and we are strong enough to get him nominated so!

@revarik (your face claim is hard to draw XD )

“I’m sure you’re gotten one for this person already, but if anyone deserves a beautiful gift, it’s Revarik. He’s an amazing human being and it shows when he speaks to us because he speaks from the heart. His characters are simply an extension of who he is and even those who are cruel see meticulously done so that it’s not just an evil being; he’s evil for a reason. In real life, we know our rp hero has gone through his downs and it makes him a thousand times more amazing in my eyes because he’s willing to share his pain to show us that he’s just as human as us and that we are strong enough to get through anything. I rarely speak to him. We’ve only chatted maybe three times, but Rev is an inspiration to me, as I’m sure he’s an inspiration yo many of us on Tumblr and WoW. If anyone deserves this precious gift, it’s Revarik.”


I took heavy liberties with the armor because I hate armor. :I   You’ve been nominated for a gift, and so here it is. ^-^  I wasn’t sure if you wanted the stubble, but it’s on your face claim pretty heavy o.o  I hope that you like.