and watching as all of your attempts do nothing

Seduce Pt. 2 (Jimin x Reader Smut)

Part 1  Here it is the highly requested sequel! Enjoy~

You didn’t remember much of what happened after that fun little incident. But you did remember skipping out of Jimin’s room giggling like a little a girl and returning back to your spot as if nothing had just happened. You also did remember continuing on watching the movie, cuddled up with a giant pillow in one corner of the couch, for a about ten minutes just before Jimin finally returned to his own seat after he was done with whatever the hell he was doing….But here’s the thing… That was it. That was all you remembered…. 

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Mom shaved her head yesterday. 

I asked her if I could post this picture and write about how courageous and beautiful she is. She gave me her blessing so I sat down and started typing away. 

…type…delete…type type…delete….

I can’t find the words I thought I had to accompany this image. It was supposed to be some kind of empowering message a la any of the Dove beauty campaigns but I’m failing at every attempt.  

So while I may come up short with sounding out my feelings, Carole always delivers…

Beautiful - by Carole King

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face

And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes, you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel

Waiting at the station with a workday wind a-blowing
I’ve got nothing to do but watch the passers-by
Mirrored in their faces I see frustration growing
And they don’t see it showing, why do I?

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes, you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel

I have often asked myself the reason for sadness
In a world where tears are just a lullaby
If there’s any answer, maybe love can end the madness
Maybe not, oh, but we can only try

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes, you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel

THE BET : SEHUN X READER FANFIC (PART 10 [Final Installment])

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9

     _____ walked into school the next Monday and found small stuffed bear with a rose and sticky note attached to her locker.  She ripped the note off and read it.  “Prom?  If your answer is ‘no’, I won’t be able to bear it!”  Rolling her eyes, she move to the nearest trashcan and made a show of tossing it all, knowing that he was somewhere close by watching her.  

     His next attempt was a little more…involved.  “Delivery for Miss _____?,”  a very nervous Jongin asked as he entered her math class with a bouquet of flowers.  Her teacher gave her a stern look and she raised her hands in innocence.  “Miss Garrity, I swear I had nothing to do with thi-”  Just then, a rather angry looking Chen walked in wearing a t-shirt that said “Prom?  Check Yes or No” with little boxes next to each option.  “I hope you’ll make the write choice,” he said with minimal enthusiasm as he handed her a marker.  “Chen, what the hell happened to your eye?,” _____ asked.  “Your friend decked me the second she found out what happened.  Now take the damn flowers,” he began, snatching the bouquet and shoving it towards her.  “And answer the damn question,” he finished.  She rolled her eyes yet again and grabbed the marker before putting a check mark in the “No” box.  

     ‘You can’t ignore me forever, y’know,’ she pursed her lips, reading the text message.  “Well, that’s the plan,” she muttered to herself.  Just then, she heard the doorbell ring.  She went downstairs and answered it.  “Pizza delivery.”  Before she could respond, the man interrupted.  “Guy named Sehun paid for it.  Told me to tell you he’s sorry.”  _____ thanked the man and took the box before closing the door.  “Dammit….The bastard knows I can’t turn down pizza….”  She dropped it on the table and noticed a piece of paper fall on the floor.  ‘I know you hate me, and you have every right to.  I kind of hate myself right now to be honest. I let things get way out of hand and I’m sorry.  Like, beyond sorry.  I can’t even explain how sorry I am, that I hurt you.  I know you’ll never admit it, but that’s what I did.  I hurt you.  And I’ll always regret that, but please.  I’m just asking you to let me make up for it.’  After reading the note, she opened the pizza box.  ‘This may seem cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?’  She smiled a bit and took a slice, folding the note and sliding it into her pocket.

     It was prom night and Sehun was still without a date.  “Alone on prom night….Never expected that,” he murmured, smoothing back his hair.  He checked his watch and then he checked his phone, still hoping to get a text from her.  ‘Nothing…’  He sighed and left the house to head to the prom.  

     A wallflower.  He had never been a wallflower….Plenty of girls asked for a dance, but…he just couldn’t accept.  None of them-….none of them were her. He scanned the room for the hundredth time, silently praying that she’d show up and magically want to be with him again.  “You just gonna stand there all night?,” Jongin asked.  “Nah. I think I’m just gonna head home.”  “And now to announce prom king and queen!,” one of the student council members called out on the microphone.

