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Q&A Disaster//Shawn Mendes

Touring with Shawn wasn’t what I expected, I’ve seen so many beautiful places, people and monuments but nothing compares to home.

Today is the last show of the illuminate world tour, it’s been a bumpy road but we got through it. I can tell Shawn is exhausted, wanting to give every show his all. He was a perfectionist, that’s the only thing I dislike about his personality.

Q&A has always been the Hardest part for Shawn, being so close and intimate with the people who’ve supported him since the very beginning, he is who he is because of them. He just wants to give them everything
I stand near the back beside Matt and Andrew, sometimes Brian if he join’s shows, jake and a venue security guard stand in close proximity to Shawn, making sure nobody tries anything.
I wasn’t really paying attention, I’ve heard the questions a million times already, as has Shawn. Yet he still manages to Answer with so much enthusiasm.

“You there, in the red crop top.” Shawn points to a girl near the back, she looked about 13 or 14.
“What’s your question honey?” He smiles making the girl blush.
“My question is actually about Y/N.” my head rises at mention of my name, Shawn smirks.

“Go on.” He told her, I listened carefully I’m not sure they knew I was even here; i was so kept to the back Even Shawn couldn’t see me at first

.“How is it being in a relationship with someone who isn’t as good as you?, no offence but Y/N seems like a bitch you deserve better.” My heart dropped, I always knew Shawn’s fans thought I was undeserving of his love and affection, I never thought they’d say it to his face. I was scared of his reaction, Shawn tends to get very annoyed easily at people who insult me or our relationship, whereas I’m used to it.

What he said next though shocked me. “Excuse me? Not as good as me? No honey you have it all wrong Y/N is TOO good for me, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve her. She’s amazing and beautiful and kind. Anyone in the world would be lucky enough to have her but She’s mine. I don’t mean any disrespect but you don’t know Y/N or our relationship. This is just plain disrespectful.” The girl turned Crimson red and apologised profusely, Shawn just shook it off and ignored her.

He was irritated for the rest of the Q&A, even ended it 10 minutes shorter than usual, I walked into view with Andrew and Matt beside me, the girl’s face drops, everyone whispers. I’ve grown accustomed to Shawn’s fans talking behind my back, some even dare to say it to my face. I don’t react, why should I? Those girls don’t matter To me, They never will. Before Leaving I utter a few words of advice to her, “before you talk smack about someone make sure they’re not around.“

Okay so my hair is such a mess because I just got out of the shower and it’s still drying into a crazy, Puerto Rican mess of curls.

But I wanted to squeal and show off my new shirt! A close friend of mine who I will just call Y (she doesn’t have an account but is cool with me saying this), got me this shirt and it just came in. She calls it a ‘super late birthday/please don’t cry over your ex’ gift.

It was a surprise to me when I got it in my mailbox today so I’m honestly so grateful my friend did something this kind? She’s the best. ❤❤❤

If anyone’s curious, she ordered it from my Redbubble favorite list (we both have access to each others list so we can send gifts we know the other person will like), so I can give you the artist’s name if you want.

I’m just SO excited to have this! Im broke to the extreme so it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get something nice for myself. And this is based on Roddy’s shirt in his holoform! It matches my blog! :3

Sorry darlings I’m not trying to brag and I hope I’m not annoying anyone. I just figured I’d share! ❤



Aww shit, they done messed up and let a real bitch get up here! What’s up South Harmon?! [she holds for reaction clearing her throat obnoxiously loud] So all y'all graduating, huh? All this black excellence in one room! [she looks out at the crowd and points at an olive skinned girl] You too boo! You go girl! Anyways. They got me up here to do the closing prayer. I guess one wasn’t enough. But we gonna get this out the way. Bow your heads, please. [pointing at a male student in the crowd] Boy if you don’t bow your big ass head! [clearing her throat once more she begins the prayer] Dear God, it’s ya girl, Tiff! What’s up, man. That flight over here was not cool, that plane shaking almost took ya girl out. Chill next time. But bless these young people graduating today. Have their student loans mysteriously erased. Allow them to actually find jobs with these degrees and not have to trap and strip. Bless the underclassmen watching to finish and be in these same seats when their time comes. Bless sister girl that just tore that last song up. Bless my credit score just a few more points so I can finance that Bentley and most importantly let this check from this school clear. Amen.


