and we also want the copies


I’ve been talking about the ongoing work on this on twitter, but we’re finally in the last stages of prep and can announce it!

The Let’s Speak English Kickstarter will launch on December 26th! Boxing Day!!

I’m really excited about this!! It’s my first kickstarter, and my first proper book run of my work. Once I have all my extra copies, I can also start finally planning to return to conventions now that I’ll have something to sell again!

Just wanted to give you guys a bit of a heads up, and here’s to a great holiday season! >:0


Hi guys - Great news! We finally have an expert opinion on the trademark ordeal. They looked over my post ‘Proof: Management lied to us’ & the prosecution history and answered a few specific questions I had.

The lawyer wanted to remain anonymous but has given me permission to copy and paste their answers here.

This is not only a lawyer but also a lawyer who has years of experience working in intellectual property specifically. This is such a valuable opinion. It is still just one person’s opinion, so don’t take it as fact, but it is a very informed opinion of someone who actually has the expertise to interpret the prosecution history and explain the terms.

I’ll make it easy and start with a summary of points to take from this: (a) The trademark deal doesn’t give LAND much - it’s mostly just about merchandise. (b) The deal doesn’t affect things like Camila promoting 5H. © It looks like they were working under the assumption that Camila was leaving. (d) It also looks like they purposefully prolonged the process so that the registration could be timed for PR purposes.

Meg: Starter questions - 1) What can they get from the trademark deal - is it just merch/sponsorships or music too? 2) Can their contract interfere with it and can the label still take money even though LAND owns it? 3) Can Camila be accused of trademark infringement because of e.g. promoting 5H on social media or wearing merch etc…?


A trademark is meant to be a physical mark designating the origin of something in trade. That’s all it applies to. There is trademark infringement when someone uses a similar mark to imply a similar source and confuse consumers as to the source of the goods or services. In the context of a band, it is relevant to official merch but that’s about it.

It has nothing to do, really, with touring or record sales. Their mark could be used on those things, and they would have to grant a license to the record label and the tour company to use the mark, but that in itself is not worth much because there’s no competition for their name. There aren’t multiple labels competing with each other to get to use their trademark like there are t shirt companies competing to be official 5H t shirts

They already have a record deal that obligates them to produce music through that label. Almost assuredly, one line in that record deal is a requirement that they grant a license for all relevant trademarks. Same for whatever their touring deal is.

And yes, the label can still take money. The label or management make the deals. The trademark is just a small part of that. The deals would require a license and would pay a fee to the owner of the trademark, here, the girls. In theory, if they could withhold the trademark, the deals would fall through because the trademark is necessary for it to be official, but, again, almost assuredly there is a clause in their contract requiring them to appropriately grant licenses to the mark when they make other deals.

The only think not owning the mark would do for Camila is that she couldn’t license the mark out for merch. She can still say she was in the band – that’s a fact. If there is a particular logo, she probably can’t use that (like on her website or something) but stating a fact about her involvement in the band isn’t trademark infringement. And whatever she fails to do – like promoting, etc. – only has to do with her obligations under her record, management and PR contracts. It has nothing to do with the trademark.

Think of a trademark as a seal or a sticker. Whoever owns the trademark gets to decide who has permission to put that seal or sticker on something and designate it as “official.” That’s really all a trademark gives you.

The reason the girls owning their trademark is important (and the boys of 1D) is that no one else can ever officially be 5th Harmony. Their label can’t decide to fire them all and then hire new girls and keep calling the 5th Harmony.

That’s come up with 1D where people wonder whether the boys can leave Syco, reform as another group with a different name, and Syco could create a new 1D. While they can form another group if they want, Syco doesn’t own the 1D trademark, so it can never use that name for anything in the future.

Meg:  So basically the girls could technically refuse to give the label permission to use their mark in order to make money off of sales and touring, but that would only make the deal fall through, and it probably doesn’t apply anyway because their contracts probably have clauses set up for this scenario where they have to give the label the right to use the license?



It’s not nothing, because it means no one else can ever BE 5th Harmony without their permission, but it doesn’t give a lot of tangible rights other than licensing fees for merch and stuff.

Meg: That makes so much sense.

Lawyer: Intellectual property is complicated, but the names of things really give away what they are. A “trademark” is literally a mark for trade. A “copyright” is literally the right to make copies. 

The devil is in the details, but those are the broad strokes.

Meg:  Honest opinion though - I know you can’t judge for sure - but do you think that if the band partnership (without Camila) was formed in dec 2015, the assignment happened in April 2016, and the registration happened in dec 2016 at the same time as Camila left….   do you think they all knew she was leaving?

Lawyer: Yes, or at least they were working under that assumption.

