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Ah I love this idea too much for my own good. Long story short I was watching season 1 ep 5 of Monsta X-ray and I got this idea from it. Hope you enjoy!


You were arranging some flower pots for the front entrance when your two year old daughter MinHee waddles over to you. You hand her a flower, careful to make sure the thorns were all off.

“Go give this to your appa, MinHee.” You turned her around and sent her towards her dad with the rose in hand.

You watch her with loving eyes as she wobbly approaches him, he turns to her with a fond look and just like that all his attention is on the precious baby girl in front of him.

“Hey sweetie, is that for me?” Mark asks her and she nods shyly.

“Ah thank you! Come sit on appas lap.” He effortlessly lifts her up and on to his leg.

He starts bouncing his leg gently, with an arm set behind her back he takes the rose from her hand. You finally make your presence known and join the group of boys in the den. You sit down on the arm of the couch next to the two people you love more than life itself.

“Hi love.” You brush his hair back off his face and he smiles at you adoringly.

“Hey beautiful.” Mark leans up to kiss your cheek and MinHee giggles, covering her face.

“You want a kiss too Minnie?” He asks her pinching her cheek sweetly and kissing her face all over making the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard come out of her mouth with a gummy smile.


“Appa’s hope Min!” You pick her up off the kitchen counter and walk towards the front door to greet Jaebum.

You set her down and he kneels to her level to talk to her, “Oo! A cookie, I bet it’s yummy. Can appa have some?”

You hold on to Minji’s hand as she stares fondly at her father, debating on whether to give him the cookie. A minute passes, Minji is still deep in thought and you see the hope in Jaebums eyes slowly fade away.

“Minji, why are you waiting so long hmm? Don’t you want Appa to be fed?” You bend down to her level and she looks at you and nods.

She finally decided to hand the cookie to him and he opens his mouth wide enough for her to place it in his mouth.

“Thank you Minji!” Jaebums eyes light up as he chews the soft cookie.

His arms wrap around her tiny frame and your heart melts when she leans into him and sets her head on his shoulder. He picks her up painlessly and brings her to the couch.

“I was about to put her down for a nap so she’s a little tired.” You say sitting down next to the two, gently patting her hair down.

“Ah no worries, she can sleep in my arms.” He adjusts her position and cuddles her tightly to his chest, making your heart swoon.


“Nari, do you wanna help appa in the kitchen?” Jinyoung asks your four year old daughter with excited eyes.

“Ya!” She springs up from the toys on the floor and runs into his arms.

He holds her tightly to her and picks her up to bring her into the kitchen with him. Jinyoung sets her on the counter and pulls out the ingredients for dinner tonight.

“Alright Nari, do you think Umma would like chicken or beef tonight?” Jinyoung asks her holding up the two meats for her choosing.

“Ah!” She points towards the one on the left and he nods approvingly.

Some hours later the food is finally done cooking and you should be home any minute. As if on cue he hears your keys rattle in the door, he quickly dries his hands to welcome you inside.

“Did you guys do this?” You place your hand on your chest at the thought of the loves of your life cooking dinner to surprise you.

“Yes, Nari here did most of it.” Jinyoung winks at you and kisses your lips sweetly.

“Thank you Nari-ah.” You kiss her nose and she giggles, leaning into your embrace.

You cut some up for her and place it in the bowl in front of her. You cut some up for yourself as well and take a bite, pleasantly surprised at how well it worked out.


Jackson walks through the front door quietly and finds you and your younger playing on the floor of the living room. When you both notice him he trots in and plants himself down on the floor next to you.

“Give Appa a kiss!” You tell your daughter, NaYoung.

Jackson’s face lights up as she pecks his cheek, he looks over to you and you give him a thumbs up.

“Thank you, baby.” He kisses her again and she giggles, covering her face.

“Ah no, don’t cover your face. You’re too beautiful to do that, I tell your umma that all the time.” He tells her before throwing you a wink, making you playfully roll your eyes.

“Appa! I missed you.” Your eldest, Kang comes running around the corner making you raise your eyebrows at him.

