and watch them weep


- Okay, last night we saw a movie.
- What was my snack of choice?
- Sprinkled Milk Duds over your popcorn.


In the Celtic lands of Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and Wales, these are fairies (or in some traditions, the ghosts of women who were murdered or died in childbirth) that belong to a family or clan and watch over them. As harbingers of death, they are heard weeping or singing before the passing of a member of the family or clan they are attached to.

The Scottish version is called the Washer by the Ford because when seen she is washing the blood-stained clothes of those whose deaths are very near.

The Welsh version is called the Hag of the Mist. The name of the soon-to-be deceased is heard in her shrieks. Often invisible, she can sometimes be seen at a crossroad or a stream when the mist rises.

A banshee is said to wear red or green, usually with long, disheveled hair that is red, orange or even yellow. She can appear as an ugly and frightful hag, but she can also appear young and beautiful if she wishes.

(I don’t know what this is but silver is broken hearted and james is free with Thomas)

“What does it feel like, loving him?”

The question leaves his lips before he can stop himself. John immediately wants to take it back, to hide it in the ground with that damn chest and never let it see the light of day again.

James frowns as the wet rag falls from his hands into the basin. He took a deep, audible breath. “Bright.”

He crumbled slightly, his eyes watering and his chest expanding as he sucked air into his lungs.

“Both too bright and too dim. In London, when we were together, I was… I was different. Calmer, ready to listen and accept what was said to me. He would touch me, just a press of his fingers to my shoulder and I- I just stopped. But it was almost too much at times. It scared me, how deeply I had come to care for him, and even when he gave me that love back tenfold I was terrified of losing him…” James paused, his chest heaving, and he seemed on the verge of breaking.

“But without him I am half a man. Losing him was like losing my sight or my hearing. The world changed. And I’ve never recovered, not really. When Miranda-” he choked, eyes falling shut and tears brimming over and down his cheeks. “When Miranda was murdered the last light in the world went out. I was broken, but somehow you brought me out.”

John thought of how long he had kept the knowledge of Thomas to himself and felt slightly sick.

“When you thought Madi dead, I saw myself in your eyes. You love her, and you would do anything to keep her safe,” James went on. “I know we are broken, the two of us, and we may never be on the same page again, but… thank you. For this chance to see him again. Even if it is a lie, a fiction to get me alone and remove me from the problem-”

“Now wait-”

“No,” James interrupted, “I’m thanking you. Once again you have opened a door I thought closed. You’ve given me a hope I don’t want to believe but feel compelled to. If- If he is there, I’ll never leave his side again.”

Silver felt something inside him burst with pain. It was, he thought, heartbreak. But a smile fell over James’ face and John felt tears on his cheeks.

He realised that he loved this man. Flint was as close to love as a man like Silver could get. He knew the man was right, that Madi would not be enough, that he would long for a legacy and for the sea. His love for Madi is true and strong and he knows he would do anything for her, but for James-

He would kill for Madi, burn the world if she asked. But he would die for James Flint. And to know they might never see one another again made his heart pound and sweat break out on his palms. He wants to reach out, to take Flint in his arms and say “no, you don’t get to leave me like you left him,” but he stays sat at the small table. His heart breaks, but he lets the pain flow over him like water.

He doesn’t watch the two men reunite. Doesn’t watch their tender touches and soft kisses, doesn’t see them weep and cling to one another. Instead he goes to find the woman he loves and hopes she won’t turn him away.

So, moment of truth.  I used to watch House and while I liked JMo’s character on it I found her to be somewhat…bland.  So much so that when I read about Once and what her character was going to be, I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to pull it off in a way I would find believable.

And then Emma walked out of the fucking elevator.  This is the perfect counterpoint entrance to Regina’s.  She is the commanding presence in our world that Regina is in the Enchanted Forest, and this entire scene is there to show us that she is absolutely strong enough to stand up to the Evil Queen.

And not just strong, but clever.  She totally plays this jackass from the moment she sits down.  And more than that, she enjoys it.  She is totally a predator toying with her food in this moment and I adore that.

And then this.  That smirky little look as she follows jackass to his car, knowing he can’t get away.  And then bashing his head into the steering wheel when he insults her.

I just…in its first five minutes this show presented its three main characters to us in a way that had me desperate to see more of all of them - and practically weeping in joy that I was watching a show in which the women were clearly the leads and clearly complex and fascinating and….just….when this show is good it is really REALLY good.

okay I’m gonna get two things down about Antisepticeye. One thing I noticed, and one theory.

Thing I noticed- Both videos where the “’‘focus”“ has been Anti- Say Goodbye and the Pax Panic– were both exactly X minutes long. Say Goodbye was twelve minutes exactly, and the Pax Panic was a minute (At least, the video I found was.) Thoughts on that?

And now, on a slightly unrelated note, my theory. Why Anti wanted us to record him at Pax.