Meg: Yeh thats how i feel - I don’t know much about law but I’m trying to explain to people that these things take a lot of time, effort and preparation.

Lawyer: You can’t just up and quit one day. It takes negotiations and preparations.

[After looking through and working out the prosecution history]

Meg: What do you think about the extensions and the timing? The registration came through 2 days after Camila left. I find that suspicious. They filed an extension request to submit the Statement of Use (SOU). Do you think they were trying to time it right by submitting the SOU in august?


Yeah, I don’t know why they’d do that. It was allowed back in 2014. So they fixed everything by then, they just needed to provide examples of how it was being used. You’re probably right that it was some internal thing that was delaying things. But it’s so weird, because a trademark is easily assignable. There’s no reason not to complete the registration and then just assign it to some other party later once you’ve worked things out. There’s no reason that the party that registers it needs to be the party who eventually ends up with it.

So, Simco could have gotten it registered and then assigned it just to the 4 of them when all was figured out.

Meg: that confirms what I suspected. They basically used the registration date as the big PR event and acted almost as if that was the assignment. But because fans don’t understand the terms, they don’t question it. So basically they ‘saved’ the registration so that they could use it for PR and bring the trademark deal to light.  i.e. saved it for when Camila left to set up a positive publicity narrative for the new 4H era.


That makes sense.

Because I see no other reason for delay. If you had a company that hadn’t done anything yet, putting together the SOU would be hard, but they could have done it easily. There’s no practical reason to delay that.

I think that the assignment in April to just the 4 of them is pretty definitive proof that they knew as of then that C wouldn’t be continuing with them.


Meg: I did have a debate with someone recently who said “its not proof, - they could have added C into the partnership if she decided to stay for another album”. But that just doesn’t make sense to me - surely if they didn’t know it would be the other way round - they would put her in and then take her out if she left.



If you have a 5 person band, the default is to include everyone. Why would you leave her out when she’s part of the status quo at the time?


I hope everyone reads this whole thing carefully. This clears up so much confusion on the deal and the terms. Their interpretation of the timings just from looking at the prosecution history also confirmed a lot of my suspicions. Especially the stuff about prolonging the process so that the registration would happen in late December after C left. I am so grateful to this lawyer for taking the time to look at it and answer my questions. This is a rare piece of gold in the sea of misinformation that is tumblr. 

I think we can safely say that the trademark deal is a little bit of benefit for the girls, a whole lot of PR and a pretty solid chunk of evidence towards idea that Camila’s exit was known and planned way in advance.

Thanks again to this wonderful human being for taking the time to help us confused harmonisers.

Stay woke,


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Hi, so this is going to sound really stupid but I love to draw and I have this freind who also loves to draw and when we get together we share each others sketch books and Evey time she see mine she laughs and says that's hers are a lot better or says that I am copying her and it's making me being really private about my drawing to the point when some one looks in my sketch book I want to cry and I don't know what to do so I was wondering if you have any advice for me if not that's fine

Anony.. that is SO unfair. ,(é~è),

I’m truthfully sorry to hear about this happening to you- Artists commonly have self-confidence issues because when you draw something, you’re reaching into your mind and laying it down in reality. It’s soulful work, and to have that mocked is not cool. 😱

It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to have this skill that you and I are both so fortunate to find pleasure in, and if someone is making you feel bad about it in ANY way, you must, must, must find a way to heal yourself from this. 

Art is as unique as a fingerprint. No matter what kind of content you draw, fanart or original, it’s a drawing YOU created because it came from YOUR fingertips. That’s something to take so much pride in and love yourself over. 👏💖

Anony, I hope to whatever god is up or down that this experience doesn’t deter you from copying other artists. I say this because it’s important to copy. It’s important to know that if you see something you like, be it a character,🐰 a shading technique,🌇 a unique mouth gesture,💋 a pose…💃 you should try it out yourself because ALL artists grow with observing, replicating, molding it into something new, and using it as a stepping stone for improvement. 🎉✏️

DO NOT let that girl get to you. If SHE says her artwork is better, let her believe whatever she wants. Because art👏 is👏 not👏 a👏 race.👏 You have already won in this world because YOUR art is YOURS and nobody elses. Embrace the things that makes your artwork unique.

That was always the hardest part for me. I didn’t like my linework because I liked how so-n-so drew theirs so clean while mine is messy.

But darling, once I learned to embrace my messy lines, I’ve been able to improve and focus more on the soul in a drawing rather than it bein’ pretty. An’ it’ll improve with time, anyway.

