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I’m completely new to this fandom, I came across Outlander totally by accident in August….was actually trying to find Poldark and that shirtless Aiden Turner scene ha ha!! Saw a few articles on Outlander’s Season 2 finale & how gut-wrenching it was & thought that was the same show so ended up googling the wrong thing but was intrigued by the story line & being Irish, loved that Cait was too.

Literally hooked from the beginning and binged watched the whole two seasons in like a week…..and have pretty much re-watched both seasons about twenty times or more!! With all shows I watch, I always want certain characters to be together and have shipped so many of them over the years and live for their chemistry. And I always love finding out if the actors are together in real life or not (most aren’t) but just even just watching their friendship & fun chemistry off screen is enough for me.

With these two however I was like there is no doubt they are together after watching some of their early interviews, I was going in blind, this was before reading anything about these two or searching shipper blogs but I was like its so obvious, they are adorable with one another so I starting watching literally every interview I could find of them and that just seemed to back it up!!

I was already on Tumblr for other things but just started with this blog recently (thought about time) but when I first discovered Outlander, I followed a lot of blogs, the obvious most popular ones that were suggested…..I soon began to learn that there were two sides, those that don’t believe they are couple and those that do or at the very least wished/hoped they are/will be, didn’t bother me initially, was like I’m here for them and Outlander but I quickly began to see the hate and name calling and total utter disgraceful behaviour on blogs and all of which were the ones claiming they are not a couple…..Anti’s/truthers/idiots….whatever you want to call them!!. That’s fine if that’s your belief but why waste so much energy and time spreading this much hate on a daily basis… baffles me??

There is so much horrific things happening in the world right now and thank my lucky stars I get to wake up every morning, healthy & happy & the worst thing about my day is going to work (which I actually do enjoy)!! I’m not getting executed, raped, tortured, I’m not risking my life and my children’s crossing seas facing death to escape a hell worse off. Yes I have issues that are relevant to me but I make the choice every day whether I’m going to be happy or not & I chose to look on these Tumblr blogs because I am lucky enough to have access to a computer and the internet…..sounds crazy to us but there are sooooo many who don’t get to experience this luxury at all and we do on a daily basis & when I do it’s always fun, and spreading happiness about the chemistry of two people (doesn’t matter whether they are fictional characters or real) or whether they are in a relationship off-screen……everyone on these shipper blogs agree on definitely one thing which is the insane chemistry and fun these two have!! 

To be honest I think it’s crazier to start blogs and fan wars over fictional characters who don’t exist and never will so all arguments are kinda pointless in that regard because its not REAL. To see two real people who exist in reality and have crazy chemistry that not only fans but cast, crew and the media have all picked up on & to want them to be together……that’s crazy??? Ugh so confused. I really wish those Anti’s would put their truth seeking expertise to actual use and determine if there really is a god or an afterlife or if gentlemen really do prefer blondes???

Anyways just wanted to say, I love this ship whether it’s a reality or not….who knows except for Sam & Cait, I still ship them because I believe they should be together, I don’t know them, prob never will but hey I don’t know god and never will and plenty of peeps believe in him, I aint starting no blogs hating on all things religious & calling people who do believe crazy just cos I don’t believe….each to their own……you can’t police people’s minds!! Onwards and upwards I say!! 



Cece Drake: The Introduction to Big A/Uber A/Red Coat/Black Veil, Season 2 and Season 3

So during the PLL hiatus I usually go back and re-watch things from the beginning. So, I was watching season 2, specifically the ending episodes of season 2 that lead up to the finale, and I noticed something. They were literally setting us up for Cece arriving as big A since Season 2 episode 18, a whole 14 episodes before she graces our screens. In 2x18 Caleb is helping Spencer, Aria, and Emily trying to clear up the footage from the flash drive they got from the locker, when they cleared it up all of a sudden they find a drivers license on the floor. 

The liars realize it’s Alison with a wig on, they didn’t know why she had this fake drivers license when she already had another one. Later on Spencer breaks down and tells Hanna that Caleb was helping them, she shows her the fake ID and Hanna tells Spencer that she had seen Ali in that wig before. At the salon she saw Alison and she said she was pretending to be someone else, Vivian Darkbloom. Spencer then googles the name Vivian Darkbloom and figures out it’s an anagram for Vladimir Nabacov, the writer of Lolita. Hanna then goes over to her book shelf and takes out a copy of Lolita that she “borrowed” from Alison.

