and we are all gonna be getting out


I took a screencap of the clearest wide shot just so I could look everything over properly, and figured maybe some of ya’ll wanted it too. I know it’s not even 48 hours till we’ll get the whole MV, but if I know babyz right we’re gonna speculate till the very last minute XD

All the members’ 2nd individual teasers are from this area, but I don’t think any from the 1st wave are. I marked the spots out in the second pic, but there’s plenty more interesting things to look at.

Imma just say this cuz it’s been on my mind since I saw the ending of DDLC but we are all Monika in some way

OKAY not in some we’re gonna delete those and destroy everything to get what we want way but the first line in that legitimately beautiful song she made for us (literally I love that song) is what speaks to me the most

Everyday I imagine a future where I could be with you

It reminds me of the fictional crushes we fan girls get and how some of us dream of the day when we will find someone like that fictional crush to be with us in reality

Monika is a fictional girl who wants someone from another reality to be with her and that reminds me of how I do tend to just daydream about if I could somehow have my favorite characters in my reality too

Anyways I just felt like throwing that out there idk I just really like that song and it’s been stuck in my head for the past three days


“Okay, but seriously, FP, I should just have my student loan bills come straight to you guys now that they’re coming out of deferment?”

“That’s exactly what you should do, Penny. We’ll take care of it.”

“Okay, but, like - you know you can’t just…skip one of those, right? The interest rates skyrocket if you fall behind on payments.”

“Penny! Penny, we’ve got this. Serpents take care of their own. Trust me. I promise I will make sure your loans get paid on time, every time.”

~*six months later*~

Penny sifts through the mail. Her eyes fall on a letter from the U.S. Department of Education marked “URGENT NOTIFICATION - DELINQUENT ACCOUNT.

“…oh, son of a BITCH.”

Ok I know we’re all speculating what Junkrat and Roadhog’s Christmas skins are gonna be as if they’re holiday themed


What if

They follow the same spirit as Hanzo’s skin where he’s in the Reflections outfit and they also get outfits based on Reflections.

“But Megan,” you ask, “they were just wearing their normal clothes at a theme park that’s not special”

well you’re right

Which is why I’m talking about




Disagree if you want but i hate how tumblr has these posts going around telling people “how to critique/comment on an artists/fanartist’s work” and it’d be good if it was a guideline of what to include in a critique but it’s basically “don’t write xyz or you’ll hurt my feelings” like guys ur on the internet, if ur throwing ur work out to an audience, some of them are gonna heckle you!

+ it’s funny bc someone will do their best to follow all the guidelines on one of these posts and the op will still get offended bc it’s not their typical asskissy comment.

Like i get a shit ton of ppl saying dumb shit to me or about my work but at the end of the day it’s their right to do so and who tf cares when a majority of ppl like/comment positively?? I rly hate this idea that we have to be careful what we say to such extreme lengths?? Like if someone were to point out that the colours look off on one of my works i wouldnt throw a fit and tell them that i didnt ask for criticism? I’d probably sigh and get annoyed but in the end i’ll probably work harder to make sure it isnt like that next time.

I rly cant stand ppl whining about unwanted criticism, literally just ignore it.

ALSO THOUGH one of my favourite things about Zahn’s novels is that in the sequel to the Thrawn trilogy, we basically get the sequel to that scene. Because in the Hand of Thrawn duology Han is all like “so what’s it gonna take to bring you over to our side anyway Karrde” and Karrde makes a careless quip like “same thing it took for you, so unless Leia has a sister you’re out of luck”

and of course Leia does not have a sister but she DOES have an unexpected visitor, a gorgeous assassin lady who immediately signs up to go with Karrde on his super dangerous mission, and Han is just like

especially when they get back from the mission and it turns out that Karrde is hanging up his smuggling hat, Leia’s like “soooo, strangest thing, Han, did you hear Shada is joining Karrde” and Han looks at Karrde and goes “yeah hmm isn’t that interesting after what you said about what it’d take to join us”

and Karrde’s like “it’s not like that Solo, I am not technically joining you and anyway did I mention it’s not like that”

and Han just smirks like “ahhh just give it time”

and Karrde’s like “seriously we are business associates okay, stop”

and Han is like “yeah. I know.”

