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Sebastian Stan Request

Hii!! Can you maybe write an imagine where the reader is an actress and married to Sebastian Stan, so she goes to the premiere of I, Tonya with him and they do a bunch of Instagram stories together and of each other (she keeps filming him cuz she’s really proud) and the fans freak out cuz they’re just too damn adorable?

AN: here is the video I was talking about in here lol:

“Hey all, I am kicking off the night, and Seb’s Insta-story, to tell you all that I will be in charge of his Instagram tonight. We are about to get ready for the red carpet of I, Tonya so be ready to be bugged with video of us,” you smiled into the camera.

“Why are you doing this,” Sebastian laughed.

“Because we need to add some pizzazz to your account and this is going to be a great night to do it. Have some fun with it, Stan.”

The time came and the makeup, hair, and dressing stylists came into your room. “Alright guys,” you sat in the chair in front of the mirror getting your hair done. “Sebby and I are being poked and prodded currently to look beautiful for this premier. I have the wonderful Tammi working on my hair right now and Seb is over there,” you turned the camera and got him standing shirtless in just his dress pants. “Oh dang, you’re giving your fans a show!” You scrolled through Twitter as your hair was being done and found a funny video.

You opened Instagram and started recording as your fiance flared his jacket out and went to button the blazer. “Oh hell naw’ you lookin’ like somebody’s fiance,” you yelled. “What,” he looked at you confused before you laughed.

You kept everyone up to date with your hair and makeup and wardrobe and when you were both dressed to the 9s you walked over to the mirror Sebastian was in front of and recorded, “Oh hell naw you lookin’ like somebody’s fiance.” “I’m your fiance,” he commented.

You two were on the way to the premier and were sitting in the back of the car when Sebastian took point. “Hello everyone, Y/N and I are currently on our way to the red carpet. We are chilling out in the back of the car and we are having a bit of a debate. Should Y/N keep recording on the red carpet? Click to vote below.”

You were 3 minutes from the carpet when Sebastian checked the poll. “I don’t believe it. 98% of people said yes, that you should keep recording.” You snatched the phone from his hand, “Better give the people what they want.”

You and Sebastian hit the carpet and after the initial picture you took the phone out and recorded. “Hey all, we are here, on the carpet. Sebastian is over there looking fine,” you flipped the camera so it faced him. “Margot is also looking fine, but what else is new?”

The next video you posted was as you followed Sebastian as he walked to the next spot for pictures. “Oh hell naw, you lookin’ like somebody’s fiance,” by now he was playing along and turned around giving you a wink and a point.

“Smile,” you snuck up behind him recording and went for a selfie. “Cheese,” he gave an over exaggerated smile.

Sebastian was giving an interview and you stepped to the side recording. “Hey all, I just wanted to give you the view I have right now of that handsome guy over there. He’s in the middle of giving a very important interview to E! right now. Mr. Big-Shot.”

After his interview the two of you walked towards the building to watch the movie and you started a video of the two of you. “Ok guys, we are going in to watch the movie right now. I am super excited to see my man’s new movie. It’s going to be great. Are you ready, Babe?”

“Super ready,” he gave a thumbs up.

“I’ll keep you guys posted after the movie.”


You two exited the building and you grabbed your phone and recorded the two of you as you walked out to the car. “Guys, we just got out of the movie and it. Was. Amazing. Margot was great, go figure. And this guy over here did a pretty good job.”

“Thank you,” Sebastian cut in.

“What did you think of the movie?”

“I think it turned out great and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

“Well we have to get going to the after party so when you guys see the movie comment of out pictures from tonight and let us know!”


You two were an hour into the party and you looked over to see Sebastian on his phone. “Anybody see the movie yet?”

“A couple people are saying stuff about it. But most of the comments are just saying how cute we are.”

“Well,” you leaned over and kissed his cheek, “they aren’t wrong.”


Happy birthday Ethan and Grayson!

Am I the only one who feels like they’re so much more mature than their age? They’ve grown up to be some pretty kind hearted, understanding, generous, hilarious, and handsome boys. And we’ve all had the privilege of being able to see it!
Guys, I want you to know that I’m so freaking proud of you. You’ve always supported each other, your family, and your friends, through the toughest of times, and since joining this fandom, I can clearly see that you do the same for your fans as well. I cannot thank you enough for all of the smiles, and laughs you’ve given me.
I cannot thank you enough for making me realize how important it is to follow your dreams. I cannot thank you enough for teaching me to be myself. I’ll never be able to give you guys half as much as you’ve given me, but if there’s one thing that you guys can always count on from lil ole me, it’s that I will never ever stop loving you. I can’t wait to see all that you guys will accomplish. You’re going to do great in this world!!

Happy birthday, Bubs!!

Today is special.


Because today is the 4th anniversary of a group of boys who started from the bottom and climb, and are still climbing as high as they can.

These boys are Bangtan Boys also known as BTS.

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For me BTS is one of the most special groups to exist.

Because not many groups are willing to tell their stories.

BTS does not have to rely on buying song after song after song. After all, they have the freedom to produce, experiment, write and create the art they want to create. It is amazing to see a group of people who write in an industry where many companies opt out of letting their idols write and create and instead choose to mostly buy songs, giving their artists minimal freedom in many cases. BTS, however, does have that freedom and uses it to their full advantage.

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Look at the solo songs or any of their solo work as an example.

Rap monster tackles society, Illness, pressures and so much more in his songs. He shows worry for the new generations and generations to come faced with injustice, anxiety and depression. He worries about his members and shows understanding and compassion. In fact, he uses lyrics as an expression of his inner struggle and philosophical thoughts and in turn opens conversations that are very much needed in society. He works hard to communicate with all the fans and in general, he works hard to communicate with people. He does not just show interest in his fans but in society as a whole.

