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Prompt List !!!!

I now have 1500 followers!!!!! And to celebrate I’m going to do prompts for a limited time only!! Basically, just pick a few that you like and send me an ask with the numbers and whatever character you want. ( I got a few of these from random prompt lists on here, some I just made up. )

1. “What are you doing?” - “Trying to seduce you.”

2. “I’m not drunk enough for this.”

3. “It’s 11 in the morning and you’re already drinking?”

4. “You did drugs?!?! Without me?!?! What kind of boy/girlfriend does that??”

5. “Are you dancing or are you sleepwalking? It’s such a mess I can’t tell.”

6. “I’m bored.. Wanna fuck?”

7. “I thought you loved me..” - “Well, I didn’t.”

8. “You’re so annoying.”

9. “I got kicked out, and I need a place to stay.”

10. “Holy shit, I knew it. You love him/her!!”

11. “Love is for the weak. And I’m a strong, independent woman.”

12. “Marry me?”

13. “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”  (ayyy Heathers)

14. “You look… really happy. And normally, I would love that but now that I know it’s not me making you happy.. It’s just fucking with me.”

15. “We were doomed, we never would’ve last.” - “That didn’t stop us though.”

16. “Do you still love me?”

17. “Why are you angry?” - “I’m not fucking angry!!”

18. “Don’t fucking touch her!”

19. “Hoe drunk are you on a scale of 1 to 10?” - “Yes.”

20. “Make me.”

21. “Is that my crop top?” - “Perhaps. It looks better on me.”

22. “That’s quite the bombshell you dropped on me at 3 in the morning.”

23. “I’m pregnant.”

24. “I lost the baby.”

25. “I had a dream about you last night.” - “A cute, sweet dream or a rated R, kinky dream?”

26. “Wanna have phone sex later?”

27. “Am I in trouble?”

28. “I could literally choke you right now.” - “I might be into that.”

29. “Back the fuck off.”

30. “You’re mine. No one else can have you the way that I do.”

31. “I wish I never met you.”

32. “Would you be my girlfriend?” - “Babe, we’re married.”

33. “Bite me.” - “Where?”

34. “Tell me you love me.”

35. “If you touch her, I will kill you.”

36. “I never forgot you. I still remember the smallest things about you.. Like those three freckles you have at the nape of your neck.”

37. “Are you stalking me?” - “Not in a creepy way, but sometimes.”

38. “That really turned me on, I won’t lie.”

39. “Three words.. Eight letters.. Say it and I’m yours.”

40. “You had this!! And you cheated on me with that!! What a downgrade you piece of shit.”

41. “I can’t breath in this dress.” - “Then how about we go home so I can get you out of it.”

42. “I waited and waited but you never came back.” - “But I’m here now.”

43. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

44. “Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!!” - “DON’T THROW SISSORS!”

45. “You broke what?!?” - “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

46. “You’re drunk.” - “You’re sexy!”

47. “The bath is too hot!” - “This is why we can’t do cute things, you complain too damn much.”

48. “I literally watched you die.” - “You watched me die? That’s fucked up.”

49. “I can’t believe I married you.” - “Yeah, in front of witnesses too.”

50. “You don’t look evil.” - “Neither did the devil but we all know how that story ended.”

51. “I don’t know why but I find you like really attractive.” - “It’s the accent, and the mystery.”

52. “You just ate so much acid.” - “Don’t let me die. And make sure I don’t have a bad trip.”

53. “Please don’t leave me. Everyone leaves.”

54. “Don’t act like you’re so innocent.” - “But I am?”

55. “You’re a sociopath!” - “Eh, not really. Sociopaths don’t care. And I care about you, however unfortunate that may be.”

56. “I told you I was pregnant and you told me you were leaving.”

57. “He/she left because of me.” - “That’s not true.” - “But it is. I scared him/her away.”

58. “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” - “In a way I have.”

59. “She was like Satan in heels.” (ayyy Jawbreaker)

60. Authors Choice.

If you want credit, lmk because I didn’t look at who posted which ones lol. Choose characters from TVD, TO, Will, Harry Potter, TW, or 13RW. I’m thinking about even starting Youtuber imagines, just because I’m in love with Kian Lawley and Harrison Webb.