and we also have the same birthday

Would Bulma have prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament?

It is clear that Vegeta tried throughout all episode of not showing how much he cared about the birth of his daughter, but it is also easy to think that Bulma had demanded him not to go to train for be present at birth, in the same way that  she demanded that he be on her birthday (We know that She is the one who rules their marriage).

But it’s a curious fact that in Episode 77, it was Bulma who reminded to Goku that he was going to invite to Vegeta to train. Even, she didn’t look disgusted by the idea. (In adittion, she felt guilty and apologized for holding up Vegeta’s training in episode 83). And It makes me doubt that if Bulma really had prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament in the first place.

Which makes me think that like does Goku work in the farm because Chichi forces him, Vegeta uses to Bulma as an excuse to justify his “acts of charity” in front of other people, as if “she forced him to be more human”.  

Maybe, also she demand him that he gives her affection (or to spend time together), so that she make believe him to be forced to do it, when in fact he wants to do it too.

And the only person who knows the truth is Bulma and she follows him in his game because he feels more comfortable, and she is happy with that.

Secret Wolfsbane (Remus x Reader)

“Loved your last Remus piece! Would you maybe do one where the reader is friends with the marauders, secretly in love with Remus, and once she finds out he is a were she makes wolfsbane for him secretly leaving it in the shack since she doesn’t want to pressure him into telling her. The boys get curious as to who is making it so they use the invisibility cloak and catch her leaving it one day. Lots of fluff! Thank you and have a good day!” Aw! Thank you so so much! And I loved this idea, hope you like how it turned out!

Italics= thoughts and flashbacks.

Also, in this instance professor Merrythought will be teaching DADA since there is no clear answer to who was teaching it after she retired during the marauders era.

You were a sixth year Gryffindor along with the poster children for trouble, also known as the marauders. You had been best friends with them ever since first year, but you have also been in love with one of them just as long. It started out as crush but after getting to know the sweet and gentle boy better, it turned into love. You were in love with none other than Remus Lupin, he was just as michevious as the rest but he was gentler and much more reasonable.

It wasn’t until your third year at Hogwarts that you found out about his “furry little problem” as both James and Sirius refer to it. Every month Remus would get sick, you didn’t think much of it during your first year but then during your second year, Sirius, James and Peter would disappear as well.

Second Year, after Christmas break.

“Hey guys! I was looking all over for you, have you seen Remus? The night sky is pretty clear so I was wondering if he wanted to star gaze and finish our astronomy project.” You told the pair of boys who were sitting at the back of the library.

“Sorry Y/N, it’s his aunt’s birthday tomorrow so he left afte class.” James said as he continued to write on a piece of parchment, no doubt an overdue essay.

“Wasn’t his aunt’s birthday last month?” You questioned.

“He has more than one aunt, this one is also very dear to him.” Sirius asserted as he stood from his chair, gathering his things.

“Oh okay, do you guys want to go and stargaze with me then?”

“Sorry sweet cheeks, but we have that test to study for, you go ahead and tell us about it tomorrow, okay?” Sirius replied as he ruffled your head affectionately. He and James left the library, leaving you with your thoughts. Funny thing was that you all had the same classes and there was no such test coming up, rather than keep interrogating them you played dumb and left it at that.


End of Second Year

“Hey, James! Have you seen Remus? He wasn’t in class today and I was wondering if he wanted any of the chocolate my mother sent me.”

“Um, sorry Y/N, he came down with a nasty stomach virus last night and went home for the weekend since he doesn’t like to stay in the hospital wing.” He answered.

“Oh that’s odd, he seemed fine last night.”

“Yeah, but you know how those bugs are, one minutes you’re fine and the next you’re kneeling over the loo hoping to be out of your misery soon.” He shrugged.

“Well, do you want some chocolate? She sent me far too much for just one person.”

“I would love some but I gotta run, Sirius, Peter and I have a double detention with Slughorn and I’m already late. I’ll catch you later!” and with that he ran off before you could bid him goodbye.

Another one of their excuses that didn’t add up since Slughorn loved James, and pretty much turned a blind eye when it came to the marauders.


Third Year

“Remus!” you exclaimed as you spotted your best friend down the hall, giving him a hug as you caught up with him.

“Looks like someone missed me.” He said chuckling as he hugged you back.

“You have no idea, you and the boys are always ditching me, I almost feel as if you all plan it and go to an Y/N free zone once a month to detox.” You joked back but you saw him gulp. So you were right, it wasn’t your imagination, they did all go out at least once a month without you.

“Nonsense, you can blame Peter for this one because he got us all sick this weekend, but don’t worry I’m feeling much better today.” He said smiling as you both made your way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts. You both set your bags down as you saw that everyone was gathered around the center of the room where a wardrobe stood rattling.

“Hello class! Today we have a hands on activity, as you all noticed that is not ordinary wardrobe, inside of it is a boggart. Can anyone tell me what that is?” no one raised their hand but Professor Merrythought called on Remus, knowing that he must have some sort of idea considering that his father was an expert when it came to things like this.

“A boggart is an amortal shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer’s worst fear. It has no definite form since it changes depending on the person since he or she will fear different things.” He replied, looking uneasy, the carefree demeanor he had with you before class had vanished as he eyed the wardrobe wearily.

“Correct Mr. Lupin, ten points to Gryffindor. So right now, this particular boggart is sitting in the darkness inside has not yet assumed a form. He does not yet know what will frighten the person on the other side of the door. Nobody knows what a boggart looks like when he is alone, but when I let him out, he will immediately become whatever each of us most fears.” The class remained silent, you could see many uneasy and worried looks.

“In order to get rid of one, one must concentrate on turning said fearful thing into something funny, so that fear can be dispelled in amusement as you say the incantation, ‘Riddikulus.’ Wands out, and repeat after me, Riddikulus.” The class did as they were told and soon enough you were all lining up, you and Remus made your way by where Sirius and James were standing and you all watched as Peter went first.

A snake came slithering out of the wardrobe, increasing in size as it got closer to Peter.

“Now Mr. Pettigrew!” Professor Merrythought shouted.

“R-riddikulus!” Peter shouted and in and instant the snaked turned into a slinky, laughter echoed in the room and soon enough everyone was pushing to be next.