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Suga too wanted his voice to be heard. He said it himself, he was not content with just rapping. He wanted people to listen to what he has to say too. And definitely, Yoongi has a lot to say. At first, he seemed like such a closed person, but his mixtape gave everyone such an amazing insight into his mind. From the depression, to self hate, to allusions to suicide and social anxiety he bears his soul to all, in turn trying to help others realise that they are not the only ones going through a hard time. And if he continues to recover(because I believe that even if one gets better, some demons still remain and always have to be fought)  then hopefully so can we. And also, how can one not love a man who reveals a song called ‘first love’ only to reveal that his first love was his piano, when that is such a beautiful and sincere confession.

Originally posted by junghosyub

J-Hope’s mixtape is one I definitely cannot wait to hear. Because I feel like he is a member who also has a lot he wants to say without any constraints. Hoseok ’s song ‘mama’ just showed how amazing he is as a person. He had a solo song in the Wings album, like all the members and he chose t write a loving and sincere song thanking his mum for all that she has ever done for him. For how she loves and supports him in this difficult path. He seems to struggle with feeling like he is not good enough. As a member or son. I hope that’s not true. He also shows his emotion through his dance.

Originally posted by gdiminyoongi

Not these three members show us the most of what they are feeling through writing and producing. However, the other 4 are also working hard on developing as writers, amazing sure to develop and also express themselves.

Taehyung showed his inner turmoils and  guilt over an unknown action or feeling in stigma as he apologise see to his brother and sister and even worked with Namjoon to produce a new song, showing a different side of him, as well as a different singing technique deciding to tell different stories with his voice and songs. Taehyung is also proving himself to be a very good actor, telling more than than just his story.

Originally posted by pjkook

Jungkook, in my opinion, seems to struggle most with expressing himself. And I believe that that is normal. After all from a young age he has been a trainee with means that most things kids get to experience such as relationships, getting in trouble, love, sex and more this teen was not allowed to have. He was too busy being 'manufactured p’, as some may say, to be the perfect idol. However, since he grew up in the public eye for quite a long time we see how his story is his progress as he tries to gain confidence and express himself asking Namjoon for help with his songs 'Begin’ as well as by releasing amazing covers.

Originally posted by jeonity

Jimin, like Hoseok shows his emotions through dance but also has shown us how he can communicate through his vocal colour and his emotional expression. He worked on 'LIE’ showed confusion, loss and heartbreak as he is 'caught in a lie’ and while we do not know the reason for these emotions we can appreciate them better and can relate them to us and our situations.

Originally posted by jikookfantasy

Lastly, Jin is the member, who I believed was the least able to express himself, not because he doesn’t want to but because he doesn’t have the opportunity to showcase his stories as much. However, his solo song 'Awake’ is a true gift. It tells the story of a boy, not a man but a boy, who comes to the heartbreaking belief that yes, he may never be able to reach the top like others but he will continue to work just as hard and give his all to be better and better and better. It shows his loyalty and passion and that is what I love about Jin. But I would really love to see Jin tell other, different stories through acting.

Originally posted by catchsuga

So as you see they all have something to say and they all try their best to say it.
and let’s not forget all the amazing choreographies

And let’s not forget just how close their bond is

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So thank you Kim Seokjin for always making us laugh, for being so kind and caring.

Thank you Min Yoongi for opening up to us and inspiring  us

Thank you Jung Hoseok for being a true sunshine, giving strength to all

Thank you Kim Namjoon for working so hard to create and for always choosing BTS and freedom of speech

Thank you Park Jimin for being so supportive, always being there for your me,beds, hugging them and making them feel supported and loved

Thank you Kim Taehyung for showing us your different sides and working so hard at writing.

Thank you Jeon Jungkook for showing us all your different talents and inspiring us to try new things.

Thank You BTS for being a part of out loves.

Thank you to all the staff for working so hard for our boys success, be it makeup lighting or anything else.

Thank you to all the managers, the CEO and anyone else helping them on their journey.

Thank you to the parents and family of the members for giving birth to such amazing, kind and talented people.

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As always, I hope BTS is healthy both physically and mentally and  that they know we are here for them and that we will always love and support them.

Originally posted by allforbts

BTS is already perfect as is and it is  we, ARMYs that have to keep replaying these boys because they do so much for us. They say and create so much for us. BTS is kind, thoughtful, they love their fans, show respect to all and are extremely humble, not taking what they have for granted but rather strive forward to improve.

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So thank you BTS for being BTS

I hope you will remain together for very long.

I hope there will be no serious drama between you.

And I hope that we can stand together, BTS and ARMYs for many years to come.

If we can’t understand we will try to understand your problems. So please do not push yourselves and harm yourselves. We do not want that under any circumstances.

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I’m so proud of being an ARMY.

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So thank you and happy anniversary

Thank you for reading

Hello, everyone! Hope your summer is going great! :D
Here’s my contribution to the amazing @reaper76summerevent!

Have the super soldiers dealing with a broken conditioned air system, (so they found one of those old electric fan, collected some ice) and, ya’ know, surviving to the hot just like the old times.

important facts & quotes from hidden oracle reread #4 part one

i cited everything from the hardback edition bc im a nerd 

- page one apollo is already making pop culture references (1)

- meg is such a badass oh my g od (14)

- riodan does such a beautiful way of explaining things in this novels. awe-inspiring. mind blowing. example: “Her eyes glinted darkly like a crow’s. (I can make that comparison because I invented crows.)” (14-15) wow. beautiful. 

- so i understand this series is going to be about Apollo’s redemption and ~~~~finding himself~~~~ or w\e but JESUS PLEASE RICK you can’t just say “She [Meg] reminded me of the strays my sister was always adopting: dogs, panthers, homeless maidens, small dragons.” (15) WITHOUT PROVIDING SEVERAL BOOKS AS EXAMPLE FOR SAID SENTENCE all i want is a book focused on artemis and her army of small dragons and lesbians dear gods please 

- omfg can you just imagine sally having to go over to Percy’s room and having to tell him that the greek god of the sun apollo was there to see him omfg. imagine the salt. imagine both of them just groaning. imagine.