     “Thanks, Leesa,” _____ said, giving her a smile smile.  “No problem.  Besides, I wanted to have the hottest date there,” she winked, nudging her shoulder.  _____ giggled and pushed open the doors of the banquet hall.  

     “Our prom king is- drum roll please!”  A poor quality drum audio played over the speakers for a moment.  “Oh Sehun!”  Everyone cheered and congratulated him as he made his way to the stage…or rather, got pushed to the stage.  The student council member placed a plastic crown on his head and moved back to the microphone to announce the queen.  “And this year’s prom queen is…,” she signaled for another drum roll which promptly followed.  “_____ _____!”  “She’s not he-” Sehun’s words were interrupted by cheering and a flashed of hope swept across his face as he saw her coming into the room. “What’s going on?,” she asked, wondering why everyone was staring at her.  “You’re the prom queen!”  “Go get your crown!”  “And your king!”  A look of shock and nervousness crossed her features as she looked around.  Those feelings quickly faded as she locked eyes with Sehun.  She frowned and muttered, “I can’t do this,” before turning to leave.  “_____, wait!,” he grabbed the cordless microphone and yelled as she sped up.  “_____, y-you win!”  She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him as everyone else watched in confusion and curiosity. “You win.  I lose.  And I’m fine with losing our bet, because I don’t want to lose you.  I’m in love with you, _____.”  Everyone reacted in different ways, although a collective gasp could be heard.  “I’m completely head over heels in love with you, and if I weren’t, I definitely wouldn’t be embarrassing myself up here on prom night,” he chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck. He continued, stepping down from the stage and walking towards her in the middle of the room.   “So, all bets are off. I just want you.”  _____ looked up at him and said, “If you think you’re getting off the hook so easily because of that little speech, you’re clearly mistaken,” with a smirk.  He grinned and replied, “I wasn’t expecting to, but it was worth a shot,” before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her into a kiss.  As she wrapped her arms around him, his grip tightened on her but loosened on the microphone, causing it to screech as it hit the floor.  Sehun broke the kiss, hearing the loud noise and everyone’s irritated reaction.  “Oh, shit,” he said, picking up the piece of equipment.  “Sorry, guys…Sorry,” he muttered into the microphone before _____ grabbed it and tossed it to the nearest bystander.  Then she gripped him by his tie and pulled him into another deep kiss.  She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Chen.  “I’m sorry, too, _____,” he said honestly, handing her the plastic queen crown.  She smiled and gave a subtle nod, thanking him as she took the item.  He smiled at the happy couple before heading over to Jaleesa who had her arms folded, but couldn’t fight the smile on her face.  “Looks like you’ve been promoted from Ice Queen to Prom Queen,” Sehun joked, placing the crown on her head and pecking her lips lightly.   “And you’ve been promoted from Town Whore to Prom King,” she laughed.  “Touche,” he shrugged in agreement. “Hey, this isn’t really my scene.  Wanna get outta here?,” she asked.  “What about Jaleesa?  Didn’t you come here with her-,” he stopped when he noticed her point at something on the other side of the room. “I think she’ll be fine,” she said as the two of them saw Chen and Jaleesa slow dancing and exchanging kisses.  “Let’s go, then,” he smirked, grabbing her hand and gently pulling her outside.  “The bowling alley should still be open.”  “You wanna get your ass kicked again?,” _____ teased.  “I’m telling you, ya got lucky that time! I’ll definitely win this round.”  “Wanna bet?,” she winked.

The Story Behind The Face.

Author: DDW

Words: I’m on mobile everyday.

Warnings: None.

A/N: These are my first two chapters of more to come so tell me what ya think.

Prompt: Reader loses memories and has no choice but to trust the Winchesters. We all know this is a hella ride.