One by one they all went and it was finally James’s turn, you bit your lip knowing well enough what his worst fear was. The wardrobe door opened once again and, a cow came out, walking slowly and mooing ominously at James. Both you and Remus bursted out laughing, remembering how a few summers ago, you all went to the muggle country side and somehow James angered a herd of cows and they chased him for five miles, it took Remus and Sirius a good twenty minutes to compose themselves before helping him.

“RIDDIKULUS!” James shouted with a little too much gusto, no doubt wanting to get it over and done with. The cow then turned into a dozen of black and white polka dotted snitches that buzzed around the room clumsily.

Sirius was next, you and Remus had a small betting pool going on between the two of you, knowing your best friends fairly well, you both knew what was going to come out of the wardrobe for Sirius.

Sure enough, a giant, and muscly Kreacher came out, hunched over with a menacing look on his face. You all knew Sirius wasn’t very fond of his house elf. The Kreacher like boggart wasn’t even halfway across the room when Sirius was already yelling Riddikulus, turning Kreacher into a giant balloon animal, squeaking with every movement.

It was finally your turn and you were not looking forward to it, in fact you had turned slightly pale at the thought of facing one of your biggest fears. Remus gave you an encouraging nod and you went to face your boggart.

At least fifty needles came flying out at you, all looking extremely sharp, you froze on the spot and even though they wouldn’t really hurt you, Remus ran towars you and yelled out.

“RIDDIKULUS!” not only did he protect you, but your boggart turned into a bunch of flowers; daisies, sunflowers and pansies bloomed around the room, but once the buds opened, a trumpet like sound was emitted, prompting raucous laughter.

You thanked Remus and he nodded, both of you blushing, you saw that he hesitantly made his way towards the front, knowing that he was one of the last ones to g; he needed to participate in order to get a good mark. The doors to the wardrobe opened and out came a great yellow ball, if you had blinked you would’ve missed it because in instant it was zipping around the room as a deflated balloon. That was no ordinary yellow ball, that was a full moon. Your theory was confirmed when you saw how the rest of the marauders were throwing worry glances towards Remus, the class didn’t seem to noticed what his boggart was since they were still laughing about the trumpeting flowers.


Ever since that fateful DADA class, you had finally figured out what your best friends were hiding from you. Your suspicions came true when you followed them during the full moon, drinking a potion that would make your movements as quiet as a mouse, you also had borrowed James’s invisibility cloak last week and had ‘forgotten’ to give it back this morning. You followed them into the shrieking shack, and when you saw how your best friends transformed into animaguses you gasped, but you felt your world spinning as you saw the man you love howl in pain as he turned into a wolf. You quickly ran out of the room, not because you were afraid but because you had to help him somehow, seeing him in pain made your heart ache.

During the next couple of weeks, you spent all of your free time in the room of requirements, hunched over countless of potion books, stirring and making endless trial potions in hopes of finally getting the challenging Wolfsbane potion down. Whenever one of the marauders would ask where you would go off to, you would give a vague answer of either going to see a professor for an extra lesson or that you were helping a professor or someone from a different house with something.

It took you two months but you had finally perfected and were ready to give it to Remus. During the next full moon, you went to the shrieking shack in the early hours of the morning and left the potion with a note explaining what it was, you hoped that they would use and wouldn’t think of it as a trap. Hopefully they think Dumbledore was behind it. You hid under one of the floorboards that was on the opposite side of the room, you had watched where they situated themselves and you knew that you would go undetected there. Soon enough it was nighttime and you heard them rushing in.

“Oi, Remus, come and look at this.” Sirius said as he saw the bottle and the note addressed to Remus. Remus eyes light up as he read it and even though James and Sirius were apprehensive Remus simply shrugged.

“I turn into a bloody monster once a month, I don’t have much to lose if I try this out.” He drank the potion in one big gulp, you all held your breath as he transformed a few minutes later. Five minutes passed and the rest of the marauders let out a cheer seeing how calm their friend was. You had happy tears in your eyes due to how your potion had worked and seeing that you were able to help him.

Ever since that full moon, every month you would work on his Wolfsbane potion and sneak it into the shack a day before the full moon. You had finished this batch and were ready to head out, you went to your room to get the cloak and your wand. You cursed under your breath as you remembered that you had given James his cloak back last week. You silently disarmed the spells that lead to the boy’s dormitories, thanks to yours and Remus’s late night study sessions, you knew which spell to use. You snuck into their room thinking that they were all in the common hall but much to your horror a voiced from behind you scared the daylights out of you.

“And to what to we owe this pleasure, love?” Sirius asked, leaning against the doorway as James looked on.

“Um, you see, I lent Remus a book yesterday and I need it to finish my Charms essay.” You answered, avoiding their eyes as you pretended to look for your book in Remus’s side of the room.

“And here it is! Thanks boys!” you grabbed the first book that you saw and left before they could say anything else.

You were back to how you were an hour ago, without an invisibility cloak. Guess I just have to risk being caught by Filch or Mrs. Norris… you thought. You put on your robes, grabbed both the potion and your wand and headed towards the underground tunnels that you knew so well. Unbeknownst to you, the two marauders didn’t believe your book story and followed you under James’s cloak, and were slowly putting two and two together as they follow you on your way towards the shrieking shack.

“No bloody way, she’s Moony’s Wolfsbane fairy.” Sirius whispered as James looked in awe as you made your way across the room and set down said potion, placed the accompanying note and left without a second glance. After they were sure you were long gone, they took off the cloak and sat in silence as they processed what they had just witnessed.

“Slughorn said that Wolfsbane was one of the hardest potions to do, it required an immense amount of skill and dedication. Remus started getting a bottle of Wolfsbane during the end of our third year, that means Y/N has been making his monthly potion for the last three years.” James pondered, finally breaking the silence.

“I’m honestly getting tired of seeing them dance around each other, can’t we just lock them up in a boggart free closet and have them confess their feelings for each other? What more proof do we need that she loves him? And we both know that he loves her.”

“Pads, I think it’s time we play matchmaker.” James said as he rubbed his hands excitedly.