How many of you have watched Doctor Who? You know the Weeping Angels? I’m using them as an example because they’re the closest thing I could think of.

"That which takes the image of an angel becomes, in itself, an angel.”

I believe that Anti functions similarly in that regard. Anything digital that is him in some regard, becomes him. Footage, screenshots, possibly even drawings and edits.

“I’m always there, always watching.”

You recorded it. You granted him access.

So much unbridled potential.


But when I thought about it further, I realized that I didn’t know anything about you. Though I studied and memorized so much, I still don’t know a thing. 

Shouldn’t you teach me if I don’t know?


The Magic Begins | Day 7: Favourite Scene » ↳ “ Tell them how it happened that night! How you looked him in the eye, a man who trusted you, and killed him! ”

Anakin?“ Obi-wan said.
“You remember that first time I met Asajj Ventress, I stole her spaceship?”
“On Queyta, right?”
“And then we met again, and we took her ship again?”
“Right. Why do you mention it?” Anakin said, coming to stand in the doorway beside Obi-wan.
Together the two of them watched their lovely Chryya rise slowly into the weeping Vjun sky and for space, accelerating hard.
“Oh no, reason,” Obi-wan said.

Yoda: Rendezvous

Ventress gets even and steals Obi-wan’s ship 

anonymous asked:

there was an idea I think in early development for FO4 where sole would have to face being accused constantly of being a courser due to the insane levels of shit they pull off and so, what if it turns out the real sole has been dead all this time and sole really is like a first and one of a kind new gen 4 synth courser and wasn't even aware of it till late in game. how do companions react?

Holy shit. Aw, man this hurts. (That would be an awesome twist tho) 

Preston: He’s devastated but it doesn’t change his feelings for them. He’s devastated for them because everything they thought they knew was a lie. “General..I can’t imagine.” He refuses to see them differently because of this. Regardless of the way they were created, they are Sole and they are his friend and his general (lover if romanced). This doesn’t change anything for him. They’ll always have a place in sanctuary and in the minutemen and he’ll always be right by their side.

Piper: Feels tears fill her eyes when Sole tells her and she asks when they replaced Sole. “Before I left the vault.” She’s relieved because that means this is the Sole she’s grown to love but she’s heartbroken for them. “I’m so sorry, Blue..” She just tries her best to comfort them the best she can. God, she can’t even imagine how they feel right now.. 

Nick Valentine: He stares at them in shock and then reaches for their hand, squeezing it tightly. “I’m so sorry.” He understands their pain and confusion. He woke up in a garbage heap with another man’s memories in his head and he’s been struggling with it ever since. Their situations aren’t that different. He assures them that he’ll follow wherever they lead. Courser or not, they’re his best friend and partner. He’s in this for the long haul. In the future when Sole becomes more comfortable with their identity he flashes them a smile “I was serious when I said it was a shame you’re not a synth. Now, we really can keep this going until judgement day..” He feels a little guilty but he’s glad he won’t have to watch them grow old and die. was a thought that haunted his thoughts before. 

Danse: (pre blind betrayal) “No..that’s not true.” He’s in denial but when Sole insists he backs away from them. “They took you too.” He’s furious and if he could he’d storm the institute himself. “I’m still the same person, Danse. I’m still your friend.” It finally sinks in and he’s so torn. They’re his best friend, his apprentice (and lover if romanced) but they’re not human. They’re what he was trained to hate. What he was trained to kill. Duty dictates that he execute them on sight but when he pulls his gun out he can’t do it. He can’t pull the trigger. “You need to leave before Maxson finds out.” Is all he says and he can’t look at them because he knows his resolve will break if he does. He can’t go with them..his loyalty to the Brotherhood comes first. It has to.  “Go. Please.” 

(Post blind betrayal) He finds them crying and when they tell him what they found out he just pulls them close and just holds them. “I’m sorry.” He knows how it feels to have your entire world ripped out from under you. How it feels to find out everything you thought you knew was a lie. As they sob into his chest a few tears slip down his face too. Tears for both him and Sole. He doesn’t know who he is either..but maybe they can figure that out together. He hugs them a little tighter and tells them that he’ll never leave their side. 

Maccready: “You’re..a synth?” He isn’t really sure how he feels about it. “How do you not know you’re a synth?” It’s a bit insensitive but he’s genuinely confused. “You’re It’s been you since we met, right?” That’s what scares him the most. It scares him to think that the person he’s grown to care so deeply for was replaced. When they nod he nods too. “Then I don’t see why it would change anything between us.” He offers them a wry grin and a shoulder to lean on. He’s not going anywhere 

Maxson: He recoils instantly. “If this is your idea of a joke, soldier. It isn’t funny.” Sole shakes their head and they know very well that telling him this could be a death sentence but they have to be the one to tell him. He’s completely still for a minute, searching their face for any sign of deception or perhaps still wondering if this is some kind of jokes. “Sole…” He growls their name but there’s a desperate undertone to his voice. All he can think is no, no, no It can’t be true. Sole swallows hard and tries to meet his eyes. “I’m sorry.” “You’re sorry?” He stands up and he’s absolutely furious, at them, at the institute, at himself. “You’’re an abomination.”