*chapter 1*
The white splotches painted the blue canvas, the burning light in the center of the masterpiece dimmed by the branch leaves cutting off its luminosity, the green plant sprouting off the wiry twig grows weak and like a feather spirals downward onto the plush dirt where you lay, not asleep but observant of your surroundings. You listen to the birds coo their symphony and the woodland creatures shuffle, you watch the cloud puffs move in no hurry and the birds do the same for they are both free, you make an attempt to think about you… Nothing, you knew nothing. “How did I get here?” “I don’t know.” You converse with yourself mentally as if you could obtain answers that way. “Who are you?” “No clue…” It was strange to know you’re a person, to know all basic needs, to know how to feel… But not to know yourself or the story behind the face.
Your figure made no movement, except the rising and falling of your chest as you inhale the crisp fall air, you decided to conjure up a theory for your current predicament, “I fell and bumped my head on a stump or something…I-I must of…god that has to be it!” you voiced in your head with frustration.
You hear a rustle in the distance, cracking of leaves and sticks, the herons perched in their freshly made nest dart, squawking what you assumed was a warning to others. The orchestra of nature halted as the heavy footsteps crept close…you didn’t dare move, it could of been an aggressive bear looking for a afternoon brunch, taking off could put you in further peril triggering the bear to charge for their own protection, they trusted no one…and you didn’t blame them. “Y/N!” It was a person, a man with a panicked tone calling a name in the distance, what are the odds that the named belong to you… Like a bear you should trust no one, just charge the other way of course. Before you twitched even an inch of your muscle, it was too late… You had company. A man with glowing green eyes appeared from the shadows of the dense wooded area, his eyes falling upon you with recognition.
You elevated yourself with the palm of your hands, scooting away from the stranger in confusion and fear. “Y/N…Sweet heart.” He voiced out softly. “Wh-who…i-im….I don’t know.” you rambled, you sat against a tree pushing yourself against the rough surface as if it could absorb you.“Wait what? It’s Dean baby…what’s wrong?” He questioned his eyes shimmering with hints of tears as if he awaited this whole moment for centuries. “I just woke up…I don’t know who the hell I am…who the hell you are…were I belong…why this happened I just don’t know.!” A few words by another few came out between sobs as you soaked in the fact that you weren’t just lost in the woods, you were lost in the whole damn world. He grimaced at your words, “Not a single thing?” You shook your head in reply, his expressions on his face variously changing making it hard to read what he was really feeling. “I’m Dean Winchester…you know me or knew, your Y/N and well I can enlighten you about yourself and get to the bottom of your temporary Alzheimer’s I promise…if you trust me enough.” You were taking a hint that staying in the woods wasn’t an option but were you really going to trust this Dean character. Something about him screamed trustworthy maybe it was the way he patiently waited for you to make your decision, pushing yourself up with the help of the tree, and giving a nod of agreement led to you following the bowlegged stranger through the woods and out…maybe to find a cure, the truth, or your doom.
You entered his sleek, black car, sitting upon the seats blanketed in leather. “This is our baby…Y/N.” Dean stated whilst patting the steering wheel with strange affection. “I gave birth to an auto mobile?” You asked in innocent confusion. Dean erupted in a fit of laughter his mouth agape, lips pulled back, and beautiful teeth flashing, he then averted his eyes at you noticing that your question was in fact serious. “I-I Are you serious…No Y/N you didn’t give birth to a car, I just call her baby because…well I really don’t have any reasons.” Dean squeezed his mouth together tightly suppressing the grin that ever so wanted to shine. Your brows farrowed in the stress of contemplating and understanding, you couldn’t help but be questionable about everything because you knew nothing about anything and you only knew this was just the starting line.
Dean started the engine, his car roaring to life, and he then sped down the stretch to who knows where to find who knows what. Behind you the orb of burning orange bows down to the purple darkness, the stars slowly fading in as the light dies, the night creatures awaken and the conquers of the day rest, enemies will plan. What enemies you ponder. You may not know for sure but a voice in your head advises you to prepare to fight. They’re not done with you.
*Chapter 2*
The all night journey had its end as you pulled up to a yard containing rows of rusty, busted, broken down cars. A wooden sign labeled “Singers Auto.” greeted the place, your mind wondering how such a establishment could replenish your stolen memories.
Dean shut off his “baby” showing you the way through the maze of unstable vehicles, the dirt piled underneath you fogging up both the vision of yours and Dean quickly whisked away when trudging up the wooden porch. Dean knocked softly on the wilting, scratched door frame, moving two steps back after he did so, pushing you with him. “Dean? That you?.” Questioned a gruff, older, tone coming from the other side of the door. “Yeah Bobby it’s me.” voiced out Dean in reply. With a click of a couple latches and the sound of the rattling knob, the door swung open revealing a man much older and much shorter than Dean, he smiled at you in a way some what comforting, and then rapidly he walked towards your figure and engulfed you in a warm embrace. You were in a state of shock of course, to you he was a complete stranger, things still didn’t feel quite right, and you felt as if you were going to implode with all the disorientation of life being tossed around. “Bobby.” Dean warned noticing the alert, uneasy expression painted across your face. “Oh. Sorry, lost myself for a moment.” Bobby stated as he pulled away. “It’s good to see ya’ girl and I know we’ll get ya’ fixed real fast, trust us.” Bobby finished, patting you on the shoulders before heading inside with you and Dean trailing right behind.
The air was whisky scented, the walls were torn and the color faded, the room you were directed to was littered with papers, liquor bottles, and books, and in the center sat a broader man than anyone else you’ve met so far, concentrative on the paper and books that nearly drowned him. Though he was practically out of this world from what ever he was studying he managed to snap out of his daze, finally taking note of your presence. “Y/N?” he stuttered staring at you with hazel eyes full of sympathy. “I guess so.” You answered shyly, still breaking in the name. “I’m Sam We’ll patch you up okay.” he assured with a smile, hitting right back to the books in second. “Alright back to work…” Bobby groaned taking his seat at the table. “Dean?” He added gesturing to the pile of everything threatening to tip on the table. “Yeah. Give me a sec.” Dean pulled you aside, his deep eyes skimming for any new emotions. “Well that’s the family, um. You should freshen up, there’s a shower two doors down the hall over there, all your stuff is in there too so there shouldn’t be trouble but still yell for me if you need anything.” With that he left to help out Sam and Bobby, his hand skimming across yours gently as he took off.
You followed Deans directions, walking upon the creaking floors of the shadowed hall way, finding yourself in the bathroom containing a decent sized mirror. You saw yourself for the first time, eyes, lips, nose, body, just everything. You were beautiful, a smile you played that probably was envied, your shape was you, a feature only you could wear, your whole entire face covered in dirt from your stay in the forest also you and so gorgeous. You wore a slightly damaged tight, dark, tank top that complemented your every curve, also wearing faded torn jeans and black combat boots that sealed the deal. This was you? You looked like someone prepared to fight war. The longer you gazed the more lost you got in who the actually hell you are. You decided to strip your tattered, grime covered clothing and drop all your thoughts, every single one.