“It’s time for bed Xenon! Your brother’s already asleep!” Saphira called. “Coming mom!” The little Xenon ran into the bed room where his mom was sitting on his bed. He hoped up and sat in her lap. “Are you going to tell me a story mom?” He asked. “Of course son, what would you like to hear?” She replied as she held her son close. 

“I want to hear the one about my first birthday when I messed up the cake.” He giggled. She giggled as well, “Alright. Well it was your first birthday and you were a very good boy that year and we wanted you to have a wonderful day. 

We got you a chocolate cake all for yourself, it was a small one and you were so excited, we could feel how happy you were. You were so excited you went face first into the cake. You giggled loudly as you ate your cake with chocolate icing all over your face.”

Xenon giggled, “I made a mess.” Saphira kissed his cheek, “You sure did my little angel. Now it’s time for bed.” She said as she got up and tucked him in. “Thanks mom. I love you.” He said yawning. Saphira turned off his lamp and kissed his skull again. “I love you too sweetie, goodnight.” 

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Ooooh loki!!! I love at the end that despite the drop in glamour making loki colder Tony still held on as if nothing had changed!! They are so cute!!

Lol yes. Even though later we find out that because of the dark tony didn’t KNOW why everything got colder, he didn’t know it was Loki’s glamour. So even without an explanation, he still just wanted to snuggle close and keep dancing. Which is the cutest omg


Applications close in two weeks! If anyone’s thought about applying but hasn’t yet, remember to do so soon.

Application turnout has been so much better than I ever expected it to be, thanks to everyone who’s shown interest in the zine so far!

I just wanted to pop in with some extra info we’ve gotten together since the last update we’ve had

We’ve got a name for our zine now! We set up a vote on twitter and we’ve decided on Time After Time for our title (yknow, like the Cyndi Lauper song). We’ve updated our blog header to suit that too

On that note, we’ve got a twitter set up for updates @SDC_Famzine that should be updating regularly with info once we’ve got applications and everything sorted out for anyone who uses that more than tumblr. We wanna be able to branch out to as many artists as we can!

Thanks again for everyone’s support!

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hello could i request ryan crying or something? like, i don't know, he's crying from fear or stress or a mix of both and he just,,,loses it? and shane tries to calm him down but shane's bad at feelings so he's like ??? but ryan appreciates the effort anyways lmao rip sorry this is so long!!! i just wanna see my boy cry

A/N: I consider myself a coward shitfish because I’m sarcastic and mean like Shane but also a scaredy cat like Ryan so I was like hmmm what spooky shit has made me cry? And then I remembered this piece of evidence that Ghost Hunters got at the Eastern State Penitentiary and hERE WE ARE

If you want to watch to footage here it is

“Holy fucking shit– Shane.”


“You’re not going to believe me.”


“Okay, asshole, but—No, watch, just watch.” Ryan shuffled close to Shane, trembling fingers working the controls of the camera as he rewound the footage. “Shit—Are you ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Shane said dryly.

Ryan clicked ‘play’. After a moment, the grainy footage on the screen shifted with movement, making Shane frown and glance down the walkway they were currently standing on. That couldn’t be right.

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Clearly, there needs to be another drunken shenanigans fic where Slater, baby Bray, and Jo complain about being sooooooooooooo far from their respective boyfrans. (Possibly via conference call? Off-season bro trip get together?)

Okay well this got away from me and I eventually just cut myself off. So I’m sorry for the way it just kind of…ends. But I hope you enjoy it all the same!! These three are so silly to write. 

