone who didnt even know me excited by my presence, as if i was someone of legitimate importance, and not just some silly kid who cries a lot and has too much time on their hands.

anyway, roadstuck, as it was, doesnt exist anymore, because… of reasons… but the friends i made still do, and thats what counts, because it turns out the real homestuck was the friends i made along the way, and im thankful for them all each and everyday. 

in fact it was through meeting so many different kinds of people during our time in roadstuck, and the stuff i started to read about as i spent more and more time on tumblr, that i first started to learn about trans people and gender and sexuality and all that stuff, which really opened my eyes to the world and helped me begin to understand things about myself i had struggled with for years without realizing!! who knows if i ever would have learned about all this stuff if i never got into homestuck???

it is honestly no joke when i say homestuck literally changed my life. all the friends ive made these past 6 and a half years, my identity and sense of self, my entire livelihood, everything i care about, its all thanks to homestuck, and i genuinely have no idea where i would be, who i would be, or what my life would be like today if it werent for this silly webcomic. i owe literally everything i am today to it and i can’t thank andrew hussie enough for what the past 6 and a half years has meant to me.

the end of homestuck is not just the end of a long-running webcomic 7 years in the making, but the end of a huge, incredibly important chapter of my life, and sitting down with my sister one final time to watch [S] Act 7, and say farewell to all these characters, some of my most favourite fictional characters ever, who have been with me every step of the way all these years, and getting to see them all finally be safe, happy, and living their lives together freely and peacefully after everything they’ve been through… just… its indescribably moving and im beside myself with emotions.

thank you, homestuck. thank you all the artists and musicians for all your hard work taking me on this incredible journey. thank you my dear friend holly, for pestering me into reading it in the first place all those years ago.

thank you, andrew hussie. thank you for my life

you’re literally my hero, and i just started crying as i was typing this sentence so i think it’s time to wrap this up before my tears start making it too hard to type. bye homestuck!!! im gonna miss you so much!! keeping up with the updates and discussing theories and meeting new friends and learning new things about myself has been some of the most fun ive ever had in my life!! ill never forget you homestuck!! BYYYEE!! WAHHH!!!