“Shower well?” Dean inquired his eyes wandering upon your fresh apparel. You nodded shyly while your fingers wrapped around your wrist twisting it in the acts of nervousness, all the strangeness and events leaving you on edge. Dean noticed your anxiety induced fidgeting and clearly made it his mission to make you comfortable. “Sit.” Dean offered motioning to the chair seated by him. Taking the place you rather quickly caught sight of the sandwich in front of you, the bread was ever so fluffy and the lettuce imaged as green and crisp, you probably were drooling and the snarling in your stomach was most likely more audible than ever. “Eat sweetheart, I promise it’s not roofied and it taste pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself.” “Promise…huh.” You playfully replied, relaxing a bit more in the presence of Dean. You sluggishly grasped the sandwich, taking a bite once at mouth level, god if you had ever tasted anything any better you matter of factly didn’t remember, the deli meat delicacy was heaven on earth and that heaven was down in barely a minute to spare, Turning around your savior sat there grinning at you, who the hell knows why, but you weren’t complaining, his smile was indeed so gorgeous from his teeth to his salmon pink lips and faint dimples that shadowed the corners. “Find anything on my loss of memories?” You asked shattering the inaudible. “Uh- well me and Sammy are thinking de-…disease! Um… We think its a sickness that’s rare but curable but still not sure and that’s exactly why I have to read this several chapters book.” he faltered indicating to the spiny, dusty, weathered, book sprawled on his lap. “Is there anything I can do Dean?” “Nah…I mean you don’t have to, you can just sit there if you um want to or I mean you can-” “I’ll just sit here Dean, thank you.” you interrupted watching Dean nervously fidget with the back of his neck. He took his last glance at you and then began his research coughing as dust rising from the pages played with his senses. You stared at Dean rather intensely, fixating on his clenching jaw. Dean was…Dean was so sexy, his eyes huge, lashes long, and the color of them, just breath taking. He had light freckles visible from only your perimeter and closer and earlier you noticed the amazing crinkles that formed by his eyes when he grinned with illuminance. How the hell were you sitting next to this super model? And how the heck was he gonna help you? He didn’t look like a doctor, neither of them did. Your thoughts came to a stop as you realized He caught you staring, his eyes locking with yours .You were compelled to stare back, mesmerized by the green meadows that filled his eyes to the rim. His lips parted as if trying release words not even processed, not even thought about, then his rough hand skimmed up your chin, your jaw, and finally rested on your cheek, his thumb tracing your bottom lip. You were hypnotized, gone, lost in his touch, in his gaze, there was something about the moment, about him. “Y/N…” He murmured softly pulling your face closer to his. “Princess I missed you so damn much, your smile, that look in your eyes, god…your voice baby, I’m missed you and now your here with me and all I want to do is hold you in my arms and feel your soft lips on mine…I jus-.” He stopped mid sentence, his lips ghosting over yours, he was waiting, he was waiting for your disapproval for you to push him away, but you couldn’t, you didn’t want to and you honestly had no answers as to why. So you did it, you pressed your lips to his sparking a kiss that sent a frenzy of butterflies to your stomach, that made your face flush and red hot. His bottom lips was so plush, so wet, so perfect against yours, the kiss was slow, perfect, heavenly, your lips synchronizing with his in a sluggard motion. Before anything could move further more, the voice of the brother halted the moment. “Dean you might want to see this.”
Following the sound of his words you find Sam peering through the windows curtain gawking at what ever was blind to you, When Dean glanced at what Sam had called him for there expressions then were almost identical. “What is it?” You questioned, fear creeping up your skin. “Its Demons a house full of them.” Sam replied. Demons. Demons? DEMONS! Demons!? The word echoed in your mind, and the very room started to cycle with every repetition. You labeled them as crazy; you’re letting a room full of psycho’s help you, you were blinded by beauty, you trusted a damn gut instinct. Black soon consumed your vision, and your thoughts went hazy. It was lights out.