Warnings for sex talk but no actual sex. 

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So i would like to ask something. Im actually trying to be polite. What makes you think shipping a 18 year old with a 25 year old is socially acceptable? I really just wanna know. Not trying to hate, thanks.

Lol I don’t even ship Sheith but buddy, my pal, amigo…you do know the handbook got debunked as canon by the creators, right? Which means there’s STILL NO CANON AGES. WHICH MEANS SHIRO ISN’T CANONLY 25.

And even if he was, can we say it all together class, just like Lauren Montogomery and Jaoquim Dos Santos,


AND…if it was canon, Keith is legally an adult, and he’s not some undeveloped brain compared to 25 year olds either. He’s the fucking current head of Voltron. And he and Shiro are very close and have a healthy, NON ABUSIVE relationship.

So that’s my answer.


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco

The Simon story.

Matt asks Louis if he’s ever had an experience with Simon Cowell where he thought, that’s just very Simon-like of you. 

Louis: ‘There is one, that - I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about it before, just thinking if I can… One of the first few shows we did for one direction. I was new to it, straight out of Doncaster obviously, just started drinking - that kind of thing. So I had a drink before one of our first gigs, and obviously I was nervous as well, so I thought - well I’ll just have a couple of beers. I ended up being really, really drunk on this show. This again, one of the first things we did. And I woke up to a text, to find out that I was going to LA the next morning - flown out, I was sat thinking on the plane ‘what is coming next’. And I landed at Simon’s, and he gave me a little dressing down. It was positive, but he gave me a little dressing down. It was positive, but it certainly felt like the scary Simon you see on tv.’

Matt: “He flew you out to Los Angeles so he could give you a ticking off?”

Louis: Yeah, in true Simon style, you know, business class, the four seasons, but that’s his kind of –

Matt: “What a punishment, I wish I got on the wrong side of him more. So it was just a free holiday, which is lovely. And - and did he – I assume he didn’t raise his voice, that he just said – was he like very calm, was he passive aggressive? And kind of like, listen I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.”

Louis: ‘It was that disappointed vibe yeah, very calm yeah, but yeah’

Matt: “So you were literally in his house for what – like an hour or two and then left?”

Louis: ‘Yeah, well he gave me like the dressing down at first sight, maybe five ten minutes, and then we actually had a proper chat. And honestly, if I hadn’t have had that chat with Simon then, I don’t think we’d be as close as we are now, you know what I mean, I do really feel like he’s got my back, you know, I’ve done quite a lot with him even outside of One Direction. And actually I think it was vital for me as an individual and also our relationship yeah.” 

This was a sad Eurovision for Spain not because we lost, but because we wanted zero points SO BAD we got frustrated when someone gave us five.


Oh god, so I just saw the spoiler that said we’ll see Magnus and Alec interact in a location that holds special memories for them. And immediately that sent my mind reeling, because there have certainly been amazing malec moments through the series, but most of them aren’t connected by a certain location. There’s Magnus’ loft, but I doubt it will be there because there are so many special memories that it would be hard to be specific. It wouldn’t make sense to send them to Tokyo either. Then I remembered this picture from the sdcc trailer:

I made a post earlier that theorized that this moment is when Alec feels Jace dying. But I never really looked closely at where they were. I just figured it was some room in the Institute. But that spoiler got me thinking, and there is a pretty special place where we see those same stained glass windows wrapped in vines. Look to the top right of this picture…

I’m not going to make any assumptions about how the scene will play out. I just thought I would put this out there for us to cry over. I’m currently typing through my tears and we still have a full day to wait for the episode. I am not okay. 

BTS reaction to: You sitting on their lap

Enjoy ;)


Jin watched you crawl across the couch with a curious expression.  You said noting as you placed yourself snugly on his lap and smiled. He felt his cheeks heat up at your actions and gave a nervous laugh. If you two were alone I would be a different story, but it just so happens a you were in the dorms. With all the boys. Watching a movie.  So he leaned in and whispered in your ear

Ahh princess if we were alone right now I would have had you pinned to the couch already.