In the book, she finds a ticket stub with a claim number on it, she calls the laundry place asking if they still had whatever was left there, it turned out they did. Spencer then goes to there and picks up the red coat, In the red coat the girls find a phone number, 215-469-3561. The girls call the number and when there’s no answer they leave a message saying they were friends of Vivian and to please call them back. 

Later that same episode, after there was no call back, Aria calls the number once again and this time their was an answer…. Someone with a very familiar voice. 

“No one here knows anyone named Vivian. Don’t call here again.” If anyone asks for someone you don’t know, you usually don’t get pissed off and hang up on them like that. But, that person did know someone named Vivian, and she did know who that coat belonged to, and she knew everything about everyone. The girl on the other end of that phone call? Cece Drake. 

During the next couple episodes the girls investigate what little leads they have, ultimately leading to dead ends. After 2x23 the red coat seems to disappear into thin air, the girls didn’t even know it was missing. Something they found (well, that Jason provided them with) was a bag full of Alison’s things, they went through every little thing in the bag until they came across this post card, on the front it had a picture of “The Lost Woods Resort” and the back was left blank other than the #1.

Now, we get to the 2x25 finale, the girls talk to Mona at the masked ball prompting a flashback 

Mona had run into Alison in Brookhaven a week before she went missing, when Mona saw her, she was dressed as Vivian Darkbloom in the Red Coat and brunette wig. When Mona questioned what she was doing there, Alison said she was spying on someone and tried to get rid of her, but Mona wouldn’t go so easily. Alison asked what it would take for her to make like she never saw her there, Mona replied that she wanted to be popular… So, Alison took out the postcard, the same Postcard the girls just found of the Lost Woods Resort and wrote down a number for her to call. Mona assumed that it was Alison’s number, but it wasn’t, it was Cece’s number, the number that was in the red coat…  215-469-3561

Cece and Mona had known each other since the beginning. When the girls called the phone number asking for Vivian Darkbloom, Cece knows immediately who was calling and comes back to rosewood, returning to her throne. Taking Mona back under her wing. Then, she steals her red coat back.

“I did everything you asked me to.”

Cece was the only person in the world who knew about Alison and her Vivian Darkbloom alias, making her those fake ID’s, giving her the name, etc.So, when the liars called Cece asking for Vivian Darkbloom… Cece knew they were looking for Alison and trying to figure out what happened to her. The liars literally knocked on A’s door to let her know they were coming and gave her an open invitation.

Now, let’s count the A appearances here….

Season 3 episode 1, Girl in red coat, Alison mask, with blonde hair forces Mona to dig up “Alison”/Bethany’s grave, Emily stands over the empty grave thinking she did it. (Which makes 100% sense because the first thing Cece would do after she realizes the girls are looking for answers, get rid of the body they think is Alison). While Hanna is visiting Mona in Radley, she hallucinates seeing Alison in a red coat reading Lolita, I mean hello… red coat…Vivian Darkbloom.. phone number… Big A.. (I actually have an entire theory surrounding Alison/Cece and Lolita, I may write it up sometime)

Season 3 episode 2, Emily receives a necklace of Bethany’s teeth with a message that read “Mona played with Dolls, I play with Body Parts”. At the end of the episode, red coat goes in to buy a bunch of black hoodies and black leather gloves. (A team… ASSEMBLE!) 

Season 3 episode 3  A gloved hand is seen pouring themselves a drink while making another necklace with the teeth. “A” puts the vodka bottle into a freezer full of ice. A body bag is chilling in the ice. “A” is seen unzipping the bag before the screen cuts to black.

Season 3 episode 4 Mona loses her visitation privileges, at the end of the episode A is at the Montecito airport in California, they hack into Radley and give Mona back her visitation rights. That same episode Hanna gets a text from A saying “I’m everywhere Hanna” just as Caleb reveals that his mom was involved in a car accident where the person was trying to run her off the road.

Season 3 episode 5 Oddly enough there’s no A ending this episode, someone moving to Rosewood perhaps (From California where Cece just happens to be FROM)? However, Garretts mother seemed to have a stroke and ended up in the hospital.

Season 3 episode 6 Spencer recovers a note from Mrs. Reynold’s hospital room, saying “April Rose has the proof”, at first they think it’s a person but later in the episode Jason comes to Spencer’s house and says it’s an antique shop. Jason drives both of them there. Spencer looks around and finally she sees a piece of jewelry that belonged to Alison, prompting a flashback.

