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AoEx Casts’ Fave Steven Universe Characters! (or who I could see them casted as~) 

(Requested by @pomelo-rosa! I hope this is okay!) 

Rin Okumura - Steven Universe! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Connie Maheswaren! 

Yukio Okumura - Pearl! 

‘Bon’ Ryuji Suguro - Lars! 

Shima Renzo - Sour Cream! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Peridot!

Izumo Kamiki - Onion!

Shura Kirigakure - Amethyst! 

Mephisto Pheles - Garnet! 

lance: holy crow! i can’t believe what i’m seeing. that’s not one of ours.

pidge: no. it’s one of theirs.

hunk: so, wait. there are really aliens out there?

pidge: we’ve gotta see that ship!

lance: hunk, come on!

hunk: if you two don’t mind, i’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse, expelled

MG: “Vigilante is someone you know…”

Me: “Sure, whatever. But like when are we getting actual stills of Felicity in her Doomworld costume?!”

Also me: “Vigilante is Tommy!”

(Nope, not letting it go. I will literally shout Tommy at every mysteriously masked vigilante/villain until the show ends)

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94.03.28 - 17.03.18 #KingJacksonDay

Nothing can be compared to the feeling we get when we see you, grown up into such a wonderful gentleman. You are the apple of our eye and our biggest bundle of happiness. Jackson, you make us all so happy and proud with all the things you do. May this birthday bring you joy, happiness, love, prosperity, and wisdom for yet another wonderful year of your life. You deserve the best because you are a terrific role model, son, and a loving human being. Happy Birthday!

Just Some SAMPERV Love

I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life lately and logging on to tumblr to talk to everyone has helped me so much. I promise I won’t get cheesy but you all mean a lot to me, even if we’ve only talked a few times. Seeing everyone stick up for each other made me happy. I’m so thankful I have a little internet family that I know has each other’s backs. 

I try to have a personal relationship with everyone on this list but sometimes I forget to message back or things get hectic. So always feel free to say hi or come to me if you need anything. 

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Other positive stuff - Zeke is doing so great just on the lunge and at liberty. The arena isn’t great for the latter because we haven’t sorted out our shapes (‘go around me in a circle’ thing) but he is very relaxed and getting very responsive to his vocal cues, especially transitioning up into the trot. He never giraffes his neck at all and he just has really relaxed, free movement. His walk is lovely.

We tried canter a few times, just a few strides and a big release at liberty, because I wanted to see how balanced he looked. He obviously doesn’t know anything about cantering 'properly’ but he went into the canter with none of the bucks or raciness that would make me think he was off balance. And he is very very tolerant of things on his face and back.

I think next I want to really refine his vocal cues in the round pen off the line, and make sure that he reliably stops when he hears my marker. He’s off and on about that, I think because the arena is big and distracting.

So yeah get our vocal cues on lock, especially a good whoa, then repeat all that with the saddle on, then keep up with my in-hand work off the halter, thorough vetting, and he’ll be good to start riding 👍🏻unless the saddle doesn’t fit in which case I will scream

New Girl Thoughts...

I just can’t stop thinking about how unbelievably unfair it would be that we got to see Schmidt and Cece get married, Winston and Aly get engaged, but we’ll only possibly get to see the ONE couple (Ness) that we’ve been rooting for since the show started, back together for maybe like 5 minutes of what could be the very last episode.

We need a season 7 Fox! C'mon already!😭

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I looked at the comments/replies on Todd's tweet about Catarina. A ton are asking if she'll be blue. A ton are asking if we'll see Tessa and Zachariah. And then there is some person/dumbass going, "are we going to get more parabatai(Jace/Alec) stuff???! LOVE 2x03!!" why are you asking about the white boys in a tweet about a black woman who happens to be Magnus' best friend?

okay but tea!!! everyone is more worried about the possibility of her not being blue instead of a light skinned actress being cast. WHY IS NO ONE ASKING ABOUT MADZIE, why is no one asking if we’ll see her in more than one episode like…. its nice to see where everyone’s priorities lie tbh…


It’s Weevil Week here at VMHQ, and for the next seven days, we’d like to hear and see all your headcanons about everyone’s favorite biker. Here are some questions to get your meta/ficlet/fanart process started; answer one or all, invent your own, or just use the ideas as inspiration.

Remember to tag your posts #VMHQ Weevil week, so we can find and re-blog them!

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1) Why does Weevil help Veronica so frequently?

2) Are Weevil and Veronica really friends, or do they just use each other?

3) If you could re-write Weevil’s season 3 storyline, how would you make better use of him than the show actually did?

4) We don’t know much about Weevil’s love life, other than that he had feelings for Carmen, then Lilly, pre-series. What were his romantic leanings, over the course of the series? Did he have a thing for Veronica? Logan? Did he just not have the time or inclination to date seriously, as busy as he was fending off gang takeovers? Does he have a savior complex?  Is he a romantic?  Who do you think would be a great match for Weevil? 

5) We also don’t know much about Weevil’s family life, other than that he and his cousins lived with his grandmother. He was extremely sympathetic when Logan lost his mom. What do you think happened there?

6) Weevil seems to live by a personal code. What is his code, exactly, and what forces helped shape it?

7) Since Weevil’s grandmother raised him while also working at Logan’s house, do you think she ever had to bring Weevil to work with her? Did Weevil and Logan know each other as kids? And, if so, how well? Were they allowed to play together? Or, was Weevil kept away from Logan? Did seeing his grandmother working there and all the nice things the Echolls’ had inform his attitude toward the rich? Make him bitter, resentful?

8) Did meeting/marrying Jade influence Weevil to turn his life around, or did turning his life around put him in the right place for Jade to come into his life?  

9) Why does Weevil choose to lead the PCH’ers? Is it about loyalty? Status? Is crime the only way for him to get ahead economically?

10) Felix and Weevil were so close, he was willing to murder Felix’s killer in order to deliver justice. What inspired such loyalty? And why did Weevil feel that such measures were necessary?

fact: ppl named katie with a k are inherently more powerful than those who spell it with a c. the strongest catie could fight the weakest katie and would still be obliterated. however, katies ending in ie are superior to katies ending in y, with k/catis as the most inferior katie. the katie hierarchy is as follows: katie, katy, kati, catie, caty, cati. katherines, however, are the most powerful of all, with catherines at a distant second. if, for god knows what reason, you place an i between the a and the t (see: caitie, kaity), you do not qualify as a true katie, and will not survive past a single round of katie v katie fisticuffs.