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New theory ... Julie tells henrik to post random stuff just to get fans excited/talking about the show, and siv decided she wants to support her son so she jumped on the say random things bandwagon. But really when the trailer finally drops it will say "season 4 starting in 5 mins", just because Julie likes to fuck with us/change things up.

As much as i hate this theory, i also love it because “s4 starting in 5mins” is the only thing i can accept the first time we hear from julie and her team!!!

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I just realized that Katie being back on Arrow means that she'll probably attend the SDCC in July! I'm really happy because, I don't know about you, but it was really weird to see all the cast and pictures without her. Like Andrew Kreisberg said, she is the heart of the show! And by the way, THANK YOU Andrew for introducing Black Siren, we owe you a lot!

YES i hope she will (she most likely will to promote the whole thing and big up the hype of her return). i didn’t like her not being there either, it didn’t feel right since she and stephen were the only ones that had been to ALL of them since before the show started. god bless andrew.

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I want to know more about how Moe getting furry supporters ends up causing the pistachios to go extinct.

so since pistachios originate in central asia and various parts of the middle east, it’s safe to assume that animals native to those areas would partake in pistachio consumption. according to kevin kyzer, “rodentia-related scavengers (including hamsters, mice, squirrels, rabbits, and any thing else that’s furry and smallish and has big teeth)” are species that favorite pistachios. and while these nuts can sometimes cause upset stomachs in mammals (such as bears & dogs), pistachios are not toxic to them. 

knowing this information, we can compare this to WikiFur’s category data (July 2016) of the top 15 most popular furry species

since the furry community seeks to imitate their chosen species as closely as possible, it only makes sense that pistachios would be one of the foods they often eat. tying this back to moe and how he leads this movement: moe’s a bartender at the springfield tavern. it’s common courtesy to provide some sort of free snack at the bar and pistachios would make the perfect item.

he would take advantage of the growing springfield furry population and introduce furry nights every tuesday-friday. the saturday-monday gap gives good buffer to order more nuts. with every furry night, the pistachio’s grow closer and closer to extinction. that’s where dakota comes in and opposes the “furries fur moe” campaign. tune in to mml on disney xd to see the rest of the backstory, dont wanna give too many spoiLERS

Finally, in a low whisper, he said, ‘I think I might be a terrible person.’ For a split second I believed him - I thought he was about to confess a crime, maybe a murder. Then I realized that we all think we might be terrible people. But we only reveal this before asking someone to love us. It is a kind of undressing.
—  Miranda July,  The First Bad Man

January - December 2016

A year passes fast..

It was sooo difficult to chose just one pic for each month. I really did draw a lot this year and some months have many drawings I still love…others not so much :D
Yes, I did draw a lot this year!! AND IT WAS GREAT!!! I feel I made some nice progress this year and also finally dared to apply for art school and got accepted and for all this I wanna thank you!!! Thank you for all the support and love and inspiration you give me!!! The year is not over yet but this is already my little way of saying THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! <33

Thank you very much for everything and for 4000 followers!!!
AN AMAZING NUMBER!!! I would never thought I would get there!! It still amazes me that you love what I post and stick with me and talk to me. I love to share and am always happy to get your input, hcs, ideas and questions!!!
This was an important year for me! Thank you for staying with me and joining me!


People on Twitter are going in on Matt Damon with the #ThankYouMattDamon hashtag for his self conception as a white savior

“We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth that only a white man can save the world. It’s not an actual fact,” Constance Wu wrote in a tweet criticizing the film back in July. “It’s not about blaming individuals. Rather, it’s about pointing out the repeatedly implied racist notion that white people are superior to POC and that POC need salvation from our own color via white strength. When you consistently make movies like this, you ARE saying that. YOU ARE.”

The Kids Are Alright: Part 1

October 13, 1979

Frank: This war… it’s never going to end.

James: Yes it will Frank. *quietly* Everything ends.