Can You Show Me?: A Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Imagine

IMPORTANT A/N: Hi! It’s taken me a long time to get around to this Anne Nonnie request, but I’m here now, and I’m writing it! I am SO SO sorry to all of you, it’s taken too long for me to do this, and I get it if you’re disappointed or upset. I’m sorry, and I really, really will try my best not to let it happen again. I know I don’t get a huge amount of requests, so I should at least be decent enough to keep up with them. Anyway, this is Y/N teaching Reid how to use chopsticks - Fuckeree

Rating: PG13

Warnings: Nothing I can think of, ta. 


You had your quirks, singing in the shower, watching your favourite movie every single night before bed, attempting to get 5 stars on every Just Dance game ever made.. But today, you were eating lunch with chopsticks, and by the looks of it, amazing the very talented Spencer Reid. 

You pick away at your food, tossing aside what you want to eat last, and look at him through the corner of your eye, to watch as he stares, intrigued. 

JJ pulls up a chair next to you, and sighs heavily as she maneuvers her very pregnant belly into the seat. Brushing hair back from her sweat covered face and you swallow what’s in your mouth.

“Hey mama lady, how are you feeling?” you ask, as she smiles at you, laced with sarcasm. “I am feeling like Moby Dick, and I just pray that my ankles don’t swell anymore, because these shoes are all I have left, and they’re not even my own”. 

You laugh, and offer a bottle of water to her, she takes it graciously and takes a long drink. It was hot, and everyone was feeling the heat today, but JJ was feeling it more than anyone else. 