A month had passed and you were once again bottling some Wolfsbane for Remus, ready to head out to set it out for him. You didn’t think twice on why you hadn’t seen any of the marauders all day, I mean it is Saturday, perhaps they’re out by the lake enjoying the sun before heading to the shack. You saw Peter and quickly asked him where the rest of the boys were, he stuttered that they were by the lake. You didn’t even bother to double check; you were just glad that you still had time to make your delivery.

You ran through the tunnels and finally made it to the shack, gasping for air, as you climbed upstairs. You were attaching your usual note to the bottle when a voice cut through the stillness of the room.

“Y/N?” you almost dropped the bottle. Gulping, you slowly turned around to face Remus.

“Hi Rem, fancy meeting you here.” You stammered out, avoiding his piercing green eyes.

“Three whole years. I’ve been wanting to meet the person that’s been making the Wolfsbane potion and thank them for three whole years, and that person was always next to me. You’ve been helping me for three whole years and I never thanked you, not once.” Remus marveled, slowly making his way across the room to you and enveloping you into a warm embrace.

You never imagined that someone would catch you in the act, let alone Remus himself.

“You’re not mad?” you whispered into his chest.

“Why would I be mad? You’ve been keeping me sane during my darkest hours.”

“I knew what was happening to you but I kept quiet.”

“No, Y/N, you found out and you still treated me as your best friend”

“That’s because I love you, Remus.” You breathed out.

“Now I know I must be dreaming.” He said, taking your hands in his as he looked deeply into your eyes.

“Ever since second year.” You whispered.

“So have I, bloody hell, I fell for you as soon as you told Sirius and James to shut up five minutes after sitting with us during our first train ride to school.” He gushed, laughing joyfully; both of you had smiles on your faces, your hearts were full, knowing that your love was reciprocated was the best feeling ever.

He closed the gap between the two of you and captured your lips into a gentle kiss, leaving you breathless. After a few moments you pulled apart, a gently blush dusting both of your faces.

“Remind me to thank Sirius and James for being so nosy, if it wasn’t for them following you last month, I would’ve never found out nor this would’ve happened.”

“Of course it was them…” You chuckled.

“They should be here soon, Peter will take you back to the castle and after this is all over we can spend the remainer of the weekend together, if you want that of course.” Remus said, nervously rubbing his neck.

“I wish you would let me stay but I understand, and of course I want to! In fact, I’ll sneak into the kitchen to get us some sweets.” You said, coming up on your tiptoes and kissing his cheek.

A few minutes later, cheers and congratulations echoed across the room as the marauders made their entrance. Before you left with Peter back to the castle, you kissed Remus once more which prompted five minutes of cat-calls and hollering from James and Sirius. Both you and Remus blushed and rolled your eyes at their antics, Remus told them to shut up, trying his hardest not to blush once again.

[TRANS] Shukan Josei - Main Interview

Q. “You just released your first ‘BEST OF’ Album, ‘THE BEST OF BTS,’ which covered all of your activities in Japan for two and a half years. Are there any songs that deeply attached to?”
JH: For me it’s “FOR YOU.” It was our first original Japanese song, so it’s very meaningful to me.
SG: For me it’s the Japanese version of “I NEED U.” I like how the Japanese lyrics are slightly different than the Korean lyrics. 

Q. “Within the Japanese activities until now, what has left an impression (on you)?”
J: This is not exactly what you are talking about, but… during the last song of a concert, I always look all around the venue. During that moment, I feel something that isn’t quite happiness nor sadness, it becomes this feeling where I am unable to say anything. That lingering feeling during the ending left the strongest impression. Every concert truly leaves me warm hearted.
JM: Our first showcase (December 2013) was in front of about 500 fans. As we did more performances, our venue has grown as well. Now, we have been able to meet lots of fans through our arena tours. Every time, I am very grateful for everything that has happened.
SG: I was also super happy when we were able to participate in large music festivals such as Summer Sonic and a-nation!

Q. “At the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards” you won the grand prize (Daesang), given to the ‘Artist of the Year.’ We saw the tears up on stage, what did you feel then?”
SG: When we heard the announcement, I started to remember everything we achieved from when we were trainees 7 years ago. The tough times, the happy times. So many memories were going through my head and my heart was full of emotion. Before I realized it, I was crying. I couldn’t stop the tears…
JK: I was really grateful to our ARMYs. That’s why, whatever happened, I didn’t want to cry on stage, but I saw the fans and couldn’t help but cry because they have worked hard with us and supported us. I was so grateful that I cried. I am really…, we are really lucky.
RM: We were so happy that we went to eat dinner right after arriving back in Korea from Hong Kong! We ordered pasta and pizza.
JH: Since the day after we won the award was also Jin-hyung’s birthday,
V: We were able to celebrate both (at the same time).
J: I ate suuuper delicious food (serious face)!
JH: While we ate, we all reminisced.
JM: It was fun.

Q. “Apart from the award, BTS was the first Korean artist to place 26th on the American Billboard Chart and placed 1st for the iTunes Chart for 27 countries. 2016 must be a year you’ll never forget.”
: When we go to countries like Brazil, which are on the opposite side of the world from Korea, and feel the love from fans in those countries, I feel that we are really benefiting from this age in time.
V: But…, I want to be more love in Japan as well! (he then made a dog with his fingers and pretended to bite the arm of Jungkook who was sitting next to him)
JK: (As if this was familiar (to Jungkook), while escaping from V [he said]) That’s right, we really think this.
RM: It’s really interesting. When we perform overseas, fans of completely different nationalities and languages sing our songs with us.
V: It’s amazing.
RM: This year will be the start of a new “time” that is different from before, for both us and the fans.
JM: The truth is, right now, there is a performance that we are thinking of. One which will look cool to anyone and shows us enjoying the stage. We will continue running towards that goal.
JK: I want to grow more! In order for that growth to become our weapon.

Q. “Continuous hard work made the BTS who they are today. By the way, what is something that has and has not changed about BTS since debut?”
: Something that hasn’t changed since debut is our mindset that singing and performance are the top priorities. Even though there are things each member wants to try, we think that we should first think about the goals of the group and what we should aim to be as a group. I think that is one of our strong points (as well).
: Another one is practice. First, practice. Second, practice. Recently, things that used to take 10 will now only take 5. I think that we’ve become more efficient.