Frank: … Alice is due in July…

James: So is Lily…

Frank: What if this war still hasn’t ended? W-what if our kids are born into this nightmare?

James: I don’t want to hear shit like that from you. We’ve fought too hard.

James: We’re only going to be stationed here for a few more nights.

James: You’ll be back with Alice before you can blink.

Frank: I’m sorry… I guess I’m just…

James: *sighs* Don’t be sorry… we’re all going a little crazy.

*both quiet, alert*

*a large bird suddenly leaps off the branch outside the window*

James: *takes a deep breath* Jesus…

Frank: *shaking* What if that… Oh god James, I can’t do thi-

James: *quickly* Have you picked out names?

Frank: … W-what?

James: Names… Baby names.

Frank: … W-well… Alice is convinced it’s going to be a boy… so we thought maybe… R-Reginald?

James: *grimaces*

Frank: *cracks a smile*

Frank: … I like Neville.

James: *grins* You know what? I like Neville too… *claps hands together* Alright Frank, you can do this. Do it for Neville.

James: *shrugs* I’ve got a feeling. *winks* Little Elvendork Potter…

Frank: Oh no… Lily better have shot that one down.

James: Harry James Potter… has a nice ring to it too, I guess.

Frank: *laughs* Oh Merlin. Well, as long as he doesn’t turn out like you-

James: Hey now… I wasn’t THAT bad.

Frank: *raises an eyebrow*

James: *pauses*… You make a compelling argument.

Frank: *snorts*

James: *smiles and quiets*

Frank: … *softly* I’m glad there’s someone else here… wh-who understands…

Frank: I’m so glad you’re here.

Frank: *quietly to himself* Three more days…

James: Let’s just focus on tonight. *stares off into the darkness, hands trembling* We’re going to be okay… we’re going to make it.

To Be Continued


this woman literally asks for input from not only her audience, which we were already aware of, but her actors

she literally asks them if there’s something they would like to do with the story, or if there’s a certain scene they’d like to film. who does that? literally who would be so dedicated to their craft, so humble and aware of the impact they were making they’d put ego aside and ask for input from young teens that, arguably, are not writers themselves?

and she’s inspired from them. she writes her characters with her actors in mind. she makes sure they don’t do anything they don’t want to do. 

she is inspired by them and by us, her audience, she listens to us, she changes the narrative and the direction of the story depending on our reaction to certain plot points and issues and she listens to what we want and what we have to say

this woman is amazing. an amazing writer, creator, and just general human being like

we wouldn’t have this show without her

and we’d do well to remember we are so lucky to have her around

team australians who hate donald trump

Squad. Gang. Team. Got the shivers and the shudders and the shakes after the election of President Toupee? My Aussie mates, it’s time we channelled that fear and frustration into something at home.

Peter Dutton, Human Brussel Sprout and Minister for Immigration, floated a plan that would leave asylum seekers banned from ever entering Australia. Dutton’s idea is that this will be backdated to people who had tried entering from July 2013. This is a massive dickhead move, and despite Labor and the Greens voting against it, the bill has passed through the Lower House and into the Senate.

That is fucked. We’re going to email all the crossbench Senators who may oppose this bill, and so hold the balance of power, and let them know that this is not on. 

So what we’re going to do is email all these people a nice little note letting them know that this law is appalling and unaustralian. Only email the Senators for your state, because in theory you’ll be voting for them again in three or six years.

This bill cannot pass. It flouts international law and common decency. Let’s do this.


  • Senator David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democrats) + (02) 6277 3054


  • Senator Derryn Hinch (Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party) - + (03) 9820 2222


  • You guys need to consider some minor parties. 


  • Senator Stirling Griff (Nick Xenophon Team) - + (08) 8212 1409
  • Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore (Nick Xenophon Team) - + (08) 8232 0220
  • Senator Nick Xenophon (Nick Xenophon Team) - + (08) 8232 1144


  • Senator Jacqui Lambie (Jacqui Lambie Network) - + (03) 6431 2233


  • Senator the Honourable Nigel Scullion (Country Liberal Party) - + (08) 8948 3555


  • You guys really don’t like minor parties, do you. Hope you’re feeling better, Scotty Ludlam.