“No running in the house Kang, you know better.” You lightly scold him and he nods before running into his dads arms.

“Hey buddy, I missed you too.” He pushes back his fringe and kisses his forehead.

“Now that Appa is home, who’s ready for dinner?” You ask and they all nod excitedly, including Jackson.


You decided since Youngjae finally had a day off that your family would go to an interactive playhouse. You’ve heard great things about this place in downtown Seoul and you got the chance to go today.

Youngjae stepped on the piano mat and started jumping and hopping around on the notes to make them play a tune. You giggle as you hold the hands of your four year old son Jaehyun, and five year old daughter Yejin.

“Umma can we play!” Yejin asks you with puppy dog eyes.

“Of course.” You let go of their hands and watch them run to their dad happily.

Jaehyun is fairly concentrated on the last few notes at the end of the mat while Yejin jumps around freely.

“Appa!” Jaehyun cries out for his dad and Youngjae looks at him with fond eyes as he plays a tune with the last three notes.

“Jae that’s great!” You and Youngjae clap for him and Yejin starts playing a tune of her own.

“Appa! Umma! I can do that too.” Yejin pours slightly and Youngjae shakes his head at his little rascals.

He hops on the note and Yejin shrieks and pushes him away from the mat completely.

“Ah sorry sorry, please continue!” Youngjae stands by you in front of the mat with an arm wrapped around your waist, watching your two children play to their hearts content.


“Yuri please put on your shoes!” You beg to your obstinate four year old daughter.

She shakes her head and you take in a long breath of air to cool down. When bambam walks down the stairs you’re eternally grateful to see him.

“Your daughter won’t put on her shoes, she’s going to be late if she keeps this up.” You set your hands on your hips and he clicks his tongue at the young girl.

He sits down on the floor with her and tries to slip on her socks to see if maybe that’ll coerce her into putting on her shoes as well.

“Why are you being difficult for your umma Yuri?” He asks her, easily slipping on her velcro sneakers.

She merely shrugs in response before speaking, “I miss you, Appa.”

You can visibly see Bambams heart clench in his chest, as yours does as well. You both know how difficult it is for her to not see her father as often as the other kids she goes to school with.

“Ah I understand now.” After he secures her shoes on, he helps her slip on her backpack.

“Hop on Yuri.” Bambam tried to make himself smaller for her to latch onto his back.

She wraps her arms around his neck and he holds her small legs tightly so she doesn’t slip.

“Let’s go to school baby, Appa will spend plenty of time with you when you come back, okay?” Bambam sets her in her car seat and secures it, when you saw her nod a proud smile washed onto your face.

“I’ll take her to school honey, you relax.” He runs to kids your cheek before hopping in the car and giving a small wave as he pulls out of the driveway.


“Yumi-Ah where are you?” Yugyeom calls for his daughter in the empty house.

“Here!” She calls back and he wanders to where the response was heard from.

He finds her in her room playing with legos, happily building a shop of some sort. He takes a seat next to her and picks up a few legos similar to the ones she’s used already.

“Can Appa play too?” He asks and she nods with a smile that melts hearts.

“Of course Appa.”

You peak your head into her room just enough to see him trying to figure out where the next piece goes. You accidentally reveal yourself when your daughter, who’s famous for being as sassy as her dad, tells him he’s doing the wrong thing. His head whips around to see you cover your mouth to hide your giggle.

“Looks like Umma wants to join us, Yumi!” Yugyeom practically pulls you down onto the floor next to him.

“Are you tired yet baby? It’s almost nap time.” You tell her and she shakes her head stubbornly.

“Ah, well in ten minutes I’m gonna tuck you in bed okay?” You ask her and she shakes her head once again.

“No Yumi, listen to your umma.” Yugyeom steps in and she starts pouting.

“Appa can you tuck me in?” She asks with eyes nobody could say no to, you can literally see him melt.

A few minutes later you leave the room for him to tuck her in, you watch quietly as he plays some soft rain sounds on the music player and tucks in the sheets on all sides. He kisses her forehead and slides out carefully from the position she fell asleep in.


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