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He had his head tilted back slightly and his eyes closed. You were sitting next to him watching the tv when you got rather bored.  Yoongi raised and eyebrow in his “sleep” when your weight shifted from next to him to on him. You smiled at his surprised expression despite his eyes being closed. You wanted a better reaction out of him so you wiggled your hips. His raised eyebrows furrowed and he groaned. Finally opening his eyes and smirking. Needless to say you two nearly broke the couch.

You did this to yourself Kitten

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You and Hobi were playing Video games and you were losing. And he was playing dirty, literally. Catching you off guard and squeezing your leg or running his hand along your inner thigh. Anything that would leave you flustered so he could pull ahead.  And it was working greatly for him. So when he began to pull further ahead you caught him off guard by throwing yourself on his lap. And you teasingly grinded a bit, and by bit i mean you made him drop the control and grab your hips.  Needless to say you won.

Ahh! Jagi! Not…not fair…

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Namjoon was ignoring you for his music. You were ok with that since it was his job. But it’s been four hours, and you were getting… bored. So when he was leaning back in his chair, headphones on and eyes closed, you made your move. You snuck up next to him and then plopped yourself on his lap. His eyes flew open and a surprised noise. He took off his headphones and a smirk grew on his features. You smiled knowing what was bound to happen next.

Ah is my baby girl bored?  

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Jimin  was mindlessly scribbling don ideas for new choreography. But that also meant he was ignoring you due to how focused he was. So when he leaned back in his chair to stretch you pounced. He let out a yelp of surprise when he felt you on top of him. You acted innocent, reading through his notes and complimenting him on his ideas. You kept your smirk hidden as you pretended to absentmindedly wiggled your hips. Leaving him stuttering in response.

Ah! Jimin-ah that’s a really good idea!  Ah…ah thank.. Thank you

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Taehyung had been scrolling idly through his phone, really not paying you any mind.  He was doing this on purpose due to the fact he loved when you got all cute and pouty, he thought it was adorable. But was completely caught off guard when you very “innocently” crawled into his lap and put your head against his chest. He composed himself and pretended to ignore it before you began purposely grinding your hips. He couldn’t ignore that if he tried. 

How should punish my bad little baby?

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Jungkook was sitting at  the table drawing. And you were getting pretty bored and well… needy. So you snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder. When he turned around you snuck around the other side and plopped yourself on his lap.  He’d turn around and by Jungshook (I’m sorry) and smirk

 Aww is my little bunny needy?

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Hope you Enjoyed!


Time for some more whump! It’s Day Two- Hypothermia!

Lance and Keith (read: klance) go to an ice planet.

why do i only ever hurt lance

“Figures,” Lance grumbled. “Stereotypical ice planet. Why couldn’t the rebels have lived on, I don’t know, a tropical island? The entire known universe and we can’t stumble across some beach residents in need of rescue?”

“Lance,” Shiro’s disapproving voice sounded over the coms. “The two of them gave me their only ship. Which means we’re helping them. They’re part of a freedom fighter organization, maybe they can help us.”

“Yeah, okay, but why do I have to be the one that gets sent down here? I’m from Cuba! This is way, way below comfortable temperatures for me.”

“Quit whining,” Keith snapped, glaring at Lance over his shoulder. “Our armor’s designed to keep us warm, and this is below comfortable for anyone. And pick up the pace.”

Lance rolled his eyes, but jogged to catch up to him.

“Sorry, Lance, but the red lion is the best at withstanding extreme temperatures. And it’s smaller, and faster than the other lions, so it can better navigate the terrain,” Shiro explained.

“Wish I had help navigating the terrain now,” Lance muttered under his breath. The two of them were currently struggling through over a foot of snow. “And that doesn’t explain why I had to bring Keith with me.”