They flinch and he almost wants to take it back. Sole goes still as a gun is pressed to their temple, and they close their eyes waiting for the gunshot but it never comes. When they open their eyes they see that his hands are shaking and after a minute he lets his hand fall to his side. “Leave.” He sounds so tired, looks so much older than he really is. “If I ever see you again you’ll be killed on sight. Now, go.” 

Hancock: He stares at them for a minute before wrapping an arm around their shoulders. “I’m sorry.” He lets them cry and yell, let’s them vent. They need to let it out. He’s angry but not at them. He’s angry that they’re hurting and there’s nothing he can do about it. “Hey, I don’t give a shit what you are. I’ve got your back” He does. He doesn’t care if they’re a synth. They’re Sole and that’s all the matters to him. 

Curie: “You’re a synth?” She’s shocked and a little surprised at how upset they are at first. “What’s wrong?” When they explain what exactly this information means..she understands. They don’t know who they are. She tries to comfort them the best she can and tries to convince them that being a synth isn’t too bad..

Deacon: He’s the one who gives the information to Sole. He was stunned and his stomach turns not because they’re a synth but because they didn’t know. Everything they thought they knew is a lie. He doesn’t want to tell them but he knows they deserve to know the truth. It goes without saying that he’s not going to turn his back on them for this..but he tells them anyway. 

Cait: She just stares at them as they tell her but when they break down she’s brought back to the present. “I’m still me..Cait..I just..I understand if you don’t want to be around me any-” She grabs them by the shoulders and looks them in the eye. “I’m not going anywhere, alright? I don’t give a damn if you’re a human, a machine or a damn supermutant.” They’re her friend (or lover) and..they’ve done more for her than anyone else ever has. This doesn’t change that. 

Codsworth: Oh, no. He’s devastated at first. This isn’t the person he served all those years ago. He’s so confused and doesn’t know how to feel.  Sole pleads with him. It’s still them..sort of. They have Sole’s memories they thought they were real. They have Sole’s feelings and emotions..he ends up telling them that..they may not technically be the person who purchased him but he will never leave their side. They’re still Sole to him.

Strong: “Good. Now, human stronger.” He doesn’t really care? He just thinks it’s good that Sole is stronger now, more resilient. They’ll live longer as well. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t care. He loves Sole unconditionally. Sole could turn into a behemoth and he’d just wag his tail and try to give them kisses. 

X-6: He knew. He lets them rage and weep and just watches, unsure of what he’s supposed to do. “Why didn’t you tell me?” They finally scream it at him and he feels an odd sense of shame. “It wasn’t my place to tell you.” As he watches them break down…he wishes he would have. He really wishes he would have..

Orange Black White

I thought I’d finally get this out of my drafts…

I saw a text post. Something about Dean never picking Sam up from Stanford, never being reunited until one day, Dean is arrested and Sam is a hot shot lawyer… well and then this fic happened. I would link you to the text post if I knew where it was…

“Well, well, well. What are the chances?” Dean drawls. “Do you believe in coincidences?”

Sam glares as he pulls out his chair and takes a seat across from his brother.

“No,” Sam says in a voice deeper than Dean remembers it being. 

Dean shrugs, “Well, you know, crazier things have happened. Like you. Look at you man, hot shot lawyer?!”

He taps his fingers against the cold formica tabletop.

“It’s like destiny. Or something. You try to run from it,” from me, he doesn’t say, “but look at us man,” He grins. It doesn’t reach his eyes. "Look at us.“

"Yeah, look at us. Me, a lawyer, you wearing orange. Destiny, right?”

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You know what else is also unbelievably awesome?

The thought that…

We will get to experience the restoration of a beautiful friendship…

To see them falling in love all over again…..

The thought of us getting to see them go on dates….

To see them co-parent their child together….

The thought that we will get to experience a proposal of epic proportions, a wedding with butterflies and mint to be mints; in a field with flowers while their loved ones and child look on…

Watching them share vows, so beautiful, they make us weep!

This is to me, would be a beautiful journey and I can’t help but hope that this is what’s on the horizon for them moving toward..

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not a question: while watching the season finale, the scene where will says "it's beautiful", i thought they were going to kiss and felt scared so much, that i had to stop watching and weep myself out. i wanted them to kiss and felt afraid of this scene and... i'm still full of emotions.

My crack answer is that if Hannibal’s mouth wasn’t still full of Francis bits, Will totes would have kissed him. 

I do think Will thought about it. 

I think he realized if he did kiss Hannibal, he wouldn’t be able to go through with throwing them off the cliff.