  • Oh yeah you only have two senators suck it.

A sample message you can send -


My name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [YOUR TOWN] in [YOUR STATE]. Recently I heard that Peter Dutton’s proposal to ban asylum seekers from ever settling or visiting Australia passed the Lower House.

The contents of this bill appall me and many of my friends and family. I feel it is a horrifying, unaustralian idea. If you support this bill you can be sure you will never receive my support as a voter ever again.

Please do not vote in favour of permanently banning asylum seekers from ever settling in Australia.

Thank you,


Keep it short, sharp and simple. Write your own email if that’s easier for you - the more voices they hear, the better. Go on and do some good in the world. It takes five minutes to send an email - I sent one last week to the Labor MP Shane Neumann, the Shadow Minister for Immigration, who replied and confirmed that Labor would not be supporting the bill. Send an email now. Call them on Monday morning. 

It’s that easy.

Hey Black Tumblr !!!

I wanted to get a black love appreciation day started for a while now, and I was so happy to receive such a great response! 

I think black love is so beautiful and so powerful. The connection and closeness of our love is something only we can give each other, and it’s an amazing thing to have. Along with building our communities, our businesses and ourselves up as people in this white dominated world, I see how powerful and important it is to build strong, educated beautiful black families.

Let’s take some time to openly and unapologetically celebrate black love! I was thinking for the dates we can start on February 15th, so we can see some cute valentines pics! Then April 20th and July 10th.

Post your pictures with your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, the person you love! Add the hashtag #blackloveappreciation and we’ll all re blog each others posts and fill the dash with beautiful black love!  

Just thought I would share: TJLC is real and season 4 proves it.

We’ve been talking about TJLC for almost three years now, but somehow the very Gay and Fucky special, The Abominable Bride was not enough to pique viewers’ interests to make more than a tiny blip. In fact, searches for TJLC and related terms only begins to really rise in July when they released the first official trailer, and then in November, when they started to promote the new season by releasing soundtrack titles, announcing an air date, and putting out that flooded 221B picture.

We’ve literally been doing the same thing for three years, but somehow it never became a popular search term (first and second most popular related terms are shown in yellow and blue) until the start of the season 4 hype buildup.

What really gets me is that this graph peaks the day after The Six Thatchers airs. I don’t really understand how Google does their graphs as I’m not that familiar with statistics, but from what I can see, the charts are shown relative to the highest amount of searches - meaning that from January 1st to January 2nd, searches for TJLC basically tripled. O v e r n i g h t.

Here’s another chart that shows that searches for “johnlock” are generally independent from searches for “tjlc”:

Now I know we have done no more this season than we have other seasons. (except for maybe the sheer amount of meta we accumulated in the first week of the year, but I’m talking about putting ourselves out there and making our cause publicly known.) 

We analysed and speculated just like we did for every other season. Searches for “johnlock” are relatively consistent with what they’ve been in the past (both are up at the 100 mark). Which means there must be something different about this season. Something that’s getting closer to the surface, becoming more visible. Visible enough for viewers to start investigating and considering it’s legitimacy……..

I will make it quick.

Alright, trying not to cry while writing this post. I just hate the fact that this will be my last time, of sorts, that I will click that ‘Post’ button down there. Anyhow-

As some of you already know this is my last year in high school and that also means my finals are just around the corner. In order to study as much as I need to to be able to get into university I need to make sacrifices. And one of them is tumblr. I wish I wouldnt have to make this post but I need to.

I need to inform you that starting from tomorrow and until the 1st of July I will need to go on a hiatus. And before anyone is fast to click that unfollow button I am here telling you that this blog is NOT dead. We have just come to a season finale, that is all. The next season starts on July second. It is only a hiatus!