“Because going on solo missions to unknown locations is how you get killed,” Pidge pointed out. “Star Wars? Hoth? Luke almost getting annihilated by the abominable snowman? Any of that ring a bell?”

“Quiznaking ice planets. Why are we out of the lion anyway, Shiro? Red’s warm. Do you want us to freeze to death and then have to hide inside the body of a space camel?” Lance’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Star Wars, Keith. Remind me to marathon it with you when we get back to Earth. My niece loves those movies, and she’ll eat all the popcorn, but it’s worth it. Trust me.”

“Would you two take this mission seriously?” Shiro asked. Lance could practically see him rubbing his temples exhaustedly. “I know it’s not exactly high-stakes adventure, but these guys saved my life. You’re not going to go prancing around the planet in your lion and accidentally destroy their hideout.”

Prancing? Shiro, I don’t prance, I'm—”

“Lance, look,” Keith interrupted him and pointed out towards a large stretch of ice before them. It would’ve been a lake, had the planet not had such low temperatures. “Pidge, is that the direction we need to go?”

“Yep,” she told them. “The hideout’s not far from the opposite side.”

Keith sighed. “We’ll have to go around.”

“Woah, what? Keith, that lake is huge! It’d be so much easier to walk straight across,” Lance protested. “I’m not about to freeze to death while we take the scenic route.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s ice, dumbass. If it can’t support our weight and breaks then we really could freeze to death! That water’s gotta be a lot worse than this.”

“I’m not an idiot, Keith, I know that. Pidge, if I send you a scan can you see if it’ll support us?” Lance asked. Pidge made a noise of affirmation, and Lance used his armor’s scanner to send an analysis of the ice to her.

“It looks pretty thick,” she mused. “I wouldn’t jump up and down or start hacking at it with your bayards if I were you, but you’ll be able to walk across.”

See?” Lance smirked at him. “What’d I tell you? It’s fine.”

“Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, check the lake? What if there’s a… space octopus in there, or something? Or a shark? I mean, they wouldn’t normally live in lakes, but this isn’t Earth so who knows? Are space alligators a thing?” Hunk spoke so fast it was almost difficult to understand.

“Hunk, you’re rambling,” Lance observed with a fond smile. “But don’t worry. The top of the lake is frozen, so they wouldn’t be able to breathe, right? Let alone get to us. If it makes you feel better, I’ll do a full scan of the lake.”

“Nope. No animals down there,” Pidge confirmed a few moments later. “Now would you two hurry up and cross?”

“I still have a really bad feeling about this,” Keith mumbled.

Lance turned towards him with a grin. “We are so watching Star Wars together. In fact, we should see if they have it at the space mall. But sorry, Keith, if you want to go the long way, be my guest. I’m not going to wait any longer than I have to.”

“He really is the true pilot of Red,” Pidge sounded as if she was trying to repress a laugh. “Impatient as all hell.”

Hey!” Keith and Lance exclaimed at the same time.

Pidge snorted. “Just get going already.”

Lance wasted no time in starting out across the lake. He was several paces ahead of Keith, who still hesitated to step out onto it. As he was about to continue forward, Keith stopped in his tracks. He could swear he saw something dark moving below the ice, but Pidge had scanned the lake for life, hadn’t she? It must just be his imagination. He started forward again, but just then the ground shook, and the ice in front of Lance exploded.

He let out a strangled yelp, stumbling away from whatever had just burst out of the lake. Keith could hear the frantic voices of the others in his ears, but it all descended into white noise as he saw the vine that had broken through the ice wrap around Lance’s legs.

He rushed forward, but it was already too late. Keith watched as Lance was dragged into the hole made by the creature, and plunged into the freezing lake.

The water was murky, and dark. Lance could barely see, all he knew was that something was dragging him further and further down into the depths. He didn’t have time to activate his helmet properly before water was rushing into his lungs.

He felt the grip of whatever held him tightening on his legs, and though he tried to kick he couldn’t break free.