-”If I had still been an immortal, I might have flirted with her [Sally Jackson] myself.” (30-31) l o l Sally is a middle aged married woman seven months pregnant and still bringing in the gods you go girl im proud of you

- Sally Jackson is one of the best characters in the entire series. citation: every riodan book ever even the non-pjo it’s a fact 

- i 10000% support the idea that percy gave apollo the led zeppelin shirt as a sneaky joke he’s so smart i love him so much

- “Percy laced his fingers. They were long and nimble.”(35) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- He [Percy] would have made an excellent musician.” (35) f u ck 

- literally all percy wants is to “stay alive” long enough to go to college, meet his baby sister, and see his mom get her book published my heart is broken for this boy (35-36)

- the return of the seven layer dip fuck me up (40)

- jfc that poor Prius it’s been through so much (52-54)

- page 67 and Percy’s already made two comic book references he’s such a canon nerd 

- “Cops love me almost as much as teachers do.” god Percy Jackson what are you doing to me

- apollo tried to order a pizza to CHB and honestly same (73)

- g o d will solace jfc wow

- we’re to assume Will’s a skier (his Okemo Mountain jacket & skiers tan) (82) and now i have to write the inevitable fic that comes out of this fact

- Will’s mom was a alt.-country singer from Austin, Texas (83) which wow and honestly makes the fact will is a horrible singer 1000% better

- yellow daises grow year-round in the Apollo cabin, and it smells like fresh linens and dried sage. (83)

- kayla is aiming for the olympics and honestly im so proud already 

- fact: any and all solangelo interaction have me crying into my book 

- “Will put his hand on Nico’s shoulder, ‘Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills.’” lol this implies that they’ve had this talk before and im dying to hear it

- the Hermes kids are big fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show (95) and now i have to write a seperate list of headcanons for this fact

- speaking of, Apollo used to cosplay as Rocky bc why not. (95-96)

- listen i know im solangelo trash BUT - “Will and Nico sat shoulder to shoulder, bantering good-naturedly. They were so cute together it made me feel desolate.” im destroyed (110)

- “but if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen.” “it’s a mood disorder” “i cant control it” stfu nico u nerd u just want to sit with your boyfriend im dead (110)

- Will nodded serenely. “It’s the strangest thing. Not that Nico would ever misuse his powers to get what he wants.” death to goody-two-shoes will solace 2k17

- off topic but CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE CHIRON THO. like. this happens and will and nico are just standing there. in front of him. telling him they have to sit together OR NICO WILL JUST HAPPEN TO PUT CRACKS INTO HIS CAMP. just imagine. him staring at them. sighing. deciding not to fight this one. agreeing & watching them giggle away bc they’re so SNEAKY & now they can EAT TOGETHER WOW 

-   lol when Meg was going to town on the hot dogs and “Julia and Alice watched her with a mixture of fascination and horror.” (111)

- “Will and Nico exchanged a look that might have meant, here we go.” (112) okay im sorry im just sO GONE FOR LITTLE MOMENTS LIKE THIS I JUST WANT NICO TO BE HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE IN HIS RELATIONSHIPS OKAY

- apollo refers to the seven as “the A-list” (112) same tho

- Jason, Piper, Coach Hedge, Mellie and baby Chuck are all in LA with Piper’s father like???? (113) THIS IS SOMETHING I NEED TO SEE? What’s the living arrangement? Is Jason living with Piper? OH GOD IS JASON LIVING WITH HEDGE AND MELLIE? DO THEY ALL LIVE IN SOME BIG PLACE PIPER’S DAD RENTED OUT???? do Piper and Jason babysit? do they have family dinners? how’s baby chuck doing??? how are they all adjusting to domestic life?? I NEED TO KNOW THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO ME 

- lol nico’s just as pissed as eveRYONE IN THE FANDOM about Leo’s not-death and im living for it (113)

- also nico carries around Leo’s lil ‘IM ALIVE LOL’ letter\hologram\thing? like i get it was completely for the plot but?????? “i look at it whenever i want to get angry” (114) like ok nico u lil bean whatever u say u little emo shit

- apollo’s little ‘lol when u have a headache in olympus hephaestus just cracks open your skull and removes whatever brain god\dess u just birthed up lol it’s so much easier ugh’ (116) w h a t t h e f u c k 

- fact: harley is adorable no citation needed

- also you’re telling me chiron, basically as old as time itself tbh, doesn’t speak portuguese? k (120)

- “i am merely assessing how well paolo’s arms are functioning after surgery” (120) those are some big words william u nervous or something??

- “hmph” - nico di angelo, 2016 (120) 

- this isn’t really important but there’s a satyr named herbert and he’s my new favorite character sorry i dont make the rules (124)

- ok so there’s an unnamed random camper who mutters in Italian (127) and now i’ve got the BIGGEST headcanon that this random girl and Nico (omg maybe a few others????) meet a few times a month just to rant to each other in Italian so none of them get sloppy with the language and u g h im such a bitch for nico di angelo frienships

- “A boy in the crowd gasped, ‘she’s a communist!’” (127) i fucking hate this book omfg

i’ll do more later in order to mentally prepare myself for the dark prophecy but it’s 3 am and im tired  


What we’ve gone through as people, learning about the importance of the LGBT representation on TV, and really understanding the community. A lot more than we potentially did before, adds a certain pressure because then you want to make sure that you do it justice, and make them proud in every moment. And every time I look into Kat’s eyes, I see the importance of it, a lot more than I possibly did before.

Okay it just hit me again. He really started his tour in San Francisco. And he invited Muna as his supporting act. A band of three queer women who are pretty outspoken about women rights and the LGBT+ community on stage & merch, who even have a song ‘I know a place’ who became the unofficial anthem for the Orlando shooting. And he went out there in a beautiful floral suit. He picked up a rainbow flag, waved it around, put it on his mic stand and later took it backstage with him. He made so many of his fans feel so safe last night and he publicly once again showed his love and support for the LGBT+ community. And to top it all off, he also sang 'Just a little bit of your heart’ and didn’t change the pronouns.