Q. “Seeing your performances, the dances are so complex, it looks really tiring…”
SG: (serious face) To be honest, it is tiring.
BTS: (lol)
: But that intense practice is what made us who we are today, so we can’t stop.
V: Don’t stop~!

Q. “I want to recommend that you guys stop and rest sometimes.”
SG: Recently, it’s been very difficult because we’ve had to practice tough choreography continuously for many performances. Until around last year, it’s accurate to say that we just pushed through with it. But we realized that that could damage our health, so recently we eat healthier and take supplements to stand on stage while maintaining our health.
JK: We have to increase our endurance.

Q. “We’ll go back to the (previous) topic, but what has changed about you (since debut)?”
V: When we debuted, we didn’t know anything, so we just worked hard at what we were told to do. Now we can express our own opinions and think about what to do next.
JK: Yeah, we’ve now come to think deeply about a lot of things. Rather than say this was a change, it seems that our attitude towards work has matured.
JM: Our feelings towards the stage and our fans have changed as well.
JH: Our growth as humans, in performance, and in how we interact with everyone. So many things have changed, but what has changed most is our internal feelings. It’s as if we’ve accepted and acknowledged that “we are professionals.” Things that are seen by the public and thing that aren’t.
JM: “We are professionals”?… Surely, the way we look has changed a lot too.
RM: When we were trainees, for all of us, our singing, dance, and fashion sense were not refined (lol). But now, I feel like we look a bit more like celebrities. 

Q. “So, from now on you will continue to grow as artists and continue to ‘Attack on Bangtan.’”
J: We will continue to attack!
: We can’t stop now (lol).

Trans cr: Mia & Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out


Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Book ~ Ancient Egyptian profiles

First of all I apologise for the quality! As I mentioned before I don’t have a scanner so those photos were taken with my phone and camera.

Under the read more are the profiles from Ancient Egyptian section of Millennium Book. I’ve included Grandpa because his profile is for when he finds the Puzzle at age 43 – his food likes and dislikes are different to age 72 Grandpa as is his height and weight! So I thought that was kind of interesting.

Everyone has a full profile except Kisara who was only given a height and weight. I have also tentatively included kind of birthdays. This post does a wonderful job of explaining why we can’t ACTUALLY translate the Ancient Egyptian birthdays to the Gregorian calendar.

But I figured as everyone is going to do it anyway, I may as well include them so at least everyone’s on the same page, so to speak!

There are a couple of translation notes at the bottom and my Japanese is by no means infallible so if you find anything wrong, please let me know! Probably some of the names are wrong because I can never remember the official way of spelling them so please forgive me! (I come from a time before official romanization and I wish this book had included it!)

Keep reading

only keith and lance’s birthdays are left out of the paladins so please imagine this: they have the same birthday

(also imagine they’re both geminis bc get it!! they’re “opposites” and geminis are stereotypically two-faced)

look I’m not saying Marinette and Alya have literally zero facial recognition skills but Adrien ID’ed Nino in a hot second despite the full facepaint, weirdo hood-thingy, and EXTREMELY DISTRACTING (and build-obscuring) bubble-suit while our favorite girls cannot recognize each other in a tiny domino face mask and bodysuit when they HAVEN’T EVEN RESTYLED THEIR HAIR. 

(I am cutting most of Paris a break on not spotting Marinette despite her complete non-disguise of an outfit because most of Paris does not know her, I am cutting her classmates a break because she actually doesn’t seem to be super-close to any of them aside from in the “ah yes we have gone to the same school for an amount of time“, it’s not like they do a ton of hanging out socially or anything and they also don’t see Ladybug up close and personal too often, but BEST FRIENDS AND OBSESSED WITH LADYBUG, ALYA, FFS

so obviously Nino spotted ADRIEN in a hot second and has known from day one that the new kid/his new BFF is a supercat. 

he did not out him when he was the Bubbler because dude, that would totally RUIN his birthday, he politely pretends to believe all his weird excuses for disappearing/running off, he makes sure to bring him the homework/copies of his notes on akuma-attack days, and he is a constant back-up alibi whenever anyone is like “where was Adrien again?” he also pretends not to notice the purring and acts like it’s totally normal when the other sneakily sneaks over to rub up on him for attention/pets. 

(really quite frankly Nino would probably roll with that even if Adrien WEREN’T a supercat, the guy is clearly affection-starved) 

and one day Chat Noir is going to flirt with dude-in-distress Nino Lahiffe and it is going to be a fucking TRIP for EVERYONE involved. 

IF ANYONE WAS WONDERING WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN SKAM(this is me rambling about what I think is happening. spoilery things)::: after two days of complete silence from all the cast and characters we get this (and a LOVELY picture of Henrik with Josefine and Ina). And we /know/ that he’s filming because A) he’s wearing the denim jacket (the denim jacket is part of even’s wardrobe) B) he’s not only with the girls but with Tarjei. And although they are friends we never see them together and C) we got a selfie today of Tease Queen herself- Julie. The picture of her looks as though she’s in a bar/club and henrik posted a photo to his story /at the same club/. The club they’re at is called Nox and it doesn’t open on thursdays. Now, if it doesn’t open on thursdays WHY would they be there? Because they’re filming. Another point, Skam usually films the first few episodes 2-3 weeks before the season begins. If they’re filming now then two weeks from now would be April 6th, Noora’s birthday. And it would make PERFECT SENSE for her to have her birthday in a club. It would also explain some other bts spoilers pictures that we got earlier last week. The photo was of the girl gang being approached by what we can assume are even’s friends from Bakka because one of them looks like Yousef and another like Mikael. Even’s friends were holding balloons out to the girls and it would make SO MUCH SENSE if those balloons were for Noora’s birthday. However, since Noora’s birthday is gonna be on a Thursday and the club doesn’t open on Thursday we can safely assume that something will be posted on Friday the 7th, especially considering the fact that skam posts everything in real time. Conclusion: IM SUPER FUCKING EXCITED AND THE CLIPS ARE GONNA DROP S O O N

Yuri on Ice BD booklet translation (with Mitsurou Kubo interview) - Volume 1

The BD/DVDs were available in stores today, 3 days earlier than the official release, so of course I went to Animate to get my copy even if this meant waiting in line for almost 30 minutes, hah. I’m sure screencaps are being posted all over the net already, but I haven’t watched the BD yet because, guess what, I was translating the booklet.