Lance forced himself not to panic. Panicking wouldn’t help him. So he collected his thoughts, summoned his bayard, and pointed it down. He still couldn’t see anything, but with luck he’d hit the monster, not himself. He moved his finger to the trigger, aimed for what he hoped wasn’t his leg, and fired.

Judging by the shriek of pain and how the hold on him loosened, Lance guessed the laser met its mark. He kicked upwards immediately, swimming quickly to the surface. However, with limited eyesight and dwindling oxygen, his hands met nothing but ice. Panic started to overtake him again as he desperately scrambled to find the hole which he’d fallen into.

Lance was just starting to give up hope completely when suddenly a hand snagged around his wrist and yanked him to the side, and up to the surface.

Lance sucked in a breath, coughing the water out of his lungs as he collapsed onto the ice. His vision was foggy around the edges, but he could see well enough to notice Keith kneeling over him, breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” he demanded, hands hovering over Lance’s form. “Are you hurt?”

“What—” Lance coughed again. “What was that… that thing?”

“I… I didn’t scan for plants,” Pidge told him apologetically. “In my defense, I had no idea there would be some crazy strong… Venus flytrap-ish monster living here.”

Now will you listen to me when I tell you something’s a bad idea?” Keith asked, sounding way to relieved to actually come off as angry.

Lance gave him a shaky smile. “I c-could ask you the… the same, S-samurai.”. Keith tensed immediately.

“Why’s he talking like that?” he asked. “He’s… breathing weird, too. And shivering. Pidge, what—”

“Keith. Scan. Now.” Pidge’s voice was suddenly alert, and when Keith complied, she cursed. “Hypothermia. I should’ve guessed. Keith, get him back to the castle. He should be fine, but he needs a pod. Allura and I will come back to the planet in Blue later.”

Keith nodded, picking Lance up in his arms as if he weighed nothing at all, before rushing towards Red. “Hang on, Lance. You’re gonna be fine.”

“You.. you were r-right,” Lance admitted around chattering teeth. “That was a… very b-bad idea.” His eyes started to slide shut.

“Wh— no, Lance, you have to stay awake. C'mon, keep your eyes open. We’re almost there.”

“’M sorry, Keith, b-but it’s… it’s freezing, and you’re r-r-really w-warm,” Lance mumbled, closing his eyes and leaning his head on Keith’s shoulder. “I think… I’ll just take a little n-nap.”

“Lance, no, you’ve got to—” Keith started insistently, but Lance had already passed out in his arms.

Lance fell unceremoniously out of the healing pod, but was luckily caught before he collapsed onto the floor. He looked up to meet Keith’s dark eyes, and promptly groaned. “So, I guess we had another bonding moment.”

Keith bristled. “That’s all you have to say? Not ‘thank you for saving my life?’ After your stupid decision-making skills got you put in a pod for the… how many times has it been now?”

Lance ignored him. “Where are the others?”

“None of them wanted to stay overnight, because, again, you’ve been in this pod way too many times,” Keith told him, unsure if he should point out that Lance had made no move to step back, so Keith was still supporting the entirety of his weight.

“And yet you stayed,” Lance grinned. “Guess I should probably start listening to you, huh?”

“Guess so.”

Lance’s smile turned quickly into a smirk. “Well, that’s too bad, since we both know that’s never going to happen.”

Keith scowled, prepared to drop Lance onto the floor. He would have to, if Lance hadn’t leaned forward at that exact moment and kissed him.

It didn’t last long, but Keith was blushing furiously, anyway. It was nice to see that Lance looked a little flustered, too, though.

“Thanks,” Lance said softly. “For saving my life.”

“Um,” Keith started, brain still trying to understand what was going on. “Did you just— you and I— is this— what?”

Lance laughed, finally stepping back from Keith and turning to walk out the door. “I’m going to go get some food goo, if you’d care to join me.”

Keith watched him go, and stammered out a few more incoherent sentences before rushing after him.