He did that. It’s a pretty big deal. And so important and encouraging for so so many. Harry, I’m proud of you. We see you. Keep prancing and dancing and being fabulous. You’re amazing. 💃🏼 🌈

TSDF Explains Mid-Season Finale Decision

We promised we would share our reasons for not posting/confirming any spoilers for the mid-season finale. We’re here to follow through on our word, buttercups. This decision to purposely not spoil anything about episode 8.8 was something we have never done, mostly because the circumstances we faced were something we’ve never experienced before.

Back in October we posted some tracking information about Carl’s possible demise on our forum and private FB group. Since at the time we weren’t 100% sure if this was correct, we heavily labeled it as unconfirmed. Later we would learn that our suspicions were correct and Carl was indeed a goner.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. Much to our surprise Chandler Riggs reached out to us with a very heartfelt request. He knew it was only a matter of time before we would be able to publicly confirm what we knew. He respectfully asked us not to spoil the reveal at the end of episode 8.8. His performance throughout the episode heavily weighed on what was revealed in the last three minutes.  We were blown away by his maturity and class. We’re attaching a screenshot of what he said.

While we have always believed in not withholding confirmed spoilers, this situation definitely tested those values. The way we saw it, we had a choice. We could ignore the request and continue to do what we do by confirming Carl’s death (which means we would have had to confirm how), or, we could honor Chandler, the young man who we watched grow up on our television screens for the past eight years. We could give him the biggest send-off we possibly could simply by shutting our mouths. We chose to honor Chandler. While not everyone has respected Chandler recently, we feel it was the right thing to do for someone who has been a prominent part of the show since its pilot. You might disagree with this decision, but as far as what TSDF does, it was our decision to make. Conscience is not governable by committee.

This is certainly not a situation we have faced before. For those of you around during the Lucille Victim chaos, you might remember that we said at the time that if the show would have simply reached out to us rather than attempting legal action, it could have turned out differently. The only time anyone from the show reached out to us was through AMC lawyers or investigators and full of legal threats and hostilities. Chandler’s approach was much different. He treated us like fans, not enemies. So it turned out differently. With this decision we reminded ourselves of what we are: fans first.

While we believe Chandler owes us absolutely nothing, we did make one request. We asked him to write a message to our community members at TSDF. He kindly obliged and this is his message to our members:

dear tsdf:

i don’t really know how to start this other than saying thank you. though we (cast & crew) have kinda always been super frustrated with this community, seeing how dedicated you all are to the show over the last few weeks really gives me a new appreciation for you all. up until 701, i hated seeing our hard work getting leaked-but once 701 aired with a large chunk of the fanbase knowing what would happen, it made me realize that knowing what happens doesn’t always take away the integrity of the show. though many people knew who was going to die, they still cried and shook in terror seeing the characters they loved getting killed.

that being said, i reached out to ninja a few weeks ago asking to not reveal the end of 808, since a lot of my performance relied on how the episode ends. ninja & shiny knew that they would take a lot of heat from this decision, but them caring more about how i felt towards this episode than their reputation gave me a massive new level of respect and appreciation towards them.

and seeing how dedicated and consistently excited you all are about the show despite the drastic decrease in twd’s ratings made me the most excited about this episode than i’ve been in years. though i don’t necessarily approve of the spoiler content being released on this forum, fans like you are the reason that i’ve had a job for the last 8 years. people like you have given me the chance to live my dream, and have given me the opportunity to go on to do bigger and more exciting things than twd. you all have let me make you shake in nervousness in fear of your most beloved character in danger, yell in excitement at a victory for “the group”, scream at your television in frustration of carl “not staying in the house” (also please stop yelling that at me at conventions lmao), and cry out of empathy when your favorite character suffers a grave loss. and now, i invite you to be excited to see how carl’s story ends, and how my story continues to unfold both musically & theatrically.

thank you again for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. i won’t let you down.


We would like to take the time to specially thank Chandler. Not only for pouring his heart and almost half his life into the role of Carl, but for being so wonderful to his fans. We are also so grateful that he took the time to take a deeper look at our community to try to understand what we’re all about.

Chandler, we are so proud of you. You are incredibly talented and meant for greatness. We know your final scenes will be one of the most memorable moments in this show’s history. Gimple definitely ripped the heart out of this show with his decision to kill Carl. Nothing will ever be the same. While we will miss you as Carl, we look forward to your future projects. Thank you so much for everything.

