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[FANACCOUNT] 140531~140601 IU Small Theatre Concert

To be honest, I’m not sure where to start lol… but srsly so many people knew there would be reencore on the last day so they just ignored the security guards telling everyone to leave keke..

Instead of a song-by-song recount, I’m going to jump all over the place again and tell you why IU deserves so much love.

I only reached Seoul in time to watch the last two days of the concert. Ticketing was a nightmare anyway. Some people camped overnight to queue for leftover tickets. Initially, oppa only managed to get two tickets for the last day. Luckily, someone else sold me a ticket for 31st! I’m glad we got to sit together though.

I think the IU DJ section where she read out letters with song reqs sent by fans was really awesome. It’s amazing really.. People becoming a couple through knowing one another on Uaena fancafe, and sort of like asking for IU’s “blessings” keke IU was amused that the couples on both days were sitting so far apart from one another. But you know, it’s really when we tell IU how much strength and support we get from her songs that she feels she needs to work even harder to live up to that. You know how she’s always saying she might not always be a singer. Perhaps one day, she might feel like cooking or something, but she said with this small theatre concert, she started to entertain the possibility of becoming a singer forever~

I wonder whether the people reading this are actually yonghwa fans keke. I’ve already translated most of the stuff they said on my Twitter anyway. I saw an audio recording of his singing being shared anyway. Go check it out, he’s got talent. You know, you’d think a solo singer like IU would get really lonely and bored, compared to girl/boy groups, but she’s got all these close friends willing to offer her assistance on her song composition, even giving her a song they wrote (like “gloomy clock”) and guesting at one another’s concerts. She’s got her close girl friends too for all the personal stuff. Yoo Inna even came to watch yesterday’s concert. So sweet of her~ Overall, I just find the cooperation between different singers, different companies, absolutely amazing. Music truly does connect us all~

(Photo by xyz/야자)

Over these two days, I’ve met some amazing people as well heh. Some people go for IU events to watch IU, for me it’s a bit of both? It’s really nice to meet people I havent seen in like a year but have only talked to on Twitter ㅠㅠㅠ Most of the people I know (and can remember their names) are the fancamers keke. This time, IUmushimushi and I made flower bookmarks for everyone, so I went around introducing them to IUmushimushi as well! A number of them were quite surprised that IUmushimushi is also from Singapore ^^ I think everyone’s much more powerful than me olloll I can’t even take photos or videos properly. They manage to take while passing IU presents LOL. We made a special flower bookmark with the flowers arranged in an “IU” pattern. I didn’t really think we would get to give it to IU, but IUmushimushi is so amajjang she succeeded ㅠㅠ so grateful towards suzuki-san for kneeling down to take a photo of her passing our little gift to IU as well!

(check out her expression keke she’s like gimme thatt)

Seriously it was soo hot waiting out there for hours for IU to arrive, but she was so sweet, buying us Tou Les Jours ice-cream until the last day. I was whining that I didn’t manage to take photos or grab any of the ice-cream and luckyguy gave me his ice-cream. So sweet right? ㅠㅠㅠ Haha it’s good to be a girl at times like this.

Anyway, after listening to Friday, Not Spring Love or Cherry Blossoms (twice! once with HIGH4) and Drama live in concert, I think my life is complete seriously. Replaying the audio recordings over and over again keke. Ahh yesterday’s 3hr 30mins concert was fantastic. That’s a whole extra 1hr of song requests after the encore keke people requested all kinds of stuff. Like what “Let it Go”, “Ice Flower”, etc. which she sang snippets of. Ah she was like, “I’d rather sing than eat, but right now I think the staff would rather eat” and hunter manager was like -nodnod- at the side of the stage keke. So she let her band rest and played “Bad Day” for us on acoustic guitar~ omgg real fantasy encore concert feels! I still think this song is much better on acoustic guitar. But after the first song of reencore, IU wanted us to watch with our eyes and not annoy others with our camera clicking sounds, so most people kept their cameras like the good fans we are. HIGH4 was just so adorbs though. My favourite is still Myunghan! I RT-ed Suzuki’s photo on twitter going Myunghani~~ and he came over to show me all his photos from his dslr ^^ Speaking of which, they were so sweet to order a food van for IU’s concert staff. Some of the fans know the staff anyway so they got some patbingsoo for us which we shared! The tteok was really yummy~

Oh I forgot I was writing a fanaccount.. ah I really like going for IU concerts cos she really listens to the fans. They shouted “2nd floor” during phototime and she really came up close like 2m away from me and people were frantically adjusting their zoom and focus cos she was too close LOL. She took one of those hand banners from the fans too and read the instructions clipped to the back on when to take out the banner and stuff, so she like “ahh.. so it’s written here” keke she must have been wondering how we were all so united and knew what to do :P

I think the cutest part was during reencore when she went all floppy after singing a song and was like “I feel like I’m drunk” cos she’s just so happy, so high from the small theatre concert keke. She kept saying they had to go eat and celebrate cos she lost 2kg while preparing for the concert as she was too nervous and excited to eat anything ㅠㅠ someone actually went “eat and come back again (to sing some more)” which she was amused by. Anyway, she had soooo much difficulty saying farewell to us as usual. Eventually she stood up, then the curtains started closing on her, so I think she was thinking like oh! ok they’re helping me with this… But at the last moment, she stopped and parted the curtains, then came out to tell us again that she loves us ㅠㅠㅠ That was soo adorbs peole started taking lots of photos of that keke

(Photo by Padawan)

Well ok that’s about it~ I need to figure out how to edit videos lol.. She kept walking around among the audience during phototime so when I zoomed in, I filmed all the fans’ faces as well LOL

There will definitely be more IU concerts in future :) As always, will be looking forward to her growth in musicality.

(Random: HIGH4’s leader Sunggyu and IU look good together.)

(Photo by skipjack)