and we all have legs!

“SHOES, is it? We used to DREAM of shoes! When I were young five of us used to have to stuff our feet into two old hanky boxes, and all shuffle to school through the snow. We didn’t Lord it up like you with SHOES and everything.”


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

messy usopp and sanji doodle for @opshadowships week !!

usopps showing his fave cook his fantastic art and sanji is v impressed

details about voltron that are 100% A+ beautiful

- metallic clink noises when lions touch each other

- the team being acutely aware of what body part they form

-also: jokes about voltron parts [see: “we need to form voltron!” “We don’t have all the lions!” “Well lets form the legs and we can kick them!”]

- how the lions progressively get more battle worn throughout the show



I love leg day!

But we all have a gym partner who always has an excuse to skip leg day.

The video:

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16. Bts

  • your favorite body part on each member of ____?

Wow that’s kinda difficult to answer but i’ll try :D

1.For Tae it’s definately his hands

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Just look at how beautiful they are *-*

2. For Hobi it’s FOREHEAD

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Real belssing to this world!

3. For Jin it’s his broad shoulders

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How can anyone resist this? lol :D

4. For Suga.. it’s… let’s be honest we all wish to have those legs

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5. For Jimin.. *coughi’llcoughjustcoughshowchoughit*

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6. For Jungkook

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Just look at those thighs

7. For Namjoon… it’s EVERY SINGLE PART of him

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some K-pop asks?

you cant fuck sanji and frankly i dont know why youd want to you reeling rapscalion. so anime pewdiepie here is not only a. filthy and b. despicable, we all have to remember that black leg smegma up there will only fuck you if a. you are a cis woman b. you have that One Piece Girl Bodytype/Face. im positive that knocks out about, at least, 99% of my followers, i mean, im sure one of you is hiding a natural corsetted waist and strangely large eyes and forehead under your Brand Name One Piece Trafalgar Law Dressrosa Hoodie And Matching Speckled Hat. Now, If You Do fit this niche criteria, hes just gonna harass your ass until you DONT wanna fuck him, now look where we are bucko. a roundabout. a turning cycle. now greasy mcsqueezy up there despite being That Dude In Middleschool Who Wore A Suit Everyday And Probably Never Washed It and Literally Anime Pewdiepie, Probably Worse, is also A FURRY. BAM. he wants to fuck minks and mermaids, too. making him both a furry AND a scaley, so here we are, pal, friend, buckaroo, you cant fuck sanji

yeah heyo me again trying to figure out how to draw your friendly neighborhood wreck-gar 

sitting here next to you in bed is right where i need to be. despite implications of different sleep schedules or energy levels, we have all we need. you’ve got your skinny little legs pulled up to your chest and i’m wondering how in the hell do you sleep like that? i’m sure once i’m done with this midnight love note (11:12pm actually), i’ll softly place them back down and wrap your beautiful arms around me like veins of ivy up a brick wall. everything about you is beautiful though. from the tips of your snow white teeth to the bottoms of your little feet pressed firmly on the ground we walk across together. i love you. i love you bottomlessly. like the humpback bridge that makes your stomach do flips. i’m forever flipping and twisting in love with you.



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Is it okay to make a non-fusion gemsona that has multiple eyes or limbs? I was thinking on making an AU where this was possible, but I might not, so I was wondering your thoughts?

I’ve answered a very similar question before here, so this is what I said then:

”…I don’t see why not! Certain Gems in the show, like Sapphire, break the mold with how they look, and while we might assume that all Gems have two arms, two legs, and two eyes, we’ve already seen that this isn’t always the case. I think that it’s entirely possible for a singular Gem to have an ‘abnormal’ body in that sense, whether that means more or less body parts than expected. I imagine Gems with extra body parts might not be too common, though, so how that plays into your gemsona’s story is up to you!”

I still stand by this! Your gemsonas are the product of your imagination, and if you want them to have multiple eyes or limbs for whatever reason, go for it! You might not even need to do it in the context of an AU, since I think the show’s current canon could offer all kinds of different explanations for why your gemsonas are that way. If you want some ideas for how your Gems might have formed with extra eyes or limbs, feel free to ask—otherwise, it’s really up to you! Like I said, I think it’s totally possible to do this without defying canon, so don’t worry too much about it being too weird or not possible. I hope this helps!

- Mod Amber

So way back when I used to be addicted to neopets, I was really good friends with Vy. This was easily 10+ years ago. She was my first internet friend and we would role play and develop characters and stories of them together and I really don’t remember why or how but we got out of contact with one another. I’d really like to get back in touch with her but this is as far as I’ve gotten. An old abandoned neopet account. If anyone knows her or how to get in contact with her I’d love to be able to catch up with her! She used to go by vysearcadia, but that username is now a popular twitch streamer so I may have to do more digging. Might try my hella old MSN account and see if she’s still on there. Would love a signal boost to help me find her again!

Free, Kushtrim Thaqi

the clapping of wings
movement of hands
the ideological clash…

shut the light
the darkness,
that which tends towards infinity
and that which dies in the first movement it’s given life.

move your hands towards them in sign of approval
and if you can,
when they leave–
wave and remember them.

just don’t stop!

(leave your luggage around.)
you don’t have to carry all that you are with you,
for we are weak
we have just two legs.

feel all you could’ve felt and become as light as you can,
devoid of everything that were supposed to give sense to the place where you stand.

(God making snakes)
  • God: okay, what do we have left
  • Angel: well, we used up all the legs on your insect phase
  • God: damn
  • Angel: but we have have like 300 ribs left
  • God: holy shit, this is gonna be good

Meet Alexa Citali Moreno.

She is a Mexican gymnast who has competed in the 2011 World Championships & has continued to compete. at the 2014 World Championships, she placed 7th in the finals.

She recently competed at the Rio Olympics but instead of being judged on her performance, twitter users and others thought it was their business to judge her on her appearance. We all have belly fat when we bend, wrinkles on our legs when we’re in certain positions and maybe our faces aren’t the prettiest when we’re EXERCISING.. But that’s not just Alexa Moreno, that’s ALL of us. Yes, even you too.

A twitter user by the name of “andreaaa027” tweeted that she has “the body of 2 gymnasts” and that “she should go on a diet”. First of all, she’s fit and at the Olympics and where are you? On your couch WATCHING HER compete at an event that you won’t ever touch. Don’t point and laugh at someone who is and will be more successful than you. How about join them and support them.

Hispanics are known for their curves and people seem to forget that. It’s just one of the many perks of being Latina. Alexa is not one bit interested in if she looks cute while she does her routine, it’s all about the win. People need to stop being so judgmental and being horrible.

Alexa, you look beautiful & your skill is incredible. NEVER listen to what haters say, keep doing your thing girl🌟., Carly Stern For. “Mexican Gymnast, Weighs 99LBS Is Targeted by Vicious Bodyshamers in Cruel Tweets.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 10 Aug. 2016. Web. 10 Aug. 2016.

“MORENO Alexa.” MORENO Alexa. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Aug. 2016.