The booklet has 3 parts:
1) Character introduction for Yuuri and Victor, which is mostly information we know already except for a few extra info (for example, I don’t think it was ever mentioned so far that Victor is fluent in French?).
2) “Topics”, in other words random curiosities. This is the same as above, information we already know plus extra tidbits.
3) Interview with Mitsurou Kubo, from which among other things you can understand that she is probably having fun reading all kinds of fan theories found on the web, lol (though mostly the Japanese ones I think).

Have fun reading, while I finally go watch my BD…

P.S.: I was actually meant to post the translation of an interview with Georgi Popovich’s seiyuu Wataru Hatano, but after being obscured by Victor’s birthday he also managed to be obscured by the early release of the BD… Poor Georgi. I will post that tomorrow or on Thursday possibly.

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Will the piglet become a prince?

Yuuri Katsuki
voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Height: 173 cm
Date of birth: November 29th
Blood type: A
Born in Hasetsu City

Past record:
Grand Prix Final 6th place
Professional Japanese figure skater

He finally manages to participate in the Grand Prix Final, but ends up last. Following that he is unable to display his potential in the Japan National Championships and his season finishes there. 23 years old. He is called “glass heart” and the success rate of his quadruple jumps is low, but the peculiar rhythm of his steps has a good reputation. He was rumored to be retiring soon, however after Victor Nikiforov becomes his new coach he decides to aim for victory at the Grand Prix Final on his last season.
He is a Kyushu boy who is actually very competitive. The source of all his problems is his lack of confidence, but he has made up for it by training hard and is currently the ace of Japanese male figure skating. Since he tends to gain weight easily, he has decided that he will only eat katsudon (900kcal), his favorite food, when he wins a tournament. His romantic history is top secret.

A new legend is about to start.

Victor Nikiforov
voiced by Junichi Suwabe

Height: 180 cm
Date of birth: December 25th
Blood type: private
Born in Russia

Past record:
5 times consecutive winner of the Grand Prix Final
5 times consecutive winner of the World Championships

The living legend that from the age of 23 years old has never lost a World Championship and has kept on surprising the world. He is not only considered a legend for his brilliant results, but also because he creates his own choreographies and is a pioneer always looking for new ways to express himself. He can perform 4 quadruple jumps, among which the quadruple flip that is considered his signature technique. His splendid and unlimited performing skills capture the hearts of skating fans and athletes from all over the world.
Beside Russian, he is also proficient in English and French. Although he is always smiling and ready to provide fan service, his innocent and uninhibited remarks coming from his absolute confidence never fail to create tension in the Russian skate federation. Christmas is celebrated all over the world as the birthday of Victor Nikiforov.


TOPIC 1: Poodle
Looking at the pictures of Victor and Makkachin, Yuuri also decided to get a poodle and named him “Victor”. His nickname was Vicchan. Now both his smartphone case and background picture feature poodles. His dog Victor lived out his natural life span when Yuuri was at the GPF, but Makkachin came to Hasetsu together with Victor! Yuuri’s first thought when he sees Makkachin is “so huge!”. Indeed, even though their faces are identical, Victor was a toy poodle, and Makkachin is a standard poodle. The size is completely different.

*His display background is also a dog
*His smartphone case is also with dogs
*His tissue case is also a dog
*Yuuri’s pet dog Vicchan
*The magazine picture that made Yuuri decide to get a dog

TOPIC 2: Blade
The blades each athlete uses are different depending on their personalities. Yuuri’s blades are a standard type. Yurio’s are a new lighter model said to make it easier to perform jumps. If you look closely, the shape of the parts under the sole that support the blade is different. Victor’s blades are golden. Even the sound he makes when he glides the ice is beautiful. The personality of each athlete can also be seen in the color of the edge case used to cover the blades when the skating shoes are not used.

*Edge case: 1) Yuuri, 2) Yurio, 3) Victor

TOPIC 3: Hasetsu City
A castle town by the sea in Kyushu. …Or so it’s called, but the castle is actually fake and has a ninja house inside. It’s famous for its marine products, however due to the decreasing population it’s somewhat of a lonely place. The monument in front of the station that Yurio found gross portrays the local “yuru-chara” (mascot characters), a squid and a sea urchin, which are not very popular among the locals either. The popular menus of Yuuri’s house, daytime onsen “Yutopia Katsuki”, are squid sashimi and katsudon. The sweet potato shochu “Makai e no Izanai” was also appreciated by Victor.

*A town with a castle and the sea
*Unpopular yuru-chara!
*Currently there’s only one onsen resort in the town

TOPIC 4: Russian yankee
Yurio’s fashion style is Russian but it also corresponds to the style of Japanese punks (“yankees”). Or the style of old ladies in Kansai. His favorite design is leopard print and tigers are his favorite animal (he owns a cat). His meticulous aesthetic sense, with shoes, clothes, edge case, suitcase and even disguise mask all in the same style, makes his fans a little uneasy. However, his most hardcore fans “Yuri’s Angels” consider him a fashion leader.

*He’s fashionable but doesn’t like cleaning up
*Attempt at a disguise?
*He wants to show the world

TOPIC 5: Ice Castle Hasetsu
Skate rink at the base of Hasetsu Castle, one of the few in Kyushu that are open throughout the year. It’s the place where Yuuri started skating and also his current training base. Thanks to his friends, the Nishigoori family, working as staff, he is allowed to use the rink to train even outside normal business hours, which is very helpful. It’s rare for a Japanese rink to have light coming in through a window, and to Yuuri this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The names of the mascot characters are Ikahime and Ikadono.

*The castle can be seen in the background
*Yuuri is lucky because he can have the rink all for himself
*The Nishigoori family

Original plan / “name” (manga storyboard) / character plan
Mitsurou Kubo interview

A story where Yuuri seizes things with his own hands.

The first time I met director Yamamoto, 2 years ago, she told me that she wanted to create an anime about the deep bond between a coach and an athlete. How to concretely shape the story is something that we decided after carrying out extensive research on figure skating and studying it. The director taught me a lot and I also checked out stuff on my own, while at the same time keeping in mind the feelings of an amateur, as it’s important to understand what would catch the heart of someone who doesn’t know anything about figure skating and has their first approach to it through an anime.

