and we all admitted it was hard not to burts into song

What Dating Suga Would Be Like

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  • Playful insults directed at each other
  • “Hey, Yoongi..”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “You got something on your face.”
  • “What is it?”
  • “Ugly”
  • “Must’ve caught it from you (:”
  • “((((((: Asshole”
  • Always asking for your opinion on the new songs he’s working on
  • Anxiously staring at you as he awaits for you to tell him what you think
  • Texting you when he misses you, but denying he does
  • Throwing shade at each other when you lose a game
  • “Better luck next time, Jagi. Beating a genius like me isn’t easy”
  • “You see this fist right here? It’s going to go straight to your face if you don’t stop what you’re doing right now”
  • “Hold on, let me search for all the fucks I give—”
  • “(((((: Fight me rn you walking twig”
  • Writing songs specifically for you, so the two of you can sing it together
  • Calling you whenever he’s away on tour because he misses the sound of your voice, but won’t outright admit it
  • “Yoongi do you have any idea what time it is?”
  • “You know what they say, Jagi, time is only an illusion and is not real.”
  • “Is that your way of saying you miss me?”
  • “Bye.”
  • For real, though, he would be such a sweet heart to you
  • Whenever you guys cuddled, he would softly play with your hair
  • And he would give you cute little nose kisses and whisper he loves you
  • Speaking of I love you’s, you guys would sometimes say it really quietly to annoy the other and deny ever saying it
  • “I love you”
  • “What was that, Jagi?”
  • “I said I we’re out of lube…boo.”
  • “If you’re going to lie at least do it right.”
  • Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who does the cleaning this time
  • Yoongi disappearing real fucking quick when he loses
  • Random burts of cringe worthy aegyo
  • “You’re so greasy it actually hurts.”
  • Claiming to sue him whenever he does something cute
  • “I’ll see you in court, Min Yoongi!”
  • “Stop.”
  • “No, you stop with your gross ass cuteness.”
  • “I can’t, I was born with this curse from the moment I was—”
  • “Okay, let’s not go overboard (:”
  • “It’s because of that attitude that you always lose in everything.”
  • “And this is why I’m suing you.”
  • Staring at each other’s butt whenever you walk past each other
  • Making a list on what to do on your day off together, and ending up just staying at home cuddling and watching a cheesy movie to make fun off
  • Telling each other puns when you run out of things to say to each other
  • Reminding him not to be so hard on himself and not carry his burden on his own
  • Recording him when he’s asleep with Hoseok
  • Zooming in on his face as you try to contain your laughter
  • Needing to cover your mouth to stifle your giggles when Hoseok does funny voice overs
  • Both of you screaming when Yoongi wakes up because you’ve just unleashed WWII in your own household
  • “What have we talked about recording me when I’m sleeping”
  • “I do not know of these lies of which you speak of”
Review of Glee: What the World Needs Now...

I’m hard pressed to discuss just how many things were wrong with this episode because it managed to be awful, offensive and boring all at once. That’s quite an accomplishment.

First of all, there was the decided lack of Kurt doing anything. Now given how I feel about Glee and how Chris has moved so well beyond it, I’m not opposed to him getting full salary for basically standing around and looking distractingly beautiful. The costuming department has really done right by him this season and this week was no exception. I particularly liked the plaid rocker pants and that fetching white sweater. 

But in a week where the musical genre is so especially well suited to his voice and he doesn’t get a solo or a duet, or even individual lines in the one group song that he got a shred of focus in… that’s just wrong. And equally wrong were the little digs being made about Kurt here and there. Like Rachel telling Mercedes that she couldn’t trust Kurt to run ND without her presence. It’s not like Kurt doesn’t have a work ethic like no one else and is always the one who can be counted on to be a grown up while everyone else is running around with their hair on fire.

Then we had Blaine being there in multiple musical numbers when his place in the storyline was even more non-existent than Kurt’s. He gets to be in Brittany’s dream sequence (but Kurt is completely absent) and he gets to lead in solo the big guy group number while Kurt is relegated to swaying in the background. Shoehorning doesn’t begin to describe this kind of treatment.