My advice; If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

Hugs and kisses Anony, keep your chin up, don’t let anyone put a wet blanket on your passion. XOXO

dr-hegemony  asked:

You know with all the problems that Kaladesh, Theors and now Amonkhet it really seems like Wizards of the Coast could really do with having an Anthropologist on staff to make sure they don't totally misrepresent peoples cultures when using those cultures as inspiration for set designs. Like just someone to go, you're f**king up here, might want to try a different approach.

Theros and Amonkhet have problems? Serious question. Theros felt like a greek myth set, it was the enchantment theme that wasn’t really recieved, from my understanding.

Amonkhet seems really cool so far. I think I should be clear that when we’re talking real-world influences, we don’t expect it to be a literal copy. That would be pretty boring and problematic in a lot of regards (see: Arabian Nights). A top-down world should ‘feel’ like what it is inspired by without also being that thing. I’m sharing a lot of factual information on ancient Egypt because I find it fascinating, not because I expect Amonkhet to be the same.

Kaladesh was not a top-down design. The problem, for me and for others, is that there won’t be an Indian top-down set, and so Kaladesh is what we get. I think a lot of my issues, at least, can be resolved on a return with a few relatively minor changes to give it a bit more of what I’d expect from an Indian block. This has been talked about in the community a lot already, it’s just not worth continuing the discussion. Wizards does care, and they’re paying attention to issues like this.

As for the anthropologist? No. They’d have to employ an entire anthropology department to cover every culture they brush up against.

What they should do, and more importantly, what they are doing, is hire consultants to advise them on topics they’re not familiar with. Bringing on Monique Jones to help create Kaya was really well received. More importantly, though, is that the consultants advise on what kinds of things to do to emphasize the flavor of a culture, and not just what to avoid. Kaladesh had mixed results, but I think it’ll be better next time around. And future sets will be even better for having this kind of policy in place.

The forgotten Halloween request.... Damian Wayne X Reader

Damian stood in your aunt’s apartment, waiting for you to finally be ready for Halloween. You had invited him to celebrate this holiday, and he was slightly excited for what was to come. His eldest brother insisted that he wear a smaller copy of his father’s suit, and he agreed after thirty minutes of begging and a black eye. Damian did not understand why Dick had insisted on wearing the cowl, but he soon realized why and Dick will pay dearly for it. You came rushing down the stairs in a costume that made his face completely red. He thanked Grayson for the cowl covering most of his face, but he would also punch him later.

“How do you like it, Dami?” you asked while twirling in a smaller copy of your aunt’s costume.

“You look pleasant. Are we going to go now?” he asked.

“Yes, but I think your brother wanted a picture or something,” you replied.

“He is going to use that as blackmail,” he muttered.

“If he does, I will have your back when we get our revenge,” you smirked mischievously.

“Another reason why you are the closest friend of mine,” the twelve year-old said.

“Who else would be able to steal the lasso of truth from your brother?” you questioned while displaying the rope attached to your hip.

“He and his lover had ‘misplaced’ it and now have to face your aunt. I might have to get a camera for this,” he smirked.

“Yes, but we have to go now. Do you want to miss all of the candy?”

“Let us begin!”

Damian grabbed your hand and ran down the hallway to see your aunt and his family talking. Jason, dressed as a zombie, nudged Dick and nodded in your direction.

“Oh my gosh! You guys look adorable!” Dick squealed.

“I’ve never heard Batman being described as adorable before,” you pondered.

“I prefer to be described as fearsome,” Damian stated.

“Just shut up and and let us take a picture before we set you loose,” Jason said while dragging you and Damian to the door.

You pulled your arm out of his grasp and slapped his hand that held Damian’s arm. Jason ruffled your hair, which caused you to elbow him in the gut.

“Okay, smile!”

You and Damian kept stoic faces and posed. Jason smiled and everyone groaned.

“Why can’t you two just smile in one photo?” Tim asked.

“There is no reason to,” you said, “and you’re keeping us from the candy.”

Your aunt rolled her eyes and opened the front door. You smiled and grabbed Damian’s hand, causing his face to burn once again. You dragged Damian out of the door and rushed to the entrance. Your aunt watched your small figure disappear and closed the door.

“I ship it,” Dick commented, which Bruce returned with a bat glare.

“Your son and my niece are fond of each other,” Diana agreed. “Do you have the lasso I lent to you?”

“Oh. I, um, forgot it at my apartment,” Dick stuttered.

“Very well.”


You laid on your candy wrapper covered bed, Damian to your left. The two of you had collected two full pillowcases worth of candy, and in the process of eating it all. An unrealistic horror movie was on the tv and not causing an ounce of fear to surface from either of you.

“Why don’t they find weapons and fight? They are clearly in the murderer’s hideout, and his arsenal would be easy to locate,” Damian commented.