I just love Han and Leia being smug and knowing and snarky about other people’s relationships

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I'm already in tears and you haven't even posted the last part yet. When can we expect it?? I need to know how everything happened and how Y/N and Dylan meet!! Mal, you're a goddess when it comes to words and I know that this will be amazing

I’m really not that gooooood lol. And I can’t really tell you when it’ll be out. I am dreading proofreading it because it’s so fucking long. And I honestly hate proofreading. Luckily I’m not going to sweets raku like we had planned because my friend didn’t realize until 11 pm last night that she had agreed to a schedule change. So we are gonna reschedule going. So it all depends on when i get home and actually attempt to proofread it all. (PS I’m low key very tempted to post a teaser for everyone but I really don’t wanna spoil anything with this… but their meeting is so adorable and I love it and I wish this could happen to me. And it’s a very dylan thing to do imo)

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I'm really enjoying the cow story! I want to know MOO-re please! - theviktornikiforov-rp

Nice pun!  XD but that’s sort of…all I’m gonna post about the cow story online, however, I will text you privately about how that all came about. Lemme think if I have another JJ story….

Okay, so once upon a time, while I was training in Canada, I came into practice and heard that JJ was sick with a bad stomach flu. I texted him and he seemed kind of out of it from the medicine he was taking but he said he was lonely and wanted company, so I went over to his house. We decided to watch Toy Story, because we love Disney. 

JJ was getting kind of tired, I could tell, and he was on some really strong cold medicine- so in the middle of the movie, he goes, 

“I’ve figured it out.” 

I asked him what he meant by that, and then he looked at me, completely wide-eyed, and said, “God is Andy, Ji. We’re all just toys, and Sid is all of the obstacles that hold us back in life. Wait…..what if we are all just toys for God? What if I’m just a toy? I think I’m doing important stuff and God is just up there, debating whether or not he wants to donate me to a preschool?”  

I tried to come up with some sort of response to that, but he was asleep before I could. I’m not sure if he even remembers this.



Daphne lifted Robin into her arms and held her gently. She wanted to wrap her arms around her tightly, but she was afraid of hurting her even more.

“Robin! It’s gonna be okay baby, it’s all gonna be okay… Just breath..” Daphne whisperes with a voice filled with tears and panic.

“Get up Daphne! We’re going home to San Myshuno.”

“You can go to hell Zane. Call an ambulance or get out of here!” Daphne turns her head towards Zane and snaps at him. She hates him. 

She hates him so much.


anyway im on my computer and i worked out and i feel slightly better so imma go shower and then maybe write??? so happy munday have some cute af pics of me and @astrepur doing what we do best – dressing up as our faves. featuring me showing a hell of a lot of skin as gamora.

edit: also thicc thighs save lives you best BELIEVE i love my thunder thighs

When Infinity War comes out if someone doesn’t make one of those dramatic AF and very emotional 10 Year Anniversary Videos of all the greatest moments of the MCU and it’s characters set to the wonderful epic fan video classic “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox Twenty I am going to be very disappointed in all of us, collectively, as a fandom.

huhuhh this was originally for a request for jasper leading a battle and then it sorta just ended up being jailbreak-y lol


After the last Getting over it video, we are all in fear for Mark’s mental health. He really shouldn’t play rage games, cause I believe it’s gonna give him a heart attack.

But I noticed that as soon as Mark started to freak the fuck out, Chica came running for him, probably to see what was going on with her dad…

She picked up her toy because she might have thought Mark wanted to play. But he’s just angry She looked so distraught when Mark yelled at nothing because she obviously doesn’t know what he’s angry at. Just that he’s angry…

When Mark lays down on the ground, she looks so concerned for him..

