and we all miss spain

I’ve been out all day. So what did I miss?

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So we are in Spain again?  The night she returns to the stage? What a coincidence!  Why didn’t he show up the two weeks she’s been off since wrapping her miniseries on Feb. 23? Maybe because “nobody cares.”

Let’s recap: 

Josh was busy skiing with his pals Feb. 18 - Feb. 23.

Then he spent his day flirting with his pretty costar on the music video on Feb. 25. (And that music video was probably something he could have skipped. It wasn’t going to make or break his career.)

On Feb. 27 Josh attended an industry event called the “Night Before” gala in LA - the Saturday before the Oscars (and making it impossible for him to be at a soccer match in Leganes on Sunday as some have theorized).  

And then on Thursday, March 3, a fan spotted Josh in LA and posted on her Twitter.  

So Josh didn’t rush to Madrid to be with his love.  He got on a plane Friday and showed up Saturday to get a funky picture taken in time to get people interested enough to buy tickets to her big return performance on Sunday,

Oh and promotional events for PL in Japan start in four days.

The way I see it, Josh waited the absolute longest he could before he had to show up in Spain to be paraded around again like the show pony he’s become. 

Josh and Claudia aren’t real. If they were Josh would be a huge asshole of a boyfriend (let me skip New Years w my love and party w half naked girls instead) and Claudia would be the biggest user and manipulator to get attention for herself (let me parade my boyfriend in front of hired photographers in Madrid instead of respecting the little private time we have together).

Yay love!