This is not something I want, under no circumstances. If it was up to me I’d be writing and posting evryday all year round but this is about my future. And I can’t be an asshole, neither to myself nor to my parents and teachers. They have all tried very hard, me included, to be able to come here and have hope that I can actually get to be something in my life.

I am not talking big here, never was. I’d like to believe I am a down to Earth person (minus the times I daydream about Supernatural) and as that I have decided to take this difficut decision. I could stay, yes, and go on hiatus for only a monthh or two before my exams but I can’t. I need to take this seriously. Other kids have been making this kind of sacrifices ever since the beginning of September and if I wan to achieve my goals I need to do this now.

I won’t be able to post however I will be able to reply occasionally to your mail (not inbox, the other thing though) and I would really love to keep contact with you. Again, the blog is not being closed. I am not quitting because I think that I have a lot more in me as far as energy, passion, love and stories are concerned.

That being said, I hope you all can understand my reasons to this break. It would honestly mean a lot for me to know that you suppot me through this because, honestly, it is about my future guys. It is important for me, more than anything else, and I can’t afford to lose this chance.

So, I guess that’s what I had to say. Here I have links to my masterlist(s) for every story minus those 20 I just uploaded! If you are looking for them just scroll down in my blog and you can find them!

I used to have the entire Masterlist here. Links for every story and imagine I wrote but tumblr obviously let me have only a certain amount of links. So I’ve split it up:

Stories Masterlist 1#
Stories Masterlist 2#

My imagines are a little bit shorter stories, not just gifs, and there are a couple mini-series too! (All links are working trust me!)

Imagines Masterlist #1

Imagines Masterlist #2

So, with tears in my eyes I tell you this angels:

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Camp can get boring from time to time so the gals resolve to… Social Media! And they looove IG so.. 

What’s a normal SM day for the gals?

Well.. they like each other’s pics.. 

(even if Kling’s injured she’s still part of the team, don’t judge)

And leave profound comments on them:

They also spend so much time together they start to follow the same accounts..

Share jokes with people..and we get to know their purchases.. only Kriegy..

The member of honor shows she’s still supporting her gals and loving babies all at once.. typical Cheney ;)

Ashlyn is just being Ash..

Christen has the ability of making her CRS love puppies too.. the #PressEffect

(Steph is still on the team in my heart and is Carli’s)

But if there’s one thing that’s consistent is that Tobin’s..


Tv shows: Skam

Whether you believe in Allah or Jesus or evolution or parallel universes, the only thing we know for sure is that.. life is now.

Requested by @robo-dactyl and @electronicallyinclined

Yesterday we covered Grubbin and Charjabug, so it is only natural that we complete the family today with Vikavolt. Vikavolt is a stag beetle, specifically based on a member of the genus Cyclommatus, known for their long mandibles and metallic bodies.

A stag beetle’s large mandibles are used as weapons. They fight over food, territory, and mates. When they wrestle, they pick each other up with their pincers to flip their opponent vulnerably onto the back, or off the branch altogether.

Vikavolt is…different. Its mandibles are definitely used as a weapon, except they are a projectile weapon. An electric railgun.

A railgun is a projectile launcher that is made of two conducting arms, called rails. Vikavolt’s mandibles are the rails. Electric current flows inwards through one rail and outwards through the other, creating a “U” shape of current. Since moving electricity creates a magnetic field, a strong one grows in between the two rails and this magnetic field is a pushing force for whatever conductive material you want to shoot out. In Vikavolt’s case above, it shoots out a plasma ball. Plasma railguns are typically require a vacuum to be efficient, but the principal is still the same.

Railguns are able to fire projectiles with huge speeds up to 2,500 m/s (8,200 ft/s), which is about 7 times the speed of sound.

Vikavolt’s mandibles act as a railgun. Electric energy flows inwards in one mandible, and outwards in the other. This creates a strong magnetic field in the center, which propels projectiles at high speeds towards its enemies.

