and we can't wait for series 3

After seeing that test shot shot of Dylan as Mitch Rapp from American Assassin…I am so ready for this franchise. For those that aren’t aware, there are 15…yes FIFTEEN, books in this series lol… obviously i have no idea how they’re going to mash some of them together…but if the first movie does well, we will for sure get bamf!dylan for years to come, this could basically be the next Jason Bourne saga, movie wise.(i have no idea how similar they are beyond asassins and lots of action lol, i need to start reading these books i guess)

Mystwalker Week!!

Do you ship Mystwalker to the ends of the earth, like I do? Then join me friend, for MYSTWALKER WEEK!!!

Having noticed the sad lack of Mystwalker, well, really everywhere, i wanna try to put together a week for Edolas’s favorite couple. Dates are still TBD, probably sometime earlier next year, but in the meantime…

Prompts!!! Me and the lovely therainbowroseuniverse have come up with a series of prompts we think appropriate, and while they are definitely open to editing, we hope you enjoy them!

Day 1- Loyalty

Day 2- Royalty

Day 3- AU

Day 4- War Wounds

Day 5- First Fight (The strike through is definitely there for a reason)

Day 6- Somethin’ smutty (Clearly this one still needs work xD, though you can see where it’s going)

Day 7- Jealousy

Bonus! Day 8- Royal Ball

Once again, dates are still being worked on…preferably it’d be sometime I have off school so i can actually, y’know, participate, but that, I suppose is optional.

As the week progresses, I will (hopefully) be reblogging everything tagged #mystwalker week here for you all to see!!

So once again, if you have any ideas, want to talk to me about this, or anything else really, drop me a line here, my other blog otonashit-kun or on, where I’m Panhead17. Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!