Chica is an angel of a dog and Mark must be so happy to have her!

slytherin headgirl: a playlist

just a playlist that gives you the strengh to do whatever you wat to you.
a playlist that says: “you’ve got this” and “here i am.”

muse - survival
fun. - we are young
fall out boy - champion
simple minds - don’t you (forget about me)
marina and the diamonds - power and control
panic! at the disco - victorious
powers - legendary
sia - the greatest
marina and the diamonds - starring role
the 1975 - love me
the all-american rejects - gives you hell
fall out boy - centuries

twenty one pilots - fairly local
marina and the diamonds - bubblegum bitch
fall out boy - immortals
florance + the machine - kiss with a fist
imagine dragons - warriors
the neighbourhood - afraid
halsey - castle
ac/dc - come and get it
my chemical romance - planetary [GO!]
twenty one pilots - heathens
starset - my demons
imagine dragons - demons
the offspring - you’re gonna go far, kid
fun. - some nights
queen - we will rock you
panic! at the disco - emperor’s new clothes
set it off - wolf in sheep clothing
lower than atlantis - could be worse

End of Message - 13x07 coda, 500 words, Angst

“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Hey Cas, just checkin’ in. Wondering if you’ve got anything new yet on this ‘interesting lead.’ Lemme know. You, uh, I dunno. You sounded kinda weird before.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Cas, hey, it’s me. Listen, I know it’s only been a couple hours, but look, Sammy and I don’t have much on our end, here. I’d feel better if we were on this together. Just… yeah, just call when you get this.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“‘Kay, c’mon man. Tryin’ real hard not to feel like the girl stood up for prom, here. At least text or something. Gimme one of those dumbass emojis.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Damnit, Cas, answer your damn phone.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Okay, we’re comin’ up on two days now, man. I – I thought. . . fuck.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“I thought we weren’t doing this anymore, Cas. I thought we had a rule now. You weren’t gonna go takin’ off on us – on me, man – and tryin’ to do it all alone. C’mon.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Look, I don’t know what’s goin’ on, okay, I don’t know what kind of crap you’re getting into here. But listen, seriously, I don’t care. I don’t care if shit’s hit the fan and I don’t care if you think it’s your fault. I don’t care if it actually is your fault. Call me back, man. Let me help. We… Cas, we had a rule.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Okay, so what the fuck was that then, the other night, huh? Fuck.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“I’m sorry. I know what it was. I know you. It’s not in you to lie to my face about this, just to – to get in my pants or whatever. But Cas, man, I also know that you carry the damn world on your shoulders, and you think that you always have to clean up your own messes, but I swear to god, Cas, you don’t have to. You think it’s still your job to keep us out of it all, and keep us safe, and protect me and Sam. But it doesn’t work like that, Cas. We protect each other. I’ve been saying that for years. And if you think that’s gonna change now, after –”

“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Friggin’ answering machine. Look, Cas, you’re either in it so deep you think I’ll get hurt if I try to dig you out, or – or… fuck, Cas. I can’t do this again.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“Cas. Please pick up.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“I can’t do it again, man. You can’t be de – gone again, you just can’t.”


“You’ve reached my voicemail. Make your voice… a mail.”

“I won’t survive that again.”

So we had a crazy session tonight.
It started like:
DM: “I’m gonna need all your character sheets.”
All the players: *finish our most recent level and hand him the character sheets*
DM: *Proceeds to hand out the character sheets incorrectly*
Me: “Wait this isn’t mine”
DM: “I know.”

It continued:
My satyr got the human fighter’s body and he told me to “enjoy toes.”

The rouge who was playing my sorcerer: *Runs away instead of helping with my arsenal of blast spells*

Me as the fighter: *gets paralyzed with fear by some freaky necrotic kobolds*
The fighter in the druid: *Uses cure wounds on me as 4-5 kobolds beat me up* “Hey, Xeno, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t die in my body. And if you do, I’m taking yours forever.”

Fighter in druid: *uses the bear form to just slaughter a kobold*
Druid in the rouge (who constantly fails intimidation checks in bear form): “I am scary! I am scary!!”

Fighter in druid: *Nat 20s to acro across an acid pit, taking me in his body with him* “I am not letting you almost die in my body again!”

We did get back in our own bodies however even after running away, the rouge somehow got my health down to 4 out of 20