“People are always stupid in horror movies,” you said while putting another piece of candy in your mouth, “they’re either too distracted with themselves or have already thrown common sense out of the window.”

“Why do horror movies have some type of sexual theme? I do not understand how that will further the plot, especially almost everyone being killed in the bedroom,” Damian stated.

“I guess that’s why they go for them: they’re easy targets,” you summed up.

“Damian!” Bruce called out, “It’s time to return to the manor.”

Damian frowned and gathered up his candy. You jumped off of the bed and picked up the candy wrappers. You threw them into your trash and walked over to Damian.

You placed a kiss on his cheek and said, “Thank you for coming, Dami.”

“It was my pleasure, (Y/N),” Damian said, his face burning up once again.

You watched as he left with his family, hoping that you could spend more time with him soon.


“So….. How was your first Halloween with (Y/N)?” Dick asked.

“I had an excellent time with her company,” Damian responded, “and do not forget that I will gut you for the costumes you made (Y/N) and I wore tonight.”

“What was wrong with them?” Tim questioned.

“I would rather use my uniform than wear the cowl, and (Y/N)’s armor is more intricate and…. covering.”

“Demon spawn is so whipped!” Jason laughed.

“Shut it, Todd!”

BTS "WINGS Extension" pre-order exceeds 700,000 copies.

This number is amazing because it reflects the great anticipation and support for this album. But I want everyone to understand that these preorders isn’t the SOLD AMOUNT, yet.

When we talk about preorders like this it’s the orders requested by shops from Bighit/manufacturer TO BE sold online/stores. So it’s not yet ALL the sold amount. The actual number of sold albums will come from HANTEO and GAON charts once the physical albums are released on February 14. Just a few things in mind~

As always thank you so much for always doing your best to support Bangtan in everything~ 

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Lovely. Our manager just told us we are no longer allowed to wear tennis shoes to work. It doesn't matter that we work on a concrete floor for several hours a day, or that we might actually need those tennis shoes for support. If we wear them, we'll be sent home to change. I have musculoskeletal issues, and tennis shoes are what I wear 100% of the time, and they are what my doctor wants me to wear. I don't want to make anyone mad, but I'm considering getting a doctor's note so I can wear them.

Definitely get that doctor’s note. Keep a copy for yourself so if the manager ignores it then you’ll have leverage to talk to corporate. Also remember the date you gave it to that ass wipe. -Abby


The Sadowsky / Prince Connection

“I was brought in just as they were beginning rehearsals for the Purple Rain tour and personally delivered every guitar to Minneapolis.

First, I made two copies of his Hohner Tele as Hohner had discontinued the guitar at that time.

Second, I made two more Hohner copies that ejaculated! In the Purple Rain movie, there is a scene where he climbs to the top of a huge mountain of speakers, grabs a guitar and masturbates the neck until the guitar ejaculates onto the audience. The guitar was a prop and connected to a tank of Ivory Liquid off stage. Prince wanted a fully playable guitar that could also ejaculate. I ran copper tubing along the side of the truss rod and it terminated at the tip of the headstock. On the body side, it terminated in a compartment we routed in the back so they could install their solenoid valve that connected to the tank of Ivory Liquid. I called these two guitars the Ejacucasters!

The final two were two differnent T-style guitars, both purple with flowers.”

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If you follow Kelly mulderswaterbed and / or Rose crossedbeams you should unfollow. They're danger and they lie and now Rose says she has connections to Gillian and knows what she's talking about with Morgan. Why aren't you and others like J.H.H. calling her fucking bluff?

I want to address this in a way that answers as bluntly as possible, because this entire situation is getting out of hand.

I think most people will agree, because it’s well known in the fandom, that Rose met Gillian during a day where Gillian was in at the publisher to sign copies of her Earth End saga books.  We can also agree that Rose spoke about it before it happened, as well as after.  Both she and Kelly talked - widely and to many people - about how Rose took Kelly in with her to meet Gillian.  Following that meeting, Rose explained in a post that she wouldn’t be talking about what went on during her day, yet she did, because details got around fairly quickly, from both her and Kelly.