-The feelings of the creators emerge in their work-

The director doesn’t follow single athletes, she really watches everything, ice dance, single, pair, and she has respect for everyone, both past athletes, current athletes and even young ones. For example, she always calls all athletes with the “-san” suffix (common Japanese honorific), including the junior skaters. And not only in front of them, she does it when she speaks with me too. I think it’s the small things like this that emerge in your work. I believe that it’s important to act freely within our creation, while treasuring the feelings of respect and support for the athletes and without feeling superior.
However, you don’t really feel like enlivening the story with someone getting hurt. At least within the anime, you want everyone to stay safe from injuries. Since in real life it actually happens often…… But then, when the series started airing, I saw people worried that someone might get injured or die, and I realized that maybe it’s actually that kind of things that people look for in fiction.
If it were a long serialization it could have been possible to accurately portray someone going through that kind of hardship, but this time we only had one cour. That is why we chose to limit the worries of the protagonist Yuuri Katsuki to his talent and his psychological weakness, instead of having the people around him put a lot of pressure on him or having someone that disapproves of his choices. We wanted to show someone who has trouble progressing while being surrounded by kind people who don’t step too much into his territory, thus diminishing the enemies. I was careful because I didn’t want to make a story where he would put the blame on someone.
I was very happy when, after the show aired, I saw people comment that they can watch it over and over because they don’t hate any characters and so they don’t feel stressed.

-Having viewers get accustomed to the characters-

Indeed, what’s important is that characters are alive within this work. The first thing I thought when I found myself creating a story about sport is that if a saw a person completely unrelated to me that skates, no matter how well they skate I probably would not feel them “close”. If a person that isn’t really interested in real world figure skating watches it they would just think “oh, some skilled guy is skating”, like watching from a distance. I realized that if the viewers don’t become familiar with the characters they will never feel personally involved watching them in a tournament.
That’s why we didn’t jump to the matches right away but we spent 3 episodes getting the viewers accustomed to the characters as much as possible. If you can get familiar with the characters and personally experience how it feels when an athlete you really like is participating in a tournament, then you can finally be engrossed in the world of the series. I hope this mechanism works well. I really did my best, because I’m sure that the fiction will not strike a chord in the viewers’ hearts if we don’t create the necessary premises first.

-Is it the same for Katsuki-kun?-

Based on my experience working with shounen magazines, Yurio wouldn’t make for a good protagonist. He shines the most as a rival, but if you use him as a protagonist he is not going to push the story forward, he would probably send it more in a tragic direction. Yuuri Katsuki really pushes the story forward, he’s helped me more than once. Yuuri is indeed the type that doesn’t have confidence, but when you see the interviews of lots of athletes from the real world, who have developed through many battles, you see what a strong personality they have. When you see a skater who is very passionate about training say “I don’t really listen to what my coach says”, automatically you think that maybe Katsuki-kun too doesn’t really listen to his coach when he’s focused. When a kind and sensitive-looking skater says that the judges should “watch me more” in a very blunt way you think that maybe Katsuki-kun too, deep down, has that kind of thoughts about the judges. I like it when real athletes say things that I would never come up with. Still, I use what I hear as a reference when deciding how the characters would behave, but the decision is ultimately based on the personalities that I created for them.
Also, I didn’t want to make it so that Victor as a coach would give and teach everything to Yuuri. The driving force of this story is how Yuuri Katsuki seizes things with his own hands. When you have a coach that twists you around his finger you necessarily have to change yourself or to change something to understand how to move forward….

-The difference between manga and animation-

It’s the first time that I’m involved with animation, and first of all, in manga you cannot show music and movements together. Obviously. Recently I’m realizing how much manga actually rely on the imagination of the readers. If you draw someone saying “what an amazing performance!” and then spend a few frames to draw the pose in an impressive way the reader might actually be convinced that they’re indeed doing an “amazing performance”. I draw my manga adding details until I’m satisfied and consider them “completed”, but now I think that might not be true.
I feel that this work, that was born from the joint effort of animators, voice actors, musicians and many other people, is now standing on its own. I reckon that there are people who think “since real life skaters are so wonderful, there must be something deep in the world of the anime too”, and so they imagine new things. Among many different languages, sexualities and discussions, there are many people who are bringing out their creative ideas, and I guess to every one of them this work is becoming something special. When I take a look at people’s impressions there are so many things that surprise me, for example how different people will interpret something in completely different ways, and how some people look for deep meanings I didn’t even think about.
I have come to find it really captivating that these characters have left my hands and are existing somewhere else. When I see things like that I really feel like I would never get tired to hear the thoughts of people who say they love this work.
And at the same time, the feeling inside me that makes me not want to lose to anyone has also become stronger. I didn’t create these characters alone with my own power of course, but more than ever I feel that I am responsible for making these anime characters grow stronger than anyone else! Like Victor, I found motivation.

April 21

Team Valmani did a Facebook livestream this morning!

Busy at rehearsals!

Also, this interview with Access Hollywood:

In the Facebook livestream, it was mentioned that Normani had a packed day ahead of her.

She just finished rehearsals with Val, then she was off to the recording studio for the afternoon…

(where we have no updates… the girls seem to be hard at work :) )

and then an event, Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces, early in the evening:

and then Normani was back for DWTS rehearsals for the team performance later in the evening!

Also, Lauren was in the same event Normani want to, but she arrived quite late for the red carpet.

Here are some more Lauren pictures from tonight:

Speaking of Lauren pictures, she posted two pictures from Coachella:

(queen of late posts indeed)

She tweeted this thought too:

Ally greeted Sydney a happy birthday!

Here’s a BTS photo of Dinah on set for U Here Tonight:

That’s it for today!

ok so i did some math and if season four is as long as season three (aka ten episodes) and they would end the season around the time of the start of nissen’s summer break on june 22nd (which is also the same week as isak’s eighteenth birthday (june 21st) and olso pride (june 23rd (which is a friday))) which to me seems like a great thing and time to end a season with.

then the season must have aired the first episode next friday (april 14th), which also means it would probably start on saturday in order to get a full week. so i literally don’t understand why we haven’t got the trailer yet or if we even going to get one at all.