-NinjaPancake & ShinyFirefly

The Foxes and College Yearbook Quotes:
  • Andrew Minyard: “Fuck Stickball and fuck Josten”
    • Just to piss Kevin off. Poor Day’s brain fried for a second and he went “Wait, are you changing sport?! What the fuck, Andrew! What is this stickball?! What did they promise you?!” Wymack had to be the one to tell him. 
    • Neil smiled at the quote as if he was looking at a little fluffy kitten; he got his percentage raised for that.
  • Kevin Day: “Be the Queen on your chessboard. Kings never get too far.”
    • The poor kid spent weeks polishing his quote and now Foxes spend most of their times after reading it fake-bowing in front of him.
    • Jean sends him a picture when Renee shows it to him; it’s just his own face with an arched eyebrow. Kevin answers “Fuck you”, but he smiles seeing Jeremy making faces in the background.
  • Neil Josten: “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets abandoned or forgotten - Lilo and Her Weird Alien Dog” 
    • The upperclassmen cried.
    • It took them a week to realize Neil honestly thought the name of the movie was “Lilo and Her Weird Alien Dog” because that’s what Andrew told him.
  • Aaron Minyard: “Two chemists go into a restaurant. The first one says -I think I’ll have an H2O.- The second one says -I think I’ll have an H2O too- and he died.”
    • he actually wanted to write “Fuck you, Andrew” but Katelyn glared at him until he changed it. 
    • Andrew gets it, but refuses to laugh on principle.
  • Nicky Hemmick: “I’m GGG: Getting Gayer and German”.
    • He employed Erik’s help, but the man is a sap and only offered romantic/sentimental quotes, so he had to find something on his own. 
    • He fought the whole editorial department to have his quote in rainbow colors and he won.
  • Danielle Wilds: “I wear steel-ettos to better kick you in the balls.”
    • It may or may not be a reference to a certain Raven and a certain banquets and she may or may not take a picture of the quote “@” him on twitter.
    • Allison, Matt and Nicky all high five her when they read it.
  • Allison Reynolds: “Pretty hurts, steals your money and burns your house.”
    • She fucking loves the Wonder Woman movie, so her other option was “Men are unnecessary for pleasure.
    • But after Raven fans trashed her cars she wanted to make a statement, that she could hit back thrice as hard. 
  • Matt Boyd: “Danielle Wilds, would you make me the honor of taking me as your Proud Trophy Husband?”
    • Yup. He honest to God asked her like that. They had actually talked about it already, stuff like “What if I asked you to get married?”, “Now?!”, “No! More dramatically and stuff, but yeah… Would you say yes?”, “Make it more dramatic than Aaron and Katelyn and we have a deal.”
    • He brought Dan the yearbook and then knelt when she was distracted reading so when she lifted her eyes there he was, with a ring and blushing to the roots of his hair. Nicky filmed everything.
  • Renee Walker: “To be kind and to be helpless are two different matters.”
    • Nicky finds it adorable, while Neil and Andrew read it for the threat it is and their smiles are creepy and dark for a moment there. Allison looks proud.
    • Jean retweets the picture of the quote and adds “@Alvarez, this is why you don’t fight her”. It’s the first tweet ever in which he “@”s someone and the Trojans are so proud they collectively send Renee flowers.

Denise Huth  ||  Tonight is the night! Season 8 is here! #TWD100

Christian Serratos  ||  Back in my home town of Los Angeles. Can’t wait to celebrate the season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead with you guys.

Sarah Wayne Callies  ||  💯 🎉 ❤️ 🍾

Chandler Riggs  ||   woah twd comes back on tonight

Alanna Masterson  ||   Tonight 💀🕶🕷⚰️

Tom Payne  ||  The Walking Dead. Season 8. Episode One. Mercy

Seth Gilliam  ||   The long road to season 8 is almost behind us…tomorrow night…#TWD

Pollyanna McIntosh   ||  Tonight!!!! It’s on.

Steven Ogg  ||   Gooooood morning LA! 100th episode today!! Let’s do this!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan  ||  100 episodes. A big huge shout out to the entire cast and crew. Past and present, they, who bring their all every single day. Thanks to these two fellas for making me part of their family… and mostly… thank you to the fans. Without you, there would be no walking dead. No 100 episodes. Your passion is unrivaled. So… 100 episodes and counting! Thanks to everyone. Never been more proud to take part in anything. Enjoy season 8 everyone… here we go… see ya on the other side! Maybe… xojd

Norman Reedus || 🥂congrats everyone. Fans crew and cast. 100 episodes HOLY BALLS. ❤️ all y’all

hamilton   /   starter sentences.

feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit!