If you don’t know what was said, it went as follows.  This was all supposedly, no matter who heard it, private and not told to anyone else.  Except, the problem was, a lot of people knew because it was told to a lot of people.  Apparently, according to Rose, Gillian made a comment about spending the summer with her boyfriend.  There was no name attached to it, and most everyone will remember that summer was when Gillian and David were both in LA with their respective children, and during the same time period.  It was also the same time when others decided to attack those who believe in Gillovny because they didn’t like seeing posts concluding David and Gillian were vacationing together.  The idea of a car that David was driving for everyone particularly offended some. They felt it was disrespectful to Gillian and accused those who stand firm on Gillovny as being “lost in fantasy”.  So, IF, and it’s a big if, Gillian did make a comment about spending the summer with a boyfriend, it isn’t a stretch by any means to conclude that it was with David.  Also, her not attaching a name to the supposed narrative would also fit with maintaining their privacy.
Gillian also supposedly talked about The Crown and its production.  That’s not unusual in and of itself, because it’s a project, and regardless of what capacity she’s associated to it in, talking about it would be from a professional standpoint.  
But there was more.  There were parts of the story that were originally shared, such as the boyfriend writing a screenplay about Fleetwood Mac, that were changed and finally, omitted entirely. The boyfriend had supposedly been watching Fleetwood Mac rehearse in a closed rehearsal and had invited his girlfriend to go with him.  Due to time constraints, she was unable to attend, but he went.  These things were told to many people.  The only concert Fleetwood Mac held this summer was for an MLB event in conjunction with The Dodgers. We know David’s love of baseball, The Dodgers and how he’s loosely tied in to the MLB, including having narrated one of their recent videos.  But then along came the Washington Post article that said Gillian was “with” Peter at the NY premiere.  We could easily get into semantics about what “with” someone means and what it doesn’t, but hopefully we can all agree that it was an easy way for the reporter to add a reference to the story that included Gillian’s presence and another reference to a Netflix co-property (The Fall). The story of the boyfriend that Gillian spent the summer with suddenly turned into Peter Morgan being the one she was referencing, and it spread like wildfire from there.  It’s not a secret that tabloid “reporters” hang out on Twitter and Tumblr and try to find tidbits for stories that they can pick up.  That’s been known for years and it’s easy for them to find something getting enough attention online and then to say it’s a “thing” and write about it.  I know there are people in the fandom who insist that Page Six is well sourced, but there are others who are reputable and also in journalism who’ll say the opposite, and logical people who aren’t connected to journalism at all who automatically roll their eyes at any mention of Page Six, because, IT ISN’T A NEWS PAGE.  It’s gossip.  Nothing more.  Sources often turn out to be nothing, because who does Page Six have to prove anything to? They get the page hits, they get the readers, and they know what story types draw more eyes.  Whether someone in the fandom used their connections to call in “info” from a fandom source is something that most of us are aware of and opinions vary.  It isn’t a stretch to believe it.  And if it wasn’t a fandom person with connections, tabloid reporters can read and they love juicy freak-outs, like was happening over the “with” in the Washington Post.  

All of these details were supposed to be, according to Rose and Kelly, very private and told to only a few people.  They weren’t.  They were told to many.
There’s also the question of how much of this is true and where the professionalism standards lie.  It’s hard for me, and for many who’ve heard these stories, to believe that Gillian, who’s notoriously guarded about her private life with strangers, would suddenly start sharing details about her boyfriend, their summer, and what he’s writing a screenplay on.  Gillian’s not stupid, contrary to what some people may think. Her memory is also not as poor as others keep insisting.  She’s a smart woman, very aware of her surroundings and what happens when things are said.  So it’s hard for me to believe that she would go into an uncontrolled setting and start talking about private topics to people she didn’t know and to people who she had no way of making sure wouldn’t twist the story into something else entirely.  Maybe she did, though, and in that case, Rose’s original story was about a boyfriend with no name attached, and both Gillian and David spent most of their summer in LA, at the same time.

The professionalism aspect is just as troubling, for many reasons.  Why would you take a friend with you to a work event happening during your work day? This wasn’t an evening party.  This was a client of the publishing house showing up for work, as well, because signing books IS work, regardless of how simple it is. Why would a supervisor even allow that?  Why would someone think it’s all right to try that? Work events are just that.  They’re for employees who are bound by standards (and, in many cases, strict restrictions) and are expected to carry those standards with them for everything work related, regardless of what forum or environment they’re in.  And for anyone participating in such an event, why would it even for a moment, be thought of as all right to share the details with virtually anyone and everyone?  Why would any materials that someone would receive through their job suddenly be all right to discuss openly, whether on a private side-blog or not?  Especially in the world of publishing, where leaks of books before their release dates can easily have a detrimental effect?  

