and we are gonna hug yo face off

Yard ~J.S~

Summary: Swazz wants to show you the watered yard 

 Requested: yes

 Note: I’m not really feeling the smut right now so the plus size imagine is gonna be out a little bit later than expected. Sorry ❤️

Warnings: Language


I was in my room getting ready for the day when I got a text from my boyfriend Swazz.

 King Swazz👑😍💦- hey babe. Can you come over I have something super important to show you. Hurry 😘

 I finished my makeup and put on some nikes cause the boys always wanted me to play basketball over there.

 I get in my car and text Swazz telling him I’m on the way. I wonder what he has to show me. I’m praying it’s not a dog cause of it is, I know for a fact it was going to be at my house 97% of the time.

 I pull into Hayess house that the boys have been staying at while Hayes is back home. Usually they stay at my house for some reason. They fucking house hoppers, those hoes. 

 I walk through the the first door to see everyone on the couch. Nate is half asleep, Skeez is playing Fifa by himself and Swazz is rolling a blunt.

 "Y'all look like shit" I say sitting next to Swazz picking up a controller. “Put me in please” I say to Skeez as I kiss Swazz on the cheek.

 "We went to a crazy party last night. I don’t even remember coming home. Fuck outta here" Nate says with a croaky voice. 

 "I know Nate. I was at the party.“ I say giggling at him. God damn drunk.

I see Swazz on his phone before he hands me the joint. I know he’s on snapchat so while still focusing on the game take it and do a smoke ring in his face.

“Always gotta show off for the camera?” Swazz says taking the joint back. 

 "Of course. Now what was so super important that you just had to show me” I say quickly getting bored of the video game.

 "Oh yeah. Close your eyes.“ John says covering my eyes.

 "What the fuck is this shit John?” I say holding on to his wrists for support. We stand up and walk around. Before he opens a door. I hear things around me and realize we’re outside.

 "Why the hell are we outside. It’s about as hot as hell when satans mad.“ I say fanning myself.

 "Babe chill were not gonna be here for long. Ok ready? Here” Swazz says super excited he takes his hands off my face and I open my eyes.

 "All I see is grass John. OH MY GOD ALL I SEE IS GRASS. BABY YOU GUYS HAVE AN ACTUAL BACKYARD. WITH NICE GRASS" I say jumping into Swazzs arms. Before we started watering and fertilizing it, this was basically all dirt. We all wanted this so it was a big deal.

 "I know a yard guy came by to trim it yesterday" Swazz says looking at it.

 I was proud of him. It might be something small but Swazz had been waking up early to water this yard and working hard for this grass. I hugged his side and kissed his cheek. 

 "Now we can have picnics on the grass and not the court.“ I say leaning up on him. He was rubbing my back and occasionally kissing my forehead.

 "Y'all acting like it’s your god damn child. It’s a fucking yard.” Nate says from the sliding back door. 

 "Fuck off party boy" I say flipping him off smiling.

“John get yo girl I’m finna hurt her feelings” Nate says shaking his head chucking. 

 "Babe. Get yo friend I’m gonna hurt his face" I say sticking my tongue out at Nate.

 "Here’s an idea. Both of y'all shut the hell up before I hurt more than y'all feelings and face" Skeez says laughing at us. 

 "Whatever hoes. Come over to my house at 6. It’s movie night bitches. Except for you babe. You can come with me now" I say walking back into the house, getting ready to leave. 

 "Why the fuck would I want to go to your house when you’re about to fuck Swazz over there. Fucking nasty" skate was sitting on the couch.

 "Because I’m not going to fuck Swazz in the movie room before y'all get there. I don’t feeling like washing those seats. I’ll wait till you leave. I’m gonna fuck Swazz in our room and possibly the living room right now.“ I say blowing a kiss at Nate while walking out of the house hand in hand with swazz.