Authorized recipient verified. Playing message.

“Regina. This is Rubina, love. The med staff told me you were starting to finally come around this morning, so if you’re hearing this, congratulations on not succumbing. We were worried sick.

Now, before I begin, Regina, I would like to clarify that your debriefing for this operation is absolutely to be kept confidential. The security of this team may be at stake.

I received a transmission from the position where we found you - I’ve marked it there on the display. See the little X, dear? There was your ship, derelict, with you inside. And only you.

We scoured the ship, and the entire surrounding sector, for any trace of Juli. There was none. But we found that one of the two escape pods on the ship had been jettisoned. 

Analysis of the ship’s records indicated that you were attacked, Regina, and that Juli fled as your ship was overtaken by our rivals, the Helene Harpies. 

I’m sorry to say this, but… There’s strong evidence to support that she may have sold you out, dear. The cargo was taken, Juli escaped without any sign of a struggle on her part in the ship records… and you were… well, I’m sure you already noticed the sudden new presence on your abdomen.

Yes, I’m afraid the Harpies have taken on a truly bizarre new method of making an example of their captured rivals. The med team can confirm if you have difficulty believing this, but, scans concluded that your stomach was treated for an increased elasticity by some drug administered to you by the Harpies. That drug muddled your senses and is the reason you’ve been unconscious for the past two days. And then they moved you to the mess and force-fed you - according to the logs, they continued to do so until the replicator was out of base material.

I’m sorry, Regina. It’s all rather bizarre and barbaric - typical Harpies. And… I know you and Juli were… a very potent team. Her absence will weigh heavily on me as well.

But for now, we need to find out how much information she’s smuggled to the Harpies. Remain with med team until the… situation in your stomach has been dealt with. When you’ve ‘recovered’ fully, I’ll need you to report directly to me.

I’ll see you soon, Regina. We have quite a lot of things to do together.”

End playback. Message deleted.

Regina stared at the now-silent device sitting on the table beside her infirmary bed. She struggled to her feet, weak-kneed, using the table to brace herself until her legs could work on their own.

Juli wouldn’t do that.

Regina stared at herself in the mirror. Her thighs and hips were soft - from all of that still-digesting replicator food, the med team had explained. Her stomach, heavy but soft and malleable, jutted shockingly from her frame as she pawed at it curiously with both hands. She was dumbfounded. It was full alright, and the infirmary was filled with the constant droning churn of digestion.

Juli wouldn’t leave me. She wouldn’t sell me out.

She turned to consider the recording device on the table again, a hand resting on the plush surface of her overloaded belly. Rubina was obviously not telling Regina everything, but her memory was fuzzy… the drug? The med team told her there would be lingering effects, like an increase in appetite, and memory loss… But despite all that, that empty hole in her recollection of events was still terrifying. 

Where did Juli really go? Did the Harpies abduct her? Did they ever even show up at the ship at all? Regina struggled to remember.

Juli is in danger somewhere. Rubina knows something.

Regina scowled into the mirror, resolved to find out what Rubina was hiding. Her stomach quietly burbled.


The final scene of Doomsday vs. the same scene from The Runaway Bride

From the Runaway Bride commentary track with David Tennant and Julie Gardner:

Julie: There we have Donna entering your TARDIS

David: Interestingly, that sequence was the closing seconds of Doomsday

Julie: Yes

David: …which was the end of series two - but not those actual pictures. We re-shot it.  We have two directors of photography on Doctor Who, Ernie and Rory.  Ernie shot Doomsday in the way he likes to shoot the TARDIS and likes to light the TARDIS, which is lots of greens and lots of reds.  Rory prefers it to be a more kind of golden affair

Julie: Yeah - a bit more yellow-y

David: Yeah, so the version of that scene would fit with the scene we’re now in [the rest of the Doctor/Donna initial scene in the TARDIS] we had to re-shoot it and do a kind-of Rory version of the scene.