So fast-forward to today.  The accepted “facts” now by the majority are that Gillian has been dating PM for many months, and some have said back to January.  Suddenly, there are a vast number of people on the non-Gillovny side who have a “source” who’s “confirmed” for them that Gillian’s been talking about her boyfriend, PM.  Him being at HB really needs to be logically discounted, because The Crown has a strategic partnership with Harper’s Bazaar.  Others can argue this all they want, and complain that PM would have no reason to be at a women’s event, but that’s not how professional events within entertainment, as well as other fields, work.  At some point, it’s obvious that Netflix and PM agreed that he would be their representative of the project going forward.  This is normally discussed and agreed upon in the negotiation stages for most projects, again, regardless of what field.  It has to be laid out as part of the marketing plan ahead of time, and can’t be approached haphazardly.  So PM being the voice and face of The Crown was probably decided long ago.  Also, if you still don’t like that explanation, it’s essential to remember that he and Gillian (and Elizabeth Hurley, who was also at the table) belong to the same agency.  It’s common for agencies to sit their clients together where there is no specific assignment according to project.  Once you remove HB from the equation, because PM would have been there regardless of whether Gillian was or not, you’re left with the GGs.  Gillian was in The Crown’s prep suite, where the photo was taken and PM was in the background.  That means virtually nothing, because everyone had to be there at one time.  Gillian’s tweeted a photo of a hotel room she’s stayed in before, and it’s an actual room, not a grand suite for 100 people.  Then, she walked the red carpet alone.  In Hollywood, that means you ARE alone.  It’s done to send a message.  If you want a different message to be understood, you walk it with someone.  Simple.  The only thing Gillian did was sit with PM at the same table.  Not unusual, because she’s obviously associated to The Crown in some way, whether through a future role or a future producer position.  She attended the after-party with him, and again, that wasn’t unusual because she was in his company.  I’m sure some of you will be more than happy to argue with me that it means she was his date and they’re together. It’s more than possible for a woman to be in the company of a man on a completely professional basis and not be his date.  If people haven’t figured that out yet, then I can’t help them.

There was no kiss at the door of the car.  There was no holding hands walking out to the car.  There was no mouthing of “I love you” before Gillian got into the car.  At the table, when The Crown won, there was no kiss lean-in from Gillian that PM didn’t meet.  Those things didn’t happen.  Making slow-motion gifs won’t change fact.  And it’s well known that gifs can change what things look like.  For comparison, way back, there were some gifs made of the pilot episode where Gillian and David are in the rain.  In gif format, it looks like, once they’re leaving the cemetery, that David leans over and kisses Gillian’s head.  But go and watch the episode.  That isn’t what happens at all and the gifs distort what’s seen because of the way they’re cut.  So they’re not a reliable indicator.  They’re fun, but for the actual truth, you need to look at the video.  So yes, Gillian obviously traveled to the after-party with PM.  Again, there’s nothing uncommon about that and it had no real meaning.  (And yes, I’d be saying the same if it were David and Gillian.)  The photos of Gillian around PM show a reserved woman who’s very aware of her body language and keeping her body, arms and hands close to herself.  She glowed, but only when she was apart from PM.  Every photo of her with him had their bodies separate.  No arms around each other, no sitting close together, and no particular warmth or excitement from Gillian.  PM was more interested in his award (and, alternately, his phone) than he was in her. Of course, those are snapshots of only moments in time; but that’s why they’re so telling.  They were snaps taken when the subjects in the picture weren’t posing and weren’t aware of it.   And again, in the ones where they did pose, the interaction was distinctly professional.

You can easily see how this spiraled out of control.  Whether Gillian even said anything in the first place is questionable.  If you believe it, that’s fine, but then you have to set aside knowing that everyone in the fandom knew about something that was supposed to be private, according to Rose herself, and that the story morphed as it went along.  Then you have to set aside the questionable professional decisions that included taking Kelly in to a work event she had no place being at.  Then you have to set aside never having heard about PM until the Page Six rumour, which was based solely on the fandom freak-out and potentially a fandom member who was a close friend of Rose’s becoming the “source” that was referred to.  Then you have to set aside the fact that Gillian threw all caution to the wind and started sharing personal details about her life with virtual strangers.  Then you would have to set aside the factual details about Fleetwood Mac’s concert and where and what it was associated to. 

But no matter what you choose to do, you need to stop and think about whether or not you’ll accept as fact something that has so many holes to the story, something that’s professionally unacceptable and crosses all boundaries, and something that’s been shared with countless people.  Because truly private details stay private.  Truly professional people remain such, whether at work or outside of it.  And facts which are true are not going to be shared by celebrities in detail with strangers when they’re not widely and publicly known.  That’s the job of their PR teams.  Think about why so much of this is wrong and what parts don’t make sense, and think about how this story has morphed into something that it isn’t.

Because there’s a lot to think about.

I'm gonna tell you a pretty funny story.

When I was a kid, probably in the third or fourth grade, I was pretty good at art. Of course, since I moved every year, there wasn’t much of chance to build  a reputation with the teachers.

I can’t remember much, like which school I was in, or what grade I was in. I’m pretty sure I was around seven years old… but I do remember what my art teachers name was. Mrs. Hafton. 