In the flashback Spencer asks if the person who gave the anklet to her was just “another faceless, nameless, revolving door boyfriends who adore you” and Alison replies with a quiet “No, just a friend” she then proceeds to take off her robe, revealing a red party dress. Alison says she’s “Going out, my friend has someone who can get us ID’s, I’m going to a party to pick them up and I’ll be right back” and before she leaves she turns to Spencer and says “I gotta go, my friend’s here.” To which Spencer asks “Which friend?” and finally Alison replies, “You don’t know her.”

Judging by the charms on the anklet, one of which is a gold Eiffel Tower, the other being a gold “A” and the fact that Alison said Spencer wouldn’t know her, the only person on the show with that description and the access to making multiple fake ID’s and drivers licenses, you can bet the fingers point to one girl. Cece. 

In the last scene of 3x06, we see “A” eating a bowl of ice-cream, reading the news about the dismissal of charges in the DiLaurentis murder case. “A” then circles a “Rooms for Rent” ad in the Classified section, and proceeds to call the number on the ad. Someone’s moving to Rosewood and plans on staying awhile. I wonder who shows up the next episode?

Season 3 episode 7 “CrAzy”

Say hello to Big A everyone.

After posting the last iPad drawing, I decided to do a Snapchat live sketch. Check me out at MikeShinodaLive on Snaptchat to watch the whole thing from beginning to end.

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  • the actions the characters took in the first half of the season will have their repercussions in the second half
  • we’ll see more of Firefly in the second half of the season
  • “some characters we thought were gone and never to return, there are gonna come back in a way we can’t imagine”
  • “the rise of Nygma in the second half will be extremely exciting”
  • we’ should watch out for episode 2x18, (from 18-22 is whole long story and episode 18 kicks it off)
  • the content of Thomas Wayne computer will lead Bruce closer towards the answer who killed his parents
  • “Cameron and that role of Jerome was not like closed-ended thing more like the beginning of a movement”
Just a thought (and a message to some TT fans from another fan)

I though I’d write a “letter” of sorts to some of the fans out there, from a fellow fan. 

I’ve seen a whole bunch of fans making posts, saying how upset they are because “TribeTwelve doesn’t update as much anymore”. OOG, the creators have their own lives and often have things to deal with (and can’t always work on the series), that should be pretty obvious.

But what about in-game? I feel like some people are forgetting about Noah’s current mental state, or how it’s different from when TT first began (which is why I suggest watching the series from beginning to end all over again, especially since it’s been a while since the last few updates came out; refresh your memory on what has happened, take notes).

Reminder. During the first half of TribeTwelve, updates came out a lot more often, Noah used to write his tweets in proper caps, and his thoughts were a lot more collected back then. But that was years ago, and in the beginning Noah had no idea about anything that would happen later, in the future.

More recent updates show that everything is getting out of control, Noah’s not sure what to do, what to think, and how to deal with all the shit going on in his life, really. Updates aren’t as frequent, tweets are written in lowercase only; his mental state is getting much, much worse.

An observation/another reminder. We used to have some form of an unwritten “schedule” when the older updates were released. Some things would happen during the holidays, especially November 11th… and remember how Noah would receive items and he would make videos (and tweets) about these items (letters, the briefcase, etc)? We sort of knew when to expect something, to a degree.

But because of Noah’s current mental state, irregular updates, somewhat cryptic behavior and odd tweets (and of course, the sudden creation of the Vine account), we no longer have that sort of unwritten “schedule”.

Conclusion. I think it makes the updates a lot more exciting, because it’s something we don’t really expect, and happens when we least expect it. Expect the unexpected, and it will still be unexpected.

Also… There’s always a wonderful reminder about the fear of the unknown.


1. Listening to music but I mean properly listening. Pick an album, play it from the first song to the last one. The whole piece. No pausing, no rewinding, no forwarding. Enjoying the entire piece from the beginning to the end.

2. Exfoliating my skin.

3. Reading every night in bed.

4. Doing my hair and my make-up.

5. Having breakfast.

6. Watching classic films. Does Breakfast at Tiffany’s ever get old?

7. Sleeping all day after coming home at 8am from partying.

8. The first cigarette of the pack.

9. Black coffee.

10. Doing nothing.

—  things I make time for because they make me so happy they’re worth it