Julie: and did you make different choices as an actor the second time?

David: No, in fact we had the dvd player by the side of the set to try to re-create it as exactly as we possibly could, so that you wouldn’t necessarily notice that it was different - although I just told you, so that gives that away

TFP and the drink code, a.k.a. John truly hates himself - Mycroft Edition

[This post is my first addendum to the drink code after being written, in light of new canon content. (I wrote the drink code in July 2015. And yes, I didn’t write about TAB because the “CONFIRMED” was pretty obvious).]

One thing that has become clear about S4 is that is false af, and whatever you believe it’s happening there, you also know there’s meaning behind all that fuckiness.  I like the “TFP is John’s Bisexual Bunker Nightmare while dying” theory (and this meta is largely based on that assumption), but even if you believe in something else going on, the symbolism remains. 

We’ve seen John drinking through S4. As a matter of fact, he  is the only one seen drinking in the two episodes before TFP. Or one of his mirrors. Molly has a champagne flute when Baby Rosie is born, he drinks red wine while looking at the camera (fucky…), Vivian Norbury is said to be sort of an alcoholic… It seems alcoholic beverages were used in S4 as an indicator of John’s inner emotions.

So I expected to see him drinking in TFP.  But no. I noticed there’s only one sight of alcohol in TFP. At the first two minutes of TFP, we have Mycroft like this:

Drink code says when a character drinks whisky, they’re scared and are looking for some “liquid courage” (As TAB later confirmed).

If you consider TFP being John’s bisexual Bunker nightmare, everyone in it represents a part of him. The fact Mycroft is the only person drinking in TFP is a sign to indicate something not common in the show’s narrative: Mycroft will serve as a mirror for John. A mirror for that part of his personality that has been in charge of repressing his bisexuality. A mirror working during most of the episode and that could certainly explain why Mycroft is so out of character in TFP.

The drink code just makes it clear that the part represented by Mycroft is scared and looking for some sort of control.

So, what is he scared of? And what does that fear mean?

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so I just realized

we’re gonna get to watch sana in her h*cking element in S4. basketball. Iman is a basketball player in real life, and I know Julie made that a part of her character because in season 2 Sana mentions she can’t go to some thing because she has practice and I just. Not only are we getting a brown Muslim girl as a main character but muslimah student-athlete badassery to add to that. I’m gonna cry.

IF ANYONE WAS WONDERING WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN SKAM(this is me rambling about what I think is happening. spoilery things)::: after two days of complete silence from all the cast and characters we get this (and a LOVELY picture of Henrik with Josefine and Ina). And we /know/ that he’s filming because A) he’s wearing the denim jacket (the denim jacket is part of even’s wardrobe) B) he’s not only with the girls but with Tarjei. And although they are friends we never see them together and C) we got a selfie today of Tease Queen herself- Julie. The picture of her looks as though she’s in a bar/club and henrik posted a photo to his story /at the same club/. The club they’re at is called Nox and it doesn’t open on thursdays. Now, if it doesn’t open on thursdays WHY would they be there? Because they’re filming. Another point, Skam usually films the first few episodes 2-3 weeks before the season begins. If they’re filming now then two weeks from now would be April 6th, Noora’s birthday. And it would make PERFECT SENSE for her to have her birthday in a club. It would also explain some other bts spoilers pictures that we got earlier last week. The photo was of the girl gang being approached by what we can assume are even’s friends from Bakka because one of them looks like Yousef and another like Mikael. Even’s friends were holding balloons out to the girls and it would make SO MUCH SENSE if those balloons were for Noora’s birthday. However, since Noora’s birthday is gonna be on a Thursday and the club doesn’t open on Thursday we can safely assume that something will be posted on Friday the 7th, especially considering the fact that skam posts everything in real time. Conclusion: IM SUPER FUCKING EXCITED AND THE CLIPS ARE GONNA DROP S O O N