I also remember one particular art project we had in class. There were eight different pages displayed on a table. There were coloring pages with different pictures on each page. It wasn’t colored in, it was just a copied picture out of a coloring book, and the project was, we had to redraw it the best we could. There was only one rule; we were not allowed to trace the image.

Of course, at that age, I always wanted to follow rules, so I began drawing the picture I picked out. My picture was of a semi-realistic howling wolf. A pretty complex picture for a kid to recreate, considering most of the students in class picked the flowers and cowboy hats and stars. My picture was detailed.

Drawing away, my doodling neighbor peeked over my shoulder. She was pretty impressed because my hand drawn picture was an exact replica of the coloring book page. Starting to draw a crowd of onlookers, I was feeling pretty confident with myself. This caught the teacher’s attention.

Looking back, this teacher was a complete half-witted bitch who didn’t understand the first thing about art. Now, I’m not some flighty “art is love, and love is life” kind of person. But at the age of seven I had a better concept of art than she did. I didn’t see her approach, so when she plucked the drawing I had from my hands and the coloring sheet, I was pretty startled. 

I walked over to her as she laid the hand drawn picture over the coloring sheet. I looked down, and I was surprised to see that the lines matched, like I’d traced it. Without another word, Mrs. Hafton put my drawing in the shredder to be “ungradable.”

I was almost in tears. I asked her why and she replies. “I specifically told you, no tracing. You get a grade dock if you can’t follow directions.”

A couple classmates, who had been watching me draw, popped up in my defence. They’d kindly protested her actions, vouching for my innocence. She listened for a moment, before giving me the look. The “I know you’re bsing me look.”

“Okay, to prove to me that you didn’t just trace that picture, draw it again.”

God I remember hating her overly cocky smile. I took my coloring page back to my desk and sat down. Frustrated that I’d lost so much progress, and angry at the teacher, I look up at the table where the remaining coloring pages were. Getting an idea, I get back up and look over the pictures. There was one of a complex pine tree, one remaining flower, cowboy hat, and a frog on a tree branch. I grabbed all of those coloring book references and sat back down on the table, and set to work. I re-sketched my wolf in immaculate detail, then I set to work on the tree. Once I finished the two harder pictures, I finished the other three in a breeze. 

My fingers hurt by the time I was done with the picture, but I felt pretty damn prough. I managed to redraw all of the pictures, crammed onto one page. They all were about ¼th the size of the original image, which proves I didn’t trace them, and I managed to outclass my teacher in the most passive aggressive way. By out talented her. 

The moral of this story is, people are petty and they do some pretty shitty things that will bring you down. Just don’t let that get in the way of being “you.” Don’t let other people’s actions define how good you are.

at least one good thing: i texted all authors, who i could find,  whose stories have been stolen by the person who also stole my fic.


“I found them on tumblr, I don’t own them” Does NOT give you the right to copy and paste a work to another social media without

  1. Properly giving credit
  2. asking the fucking author if you can actually post it somewhere else if you give credit

It’s NOT okay to just take another person’s work. We work hard on those, spend fucking hours, days, weeks working out plots of fics, fiddling through writer’s blog or just not feeling the fic, but you somehow have to finish it. 

It’s okay if you want to share fics, but there’s other ways than actually stealing them. Even if you don’t take credit. It’s stealing and it’s illegal. 

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I need this off my chest

Ok, this rant is coming from an Animator, storyteller, video game lover, final fantasy lover and someone who loves to tell stories. 

I have followed Final Fantasy 15 since the beginning when it was still called Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Noctis looked more like Sasuke Uchiha than he does now. The thing I want to rant about is Luna and Noctis’ relationship. 


So my first disclaimer is I did beat the game and I have seen all the ending cutscenes, blah blah blah~ I have seen Kingsglaive, the Brotherhood anime and I have a copy of Kings Tale (not that there are much spoilers in that but still have it) I have also played the platinum and duscae demos too! 

I would like to point my first order of buisness to the statment made by Hajime Tabata, “Noctis and Luna’s relationship is more of a platonic love…” this statement couldn’t be more true! If you are unsure what that means: “Platonic love is a type of love that is non-sexual. The term is named after Plato, who described a kind of love centered on same-gender relations and included sex which underwent a transformation during Renaissance (15th–16th centuries) to get its contemporary sense of asexual heterosexual love” 

Keep reading




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  • do not copy! plagiarism is a crime
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anonymous asked:

1/3 So here is my experience from the Berlinale: I´ve waited with a friend at the redcarpet for 40 mins and it was so fucking cold. Gillian gave many autographes, but stoped like 2 feets away from us to go to the other side of the carpet! But a little later, inside the Berlinale Palast, we finally met her!