  • ’ this kid is insane, man! ’
  • ’ the world’s gonna know your name! ’
  • ’ what’s your name, man? ’
  • ’ there’s a million things i haven’t done. ’
  • ’ just you wait. ’
  • ’ in new york you can be a new man. ’
  • ’ you could never back down. ’
  • ’ you never learned to take your time. ’
  • ’ the world will never be the same. ’
  • ’ pardon me, are you [ name ], sir? ’
  • ’ i’m at your service, sir. ’
  • ’ i have been looking for you. ’
  • ’ i’m getting nervous. ‘
  • ‘ can i buy you a drink? ‘
  • ‘ while we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice. ‘
  • ‘ don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for. ‘
  • ‘ you can’t be serious. ‘
  • ‘ you want to get ahead? ‘
  • ‘ fools who run their mouths off wind up dead. ‘
  • ‘ what time is it? ‘
  • ‘ pour me another brew, son! ‘
  • ‘ to the revolution! ‘
  • ‘ good luck with that. ‘
  • ‘ what do you stall for? ‘
  • ‘ if you stand for nothing, [ name ], what’ll you fall for? ‘
  • ‘ who are you? ‘
  • ‘ i am not throwing away my shot. ‘
  • ‘ i’m young, scrappy, and hungry. ‘
  • ‘ with every word i drop knowledge. ‘
  • ‘ i’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal. ‘
  • ‘ only nineteen, but my mind is older. ‘
  • ‘ i have learned to manage. ‘
  • ‘ the plan is to fan this spark into a flame. ‘
  • ‘ don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me. ‘
  • ‘ i will lay down my life if it sets us free. ‘
  • ‘ if you talk, you’re gonna get shot! ‘
  • ‘ i think your pants look hot. ‘
  • ‘ what are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot? ‘
  • ‘ oh, am i talkin’ too loud? ‘
  • ‘ i promise that i’ll make y'all proud. ‘
  • ‘ rise up. ‘
  • ‘ i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. ‘
  • ‘ i never thought i’d live past twenty. ‘
  • ‘ this is not a moment, it’s the movement. ‘
  • ‘ we need to handle our financial situation. ‘
  • ‘ i may not live to see our glory. ‘
  • ‘ i will gladly join the fight. ‘
  • ‘ let’s have another round tonight. ‘
  • ‘ raise a glass to freedom. ‘
  • ‘ remind me what we’re looking for. ‘
  • ‘ i’m looking for a mind at work. ‘
  • ‘ there’s nothing like summer in the city. ‘
  • ‘ your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. ‘
  • [ name ], you disgust me. ‘
  • ‘ you want a revolution? i want a revelation. ‘
  • ‘ chaos and bloodshed are not a solution. ‘
  • ‘ they’re playing a dangerous game. ‘
  • ‘ for shame, for shame! ‘
  • ‘ it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face. ‘
  • ‘ honestly, you shouldn’t even talk. ‘
  • ‘ my dog speaks more eloquently than thee. ‘
  • ‘ i’d rather be divisive than indecisive. ‘
  • ‘ you say the price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay. ‘
  • ‘ why so sad? ‘
  • ‘ now you’re making me mad. ‘
  • ‘ you’ll be back. ‘
  • ‘ soon you’ll see. ‘
  • ‘ you’ll remember you belong to me. ‘
  • ‘ time will tell. ‘
  • ‘ i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love. ‘
  • ‘ don’t change the subject. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll love you till my dying days. ‘
  • ‘ when you’re gone, i’ll go mad. ‘
  • ‘ i will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love. ‘
  • ‘ any hope of success is fleeting. ‘
  • ‘ i cannot be everywhere at once. ‘
  • ‘ i’m in dire need of assistance. ‘
  • ‘ close the door on your way out. ‘
  • ‘ have i done something wrong, sir? ‘
  • ‘ dying is easy, young man. living is harder. ‘
  • ‘ why are you telling me this? ‘
  • ‘ we are a powder keg about to explode. ‘
  • ‘ i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight. ‘
  • ‘ where are you taking me? ‘
  • ‘ i’m about to change your life. ‘
  • ‘ this is not a game. ‘
  • ‘ you strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ you’re like me. i’m never satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll see you on the other side of the war. ‘
  • ‘ love doesn’t discriminate. ‘
  • ‘ there are things that the homilies and hymns won’t teach ya. ‘
  • ‘ i am the one thing in life i can control. ‘
  • ‘ there’s only one way for us to win this. ‘
  • ‘ i’m sorry, is this not your speed?! ‘
  • ‘ can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? ‘
  • ‘ my name’s been through a lot, i can take it. ‘
  • ‘ i’m more than willing to die. ‘
  • ‘ look around at how lucky we are. ‘
  • ‘ how long have you known? ‘
  • ‘ you should have told me. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not sorry. ‘
  • ‘ look at where you started. ‘
  • ‘ the fact that you’re alive is a miracle. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t need a legacy. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t need money. ‘
  • ‘ no one has more resilience. ‘
  • ‘ i know that we can win. ‘
  • ‘ history has its eyes on you. ‘
  • ‘ immigrants: we get the job done. ‘
  • ‘ so what happens if we win? ‘
  • ‘ the world turned upside down. ‘
  • ‘ do you know how hard it is to lead? ‘
  • ‘ don’t come crawling back to me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re on your own. ‘
  • ‘ i’m dedicating everyday to you. ‘
  • ‘ domestic life was never quite my style. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll be around for you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll do whatever it takes. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll make a million mistakes. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll make the world safe and sound for you. ‘
  • ‘ why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room? ‘
  • ‘ why do you write like you’re running out of time? ‘
  • ‘ why do you always say what you believe? ‘
  • ‘ it’s the middle of the night. ‘
  • ‘ is this a legal matter? ‘
  • ‘ you’re making a mistake. ‘
  • ‘ don’t forget to write. ‘
  • ‘ we have to win. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve come home to this? ‘
  • ‘ headfirst, into the abyss! ‘
  • ‘ let’s get to the bottom of this. ‘
  • ‘ so what did i miss? ‘
  • ‘ you wanna pull yourself together? ‘
  • ‘ take a break. ‘
  • ‘ i am on my way. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got so much on my plate. ‘
  • ‘ it’s good to see your face. ‘
  • ‘ screw your courage to the sticking place. ‘
  • ‘ close your eyes and dream. ‘
  • ‘ there’s trouble in the air, you can smell it. ‘
  • ‘ i hadn’t slept in a week. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t know how to say no to this. ‘
  • ‘ i am ruined. ‘
  • ‘ nobody needs to know. ‘
  • ‘ we oughta give it a try. ‘
  • ‘ talk less. smile more. ‘
  • ‘ hate the sin, love the sinner. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve always considered you a friend. ‘
  • ‘ i swear your pride will be the death of us all. ‘
  • ‘ now is the time to stand! ‘
  • ‘ we’re too fragile to start another fight. ‘
  • ‘ have you an ounce of regret? ‘
  • ‘ ev'ry action has its equal, opposite reactions. ‘
  • ‘ it must be nice
. ‘
  • ‘ i wanna give you a word of warning. ‘
  • ‘ relax, have a drink with me. ‘
  • ‘ why do you have to say goodbye? ‘
  • ‘ i don’t have to tell you anything at all. ‘
  • ‘ do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw? ‘
  • ‘ are my answers to your satisfaction? ‘
  • ‘ rumors only grow. ‘
  • ‘ i wrote my way out of hell. ‘
  • ‘ overwhelm them with honesty. ‘
  • ‘ have you read this? ‘
  • ‘ i came as soon as i heard. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not here for you. ‘
  • ‘ you could never be satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ god, i hope you’re satisfied. ‘
  • ‘ that’s one less thing to worry about. ‘
  • ‘ you ever see somebody ruin their own life? ‘
  • ‘ i saved every letter you wrote me. ‘
  • ‘ i knew you were mine. ‘
  • ‘ you said you were mine. ‘
  • ‘ i thought were mine. ‘
  • ‘ you and your words flooded my senses. ‘
  • ‘ you built me palaces out of paragraphs. ‘
  • ‘ you have ruined our lives. ‘
  • ‘ i hope that you burn. ‘
  • ‘ they don’t exactly cover this subject in boarding school. ‘
  • ‘ stay alive. ‘
  • ‘ is he breathing? is he going to survive this? ‘
  • ‘ there is suffering too terrible to name. ‘
  • ‘ i never liked the quiet before. ‘
  • ‘ that never used to happen before. ‘
  • ‘ can you imagine? ‘
  • ‘ i know i don’t deserve you, [ name ]. ‘
  • ‘ is there anything you wouldn’t do? ‘
  • ‘ i’ll be damned! ‘
  • ‘ what if this bullet is my legacy? ‘
  • ‘ legacy. what is a legacy? ‘
  • ‘ i’m the villain in your history. ‘
  • ‘ who lives, who dies, who tells your story? ‘

happy 6th anniversary to the girls who brought us amazing music, joy and laughter! we, pandas, are always proud to be fans of angels who are beautiful both inside and outside. six years have passed since your debut, but our love for you still remains unchanged.

thank you for debuting, apink! #AlwaysWithApink


“If you don’t love yourself for your flaws and imperfections, you can’t expect anyone else to either. We are each made differently, so find whatever flaw or imperfection you have and start embracing it because it’s part of you. Be proud of your originality. There’s no one else in the world that’s like you.”