One of the lazier people I work with asked me to cover his shift tomorrow.

“We’re both working the same shift tomorrow. I can’t cover your shift and do mine at the same time.”

“Yeah you can. Double shift.”

“So you’re telling me that I should cover your shift when I’m already covering Ray’s shift since he quit. While also teaching two classes simultaneously because no one was scheduled to do the birthday party and the planner class. All of this on top of my actual job, which I have to do in-between doing four other people’s jobs.”

“Well if you do mine and Ray’s job, you’re doing the same job as you would be doing anyway so it’s more like you’re doing two people’s jobs.”

“You have no idea what my job is, do you?”

“You’re a cashier, duh.”

“I’m the shipping operations specialist.”

“The what?”

“The shipping operations specialist. I handle outgoing orders.”

“What? I thought you were a cashier!”

“You and apparently everyone else.”

Who’s the bronze medalist in this flashback?

Remember this scene from episode 7?

This is the famous flashback that brought to us the lovely young Victor with a flower crown, long hair and a Johnny Weir inspired outfit, courtesy of the one and only Christophe Giacometti. A lot has been said already about Victor, but what about the two other medalists?

The silver one is most definitely retired at the moment. This flashback is from 10 years ago, Victor was 17. He looks mature, and even proud of the new generation. He’s also in the darkest part of the scene, while Victor’s surrounded by light - he’s the star, it’s his time to shine, after all.

But what about the bronze medalist? Doesn’t he look a little… Familiar upon closer inspection?

He doesn’t seem to be as old as the silver medalist. Actually, he looks pretty young, at Victor’s age range even. Also, doesn’t his face looks like the face of someone we know?

The facial structure, his eye color, short black hair… The similar styling…

Georgi, is this you?

This is an actual possibility. Georgi’s 2 years younger than Victor, and if Victor was 17 at that time, then Georgi was 15, the age that allows him to compete at the senior category. And since this was at the European Championships, there could be two Russian skaters in the same competition. Not only that but the European Championship is during January, and Georgi’s birthday is in December, just a day after Victor’s. Christophe, however, was only 14 at this time - his birthday is in february, he couldn’t compete in the senior category, unlike the Russian skaters.

And, if Georgi was 15 at this time and since he was always at Victor’s shadow, he could have placed just a little behind him. We know he’s a very talented skater, and it seems like he’s been skating for quite some time, to say the least.

His outfit is also very Georgi, as in prince-like. Same for the hairstyle, and it would make sense for him to go from this to the quiff he seems to love today. That’s what 10 years to do you, and if Victor cut his hair, Georgi could have changed his hairstyle too, even if just a bit. 

However, if this boy’s really him… Why does he look so serious and pouty?

It’s not because of Victor taking first place. He’s not looking at him in jealousy. Also, we know that Georgi values his art the most - if he’s able to get his message to the audience through his skating, great! It also doesn’t make a lot of sense for a boy this young to look like that at the podium: he should be happy, celebrating his medal, possibly one of the first one - maybe the first one - in the senior category.

Yet, if they’re from the same country, why isn’t he looking at Victor, smiling at him, celebrating with him? 

The only reason we don’t have more focus on this boy is because this scene is from Christophe’s point of view, and he’s in awe with Victor, this scene’s all about him. Even Victor revisits it at the beggining of episode 10, which proves that this was an important event in his life. Because of Chris, yes, but there could be other reasons as well, especially because we’re shown afterwards the scene where Victor wins his fifth GPF gold, and he looks exhausted of the ice, a contrast with his past self; young, happy, full of life, love and expectations. 

Is this bronze medalist a teenage Georgi? If so, what happened during the European Championships 10 years ago that made him have such a serious face when he should be happy? Was it something with Victor? Does this specific competition holds something more for the narrative besides Victor and Chris meeting for the first time?

Are we going to see more about those teenage boys during season two?


“Welcome to Wonderland!”

Taako has a twin sister, can we all humor this au for a second

also Lup owns my fucking heart

Okay so this story isn’t that crazy, but it’s funny to me. So my friends and I have the same math teacher, who we all adore. She’s hella sarcastic and smart. She’s fluent in Swahili and goes to Africa every summer to teach English and Math. She’s basically one of the coolest people ever. But she’s also super secretive. Idk about other people’s teachers, but from my experience, most teachers don’t share too much about their personal lives, and this teacher definitely doesn’t share much with us. She won’t even tell us when her birthday is. So one of my friends decides to do some “investigating” (creepy I know, but you’d be surprised what you can find out by googling a teacher). We don’t learn that much about her, but another friend of mine found our teacher’s facebook. There’s only two pictures, and the most recent one is from 2014. Whatever, not that crazy right? So here’s where I come in.

I do my own little bit of investigating, and I stumble across BLOGS THAT SHE USED TO HAVE. Not tumblr blogs, but like REAL blogs. They mostly talk about her times in Africa and how amazing it is there. We found out that she’s CRAZY religious. Every post relates back to God and religion somehow. Remember, we think of this teacher to be super cool, but also kind of plain and unassuming. She rarely shares any opinions with us, we had no idea she held such strong beliefs. Of course immediately we all freak out (we live in a predominately white upper-middle class neighborhood so we’re surrounded by Christianity. We don’t have any problems with christians, we were just surprised to find out about this particular teacher). On the blog she talks about her opinions on modesty, and a little bit about her past dating life. She dedicates an entire post to her thoughts on sinning. One of my friends and I were SHOOK, because all of us spend a lot of time in her classroom. And we act kind of crazy in there; swearing, laughing, making sometimes ~inappropriate jokes~ calling each other hoes and bitches etc etc. Now we’re all worried that she’s been judging us for our wildness. She probably thinks we’re corrupt sinners (even though we never actually do anything bad).

Keep in mind that we found all of this out in a matter of like 2 days. We found out on Friday and today is Sunday, and none of us know how we’re going to be able to handle looking her in the eyes now that we know a lot about her.

Moral of the story: Don’t look for something you aren’t prepared to see. Respect people’s privacy. Imagine that people are more complex than they appear.

I’m still shook.