After her miscarriage, her and Will had talked to Henry about what he would think of a sibling. He had been in deep thought for many days, to the point where everyone figured he had forgotten about it, when Will had dropped by for a visit on one of his days off. 

Henry had sat up on your lap, and played with your Etch-A-Sketch, while you played with his ever-growing, smooth as silk hair. “You know what Auntie Y/N?” he had said, his tongue peeking out the side of his mouth as he struggled to spell his name with the dials. 

“What should I know Henry?” you had answered, and he had said “I want a sister so I can protect her”. Then he had asked you to teach him how to use chop sticks, and now, as you pick yours back up, you think of him. 

“You look absolutely stunning, how is Henry coming with his chop sticks and etch-a-sketch?” she rolls her eyes and points to you. “You have got him hooked, he wants to eat everything with those damn sticks, but it’s awesome for his fine motor skills, and his large motor skills too, come to think of it”.

You hear a throat clear to your right, and you look up, as Reid stands stock-still, a pleasant look stuck on his face. “Hey ladies, I was wondering if I could talk to you” he says, and you gesture to the seat opposite you. “Of course Spence, you didn’t have to ask, we’re a team you crazy kid” JJ says, and sits up straighter, as if it’s possible for her. 

“I am in need of a washroom and a fan” she groans, as she pulls herself up, and steadies. “Okay, talk to you later” you say, and she nods as she waddles off. 

“How can I help you Doctor, you seem rather… Perplexed” you say, and he nods, “This may seem funny, but I am, and I was wondering if you could teach me something?”.

You nearly fire water out of your nose, and choke back a laugh, but struggle to contain your amazement. “Me, teach you something? Reid, you’re literally a genius, what can I possibly teach you?”. 

He smiles, a hint of red in his face, and he points to your hand. “Can you show me? How to use those I mean”. 

You look down at the chopsticks, poised over your food, and nod, “I taught Henry too, so if I can teach your godson, of course I can teach you” you say happily, and pat the seat closer to you, so that he can be nearer. 

He stands, and quickly switches spots, leaning in to watch what you do as you talk him through it. 

“Here, take mine, I’ll just wipe them with a napkin” you clean the food off of them, and feel slightly embarrassed as he takes them. “Now, just cradle this one here” you point the the spot on your hand, in between your thumb and first finger, but cradled by the third finger, and he tries to set it there properly. 

“Good, now set this second one in between here” you point out the space again, and he tucks it in, held by the thumb and the base of the first two fingers. “Now you just have to practice putting them together and bringing them apart, before you get to spilling food everywhere”. 

He laughs as he concentrates, with almost an identical face to Henry, as he opens and closes them. 

“You can try it with this if you’d like” you push your plate, with cubes of meat (or a tofu, or a vegetable, or a cheese, no discrimination on what you eat), toward him, and he shakes his head. 

“No, I don’t want to ruin your lunch. How about tomorrow, I pick up my own chopsticks before work, and we have lunch together?” he says, and you nod. “That sounds like a great idea, but I insist, try this, okay?” you encourage him, and he finally gives up protesting. 

He tries, but the chunk slips through, and drops onto the table. He stares at it, his jaw tensed, and then stares at you. “Much harder with props” he says, and chuckles at his own joke. 

“Can I help?” you ask quietly, and he nods quickly, offering his hand, chopsticks clutched. 

You softly place your hand around his, and take his hand over top of the plate, positioning it so that he can try again. As he lowers his hand, you tuck yours in, and help with the initial “grab”. As he picks it back up, you let go, letting him take the lead. 

“Hey, I got it!” he says excitedly, and he lifts it up. “Here” he says, and he points to you. You laugh as you hold your mouth open. He slowly brings it over, and drops it softly. 

“Yum, and I didn’t do any of the work” you say after you swallow, and he smiles, looking at his feet. 

“Lunch, tomorrow, right?” you say, as you realize that the clock is nearing the end of your break. “Yes! It’s a.. It’s a date?” he says, and you tuck hair behind your ear. “If you say so Doctor, keep practicing” you murmur, as he hands you back the chopsticks and sticks his hands in his pockets, heading back to his desk. 

“Two men taught, maybe I should change my job” you say, grinning to yourself.