So ToppDogg’s Hansol came out as asexual today. As part of the ace spectrum, let me say how emotional this made me and how proud i am of him. A kpop idol is asexual and came out in public to his fans, that’s so amazing.

I already saw people saying stupid shit like “asexuality is not part of the lgbt community!!!” and i swear to god, i am not here to educate anyone but do your research before saying shit like that. “Asexuality” is more than just “not wanting to having sex with your partner”.

I hope we can move past this and fully support him from now, and i hope he doesnt get to see stupid comments like that ever.

Dear Taylor,

« I never trust a narcissist but they love me »…

Taylor’s music has somehow always echoed my life.

When I was sixteen, I met this boy. He was three years older than me. I didn’t want to go out with him in the first place, but he kept trying over and over until I gave in. We started dating, doing what couples are supposed to do, and it was magical during the first few months. But very soon, I found out he was lying to me about other girls. I chose to stay. You see, I thought that I was in love. He kept telling me that I was the woman of his life, that he couldn’t imagine losing me, and neither could I. So, I stayed. He lied again. And it kept going on.

He slept with girls he used to be in love with, and always told me that it was only “friendly”. I was miserable and I became jealous, and I lost the self-confidence I had slowly regained when I went to High school, because I used to be bullied for four years before.

Somehow he made me feel lovable, worth something, he saw me as a woman and not as a weirdo.

But he kept lying. This circus went on for three years. I told him a countless amount of time how I felt about this situation, about him sleeping 200 meters away from my parent’s house with another girl whom he used to be in love with. She was not the only one. He began to tell everyone that I was insane, that he wanted to leave me but he was afraid to because he feared I would kill myself. At this point, I didn’t have any suicidal thoughts, it was only the beginning of our so-called relationship. That’s something I have recently found out. Slowly, I began to lose my friends. I didn’t know what was happening, he was the only one I had left except for my best friend who stood by my side during all this mess. I began to have panic attacks again. Whenever I had one, he screamed at me and I was forced to cry in a towel because I knew that if he heard me, he would get angry. I didn’t notice at the time that he was slowly destroying me with his actions, or with his words. He used to call me “my little shit”, but not in a nice way. Everything he said could be interpreted with a double meaning. I was so lost and confused. I remember myself crying in front of the mirror, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I became the person he described, the person he wanted me to be : the shadow of my own self. I was a ghost. I had lost interest in everything, except for one thing. I kept listening to 1989, and Taylor’s songs because somehow I could relate her music, and if not, it gave me hope.

I was always wondering when this madness was going to end, when he would stop lying to me and make fun of me for his own pleasure. I guess seeing that I was in pain made him feel good about himself. He could be my protector, but he was also my abuser.

Out of the woods kept coming into my head. I felt stuck in this situation, I was always asking myself if we could eventually “be in the clear”. This song grew in me, and when I saw the music video, everything became crystal clear. I had who I was for a man that psychologically abused me every single day. When the real Taylor began to gain her strength back and reached her wounded self, I immediately pictured myself. I didn’t have any strength at the time, I had lost a lot of weight, I was anxious and afraid of being alone. But one day, I decided to get myself a tattoo, I came into the shop and said what I specifically wanted. I drew a branch with “out of the woods”. The next day, I had it tattooed on my ribs. I looked at my body in the mirror and those words gave me the strength to run away from him.

Taylor Swift gave me the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship. I got back with him a few months later but in-between, I had started living again and when I returned with him, I felt trapped again. I looked once again at my ribs, and walked away from good. That’s how powerful her music is to me. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would still be here because he began to show signs of physical violence at one point. Or I would still be a shadow, walking around with no purpose in life.

I’m still trying to put my pieces back together, it’s not easy, but I ran away. Taylor was my getaway car, my anchor during those three years of deep solitude and sadness.

The funny thing is, when we finally broke up, his friends became friends with me and they no longer see him, because I could finally tell my side of the story, they are always two sides to every story. People saw that I was not the crazy person he described.

When reputation dropped, I couldn’t believe how the lyrics once again echoed my life : I did something bad, look what you made me do, this is why we can’t have nice things and especially getaway car.

Then, I got my ticket for the Dublin show on the 15th of June. I cried when I saw that I was going to see with my bare eyes the person who had kept me afloat for more than three years, my “rock”.  

Taylor, I want you to know that I will always be grateful to you because you saved me. That’s how powerful you are, that’s how amazing, kind, beautiful and empowering you are.

I am so proud of you, and mostly I am proud to be one of your many fans. If I don’t get the chance to meet you, I hope you will see this because I need you to know what you did for me without even knowing it. Now, I can really say that I’m out of the woods. I wish I could thank you in person one day @taylorswift @taylornation

I will be in your snake pit on the 15th of june. 

Love, Julie.

I so badly wanted for this to be false.

I don’t know what it is I’m feeling right now. I’m angry. I’m beyond infuriated with the disgusting account that leaked this. It’s unfair for this person to keep getting away with this bullshit when Harry and his family have been nothing but kind. I’m angry at the sense of entitlement that certain “fans” have– going through his trash and stalking his hotel.

I’m devastated. It’s the same sinking feeling I had when Jay passed. And it’s even more heartbreaking knowing how Harry could’ve been struggling this whole time in silence– just how we never knew Jay was really sick until she was gone.

