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The Philinda Drink Saga:

Coulson to May [4x14- flashback]: “You and I could talk about that….over a drink.”

Coulson to Agent 33 disguised as May [2x04]: “How about when this is over you and I finally go get that cup of coffee we were supposed to get all of those years back?”

May to Coulson in a different dimension [4x07]: “We promised that we would open that bottle of Haig.”

Coulson to May [4x07]: “You know when this is over, you and I have a bottle of Haig to open.”

Coulson to May [4x08]: “When this is over, its time…we are cracking that bottle.”

LMD May to Coulson [4x08]: “Once we crack that bottle its open…no going back.”

LMD May to Coulson [4x11]: “Long day….drink.”

Coulson to LMD May [4x12]: “Got your green tea.”

Coulson to LMD May [4x12]: “Maybe we should toast to that.”

LMD Coulson to LMD May [4x15]: “Why don’t you and I have a glass of scotch? Or many?”


  • me: so what are your ships in rwby?
  • my friend who just started watching rwby: i ship jaune x pyrrha :D they're so cute together i love them
  • me: oh that's cool! that's awesome!
  • also me: yeah...about that............ :/
Shadowhunters Fans Are Going Full Sterek-Fans-Season-2 And I’m Getting Sick Of It Already

Today I see like 8 people on twitter are retweeting this #MalecDeservesBetter shit about how they are poorly and unfairly treated by the writers and have a lack of intimate moments and screen time compared to the heteros…

Let’s look back on this series so far, shall we?

  • Malec: 4 kisses, all romantic, and adorable hand holding, face-touching, gift-giving, healthy communication having scenes besides that. 
  • Clace: 4 kisses, very little talking, one hug somewhere in there, incest story line treated as icky as it is by the plot.
  • Izzy/Meliorn: 1 romantic scene, 1 ‘omg you’re alive!’ kiss and hug, one fire-letter sent.
  • Simon/Maureen: Show in bed together, one ‘let’s go out’ conversation with little substance.
  • Simon/Camille: Drugged and molested and then subsequently murdered.
  • Simon/Clary: Two kisses, a hallucinatory fight, general best-friend-ness the rest of the time. 
  • Simon/Maia: Slight flirting, mostly just friendly talking. 
  • Jace/Fairy Girl: In bed together after hook-up. Nothing else to that.

….. so basically if Malec, ONE COUPLE, doesn’t equal THE ENTIRETY OF THE REST OF THE HETEROS, it’s unfair screen time/romantic scenes. Got it.

“Fans are using #MalecDeservesBetter right now to show that we want Malec to have the proper treatment they deserve. We want equality." 

Sooo they want less wonderfully developed, intensely romantically written queer relationship representation? Cause that’s how you get equality since it’s already the superior relationship representation on the show. Most physical romance per couple, most communication per couple, most conversation relative to the relationship per couple, most attention to actual development per couple…

Seems to me all people want is any excuse necessary to see two dudes making out. 

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Maxine has ruined my life in the best and worst way possible I’m 100% certain she’s out to put a dagger through our hearts and kill us off one by one whilst rubbing her hands together in victory

Ok so I’m REALLY EXCITED about tonight’s episode of HTGAWM and I’m trying to figured out who killed Wes. 

Who is innocent for the murder and the fire  :

- Michaela, who was with her mom the entire night

- Asher, who was at a party the entire night

Who is innocent for the murder :

- Laurel, who arrived a few minutes before the fire, which mean that she was still a the party when Wes is dead

Who is innocent for the fire :

- Nate, it wouldn’t make sense since he was there BEFORE Connor, it wouldn’t make sense to come back a few hours after and just put the house on fire

Who wouldn’t make sense as Wes’s killer :

- Annalise, who loved him as a son

- Bonnie, who know how much Wes is important for Annalise

- Frank, cause honestly he has already killed too much characters 

-  Connor is the one who start the fire to cover the fingerprints on Wes BUT he didn’t killed him since they are trying to protect him in the next episode.


No one, he is still alive and under witness protection.

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  • My uncle, idle conversation at dinner: "Yeah, I watch Walking Dead."
  • Me, Still Not Recovered From New Best Friends/S7 In General: "WHERE ARE YOU."
  • My uncle, still not realizing what he's stepped into: "Uh...I dunno. It's all getting the same by this point, I mean someone changes, they deal, new person shows up, and it's all the same."
  • Me, Rabid Carol/Caryl Fangirl: "HAVE YOU MET NEGAN."
  • Uncle, thinking this conversation is Too Much for Mother's Birthday Dinner at Pub: "Yeah, that Asian kid just died."
  • Me, Losing All Her Shit: *pterodactyl shrieking*
  • Uncle, Unimpressed: "I think I'm going to stop watching, though, 'cause like I said: it's all getting repetitive and -"

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What do you guys think about mikorin x chiyo as a couple?

shotty: i really like their friendship? chiyo’s so obsessed with nozaki that i can’t see her with anyone but nozaki lol

grolia: Yeah I like them as friends the most, their boke-tsukkomi routines are hilarious and it’s cute that, aside from Kashima, Mikorin is clingy to Sakura in socially awkward situations :b

variationa: I’d go with friends too. I don’t think they’re that great as a couple

do you guys think griffin was planning on including barry bluejeans like this even if he’d kept the name he originally had in here there be gerblins or did he do it just because the THB only know like 4 NPC’s by name and he needed some wow factor for these dummies