The LONG meta on age and timeline of Nyx Ulric

Oh God I’m finally writing this HUGE post about Nyx and his age/timeline. 

It bothered me for so long because there were inconsistencies, whatever approach you took: a somehow spread in a fandom version that he is around 31 or my personal guess of around 24.

With an invaluable insight provided by a brilliant @jarofalives I can say I have found my personal answer to this dilemma and though I don’t say everyone should take it is canon, I certainly am going to, because I don’t really see any other possibility for all of it to tie in as neatly. 

My speculations are based on all canon information we have.

So first the problems I had with defining clear timeline for Nyx:

We have it officially stated that Nyx was saved by Regis as a child/teenager and started serving him in gratitude for that but also he somehow had a bar in Galahd and a letter most likely from a dead sister, congratulating him with his 20th birthday and saying that they live in the same house. 

Also if he was a teen during the attack in 751 he can’t be more than 24. But then again we have different dates for Kingsglaive founding: 10 years ago or 15 years ago and that just doesn’t make sense at all, if Kingsglaive was made after the raid on Galahd in 751 it should have been founded 5 years ago. And to confuse us even more, Nyx has a certificate signed by Regis in 744. But also how on earth could Regis save him if that was a sudden attack after 18 years of peace even without the wall and the news came after it already happened? So to have a coherent narrative we absolutely have to ignore at least some part of canon?

Well no. 

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

this is probably weird but when I listened to the first episode it was probably the weirdest/coolest experience ever because so far here are the things me and sally have in common: physics nerds, MIT, same birthday (?!), asexual, occasional weird scifi references, (aspire to have) a phd, loser in high school. literally the coolest character ever on one of the coolest shows ever, thanks guys

That’s awesome!! If you share a birthday with Sally that means you share one with @kdimerc! That’s why we picked it.

Also, if you go on to invent a time machine… 

you know what to do.

anonymous asked:

ya hi keith is 16 and shiros 25 like... 👀

Thank you, dear anon, for giving me a reason to hand out my facts and reasons.

To you I say that what follows isn’t directed to you only, but to antis in general. Thank you for pointing out your point of view politely.

Here we go:

1. Shiro’s not 25

2. Keith’s most likely not (but could be) 16

So, for Lance, Hunk and Keith on their wiki page all it says is “late teens”

I dunno bout you, but 16 isn’t very “late” to me (regardless, I’ll include it in the calculation)

But  I think we can all agree that it’s pretty unlikely they’re 19 or 18

Also, after Hunk’s birthday broadcast it’s been going around Tumblr that his age was confirmed to be 17

We don’t know much about Galaxy Garrison or how it works, but my guess is that if Hunk and Lance were in the same class (and Lance replaced Keith) they’d all have to be the same age

3. Okay, so that’s thin ice I’m walking on with the assumption, so for the calculation I’ll include both 16 and 17 as their possible age

Note: If a linguist is doing math for you, you’ve done fucked up

19 - 17 = 2

19 - 16 = 3

In worst case scenario (unless DreamWorks decides to provide us with more information) the age gap between Shiro and the Paladins is 3 years (excluding Pidge cause we know she’s 14)

Now, is 3 (2) years really that much?

4. If something does happen, if DreamWorks suddenly decides that Shiro is, in fact 25 and I don’t know what for the others, there’s a solution for that too

Let me introduce you to:

Remember, none of this is real and frankly I hate the fact that I’m doing FBI worthy research for a bunch of fictional characters, just because I thought two of them would look cute together

Y’know there’s always the whole aging up the characters thing

Again, I’m not attacking you anon, I’ve just used your meassage as an opportunity.

Warning: If this escalates I’ll delete this post and all evidence of discourse on my blog and continue liking stuff and shipping people like nothing ever happened. Peace out.

Theory: Band of Brothers

So I saw this unapologetic piece of fluff from the Princess Lessons Lucky Time:

I can’t get enough of that– its so adorable!

But anysomeonepleasedrawthis, it made me think about the brothers we come across in MidCin.

Of course we have the trio above consisting of brothers Byron and Nico and their brother-from-another-mother, Albert.

There’s also the Crawford twins, Alyn and Leo:

Now…does anyone know? Are they fraternal? Identical? They could be identical and one or both of them dyes their hair.

If that’s the case, I wonder if it is Leo who is the peroxide phony and he’s really a brunette, or if it’s Alyn who doesn’t want to show off his albinism and dyes his hair.

Mysteries abound!

But what I really want to talk about is Ray and Lou! I mean, just look at them:

“But Amalthea!” I hear you say because your tinfoil hat fell off, “you can’t even see all of Louis’ face!” Take this:

Louis’ Sugar CG, and his Sweet Birthday CG, are two of the few times where we get to see his whole face. You can see that his delicate features look surprisingly similar to Rayvis’, even down to the shape of their ears, one of the many outward indicators of inherited genetic traits.

They both have a mole right by their eyes, and their deep blue eye color is also very similar.

They even have their bangs in the same length and style, just over opposite eyes. Just imagine Louis with bedhead and Rayvis with pomade. They could easily pass for the other if they switched hair color.

The same delicate mouth, their tendency to narrow their eyes, their affinity for scarves, both their names end in the same two letters…

Wouldn’t it be something if it turned out that they were long lost brothers, or a second set of twins?

Remember, there are a lot of orphanages in Wysteria, a country that is not often at war. MC is primarily concerned with one orphanage, the one where Louis came from, although it does mention that she helps others.

The game doesn’t mention plagues or other outbreaks, so why so many orphanages? Are some of these children refugees from neighboring lands?

What if Rayvis and Louis’ parents, the Harneits, were fleeing the war in Bergenia and were separated from infant Louis. Perhaps that’s how he ended up in the orphanage in Wysteria. 

By the time their parents go through all of the orphanages trying to find him, the Howards already have Louis, but the Harneits don’t know that, so they continued on to Stein.

Maybe Rayvis grows up hating war because it separated him from his brother.

Louis being from Stein is only a rumor, as Louis himself states that he doesn’t know where he is from, and that he considers himself a Wysterian because that is where he grew up.

I’m sure Rayvis explains his hatred of war in his own route, in JP MidCin, but I just thought this was a fun theory.