Note to the Glee writers - along with Mercedes, Kurt is currently the most successful Glee character still on the show. He’s still a student at NYADA (and shown to be a highly respected one by his teachers and peers). But does that get him any respect from those who’ve destroyed their own prospects? Of coure not… it’s more tearing Kurt down to make themselves feel better. More of Rachel belittling Kurt in order to distract from the fact that he’s currently ahead of her in their little competitive success game.

Now for the real filling of this shit sandwich of a show…

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"Whoever Wins, Loses" - Kurt/Blaine

I asked my non-Glee-fandom BFFF to prompt me another drabble, and she said, “Something fluffy? Like Blaine has a bad dream and accidentally wakes up Kurt?”

So, naturally, I made it angsty and made Kurt have the nightmare instead

~1400 words, set a bit after “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project” when the boys have the loft to themselves.


Warnings for: panic/anxiety issues, reference to canon character deaths, and a lot of talk about death after that

The first thing Blaine notices as his eyes pop open is that the bed is moving.

His immediate thought is earthquake! though it’s rather unlikely in Bushwick, but he jolts upright anyway, squinting around the room as his eyes adjust. Everything on Blaine’s nightstand is intact, but the bed is a mess. The blankets are half off the mattress, pulled towards Kurt’s side, and even Kurt’s pillow is askew, having been pushed off the bed so that it’s sliding behind the frame.

Kurt, himself, has stopped tossing and turning in his sleep, but he’s sprawled crookedly on his side across his half of the bed, where the light from the window falls pale blue-gray over his face. Blaine can see Kurt’s chest moving as he breathes hard through his mouth. His eyes dart back and forth beneath his closed eyelids and he’s starting to let out the quietest little whimpers.

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John Hughes Would Be Proud

2x16 (Original Song) reaction fic; Klaine; 1050 words. A03.
What comes next after that first kiss?

The evening after Blaine kissed him - and he kissed Blaine - Kurt had the house to himself. He hadn’t paid attention when Burt explained where he and Carole were going, he just floated past them and headed to his room. Kurt briefly considered calling Mercedes, or Rachel, but realized immediately that he didn’t want to. Besides, what would he tell them? He could picture exactly how the conversation would go - he would start off ecstatically squealing about the kiss, and then the girls would start to pick it apart - what does it mean, Kurt? Are you going to do it again? Are you dating? Is it a relationship? Kurt didn’t know the answers to questions like those, and while he’d really like to know the answers, he wasn’t in the mood for critical thinking right now. He just wanted to relish this miraculous moment by himself for a little while, just sit and enjoy how he was feeling. Because it was fantastic.

Kurt sat down at his vanity, examining his face in the mirror. He could hardly believe that it had finally happened - to him, this person, these lips. These lips has been kissed by someone who really wanted to kiss them, to kiss him, Kurt Hummel. If he had had any doubt that being kissed by someone who was really interested in doing it would feel different than being kissed by Brittany or Karofsky, well, there was no doubt now. Kissing Blaine had felt amazing. It had made his whole body tingle with pleasure, and filled him with the impossible desire to merge right into Blaine through their lips and hands alone. The look on Blaine’s face afterwards, the sudden need to kiss him again – it was overwhelming, and Kurt just wanted to record it firmly in his memory, and think about it over and over and over.

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The Sweetest Song

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1931

Summary: Sam and the Reader meet in strange circumstances, but their loves flourishes, as do their careers.

This is my entry for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog  ‘s Sam’s Sixty June Jobs challenge! My profession was record producer, and as you can see, it kinda got a little crazy. Haha :)

This is also my entry for week 4 of my own Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge! This week’s quote is, “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” 

So, as always, enjoy! :)

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Kurt/Blaine, 1.5k, PG

Bash reaction fic. I’m doing the writing as a tool to work out how I feel about things response now, so… this is really just my mind wandering and justifying certain behaviors, but in fic form. 

“I’m worried,” Blaine says to Rachel.

They’re in the waiting room at the hospital. Burt and Kurt are having another of those long talks they keep having. Blaine gets antsy feeling exiled from the space, but Kurt’s being discharged later that afternoon and Blaine can’t help but hope things will feel a little less tense for all of them once Kurt is back home.

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