2/3 I wanted her to sign my copy of A Vision of Fire and when she saw the book she said “Ooooh!” like “Oh, cool, you bought my book”. She was so fucking beautiful and her dress was amazing! After the movie the cast and director went on stage and my friend and I were sitting in row 2 and Gillian was directly in front of us!
3/3 The movie is really great, but the whole evening was just about Gillian, what was a little sad for the rest of the cast, who also was incredible good! So GA and DD, both went to Germany in one year and I met both of them - how cool is that?


It’s really cool, anon! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! :)

On Copying and Tracing and Art Theft

We’ve been getting some submissions to this blog that are either traces or copies of existing art or even sometimes just pictures that are already on the blog. I realise that some people, especially newer artist, may not understand what we mean by tracing/copying (or why submitting other’s art is wrong).

I also want to talk about referencing/using references and how that is totally cool and how I do it.


When we say tracing we mean taking a picture and ‘tracing’ over it, for example:

Redrawing the picture/pose on a new layer (or with tracing paper if traditionally). Leaving you with a copy of the picture. (I apologise for how abysmal my digital art is!)

If you trace another artist’s work and claim it is your own original work you are stealing their art, even if you credit them.


When we talk about copying we are mainly referring to pictures that have been ‘redrawn’, for example;

There may be some differences but the image is still a copy of the original. Again, this is stealing another artist’s work.


Referencing is where you use an image or multiple images to base your picture off. If you wanted to draw Asriel for example, you might look at both a picture of him from the game as well as photograph of a goat.

I have a screenshot of Coraline and a reference sheet of Buttontale Sans (drawn by Fonty). I use these to draw Sans in Coraline’s pose:

I then open up another screenshot from the same Coraline scene, a picture Mettaton and a screenshot of Nappstablook’s snail farm from Undertale

Referencing is essential for artists, no matter their level of skill. Unlike copying or tracing it it teaches you how to draw perspective, different poses and work out how characters and scenes look, in different ways. I use references (especially photographs of people in different positions) for nearly all of my art.

Please do not submit art made by other people to this blog. This includes copies, traces, recolours and pictures edited in apps/art programs. We will recognise art that already exists on this blog ESPECIALLY if it is Bee’s or Fonty’s.

We love getting your art and answering your questions but art theft is very upsetting and serious to all of us and we will be pretty strict about it.

- Jellyfish

sunafiction replied to your post:

We complain about sneak peaks cause they often…

seriously, why can’t people just look up queerbaiting and understand why the poor treatment of two beloved characters to the lgbt community has broken hopeful hearts. Jeez.

Seriously, why can’t you just look up my post like I told you and understand why there is a difference between a marketing campaign (driven by what the fans want) and queerbaiting.  Jeez. 

But also, since you’re apparently unable to do it here is the link.  And since you apparently struggle extra hard with reading I’ll just copy and paste the entire thing here for good measure. 

“The first thing that everyone needs to understand about Malec is that they were the most popular couple on the show before there even was a show.  Even before the movie, they were the top ship on AO3.  Malec had three times more fics about their ship than the next highest ship and yes, this is something that TV people check.  It’s a quick, easy reference to see what the fans like.  There are plenty of other ways to track fan engagement which I’m not going to get into in detail but trust me, they all show Malec is the fan favorite couple.  

This is SO important for marketing.  They need to successfully market this show, especially given the unique risks that came with it: books that are a little out of date given how quickly on screen adaptions tend to roll out these days, a failed movie franchise, a non-cooperative author, weird incest story lines.  Without strong marketing this show could have easily flopped.  One of the easiest ways to market a new product is to highlight the features that the target audience is most excited about.  

Shadowhunters/Freeform isn’t queerbaiting Malec.  They’re running a marketing campaign to keep their viewer numbers up so that they can continue to make this show and give the fans what they want, more Malec.  

Queerbaiting would be writing a gay/bi couple into your book series only to keep them in the way back background where fans have to read between the lines to know what is going on, then ship them away for a whole book, then bring them back only to break them up, then get them back together with zero resolution to the original problem all the while swearing that you’re pro-LGBT and that your book series is LGBT friendly. 

If Shadowhunters/Freeform were queerbaiting with Malec they wouldn’t spend as much time as they do developing these characters both as individuals and as a couple.  They wouldn’t give them story lines or flesh them out as characters with personalities, strengths, weaknesses, fears and desires.  They would leave them hidden in the background and then bring them out once every season, probably during the mid-season slump, and use them to boost views (kinda like a certain author does with her books). 

Highlighting the things that a target audience is excited about and talking about and bringing attention to the show is not queerbaiting, it’s marketing.”