But I am so, so beyond proud of Harry. My god. Stopping for fans even after something like this has happened? He’s an incredible, beautiful human being. He’s too good to us, to the world.

It’s a helpless feeling, wanting to do so much and being able to do nothing but send positive vibes and love to your favorite when they’re grieving. Especially when this person, their music, their kindness, has served as a comfort to you during your own times of trouble. The best we can do is band together, be there for one another, love those who are most important to us with all of our hearts.

I wish I could stop crying, because I know this doesn’t directly affect me. I can’t even imagine what Harry, Gemma, Robin’s children, and poor Anne must be feeling. But the truth is, we are affected. Just as we were affected with Jay’s passing. These people loved our boys with all of their hearts, they adapted to this crazy lifestyle and were always so kind. It’s heart wrenching to know that seeing Robin proudly wearing Harry’s hat at The Garage would be the last time we’d see him. Fuck cancer.

I love you all. Take care of yourselves. Please, for goodness sake, be nice. Be good. To one another, and to Harry. Send this family all the love in the world right now.

Rip Robin. You touched so many, and you will never be forgotten.

chy_leigh IF you haven’t already done so (or just wanna hear it again), MAKE SURE to click the *LINK IN MY BIO* and listen to the new @eastofeli single “Nowhere” featuring yours truly 😊 We are both incredibly proud of this #song and equally #grateful for all the amazing press reviews and loving support from the best fans in the galaxy! More #EOE tracks #comingsoon #newmusic #westleigh #nowhere #share #love | song

My angels - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: My angels

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Imagine being one of Victoria Secret’s angels and are married to Jensen. Jared, Misha and the fans tease him about being jealous and he plays along but truth is he’s very proud of you and your career. However, at some point you stop doing shows and photoshoots, and all the teasing stops, making the fans wonder if Jensen was really jealous and you stopped for him. Only to later find out through a photo that the reason you stopped was because you’re pregnant with your first child.

“I’m- I’m guessing it’s a thing anymore, right?” Ellen chucked, looking at the three men as they all nodded their heads.

“Oh yeah, hunting monsters, saving people, teasing Jensen about (Y/n), the family business!” Jensen joked with a grin as Jared, Misha and Ellen laughed.

“They do love to point out you being jealous over your wife, right?” she asked and they all gave a subtle nod “She, for those of you who don’t know, although I don’t think there I a person who might not have seen some poster of her or even some catwalk, uhm she is a an angel of Victoria Secret’s, one of their top ones for very long actually.”

“She’s their best one!” Jared said proudly “But I’ll leave out any details about how good she looks in those underwear because Jensen’s sitting next to me.” he snickered and Misha grinned.

“Oh I dare you to go into detail Padalecki! Mind you, your wife is watching!” Jensen pointed out and Jared laughed more, going on with their small game of “jealous Jensen” that it’s been a while since they last played.

“I mean Misha could too! It’s not like he didn’t see it, or you can ask about a couple thousand other men, I’m sure she doesn’t go unnoticed in any of the shows!” he laughed, as Misha nodded his head in agreement, and Jensen grinned but he tried to fight his smile and put on a frown and almost jealous look.

“Excuse me? You two really seem to be paying attention to her in the shows, aren’t ya?”

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anonymous asked:

OMG I love your newest scenario!!! Can you do the same one but with Keith? (btw, I really love your blog~ you're an inspiration tbh)

(omg ur too sweet?????)

The original prompt was thus:

“Sooooooo I was thinking what would Shiro do if his s/o showed up to party in a sexy black dress just to get him back for spending so much time with Voltron.”

Implied nsfw and some sweet, sweet angst. Just in time for season 3 (¬‿¬)

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Hi Tay, it’s Katelyn :) I saw that you’d said your biggest insecurity is your hair, and I get insecure about my natural hair as well, so here is a picture of me being happy n stuff while embracing what I’ve got in support of you. I also wanted to update you on my life a bit because I haven’t seen/talked to you for real since 2015… so if you like to read more, that would make my heart so happy. Love you sister. xo

Oh, the things that have happened in the last two and a half years. Clearly I’ve grown up?? I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t even recognize me. I’m 17 now!! Been through some rough patches, had a major heartbreak and a half, lost some friends, made some new ones, you know… life. I’m feeling okay right now though. My friends are the best fucking people in the entire world. I’m not kidding. I successfully weeded out all of the toxic people who had constantly been making me feel miserable, and now I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. A lot of those friends, sisters at this point honestly, I have known for years because of you and they are THE best people to spill to and spend time with. Some of my favorite moments in the history of..ever.. have come from doing absolutely nothing with them, but also somehow turning it into the best day ever. In the tags I’m gonna add a hashtag filled with some of the posts that mean the most to them, so please fill my heart and take a look at that if you do happen to read this ! I’ll probably do a separate one for myself too, just so that you can see what you’ve been missing (mine is gonna be all over the place so just a warning in advance lol). I’ve been busy as ever– sleep is a myth tbh. I’m on the board for a handful of things at school, working, looking out for my sisters, and pretty much just trying to keep on holding my shit together in general. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve also gotten funnier and I think you’ve noticed this.

I didn’t really have anything ÜBER important to tell you about, I just wanted to talk to you. The other night I was reminded of just how many fans you have and how hard it must be to keep up with all of us (props !!!!). Sometimes it makes me feel forgotten, but I know that isn’t the truth. Thank you for doing that too, checking in on us, you’re incredible babe. I really miss your sweet self and your bone-crushing hugs :( I hope you’re proud of me and how much I’ve changed myself for the better. We better reunite on tour my girl. Take care of yourself and see you soon (I’ll be at release week 😉) !! I love you, always.

PS: I’m SO happy that you’ve finally found a relationship that’s worth your time and energy. You’ve always been deserving of the very best– that will never change. You’re fucking radiating and it’s so exhilarating and contagious!!!!!!!!